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The Tulsa Star, Friday, May g, 1913.
Appetizing Dish the Exclusive Reelpo
of a Clever Little French Cook
Ragout of Veal.
Tho economy of tho potato omolot Is
ono of tho devices for moncy-BavIng
housekeeping shown In "A Llttlo
French Cook; Her Methods and
Recipes," published In Harper's Daiar.
for days when company must bo espe
cially regarded, eho mado a potato
omelet, which reconciled you to tho
conditions. Sho mashed ten small cold
potatoes. Sho then fried brown In
butter two shopped clboules (which
aro shallots, but any small, dellcato
onion would do), with n pleco of
chopped parsley, and ndded tho pota
toes. She then beat together well four
RBs, and ndded them lightly to tho
potatoes. Of this mlxturo bIio mado
an omolot In tbo usual way; and when
dono put It on a dish and eet It In tho
oven a few minutes to rise.
Thcro Is no moro economical dish
for n well-fed family thnn a good
ragout. Cccllo's ragout of veal na
varraln, as sho called It was as sa
vory and nourishing a dish as nnyono
could deslrn. Sho used about two
pounds of tho shoulder of veal, which
sho cooked for 20 minutes or so In a
Bmnll Iron pot, with snlt, popper and
butter, until It was well browned. Sho
turned It over from time to tlmo. Onco
sho added a small wineglass of water,
to prevent burning (Sho wns very
chary of spoiling good things by wa
ter dilution, nnd In tho Iron pot thcro
was llttlo danger of burning). Sho
then sprinkled and stirred In well two
teaspoonfuls of (lour that Is. eho
sprinkled It over tho meat and turned
tho meat over and over; then Bho
ndded right largo carrots cut Into
small dice, four onions, sliced, sev
eral pieces of parsley, about two cup
fuls of raw peas, and n glassful of
water. Sho cooked It, tightly covered,
an hour and a half, adding, a half-hour
before It was dons, n plateful of small
raw potatoes, cut In half.
When making nilnco meat uso a fow
crabapplcs with other apples nnd you
will add a delicious flavor to tho meat.
When boiling molasses or sugar
candy rub tho dish In which it Is being
boiled with butter all around about
an Inch from tho top and It will not
boll over.
To keep vegetables fresh and crisp
dip a mUBlIn bag or cloth flour sack
(after It Is cleaned) In cold water,
wring It lightly, put In tho vegetables
nnd bang whera tho air can strike It.
A flatlron stand will bo found useful
on tbo rango to keep tho contents of
a saucepan warm without danger of
. burning; It Is nlso useful when one de
sires food to simmer; there Is thon
no fear of sticking or burning on a hot
. To clean steel ornaments of ruBt
nnd discoloration, rub them with a
brush dipped In paraflln oil and then
In emery powder. I'olish them with a
dry chamois. A lump of camphor
placed In tho box with them will keep
steel ornaments bright.
Glovo Angers make good protection
for tho stems of flowers, especially If
the flowcrB aro fresh nnd worn pinned
to a whlto dress. Save tho Augers, In
ecrt'tho flower stems In thcin and pin
to drees and no dampness or stnln will
Jnjuro tho most dollcnto dress.
Mint Jelly.
Two bunches of mint, simmered In
ono pint of water for ono-hnlf hour;
ono cup sugar, ono nnd ono-hnlf tnblo
ppoonfuls of granulated gelatin, soft
ened In one-halt cup of water; julco of
two lemons.
When tho gelatin has softened, pour
tho water from tho cooked mint over
tho Boftcned gelatin, then add tho
sugar and lemon Julco. A dellcato
green color may bo obtained by tho
uso of a llttlo vegetable color pasto.
Strnln and chill; cut in squares and
servo with lamb In tho placo of mint
snucc. It may bo used as a gurnUh
for tho lamb.
To Bone Fish.
To romovo bones from olthor fresh
or salt flsh, whllo raw, tako tho head
less flsh In tho loft hand, split down
the back; with tho right thumb euro
fully push the meat from tho flesh
eldo of tho backbone, then gently
forco the thumb between tho back
bone and tho skin of tho IIbIi from
head to tall; now gently pull slduwiso
oild tbo ribs adhering to tho backbone
will como out with It. All tho remain
Ing bones can bo removed by catching
them between tho thumb and the
sharp blado of a knifo.
