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FlSZEB MTOD, mUihiri.
Llou aid their Habits.
Tho public mutt feel tome difficulty In
forming a true estimate of tho prowess of
tue African lion from wo numuer or con
fllcttncr statements mado bv different trav-
, elers and huuteri. The truth appears to
bo that, whllo each ono has formed nn
opinion from tho behavior of tho particu
lar animals they chanced to meet with, tho
fact tnai every single lion timers ironi an
other In temper and disposition has been
allowed to drop out of sight. That some
lions will make a oolnt of attacking any
human being they see without the slight
csi provocation, aamits oi no aotiot,
while it is at least equally certain that
there arc others that can hardly be forced
to retaliate, and which, even when wound
ed, wui always rawer run man ugnt.
in most cases utter immobility and
coolness will often avert an attack. If the
animal. Judging by your behavior. Imag
ines that you do not want to hurt It, It
will, after trying you for sevsral minutes.
and even making one or two sham
charges, often walk away and allow you
to do the same; but merely raising tho
arm, much leu pointing the gun at It, is
sure to make it come on . One or two In
stances of this occur tome. A large na
tive hunting party bad gone out, and
Were scattered over the thorns. One of
my gun-bearers; who had gone with it,
suddenly found himself face to face with a
iuii-grown maio uon, witnouc a yard Be
tween them. lie hod presence of mind
enough to stand perfectly still, without
even attempting to take one of tho spears
necarneu iu ins ten nana into mo otner.
After a couple of minutes the brute walked
away, turning its head round every sec
ond to watch him. Before going far It met
another man, who raised nls spear, as if
10 inrow it. it instantly sprang on mm.
and inflicted such wounds that he died
within half an hour. I have no doubt that
If this man also had stood still, he would
have been perfectly safe. Again, ahunter
of mine was following buffalo tracks Into it
thicket ; suddenly a male Hon rose out of
one 01 mem nnu snarieu at him ; he had
hardly seen it when another, about three
quarters grown, showed Itself a little nn
one side, and from behind he heard the
low growling of a third. Partly turning,
so as to watch them all, he saw the latter
was a lioness ; and that three cubs, not
much larger than cats, were following
their mother, one of them running toward
him without showing tho least fear. He
nan. unawares got into the center of a lion
iamuy. me lioness, in rear wr her off
spring, rushed up. and, as ho afterward
described It. fairly danced round unit
round hlin, springing to within a yard of
uiui, siuovuj s. uacawaru, anu every way
but on him. In tills case, also, he stood
still without any movement, for, as he
said, It was a hundred to ouo he did not
kill the mother ; and suppose he had, the
uwer two wouki nave soon avenged her.
It ended by their ultimately retiring Into
tne thicket, and watching him as he clear
ed out. Had he been nervous, or done
anything but remain quiet, there is no
doubt he would not have come out alive.
I lived for many years among these ani
mals, and their very name recalls Innu
merable recollections and anecdotes.
Perhaps the most beautiful sight I ever
saw In connection with them, whs on a
morning I had gono out to hunt with one
bearer ar dawn. I had not gone far from
camp, and my pun was still unloaded,
while I was examining some buffalo
spoor, when, on looking up, I saw my
gun-bearer, who had my cartridges, run
ning away at full speed. Knowing he
must have seen something to frighten him
so, I did not shout, but went to where he
had been standing, a few yards ahead, and
there, sure enough, not twenty yards off,
were a pair of lions t the lioness rolling
on Its back, and striking out at the male's
head with its fore-paws like a kitten,
while he stood majestically above her. 1
stopped u moment to watch them, and It
was well worth It. and then rushed off af
ter my Kaflre to load. The position wns
good, and I might have killed one to a cer
tainty, but when I had succeeded in get
ting him down from the top of a big tree,
and went back, they hail gone. I suppose
they must have got our wind. No doubt
they had been hunting all night, and had
been down to tho river to drink prepara
tory to going t bed.
