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The Troy herald. (Troy, Mo.) 1873-1890, October 30, 1878, Image 5

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Got ia awllfcg.lm a 91,50 w bar
rel , !
Mr. Mik. Lyona, wbo hM been rat
ing in Bi. Look, r tuned laatThursday.
Oooar J. Miuid, who hM charge of the
ehool near New Liberty, report him
elf weU pleased iahh bow field.
Photomsh car la town., mad all the
an) iv tDDviTcu mn uuumvi Aivtcovu-
patron, go fat hare eipreaeed themaehrea tatlves of the twenty-hinth general aa
pleawd with Mr. Haialip'a work. He "einlT of the.tateol Missouri ; the
"BrSSStrrV?"ii MleteleeUonto be
put oft till the last day for their pioturea. holden on the Tnendny next after the first
Our friend, Dr, J. J. MeElwee of Monday in November, in the year 1878,
MackTille, k a candidate forjn.tioeof Je oiring amendment shaft be enb
.. ' . ,. . . nutted to a vote of the qualified voters of
the peace ; of course we cant go back on u,B tUte of Missouri, to-wit :
the profession. . Yon may oonnt us aa That article eight of the constitution of
aeveral, Doc. the state of Missouri, be and the same i
MeW K Henry T. J, Matting, gff
ry, J. w. Bash and J. P. Murphy arc vu0h BUan M follows:
candidates for constable. The time ia Third: Ho aboil have paid an annual
pretty near up, boys ; pass around the poll-tax of not tesa than one dollar within
cigars. one year next preceding the election at
T, '.., . which he offera to voto; and all sums of
Improvementa atill go on. Mr. Em- ,n(moy from pollute shall be
met Cummins has nnifflied his born; paid annually to the several county treas-
Mr. Wm, Mattingly ia putting a new tirers and shall be disbursed for the sup.
roof on and enlarging his shop, and our Prt the freo pnblio schools in the
xwii uii uu uijjiub nw iip, uu uur county in wj,Jcn BUC,p0ii tax is collected.
treeta are being graveled also our tomtit Those of Iho qualified voters
fciends Messrs. Sands and Sweeney have of this state who favor tho adoption of
put a new platform in frontof theiratore. this amendment, may. at the election
Tuesday evening we had a nice time gS"-1"1-for
a fow hours at tho holl-the ladies j0u.tax for '9chml purposes: yc;"
looked sweet, the music woa good, and ,nd thogeof the qualified votera of this
tho boys fult like fun. state who oppose the adoption of this
Oft for Texas Wednesday, at one amendment, may deposit a written or
o'clock n. m., Messrs. Dan and Gm PWlinthbform:
Mudd started for Sherman, Texas. M pmrpomt no;"
Messrs. Fonse Crider and Frank Dyer and V10 H10, P,1'0" thls
"3 amendment ohall be taken ami the returns
aecompanicd them to the depot at thereof made and convoked iuallrespccts
Wentzvilli'. as is or may bo provided by law for tho
Messrs. 0. P. Mudd, J. O'Leary and elecUon and wturas of state offlcers. If
,,,,,, , . ., a majority of the votes coat at said elec
,T. D. Fletcher arc happy, to the former, tion Bhnllybu in favor of thi( nmondmontf
on the 14th lnst., was prewnted a boy the same shall be adopted and shall bo
and the two latter, girls, respectively on come a part of the constitution from the
lifMtwl n.ifi m. tirao of final canvass of tho vote, in tho
thc naoua iath. presence of the two Housea of the Gencr-
Mcssrs, Albro South, David Shaw, u Assembly. '
Ohas. Wade, Jesse Hinton. Jerry Mc- .
ConBetndSquiroQurton passed through
last Fridav. eunmta for the Ink. From
" . . .
tho appearance of their accoutrements,
ntc., thoy expect to "make things git."
The weather is favorable for tho biz.
r- ... . ., ..... ,
Miss Hheba Moore is visiting here;
nersnii, su. ana Airs, uonse Aiuua go to oer, a. v. eigntceu nunurca ana seventy
Louisiana this week. eight.