To Iron Shirtwaists.
Put 0 soft, thick cloth on a tnblo at
ono corner. Lay tho shirtwaist on the
table with ono nrmholo over tho cor
ner; pull the waist tight and iron It. In
this wny tho shoulder Is Ironed smooth
and kept in shapo. It Is especially
good for pleated waists.
When Washing Collars.
Rcfore washing lace collars, I baste
them closely on a pleco of whlto cloth
to kcop them from bolng strrtchajMr
torn. If no starch Is put In thuapHrey
will look like now. Washington Star.
Wife bo Weak and Nervous
Could Not Stand Least
Noise How Cured.
jjji"' jj'i'i-jpi,,' iup'i,;.
Munford, Ala. "I was so weok nnd
nervous whllo passing through tho
Chango of Life that
I could hardly Hvo.
My husband had to
nail rubber on all tha
gntca for I could not
stand It to have a,
goto slam.
"I also had back
acho and a fullness
in my stomach. I
noticed that Lydia
E. Plnkhom's Vege
table Compound was
advertised for such cases and I sent and
not a bottle. It did mo so much good
that I kept on taking It and found It to
be nil you claim. I recommend your
Compound to all women efllicted as I
was." Mrs. P. P. Mullendoke, Mun
ford, Alabama.
An Honest Dependable Mcdlclno
Is Lydia E. Pinkhnm'a Vegetable Com
pound. A Root and Herb medicine orig
inated nearly forty years ago by Lydia
E. Pinkham of Lynn, Mass., for con
trolling female ills.
Its wonderful success in this lino has
made it the safest and moit dependable
medicine of tho ago for women and no
woman suffering from female ills does)
herself justice who does not give it a.
If yon Jinvo tlie Rliglitcntdnnlit
that Lydia 10. Piiiklium'H Vcp;ctn
lloCompounl 'will liclpyoti, write)
to Lydia. IMMiiklinniiHcclleliicCo.
(confidential) Lynn,TtTass.,for ad
vice. Your letter -will bo opened,
read nnd answered by a, woman,
nnd held in strict coulldcuco.
A to lift prfrvratlon of mi fit
Far Kstnrin Cntn nrl
Beauty to Cray or Faded Hair.
wo. ana 91 wti imitrii"ta.
Nothing Better Than Pedestrian Ex
ercise, Especially to Those Who
Have Passed Beyond Youth.
Bonio of tho most noted of tho old
men of Now York, successful In buBl
ices, tho professions and public af
fairs, havo formed a walking club for
tho purpose of making their pursuit
of still greater length of days nnd still
better health as agrecablo ns It Is
sensible. They Intend to tnko long
walks together and, no doubt, to ninko
their pedestrian experiences tho sub
ject of entertaining discussion nnd a
stdro of memories held In common.
This Is nil cxnmplo which might well
bo followed in every city of tho United
States. In tho era of motor vehicles
thcro is danger that wnlklng will bo
Increasingly neglected, especially by
men nnd women advanced In yeaiB,
who often need It most. Thcro Is u
constant temptation to forget that rid
ing In tho open nlr. Ana ns It Is In
many ways, can never do for tho body
what walking docs."
Frceland, Md. "Baby's eczema
started In llttlo spots and would hurst
nnd run all over his faco and wher
ever tho wntcr would touch, his faco.
It would malto another soro. Pimples
would break out nnd mnko his faco
soro and lnAnmcd, and ho wns very
cross nnd fretful. It was nwful. Ha
suffered tortures from it, and wo had
to tlo mittens on his hands to keep
him from scratching. A friend of mlno
told mo of tho Cutlcura Soap nnd Oint
ment and I went to a drug storo and
bought them.
"When wo would batho his faco with
tho Cntlcura Soap and apply tho Cutt
curn Ointment, ho would bo much hot
ter. IIo would wnko up In tho nights
nnd cry with his faco and wo would''
put on somo of tho Cutlcura Ointment
and then ho would rest nil night. They
havo cured him completely of tho
eczema." (Signed) Mrs. Harry Wright,
Mar. 21, 1912.
