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Vol. 1, No. 21
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Cyclone Sm h Assails Chief lixuutive For
Abusing Veto Power.
desire us to remain witli voti kindly
EIVPUS MIMIC SlllUltllilll PVItlPlire
of your iippieiintbn. Of court
w! nri' mil adverted tti i.iie Com
pliments I'll1 1)111 VC IPf'l soll.l'
thiiip more tn uriM"rfiill operate
(iur bu-oness W 'In tint- graci
ously greet he i-itizenliip im TwUi
Hiiil ciinmil niirplvps lit vmit
tender eiire IMitnr.
In n bump g sprach '.11 the
houi- nf R-pre-L-n'-i'iv l-mi
?i.it.y Rep H II .-smith of
SUnwnfctfmt ,, t'eU. ,. Ui,i'ls
unuer uiitiive in DSwtmtoiv
': lanjiimgt T.eliarootBntkul
the ge itlumun f i o ii fOTOtri
mic fiiuntrv.
fiil..lpl nwv tin- utifulrni'i' nf
tin- limipiit liurii uoik'iiit lolk i.f
thi slate bv mutniniiie a ful-el
posit lo . Ann 1 am sick, nun tin1"
nf his hvpo.-ntiral -ri t ial m nf our
fit tines in pr HiKinu luiueM 'i g's
then lie :.- enie fy.nji. day
II ipgi.liitinii. nullitylng
ur1gpf,.rk, ami now attempt-
j 'I! PTItf' 114 III I IIP I'l'PIMl' '"
'Mr. Speaker I ii.p to frnnklv ii eliPMp p ih n-al , lupie ilni "Id
Hon 1 1
iKi cue
Miould nivc,
isonV you'll
im ifi-B-i tl e s'liiaiion tn tin- llniw
in It 'ippa-s tn II e. The 'illinium
pfii'iiN neuli'lv llle ilpM-iter 'Mil
s aids III frnnt of lilt M'!ipe. '
liiiM- ilifferd with in my nf
this llmir, but ninv I am reirdv in
ilu cml this Hou-e in its cniir.-p ns
the lioily of the people, firm the
us ault which comes from from
another depart ment of the invent
ment An assault, as 1 view it.
net only upon your constitutional
rights, not only upon you integrity,
but an iisanlt upon you for pi--lating
in the interest of the p-ople.
This veto of mihiege is a mere ex
cii'-e in itself and furnishes th"
Coicf ICxcculivo the oppoitum .o
defend hi- shortcomings and try to
decrcdit you, by shiftim: the blame
upon you We are endowed with
power to p i ourselves mi'eiige,
and expense money, under the eoit
dtitution, and te ait- the jiidcrs d
our moral responsibility to oursel
ves and to the people, under the
dictates jf of our ci iiscietiie.
nut up pi. ir
eiei'iiiiii io li.l
ni I Pirl I l
. .ip i gel i ra
li iiiper- ; :i Ii
e I ppii i : r to l l.i
Whether we inept the money,
which in itself is n mere pittance, is
entirely a mutter of morals, and
with the individual conscience ul
each member And when the Gov
cruoi attempts to set himself up ns
a moral judge for us, he usurps out
individual as men, no.il attempting
to dictate t , and run, the legisl.i
t've dcpnrtmeusnf ourg vernment
I have arose in this houc so often.
ami uenounceii mo deception as
well as the encroachment upon the
rights of the people by him that
this opportunity affords mo a
chance to unmask the Governor's
pretentions. It is well that 1 do so
for 1 was one of t he six in t h e
House who voted against mileage,
and I did because I did not think
that I whs entitled to it, and 1
shall not accept it, because in my
line of duty I do not see tl at I am
entitled to it, but each man who L
entitlcd to it by reason of tho fact
that hi spent his own money in the
travel, appeals to his own com
scienro ih saking it or rejecting it
l'or many months tne Governor
bus been posing as the defender of
tho peoplo. He has been sending
us messages in fin or of abolishing
offices, and we have abolished o(
fices only to find him vetoing our
work. His appointees have been
refused conformation, and he con
tinues them in office, in defiance of
tho established accusations against
them He prates and talks about
the rights of tho people, and dm
science and refuse to remuvs from
offivo accused men that he knows
are corrupt. Ho talks about ecou
omy and supports extravagance,
He argues for tax reduction anil
suppoits thoso who conspire in of
fico against tho peoplo's treasury
As for me it is time to speak the
truth, and make it so plain that he
misunderstand, and the people may
Hlwavs know the truth. I bavo
been working Incessantly, aud sac
riflcing my health and my money,
that people mkht bo well nerved.