I do not think the lion rtwrve his title
of king of beasts, though perhaps he is
the most notable looking. Elephants are
decidedly more sagacious, and the black
rhinoceros Is certainly more dangerous,
and cither of the two could kill hlra In a
few moments, with but little danger to
themselves. Indeed, ho cannot manage
an old buffalo-bull, unless ho takes it by
surprise. J
Their favorite food is buffalo and zebra,
preferably the latter, though they general
ly go Bfter the former, as they are more
easily stalked from frequenting the thick
er parts ot the Jungle.
Sometimes, when attracted by meat,
they will come and roar all night within
a few yards of the camp, and cases havo
occurred when they havo attacked It. I
remember one man. a European, who had
to spend the night In a tree watching the
male Hon which bad sprung Into thocinm
and seized a pleco of meat, kindly hiking
uo notice ol the terrified scramble he
caused, and which, after roaring for a lit
tie, was Joined by two lionesses, the three
proceeding to cat all tho buffalo meat in
stock, one always keeping guard while
the other two went to water.
, f hi8 Ig hab,t of theirs when they have
Wiled anything, to protect It from vul
tures, wolves, and Jackals, which, If not
prevented, would pick the bones clean In
a few minutes.
Much hi s been written about their roar,
and I must confess to having been dlsap.
pointed In It at first ; but afu-r a time I dls
covered that, though it has no resem
blance to thunder or anything of that
sort, it really Is a very awe-ln'plrlng
sound. It commences by a low booming
growl, repeated twu or three times, and
Increasing In loudness until it becomes a
roar that fills the air, and then dies away
again in a low muttering. Lions coming
from different directions will often keep
it up for half an hour answering one an
other, and It shnwH hntr fha unlmul I.
dreaded, that the moment It Is heard near
wrens is a ueaa suenoe,
is hastily heaped on the fire, and all the
natives uneasily shift their postttoas, and
take up their guns and spears. More
than once I have lost a night's sleep by a
serenade of this description, the lions be
loft hungry, smelling our meat, and keep
ing growling aoom ciose to nntti aawn
The low. warning moan uttered bv them
if you approach too near a thlckot where
they are concealed, is a most unpleasant
noise, and, when I first heard It, I almost
mistook It for the moan of somo largo
animal in pain: but It invariably means
mat mo uon is in a oau temper, anu you
nan oetier not so too ciose.
Tho danger, if you do como to close
qnartcrs witn mem, can naruiy do exag
gerated. There are cases where, single
handed, and armed only with a spear, a
nattvo has succeeded In killing one that
has sprung on him, without receiving
anything but trilling injuries: but these
nreonly exceptions that prove tho rulothat
whero they strike tlioy kill. Unlike other
large game, they divide their attentions
equally, springing from ono to another,
and fighting with tooth and claw in the
most wonderful manner. It Is a grand
sight to see one charge a native regiment
I know a Dutch hunter, a very power
ful man, who was once sleeping out near
tho Nkwavuma. He had been unsuc
cessfully pursuing game all day, and had
made no camp-fenoe or other protection,
as he had got no meat with him. During
the night he was awoke by something
catching hold of his 'arm. Thinking
it was a won. ue maae a tremendous
effort to free himself, striking out
at It with tho disengaged arm. The blow
was sach that If It did not knock tho anl
mal down, it at any rate drove it back,
and enabled him to snatch up his rifle
and Are. The lion, as to his astonishment
it turneu out to De. lumneu awavroanmr.
anu next morning was xouua ucau a lew
yarns on.
Thev are excessively fond of catinir bitf
falo and other game, killed too late In the
day to bo broken up, and, even when tho
hunters are sleeping by it, they will come
aunosi witnin me giare oi tne lire, anu
tear and crunch away, taking no notice of
snots or stones, out an occasional growi,
unless hit. when they are nrettv certain
to make one soring Into the center of the
camp nnd do all the mischief they can.
