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The Troy herald. (Troy, Mo.) 1873-1890, October 30, 1878, Image 2

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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 80, 1878.
"nmmltr ta Mild, Mid went btr wayi
1 AiOowlioleivndeertlndl
But, If her licnrt wni fortf that dn j,
Or If the nil-itwt out cluplng hitrtd,
Mono knew, for cv'ryim'tit linth doupa
That only Qod can undeuund.
And, If tin until looked to!i that boar
To myttla dreams of olden lime,
When Life n-Man unfolded flnw'r,
Willi pronihcnf ariarmteoin prim,
Hone knew, ftr ev'ry heart Iiah woo
Whlcli only nlloiico raakin uhllma.
Or.irnhetli(tlit,"A lllt'o npitM,
Ami 1 filmll nee my bonie avnln,
And ktiu my mother's dmr-loved for
Willi Joy.llirU nlmii outweigh thh pain,"
I know lin't-i v'ry heart bath hope
Which utivnincv would but profane,
'flood hy !" he n,ilil. Love'i Mddeitt k nell,
Wlmt silent d'Pthlti note hiitn Mlrrwlt
We lovp,.til never know how well
Until the lust "good by" Is heitrl,
Tl mny le lucre were Mime lii loved
To wnoui slic puke no purllnK word.
Or It may Ira niie went her way
fusee tint Wi.rM, mitit't heritage,
Anl left thff l'Ast behind tli.it day,
K.ttlit Kliul tn turn Himther pitlio
Ay. Kind tu sinrt ulili new found itreugth
Afresh upon Lire's pHifrlnmije.
I know not thh ulone I know,
Tlmt thine who love mint sorrow loo J
"The Irueil heiiil knoHuioiVcf woe."
, Ami tint uhen lit urn nro more lli.m trao
When even Peuth h:tt!i hilled tolmsm
, The boinl-i ujileh IJlc will not undo?
Why, thru one mkht regret tlmt Ood
! Hiiili feurhil pnw'r of IuvIhk ituve
Onemhilil n urel Unit noine luiietrcil
I A lonely path n ho did hut crave
i.The rliilit to pinv Tor one hut now
Thoso pruy'rs nre silenced by Iho enrfc
A clergyman w ho lciin;od totrnco
Amid liU list-It n wool of xrnre,
Anil mourned because ho knew not why
Yon lie. ee tiept v.il while hit kept dry
1 While IlilnUiufu hut ho could do more,
ltennl Mime one r.il'plhlt Ht the d'ior'
And iipeiilnic It, there met Olt view
A ite.iroli! broiler whom ho knew.
Who hail not dim n I y worldly Mows
1'iotii we.ilili to pisiaimc e.istIT rlothwi
(..tin; tn. iii.v lint!ii," wl.l the pmitcr i
"lVrliiipMiiy tr.inhli;iiiUMii muster i
I'ur Mini-file siiirtiner ymi withdrew,
Xy intiMMls I.iimOj.-.mi very lew."
"I can." the iMIer Mid, "unroll
dotntthli'i; peii-hanee to eat 'H'.ronIs
And to ct'l hh.ut Ml !"i.me pe"chej,
llrlnKineu pair of yoiii'nl.l tins rlieV
i The clotlieo were iirniuhl ; 1'iep -Idler er.l,
Ana mid, "N" ti,nt-r le-unii .e I ;
, Tho rum upon the cloth Is snc'.i,
T thiol.', p'rhap', ymi "tl too miK.lt,
Bullfliiia tar ciiitlii hrUiit nnd cay,
, Whlch8.iliir.li'Veitii!inw'HWnyi "
And Here, behold '. lis t mil hum.
Trio Imp mini ii"i:her !nee It Hum I
Uo who wf-u!-! Kn-iit revlviiU M'Ii
SIii .l wear Ins p.Mitatieiit lit the l:qfu;
ForHiKh Iheletel pr.lernlpp:h-l,
Whciipftitol.iielthdr Cnuicbta llie."
"Sponging" en ft'owspaparc.
Every limn lli'inltsn lieu simper n Ctir
gnmi. If it rOrifty Or any f;0dy of men
jfitipu fonri'it cr hull," fir uny other
lorni of riilortalrimuit, dm ohject of
wliirli i lf 1'iU r.'.'int'y in tlif-ir own
jiOflif tiJ, fir, if llif pioiTt'ils nrt; to be do
votwl In rlniiil.ililc itirfx).s(', to ndd to
tlicir own j.'ltnilii'.ilion, tiny become
very inili;;ttmil if the i ropiiototn of
iie,ra-,rs do i.ot n:-sin llu-m witli a
i;t'rici of tir.ttnitiuis ndvi rti.-inf: for fov--ral
wt'i'kH l.i'fori1 tlii- event taken place.