and you havo been working here
niuht and day in tho peopU s inter
est, while the Executive up yond-r
i!opsiior. iiipl in my timid I have
laill'lullx tneil to evils- li i s
urn-ins in the mtpn-st m his highly
claimed hone-. , lhat I might never
t!rtm) my eotifide.ice in the Gov
ernor of mv state, but in this mes
sage there is nothing but hypoerasy
Is my bins but hvpocrasy for n
Govei nor to charge us with moral
iipsconducs, that vnli d justi'y im
peachment, when that Governor
will C) K. tho expenses of one of
the State's employees ton Demo
cratic .Vit'nnal (' nventicn and
then p- ach to us that c commit a
criiiii in vol inn tin appropriation
that th( constitution pTinits us to
have I voted agaiiiAt ice pting
the mileage in the first place, but I
will vote to p.ii-1 this measure over
the Gincrnoi's veto, if my vote i'
needed. -1 stand Upon high ground
the giriliffi thtillicro is a tyraiilcal
invasion of our constitutional rights
am' to t added the egotistical en-s-rdiip
of our moral responsibility.
Tulsa Daily World
The Mis-inn Hoard of the
Stale H iptist Ao-oviiitmn uu-'
at the fii-t Mapti.M t'luiuh I.
this Citv Tluii-Ml.'iy in tin i
iiiinu-i' m-u-iitiK vvth iiie-K'pi t
S S Jnii- - ipi''mu
The C--II1IIIJ.' wili'd.i M'linil
C illlf-s wl- ll ip.-i I ,,i
Miiki'y-' ti- Ji tie anil t h
eiluciii.ni.il qui- up is ukiii
up tuns: of the time ol the BitRUif
If Oipm: qtu-.stioi s can be set'tkkl-l
today the members v. ill proba
bly leave for their boii.es to
night Otherwise, they may he
here till momlay niorniiig
Amonp; those attundiiiL' thei
Hoard meeting from other towns
are Rev. S. S. Jones President
Statu Uaptistp Association and
chairman of the Hoard and
moderator-Judge Reed both of
Muskogee; Rcv.N. A. Robinson
Rentiesville R e v. R. A.
Whilakcr and R u v C
Cuehanan bote of Gurthie. Rev
Westbrook ol Oklahoma Cii)
. Z'MILW''.?Y-'W .. '. -S' Sr. LbCWS' I
tetttr.il Njiiiin.il l!-nk
One of the itvv big Hanks of Tulsa,
Ball Club
and other.
.Mrs. Kreeiuiiu L. .Miutili, one of
the teachers in the city school was
indisposed .Monday iiml 'luetdtiy,
h.it resumed her duty Wednesday
Prof. J. U. Spencer of Wilbur
ton was u visitor In the city Tuesday.
The Star roiues to the citizens of
TuUa full "I it-tsen-c of duty and
wide awake to tho grave of respon-
ibihiy devolved u p o n it. It
comes, hoping to bo of benefit to
this community and in turn to ue
benefited by the community It
shall bo the policy "f this papei to
strive to improve vvheio we can im
prove and In this e ask tho moral
and financial support of all good
people It is not our purpose te
acquire the illwill of anone, but
wo shall studiously adhere to our
dutv as wn tea it and ahall not
hr ,e to criticize where criticism
is necessary, and wo shall be do
lighted to use our spaco in binding
tho proiswnrthy acts of fellow citi-
zhis, and boosting with nnreleiit
ing vigilenie the good qualities and
features of Tulsa, the beacon light
of commerical prosperity and thrift
of Oklahoma. We invite honest
criticism from anyone and will wel
come any suggestions from friends
who desire to help us. Wo realize
that that the successful operation
of this enterprise is dependent upon
the mpport given us by the public
and for this reason wo shall s rivn
to bo of Mimoicnl worth to the citi
zen of Tulea.
