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SO. 51.
i . i a j i
Some of tho tax-payers of thii
county fcl hard toward Collector
Shaw bccamo ho in determined to
forco tho collection of tho taxes. It
it a wrong feeling, for tho Collector
has no option in tho matter. The
law is strict, mid if ho I'uils to com
smisre i insertion i do
K:ii U additional Insertion 7IJ ply therewith, ho Inya hlnuclf liable
viimi settlement Notices a oo 1 o law says : 'That ot tho term of
uu-ay Notices (single stray) ? 2 tho countv court to bo hold on the
cacti aututiousi stray in same notice. t w , . ,, , . i. ri
Liberal deduaious will be mado to regular third Monday in January, tho Col
advertisers. ,.,,. ,, , lector ahull return tho delinquent
.IMVKriincilluilin mil mnu mc irKiuni i n.t , AAA I .1 . r
r llin nnr. Kxtr ithnlvn m.ife fur tire llSt I Mill tllO amOUIIt 01
lerred itui-e. uch delinquent Hals, or ao much
.iiuit in publication liai ben i nald lor. thereof aa tho court shall final prop
the non-abservutieo or this rule has been ,,. returned delinauents. shall bo al
Our terras arm Cash In advance, .m aub- lowed and credited to tho Collector.
m lit out: cusi on delivery, ror lobworm
aim o:iu on ucutaiui, i or advertisements.
aiRcuir Court. First Monday after the
iMirtli Moudav In Mnrch and September.
County Court. Second Monday In Feb-
miry, mat. August, ami .ovetnocr,
I'ltoRATit Court. Second Monday in
January, April, July and October.
I. O. O. F.
Tror Lodge No. 68 1. (. O. V. meet every
mtiirdiy nigiii t tiicir nan in tun wiuirow
Unek. T. W. W1TIIKOW, N. U.
A. P. & A. M.
Troy Lodgo No. 31 A. Y. & A. M. meets
trstrdy nlirht on or before each full moon.
j. a. WAun.ce y.
Wo wish all our patrons a merry,
merry unrnmuus.
Tho Collector ahull not re
echo a credit for delinquent taxes
until he shall hare made alHduvit
that he has been unable to find any
1'1'MIMOKAI. I'ltOl'KltTV Ottt Of IffltCh
to make the tuxes in each case re
turned delinquents." To remind him
constantly of his duty in this matter,
Collector Shaw and the County Clerk
aro almost weekly receiving circulars
from State Auditor Clark in this con
ucctiou, and while ho may feel for the
pcoplo (and wc bcllcvo he docs) in
tlicso hard tlnien, ho can do nothing
but comply with tho law, or else
swear falsely in regard to tho do
llnqucuts returned, or have them
charged up ngalust himself and ids
bondsmen. It is the law that la hard
on tho people; and when wc find an
ollklnl who rather than neglect his
I Jul if it f". fllx t.ttif tnt lla nttstnls
The next regular meeting of tho i .'. "
medical association will bo on Salur
d iy tho 27th Inst.
T.tnttAitv MuKTixa. The next
ntiiiual meeting of tho members of the
Troy Social Library will be held at
iho storo house of Parker. Crews k
Co., in Troy, on Monday tho Mh day
or jauuars'1974, ate i-j o'clock p. m.
T. G. IhiTT, Scc'y.
option in this matter than tho tax
payer, whilo his liabilities arc great.
The ineiybers of this society met,
for organisation, in tho court house
last Thursday evening. W. T. Thur
moud was called to tho chair and J.
A. McDonald mado secretary. Tho
couslitutou and by-laws, as drafted
.CttniKTMAR Tuke. Tho pupils of by tho commlttco appointed at the
tho Methodist Sunday Shool will erect previous meeting, were adopted. Tho
n Christmas trco In tho Methodist initiation fuo was fixed nt one dollar.
hurch this evening. Kycry body In the election of permanent olllccrs,
desiring to do no, Is invited to be Dr. W. W. lllrkhcad was made prcsi
present and take part In tho giving dent, AV.T.Thurtnond vice-president,
nud dlatributiug of presents.