Cutlcura Soap nnd Ointment soldi
throughout tho world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card "Cutlcura, Dept, L, Boston."
Ragtime Made Easy.
Ono day my mother cut her Anger
and sho put a rag o;j It. Then sho
went to church to practice on tho plpo
organ, and a little boy who was thero
said, "O. Mrs. H can play ragtlmo
now." Exchange
New Grecian Monarch Has Proved
Himself Worthy of the Crown
He Has Inherited.
Constnntlne, the now king of
Greece, Is of Danish and Russian
blood, his father having been a Bon of
Christian IX. ot Denmark, and his
mother being tho eldest daughter of
Grand Duko Constantino, a brother of
Alexander II. King Constantino was
born In AthctiH nnd brought up under
an English governess and German and
Greek tutors. Later on ho went to
Berlin, whero ho received his cducn
tlon as a soldier, being attached to
tho Second regiment of Prussian foot
gunrdH. In 1897 ho took command of
tho Greek troops In tho wnr with Tur
kny, but his nrmy wns crushed In
Thcssaly. In April last ho was ap
pointed Inspector general of tho
forces, nnd has slnco shown himself
a soldier of merit. At tho moment of
his ncccEslou ho was In Kplrus, con
ducting tho military operations for
sweeping tho Turks out of that province.
Exquisite Agony.
"It was, to say tho least of It," a
I)ndon letter remarks, "Just a llttlo
bit awkward that tho electric light
went out tho other evening at tho
town houso of a presumably wealthy
widow who had been doing n good
deal of polltlcnl entertaining. Tho
guests, to tho number of a docn, hail
just finished their soup when tho un
fortunate. Incident occurred. Tho
scrnmblo to And a sufficient number
of candles bo that tho dinner might
proceed wob attended with a great
deal of dlfllculty and no llttlo amuse
ment. Tho butler, who Is described
as being a bit now to his Job, was im
mediately told to telephone to tho
electric company, report tho catastro
phe nnd demand nttrntlon to the mat
tor. It was a trying moment for the
guests when ho returned to tho din
ing room and announced in real Cock
ney accent: 'Please, my lady, tho
gentleman what's on tho telcphono
says they Bent several warning letters
unless tho account wns paid activo
steps would havo to bo taken.'"
Rival Punsters.
"Can February March?"
"No, but April May," was the reply.
"Look here, old man, you'ro out of
"Don't July about It"
"It Is not often that one gets tho
better ot your August porsonngo."
"I In! now you think that you havo
mo Noctober."
And then thcro was work for tbo
Church on Historic Site.
St. Alban's church, London, which
occupies tho site In Brook street of
tho thlovcs' kitchen described In "Oli
ver Twist," Is to celebrate Its Aftloth
year of existence on Juno 22. From
tho dnto of Its foundation It has had
tho faithful "Father" Stanton watch
ing over Its destinies.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTOHIA, n safe nnd sure remedy for
Infants nnd children, and boo that It
Tlnfirathn , wf
Slgnaturo of UutATT&J&U
In Ubo For Ovor 30 Years.
Children Cry lor Fletcher's Castoria
Keep 'Em Open.
"Would you ndvlBn mo to closo my
eyes when I sing?"
"How can you dodgo It your eyes
aro closed?"
An artist may paint his wife, but
usually sho paints herself.
Over-Night Relief
for Constipation
A Small Dose on Rctlrintz
and You Arc Well and
Happy by Morning
It Is only natural that tho simplest
of nllmenta should bo tho most gen
eral, and bo wo havo a whole nation
Buffering from constipation nnd Indi
gestion, for they aro closely allied. But
common nB constipation Is many peo
plo do not seem to know they havo
It. They will complain of henilnche,
drowsiness or biliousness, all uncon
scious of ihn cause of tho trouhlo.
You should hnvo n full nnd frro
movement nt least onco a day. If you
pass a day you aro constipated, nnd
tho result will bo that )ou will catch
a cold easily or havo a moro serious
ailment. To euro tho constipation and
forestall still graver trouble tako a
doso of I)r. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin at
night beforn retiring nnd by morn
ing relief will come, without disturb
nnco from Bleep or any Inconvonlmico.
