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Vol. 1, No. 31
New Business Man
And His Michigan
Bride Banqueted
"Will Open Big Store Monday
A social precedent was establis
lied in Tulsa Monday night when
Mr and Mrs. O W Guiley served
a banquet after a formal icception
in honor of Mr. and Mrs. R D.
Tahorn, ncwlyvveds, who had
just terminated their honey-moon
trip from Kalamazoo, Mich.,
where Mr. Tahorn went to claim
his young bride, and bring her to
this city, which stands out. even
in far away Michigan, as the bea
con light of commercial prosper
ity in Oklahoma. . Mr. Tahorn
has- rented the south room in the
Gurley Dldg where next Monday
he expects to open a big dry
goods and clothing and .shoe store
which will be the only store of its
kind conducted by colored people
in Tulsa, and it was for the pur
pose of introducing the bride and
groom and at the same time wel
coming them to this city that the
reception and banquet was givui
them A product of Tuckegec, a
Epidemic of Imoral
ity Treating res
pectable homes
Shameful Conditions Existing On East Archer And Cincin
nati Streets.
The Star regrets that it is necessary to air to the outside world
any bad feature of Tulsa in oider to get our own people at home to
notice it, but such is the case.
No citv is without some bad features; every city has its living
hells; its dins where vice and immorality is indulged in for pastime.
Dtit there is no good reason win the better element of people in
any city sh uld permit these conditions to exist to their own shame
and detriment.
Tulsa. ;s a great city. Her good qualities are not surpassed by
any city in the Southwest, if an where in the United States. Her
citiens arc as a whole the best there is. They are people who love
and respec' the sanctuary of the home and honor above all else the
good name ml virtue of the fair se.
These re facts that we are proud of. but there are other
facts that f ' which we are not proud and which we admit with a
tinge of gi 'i an dshanie
iium, i -cause we nave not raised our voices in protest airauisi
nn epidenr
nature. SI
might iusti
cffoits to 1
osvils of tl
of moral turpitude of a most damnable and shameful
lie, because all principles of Christian probity that we
into the tender minds of our girls and boys, and all our
p on- home life, the home circle, protected from the
underworld, are laughed to scorn and trampled under
foot by age -s of vice and corruption who sojourn about and near us.
We re -ctfully invite the attention of the citv officials to the
rotten conditions existing in the vicinity of Fast Archer and Cin
cinnati. Tin's p rtion of the city is in a direct path for residents of the
Fast end v ' o desire to go to town for shopping or any other kind
of business mil it is impossible for the women and children u tills
part of the -ity to get to town without detouring several blocks out
of the wa r passing through an atmosphere of moral impurities,
base, ile d vulgar language proceeding from the motttlii of the
hell-cats ai I their consorts who inhabit and frequent the dens and
dives in thr' vicinity. The city is doing a great injustice to the re
spectable p "de in the Fast end in permitting these houses to run
tt this part of to.n. These human demons should be compelled to
stay in a restricted district. There is no need for such people being
permitted to remain on such public highway, and every true man,
every minister of the gospel in Tulsa, should raise his voice against
this outrage on common decency. A petition should be sent to the
Mayor asking him to remove these human parasites by closing up
the houses. Think of it ! Immoral women, sitting out in public view,
half clad, smoking cigarettes and using vile language all in plain
view anil hearing of the passersby. Jt is rediculous and the Tulsa
Star is for one willing to go down as opposed to it 1
. Taneha Sand Found at Sapulpa
The present activity in the oil fields near this city and Sapulpa
is cause for a wide spread interest among people who have invested
their mony in this vicinity with the hope of realizing future returns
The North Taneha Development Company of Muscogee, has
sold quite a number of lots on their property between this city and
Sapulpa, with an understanding that they would drill when enough
money had been received on the lot, and since the news of finding
Taneha sand in the well just brought in on the Brtincr farm near
Sapulpa there will probably be a rush on the North Taneha Company
by lot purchasers, who desire to pay up that the company might
start drilling at once. This field is looking better than ever at this
time, and it may develop a few wealthy people before more months
has passed.
very affable fellow, full of moral
stamina and business acumen,
there is no doubt that the Tahorn
Dry Goods Company will make
good here with Mich a man as Mr
I'.iborn at the steering wheel.
However, Mrs. Taboin will
come in for a big slice of the re
sponsibility for her husband's sue
cess since she is his guiding star
and his inspiration in the business
world Moth the brde and groom
are well pleased with Tulsa, and
deeply touched by the honor that
was shown them. I'rof. J. W.