TlifM! inon, wiyn an fsclumpi', sliould
fpir.t'iidn'r tliat literary men, in this
jM'iirlifal up', wtiiU fur money r.B well as
tor fame fnincipally (In; former, liow
over and the lmsinew nianapferof n
itcnHpaiHT, if lie ttislun to keep on the
safe, hido.of tiie ledger, condtH'ts hU
eliaijro on the hame i!iiiriile an thr
head' of any other bni-inei-H ct-taliliMi-lnent.
Fcojilo who mv Kettin tip a bull
woiim leei eiiaty oi :iM;ini;n piescni or
:i pair of (sloven from n merchant on that
account, yet iii-kins; iind expecting to 10
eive u (."laUiiloim iidveriiM'inent in a
r-iinilar demand. 'Jlie editor of the
.Marlboro (Mum.) Jnunirtl Mated tho cac
very plainly when he informed hie
readeiH lliat, "We lonjs i?o ndopted the
jilau of ciiai'trin' our icjiiilar reading
iiotii'e price for till editorial ininounce
nienln of enterlninnients to which nn
uhuission fee i fixed. We imiko no
KceptiotM to thia rule. In the way of
.lew topiiv, wo freely mid (sladly insert
fike.tcliei? of all entertainments alter they
have become matter of hiMory. It is
only the preliminary work, looking to
the, drawing out of increafed patronagu
from tho jiiihlic for which we exjiect
(ompeiiHatioiii" It eosta money to eon
tiuctn paper, and priiitin! oflicea mutt
have wipprrt, the wimo tin churches o:
churituble institutions.
The Human Pulse.
The human pulso lias in all ago? been
consulted as mi index of health cr dis
ease. It is a kind of dial within U3 that
Kivcsirs both the measure of time' hnd
of health. Tho pulso of a person in
health beats 'about f-evonty strokes in a
minute, and tile ordiuarv term of life is
about rcventy years. In this eoventvw
veaii-, iiiuiniiMsui ti temperaie person
beats two billion, llvo hundred and
rteventy-fotir million, four hundred and
;orty thousand times. If no actual ditf
4n:inntion hhbuld happen, ti drunken
lerson might live until his' pulxo beats
this number of times; but by the con
htant (limulus of ardent splits, or by
jmlse-fjuickenlng food, the .pulse be
comes greatly accelerated, aniMho two
billion, five hundred ami forty: thous
and pulsations, are performo.l in'u little
more than half the ordinary .term ,tf
Human life, ami life goea out ill forty or
lortv-llvo yearn instead of seventy. This
application of numbers to given to show
ihut the acceleration of those forces
(littinUhea tlte term of jtuinan 'ifu."-
. Wordt iof tfisdom.
Great gifts make lieisgarn Iwld.
Be wiso worldly, but not worldly wise.
It in rlclit to bo contented with wlwt
we have ; never with what we are.
Many people And their only happlnew
In forcing themitelven to be unhappy.
Virtue reoulrca no other raminnnnM
than tho tribute of tielf-approbatlon and
The flower which we do not pluck is
the onlvone which never lonen ita beaut v
or its mtgrHUce.
Ho who wilt not reason is n bigot; he
who cannot is u fool , and lie who dares
not is a filave
Truth is eclipsed often, and it sets for
nlulit. hut never h it turned aside
from its eternal path
Truth will never die; the stars will
irow dim, the win will pule bis glory ;
but truth will ever be. young.
Aire is not all docav : it is tire ripen-
lug, Ihe Hwelllnts of the fresh life wtbin,
that witliers and burt the husk.
Wo learn to elimb bv keeDinff- onr
eyes not on tiie hills behind us, but on
uie mountains mui ntu oeiorc us.
The lieifitininiT of faith Is action. and
he only believe who Mruasles ; not he
who merely thinks it question over.
Every heart has fls secret sorrow
which the world knows not, nnd often
times we call tt man cold whan he is
oulv sad.
We are all more or less echoes, and
we repeat, in spun ot our lives, ine
virtues, the futtlto, the movements, and
the characters of those who are always
with us.