Legions of pcoplo uso It regularly In
such emergencies, somo of them form
erly chronic lnvnllda who havo suf
fered from constipation nil their lives.
Mr, A. II. nanner. .120 Itlley St., Hnr
rlsburg. Pa., pays: "Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin gavo mo almost Instant
relief from stomach and bowol trou
ble. I now cat anything I wnnt, and
Bleep well." Many others will toll you
that they havo tried most things rec
ommended for this purposo but havo
found Syrup Pepsin tho only ono al
ways reliable. A bottlo can bo obtain
ed at any drug Btoro for llfty cents or
ono dollar, tho latter size being bought
Mr. A. B.
by families already familiar with Its
Syrup Pepsin la mild, pleasant-tasting,
anil non griping. Mothers glvo It
to tiny Infants, nnd yet It In directive.
In grown-ups. It Is for overyono who
Buffers from nny form of stomach,
liver or bowel trouble, constipation
dj-Bpepc'.a, biliousness, etc. Us action
will bo delight you that you will for
ovcr avoid harsh cathartics, purga
tives, pills and Balls.
If no member of your family has
ever used Syrup Pepsin and you would
llko to mako a personal dial of It be
fore buying It in tho regular way of a
druggist, send your address a postal
will do to Dr. W. 11. Caldwell, 203
Washington St , Montlcollo, III., and a
frco samplo bottlo will bo mailed you.
here PUtMntwr nmonfr tta.
ornm tuny ! nrnr Hlm
ranrfH are fnnMni; niHtriniH-r
' S
F your linn.
Corn Planting
mi-7 take pom) of them corn planting hi t6 Into
h? Ulatniier
In your trim H.ifrtiiitnl n curn n well n prr vent Ire- MVj miM ll.nrj
Imltle tMx) mitt fioui 'Inzen, (IHlTernl. Itrc In morn than twice tna
s-mnllerMre. m'tputlitrT. (lellt. DrupffUt ornni'1 tonmnufueturcr.
Spoba Medical Co., Cbioilsli mt DaclcrloIoflsU. Guabeii, Intl., U.S. A
Observance of Colored Man Really
Offered Some Good Ideas for
Worthy Reflection.
An official of ono of the departments
at Washington Bays that whllo going
to hlB luncheon ono afternoon ho bow
a military funeral passing down Penn
sylvania nvenuo. As tho pageant
passed tho official was Btnudlng on
tho curb, hat In hand, und noting with
Interest tho reversed nrnis, tho llag
draped coflln, and tho riderless liorso
behind somo ono touched him on the
elbow and Bald: "I hope jou'll ex
cuso mo, boss, but would you mlu' tell
In' mo whether tho dead soldier was
anythln' to you?"
"Why, no," answered tho official,
smiling In Pplto of himself, as ho
turned and beheld a solemn looking
darky of perhaps Blxty years of ago.
"Kxcuso mo again, boss," continued
tho negro, "but you kinder looked Hint
sorry I thought mebbo ho wns somo
thin' to you."
"IIo was n bravo Boldlcr," answered
tho official.
Tho darky said nothing for a mo
ment. Finally, with a sigh, ho ndded:
"Wouldn't It bo gran', boss, mournlu'
for a man llko that, B'posln' ho was
somcthln' to you?"
When the Doctor Called.
Graco wan six years old and very ill
Tho fnmlly doctor took her hand to
feel her pulso. In n moment Graco
bald In n whisper, "It's no uso to feel
my wrist, doctor, tho pain Is all up
In my head."
Chinese Hair Bands.
Chinese women nro not only nhead
of Amcilcnn and Kngllsh women In
tho mnttcr of suffrage, but thero aro
many who fay they havo a more nt
tractlvo manner of nrranglng their
hair thnn havo Europeans or Ameri
cans. At any rate, tho Chlneso hair
band Is being extensively worn. Tha
colorlngB of these bands nro very ef
fective. Blondes generally chooso a
band with a background decorated
with Aowcrs and butterflies In natural
colors, whllo tho brunette favors a
palo colored ground appropriately designed.
