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Pnntingnnd Publishing CO.
Published Every Friday at 501 North Greenwood Street.
Kiilnpid as iuciii'I cI.ixh initlur April II. lOI.'l, .it thu IW Office sit Tulwi
UldjIiuiiM, under tint Act nl March .", I87U.
KIH.OK A. (iKNWI.M, Mdll,
Commission Furniture Co,
Pnone 3357 H5 NORTH MAIN 3357
if 1-urn tnre
W.. Unv At.d .Sell All Kind-
Onlv Kxihi-ue Second Ham. Furniture
In Town.
F, J, Vann
(Juu J oar
rili Mi mi til
Three Mont li
llnvc you visited the rending room?
A Uiosl for Tnlsn Is n boost for .vour business.
Tulsa i the busiest city in the state and of cotirio the best
Lett we forget, what about the playground for the colored chil
dren of Tulsa?
Ttilia affords splendid business chances for wide-awake color
id business men in almost any line. Come anil lok the field over
and be convinced.
Among those who subscribed for the Tulsa Star this week ap
peared the name of Hon. !'. .M. Wooden. Mayor of Tulsa. The May
..r believes in helping and boosting the town. Do you?
The editor of The Tulsa Star is of the opinion that a weekly or
monthly meeting of the business men of the city for a imttual inter
ibange of business ideas would be a great buiclit to all oi us.
A new high school building for the Colored people of Tulsa now
.ccms lo be a real possibility. The cit board of Kdueation will con
trol the Colored Schools another year and under their progressive
-stem our children will have just as good an opportunity as other
Do win know thai every word printed in this paper is piintnl at
si cost? 'Well, il is ii furl, iind tin- lunger llir iiiMelc you want u In
print rice Hie re rust it is t" us. You me very lilieial, of course.
in saving nice things about us, but we caiuiiii pay our lii'lp or bu
stock' wilh nice talk. It lakes cash. Please i-i'iiicmlii'i- this when .wm
arc asking us lo do wink for you gratis.
Have you slopped to think that a newspaper usually reflects
the standing of Hie people of the community where it is published?
Do you know that a newspaper is usually what the people of a town
make it? Sometimes people excuse their lack of support to their
local paper by saying. " , (here's nothing lo il." What if every
body in a town should withhold support from their newspaper on
such flimsy excuse? The result would be that the town would soon
be without a paper anil the outside world would soon forget the
The Tulsa World and the Daily Democrat could not exist
without the suppoit of the people of this town and the town would
not be what it is. and coul dnot long retain the commercial rating
it now has, without the influence of these papers-. The people make
the papeis and the papers make the town. The best way to get at
the proper standing of a people of any community is to read the
paper published there.
The Tulsa F.tar is your icprescntative ami u it is not an ui.ii
Hair Work. Massaging,
316 Davenport St
Manuunng and Shampooing
Mrs. W. M. Browning
D K I: S S M A K K R
She makes Fancy Dresses of All Kinds, Ai d of All
Stvles. Satisfaction Ciiiaranuul. Give her a trial
And She will Tvat ou Right.
316 I!. Davenport St. TULSA, OKLA.
Funiture Dealer Says
Colored Peop e Are Better payers, And Al
though' They Are 3-4 Of His Trade He
Refused To Patronize Colored Pa pe
Prof. P. W. Wnttman. principal
of the Colored school nt Sulpulpa,
va? in the Cityj.Monday accompon
cd by his wife and Mrs. Tuylar of
The Mt, Zion Hapt'.st Church has
bought a cornor lot on Eigin aud
Eastoti a church. A big lillv will
be given by this church sunday.
Umhr the leadership ol tlieir
pastor, Hev. F. K White, the people
of the Mt. Zion are making remark
able progress.
Mrs. Harnett of lirokcn Arrow,
was in town for a visit last week.
a guest of Mrs. Ualdridge.
Mrs. Wright of Clareinore was
through our city en route to Mcm
luis Missionary Board at Cleare
Vewe. ( )kla-
OIciiiiiIs; is iijiyIitK (.1111111 lio.uit iful
weather now, and tlici II. tie folks aro
nioti- 1 1 1 : 1 1 pl.ul that tnentleii Minn is
Miss Johnson t ho representee of the
Crisis, anil .iilvacnto (if tlio National
iiHsiirintimih Tor I lie nliwilii I n.i lit of
eolnreil people, is nnw In (lUiiulfit
t;i In;: a series of lecluiis, which nic
li'Kii'ul .mil Instructive she makes her
mi-1 nines I'V'ar and alums t illiterate nun
ami unman Is lileitM in tlilli pleat
assnelall"ii iin well im llie Crisis.
