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V( )L. 8.
SO. 3,'.
ri'BMiiitKD nv
jftsher, &, m:udx,
l.no n Year In Atlvantsc.
I Miusrc 1 lusortlon, f 1 M
Each additional Insertion
Administrator Notice jj 00
Plnal KctUnmeut Not lot 3 00
Rtrav Notices (single rtny) . 8 00
Each additional stray la xiunn notice.. 1 00
liberal deduction! will be made to regular
SirftlUcitperWlfatlon will lie made
UI TOeh pabKottlon ha been paid for.
Tho mm-obnervsncc or this rule lis been
the occasion of raucli troubl and actual Ions.
. "TOT.
OincrtT Couirr. Klwt Monday after the
formh Monday In March and September.
'4)I.NTV Couirr. Second Monday III rob-
ruary. May. Auasst, ana wovomncrt
J'kowat ObimT. Second Monday
Jaaaary, April, Inly and Octobcr.
Our lady friends are requested to
and examine our stock or visiting
Thorc was but Ultlo business before
the County Court last week except
public road matters, and the usual
R. A. Trail who was op pointed
constablo a few weeks stneo by the
County Court, tendered his resign
lion to tlio Court lust week, and Juke
McDonald was ntipointcd to till the
Every lady uveds a case of visiting
"ards. We bavo a full supply on
baud, which will be priutod to order
At very low prices. Send in your
orders, aud wo will guarautco satis
Tho Lincoln County Coal Mining
'oinpany have Just bad some circu
lars printed, announcing tfceir readi
ness to supply all orders for coal.
The Company intend working tho
mines in earnest, And hands are now
busy getting up and delivering coal.
The papers all over the state com
iilalu or the drought aad the injury it
Is dolug tho corn. Iu this county it
U uo better. Farmers from Hurri
cane, Monroe, Millwood, Wavcrly,
and iu fact all over the county, say
their crops are suffering, and the
ground is too dry to commence plow
ing for wheat. Unless we have rain
noon, there will be but a small amount
or wheat sown this full.
We learn from somo of those pros-
Jt that tho plc-nic given by the good
miliars last Wednesday, on the
road between Auburn and Smith's
Mills, wusquito a success. A largo
number of Indies and gentleman were
present to hear the speccheh and par
take of tho hospitablo dinner spread
on tho ground. Tho addrossos by
Messrs. 11. B. Kills and J. II. Allen
were appropriate aud were attent
ively listened to.
Fain Ktu, Accimknt. Luke Mudd,
living on West prairlu, hud his right
hand crushed iu a threshing machine
one day last week. Tho cylinder bo
coming choked, he inserted his hand
in (ho rear of it to romovo tho obstruc
tion, when it suddenly became loose
and caught him, tearing oQ his first
linger aud tho third up to the second
Joint, and otherwise! mangling and
bruising the member. The accident
is the mora to be regretted as ho Is
the only support of a widowed
We co that many of tho counties of
the state have societies of tho old set
tlers who meet annually for tho pur
poso of relating their experiences of
tho early settlement of tho country,
and having n pleasant social re-unlon.
In Msriou county theso pioneers arc
to hold their second annual meeting
next month, and extonslvo prepara
tions have beou rnado for tho enjoy
ment of all who may attend, and a
general invitation has been glvon to
every old settler in northoast Mis
souri aud to the adjacent counties of
Illinois. Iu Pike a movement of tho
same kind is about to bo inaugurated.
We do not see why Lincoln couuty
may not have a club of the old settlers.
Thero aro many men who ennio here
when this county wan a wilderness
long before it was organised. These
old pioneers could tell many inter
esting incidents of the early settlo
mcut of the county : of tho war or
1812 with its horrors of Indiana mas
sacros, the continued depredations of
these savages extondlng principally
down to the year 1820, and in somo
instancoi until thoy wero removed
by Col. Dailey, under authority of
the general government, to tho In
dian Territory ; and of the "Slicker"
war of 1837-40, betweon the regula
tors on tho one side and tho counter
feiters and horso and cattle thlovcs on
tho other. The early history of our
county is rich iu incident und adveu
turo. Much of It that was worthy of
preservation has been lost, and more
of It exists only in tho recollection of
our older citizens, mi tnem come
togothor and give their history and
the history or their times to tho pub
lie. We suggest that a meeting of
this kind be held in this place some
timo during tho month or September
or October. The citizens or Trov.
would give them a fitting receptiou
To make the undertaking a success,
some energetic, publlc-splritod cltl
zen will have to take tho lead in or
ganlzlng tho society and soliciting
tho co-operation of those who should
participate. Dor this purposo we
suggest the name of Mr. James D.
