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V( )L. 8.
SO. 82.
CM.no n Ycnr lu Advance.
i nrr I Insertion f 1 M
Karh additional Insertion 76
AdsMnlstruters' Notices., 3 00
, Ktnt Ketstosaoitt Notices 3 00
Stray Notices (single stray) 8 00
Kri addltlsnal stray In same notice . . 1 00
Mheral deductions WIN be made to regular
Kk certificate of publication will be made
;tll such publication has been paid for.
1'he non-observance of this rule uas been
the occasion of much troubl and actual loss.
Circuit Court. First Monday after the
'Mirth Monday In March and September.
VtlUXfTY coukt. acconu jiouaay iu rou
rusrr.Muv. Aurutt. and November.
Probatk Court. Second Monday
January, April, 'July and October.
George W. Mohr, Esq., lias been
appointed postmaster, at this place,
to All tlto vacancy caused by tlio
death of Benedict Crump.
'County and probate courts arc in
session, making it quito lively in
tewn, as more peoplo aro Jn attend
unco than liavo been in Troy for
Tho plc-nlc on Load creek last Sat
urday, wo are informed, was largely
attended, and was tho occasion of
much enjoyment to Uioko who were
. prcsont:
Hut few of those who left to avoid
cholera now remain away, and our
town has tienrly resumed its wonted
appearance of life and business ac
tivity. The farmers of Hurricane, town
ship will meet for organization at
Now Hope, on the second Saturday
iu September, at tbrco in the after
noon. It is to be hoped that no in
telligent farmer of' that township
will fall to encourage by his presence
and active interest tho movement
which, if rightly directed, will prove
of so incalculable a benefit to tho ag
riculturists of the whole west.
A modcrato rain fell Monday night,
and yesterday there wero several
mild showers. We hope 'that tho
rain, as little as it was, was general
over tho county. In most of the
c unty, especially the northern part,
the drought has been severe, greatly
ondaugcilng tho corn crop. Season
able rains would make the corn crop
in this couuty largor than it has been
for years, but to be seasonable they
cannot long bo delayed.
As will be seen by refcrenco to our
list of doath notices wo have had ono
death from cholera during tho past
week, being tho first since July 24th,
There is no other case that wo are
nwnre of, In town or in the imme
diate vicinity. Three weeks ago we
gave it as our opinion, fortified as we
wero by medical advice, that wo
might expect lsolutod cases of cholera,
such as any part of the county is lia
ble to have, until tho advent of cold
weather. This statement has been
verified; and tho circumstances of
tho last fatal caso, as well as the other
two slnco tho subsidence of the dis
ease about the 15th of lust month,
clearly demonstrate the non-epidemic
character of tho disease as wo now
observe it.
James R. Forman and Wirt II lues
wero before Esqniro J. G. Downing
at New Hope, on Saturday last,
charged with assault with intout to
kill, on complaint of Israel Hlnes
and Portor Drown. A nolle pros.
waseutcred in each case and a bench
warrant issued, and the trial set for
iiiixt Monday. The difficulty oocurcd
in Auburn and had its origin in the
controversies concerning tho opening
of a road in tho neighborhood. The
complainants came up to whore the
defendants were silting, and Israel
Hlnes commenced cursing and ubus
ing nis brother w;rt. words soon
passed betwecu tho former and For
man, followed closely by three shots
from each, none of them taking effect
Drown contends that as he was loav
Jug the spot Wirt Hlnes fired twice
at him.
Ono of the first measures that
should engage tho attention of the
farmers or this county in tboir clubs
and granges should be to deviso some
Moans for the improvement of our
publlo roads. Until the past fow
years but little has been dono in this
direction ; tho road laws having been
loose and lueiAclout, and those over
seers who were not caroless and in
competent as, indeed, were the ma
jority of them, had but little oppor
tunity under that system to do much
repairing of a practical or permanent
character. Tho present road law,
though far iu advance of the old one,
is still defective and iu consequence
many of our roads aro in a lamenta
ble condition. Thoso who are com
pelled to travel over not a few of
these, which we could mention, have
doubtless been frequently and forci
bly reminded of the doggerel verse of
the Euglisnman who gave his opinion
of some of the dirt roads of this
country :
This road Is not passable,
Not even jackassable ;
And those who would travel it
Should turn out and gravt lit.