Apropot of this, I remember hearing of u
very plucky thing donu by a native hunter
oi u inenu oi mine, no nau Kiueu a out
falo and was slccnlnir out bv It alone, nml
during the night heard crunching going
on mat onir a lion s powerrui jaw count
produce, lie got up, and by the dim light
... - at. ! .l . -.11 . V. .
ui u iiiuu-u wirier uiuuii cuiuii just niHKC
out tho outlines of two lions, nbouttwen-
tv viirita nfT. Hn tnnV n arnmlv nlni1u
onfy had a single-barrel and fired at the
nearest, wmcn made a uounu upward and
fell dead. The other took no notice, and
aitcr a minute resumed its meal, upon
which he nutetly loaded nnd shot it dead
on the SDOt. It showed irreat nltiek. for
alone in the dark with two lions, nnd only
one snot to trust to, is anything out a
pleasant position.
Sometimes I have heard thn moat extra.
ordinary concerts going on round game
me non were leeuing on, woives, nycnas
nuujncHnis Keeping up a continual round
of howling, squealing, and laughing,
wiiiuii, ueinir miurprcieu, meant, i sup.
nose, that thev weie verv hnnirrv nml
wished the lions would clear out and let
them begin. It is bv no mentis nniunnl
to find a wolf or laefcal ivlnir (lend. nun.
uiicu vn i ue viiui jur uanng to approach
too near the bigger robbers supper, and
I have often seen thesooorof where n linn
had chased wolves' several hundred vnrda
away from his prey.
sent out alter it. as mev sometimes nre.
springing over tho heads of the first line
rignt into the center, flying about knock
ing men down with everv blow, until a
complete selve of asslgal-wounds, It dies
11111 INK.
They generally lie in the kaku-thorns,
or in the dense evergreens which lino the
rivers, and in the Hummer In thn remls.
The best chances for killing them aro ob-
uiuiuu in me lormer mace, as vou orten
come across them asleep when you are
stealing about after game. It Is better not
n iiru u us neau is towaru you, as, even
If VOU shoot it throua-h thn hraln. Ita rli-.
Ing bound may land it on top of you; but
If you see one, go round, nnd try to get a
shot at its back they always lie on their
Side and then there In n irnrtil rdinnnn at
tho head or heart, with a possibility of
y.iuftiiiK uucKiione. sometimes ine
pusn is too thick for you to go round, and
... iMHvvnov .iiuv, anu uivmn. u mix, ur
give a iow wmstie. and It will get up, un
certain what has disturbed it, and give
ccijr uuuuriuuity tor a steauy snot.
sometimes one meets them In hurl nlnena.
Where it WOUld he verv ilunowrnna tn tin.
ii a one, wnen, u seen, u is nest to stand
one's ground, not attempting to make any
offensive movement, and nof to knuldown;
ur mjiih: reason, protMDiy Decauso they
themselves always crouch nranaratnrv tn
stack, lions will rarely stand this If in
anything of an ugly temper. When you
do tire try for the shoulder, or, If a very
crack shot,and not at all uervous.tiie brain;
do not aim too high, as tho forehead Is
perfectly flat, and a ball is ant to glance,
with a male. In firing at the shoulder,
take care the floating mane which covers
It does not cause you to ulm too high, as,
when the brute Is angry and bristles up,
It makes it seem u much larger mark than
m n-niiy is.
When you have to take refuirn In a. tree.
go up as far as you can get, for if none of
Its bones are broken the lion will gener
ally nave a try at you, though, If the
branches are thick, there is little danger
even within Its distance.
In a case whero a few seconds' delay
may save your life, It Is worth while to
know that any thing thrown down a hat,
coat, etc. will first bo town up with a
crunch of the teeth or a blow or the paw
before your pursuer resumes tho chase.
It 1ms, to n y own knowledge, saved more
than one man at a pinch. !'D.," in Land
and Wattr.
They say that when the news of his
mother's death reached the Shah at Ber
lin, he sent home the three Shahesses, and
declared that the royal grief should be
postponed until his return to Persia,
which reminds Kate Field of tho Yankee
woman who, upon being told at dinner ol
her husband's death, exclaimed, "Just
wait till I've done eating, and I'll show
you some tall crying."
A small boy has gravely asked this
Question. lln hmrfKum moon xlM
More wood after your gW'
Glimpses of flhostLaad.