Wo shall ask ror anil xpect the
co operation of ths best element of
both races in our work here, and
shall endeavor to maintain ll c
friendly relationship now existing
hctwecn the two races In this we
expect the co oporation of our
worthy contemporaries becauso we
recognize the wonderful powei and
influence of the newspaper. Wo
are hero with you, a part of you
and h
If you appreciate nureffort and
These columns are oieii for local
news. Send in your news ns early
in the week ns possible to insure
publication Kditor.
G. W. Griffin the younger sou of
Itcv. 11. G. Griffin retailed the age
of majority Ihursdav and the fam
II v quietly lelebrated the occus
sion early Thursday morning t
their residence.
"T.ien you i anuiit servo anj of
us," iiusweleil Mis (.'hailes 11,
lietts, pieshleiit of the Cook Conn
iv League of W omens (.'I tilts.
The women iom- rroiu Hie tables
lu tho Gold room of the hotel and
passed out. IC. ('. Slur :CIII.
1 .ii: Tulsa Oiloi- is the name se
1'cti'd by tlii- ' -,.'; colored ilia
iiiuiiil ore-ul. ".itl---. that has re
. jieutlv ingani(-: l-i r. The team is
f'PV 'I tilft'ft ii"ll, llllll IS iookiiik
tvjt eoim- hi-; games ttun iear. The
Keefeonti-:! of tue team follows:
Johnny .lolin-ou, It.; lien viiay
soa. cf; Nut Oliver, rf; .1. W.
Doi-inan, lb; Will .linkson, l!h;
A. Duraiit, :ib; ltmldi'o Hi-U, h;
James People, p; I'i'cil Wyatt, p
Kreeiuali I.. .Marl in ami I'.. (
Washington, owneis of the club,
have used much care to pick a win
ning team this season.
.lames People, the u-lehrnted
pitcher of the Chicago Giants, nr
rived yesterday and reported for
duty. John ("Happy") Hill was
secured from Dallas, lie is a
catcher of repute and a fast fielder
Jeff Phillips, spit ball artist, lias
arrived from St. Louis and report
ed for duty. Nut Oliver, one or the
best negro outfielders in the west,
will play with the Oilers. Will
("ltluo"j Jackson, the veteran
-.ecnlid baseman from San An
tonio, has signed u contract. J. W.
Illinium, star first baseman, has
arrived from Shreveport and i
ready for action.
Tli" Tulsa Oileis give promise
of being the fastest colored team
mi the so'iihwi-t. anil 'lulsa runs
will no doubt Ih- elated to see (hen
in notion at the South Main Strei
park. They have purchased nun
pletp new uniforms.
The .Midway park Is billed to
open some time soon which will af
ford new and attractive amuse
ment for the citizens of Tulsa.
Mrs. L. V. Callins whoias been
on the sick list for the lastaix
Hoy Iteiisou one of the would-be
assassins of James Cherry several
mouths ago accepted two jears in
the poy'ta-jnii! Tr i!:u: to -pi,:
ate for his crime. Ills luiompliee,'
lleiuv Itaiiiloliih who is now held
tn the coiiiiiy jail is fielitiug the
ens.; and will stand trial on the
Kilh of this month. The shooting
of .Mr. Cherry is considered n
most cowardly attempt to murder
a man for nothing more Hum envy
or jealously. County Attorney
Malum- has expressed himself as
desiring to convict Randolph ami
secure a maximum seiiteuui for
Boosters Banquet
A bootscrs banquet is plasieu
for the leaedlug Colonel paople
of Tulsa to be given ta the
Cleaver and Cherrys hall ou
north Greenwood Saturday
night t lose who will appear as
speakers of the day are Rev.
Kirsh Dr. Key Hon. Freeman
L. niartain Dr. Bryant and Dr.
Jaeksoa ami other a prominence
The ladies will play an intcres-t-ing.in
the evening iutertanment
pumseto l)e a very popular
Maxey may go to Senate
Talk of Gor's Resignation Cause Political Scramble
Tulsa is no longer without a
colored humane society, be It said
to the credit of the citizeus of tho
east end. A meeting was called
last Monday night and the new
.society was organized with an en
rolled ineiuliership if thirty-four
Such an organiztlon is much neeil
ed in Tulsa and if conducted prop
erly will bo a great benefit to thei
The following oddiccrs were!
elected :
Freeman L. Martin, president;!