"There are jwople who llvo behind
the hill," is mi old German proverb,
which mean that there are other folks
in the world besides youihelf, although
you may not see them.
Anxietv is the po.'son or lire; tne
parent of" many sins, nnd of nioio inli
uries. Why, then, allow it, when we
know that nil tho future is guided by tl
Father's hand','
brain by Grain
Did voit ever know a oov. whn Hi
began to work in earnest lor a living,
who ever had wages enough? Some
how salaries and' wants never do keep
up with each other. Them are not
many who, ni:o an old piiiio.-ojiher, can
walk along the ktieets of a gay city, and
note the temiitiiu: wares set out on'ev'erv
side, and yet say, "How many things
there are lieie that I do riot want.''
Yet if vou can iset a little into this war
of looking at the luxuries of life, it will
be a great help to your peace of mind.
And it is a very singular fact that
most foi tunes have been laid on very
small foundations. A great merchant
was accustomed to tell his many clerks
that he laid the foundation of h'is prop
erty when he used to chop wood
twenty-nve cents it cord. Whenever he
was tempted to squander a I'ptaiter, he
would sa.r, "There goes a cord of wovl."
lie learned in very early years a lesson
in practical economv.
Ait old woman had been seen for
many years hanging about the whin ves
where vessels weie loaded and unloaded
hi New York harbor, intent on picking
up grains of coll'ee, corn, rice, c!e., that
by chance scattered on the piers. The
oilier day she was badly hurl bv some
heavy bags of grain falling on her. The
kind ntei chants took up a purse for old
l!oa, and sent her to her homo in ilo
boken, in charge of an ulllccr. What
was his surprise to find that the neat
and handsome furnished cottage '.t.-m
the property of tin? old grain picker.
She had literally built and furnished it,
us Ihe coral workcia do their homes,
grain by grain.
D not be d i son u mired thouiih your
profits are small. If you cannot inci'easo
the income, the only way out of Ihe
dilliculty is to cut 'down the wauls.
turn every claim to be hest account.
and as prices co, you nill be able to get
tt vast amount of comfort out of even a
small income. Tim habit. that vou are
forming are also of ihu create! impor
tance, and may 1st made t.io lomidntioii
sloiuaof high jjiosi.erily.
I'j Uareif noi Drink.
It was a bridal ;cono. The winernp
p.iuicd from lip to lip. One gentleman
who thuiissht lunisolf cured of his drink
ing habits refund.
"Can't you tiledsro friemNhii) in a
social gli!)-sV" pleaded the bridegioom.
t uaiM-not ; i cannnt.
Then the .beautiful bride, with be
witching smiles, and eyes that were
brighter than tho jewels on her fingers,
held out the poi.-on to him, saying:
"H n rely. you will not refuse ine?"
Tho color mounted to his cheek. He
ruber I'd. He yielded to the Circle of
the banquet. The first taslu fired his
lust and he ceased not till he was a rot
again. A few years later, ono quiet
summers evening, a wretciieu outcast
lefrled into tho open door of a pleasant
home, when a lady was just drinking a
ilassof wineallowim: her little one to
iip. Tho vagabond sprang forward with
a mauiac'a freii7vv, dashed tho cup to the
lloor ; and shouted:
"Murder him if yon will, but not with
that! Look at me! Yon made me
what I am. I was respected and hon
ored. Yon tempted tutiiii your wedding.
Now, there is not a reptile I would not
gladly change places with. 1 uiiintsoon
stand before tiod's bar. On your head
rests my blood 1"
A gurgling Pound was heard in his
throat. Heell at her feet a corpse. He
sleeps in u nameless grave tho victim of
u cruel though thoughtless "eduction.
A goqi.V book nnd it good woman nro
excellent things for those who know
how justly to appreciate their vaUie.
mere aro men, now ever, who juuge ot
uoui irwiu ,iuo ueauiy oi uicjyjmng.
tntftoet In Bir4t.
Ko mMect connected villi the htotonr
of bird, furnishes more inlerestiBs
material for study than tlmt of instinct.