Miss, h llallln 1'iiril, Jessie Woodson,
Mill hi Crisn.iti. aiiil Jn.ina llarrih all
teachers nf the Diinh.ir llich Solum s
liaMilefl thoelty fortlinil-M vnral home
n wish lliein k delightful v.ica'inn.
Misses X. I,edsiii;er, ami K. C. Kluirlei
twilnf Diuiliar High Seli-ml Tn ichors of
(Iknui Ken will isit tho National .Suud.iv
School Control's, at Muskogee liefi.re
C itt'iin into their vacation
'I'lie Joint iVnrin il of Creole aim Okinii
li;en Cii'inties "A ill lie-in here Mond.ij
iiiite an attendance Is eiei'teil.
Tlio I'liisini; hWtcIk h fn tl e Inn.
liar lllt-'li Selinol indent I tin greatest en
I liu History of the seheel. for one whole
week the cI7-iih of (ikinulii n were
liusy atlrmliiiK the dlffirctit oxen-Ism
it Iho Aiiiliteriiiin themusie.il given li
MIhh I'd, ill's phi 11 cIihh wasimleed fine,
thi yniiii folks sliowit th it they h.ul
lieen ulven e.t refill tr.ilnlni; nut only for
. . . . 1 . . 1 1 ...1.. : -, n...l ..1 in lint nee isioii 11111 niiriiia 110 enure 1111
v.oi uniild have t be t is vour dulv to help make it so and not to , . . ,
JOIt WOI1HI llilM. II "I. II .- ,''l' "'. I ;,t j,, ,.m, 1(,, S(,y ,m. mlisie
stand back and criticise it.
Another thing we want you to bear in mind: When you sub
subsciibe for this paper or bring us your printing, you are helping
to create jobs for your children or for some colored boy or girl
who cannot possibly" get work at the white newspaper or job printing
The Tulsa M.ir is here and its yours. It is doing you as much
good as it is'..n .me else in that it is working for the common
good of the community. Now. what have you done to help out in
the work?
Dr. Morgan Plays Samaritan
Treat free Colored woman who was unable
to Pay.
I)r J 11 M rrau, eve. ear and thioat specialist on South Main
street in this cin .s'entiticd to all the good things possible to be said
about him for a good saniaiitan he lias piove.i uiuisen io i-. vi.
ccntlv.Mis. F.ditl. Mitchell, a colored woman, who lives on haston
l.etw'een tl.cenwno.l and 'Frankfort, called on Dr. Morgan, siilTcr.ng
with a severe pan. ill he,- head. After a consultation with the spec
ialist she lcaii.nl that il was necessary to undergo treatment and
asked the docl-i what it would cost, lie told her. but she had no
monev with wbul, to pay for a treatment. Mrs. M.lchell is a widow
with Vive clul.luM. the oldest a girl of ij, and she alone is the sole
import of the i.miily. When Dr. Morga ulearncd this he told her
that he would tieat her without charges aud he is till treating her
hist as carncsth as if he was getting full pay for it. e have never
met Dr. Morgan but we know he is a .M.N.
I 'V'l 2 5? !1 1
tlllllea few white people weieoiit their
applniiKit Hhnwtl thai they eujoyeil the
On Weilnesiliy niuht tlio joiiiik class
iimler thenni-pees nflhoW. I!. T, U
eomlrctiMl lir .MailiitiiD.l'reston, renipet.
eil nil li each other for the cold med.il
audi of thi'Mi ehlldren wearing sll'er
in nl.ils.and this eontent Whdnhsilii)
exrnlnt; was toiletoimiiiri who anion);
l"'m g'iiilil ware a pold medal It nas
inleiestini: from start to finish, the
ileel.imationH weie all tempurani'oseleu
Minis, and lieant. fully luiuleieit, Inirthe
prize was eiptiireil by llosln Carr, a
u'lllof Mrs.. I. II. No.il.
(in Friday nlchttlin Drndiiatitn; Kner
elsi'Siroper worn rendered, tlio Dunbar
IIIkIi Kelionl Chorus, mm ol tlio hest in
the statu disposed poeil music mid Prof,
IC. II. Hall of '.lennesy delivered thoaiin
11. il address, strange, to s.iy the olass of
lllUl. Is eoiuposivl of only ono pcr.snn
i:hrist.il Alevamlur I'.irkH. a 1'ioiiiisln'
0.1 ni; 111.111 u ho BOOiiiut (rum Hi'hno, wllli
all 1 lie hest wishes of his many friends.
. . 1 Hill
t-.ii un lluiOupii
.i 1,1 11 1 111 o" work for ovti
hi nr.bii 1 ui d nln't kuI Iho prlt
1 a ni:lit's loilpla' Can yer do nn.