Mr. Wm. Achor mode a flying trip to
Indiana, last week, to visit his brother
who Li practicing physio near Washing
ton. Miss Moggta Eider, who has been vis
iting in Montgomery City for several
weeks, returned yesterday.
October 28th.
Weather is putting on winter airs.
Very healthy ut thia tirao.
Wo aro sorry to lose T. D. Fisher as
no of tho editors of tho llcrulJ, but
it . i .i i .
hope he may gain by the change, and re-
nlizo all his expectations, and wo further
wish that the new management may pros-
peraudbo a shining light among the
news papers of the state.
Tho Murphy movement is waning in
these narls.
Our whole souled fellow-citizen, Jeff
Huilinger, gave a hop on Wednesday
..... ... .
night Jast, which we learn was a very
pleasant party. Jeflf knows how to get
up such.
. y i . . , tr.,i
An Irishman by the name of Kennedy,
walked into Mr. Mattingly'a blacksmith
hop, in Millwood, a few daya ago with
ten pounds of blasting powder under his
nrm, aeparkoffire worked its way into cltI(liu'g doi)i;ty hire abont 500, tho
hia powder, and the fire and powder fell BUm of 31,250, which shall include dep
out and exploded, burning the old man uty hire ; for the office of treasurer, now
yery badly on his hand. Better keep WB out 81,200 under the present
it 1 1 j 1 system, we propose that the work shall
out of a blacksmith shop with power. tltme for70t) - forassessor, which av-
We have a man at this place by the
munaof ( ton who can diir deenerand
-7 -
aaove morn earth ia one day tbun any
otter man in tne county, ana ne aoea
hia work at lower price thou any one
who has ever worked for ns. rious estates setUed in the probate court;
Tho candidates have ignored thia place for the office of circuit cleric, whioh now
entirely, but rest assured we have aomo paya.includmgdeputy hire.about 31,800,
, , . , ... we propose the sum of f 1,250, which
good votes about hero to give to aome Bhall include deputy hire.
body; even the children complain that Under this airongemeut there will be
they have not oven got so much aa aovnd to the people annually about the
.tick of candy from then, , tttXSi
Mrs. Mary Sitton has sold her farm of the school fund, except the sum of
of one hundred and sixty aorea, to Clark f"? 8300 to W00 arising from fees
m rim. i. ,, 'l,, ,, ' . in the probate office, whioh shall belong
.Ellis, for sixteen hundred dollar., !to etUte administered on. wl
Cot Hntt ha. a competitor in the pledge ourselves if elected, to imert an
aweet potato line, Mr. Benj. Pilaon a condition in our official bonds, that
tokened our aanetnmlaat Saturday with vie wilt perform the services of the i a
" "'7r7 vlTZS rious offices for the amounts above spec-
sweet potato that weighed full five &at the remainder shall be
yeunda, enough for our family for aete- paid into the treasury for the purpose
aaldaya. Thanks to Mr. Pilaon.
j-Light anow Saturday, 20th, nd fxecxa
tkaanooiag of tktSTth.
' cMirrrtmMULAMfiiMiiiT.
raaj.Xai far tahaet fraaaaaj
Concurrent resolution mbmitUng to the
legal TOteta of the state of Missouri an
amendment to the elate constitution, in
relation to 1 wring, collecting' and distrib
uting a poll-tax for free pnblio school
purpoaee, aa a further qualification for
i -?a -
Michael K. McOrath. Secretary of
Statc',here tf. ""cfltlmta proposed
amcnameni, auopwu uy uie 2:itu uenenu
Assembly, to the constitution of tho atato
of Missouri, of which tho foregoing is a
CKu0 8ubmitted t ? v".to t!,e
people nt the next general election, to be
held 0n Tneadny, thettfth day of Novem-
witness my iianunnu senioi omce.
JJone at tiie City of JeUersou
('Srau) Mo., thisflrstduyof October,
" A. D. 1878.
Secretary of State.
Opprettoi iaxpiytrs, Read!