Dr. II. T. llridcewater, vicepresi
dent; 0. W. Henry, secretary; A.
V. Auderson, treasurer.
Uxecutivo Hoard: O. V. GtHey,1
Dr. .T. M. Key, Mrs. J. H. Anuer-
son, Mrs. Ada B. Huff, Mrs.
Georgo W. Hunt and Mrs. BP,L
l'lm recent filing of charges of
improier iiuidiiet against Senator
Gore by an Oklahoma City vvshikui
mis caused talk of the lesigimtion
of the blind senator aud iiiclileut
ally aroused the senatorial lice
which has been quietly snoozing
In tho bounds of several leading
IKililiclaus of Oklahoma. Whether
or not the blind man who has to
tenth' loomed into national fame
ami power will step down and out
is of iioui-sp a question at tins writ
ing. Hut if such should hnpiicu
there would be u great scramble
for the juicy plum. Among those
i tinned as his Possible sueees-
L. ... ...w - . .. ,
Star for full time of subscription sors are SK-akpr .1. ll. Jinxey or
from the date or this issue of the the Pom-tli Oklahoma legislature,
Tulsa Star. ' I'x-Goveruor, C. X. Haskell and
Alt n.rMits fop tlie Muskoiict! Keiiresent.iltve tt. II. Hiultli. All
Prlntcr'n Commandment
1 Prli
ent I
All subsctllK-rs to the Musko
weeks is recovering & hopes to Bee w" Um.,, M,c,,1
hH herself iinin soon """ mis "ot l'11"'1 are nc,"L'l,
be herself again soon. i1II1,iriIMi ,ilu. thc-ii- names will be
'eulea-d as siib-eiibers to the Tulsa Jiueutiniivil
Star will be l-etained as agents for
the Tulsa Star ninm application.
This Notice is issued because of
change of the lost office and in (he
name of the jhijk-I"
CIiIcul'ii. March '. Heeause
the niamiL'einent of the Hotel La-
Salle refused to admit -Mrs. Ida
Wells Harnett, president of the
Chicago Colored Woman's Club,
two hundred Chicago ciun women,
who had arranged a meeting in the
hotel this afternoon, indignantly
"We must refuse to serve any
necro woman," was tho ultimatum
Cox, Mrs. Anna L. Warren, tau- delivered by E. J. Stevens, man-
three are strong men hut It is free
ly ailmilted by the wise heads that
Maxey stands a iieitprciianee man
either of tint other two men.
Mr. Maxey has made many
friends since he liecnine, Hjieuker
of the lifnisp ami many of those
who bitterly opmseiI him in the
sieaker.-.hip fight are now nneu
up with Hie Mavey forces, and he
Is generally milieu as uie unrest
iiml ablest sjK'iikcr- of all his predecessors.
1IY II M Wullaoo.
fHWf ,
Tlinu Hlmlt have no other prlutera
licfori) us.
Tliou vhalt not print tliy own Jotg
nor liiiTO it tywrlttPii liy wlfi- or Jrli-nJ.
IlPiiioinlior llin Tiili-a Ktar I'rlutlng
Coinp-iiiy aiuVkrep u busy, for wo iuru
lit I'll the coin.
And Oh, fricmls remember wo will do
your printing right now.
Thou ulisilt tot try to borrow from
your printer, nor nttumpt to stand him
off, for verily I sayuutoyou ho Is up
Dgalimt It,
Wo Want U 5 II A Customer of ours.
IUmomboi thU home onterprUe to
koop It KOllllf.
Thou MinU not covet thy nelphbors
paper; by ulio omutscribo for It aud
you will c it every week.
Don't nk, uu to boont your bualnria
uiiIork you tiro willlnB to boost ohm; It
reiulri-bnnuiuy tO boott sui-conrfully.
Thou aha t not aik u to publish un
pleaaant tl liiK" abmit our neighbor
j when you ore not willing to auino ro-
HpOUaiUllll r
Thou ah It not beg'n flndlng fault
with tho aper or your printing juat
uoforo thejcollector come a around; If
vnn havo (inv nbtoCtlona to OUr Dll-thod
ofrunnlntourbusliioab jou arc free to
tittl ttiitditn Itu
a - UUU. iv ..
li li . I -
mane agents. ' ager ot tne uotei.
V-8 -i ji.

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