'i.ni' 10 hrlp me out?
Il..rdup, (sardonically) I'd Ulco to.
out I sprained my foot on ft collector
11 ! 1 11 QmmHMBTia utivrni
D O Q o o o & o o o o c ;
Rev. McMillen was called
lleggs to hold revival there.
Mr. Maggie Waters, returned
from Guthrie, where she has been
under treatment of Dr. Conrad,
and is very much improved in her
Mr. Gissol Smith of Indepen
dence. Kansas, has desided this is
the place to be. so he has brought
his family here to remain a while
Rev. McMillen was called to
licggs to hold a meeting for Rev.
Drake, this week.
Hy li. G Griffine and Cliur. Wil
urns, Solo bv the Jutun'lcs i
good paper was pcs-ented.
Let ccry pastor in the city join
in the light for the protection of
our homes, wives and children.
Kliminalc the rotten conditions
existing on Archer and Cincinnati
A respectable woman cannot pass
along the street without running
a great risk of being grossly in
sulted. The ladies of this city
should circulate a petition to be
piescnted to the Mayor asking
for iclief.
A M Tucker of this city spent
Su day at Hepgs.
Prof J. V. Hushes Supervior o'
the colored school of this city spent
sunday at Snpulpa.
Dr. A C. Jackson left for Guth
rie, Tuesday where he will spend
t w o or threo dnjs.
Ptof. I. F Scott of Guthrie, v a
itcd the Tulsa Star office, last I'rl
Mr. J cone Welch of this city
has returned after a few days vis
it with friends in liartlesville.
Rev. Drake of lleggs spent the
day in Tulsa 'Friday, May 23.
Mrs. Cannon, sister of W D and
Rev. W 1 1 Woods, is visiting in
the citv.
Mrs. () W Litirley who has been
on the sick list is improving.
Remember June lyth at
Midway park.
More and more business men
are coining to Tulsa. All are
welcome. Plenty room for more
June the loth will be a big day
for the colored people of this city
at the Midway park. The town
iill be almost entirely vacated on
that day. Get ready to have a
good time for once this year.
Let us do your printing we are
prepared to print visiting cards,
business cards, lot terheads, envelope
progams, minutes, bills, posters,
lodgerr. invitations and anything
else you want. Special attention
given nil mail orders call or write us
The Tula Star printing Co.
Mr. Robert Ynrhm .f Okmulgee
visited o. Cherry, H Grtn and tl e
Star Punting office lest week while
enioute to Baxter Springs. Kansns .
M as L Williams entertained Miss
Lorine Uovd of Jackson, Trim last
Fridaj ; Theie were quite a few
proent, and a'l seem to have cn
joypd themselves immensely.
Mrs. Hell tlio proprietor of the
Hell Cafe on (r Archer & Green
wood St is very sick.
' Lot Ch Print Tlio
,..Ve.Yf Job ft
l'or Yon
W e do It Now
Miss Theressa Hryant sister of
Dr. Hiyant, left hisi Monday for
her h me in Arkansaw.
Mr Huff won a gold hoadtd
walking cane as a prizo for raising
the largest amount t ver $2.".
The reading room is now a reality
in Tnlsn. It is located at the corner
of Xonh Greenwood and E. Camer
on streets Haveyou visitod it yet?
if you have gis engine that you
think will not run see Mr. Tuylor,
211 South Lansing. He can give it
new life.
Dan Hraggs of this city was
United in wedlock to Mrs. Tolier
falls la-t Sunday evening at the
home of the bride.
Rev W II. Woods officiated
To the Tulsa Stiu :
Plea e let this appea" in yourco
Inms tc lei the merry readers know
what the C. M. E. church in Tulsa;
is d nag under the leader-ship of
Rev II. G. Griffin, On Monday,
night last there was a cloud rose in
the North and blew Southward and
when the cloud bursied it was ntthe
C, M. E. paras'inage with a down
pour ol food for the P' C. and his
family also c.n Thursday night the
same week a wind btorm rose ia the
East and blew Westward and struck
tho C. M. E parasnnago and turned
it top so turvie and when tho mist
Mrj. Susie Hell proprietor of the hud cleared away the stovn was loa-
Hellcafo was suddently taken il ded with good things that was nice
last Saturday and has bcon confined to eate for the p eacheran.i his bet-
to her homo undor tho care of three tcr half, God bless tho good neonle
dhyslcians all of this week. ' ,f Tulsa. Also there was a rallv
at the C. M. i . church lastSunduy,
which was a succhss it amouute to
$249.35. Hev Grif(in and his good
Head the Tulsa itar for all tin

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