To thevo'crxof Llm-uln Cmty:
Gcstleues Having been selected by
tho Greenback party of Lincoln count',
as candidates for tho various county of-
' flees to be filled at the coming November
election, wo take this method of intonn-
intr von prior to commencing our canvas.
of tho terms on which we propose to rill
various offices, in the eveut of our elec-
, VLl m that in tl. nmnt
Btflto of affairs, laboring ns we are under
a heavy burden of taxation, with the gen-
fnl business interests of the whole couu-
try seriously depressed, and many of our
pwpl Uoaly in dcbt that'tlie sal-
aries as fixed by law for tho various
county offices is entirely too high for the
labor performed, and ttint economy and
the best interest of our people demand a
reduction thereof, wo propose, tnere-
fniA mnl'n inn tnilnwinfr rpiliioTKmn
to pay wbntarer Smount shall
be saved into tho school fund to be di-
vided among the various school districts
as the law shall provide for the pro rat-
,of Bchool fliml9. For the office of
collector, which lost year paid about
62,500, the duties of that office shall be
perfemed for 81,000 ; for the office of
eroges about 31,000, we propose 3550;
for offlce of probate judge, whioh
pays from 91,2110 toi.ouu, we propose
tw MrviceB shall be performed for
one lourtu less tnon under tne present
arrangement, and that the amount as
ollu1 oli.Ml Amain nt1 hAlnniV I ilia n.
stated. Thia sum, divided equally be
tween the district, in our county, would
give to each about the sum of S0 per
iUs( vfiMB wiu enaoif yon wo save
bowl two'raouUia additional aeheol with
ant any extra expense.
In ooBCltuion we, womld aay that "re
trenchment and reform" should begin at
home; that the beat in tercet, of the
people an not advaaoed by those who
tend on the street oornera and highways
and loudly proclaim reform, reform,
but by those who act and are willing to
pay money out of their salaries for the
benefit of our people. We solicit, there
fore, the support of all good citizens who
del re to see the practical workings of re
form. Bahcbii H. Outran, H. H. Joraa,
E. W. Fbismam, Wm. Colbxbt,
J. Zi. Garrison. W. M. Nortos.
at ran cBoasnco or wniaar cm
inxico roam,
A general assortment of Groceries and
other Cooda. at the Lowest Rates. All
kinds of Produce token in exchange.
Poultry and Eggs a specialty. Bring in
your ohickena and eggs.
S. Htbattok, Prop'r.
Jxo. Chalhnzrs, Manager of Store.
J mill K I'litter-ou iy tiU wrtiiln
ni irnt iiuleil .Itititniiy -ill, ' nihI n-rnnli-il
III lunik No. !J, icitfn 4111. ill' rivcii'ch ill trtl-t
ilfeiU. in tin l(ei;nriler'i offlue of llt In
county, Miniirl. itll fi.nvi-y to tlm uinltT
Kiitneil truMrc, nil tlto rl'.'lit. title, cli.lni mi'l
. t'llvrrxt or tlm fidtl ItiMijiiiuIn V. 1'itttcr-on,
'nl. In iiihI to tlio followlni iIomtIIiciI rml
rxinti'. llii;it. Ijimr niiH u liiir In tin -nn.
tv ol I.liicoln. .into of MIoiirl. and iK
mtIIii-iI ni4 rnllnwN, to-wlt . unn tiunili'i U
ni rcor IjiihI aliuutn In .urvpy III 8, town
.hip Al, ranee I ni.t, It In I rt Unit miiim
, iurrel of I i l ili'i'iliil by lllnliiinl Wnin
ni'ii'k. .Iicrlil uf Llnculn rounty, MIimhI.
, to llnlici t I'liltiT.'iH, ninl iIitiIpiI Ii.v llolu rt
1'iitter.nn unit wlln to II. K. I'litter-nn,
wliU'li niiIiI I'onri'yum'f wii malv to ncciire
tlm iiivnii'iit or a n-rtnlu prinnUiiry note In
until di'P'l ol triliit ilcnt'iilie'l, ninl wlii-reu.
nilil initn I. now pntt Mnn ni rcntilu. mi
mill, now tlicrernn nt tho ri(iitiit of t
i li-ital linMi-r of Ktt'il liotn. Mini by vntnenl
Mini autli'irily by rulil dvt'il coiilcrred. I will
Batunlay, November 23, 1878,
lirtwi'di the Imiirn or nl c o'islofk In the
fnrfiiimii Hml lour oVlm-k In thr alirrnnnn
ortmt tiny, .fll Ht (iiiollii vciiiliinrorr.t.li,
to tlm lilirlif.t lilililcr. on tint iiri'inl.cii iifme.
milil. In l.liii'oln coimty, Mi.Miurl.thu nlmve
iicn-riiiL'ii ivui ci.tiu io.niiy kuiii note tinu
the voxU of exooiilln tliN tnit.