TM first fortnightly hop of tho
Terrtsichoroau socio'y was given at
.1. S. ThornlilU'H last Friday evening.
Those who attended wcro . highly
pleased. Tho occasion was nno of
iol nnlnvniiiit. which tvni liniirlitcticd
livlhopolito attentions of tho host and Dr. Dourland, tho commlttco of
u'nd hostess. reception, and L. Wolfgram, 11. A.
Trail and P. K. Norton, tloor
A .S . t. . T
i. i5. unison secouu vicc-prcsiueui, u.
A. McDonald secretary, W.B. Thorn
hill treasurer nud II. 11. Norton audi
tor. Churlcs Williams, Dr. Dourlaud,
I. E. Norton, It. A. Trail and W. B,
Thornhill coustltuto tho executivo
committee; A. S. Caison, J, Creech
A friend of ours who has "been
thoro" asks us to pour out the vials of
wrath upon tho head of the overseer
of the road district In which Ilea tho
road from tho brldgo over Culvro to
Alexandria. Wo would do so very
willingly, for wo nro not slow to
speak our mind on the subject of bad
roads, did wo know that official to bo
in fault. Tho road in question is
disgrace to tho county. It has
never boon worked since it was cut
out for a private road. In most
places two wagons cannot pass each
other. Thcro is not n sluglo cultlo-
post on tho whole road, whllo luiiu
inorable other roads cross it, render
iug it Impossible for strangers to
traverse it without mistakinir the
way. When Culvrc Is past fording,
as has been the case sovcral times this
season, thcro Is considerable travel
over tins roua. miio universal ver
dict is that it is tiucqualcd uiuouir
bud roads. This Is not the first time
that our attention has been called to
the matter. Tho county has placed a
costly and substantial bridgo over
Cuivre, but it has failed to provido
decent road by which to reach it; so
that tho usefulness of this structure
Is greatly impaired.
Wo uro not advised as to where tho
blamo should bo placed. AVe don't
know whether or not this is a public
road ; if it is not, wo think the county
court Is culpable; if it is, tho fault
lies between the overseer ot tho dis
trict and tho detective system under
which our public roads aro worked.
Most likely tho overseers has accom
plished his whole duty, under tho im
perfect working of tho present law.
Most of tho overseer of the county
havo proved themselves faithful and
efficient officers. This is due to tho
fact that better men than heretofore
havo been selected, nud that the
county court has weeded out, as far
as possible, all incompetents. Wc
contend that tho law is dcfcolivo In
Its results, becauso under its system
the proper amouiitof work canuot be
put upon tho roads'' A most serious
objection is tlmtlt. allows persons to
work out tholr road tax instead of
paying It to tho collector. Export
once thus far has demonstrated that
this cluss of work will not accomplish
one-fourth as much as hired labor.
Wo hope tho legislature at the coming
session, will apply tho proper remedy,
and perfect a system by which our
road can be improved.
Tho Lacledo Gift Dall has been post-
poned to Friday, January 80, 1874.
This it necessary otv account of tho
falluro of many of the sub-agents to
send In their reports, Many persons
have been holding back until tho last
few days to purchaso tickets, not
understanding that tho returns and
preliminary measures consume con
siderable time. It will thcrcforo bo
to their Interest to invest nt once, as
tho sale will bo stopped as soon as tho
necessary number lias been disposal!
of. If tho salo eoutiuuo in Iho same
ratio as heretofore, tho 'ball will cer
tainly bo held without further post
ponement. Mr. L. J. Garrett in
consequence of not being able to give
sufficient tiui3 to tho business, has
resigned the agency, and Mr. Henry
W. Perkins has been appointed in his
stead. Mr. Perkins will give it the
necessary attention to insuro success.
Pkiwonai.. Wm. Achor, Esq., of
this county, returned last week from
Joseph Myers of West pralrio Is
now visiting friends In Indiana. He
Is expected to return after tho holidays.