Youint 111 ids of different anodes ftliow
that then have very different degrees of
iuetiucllve knowledge, (tome are able
to take the entire euro of themselves,
and do nptwecdit molherto wnlch.orer
them; others, on the contrary, are per
fectly helpless, and need leaching before
they can do anything for themselves ex
cent breathe, and. swallow what is nut
into their mouths. The young chicken,
a short; time after it leaves tho egtr,
knows flow to take t arc of itsoll nearlv
as well undoes the year-old bird. It can
run after its. mother, uso its eyes, pick
.... J..... I .1 111
141 iuou, iiiiti iiiianvi iiiutniivi iriv out
lieu ; ami it does all this wlllmut inslrne
lion, llow dlfl'erciil ills in all Iheso
restiects f i om tlievouiia baiii-swsllovvl
This isJtlind, and unable to run, oi even
to stand, knowing only enough to open
its mouth when It hears the old bird re
turn to the nest, and tn swallow the
food placed in its open bill. Far from
kiiowlnis bv instinct how to use its wines.
as the young chick docs lis lefts, it does
not learn mis mini it is wen giown, ami
ha had several lesions in Hvincr. and
even then it flies badly, and improves
only after long piactite. After it has
learned to ity.n is sun very neipiessann
lutlie.llke. nnd very dlflt-ii-nl lioin lha
active, btiglit-eyetf, iiidepvntleiit little
chick of tho barn-yaid, and, indeed,
tho young of all the limore, or scratch
ing birds, such as the hen, the quail, the
partridge, the pheasant and the turkey
Tho s raU'hlng birds are not tho only
ones which can tako care of themselves
at an early age. This is true of the run
ning birds, such as the ostrich ; and the
Biue is tho case with many of the wad-
inn birds, such as tho woodcock: nnd
among the swimming birds, there ura
seveial kinds tb.-.t tidie full caro of
t!ie:;:slvcj iwn after lcaviii;' the shell.
rar from htanding in any need of in-
"trui.tion, young ducks take to the water
by instinct, even when they have been
brought up by a hen ; and they know
that they are perfectly salt: upon it,
.tltii'juj'h the anxious lien tiies In every
way to restrain them ami to call them
Th'-re are many wavs In which somo
of our young bird show their ically
wonderful in-lincts, but there Is noth
ing: more curious in tlii-i respect than
the habits of the little chickens, which
meet of us have opportunities of notic
ing if we clioii.-jo in tako tho trouble.
These little creatures. sihuoM us soon as
they are born, understand what their
cuther "clucks" In them; they know
liat they must hide when a hawk is
.itotit; they olten scratch Ihe ground
r fj;d L-loro they sco their mother or
.iuy ctl.cr chicken do so; they are care
ful tr.t to cati h bees instead of !lics;
.tnd they sli'iw their eaily sinartne.-M in
many ways which are well wotlh watch-
tint, sometimes a brood of these
yi.'iiinjMi'i-s find something that piu-.Kles
ihtni, es when they meet with it hard-
ibeilt'-.l iicetie, who loous.too lug to eat
i: yet too small for.a iilarmale.
Turkish Wives.
First amoni: the Turkish social tonic
is that, of the harem. The Koran allows)
a .Mussulman to have four wives: and
many iiers-jns have couseiiut-utlv im
agined that polygamy is the rule in
Turkey, whereas it is the execution. A
Mussulman may only bavo as many
wives as ho can keep in comfort ; anil
it is only tho very rich who can uH'oid
bur. '1 ho middle-class Turks have only
one wife apiece ; the men cf,tho lowest
c I. emtio often obliged to remain single
from not having tho means to support ti
consort in the Mvlo which the Moslem
iw enjoins. Nothing can be inure tin-
Tuikisli than the Mormon ideas of accti-
aiulnting a number ol women to live
under oiii)iv)or,iiiarrellingiu the ki'.chou
-.tnd iKirior, and :M.'tiug as iiuui-choki
ihudges fir their husband. The Turkish
wife is not a slave; the chief fault to
llnd with her is that she has too lofty a
.-eiise of her own dignity. An advocate
of female lights would hav nunc difli
cully in peisiiading her that her lot was
pitiable; ihe has never, envied the
emancipation ij Christian women,
whose frco ways shock her; while she
has noticed that they gel much lerw te
spect fioui tho men of their faith than
lliat wbi.-li is invaiiably oiichsafed to
herself. She veils her face with no
more reyret thin: u Wesiern lady unveils
her shoulders. Tut kith women mo not
shut up. They go out w hen they please,
attended by I licit- odalikti if neb, or
holding (heir children by the hand; and
their magpie' voices ,1111 the bazaars, for
they are iio'isa: talkers. Whenever they
miss, men of all creeds Maud aside def
erentially. If a liu&buud meets his wife
in tho street, ho makes no sigh ot rec
ognition; if he perceives her halting
before a ilrttper'u stall and gazing signill-
fiiu v at silkjtlearer than lie can attorii.
