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The Tulsa star. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1913-1921, April 11, 1913, Image 2

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Printing nnd Publishing Co.
Published HviTy I-'rtday at i01 North Greenwood Stiuut.
Kntt-'icd as .second class mail mallet .it Tulsa, Oklahoma.
I M AM Al I'.
We re Tery much plc-nvd ullli
funs cxkiiucii us mill vu .lie gmli
Tin icpm li'i-N of Hit' 1 1 1 1 1 p.iperN who in their ri I i n-i irfcr Id
Hie l .ihl l nil lis "l.inlc rilui an
i.in'-s vvll" tin- ciilircil niiIimi il,ri.
( iiii.
I "li ilir
ni-ll Mr.
in liuo
prist ami it Ih
1 1 isBlllllw i 1 1
i iuili (lie ministers of this Ai) in tin' free me uf thee
columns in .iiiiinuiiciiig (heir church set vices mill vvr ho ,.;ich p.is
liii' here uill iiMiil li 1 1 u --t I f of tins iiini'liinity In gel in touch with
tin' people.
Thoic is n grenl c.cifcnionl now nir iln i'iiiilal iiisiiuii ami
Minif lull: uf trying In lot-nto llir cupilid of Oklahoma al TiiIkii. There
in in iiii'Mliini iluit TiiIkii uiiiIiI jjol lln piic if iIii gel tin. g.imc Tin
il hill Hide is a gienl ilieslioii its In vvhcthM- TiiImi would uiml it
uflt'r golliig il. The iimjiiiil. uf I lie people at Okhihoitui iltv would
vole to locals llii- ciiplul al TiiImi or uuv vv here else, brc'iiuse.dn-adv-I
hey Iiiim' lcir fill id il. Thru- ;in- vo'r.v few cupititl towns in llir
I'niti'd Stairs (hat cut auioiiuliil to much afli-r getting tin- cupilul
nnd while Tnlsi might plow In- i-ci-t inn, yet il might In- well to
find out if we l i':i ll unlit ihi- rapilal.
TiiImi has llir lnrgcst li.itik fli'.iruuec of any town in the iialr.
Thai is In say Ihrixi is iiioii- money in Tulsa Hi. in any town or city in
OUiiIioiii.i Tulsa is soon lo i i .inn-nil' winl. on ,i in-vv i mi i-nl mi
liiill, hind Iiiin hri'u pinchiM-d ror u siv million dollar packing huiisc,
which ill employ four or fini- Ihoiisainl uii'ii, Titlu has innii- flue
IiiiIcIh and office buildings than any Invvn in the stale; Tulsa has the
fillest enmity court hnue in the state; Tulsa is the only city in OUn
"inn now cuiplov ing legiilm- 1 1 t' i-t i ioIoiimI il ii i-niii ii I'ii'.iM'
leineiulH-r loo thai TiiImi is under a demoeralie ailiiiiiiislr.itioii ;
TiiNu has the fines! looking, biggest hearted and most effifieiit of
fiffi-s, ImiIIi loiinty iiml rity . than any other town or enmity in (In
state. Of course TiiImi is the Iheliest ami hest lovvn in tin- stair.
Who could doiihl it?
The Tulsa Wot Id has raised a big howl (.nnd a righteous one)
ahoul a filthy tv.spool at Second and lllgin where a dwelling house
sets occupied liy a family witli children who an- attending the puli
lie school and bringing the lieallh officeis to task for theli itialteii
lion to duly. The house in ipiestlou is occupied hy white eoplc and
I'lli' Win Id -.IV. M. icsspiiiil ii, sl.ignillll u jili-i- has heeu Iheie llilei
week. ,
Such lieallh foiulilioii is leilainly ery deplorahh' ami should
mil iililaiu in Tuls.i S e lio.h is ies , in'siluli- r.ir ii ami the fjuill
party should hear the constipu me. The cesspool mentioned Uv The
World Is not the only one in the i ity thai needs (he attention if the
lieallh deiiarliiieiit lioui-n-i- .Iumi ., .... ,1 1.1....1... r 1 1
mentioned hy the World reporter,
sim.i unicK .0111 Knvu hiiikiiiiiii Wilier 111 wliicli ecu rro's and
tad mis could not suhsisi and .mm tl an- Iwo houses siluated
therein occupied ly Iwo families hoth Inning eliildren of school ae.
