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A Fearles; Dp
fender of .ao-ht
and Justice
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Vol. 1, No. V
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I War On Against The Low Element
HE. I ILIiLiBll klK I Mil
Chamber of Commerce
And Takes
ditions In Tulsa.,
Tulsa Star Endorsed
Commended for Its
Fight for Decency
At a call uieling ol the Tulsa
Coloied Chamber ol Coniiueicc
lat Tuesday nigul a imiiiltui- ol'
representative rillens met and
deehued open war against the mi
del-world in 'I'll I- , and If the
plans ol' this oigaui.iitinn aie vig
ilaull.r carried out the Coloied
citizuiufUhi4 lovMi-uill.liuve.bul
u iace. for the decent eole both
white and black against vice and
The call meeting of the Chamber
of Commerce was the reMilf or the
disgraceful scenes which ocemied
on North tiieenwuod last Sun
day. The decent people in the
Hast Had were so aroused ovei
the ile display of iudeceul Inn
guagc and rutting and fighting,
on ihe most po ular street in this
end of town that the officers of
the Chamber of Commerce were
appealed to and lite meeting was
.1. 11. Well-, vice president of
the old organization, issued the
call in the absence of Mr. Martin
who is piesidenl However, Mr
Martin molded at this meeting
and I lied to persuade those prcs
ent to elect new officeis, but atl
er some discussion the election
was postponed till Monday night
to give all the business men op
portuuity to paiticipate in the
new'organizatioh. After this the
object ol Ihe meeting was dis
eiifsed pro and ion. That there N
a stiong M'liliiiieut heie against
the lower element who drift from
place to place anil the vice dei.s
that cater to them, was evidencit1
at this meeting, and this senti
aient is accompanied witli a
stioug determination to eliiuiu
ate this public evil A resolution
by Mr. Wan en endorsing The
Tulsa Ktur for its stand for de
rency and a pure social circle, wns
unanimously adopted and new
life given lo ihe cause when Hev
Milton, Mr. Wells and a liumbei
of others present took a bold stand
ui denouurb ; a number of places
ou (ireenwoi d. Hast Archer and
Cincinnati stncl, wheie vice and
imuioialit". -I rjicoiu-ngedf Mor
gnu's m ' .. .at and the rooming
house ovei Williams' Garage on
dreeiiwood. t,wn or three house
on Archer, Including the famous
Supple Sm-k " place and one or
' lvo hous'd itn Cincinnati are
some of th place" which will re
coive ininieiiuiao attention from
i committee on law and order,
which was appointed Tuesday
night and instructed to take whur
gver steps necessary to assuro the
to Better Con-
lespeclable people of this city'
more and better protection. I
Tlie police de)artiueiit, in 'at,l
the entire city and count v admin J
it ration will lend whatever ser-'
icc necessary to rid the town oft
the indecent gangs of loulers, cut I
throats and their lcmale c iisorls!
who are continually coining nil
.ind miikum it almost iutoleialtle'
f n decent people to live lieie.
It is Ihe piup.iM of fie Colored
Ciiiimber ol Commerce to coop
e. ate with the nflicer-s and in this
way bring relief to lie rillens ol
I ul-u ol these nuisauee-...
The couiiaittee on Pnv and or
der are:
.1. 11. Wells.
Cha. Wairen.
I.'er It. It. Milton.
C M. Henry, special officer.
A lonnal prole-it against the
e.ii conditions existing in this
ii.iii ot mwn emiuated fioiu
night s meeting ol the
ol Commerce which was
printed in full, as lol
( liumbei
ji deted
Uheivas, the icsidential part
it tliis cit wherein leside the
major pai t of the Negio p'lpu'a
lion, lias been and is now infested
u. a certain lawless element that
ii.e. lesiioci neither for law nor
.Kiciicv : and.