Wo wero travelling not long since
over ono of these roads when we fell
in with a German boy, who in an
swer to our inquiries gavo us a
graphic description of tho condition
of a hill just ahead. Wo wondered
why it was that if tho road was as
bad as represented, a fow hours' work
had not been expended upon it, to
render it at least safe. "Well," said
our Gcrmau Iriciid, "we don't get
uo good overseers any moro now."
And this was the slinplo reason.
Ovorseers that are "uo good" aro
too frequently (he cause of poor
Tho working of roads, Ilko every
other business, requires management
and calculation A thorough system
should bo maintained. Tho first
requisite is to secure proper drainage
toullow the water to pass off with
out washiug the surface into gullies.
This it seems is above the compre
hension of tho average overseers, for
this point is nearly always over
looked; tho first ralu sweeps uway
tho result of all tho labor that has
been put upon it and the road is left
lu u worso condition than before.
Sufficient ditching lor draining being
made, tho next object should bo to
make the road bed as firm and as
level as possible Nearly every over
seer fulls iu this. The dirt from tho
ditch is hurriedly thrown upon the
road, or the road-bod is turned up
oy uio piow aim in eitncr ctso a
shapeless mass is left for tho surface,
with the expectation that the wear
of travel will render It smooth. An-
other obstacle to the proper repairing
of tho roads is the insufficient amount
of funds that can bo used for the pur
pose. To meet this difficulty should
bo the ellbrt of the farming commu
nity lu every locality. The English
man was right when ho asserted that
those who travel roads should gravel
thorn. A littlo systematic labor ex
pended upou tho roads, over aud
abovo that required bv tho law, will
amply repay the farmers of tho vicin
ity. Dad roads are the most expen
sive luxury that we can enjoy. They
require a largo increase iu tho ex
penditure of labor, feed and tho wear
aud teur of vohicles. It is moro eco
nomical to cxpoud ono dollar in re
pairing a bnd road than Ion in repair
ing a broken wagon. It is choapcr to
haul, at one load over good rouds,
what would make two over bad ones.
Theso illustrations could bo ex.
teuded ad infinitum, Good roads
besides being cheaper, as every
farmer can easily see, add much to
tho valuo of the farms In their vicin
ity. Strangers aro moro readily
attracted to n country by its good
roads than by any other mark of im
provemout. Good roads give a pow
erful Impetus to the rapid dovelop
meat and building up of a country in
as much ns they facilitate tho trans
portation of the marketable produce
aud lucroaso of homo trade.
Our county has every facility for
good roads. Rightly directed, the
would not bo srreat to mulco
than the best iu the country. The
surface of tho county is level enough
to afford easy grades and the soil is
mostly of the character that hardens
under travel, and makos tor ordinary
use a firm enough road-bed. Should
gravel be desired, it is in most locali
ties easy to obtain, and could be
used with comparatively small cost
and labor. The usual timo for work
ing roads will soon bo at hand and
we commend theso suggestions to
thoso who are interested in promot
ing the common good.
We learn from agentloman present
on the occasion that the stopping at
wharf of Clarksvllle, of the steamer
which carried to Hannibal tho iron
for our railroad, caused a great deal
of excitement and exulting enthusi
asm in tho breasts of the douizens of
that lively little city, which unfortu
nately for them were but short-lived
and followed by bitter disappoint
ment. Many of our rcadora will re
member that, just prior to his depart
ure for Europe, Mr. Henderson tele
graphed from the east that tho iron
for tho river railroad had been pur
chased and that it might bo expectod
in a fow weeks at tho furthest. The
vlce-presideut of tho road, a Clarks
vllllau, Is a man of wonderful enter
prise, who has novcr yet disobeyed
the scriptural Injunction, and hid his
light under a bushel. Ho has had
rcllablo luformatlon of the arrival in
St. Louis of tho Iron referred to in
Hendorson's telegram, every day for
moro than a mouth past. It is little
wonder that at the approach of every
steamboat half tho cltlsons of the
place should station themsolvcs upon
the levee and anxiously scan her
decks for tho long-looked-for railroad
iron. On this eventful day, tfee
steamer was accompanied by two or
three barges heavily laden with what
a nearer approach showed wero iron
rails. Tho glorious news was quickly
sounded over town and by tho time
the boat touchod tho wharf every
man, wohan and child had congre
gated at tho lauding, and many wore
tho wild cheers thut broke-the still
ness of that afternoon. Three times
three went up for tho Long Line aud
its officers ; uud tho ardent Clarke
villians already saw in fancy tho iron
horse snorting aud fuming at their
very doors. When all this din had
subsided from very want of breath,
tho ollto clerk of the boat, Mr.