Miescs llcttlc and Shoba Moore, of
Millwood, passed through town last
week, on their return from Salisbury.
Chariton . county, where thev had
boon visiting relatives.
Cnpt. Thos.lt. Held, Andrew II
Foley, Esq., and Mr. W. II. Priest of
Hurricane township, called last week.
They roport everything quiet in that
part of tho county, and the people
paying their taxes promptly. Tho
funnois over that way are ready to be
organized Into graugos.
furs at Cost !
Furs at Cast ,'
Cheap! Cheap!
Wooi.foi.k& Gordon.
'We received tho following letter
from Col. llutton after our paper
went to press last weok t
Mexico, Mo., Dee. 16.
Editors Herald : Whon I directed
appointments sent for mo to Lincoln
last wcsk, 11 nnu not occurred to mo
that thev would run into the holiday.
As tho letter reached you no doubt
too into for publication. 1 now nsk
that tho nppuiutmentH bo withhold
until January, and (but you aniiounco
Hint I will visit Lincoln during thu
first week ot January and that I will
remain until every grango U organ
ized in the county that is desired, nuil
also requesting thoo wishing to or
ga n 1 7.0 10 address mo at Mexico slat
ing tho plnco so thul ( ran arrange
appointments to meet them.
Very truly yours, J. E. lit' tton.
Buy a set of Furs for a Christum
present for your wife, your sister, or
your sweetheart, no tiro selling
theiii at wholes'alo cost,
monayt Money 1 1 Money It
Money to loan In aiims to suit at
moderato rules of interest at thu
Farmors Si Mechanics Savings' Bank
of Troy, Mo. 60
Tho following named gentlemen wo
liavo had the plcasttro of placing on
our paid up list of subscribers sinco
lat Wednesday: Win. 11. Steele,
gcrs. The society will give uanciug
parlies every two weeks.
Fi.vam: of thf. M11.1. Ckkkk Ah
David Steele, Jonathan Crumo, Wm. bai;j.t anu Batteky Cash. Tho.
Lindsay, W. II. Priest, II. L. Luck caso of Buchanan vs Ellis was tried
forLuin Brylcs, Wilson Miller, aamo beforo Esquiro llansdcll last Tliurs
for Mr. M. K. Knnharv in Texn. day. Our readers will rcmomber
St. Lutila, Mr. Jom'pIi Hurl or this iiimv. uml
tos:iSteliierurSt. l.ollK
KNOX December IST.'t. Mr-. cl.u l
wire of John it. Hnox, Esq., nged U vvur ;:
months mid 21 duys.
Will be In Troy froro time to tlmo. duo m.
tlco of which lslts wilt be vii iu This
'Ikoy libit ami. olsnL':J
Dr. W. W. BlltKUEAD,
Titoy, aussuuiti.
Will nlways lie fotmil In hlsofflec, next ilnnr
to T. W. Witiirow'h, up stairs, where tut
uttends to dental and Mtrclciil iilsrnn.ir in..
inoutli. lie kceiis un ussistautitlwiiv 111 Iho
olllcc to aid In tilling teeth. ulSi.':a
.losi)i llownll. John Brovator. It.
h. Oillllauu. jr. and Mrs. e. c. Logan.
Tho executivo cominltteo of tho
Terpslchorcan society met Monday
evening and ndmltcd to membership
several young gentleman. Honorary
membership was conferred upon all
tho ladles of town and vicinity who
attend dancing parties, and upon E.
V ltmitlU .In. .ma VT fnT...llnn 'l It
wniiti'. iiiiiiiva 'iviUiiiii I -
Fisher, and J. A. Mudd. Thu next corrolioratea tho statement mane uy
I'tfiiMliir hop will bo at E. N. BontiU' Mr. Ellis In his letter to us. The con
011 r rlilay evening next. sequenco was thut Mr. Ellis was ae
Ti,n -.i,..r.T.T.nrr"- quitted of the churge. David Ball, of
Louisiana, tor 1110 nroiccuiiou, uim
that wo gave an account of tho dlffi.
culty, as wo heard it, two weeks ago
and u letter last weok from Mr. Ellis,
iu which ho gavo a detailed descrip
tion of the oi'iilr, difiei lug very ma
tcriaUy frum pur first account. Tho
trial was largely-nt tended, and great
interest inauilcslcd in tho event.