Whereas, many of thete pestx
ii sociel.v reside in districts or
iU.iilii- mi one of llie liuii uthor
iiigln'aie-', occupied aud ion troll
eil by ihe principal Negro business
eiiicipiie.s; aud,
Wheiels, peisons passing to
.i,.il lio i.lni! this stieet aie ollen'
i.iilioutid with indecent e.po-
iiic and loiced to listen to ob
i n ,uul vulgar language ealcu
luted to lower the mora! and so
rial staudaid of this community :
hereas the iunu condili'Uis
' In. f obtain on thi.4 ia-iiicipal stieet
ire also etistiug on other iienrb
stucls, especially Hast Archei,
ilien Inn', He-olved, that the
eM'" 'hiiHih'T f Comnieice heie
' l.-ci: i r an earned protest
i Tti , i tho.ibove stated loaditioiis
i,m1 oli.il the aid of the ol fleers
f li I in: in enforriup the clt or
Jii incus to the end that the-c
imblie nuisnnccs may lie abated.
"And we call upon all good cit
i'ens to aid and support the of
fin ip in Hip performance of their
"ncsolved, further, that we
heartily endorse the "tand taken
bv the TuKa Star for Inw and de
ceney and as opposed to public
vice 'and corruption."
llefore the meeting adjourned,
Mr Ciurlev offeied a motion that
a committee of tlu-ee be appointed
to confer with the city park board
relative to obtaining City Park
accouiraodatious for colored peo-
Me ting
This committee was ;ipM)iu(L'd
as follows:
U V. Hurley
A. ,1. Stiiillici limn
ur I M. rce
White Man Found
with Colored
Bv Colored Man. Who
Arrested and Con
fessedWhite, Man
refused to lriusecute
John House, negio, was an est
ed Sunday by the cil author!
tic, ihaigcil with Inning stabbed
I .lines Hamlin, while laborer, at
eleventh and ltouldei, last Kri
day night. Hamlin was seriously
wounded and is at a local liospil
I nl. He will recover.
House admitted doing the cut
lint;. He said he was uniting
Alice Wharton, seivaut girl foi
Or . V.. U light, on South 1 ton I
tier avenue I'riday night, when
llandiii appealed on the scene
and at lacked him. Hamlin linen
iwo bricks at him, he ilaims, and
(hey clinched In the light that
follow ed he cut Hamlin Then
hu fled.
House asserted that Hamlin
brought the Wharton woman to
Tulsa hui Mississippi mill told
the police that the white mini had
been living with the negiess heie
He siiid the couple have a chili!
ai Head Foil:, Okla.
Hamlin, at the hospital, still
maintains that lie did not know
his assailant aud that lie was m
lacked without winning or jirov
oration He will not pioscciite
the man iiudei anesl,. the author
i lies claim.
House Is now in the i aunty jail
but no chaiges have el been filed
against him. The county author
itte-i in, iv take tin initiative and
Cilice Hamlin to ptoscciite the ne
gin. Tulsa Woild, 7-lf.
The same old sw-y over again.
Vow here i a while liitui who re"
tiisi's lo j inset ute the Colored
iiuiii who cut him in a Huh I about
a Coloied woman, and tin tall:
of foiciug a prosecution All the
fads in the case show that the
white mail was intimate with the
Coloied woman, otherwise he
would not have been found at the
s'rvant loom wheio she was.
l'cihap" the Coloied iiuiii had
no legal licht to be there, but far
less, undei Ihe laws of this state,
had lie white man.
If what the white man sas Is
true, why should he ltfuse to
prosecute the Coloied man?
And if what the Coloied man
sajs is true why not prosecute
the white man?
The hypoericy of some while
men is enough to make his Satitn
' hiirhness of Pluto frown in dis
gust his, Hamlin was doubtless cut
about this Colored woman with
whom he had been living and the
dei (-in i.foiilc, while or black liavi
no miial li lo wasle on him
Had the circumstances been re
eised and House had been over
taken by Hamlin with a white
woman theie would probably hac
been talk of lynching, especially
b, mil worthy roiitrmpnraiies We
insist :i prosecution of all parties
comeiiicd or no piosccutioit at
Colored Woman
In Dnwn Town Store
Few people in Tulsa aie awiue
Ihal ihe inlet mil seed of laie pre
jlldiee ol While "dumpllooln " is
to be found in some ol Ihe so
called leadiuir stores in this city,
bill such is true.
l.ast Moinlai, a piomiiii'iit col
Died woman, wife ol a deputy
cherilt, went into the store of
Hunt and Hiddick with a little
gill intending to purchase shoes
foi hetseir and ihe little girl, hei
niece The seli'smaii who wail
id on hei sealed her on a slool
near the liotii door and pi acceded
to lil s(i,,es on the little girl
Later :t white woman nunc in
'.ol look a seat beside the colored
woman. The white woman stemed
pcifccllv at ease and tiualraid of
i iiilainiuatiou or any other bad
1'fi'els Iiuiii having sjit beside a
adored woman
The salesman who came to wait
ui In r. Iiowevci, eideiitl, felt dif
'tun!. ddii-ssinn ihe s.ileMt.'iii
waiting on the Coloied woman, he
' ml as one with the authority'
When these people come in, don't
von eerseat them in fiont again
Tal e them to the lear."