It Is no longer the fashion to scoff at
tales of the supernatural. On the con
trary there Is a growing tendency to In
vestigate subjects which were formerly
Kooh-poohcd by most persons claiming to
o well Informed and capable of reason
ing. It Is, howover, without propounding
any theory or advancing any opinion that
x recoru a iew instances oi apparently
supernatural, or at least Inexplicable, oc.
curronces. lean vouch for the truth of
nearly ail the stories I am about to relate,
one of them only not being either my
personal experience or narrated to mo oy
some ono or tho actors In tho scene.
My first story shall be one that was told
to mo by an aged lady who was ono of tho
menus oi my youtn, and wnooiten men
tioned this strange Incident of her nlacld.
yet busy life. She was a sensible, practi
cal woman, mo last person in mo world
likely to bo led astray by an overheated
Imagination or deceived by hallucinations.
Her early youth had been passed in the
country, her father being a wealthy farm
er. She had formed a oloso Intimacy with
the daughter of a gentleman living at somo
instance irom ner tamers farm, ana the
twowcro seldom apart. An invitation
given to my friend (whom I shall call
Mrs. I j ) to visit some relatives In a
neignnonng city caused a brier separation
Between me iwogins.anu tncy parted with
many protestations of endurlmr affection.
on tne oay appointed lor bub, u't re
turn sno set out at the prescribed hour.
The latter part of her Journey was to be
performed on horseback. On a bright
runny uiiernoon in uune sno lounu ner
self, about Ave o'clock, drawing near her
father's house. Suddenly tn tho broad
runu oeiore ner sne nerceivcti a female
form walking rapidly toward her, and, to
her delight, recognized her friend coming,
as she thought, to meet her.
" I will make her go back with mo and
take tea." was Mrs. I. 's thought na
sho whipped up her horse in her baste to
Sreet the dear one, who was all the more
L'loved on account of their temporary
separation. But as she approached the
figure, nnd btforn ghn hud hml time tn
jp ak, or indeed do more than notice that
her friend looked very pale nnd 111, her
horse, an unusually quiet, steady animal,
seemed struck with sudden terror, reared,
shied, and finally plunged Into a hollow
bv the rrunlelfln. frnm trliloh elm liorl anm..
difficulty in extricating him. When she
did succeed tn bring him back to tho level
road she found, to her astonishment, that
tho young girl had disappeared. Around
her lav tho oncn llelri. Iiefure her nnd hn.
hind her the road nil in thnhrinlir Inarm
of the summer nfternoon but no trace of
inn ngure could she see. Completely mys
tified. Sho hastened hninn. there tn learn
that her friend had died suddenly that
very luurmng.
I once knew n. vounc lndv who. nn an.
ing to pay a visit to a friend who had
recently moved Into a new house, was
asked to walk up stairs, and on comply
ing saw an old woman preceding her up
the staircase. Snppolng her to bo one
of the servants, she took but little notice
oi ner, though struck by the peculiarity
of her gait, n sort of lerkv limn, ns thnuvh
one leg was shorter than the other. In
the course of conversation with her friend
she mentioned the old woman, and asked
ii sue was mo nouseKeepcr. "House-
Keeper? no." said the adv : " we have nn
such person nbout our house. You must
have lieen mistaken." The visitor then
ucscrioe'i me person sho had seen, and
when sho mentioned the peculiar limp
her hostess seemed startled. After a
pause she said : "No such person lives
here nito, but the woman who took care
oi mis nouse oeiore we rented it was ex
actly sucn a person ns you describe, and
was lame In fust such a manner. Hut sho
died here about six weeks ago I think
in mis very room so your eyes must
certniniy have deceived you." The lady
Mm persisted mat. sne nan seen rue old
woman : so the servants were enlled nml
me iioiho thoroughly searched, but no ln
truder was discovered.