30u.t K. W.l'ATTO.N.Truntce.
CSHERIFF SALE. By virtue and au
O tlinritv. of 11 irniivrliit exociitlon IhmiimI
Iriiin tlie nlH.'i! nt tli clrrk f the I'livnlt
court of Mooliromrry roiintv. Mi-Miiurl,
il:iti-il Hit Tik tl iv nt'tMnlirr. I7rt. inudu re-
tiinuilili- to tlic Cull term of Midi mint lor
I8T8. mill to inn ihrci-ti-il In favor of l'cmr
Kirk umliixutii.t Mil i k Kii k. I Inivo IpvIimI
iiiiiiii mill -i lzcil . tin- tii'idiertv ol -ulil Murk
Kirk Hie I'iiIIowIiil' ili-.iti llinl n-:il e.tuti to
wit : l.oi No. :i,S. .111. 4i. 41.42. 41. 41 ml 07.
.Ituiiti-il Intiit town id Olni'V. conniyof Liu
ciiiiiunuhiiiieor aiiuhi.iiii. iiiiu i win on
Fridiy, November 22, 1878,
liptwem Hie boni.oruliioo'c'oi k In the Tore
iiiiiiii ninl ,'mYlork in tin' ulterniMin nf Unit ly
nt tliiM-niiri kou" iloor In tho town of Trny
l.lncolii i-ounty. MlH-nnrl. n U ut pulill vpii
tut' to the lilL'he.t hlilder lor in-li in liuml
nil ilin illil.tlilc.intiMi'.t. i-Iuiiii, i-NiHti'. 11ml
inoiicrty tlif wiiil Muck Kirk ol In mul to
tluuiliof dfurrilii'il reul entute to sutlufy ulU
exriMiuuii mm voi.
.1. O. KI.HOItE, ShT
A.0. 8NKKTMKN. I). S. UOOi't
rr. M. IBSON
l wlnliis i'o.I Mhont ft m"t wet nfTniy.
ml i ii'pimvil tn Inrnli a uperlor muti
ny ol linth liliifk-mlth and luruucu eoul. 1
will ilelncr In Tiny
Furnace Coal -pet bit. 121-2c
Blacksmith Coal. 15 c
niiii'kmnllli Coal U kept i'ontnnlly oil
bund nt the b ink, for side ut 10c. jicr lin.
tn he the liet ever ilNeoyi-ioil In Lincoln
county. Will continue mining .11 wintet.
t 8
Boarding House,
No. 1015 N. 5th st.,
J. F. BROWN, Proprietor
1 enrillullv Invite niv TrleniN from the
foiintrr to cull mm nee nte when In the city.
mm H.nru tueiu tuey win uo hunu-omi'iy
treuted. Ua-ViS
A Loiter, of ailmlniMrntlon on tho
e.tute of tidward W. lie. tor. diit'it,
were Knotted to the tindcrnKUed on the I8II1
tiny 01 Hept.. 1S7M, iy me rrou.ic
Court of Lincoln County. Mlx.oiiri.
All ier.oiiB IiuvIiik cl.iliiiniiimHt cal l en
tate ure renuired to exblbll them for allow
nice tn tb vdtiiiiilnmtor within ono year
itilertiie ilute omuld let tor., or tuey may ue
lireciitiieu t roni any ticiiniit or much c.uiw;
und II fttntli clulino be not cxlilliltcd within
two yeuM from the date of nuld letter, they
win ot ircvcr dsitpu.
ThhSSthUuv ol Bc)t..lRT8.