At hoth of these houses 11 is luccss.iry to us,, hridp's to cms the wa
ler rroiii Hie sidewalk to (i'c house. Tlieie are no doiiht c j-Ii
deadly m-iiis in tliK one pool to infftl all or Tulsa and the time i
near lit hand when ihe eil. will 1 egret it unless somelhitiK is done lo
eliminate this public danger.
Tilt I 'il C 1 1 is is said In ti il Hue set ororricials li.-ni nil
MTvinj; all Ihe people id Tulsa and iuiproviiijr the eitv in evciv war
posslhle. We Iheivrore ivsK'clivoly invite their attention lo the civic
loiulilioiiN existing' in (lie east end.
We note that Andiew Allen Veulch who In souie K-culiar chniii
id cireiiiustances wiis elected ieplvseulati rrom CounH,
editor , uiiinap'r el ill. id Ihe Iteiuoiistiator, an antisocialisl, nrsro'
hpobisi, sluvl Hli-'miic for ptihlic recognition, hits pillen in liad in
the courts of Oklahoma fiuuity. A warrant for Ids arrest has Ikvii
swiii 11 to hy Ihe lirolher id the late editor id Hie Appeal to Reason ror
a Klatideroiis, lihelons .u-liele which apfared in the Itenionstrator a
few wirks ago. Allen, however, will claim his coustitiiiiomil oxeiup
lions as a repieseui.iiixe and in ilnsw. si.n ilie hand il justi.i
loll); ;is Kissililr.
The article in question was a icious attack 011 the diarailer of
Iho late Soi'inlist leiidcr and iit Ihe time id in piihlicaliou 'e.ilch
claimed Ihal he had spent lime and inouev workinn up the evldenu
upiiiist Ihe dead num. hut now he is Irvine 10 shin ihe respiisihiluv
hy fliiimiiiK his rlj-his as a reprcseiitalive while serviug (lie i'o; le o'f
his couiilv About every thiuj: Vealcli luis done since he ciime to th"
lecishituie aside from vviitiii); nbiisivp editorials about neKrocs 11 id
fociiilists, is smoke dpii-rettcs ami take up ilie lime of the house ami
the inuiify of the dupa.vcrs making iise'ess and senseless speae'ic
npiiiiKi coloi-ed H'ople, vvlio hv the way. as tavpavers nre liidpin '"
m his milary. Now when lie has fallen rii tun of his own narriiw
I'ess and his lack id grav mutler and finds himself in Ihe cMitc'ii- f
the law he cries oi'J for evemptious hr. ansr he l "n'presriitiiivr tltr
The Aderson Grocery
W'v a.e ili- il is in iirst il.iss lna- of jrifcnt s and m.ir
kut inciits; wf f iter t ur costomt'is Wi Kive sjif.
cinl attention to all oiders and deliver jironiptly. Try
us when you unit' r .i.un.
L. C. Anderson Prop.
PHONE 2475 321 N. Greenwood St.
owhm: i'iiom" si'?
Freeman L. martin
MijiruoUl H0 4KNKIKI U HI!,
I I I nil . IIRN.,ha. MIIH
III'mNI.nm Mllll
the vvchnme the people of Tulsii
mi for I lie Mime.
- lining nun li In dcpopuhinc lliuir
TiiIkji'h nlili' advocate in the fourth
Hull "I Alloruev lit-iiciul W'i'Ni
W'i'hI to cough ii J t f 11,11011 of the
Ir'iI 'nr Tin- Slur? If mil jnin llir niirr.T crowd
II tllllt I lll'I'L ill (III. I'IImIi fill' lllll. tfltll'V will.
your ciitcrpiise liiiiMiiiin h u it jn u home enter
dill III help fllSllT il.
-.. -.1 r uii.Lin iiiiiii uiepiBie
at I Hi N. j:Kin jN anolher filthy
Mis. I'leemiiu I,. .Martin, one of
Ihe leathers in Ihe ollv school was
i'ldlsposi'd .Momlay and TiifMlny,
in I I'i'Siiiiii'il lid ilmy eilueKihiy
1'iof. .1. O. Speinvr of Wilbur
ion was a vInIioi- in I hu t'ilv Tiich
Thes-' eoliMilliM llle ii'li for lucid
iie.vs. Send iii your iiews us enrly
in the week as hiwiIiIi In iiimiiii
pit ilii'iilioii laliior.
il. . lirlffin the .viiiiiiKer sun nf
l!ev. II. li. liiirfili retiihi'd Ilie iii
d iiiitjorily 'I'liui-sdiiv mid the fiiiu
il.v piletly . eli'liiiili'il Ihe in ens
in i "ii fly Thursday luorniiig .