From 0110 of tho attorneys in tho case,
wo learn that tho testimony fully
every day with persons paying their
tuc in urdur to save tho ponalty
01 itvo per cent. A friend or ours
from Iho other sldo of Culvro, was
congratulating himself on Monday
W. C. McFarland, of this place, for
tho defence.
AunuuN, Mo., Dec. 18.
Editors Herald; I find iu your
last tjjat ho had paid his taxes, bought paper of the lOlh of December an
two. dollars worth ot collce. taken n account or the light ut miii uicck
drink and ImcUwonty cents loft. We school house, botween I. X. Kills and
felt verv much like reminding him D. Buchanan, and your iuformum
that that wu justciiougli l0 "bet cm nmkes It amienr from his Insinuations
that thcro was an understanding be
Tho Wcutzvillo mull and sthgo lino tween Ellis nud myself previous to
has nasscd into new hands, tho hacks the fight. Now this is to say that tho
have been repaired, comfortable seats assertion implied in your informant's
with good cushions and blankets sup- statement is a baso falsehood, in
iilled. und tbo comfort of the travel- Justice to myself I ask you to give
Hug public studied. Wo are assured this a place iu your columns,
that ovorycaro will bo takcutoac- Truly yours,' D. B. Smiley.
. 1 S W 1 '
yiimmortaie pnsscn Tho tin.y-uhoreans (as ono of tho
inn Willi our uumni suiiug vuu -, - ,., ... in..
. Wllllo Bragg lit Wooirolk Si Co.'h members will persist in calling them
.tin-' store, u 111 ba Promptly attended I wo hope thev will not euro the
10. I WW.0) n,i;c in full blast.
Not Oub Fault. Tho secretary
of thu New Ilopo farmors' club some
weeks since, just after tho organiza
tion of tho club, wrote for tho Herald
a full, comprehensive statement of
tho proceedings, together with con
siderable statistical information, a
notico of iicxtmeetlugaud a cull upon
tho fuVmors generally to become
members of tho club. Ho took n
great deal of pains with it, anxious
to havo tho mutter placed iu a favora
bio light beforo tho farmers of Hur
ricane. The second number of tho
Herald ho received niter this, ho
scanned very closely but could not
find his letter thcroin. Wo don't
know how many maledictions wore
heaped upon us for not publishing
this letter, but from all accounts tlioy
wore considerable. Thus tho matter
stood with occasional breathings of
venguauco uutll a short time since
ho found tho offending communica
tion carefully stowed awny in his
Who can account for iho strange
vagaries of dreams? One of our
townsmen dreamed tho othor night
that ho was ono ot tho American
army that had invaded tho gem of tho
Antilles, to wlpo out Iho disgraro of.
tho Virgluius affair. Iu tho midst uf
all tho splendor and magnificence- nj;
Havana, ho did not forget tho familiar.
scenes of old Troy. On entering a
sioro and seeing somo lino gold ony.
broldcrod stars. his first thought was :
I'll buy two of these and send Iheui.
as police badges, to Judge McDonald
nud old Sim.
Wo aro tinder obligations to Judge
Buckucr, our member in congroi,
iforlat&Wasbiuglon papers.
Ono of our subscribers, who un
fortunately for himself, lives in that
part of tho county where tho people
have not enough uso for Mowspapcrs
to subscribo and pay for them, but
just enough to borrow regularlv, to
tho great annoyanco nud detriment of
thoso. who do subscribe, writes us
11 spicy letter upon this subject which
wo would gladly havo published hud
it not been mislaid after being placed
In tho bunds of tho compositor. Our
friend after being imposed upon until
he thought forbearance ceased to bo 11
virtue, was asked by a neighbor to
lend him iho Herald as ho wanted to
learn tho tinio of holding tho probate
court, before which ho would Havo
business to transact. Now hero was
a chance to got rid of this sponge.