Every tlmoa man gets his monthly
gas bill lie's glad that ho doesn't havo
to buy tho Btuff by tho ton.
ADlJl.KN at num.
L able prlrm, wrlla for fre
4 lltuiitrutetl catalogu.
m lruli il. Iltuiloi, Tei.
Naturally a beauty doctor llltes to j
demand n bandpomo fpo
lira. Neat. cImq or-
rhep, LM ,li
tin. Matte of
ott win not toil or
1 njur fcfirthlntT,
fluartotfml rrM?tlv
Ainrcua nM for tl.no.
HAROLD SOMtM, 180 D-1W At , Drooklf, K. T.
Cotormorisoodsfcrlshtefandfutereolonlhin tar other art. OnelOcpackiEecotomllfibtre. Thy dye In cold water belter thin inyotfitrdre. You cm
dreany girment wtehout ripping spirt, wrlla for tree booklet Haw te U. Illctch nd Ml Colon. MONPor IIHUG COM PANT. Qalacy, III,
Satisfied tho Professor.
Tho story Is told of a collego pro
fessor who was noted for 'lis con
centration of mind. Tho professor
wns returning homo ono night from
a scientific meeting, still pondering
over tho subject, lib had reached his
room In safety when ho heard n nolso
which seemed to como from under tho
bed. "Is Bomo ono thcro?" ho nsked.
"No, profeBgor," answered tho Intru
der, who lenow o.' tho professor's pe
culiarities. "That's strango. I wns
posltlvo somo ono was under my bed,"
commented tho learned man.
Marriage a Battleship.
Jack Speaking of Bhlps, what kind
ot a ship Is courtship?
Tom It's a transport, my boy.
Paradoxical Drawback.
"Do you intend to mako a tour of
tho big desert?"
"No; I haven't got tho 'sand.'"
uu-ntifi 7. TO
iMin"f Ji'ji
vm. suvTi
Vft.-r.l'iS Tim
3.oo 3.60 M.,00
M.5o AND $g-oo
f 7. 00. 47.60 and S3.0O.
The Ursett makers of
Men' $3.50 and $4.00
ahoai in tho world.
Akjonr tlcnlrr In ihnw ynn
V. I lKmrlu.S3.no. 4.oo m
S4.5U ulioei, J nit ft ir mm I 'n IvIm,
nt anu wrur aaoinr maitra coming Bwi.uo tn 87 OO
-cue oniy iimerrnr ia 1 no prirr. mmwi m all
miirrri, aijira mm iinjirfl in suit TorjOOdy,
If you roiilil vlalt W. 1M loii(lA9 Jnr farln
rlea at I! rock ton. Maaa.. anil a for vourif
how rarrfullr IV. I. Uoui-Ia alinea tra ml
wotilil llifn unilerslainl Whr thor ariwarramt.i
to nt better, look bftter, hold their ahaps aad wear
MMigvr man anj inner uiaita lor am pn (.
: w u iKuf im moe an not ror aie In your Tlrlnlty, order
J,Tl 11WHI lliq (MI-IWI J VI'V v(V U IU rUMUl I DrDnL
f'""'"! - iiitiiiiiwi tun iniiy, (i uc, UW
I'arrel I'oil, pcaUM fre. Vrlt?rr llltrMtrl ,
t'litnhi. 11 will Phowyoa how to ordrr bymall m
ii(4 wuj yuu can t uiuiwj on jour looiwcar.
W. I IIUUurAM . . nrorklAa, Matt,
Vll x
jfK 3v
if 'aVX v-
lipwyl ,'.1
.aawFTt JmA
wtZEfjf&'M. Si
1 jpj aLJTrrr
M&frT fw'19
7 isaroiTJTiQi
im ti atamcwttl
on tha hnttom.
If Vsura ! flNttorlHa.rwBk "MINOVINC." Mwla.ay Via VlMtMwwNsM Dm C MtMhla. Tmi. ViH 91.
wJKf"'-i. ' 1 P.irtf- a -
z iWrf fe. bV.'i. Matbt JBaM-"- . '- , ' f

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