Hughes was master of ccieiuonvs
and he arranged a short program
for the evening consisting of
short talks by Rev. Kirsh. J I!
Hill. Freeman L. Martin, Dr. Mc
Iee and the editor of the Tulsa
Star. Anumber of the leading
ladies of the city were presiit
with their husbands and added
much to the enjoyment of the
e uiing b the bride and groom.
Local Lawyer
Making Good
The above likeness is that of
lawyer G Iliitchins, of this
citv. who is quietly and unassum
ing' making a recoid for himself
in the legal profession. Ile has
a large civil practice and stands
well with the court officials of
this city and count)'.
Just this week he completed a
sale of ifxD acres of minor land for
his client. Morris Lewis, for more
than $2,000 oo, which is said to be
a remarkably high price for the
land, considering its location and
its general agricultural value.
Air. Iliitchins is a man of ad
mirable qualities. A progressive
citien, a race man and a booster
of the first-water. He is one of
the old timers here and has an
extensive knowledge of the In
dian country.
u A Man wanced"
Sprmuii lly It v. J.inio A. Johnson At
'J ho A...M. i:. Church Lnst Sunday
Tet Gen. U-.'58 And I'haroah
said unto his servants, Ccati we find
such 1 one as I It's a mini in whom
tin-spirit nf G u is? contest Isi.
"'2 2. And H..III shall iu tin hiding
ph.ie frioniilio .wild and u covet
trotii the tempi",;, as i vers of watei
in a dry p .. e i. the shadow of a
g1e.11r.1uk in i .venry land.
And for the i ,k or the way to
uccoinu a mm u the true soesoof
god's woid tin.. d chronulcs ,'H
3. wliilu lie bc.n to Me alter the
God of D.ivid In- fuihei. And we ate
assuie.l in the provetb of Solomon
dinger 12 , i ,es 2 und he saith, A
good limn alnuinoi.li nelpfrotn God,
but hf wicked dovUes ull ijod eond
emu And now yeuug men I coma
loyou uIi'h morning wtn u special
message uud, I hope to so foreublo
ly remind ymi of hniii the Afifaliutf
demi ltd of G id and our raco
Our SubjLCl-A vvunted" und A"
muii n'eded ' And if you huo
taken strict notice, you will see
hutdredsif men idle and walking
the streets nf our city every day.
And this wou d deihups cuiisu you
to i.uk where uio the places that
u en aie wanted or needtd?.
Or why 'u it Hut men nru needed
or w.uitul and you slo ho many Idle,
And I answer you, It Is because
tins) don't eouio up to thu mark of a
niiu, and may lomlnd jnu that ISO
and 2U0 pounds luru novor made a
man. Hut to bo u man you must bo
moral, In-dus trlun, having your
heads, hands, and your minds all well
trolm-d or Educated I hoar tho cry
coming up from your minds, xaln(,'
wlioiu Is tho placo that A min Uncoil
ed or wanttd?.
The Giocery stores want men, tho
merchants, wunt men tlio block
smith shops Mant men the fanners
all want men and tho contractors,
want men and infuctin every line
of business, men are needtd yes the
pulpit need men llnti re well train
ed und tauly davotod to rignt and
. jt m v .'i'
pightcousuesj. Lust hut not in any
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30, W2
U.B.F. HoldS
Annual Meet
Captain 7 Jackson Delivers
Principal Address Of DaV
The annual Thanksgiving Din
tier of the l. I!. 1' and S. M V
was preached in the First Iiaptist
church last Sunday, bv Rev. R
Holt, who dehveied himself
with much ease, freedom and
Diessed in white with puiple
libbon about their waist hue and
on their hats all the ineinbeis of
the Woman's Auxiliary met with
the men at the Cle.ner-t'heiiy
hall on Ninth Gicenwood and
formed a line for marching to the
church. The men woie white
gloves which was their onl uni
form decoration. The hue of
march extended nearly three
blocks, and it was certainlv a line
of beauty, especially the femin
ine portion.
1 he church was filled to its full
capacity. Dr Jackson acted mas
ter ot ceiemomes. Rev Kersh de
livered a short talk. Mrs Lucy
Dais read an excellent paper on
Loe, and the two Rollisou L'irls
sang a duel. There were other
preliminary features which was
enjoyed by the audience The
principal speaker was Can. T. D.