ThiMoloied woman Unshed and
'muting with iidileotis indignity
iimler ihe sling ol this cov.aidly
ouiiage, coolly bid Ihe salesman
io iemoe the shoes from the lit
lie gill's teet and in 1 1 lit lda.
like fashion, departd I tout Ihe
stole after siniug all she wanted
to say lo the salesman who was
ao rude and iiiinianly towaul her.
Hditor's Note 'I here is no rea
sou for Colored people pal colli '.
ing such places its this. There are
mi number of places in this eil
.heie miu can spend your money
without being insulted. If it is
lucessiirv for you to do your shop
ping down (own, go where von
iinv vim aie "welcome. To make
s'lin that vou make no mistake
look oi'i the adveiliseiiti'iits in
this miner Vou are always safe
when -you do ourlriidiiig
those who ndverlise for it.
The fiist case on docket in the
ciimimil court heio at this term
was that of the State of Oklaho
ma vs. Albert Wright for grand
laicenv. Wright in November
1012, was n bell boy at the Till
Hotel, and while ao employed waa
called to a guest's room io( tak
a suit ot clothes to be pressed.
s'!,"o 0 diamond ring had been' It
in the poikets of the suit accord
ing to the owner of the clothM,
Inn when the bell buy searched
it in the presence of the tailors la
the basement, the pocket wra
empu. The boy was taken to the
room and searched mid while
si ii chiiii.r him the ring was found
oi (lie floor where it had probably,
fell when the suit was hahderf'thfc.
bell hoy. ; i f
However, Ihe boy a prostut'-,,
ed L.iw er Martin reprcsea'tedi
linn and though the cate' was Op.i
lioscii n iiotn couniy anu aao;
nil coiiulx attoiueys the boy was''
Mi'iiiii led and is now enjoying Ids'
The Sunday School pleulc gtreu
b llr lliidgewuter at 'the Suhd
s pi nigs I 'ark Monday was an at
I or mingled with both joy and
i egret by the Coloied people wk
willed the "Dreamlund of Amuse
ment" that day. The Buud Springs '
Tail is certainly u dretun. It ha.
m tin things to attract and hold
the attention of the people and Ui
main icspects is equal to soma 'at.
Hie famous jmrku in the-larjiw
it let: of the country, llut, tpX-,
lowing the general custoni'of 'te
lute people in this pint "ol thx
ine,.ird, this "dreum" was made
to he only a "dream" for black
' uici jeans, aud to carfully'renilnH
those of color who might' forget
or develop into a voinutunbuljut
and p'ass into this huppjr.amnac
ut lc-sort, a large sign usually
hangs in a conspicuous place
wliieli. when read by a black mail,
does not appear at all like flc-
I urn The sigu reads adtnetfaioK
like this : .
However, it is said tat-Jhrough
the efforts of Dr. BrTdgewatur
(Continued t n Page Eighi) '
Jury Acquits
Sadie Jojypspn
Tl.o Countv
Attorney Disgu$td
I D!dtn'i33 Jury
"Not guilty'' was the verdict
returned by the jury in the cae
of Sadie Johnson, who was qn
tit 1 1 heie this week formurdar.
It, :.is chaiged that ihe killed a
ro idhoii' o which she was herself
o uductmg two years ago
C .i.nty ottorney was so disgust
eil over the vei diet that he dis
mis cd the jury and recommend
ed the dismissal of other mur
der cases. '
Dining the trial the woman',
daughter accosted deputy sher
if I Bniney Clenver and warned
him cliat she was going to ha
Lord in prayer and ask Himto
miu dowu shower after shower
of eternal wrath and damnation
upon his head and in his oath
for his pitt i'i securing evident
against her mother. Mr. Cleaver
(Cousinued Qn Page 8) .'
tawusft'wr'-f i

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