Ho wants a certain piece of informa
tion, I'll glvo it to him without lend
ing liiin tho paper, thought our
liieiid. But who ever know nn tic
complishcd borrower to be balked iu
Ids purpose ? "Well thcro aro a few
other items. I should liko to see,"
So the, matter was settled, nud our
friend has not seen his copy of tho
Herald since. Now ho wishes to
kuow if wo havo no remedy. Wo
havo not, unless our subscribers re-
Also to accommodate theso chronic
borrowers, who aro tho class com
plained of, and referred to, lu this
connection. It is not for us to com
plain of our paper being lent out, for
wo are presumptive enough to bc
llcvo this 11 help to tho increaso of our
circulation, feeling confident that n
large majority of those who become
acquainted with o.ir paper by thl
method, tho aforesaid class oxcopted
will bo regular natron. So that thl
vexed question mum of necessity ic-.
main whoro It Is.
Will praetlec In the eourts of the Nineteenth
.ludieiiil t'lntilt. !S;iei'lulntti!iitionKlven M
collectlnu'. Olllee on Main Mrvet, two doors
south or the l.aeledu Hotel. HMH
Will practice In the Courts of the Nineteenth
Jllil't'hd Ciretllt and Supreme Court or IIih
State. Htisliiess promptly attended to. Offloo
over Dr. Kut' tlruy store.
Also Notary 1'ubllo. will practice In th
Courts of tho Nineteenth Judicial Cireult.
Special attention given to collcctuu;.
It. C. MAGliUDElt,
Will practice In the Courts or the Nineteenth
iiiuii'iui circuit. iptoYlinft
Moneal Maneyl! money Ut
Money to loan in sums to suit at
moderato rates of interest ut the
Farmers Mechanics Savings Bank
of Ti;oy, Mo. 6013
It you wat n pair of tho best water
proof Heavy Kip Boots in the statu at
$0.75. rush, call on
2w9 J Cakk Ss ItooERi
Furs nt wholcsnlo cost. Now la
your tlmo, bu$ whllq they ore cheap,
A UPfcFOLK Si Uoituo.N,
Will practice In the Courts or the XinutecHih
.Iiidlviul Circuit, untlpuy speclnl atteiitSnn lu
couvvuny. omue overnanK uiiuiiiiik. Itruxi
TKOY. MlSSOtini.
Acents State and I'luwilx luursneu Com
panies, and Ileal Kstuto Atfcltl. J. U. Al..
lkn, notary ruuuc.
Will attend to any prosiMiloind liilitv In
the eourts or the Mueteenth JudleslCliviiii;
ulo ppiM'cutlug attorney t thu eor.utr aur
notary public. ptn:iiv8
Also Notary Public and Rent Etatv.Aireut,
will lve special attention to ,tlUuttJM.
real estate practice, und thii luvcstiutitUm t
and titles. K3T oillcu lu e-'erkN btUlditiK,
west room. Satlractlon slen or no. rliiirira
made. (volHn-JS
Will nructleeln the courts lir the Nlneteent'
Judicial Circuit. Special attention idvrii m
eolleetlons and to tho tale, purchae hiii
IcikIiik' uf rent stat; abstracts or llllc,
wurrants. deeds, deeds or trust and mort
gages tnuilo an short notice, l.urge uinnbcr
or vuliiuhlc) ruriiH for Mile. Ofllco 011 Main
street lu Henry's bulHllus, up stairs. fmiTtH
Particular attention given to oiiTeanc.n
and examination of huid titles. anU contro.
veisles anectlnif real tut. 'Wa make ,
spteialty of coilectlnjt all tlads oreUlim,
uatts, bills, etc.. a a rssMRstsjiUslasi.

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