In if tesidellee.
Tin- .Midway pink Ik hilled to;
ipi-li oiae lime soon which will 11H
oi'd new ami ailiaetive nioiise
iiieiit for Ilie eilireiiN nl I'nlsa.
Mis L V. '.'.illms wliii h.isbicn
on the siik list Inr t'n- last .nx
weeks is iteoverinj; - hopes to
be htiself luaiH soon
ro Base .
Ball (M
'Ihe TiiImi OiIcis is ilu- iiiime sc
Iceled b.v the li'.pi( eoloied dill
ml oi'aiii.niidi thai hus It
M'lillv oiani.ii lieie, '1 he teuill I
pr.icliciii sieadilV nd ix Innkilii
or sonie inn ".Hurts this vein. TliJ
.H'l's.iiinel of Ihe ll'ilin follows'
iniiiili.v IoIiiisith, ir. , lieu tiruy
sou, ii . Nin Oliver, rf, .1 v.
Mm in. in. Hi- Win .l.nkNiiii, 'Jbi;
. i'liraul, ".b; llmfdie Hall, km;
lames I'eople. p; Tiid Wyillt, .
I"''' i I., lrtiii and K. ('.
Wiishinglon, owiuv-h of the clu
Itave used nimli imv lo pick a wii
niu' team this .se.'isnn''-
latiies l'diple, Ihe eelehruled
ili her of Ihe Cliiciigo !iiint, tV
.'iv'cd yesleiday ami lepnrled for
duly. John ("ll.ippy") Hill was
M'lined f i inn liallas. He j n
I'.ilcher of lepute ami a last fo lilei
leir 1'liillips, spii ,a jii'll-l, has
in-lived fi-niii SI. Louis ami ivmrl
id foi dtiiv. N'.n oiiti t i ii,,
hist netrio oiitrielileis in the west.
will play vvilh the Oilers. Will
l"l:luo"i .lacksoii. the velernn
si'cond baseman rruni San An
Innii . has si-Mied a conlracl. .1. W.
I'oriiian, star first haseiuau, has
ariived fi-iiiu Shiereport and is
rcnilv for action.
The Tulsa Oileis give proiiiiM'
id being Ihe fastest colori-d leaiii
m " nilhwesi, and Tulsa fan
w ill no doubt he elated lo see lliein
in m-t inn at the South .Main Sheet
p.uk. They have pin chased com
plele new liuifoi'ius.
'liiciiL'o, .Mai eh '!. liec.iiiM.
Ihe itiaiiageiiieiil id the lintel Lit
. Me lefusi'd lo admit .Mis. Ida
lls Itaineil, piesideut of the
'liiago Coloied Woiiiiiii's Cluli,
wo liumhed Chicago club women,
lm had arranged a uuvlitig in ihe
i ''el this alii iiionii, iiidigiiaiillv
" '.hdivvv.
Ave must leftist- to serve any
irio woman." was the iiliiiiiMtinn
th-liveied by . .1 Stevens, mall
ij.fr 'U the hotel.
"Then you eauiiol servo auv of
-" answered .Mis. Charles' II
I, president of (he Cook Conn
i.v League id WomenV Clubs.
Inc women me rrom the tables
li Ihe Cold loom of the hotel ami
pussi-d nut.- K, c. Star :t;:il
liny lleiison one id Ihe would be
issiissins or .liuncs Cherrv several
liiunths ago accepted two ye.tr, in
(he Kuili'iiuaiy- 'l-u.'si,iy in en
ate for ,'iis clime. Ills a. ompliie.
Ileiuy Itamlolph who is nnvv held
in ihe county jail U fighting the
c.if and will stand trial on tlu
l.:ih of this mouth. The shooting
in .Mr. Cherry is cotisidend a
must cowardly attempt to minder
a innii for nothing more than envy
or jealously. County Attorney
.Malum) has expressed himself as
dcsiilng lo convict Randolph and
securo a maximum sentemv fot
Maxey may
Talk of Gor's Resignation
Ilu- incut riling of charges of
improper conduct nt'iilnst Senator
imv b.v an Oklahoma City rtimin
in caused talk of the icsigniitiim
of ihe blind .senator and Incident
ally .loused Ihe seliulorial U-e
vvIiiim has been iplietly Nlioo.ing
.in Ihe hoiiuets of several leading
silitli i.iiih id Oklahoma. Whether
or lint ihe hliml man who lias it
ci-nlly h'.imid iuln nalioiial fainu
Hid power will step down and out
is or i nurse a iiieilioii at this w ril
ill,;, i! it ir such .should liiips'ii
l here would be a gieat scramble
for ihe juicy plum. Among thuse
nieiiliiiiieil as his Ktssihe siicces
miiih me Sji'iiker .1. II, .Maxey nf
the KihiiiIi Oklahoiua U-IsliiMn-f,
lA tinverii ir C. X. Haskell and
Represent n live 11. II. Smith. All
three me strung men but it is free
ly iidniitled by the wise heads thai
luxey stands a belter chiilue than
ilher of the other two men.