I have known several persons who have
seen the "fetch" or apparition of a living
sun, viuieu 111 uerinany inu "uoppei
guugcr.;" yet, though snch appearances
ru usually supposeu to portend tne death
or Illness of the ncrson thus strnnonlv
"doubled," I have never yet heard of a
rase where anv unpleasant conscnuenc.es
followed. For instance, an old friend of
mine, a gentleman or undoubted veracity,
once told me that on one occasion he
entered his house about five o'clock In the
afternoon, and ran up-stalrs to his moth
er's bed-chamber, where he saw her stand
ing near tne center or tne room, clad In a
loose white gown and engaged in comb
ing out ner long black hair. He remained
looking at her for some moments, ex
pecting that she would speak to him, but
she did not take notice in any way of his
presence, and neither spoke nor looked at
him. He then addressed her, but. receiv
ing no reply, became indignant and went
down-stairs, where, to his amazement, he
found his mother seated hv the wlndnw
and dressed as usual. It was some years
before he would trust himself to tell her
of what he bad seen, fearing that she
might consider it an omen of approaching
death, and Indeed, though not a super
stitious man, he was Inclined to so' viow
it himself; but his mother lived for many
years after the appearance of her wraith.
i hixu Knew a young gentleman to
Whom tho tinnlenaant eznerlenex nf hn.
holding his own double was once vouch
safed. He had been snondtiisr n ntiler
evening with somo young ladles, and re-
turiieu Home auout eleven o'clock, let
himself into the house with his latch.knv
and proceeded to his own room, where ho
iounu tne gas already lighted, though
turned down to a mere bluo spark. He
turned It un. and the full llirht nf the lr.
shone on his bed, which stood Just best e
the burner, and there extended at full
length, lay himself. Ills first Idea was
of a burglar or somo such intruder. But
his second glance dispelled that impres
sion. He stood for some moments gaz
ing at the prostrate figure with feelings
which must have been anything but
agreeable; he noticed little peculiarities
of his own dress and features, and marked
the closed eyelids and easy respiration ot
slumber. At length, plucking up cour
age, he attempted to pass his band under
the pillow to draw out a small revolver
which he usually Went there, and as hn
did so he felt the pressure of the pillow
as though weighed down by a reclining
head. This completely unnerved htm.
He went out of the room, locked tho door
on tho outside, and spent the remainder
of the night on a sofa in the parlor. He
did not re-enter his chamber till broad
daylight, when to his delight he found
mat ins gnomy visitor nau vanisneu.
Lvey Hooptr, in LippincoWi for Augtut.
Cholera Preventive aad Core.
Dr. J. W. nuntoon. a St. Louis nhvsl,
clan, publishes tho following nrescrintinn
for cholera, to bo given both ns a prevent
ive sno cure : at. oampnor, it. rnunaro,
each twooz. ; aqua ammonia (strongest),
usbuqcu peppermint, eacn one oz. ; l
opium, one-nan oz.; it, ginger, one
mix. Dr. Huntoon adds: "lean
all truth nnd candor say that I have never
known a case to prove fatal where this
remedy was used early, though I havo
often treated the disease In various ex
tremes of this country. I also saw it In
its greatest severity in Paris, and once
had It In due form myself. Much depends
on prompt treatment, not only or chol
era, but In those cases of dlarrlirca which
in ordinary times aro unimportant, but
wmcn on experience proves to ne dancer.
. . -. . - . 3
uu iu uejrivci in times oi cnoiera. '
Cholera ami Pala.Kllter.
PRRRY DAVIS' PArN-KlLI.ltn. Thl nn.
narallelod preparation Is receiving more tes
timonial! oi iu wonuenui eiucacy in remov
ing paint, than anv other medicine ever nr.
fcred to the nubile. And these teatlmnnlnl
come irom ncrseas or every degree of Intel
ligence, and every rank of life. Physicians
ot tho lint respectability, and perfectly con
versant With tho nature of dlanaananml rnm.
cdlos, recommend this as oao or the most
euectuai iu tue line or preparations for the
euro ot uuoicra, unoiera Glomus and kin
dred bowel troubles now so common among
tuu iuuiie.