Jackson, who delivered an ad
dress that went home deep into
the hearts of those who heard it
and would make good stock for
any worth) man or woman to in
Vest in.
Captain T I) JACKSON
Follow idi ng is Mr Jackson's .id
dieFs in full:
To the Oifitets and ineinbeis of
United Druthers of Friendship and
Sisters of t.'ie .Mysterious Ten and
Friends :-
1 haie been invited to icprescn
to j on nil loday ome of the princip
les and policies of this Grand order
To tell you how I appreciate this
honor, I will have to borrow some
of ths lunging' of our magic Christ
who said, while licto on cat th,
"Suffer little children to come unto
me and forbid them not, for sucl
is tho kingdom of hea en". I can-
not find words in the English h ngu
age cr latin phrase? adequate to e-
pres Hie unbounded gratifies tinu it
gir no to express in my own wu
I am iw to say that 1 can see in
this order and I can comeive nf a
niitural destiny which surpasses
the glories of the prcbi lit and the
past; ndostny which meets the re
sponsibilitics of today and measures
un to the piHsiilibties of the future
Now lailicB anil gentlemen, i Drug
to you today an organization test
ing securely upon tho foundation
Mibsmption 51 00 1'or Year
stone quarried by the reo uiionary
patri- ts fiom tho mountains nf eter
nal truth, an older applungin pol
icies a-id ptactiiei to tinworld tho
-elf evident piopositi.ins that all
men me cieated equal, that they
aie i ndo ird by their Cie.itor.
This oigiinuation is conitituted
anu ng tl.iM, biotheis and sisters
to cecure these lights ami this order
i.'ei ins its just dues from tho eon
'en1 of (ho governed Dohold an
ni dei in which end and religious
liberty stimulate all to earnest en
deavor and in which the law- res
raisieg eveiy mud uplifted for a
nemhbir's injury an order in which
every citizen is a forcigeor but, in
which no one eare-i or (Into to wear
crow nn Heboid' my frionds, this
order standing eiect, while Ktnp res
all lound us are bowed beneath the
weight of their own armament' ; an
oig-iiiization whose flag is loved
while other flags aie only feared.
My friends, the U D F. 's are in
cieasmg in population, in wealth, in
strength and in influence in Tulsa,
mil solving the problems of civiliza
tion and In sterling the coming of
an universbl brotherhood. Outs is
an older which shakes thrones and
desolves unstocracies by its silent
example and gives light inspiration
io thote who sit in darkness.
In behalf of the U D F. 'S I
wish to iufiu m ,lii splandid audien
ee that the LT D I , 'S in Tulsa uie
gradually but surely becoming the
siipieuie nioiid faciei in tho world
oi progieus mid civilization und Hip
acei ped in later ol tue world of dis
putes This is an o der tho history
t win 'li, Iim- tlio path ot the just.
is as 1 1 e shining ligi.t that shincth
uiiireand inure unto th i per ect day
Now ladies and gentlemen, wo
want niimbcru an i tnisis tho nuul-
ities I am asking for: all those born
of a goodly p iro it, reared in mi at
mosphere satuu.ed with the puritan
spu n, whose character and catoer
aie ti uuded upon that leligiousbasi
which has developed Ins in her sense
of nccoiiutabihtx to God, love of
tiuth and justice, sensitiveness for
the feelings of other-, levereuc" for
things sacied, adheiaucc to law and
order, fidelity to duty and devotion
to the spiead of christian civiliza
tion .
I'uu more thought and I am through
saving your ( ariiings, ol denying
you. selves hi il o pieaent thuf you
mav havo somi tiling in the fiiluro,
of consuming less for oursclf that
your ehildr n mav have a start ,n
life when ou aie gone
With uiciiey and prnptity ccmes
tho means of knowledge and power,
a poverty stricken class or raco will
be an igiiniaut and dcspisiul class
and no aitnunt of .sentiment can
maki. it otheivvUe.
This part of our destiny is in our
own hands; ovciy dollar you lay
up represents ono day of indepctids
enco 1 of icst,Fecur ty is the future
If tho time shall over coma
w h?,n w e possess in tho
colored peoplo of this conntry a
class jf men noted for enterpris
inuustry, economy and success, wo
shall not longer hnvo any troubioin
the matter of civil and p.ilitica
rights, tho battle against ihepnpulur
piejudico shall havo been fought and
won an ' in common wlih all other
races and colois, wo shall have an
equal elianco in tho rcroof life

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