Mc MiiM-y lias made luany
,'i-ielids since he Is-came Ss',iker
id the house ami many id those
whn bitterly nppoM'd Iiiin in the
p.' i' 1'iship fight aie now lined
i i wi'ii ilu- Maev I'orces, ami he
-.'iiec.i'lv h died iis the fairest
.mil ab'esi sK'iiker nf all his pre
d. i i-ss.ii s.
. ' ' is no longer without a
oli in! niiiiiaue society, be it said
In die eiedil id Ihe cili.eus id the
ast eon. A meeting was called
-a .1 .Monday night ami the new
- ly was Di'gaiiiycd witli an en
n i. .1 n e.iibei-ship nT thirly I'nur
Such mi nrgaiii.tioii is much need
il in itilsii and ir conducted prop
eiiy will be a gieat hem-fit to Ihe
The following oildicers were
.-If cted :
I'iimu.iU I.. .Martin, president;
lr. 1(. T. ISridgevvaler, vicepresl
.lent; C. . Henry, secivtary; A.
W. iiilei.son, Heasiiivr.
r.M-cntivo Miiaiil- O. W. (iiirlev,
Hr. .1. Al. Kev, .Mrs. .1. II. Amle'r-
si.n. .Mis. Ada II. llllfr, .Mrs.
(ieorge W. 1 1 ii ti I ami .Mrs. It. b.
Cn, M i .. Anna I,. Warren, hu
luimi agents.
Ml siilis, ijlieis lo the .Mllsku
,ir Mir vvl.use lime of stibsciip
li ti h.is not expired aie hereby
iiilifu-d that I heir names will b
I'lfif d as siibsci ibers lo Ihe Tulsa
Stni- for Hill lime of subscription
from the date of litis Issue of the
I'll Ira Still-.
All agents for the Muskogee
Slur will be retained as agents fur
the Tulsa Slur iiikiii application.
TliN Notice Is Issued because id
change ol' the post nffii e and in the
name id the p.iH'i-
Hi riuiti v-uiiiuiiiiiuuitiii m
IIV It M Wiilliiri W
IIV It M Wnllnn,
SHV VklH',,H
'I linn Imlt Icivx mi other iiriiiters
I I'Tfl.t Uh
tlii.ii sli ilt nut jirlni tti.v own julis
ii. 1 tunc it t) written liy wife op friend.
Ili-iuemlier I In- TilU.i Star Printing
1 nitiiiuiiy Hint kuei us liusy, for wii miro
111 lit Ihe coin.
Anil Oh, frii'inlH riineiuler we ulil itn
jiuir erlnlliig right now.
TIhiu shnli not try In licrrow from
vimr iroitei, nor atloinit In Htanil htm
off. tor M-rll.v I niy mitii jnu ho In up
.IKHlllHt it.
We Want I' J II A f'uttomi-r of ours.
Iti-inrinlei HiIb Ihmiio eiitnrirlM to
keep it going.
'thou sh.itt not i-ovi't thy neiuliborH
piperj lij no or suhiirrltiu for !t and
mii will get it every wcik
Don't aik us to boost your liimlnon
iinU'hH ou are billing to lionst ours; It
ri-quin s money to boobt sm-cesfnily.
1 I1..11 lI.Ii ....I ...! .u .. ....I. ,tl
....... r...... ,...b .IBM It. ... .HUIIBII llll
plcisaiit tliuigh nlioiit your nelghhor
wlu-c you aro not witlini; to !itHuniti'rf I
I'lioii hh.ill ii. t liegiu lliulliig fault
wlh the naeer or our erinlinc Juit
.hefore the collector com h aromiil; If
1 k .. ,.!... 1 . . .1 .
joil nau any iniji'i-iioii in liur lUVVUIMl
of running our liushuta ou are free In
Celt tlieui to ua.
go to Sena!?