Tho city papers glvo tho intelli
gence or tho ucatti or mis priest,
which occurred on tho Oth or July
lust, on tho steamer Franco, threo
days out from Now York. lie was
on his way to Kuropo to spend a
short seasou of recreation, in tho hopo
that his health, which had become
impaired through tho faithful per
formance of his many and arduous
duties, might bo restored. He was a
native of Cork, Ireland, and camo
with his father's family to this coun
try in 1839. Ho settled at Potosi, and
shortly afterwards entered tho semi
nary of tho ordor of tho Congrega
tion of tho Missions, at the Barrens
near Perry ville. He was ordained in
1846 by Archibald Kcndrick. With
tho cxcoptlon or a year's travel in
Kuropo and Palestine, ho has sinco
this time labored earnestly and suc
cessfully In his calling in tho city of
St. Louis. Among tho many results
or ills work may bo mentioned tho
founding of tho largest aud most
prosperous parishes in the city, two
or threo parochial schools one at a
cost of fifty thousand dollars and
one convent. He was universally
respected for his genuluo christian
worth, no loss by thoio of other de
nominations than by tho members of
his own congregations.
Father O'Brien was well known to
many of tlio citizcus of this county,
his parents having lived hero at ono
timo, and hlsjtwo sisters Mrs. L.
Flyun and Mrs. Henry T. Mudd-stlll
reside here.
We have beon obliged to cut off
many of our subscribers' nunics
owing to their long continued delin
quency. We shall coutlnuo the prac
tice until wo rid our books entirely
of thoso who are lu arrears to us,
Justice to ourselves requires us to
ttdhero to this course. Wo should
like exceedingly well to furnish frou
reading to thoso who lire fond of
reading our paper but who do not
pay for it, but we aro tumble to stand
tlio expense. We wish our patrons
would remember that it costs some
thing to run a nowspapor and tlitit
tho cost bus to bo promptly settled by
us in cash, and that for this reason, It
for uo other, wo should liko to have
what Is due us.
Pkiibonal. Attorney Dunu made
us a pleasant visit last week.
Mrs. Morrison and her daughter.
Miss Jcannio G., aro visiting friends
at this place
David Flecner called last week and
paid up his subscription. Dr. Prow
itt of Loulsvlllo favored us with
like call.
B. F. Robinson made us a pleasant
call, renewed his subscription and
left another subscriber. That's tho
way wo like to sco our friends do
II. Wehrmau, J. M. Reeds, J. 11
iseison ami u. Argent visited our
offlco last Friday, aud helped to re
pleuish our till by renewing their
subscription and paying in advance
Our esteemed friend A. M. Thomas
or New Hope brightened our sanc
tum with his gonial countenance last
Thursday. Ho ruports tho yield
wheat not as good as was anticipated
and the corn suffering for ruin in his
The judges of tho County Court, A
K. Wilson, C. W. Martin mid II.
Mudd, called to see our new Jobber
at work, and expressed themselves
gratified that tho blank stationery for
tho use of tho county can bo furnlshod
by a homo olfleo. Tho Court was
well pleased with our work, aud pro
nounced it as good us any they have
used, or better.
Mrs, AiiiiuM. Orr and her daugh
ter, Miss Tilllo McKlbben, who have
been here ou a visit for sovcrul weeks,
will leave for their home, in St. Louis,
to-morrow morning. Miss McKlbben
has entirely recovered from the cere
brospinal meningitis, with which
sho was attacked about Ave months
since. Mrs. T. D. Fisher will leave
with them for a visit to Burlington,
We have just heard somo of the par
ticulars or a caso of attempted suicide,
which event occurred somo weeks
since in the town or Truxton in this
county. Tho circumstances under
which tho victim a young lady or
Intelligence, good education and ex
cellent moral ciiarnctor mado tho
rash attempt wero tlio most painful
Tho busy, venomous touguo or slan
der had directed Its attacks upon her
reputation until her reason deserted
her. In this condition sho required
the constant care or her parents
One day sho was missed from tho
room by her mother, who uftor a short
search found lier in tho well, her
body entirely covered by tho water
aud her hair just floating on tho sur
face. AssUtauco was called aud she
was with difficulty rescued from tho
position, her hands being tightly
wedged in tho interstices of tho stouo
wull of tho cistern. Sho was at first
thought to bo dead, but was rcsusci
tutcd through tho persistent efforts of
hor friends, aud her slanderers were
saved tho guilt of her murder.