JHBDICAL Maniacs. There urn nnm
bcrs of medical men so wedded to tho old
formulas, that all changes seem to them
imu innovations, i nese medical maniacs
are, fortunately, incapable of much mis
chief In this practical age. Whllo the
vikeoar BiTTKitsare curing Indigestion,
Nervous Debllitv. Consignation, nnd
countless other diseases that defy the
remedies or tho pharmacopoeia, It Is Im
possible to thrust down tho throats of in
telllgent invalids "harnlc" dnaeanf mtn.
end poison, or to persuade them to take
auuitcraicd niconoi, impregnated with
cnenp astringents, as n "litullng balm
or a "balsamic preparation." Vi.nkoah
BiTTKns, a pure botanical tonic, and al
terative, guiltless of the curse or distilled
or fermented liquor, Is actually accom
plishing what the mineral and alcoholic
euro-mongers havo so Incessantly prom
wed but have never yet performed. Under
tnese circumstances ft is no wonder that
this medicine has taken precedence of all
muse uurmng iiiuus mis-caueu tonics.
Reduction of Rates.
There is HO one thlntr whteh thn nresa
in inu niriru ernes oi ine country na? oeen
more uniform anil nercistent In th.m in
their persistent udvosacy M" sueh reduc
tion in the premiums charged for lite in-
Miraucuas wouki Dring time protection
from want within tho reach of every
family. Tho National Llfu insurance
company ot the United States of Ameilca,
K. A. Hnlllns Pi.lltnt r..
Chairman of Finance Committee, capital
larger than thatof anyotherilfe Company
In tho world, lias placed its rates nt about
three-quarters of thoe charged by most
cuiuuiuiiea, anu wants nn agent in every
locality. It has the essential qualities of
strength and cheapness, nml we advise all
looking for fllll or Partial emnlnvmenr In
life Insurance to address tho Company at
A Wise Precaution.
The late Governor Genre hadnnnllev
ot $10,000 In tho Pknn Mutual Lira I.v-
suiianck company, or Philadelphia, and
many of the leading citizens of Pennsyl
vania hold policies In the samu company.
Tho Penn Mutual was organized in 1847,
and Its career has been one of unexampled
prosperity. It has now an accumulated
fund of over $1,000,000. The "Pknn" has
recently increased its new business largely,
and the agents of the company And It casv
to represent, owing to its strong financial
condition anu honorable record or twenty-
m yuitio.
Gentlemen who deslro to renresenr
strong mutual company are requested to
address the office at 021 Chestuut street,
Philadelphia, when liberal arrangements
will be made with honest and energetic
This comes from Boston: "Straw.
tell which way tho wind blows. On Tues
day, when the wind was southwest, about
seven hundred straws were used tin in
one of our first-class saloons ; but yester-
uy, ui, inu Bamu piace, wuen mo wind
was east, only about one-tenth that num
ber found their way Into sparkling cobblers."
Mr. David Davis, nrlnclnal nrnnrlnlnr
of the Ocean Collieries, In the Hhondda
valley, South Wales, recently entertained
six thousand colliers, including their
wives and families, at Llandinan, to din
ner and tea, on the occasion or the ma
jority of his son. Their railway fares,
which he paid, cost $4,000.
Gentlemen leaving home for n mm.
mcr trip should take with them Elmwood
or Warwick collars. They will keep clean
longer than linen and give more satlsfac-
uoii. iwn.
The system being nut under the Inltuence
of Dr. Pierce's Uoldcn Medical Discovery
for a few weeks, tho skin becomes smooth,
clear, soft, and velvety, and being llluinin
atoil with the glow of perfect health from
within, true beauty stands forth In all Its
iry. noiuing ever presented to tho pub-
88 a boulltifler of the enmnlnvlnn
give such satisfaction forthls purpose as this
Iscovory. The effects of all modlclnes
which onerato unon tho avutcm iiirmmi, ,i.a
medium of the blood are necessarily some-
wnat stow, no matter bow good the remody
omnlAvnil Wtitln aha a . i - i . . i i
,t..jjvu. u.iu wiiu iu uiidd uuiuua clear
i skin of ntmnlna. tilntntina .mmu.,. ..i
low spots, comedones, or " grubs," a dozen
may possibly bo required to cure some cases
whero the system Is rotten with scrofulous
or virulent blood poisons. Tho cure of all
these diseases, however, from tim
pimple to the worst scrofula is, with thouss
of this most potent agent, only a matter r
time. Sold by all drutnrlats. mti
Henry K. Bond, of .leffomnn Mni. .
cured of spitting blood, soreness and weak
ness of the stomach, by the use of JohntonU
Anodyne Lnmnt internally.