he miut posMivs his foiiI in resignation,,
muttering "Mtisiuiliuh." 'Ilus .respect,
lor women prevails men in the homo
"ircle, and itcoimvt naturally, to tho Mu,
"iiiinaii, who tins iitcn taught now im
boyhood to behave courteously totho
oiler s.ex. The Western tonjueal ox-,
nressiou about "wearing the lueecliea"
has its Turkish counterpait in the phrase
to "live'under tho slipper;" and it is to
lie leareii that not.aiew itirKs Kiimv tne
taste of.thli implement of uxorial per
i:asion. A hamtil (street iiorler) once
came before a cadi to complain that his
wife trounced him too fieur-u'.llv. "Mee
what mine does," answered the iragis
tr.ite, opening Ids gownsiind showing
vane weals upon his neck and shoulders.
'Go thy way, my sou, and thank Allah
cnoti art iticKier man i."
He who has nothing to do In this
w wiu uui to amuse nnnseir, uuo got .r
i uaruvsi joo on nuuu
. ' tvnlight tins' HHh. J
Sunlight, says tiie Ooltugt Hearth, n
wen more necessary to health in sum
mer than In winter, for ono among other
reasons, that disinfectants of all sorts
are more necessary in summer than in
winter. Tho rays of heat quicken the
vital powers, the chemical rays exert
their mysterious nnd otent influence,
and the illuminating rays independently
of the others, as hits been recently
proved by Mr. Crooke lo'the satisfaction
of tho itblcrt scientists, communicate
motion. Tho exhalations from our
bodies in warm weather nro more copi
ous than they nro in cold weather, and
if we shut out tho light from our houses
we removo tho most elllcient of all
agents in destroying what is imwholc
some. The noxious vflporrt which freo
admission of air and light would re
move, nro absorbed by coriiets anil- up
holstery, and become productive of dis
ease. Those who aro accustomed to tho
darkness and dampness of close rooms
may not consciously suffer therefrom,
but that they sustain real injury is evi
dent in their pallid faces, their flaccid
muscles, and nervclcssjiiovements. The
contrast between them and Haute whoso
lives pass in the open air is too evident
to need comment, it may nut be nec
essary to expose during tho day every
room in the house to the direct rays, ol'
tho sun, but there should be frequent
opening of doors and windows, so that
Ihu solar beam may perform its benefi
cent olllce. Jledrooms ami other rooms
in constant use should receive most care
ful attention in this rcsH-ct. Kick rooms
especially require thorough sunning mid
entlhitioii, and if possible, should
always have it southern aspect. More
patients die on the north side of hos
pitals than on the south side ; there aro
more deaths on the shady side ofany
street than on the sunny side. A nota
ble southern housekeeper, oliservlug
htrictly the following rule during the
summer months, kept her house per
fectly sweet and cool and dry from May
to Oi-tobcr: Until ten. o'clock in the
morning all the doors nM windows were
opened wide? then t;.?y were closed
until four in theaflernoon : then onened
again till nightfall. This rate might not
do lor all localities, but such a use of it
is would secure tree access ol light ami
lir to every part of the house at least
nice a day could but be productive of
good results.
Benefits from a College.
On an average there arc four hundred
nnd fifty young men in attendance at
Cornell University yeaily. The Ithaca
Jourim! says the annual necessities can
not be siumlied on an average allowance
of less than SW) per annum. This gives
handsome total ol $iMUiU. Add to
this the amount voted by the trustees
for Biihiriys to the professors and the ex
penses of their families, in inund num-
lers 3!(Ki,nio, and about $ iO.CUO hi nec
essary supplies, repairs, improvements,
etc., etc., and the magiiiliceut sum of
.0,01 iO is attained as the actual uec-
Psnrv annual cash dl-aiurscnieut ol the
institution on the bill into the tills of
the grocers, merchants, clolhiers, bulch-
hoot, shoe ami laiimiryuien and
iiiling-house keepers. If" Ihe sums
,ipvm!ed in luxuries and paid to doc
tors, livery men, cigar, bilbatd risuu
and lcMaurant keepers be included, to
gether with tho amounts expended by
vi.-ilfiis of tho students or guests ol the
f.iciillv, or tight-seers who come to view
the town and bindings, ami all the
money caused to be siieut-direcBn or in
directly by tho univcrVily, wo doubt
whether tha :v.gnif!ceu! grand total of
i.Vld.diKl uniiiiall'.' would tie an exaL'irei-.
ated c Miniate. Wo have experienced as
a localitv less depression ami stagnation
r....... ,i... i i ,: iut-i ii
Il'illl nil liillil uitiva muni i.'fif til. Ill lllljr
other section of which we cm learn.