A report having obtained credence
that II. D. Waltou, Esq., had removed
his business office from this place to
Wurrcnton, ho desirct. us to say that
such is not tho caso. Thnt ho intends
to remain in Troy ; office over Dr.
East's drug store.
Tub Tobacco ukoi This seems
to bo a good year for tho tobacco
worm. Reports come to us that they
are doing great dmnago to this crop
thoro being about an average ot threo
worms to every stalk, and it will re
quire close attention aud industry for
our tobacco raisers to ninko anything
liko an avcrago crop between the
worms aud tho drought. But wo
havo somo energetic men in the bus
lucss, who aro determined to fight
the worms, aud nil such wo doubt
not, will bo repaid for their industry
Among these is our patron J. K
Richards, an energetic young farmer
of tho lower part ot tho county
Ho has about seven acres or more of
this staplo growing, which is doing
finely, being from two and a halt to
threo feet in height, and tho leaves
are well dovoloped. But he has paid
close attention to the crop, kept tho
soil well stirred about it, and tho
worms off, though it kept him busy
to do this. Ho expects his crop to
avcrago him about ono thousand
pounds to tho aero, which will bo
ulco little Income and romuncrato him
for bis caro aud trouble.
Our friend Joe Creech, received a
painful Injury last week by being
thrown out of a wagon. Ho was sit
ting near tbo back end, and was in
tho uct of getting out whon tho
horses suddenly started, causing him
to loso his balanco and fall heavily to
tho ground. His right elbow was
much bruised, but is now slowly im
proving. )
Xo Pi.ack Likr Home. Ono of
our incorrigible town boys recently
took it into hit head to fight tho
battle of life alono, and accordingly
last Wednesday morning, shoeless,
coatlojs, and almost hatlcss, aud sans
money, without warning to his pa-
routs, mounted his pony and started
tho war path. He mado good
timo to Wcntzvlllo, whero ho left his
pony In churgoof a small boy, direct
ing him to havo his fuu out of the
animal for a fow days, as a sort or
recompense for taking chargo of lilin,
and then to ride lilin out on tlio road
tho mill, turn Ids head toward
Troy, aud whalo him liko tho "very
old mischief, and ho'll go home."
Soon tho train camo lumbering by,
and Young America secured a scat
on tho rear platform of tho sleeping
car, and was of)' for the metropolis of
tho West. Arriving at St. Louis ho
wandered around, and at night made
his bed on tho hard rocks near tho
Blddlo street depot, which ho says
nearly "punched a holo in bis head."
Tho next day tho "inner man" was
making gnawing demands, and ho
succeeded in begging a crust and a
cold potato, which checked it for
awhile. Concluding that tho battlo
of life was u hard one for a boy with
out means or friends in a strange
land, liko tho prodigal son of old, ho
bethought himself or the homo ho had
left, tho warm sumptuous meals that
wore dally spread out before him, aud
tho comfortable beds to rest Ills
weary limbs ou at night, and not
likitig tho appearance of the city and
tho police, ho determined to return
home. It was thou ho missed his
pony, as bare-rooted bo tramped up
tho railroad track. lie says lie
walked all the way back to Wonts-
vlllc, sleeping out in tho woods
Thursday night, aud when ho arrived
at that place be found his father, who
had started on a hunt for him, ready
to rccolve him with opon arms. Our
little frlond was delighted to get
homo, and expatiates with a sort of
regretful delight at what ho went
through his hard beds, his hunger,
his foot-sore Journey, &c, and will
bo quito a hero among somo of his
companions for a few days; but if
thoy listen attentively to him, we
think but few of them will attempt
to go through the same experience.
no has conciuaca mat mere is no
placo like home, and ou the evening
of his arrival was congratulating
himself on what a nlco sleep ho
would have that night. Tho little
fellow looks like ho had just rccov
ered from a spell of sickness, having
lost about sovon pounds in his threo
days absence. Boys, better hang to
your mother's apron strings, for you
will not find any one elso so ready to
provide good things for you ; and if
you could seo how some of tho little
fellows live, who havo to contend
with tho world alone, you would
nover wish yourself iu their shoes
or rather their bore-feet, for thoy sol
dom enjoy tho luxury of a pair
Tho Mexico Leader says Miss Jcan
nio G. Morrison, formerly or this
place, was elocted teacher of music
for Hardin College by unanimous
voto, at a meeting of tho board of
directors on the 14th inst. Her
friends hero will be pleased to learn
of her succois. Tho Leader nays
Miss Jcannio tho following handsome
compliment: Miss Morrison Is a
graduato of Troy Christian Institute
and of tho St. Louis Conservatory of
Music, and possesses tho attainment
and industry that will mako her a
valuable adjunct to tho faculty ot the
We stated week before last that the
deputy coltoctor had left the office for
several weeks without tho knowledge
of tho collector. Wo havo slneu
learned that ho wroto informing
Judge Shaw of the fact but that ow-
ug to soma remissness of tho math
the letter was not received until four
weoks after it was sent.