.w VUCU nillAHn. 11. nil : 1111,1 v.
Ulm Mlll 1 - . .. a ill. " .
ifu . mmw iii.iiiHirv ii fit. ainniiniiiv. nf
nueii ii. uuu it inusufljiv neviiiiii timninei
uiuiiiiuiu uiv .-JUT, iuh j. ue ii laurann
I nmnnnv an nnn nr rim . . . a...'
-- inn iimhip.
Vnn hunuDV f ...... ..i. ...I , 1.1 . I -
unnuimi urniwy lour yearn agii I look imillclm
rf2?f Tfi ilU?orP v00'0"! ii'iiua w tin
biaiii, iiu.mv .irviiiit-ii aiit-ililillllK my aav-
nit h tlioiMht me iwjt rimiily. Aiimlur thnncli.
lie might htli me If 1 woulil 6etind, bat I wai'
no wculcl thought I could not Ir:ir it. 1 thn
saw your Kixo or tm Blood advertised. M
son said liu would send to you for it, and he dli
o. When I began to take It 1 could not llu dowr.
or lt lip stralghtl M wearing a buildup- 1 wo. i
abli! lo walk a little, t had not iiut on my tock.: "
lags for some months, l'ersona wivt vMtcd mr,
thought 1 could not live anvlengUiot time. 1 ,
very soon felt that your medicine wax helping v
me, and by the time 1 had used the second liotll.
I could put on my stockings, and begun to feel 1
comfortable. In two uontha the water was all 1
mine, undl was a living skeleton hut my Bpl8,,,
lite was good, and I began to gain flesh, aud I fi
now look as well as ever I illil ami f. .1 miiir&ti
Well. ....... 8AHAI1 l'K.MZ. Ii
Luthcrtburdi. Cleatllalil ('.. 1-nnn. tw
lluiralo '"y0"1 to l' ,tal"om' 8un tt'-'tj
Vlt-n allnw ..tlV,.
any Bowel AnVctlon to have Its
nlSF n wm v rt
Mcrious coasequeaces mav result i with br.F
layno'a Uarmlnative Ilalsam nt hand, these af-'-
leCtlans mavlifitirnmntlv. nnr..l v niil ..flli-nln.ia.r
ly treattHl. va
1 ' - (vil
BHALLattliaanaa'a l-ti.t b mm ,1... am.. iinl.,UI
lk.t Mama r. II. . ' . .1.." fc' J
most stubborn case Is cured Immediately. Thlsii
H n .H.HUV1II IN,, U.
ARTHun's Illustrated IIomk Maoa-
TlitM for August Is well filled with interesting
literary matter, comprising entertaining Morles.f
Instructive, articles on natural history, blogruiih-K
I cm and Historical sketches, noun, etc MunvVl
nf the articles arn np.fninnitnl...l i... ni.,.iv...i t
illustrations. The frontispiece Is nn enimivlnir
of the (JathcdraKof 8t. Murk's. Venice. Tin-
number is a very readable one und contains n.
urge amount af valuable information. Th.
terms of this msgatlne aro i.f.o a year, with nf
reduction lor ciuns. A beautiful steel engraving
sent free to each subscriber, whether single or Id
clubs. AddressT. 8. Annum & Sox, l'liiludel
(llllU, I'u.
Tin: Ciiii.diien's Iloun. Some verv
pretty pictures lire given in the mimlur for An -
gnst, Illustrating the entertaining little stories,
sketches and poems accompanying them. Thu
cliililren will be as highly delighted Willi this Issue
ns mey tmvc been with lormer numbers. The
subscription terms of this poputur child's maga
zine are only $1,25 a ycari flvecoiiles, '! ten. ond
one extra, $10. T. B. Annum 80s, rhiladel
phia, l'u.