Our solution is that -Cornell University.
with its yearly half million in exchange
lor uie coiiniiuiiiiier, wur.ii v nail tu
,. .I . ii.i,... I .i i. - i ...
ell. Mood.like a ureal bulwark between
ti-i and ttwngcncy possibly bankruptcy.
M. V.inl tii ,tive Dure was born at
trasti'i iiv fuilv-lh'e years ago. and tu
child (.cut to l'.ii if', and theie, while
et n student t'.ivi- siv-ih ol thai uuirvei
lous facility iu drawing which lie has
since so astouishinidv develoiiwl. He
became a lltnnuigh Parisian. With all
Suickness and hatidmess, Ihe keen intol
rreuco and tho s'lcutlid suueilit-iality
which the .'French cai ilal produces in lis
-sons, ho had nasiu-s oi genius ueyonn
iho ordiuarv, and at in he was already
-hitlhtiiging attention by bis drawing in
he Journal hour Jiirr, whit. at tint same
time he attempted iaiuc by exhibiting
-i n and ink sketches at the Salon. At 24
l:e made a success in Iho world by his ex-
client laiitasiic illustrations tonaizaes
'mt'. DfohUi,mi, perhaps the most note
worthy of all his achievements. Mean-
into no was boldly ransacking heaven
uid earth, and thu poets, ancient and
modem, for subjects. Nothing came
i miss to him : nothing was too little tor
him to embellish with fancy r. nothing
too great for lilui to attempt with bold
ness. Me had panned aim exhibited
without intermission an incredible niiiu-
ber of square yards of canvas, lie is now
the first professor extant of sensational
art, and there is not a turn or device for
nrouueing cHects whlcli ho has not ex
hausted with much success and orouf
1 1
Tvr op Coi'nvrv. Teach your tlauen-
ters and your sous alike, next lo honor,
next to (lie love oi nuine, iu imu turn
country. Then, whon her need comes,
If came it must, iu any struggle her
houqgr will be as tlicir own, ami lifoibelf
will not be tou dear to offer for her sake.
Who that renumbers a battle, a husband
or son (utcritfced, who. that over saw a
soiuier uie, ortaouu i wj buchi. mj ui
the country's slain, or in a churchyard
where tho villago lieroesj',',rest, can ever
make our country scvmtgain a vague or
visionary thing? --
VoncanT make corned beef by giv
ing cows whisky.
A young Oil Citizen calls bis girl
tevenge, because she is sweety
The period spent by the chicken Irr
the shell, might be designated as the
intcr-egg-nu'm, j.
Wllkle Collins spertasfsA much money -as
lie earns, tiliakc, Wilkle my boy;,
there is a big gang of us.' ' I. '
Our ancestors, tho monkeva. couldn't
liave been so Ignorant .after sill. They
were all educated in the high branches!
"What is money,?", is tho headingof
a leading article in n new ptiper. Tho '
Snbllsher will find out when his paper -i
about six weeks old.
A little Florida boy tantcd an alllntor. .
and the ugly reptile learned to like tho
little fellow not. howovcr, until the
little fellow was all gone.
A ninrrlrd man in Newburg has in
ventcd an India rubber rolling pin that
will roll out the dough very .evenly and
yet bend to thu head when lbhtffir.es.
These sausages are hardly tip to the
mark?" Walter "They ain't, eh?
Well, d'ye expect Italian greyhound and
thoroughbred Hootch terrier f or two bits 7"
Powder and cloves are the last thing
put on a girl going lo it party. Batar.
You are not going to get us to ask what
is the first, if wo never find out. Besides,
we don't want to know.
Cambridge Is rrottd of a voting woman
bo innocent and pure-minded that she
remarked to her intended tho day pre
vious to their marriage: "Now mind!