Duchanan, stepped forward and said :
"Gentlemen, you aro too fast; this
Iron goes to Hannibal for tho Short
Line." No language of ours can de
scribe as it should bo dono, the solemn
hush, tho rapid melting away of the
crowd, and how earnestly and fur
vently the vice-president communed
with his Maker as lie sped from tho
scene. Owing to tho hot weather
aud tho crowded stato of ita columns,
our cotemporary, tho sentinel, was
reluctantly compelled to omit this
littlo news item.
The wheat crop of this qounty has,
on tho whole, been better than an
avorago one, though there are com
plaints from sonic sections, especially
in some of thoso iu which tho finest
wheat is ralsed,that neither tho quan
tity nor quality is fully up to the
We liavo received the cataloguu of
tho Lincoln Institute, of Jefferson
uuy. it contains mo names or ono
hundred and eighty-threb students,
ulnety-six male and eighty-seven fu
males. The oxpeusca are three dol
lars matriculation feo uud two dollars
and fifty ceuts por week board
This collego is tor tho exclusive
use of the colored people, aud is well
worthy tho attention ot those who
cuu atlord tho expense,
The Texas cattle fovor has brokon
nut in St. Charles county, and fifteen
or twenty deaths have occurred iu
one locality iu tho neighborhood of
St. Peter's. The farmers of that
part of tho county are much exoited
about tho matter, aud a meeting was
hold last week, In the city, to deviso
tnoasures for relief. Committees
wore appointed and another meeting
provided for at which ft is expected
t definite policy will be settled upon
The town board met on Wednesday
last in called session to settle the ac
counts made in carrying out sanitary
measures, and te give tho sanitary
committee further powor to procure
tho abatement of nuisances and the
thorough purification of every build
ing, street and vacant lot in town,
and to perfect whatever other ar
rangements they may deem nocessary
under any circumstances that may
arise. This action of tho board was
wise and proper one; and the
board did Its simple plain duty in the
premises. A decent regard for the
health of tbo town imperatively de
mauds that the regulations adopted
by the sanitary committeo shall bo
maintained and enforced as well now
whon the cholera was raging In
our midst. Any dorellctlon of duty
this respect on the part of the
authorities or the committeo would
havo subjected them to tho sovorest
censure for perilling by their neglect
tho lives of our citizens. We aro
glad that there is no cause for com
plaint on this score. Tfcere wero
places la town which owing to the
carelessness or recklcssnoss of tboir
owner had become offensive and
badly needed tho application of dis
infectants and de-odorizers. With
the power given it to purchaso fur
ther necessary supplies tho committee
went to work in earnest and have
cleansed every foul spot that they
havo boonblo to ferret out. We are
sorry that these measures have met
with some opposition on the nart of
few (fortunately a very few) of our
citizens to deny tho use of tho neces
sary money for this purpose. We
arc, and havo always been, a strict
advocate of economy aud judicious
management in tho uso of public
funds whether of town, county or
state. Wasteful expondlluros of the
people's money by those who happen
to have control of it is greatly to be
censured, aud wo would not hesitate
to promptly denounce it, wherever
found. Dut we shall never contend
for tho withholding of public money
when the safely of tho people require
its use. We can look upou it iu no
other light than criminal to place
fow dollars In tho scalo agalust
human llfo. Fortuuately the towu
officers uud the members of tho sani
tary committee are men who compre
hend their duty at this time aud are
willing to tako upon themselves the
csponsibilltles of performing it.
Under thoir administration we can
truthfully assert that Troy is as safe
a place as any other locality iu the
country, aud that what fow cases we
may have during the remaiudcrof the
season will result from causes acting
upon tho individual system, and not
from any epidemic influence. Iu
fact, knowing what wo do of tho
character of the diseaso, wo assert
that thero can bo uo epidemic ol
cholera here as long as tho existing
sanitary regulations aro respected.