A honk conMlnlnt; a lint f town in Ilia
U. S. bsvluzfiaoo non.. uud the newnnuner
u.t iiik irxeiircumuon, ah tne ueuiout,
a uuurm. sciruiinc unu oilier nMcim
Journ.U. Table of ltutes sbowluirio.t
or .iveruHni; sou .vcryininy wnicn .n u
vertlncr would like to know. Mailed on re
ceiptor 10c. Add. vhm, p. I.WCLI,
U' Hnreica ai.N.T.. epp.Tilbun bu.
1 num. ajms vaM.si
mm laclttnrt.. rwtMkn ttm
Where It Will Do
Buy Your
(((A. B. ElililS.))
i i Fresh Good
Canned Fruits and VWctablos
Pickles, Homo-made Candies, or anything in the irnx-ury lino. Call for
whnt you want anil you will trot it.
markotnt I lie Lowest d'rice.
iFreiih Blroad, Cakes, PIob
Delivered to Any
StoveJini Hardware
Tn. .lock ml Tin mi4 llurdtvaro la
r the verr krat qNnllir mna at
prices lanl will
Sorghum Mills,
r briar tuem at yoar nrdnr, at lac
very Liwnl rrlcea.
Heating and Parlor Stoves
01 tit. Intent anflbrtt ilekl(lia, at lac
proper arnaoM.
Charter Oak and Granger
Cook Stoves
cheaper than i ver ber.ro aotd la Troy.
at I lie vrrjr IntvcNt ml fx, aad sraor
anirrd 10 glva aallalMrilon. I'oim
and ni' u bi-lore purcliiihlngt nad wo
will rrrlHinly ao our beat lu aula
iou la gooea una prlcra.
Troy, Mo.
BlaaMfaclurcr of
Wagons, Buggies
1 nm now prepnt'cil I o put
up Wagons ninl BiiIvh
complete, ffiiai'nialt'einff
Niilialaelion 111 all cssCm.
nlwnyMon linud.or put up
lo o'rtlci, in fbe very bent
mid Mironsent luanuer.
suit, nil kindM of black
Hiiiilhina; alleuded lo ou
short notice.
nw any in the county, and
all 1 auk ia for person de
airina" work to call and
examine pricen aud work
before purcnaatua; else
where. T, M.8TEPnKKS4,
Troy, M
the Most Good I
Arriving pnlVt
(this year's n-rowth) ; Salmon, Oysters,
The boat of Suirars and Coffee in the
Part of the Town
'Qur Level pisf
Economy of Fuel Labor,
aickUnifora Baking,
i&psrior QonstmBiion,
ird lmdimm In lisSrotd Olala rt I'M lit
I'nlll jroi hit Ctrcfnllf Er.imlatd th.
Esceldor Ilanufaciuring Company,
C12 19 018 Mela St., St. Lonls, Mo.
Russell & Caison, Troy, Mo. '
Bowling Green, Mo.
A full utoek or Apple, l'l iir. iVaeli, CtlCT
ry. lMiim mill Quimtn iri-, .1: Krown uu
lilfjli kwiiiuI ninl L'liiininln U, ANoarom
plct .tiitfk nrmall Fruit Mlirubn aliill'I'inU,
of the latent ami imonc uppruveU torti, an
temeU In uur own locality.
Kv.rsr.aaa, l.areai, Vaealania, Cle..
by the tlioiiiunJ offereil llila hcnxon nt very
low rleH, Tliono who wlnli kouiiiI, rallulilu
atouk ut low Huiiri' uouhl Uu well to form
I'lnhn anil i-einl tllrri-i, to tlm Nltrnnry.
F.ir DESCItirriVB l!ATALOl!lTB con-
with ktainii, W. KUSVUK.
Orsanliet forat elua.
Boarding House
Try, Mlaaaurl.
1 .a rpnrd to Uk. board, by tb. Uy
r tr.elc. Meal Sft urnu. Tan Iioum
omavxlloui'. hautbomolr tocaUJ. wllb
, rr' jf.nl antHbiU. treen. in. sMnnrt'
.urt'.iM plMt lata, lows by odd. )

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