I won't have a b.tby brought into the
Lon't you And that it hurts your
lawn to let your children play on it?"
asked n friend of a snburWn, the other
day. "Yes," Hiisv erod the gentleman
addressed; "but it doson't hurt the
A man who had filed a wtition for n
divorce watt informed by his counsel
that his wlfu had llle.l a "crocs petition."
us lawyers will It. "Across petition 1'
exclaimed mo nushanci. "inuro just
like her. She never did a cood-natured
thing in her life."
There is neat in .-iuilinjrton thatlms
lost its voice. Tho 7f.i.-rAvve says it is
just heart breaking to see that voiceless
cat go out in the moonlight and elinib
on the shed roof and try, by violent
and emotional pantoi.'iirac, to express
a yowl that could break a pane of window-glass
eight bundled jv.rds away.
"I've been burir.rs r.nr.v''".r.e lamp."
said Mrs. Williaws to her husband,
"and it's the best in the stoiv." "A
champagne lump! I guess you must bo
mistaken. Chai:-ipaf:iie won't burn,"
said her hiitband, "I gtifss yon mean
cnmphei-.c." "I pucks 1 know what I
am talking about," Miid Mrs. W., as she
tookotl'fbe wrapper. "If e-b-a-nvp-i-o-n
don't spell cbaiupygne. I'd like to know
what does?" and Mrs. Williams elevated
her nose as if iier acquaintance with.
Webster and Walker and Johnson wan .
a life-long one.
Usoful Fitnilf Minis.
To Keep Lntir.nn Freh. Vlcee them in
:i iar with water enouKb rij ewer tliem.
They will keep fresh iu thto wyy several
days witnout changing t-1? water.
To prevent uculd-uead end painfitl
eruiMi:n behind the caw and on the
ijccls, comb zr bruvh a child's head and '
wdsl: it frequently with ciwtile b-ay and
IHtters. Two eggs, one vint butter
milk, cue teits.pu-ju sdeiv.tus, three-.
f'.urtb'jtey'jpyLii.'.-alt and fiyurenougli ti
lotike u stiff latter. Fry iu hot lurd,
puttiug Iu a tcapcot.'ful at a time.
Tn Qi'nn fmobj Jms.v. Brithh a pate .
of chloride of lime and water over the
(utile burface. Grease spots can be
tvuoed frow linuble by applying u
pusiv of crude .ousliaud ubiliinj iu tlih
Plum Cckt. Cne pcuncl ficnr, c
pound sugar, cue pound butter, fivo
poii ii'Jsif'.ii rants, ten cuucescilion, three
'juarler.i of an ounce cloves, three-qm'r
ciiofivu ounce tiutnuegs, ten tt-'ifs, oi.e
v. in';: law l-ricdy.
Gt'r.d Ctt jor .lvalue's. Snvo your
wi-Miinfj suds for tb? garden ; if they
.re pvuied c vertlio roots of plum trees -thev
will kill the curculio; if tinned ut;
the roots of uranium, roses, etc., they
will eiiUiinee tiitir ueuiy icuiuiu.
Lo(hxi Pudding, On qyp.i1 ef tnllk,
two huge sjic-ouliils of our, Ihe yolks Of
iVitir eLgs well beuteu uud mixed with
milk. beat, the whiles of the egjrssepu
lately, mix with four UMfo.-ufuls of
sugar aud drcp on (he top ts..J '..-!;e.
To (.We ne.ik iftkfsirse lee-es,
Ihe uioi-the better, yiid put tbeiu into
.i littW water; then boil ; after Ibis strain
it iato a bottle and icrk it tight. You
will And Ihto liquid very beueticial in
reinovitig wsdties 'aud 'eakae-si froiu
tho eyt'n.
l.inot) $i;nip. Sqneeze tlie'l"inons;
straJu the juice carefully lest any pulp
shott'Al remain : to one pint of juice add
two pounds, or sugar; set it away till
completely dissolved, stirring it occa
sionally; then bottle it. One or two
teaspooiifuls of this syrup stirred :'nlo u
glass of water will make delightful icin-
Catariui -Beisedv. The following
remedy for catarrh, is pronounced u
certain cure for that disease:
"Burdock, yellow-root, dandelion and .
red-clover roots, each 4 ounces, two
gallons of water and a small handful of
hops. Boll slowly ono hour, strain unit
cool,' and then, add n large cupful of
yeast. When jt has fermented set it iu
it cool placo, and tako a small wine glass
fnl three times n day. But in addition
to the above, mul'on-Iearos, prepared
as toliacco, should be Emoted three
times a day."
tfit nmHitmp.

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