We havo tailed to obtain sufficient
data to give nccurately tho cost of
what has heretofore been dono to
combat tho infection, but it is com
paratively a small amount, not ex
ceedlng, we aro confident, throe hun
dred dollars. At the meeting above
referred to, the inonibers of the saul
tary committeo were called upon for
their bill for services rendered. They
declined to put iu a bill stating thai
they bad not expected compensation
for their labors, but would receive
whatever tho board allowed. They
estima'ed thoir timo at seven full
duys. They Wero allowed three dol
lars a day each making sixty-three
dollars. Tho marshal was allowed
twenty-flvo dollars for extra services
These two allowances wo consider
extremely moderate Tho saul
tary committee was engaged one or
more hours each day for ubout four
weeks, iu duties so disagreeable that
but fow would care to uudortoko
them. Wo ure very certain that not
one of tho geutlemou upon tho com'
mltico would perform tno labor of
bis office for several times tho amount
awarded him, wero ltnot for his eon
victions of duty. Wo have before
spokon of tho faithful manner in
which tho marshal perforated ardu
ous work laid out by tbo committeo
aid of his efforts in relieving the
town of the dreaded scourgo. To
both him and tho committeo are due
the thanks of tho eommunity. In
giving them this mark or its approval,
the board hat done nothing but right.
Priwonai,. James Crlder paid us
a visit last week. '
Among those of our friends who
called this week to congratulate us
upon the saccess of our paper and to
extend to as words of encouragement
wero tho following: Capt. T. It.
Held, Harvey Whltesldes, I. K.
Thomas, R. L. Farmer, J. II. Forman,
A. si, Williams, J. (J. Downing, Dr.
. n. mihw and Geo. H. Cophcr.
Parker's Seminary. This insti-
tutiou of learning will open on tho
second Mondav in September, teach
ers, we understand, having boca en
gaged. Full particulars, with nrico
of tuition, etc., will bo published in u
few days.
GRAFF. Tlmrarfnv. Aiimi.f 1 1fi?1 .1...
residence of 1 ii hi.V.-.l'i- Wu Xl"
hotera, Mrs. Mary, wife ot cbrlstlaatiraB.
Will nractlcoin the varlnm
and adjoining counties. SneH.i attrntim.
g.vcn to collections and matters relating to
real estate, umce northeast comer Main
and Cherry streets, just below the Lactate
Hotel. rvHmu
Will practice In the Courts of the Nineteenth
Judicial Circuit. Hrmrlil ntfontlnn Hv.n ...
collecting. fntovftiMi
Will practice in the Courts of the Nineteenth
Judicial Circuit. fDtovBab
r.. . . v TROY. MISSOURI,
Wll practice In the Courts of the Nineteenth
Judicial Circuit, andnavuni-rl.l nttnntlM ...
collecting, office ovrrtisuk building, fvfmtt
TltOY. Mtsfintfm
Agents State and Phoenix insurance Com
panies, and Real Rstate Agent. J, H, At -
TROY. MiKsmmr.
Will attend to any nretcmlonal iiiminr.. in
tho courts of the Nineteenth Judical Circuit ;
also prosecuting attorney of the county ami
notary public. ntu30vB
Will nractlce in the Courts nfthn Nlnrtin
Judicial Circuit and Supremo Court of tho
ouiic. uusineis promptly attended to. OftlM
over Dr. East's drug storo. f v8n3
WARRttNTntt. ton .
Also Notary Publlo and Real Estate Agent,
win give special attention to cniiectlam.
real estate practice, and the Investigation of
land titles. C3T office In e'erk's bulldim,.
west room. Satisfaction given or no charge
made. volSa'JB
triiy. MiKflntmr.
Will practice In the court of tho Nineteenth
Judicial Circuit. Spoilul attention given to
collections and to tho sale, purchase and
leuMng in rem enuip; nnsiracu or title ,
warrant, deeds. dedn nf trutt enit mnri.
guges made on short notice. Large number
01 vimiuuie lurms lor s.ne. uinco or Mum
street In Henry's building, up stairs, fn!7vH
Particular uttentlon given to eowreyauclDif
and examination of land tltlefe and contrw-
vendes uDcctlnit real estate, we mak is
specialty or collecttuK U kind ofclalau,
notes, lulls, etc., at a reasonable commission .
Will be In Troy from time HUiur. due no
tice of which vialw wisl fc gvt la Tiik
Will always he f wind in his etOct,iuxtdoer
to T. W. Wnsiutw's, up states, where
attends to tental anil surgical dtatasts of 1h
mouth. II IteesH aa awlstantaiwuya In tho
office to aid ta aUlag teeth. votenta
TAKEN UP by Robert l. Apslev
of Prairie townsMp, a won gray saar'n
aboutlbtuttds hliib,imvtn x eight years eld,
shod hofNN. saddle marks o the back: ap
praised at J65. before. I. H, 0 wings, J. pt
Junta 1013. (nzT

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