Pabkek's Skminahy. This Insti
tution of learning will open on tho
second Monday in September, teach
ers, wo understand, haviug bocn en
gaged. Full particulars, with prico
of tuition, etc., will bo published in a
few days.
v. m'kkbs I K.N.nOSNLS c. martix, jh.
Will practice In the various courts of thin
and adjoining countlr. Special attention
gtvon to collections and matters relating
real etat. Office northeast corner Main
and Cherry itrcuti, just below tho bacledu
Hotel. rvSnSi
Will practice In the Courts of the Nineteenth
Judicial Circuit. Hpcclal attention given to
collecting. iitovSnie
Will practice In tho Courts of the Nlttctccrih
Judicial Circuit. fntovftnti
Will practice In tlio Court of tbo Nineteenth
Judicial Circuit, and pay upcclnl attention to
umce overuaiiK Dunning. vvnv'A
Agents State mid Vlucnlx Insurance Com
panies, anu Jieiu kkisio Agent. i.n. ai
i.kn, Notary Public.
Will attend to any prnftctoiiul liwdntkn in
tho court of thii Nineteenth Judical Circuit ;
iiIimi proM'ciitlitg attorney of the county i-ml
notary public. ptnifcvK
Will practice In the Court of tho Nineteenth
Jud'.vlat Circuit and Supremo Court of tun
State. lIUHliicurtnroniptlv ttttcudcd to. Oft
drug store.
over Dr. Eaut' drug i
Tho Rails County liecord says that
trains will soon bo put upon that
part of tho St. Louis, Haunlbal and
Keokuk railroad upon which tho iron
is laid, tho officers of tho road think
ing tho travel and traffic between
Hannibal and Frnnkford will Justlfy
tho expense, That paper also has lu
formation that tho road will bo com
pleted to tho St. Louis, Kansas City
and Northern railway by early spring.
On inquiring of some of the resident
directors here, wo learn that the com
pany intends to accomplish this much
at all hazards. Wo really soe nothing
to prevent this. Mr, Parker who
has a contract near Cave City, assures
us tnai no can uo an tuo grauing,
rock work and finishing in this county
In two months, if tho company wishes
It done In that time. Tho company
has not yot succeeded in negotiating
any of tho first inortgago bonds, but
the prcsont work outside of this
county is done with tho capital of the
construction company, of which the
paid up stock is sufficient to iron tho
bed to its junction with tho road at
AImi Notary Public and Real Eitate Act tit,
will give special attention to iiillcctlin,
real exttito practice, and the InvciitUcatlur. f
laud title. CiT office in clerk' bulld'HK.
wcxt room. tJatlifactlon given or nu cIh.i l:
made. vtilxnv;!
Will practice In tho court of the Nlncti villi
Judicial Circuit. Special attention ghtii t
collections and to tho sale, purchase ami
leading or real cut a to; abhtrui't or ten.,
warrant", deeds, deeds of trust andu-r rt
gage made ou short notice. Large nun In r
or vuuiunio lurim mr tair. ijiiico mi
ktrcet lu Hutiry' building, up tair. (ic:n
CoLLKCtona and Rkai. Estatk aiikms.
Particular attention gtveu to tonvcuui luu
and oxamluation or lanu iititw, ana cor.uv
vemlfM sU'eotlng real cMate. We niaU it
specialty of collecting all kinds of ilu.tn,
notes, lUi etc., at u reanoiiablu coiumlviii;.
Oflee over Hart's Store.
Will bo In Troy from lime to time, due r ...
tlco of which vllt will ho given in 7hk
Tltov JlKluMi. oWnU
Dr. W. W.
Will always be found In tils oUlcc, next d.. or
to T. W. WiTiiHow'a, up Malm, when l.e
attend to dental and kurglcal diseases of tlio
1 1111111111. lln keens an a.slstau! r.lwat In Hit.
Visiting card neatly printed here. ottlce to aid In tiutog teeth. voltwsi

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