Revolatloaa Never o Rttrkworil.
The phtleiophlcal theory that the hunmu r.yitem
when weakened by disease, oppreMlve In at, ex
cessive labor or any other cause, should l e toned
and Invigorated Instead of being subjected to the
action of depleUng drugs. Is gaining ground every
day. The Introduction or Hosteller's Htouiach
Hitters twenty years ago gae a powerf ul Infliictiee
to this coiumoa aease Idea. As tho extraordinary
elScacy ot tUa Oraat Vegetaldi Hc.tor.itlvc be
came known, multitudes or debilitated Invalids
turned with loathing from tho ntJsiuus and
strengtti-destroylog potions with which It was then
ino rasnion to drench the alck, to this renoiatlnir.
appetising, vitalizing preparation derived from
the finest roots, herbs ami barks placed by botani
cal research at the disposal of me Mc.il si-lence.
Itcvolutlons never go backward. Frnm that time
to the present the Importance of aislstln and ru.
Inrorclng nature In her struggles with disease has
been mote and uioru widely aud kceidy appreci
ated by the sick and the sutTerlng. In tens ot
thousands or households Hostttter's Hitters aru
looked upon as the one thing tiiednd lu eases ot
Dyspepsia, (lenera! Debllitv. Culmination. Verv.
oua Weakness, Chills and fever, lllllcei Affec
tions una ail conditions or the body aud lulud that
betoken a lack of vital encrinr. AVhen tliennlek-
sliver ranees high, and the solid flet.li larusoltlng
Into a den under the fervid temperature, this
agreeable lonlo Is the best possible lifeguard
against all the diierlsrs generated by a sultry and
unwholesome atruusphere. It preents anil re
lieves Iaisltu4e and languor, aud enables thu sys
tem to endure with Impunity an unusual amount of
exertion. Of all Invigorating and regulating med
icines, It Is the purest aud most wbolesime.
NKW YORK. Mnt-r .11 . 17:1.
BKEF OATTLK am mi ! on
HOtiS-Ltva a
Dresseil 6.7 w T.TS
81IEEP-Uve.... i.M M u.BO
WHEAT 8nrln Ko. 9 l.tn i.a i i t
CORN Western Mixed So ffi 5
OATH-Weatern, Mew II S 42
uvE-western.' So
PORK Mesa, Mew 17 no t 17,a
BEHW-Cho.ee $
Fair Grade
nooa ttve
8UKKP-6od to Choice
FLOUR-White Winter Extra
" . " No. 2.
Cora-Mo. 2
Rye No. a
Ilarlev No 3
POKK-Mcas, New
ruiUR Family a
WHEAT lied , New
COKN-New ..
a o.ro
( 9,10 it
9 .V2J il
(4 U.SU 11
C.75 ,
1.23 t-
& 1.22
'f -u,-4 I
lS.Si 15..VJ
ii . lit lev
UA.Itll.... fcl-M
POBK-Me, New .... J5.7J 10.00
COTTON-Mlddllng a is
ISKKx' VAVIhS-Choice S.C0
Cjooil til Prlmn K ill
nuuo liive , 4.1u
a want uas been reit and expressed by
physicians for a safe and reliable purgative.
Such a want is now supplied in Farion'
I (m
WHEAT Winter Nn.i.
COltN-No. ii, Mixed...
OAT9-N0. 2.
POttK-Meaa, New
Ua-wssbed Choice, .
COTTON-Ulddlinar a
FLOUR Family, ,7. ..... 7.0
CORN-New.... . ! M
HAT-Prinv 2.1 im
PO RK-lt eat . . M-i
II 1 I'l III Ul.l.a
wnwwnvoiiHi, ............
suuAR-Kair.. !.;.;;;.:
MOLASSES Strict! ir pjn "
4, SO
ea U7K
rt le.Uilt
, "Ha
it 42
IA 23.0S
& 17.01)
corroN-uhuuina. 1,Jia

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