Cause Political Scramble
W 1C, "-- '-t
Economy Drug Store
Dealers in fresh Ding. Toilet
Articles. Perfumes, an 1 other
Sundries Cold Drtl k Mid
Ic" Cicain Spccinlty
Dp. A. F. Bpyani, Prop.
108 N. Greenwood St.
Fot nice things to eat, we lead ami others follow
Meals And Short Orders. Courtei'iis Tieatmeiit And
I'tompt Set vice to All.
Cor. Archer & Oreenn otiii Si.
McGregor's Grocery Store
12G North Greenwood Ave.
High Grade Clohing
O L S A N S'
Have You Subscribe?
Tin, liiislnvsH .letivity whlcli for tin,
past four or five years has made the
i-it.v of 'liils.ii. 1 1 1 .ie n of 1lUtl11cti1.il in
the ciiinini.rcl.il world, has assuimd a
a iiioii, proniiuni'iil basis Ihix year of
1013 than evor before.
Ihere is not a ToNiui to h found who
is not Lcutlly proud of I ho cllj In
miiipii ne lives, lliein is not a Tutsan
win, is ant .1 livliiL',1 r'.it fiinir. boostini;
iidverlisi'incm uf the best citv in tin.
state. 'I lie Tutsan c.uiliul In, found
Who Ii.ih not placi it every niini'i, of his
faith and every itollur he can saie In
Tulsa investments
Hut there is Mill room In Tulsa for
boosters from wherever they ma)
I'onii', i one short of a hooNter is
wished here, and while the hand ef
nelri'inr is extemleil In evrvone. it
is done ill Hit, spirit and with the full
iindfistaiiiliiii; Hint however uleepy one
may tip when he (list conns to Tulsa,
he can't subsist In this Invigor itinh- at
mosphere whoso ono essential Is hustle
and ret-up iiniltro and not become Inn-
ciliated with tin, perm of boost audi
tntt, 1.. II. a nil.'.. ...........I ...! .... !
u,,, ii inr 111.J n ii'.i-ii, .tiiu nil lire.
Not only Tulsa, lint tin, Tulsa com
inuul.y bespeaks in all directions the
progress heinc made here, and rich! at
th A time there is room In Tulsa llvo
hundrrd more dwotlinpK. All nl theso
c-uuld be rented at uood prices aa soon
as built. Thn liulldlnK of them would
increase tin, population nf tho by st
eral thousand porsnui, and the fuvost.
ment Is one of tho bmt.
When you are nuinli'i; jour flncer up
and down the railway tracks ou the
maps, let It linger long at Tulsa, and
then i-orao and sue for yourself what it
moans In live In Urn most thrifty city
in all the Great Southwest - Rt.
The Star is delighted to echo
this song ol boost spirit and add
color to thi- pleasing feature of
h"ine pride. Th Colored citizen
ship of Tulsa in their way are do
ing to help boost aheir home town
and they are sincere in their ef
I forts. There is at presents great
loostcrs Banquc
A bootser.s banquet is planted
for the leaeiliD"; Colonel people
of Tulsa t o be given ta the
Cleaver and Cherry.s hall on
north Greenwood Saturday
nijfht those who will appear as
speakers of the day ate Rev.
Kirsh Dr Key Hon. Freeman
L. tnartaiii Dr. Hrvant and Dr.
Jaeksoa and other a pronu'nance
The ladies will play an interest
ing in the evening intertaiiinent
protni.sis to be a very popular
Phone Black 149b
wave of civic pride evident amone.
the leadinj. Colored people of this
KiMt city which is bringinp. fruit
in new modern dwelling houses,
flats etc which will add materially
to tho beauty of the city. We
pin our .hite brother in the aboe
iuNitiition to visit the thriftiest
town in Oklahoma and when you
come you will iiml us whole hoart
ed in our welcome. We need
more goou business im n and wo
men, but ie hold out no encour
agement vvlmteU'i to the shiftless
dement of our people, Ou the
other hand, we do not want them
and will not tolerate them. Tula.
is without question the best ton
in the otate at this time and the
piesent in indications point to con
linual prosperity. The man who
owns vacant property in Tulsa at
this time has no good icason to of
fer for not building houses on it,
and is showing very poor business
stnse by keeping it vacant. Dwel
ling houses are much in demand
now. All tho hotels from one to
ton stories high are constantly full,
but builcjings aro going up every
day and the traveling publ c is am
ply provided for. We echo the
World invitation; Como and see
for yourself what it means to live
in the most thrifty city in all the

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