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The deepjst Interest I attached o
the condition of the grain cr.i In
Western Canada, especlall arcing
the thousands In tho United S'a'es
who aro flnanclall) Interested In lai.ds
In that country. Thto Interest Ib f jI!
an great among thos- who hare
friend there following farming and
tho growing of grain
The report from Carad'an govern
ment officials convey th In'jrma in
that the area under crop th's )car 'n
tho province of Msnltob Saska'rhc
uan and Alberta will probibly be no
greater than that of lint ear I-as'
fall tho weather ws.h such that there
was not as much fall plowing as had
hnnn linnnrt fni- Tho fnttlri(? rAaHl nt
land thin spring miide a considerable
portion of the grain late In feeding
Notwithstanding this, win at, oats
barley and flax were got In In good
shapo, nlthough from a week to ten
days later than last year On the
27th of June th" reports regarding
crop conditions generally In Western
Canada were "Abundant sunshine J
villi 'imcl) and copious ruin through
out Western Canada glvw overy as
urance of renerous hart est Climatic
renditions In recent weeks have been '
absolutely Ideal Western corrcspon
dunts agree In predicting every Indl
cation of n bumper crop under favor
able conditions Wheat f-hould be
lieailed out In Manitoba between July '
10th and 12th, and In Saskatchewan I
and Alberta from 15th to 17th The
oat crop Is looking well, nlthough late i
and rather Hhort In straw."
' This la followed by a report July I
Cth "Crop conditions continue In j
same f-allsfnctory condition as last j
week. Plenteous rains have fnllen all j
over prairie prnvluoK, followed li I
general warm and splendid growing
weather. Experts ngrco sufficient
moisture for many weeks, while crop
la ten to fifteen days late, prospects
iiro extremely favorable and condi
tional upon reasonable weather for
next four weeks. Splendid western
crop In assured "
There U, therefore, the belt reason
to anticipate most magnificent crop
throughout Western Canada In 1913
How to See Through Paper.
A ery remarkable experiment
which tiny one can repent with very
little trouble has been unearthed by n
German Tnko n plcco of paper of
such thlcknesi that, when It U laid
upon n piece of printed matter, tho
characters Just show through hut can
not bo road Placing It over n printed
sheet. Impart to It u circular motion
to and fro, nnd to jour' surprise you
will (Ind that now )ou can read the
print lie low tho paper.
It Ih rather dllllcult to explain this
peculiar effect Tho explanation of.
fcred Is that the paper has thin placed
In It, nntl by rnpldly moving It over
tho print, etery p.irt of tho printed
matter Is exposed In turn underneath
one or tho other of tho thin places In
tho paper, mill thus tho entire print
can bo read However that may bo.
the experiment la Interesting nnd very
slmplo. requiring for Its performance
only tho simplest meaiiH Imaginable
In the Making of Mirrors.
A chemical action of the ultra lo
let rays, nppllcnble to tho making of
mirrors, was recently demonstrated
at tho Trench Acadumy of- Sciences
This uctlon cnuslsta In decomposing
gascoua metallic cutnpouuds and pre
cipitating the inctiil In' finely divided
particles on glass to form a reflecting
surface lly this method It Is pnsslblo
to produce mirrors backed hi a re
roflccttiiK laj era of zinc, nntluiuii) and
other iiouprcclouH inctnls. It Is said
that the icsult compares favorably
with (hu sllvurud mirror --Popular
Real Diplomacy.
In the silk department u woman was
In treat agitation. Sho had bought a
IG-cent remnant, found she couldn't
use It and wanted It taken hack She
i was lu fear nnd trembling, and ready
to get much excited If they wouldn't
Hut thoy did. "You wonder why we
exchanged that?" asked the btivor.
"Tmu. wo limy not bo able lu sell It
gain, for sho's had It u week, but If
wo didn't sho might tievet come In
tho ntoro again Homo are ho easily
offended Didn't you bco how pleased
hu w-usT Sho might give us u big
order now. Yes, women nro queer.
Rome day I'm going to wrllo a book
about, 'cm."
Warm Enoughf
While coaching n etnas of children
for a little play, tho teacher told tho
boys that In tho third net thoy would
havo to wear their heavy overcoats,
as thnt would bo tho hiiovv sceno Af
tor a short silence a llttlo fellow about
seven j ears old raised his hand nnd
said: "Teachor, fathor can't finish
my overcoat In time bocausu ho works
late; but will It be all right It I wear
my heavy underwear!"
c TliStKIBE TODAY. ' Cornel
t l J. i i . :
? li. f a a 1 i .. t-Mfr i
This, jcuiig wenuti rtpresmtlc
ask 'hat the Liberty l II be sent to
Philip S hates, publisher of The N
Once Started Continued Through
Life, Say Detectives.
Sleuth Telle of Apple, Chewing Cum,
Secret Packet and Dog Collar
Schemes In Stores Lois From
This Source Heavy.
New York Four Years ago l-ottle
dross married Her husband knew
that she had served a terra In Moy
amenslug for shoplifting Hut sho
promised him and sho meant It
that she would never steal again. And
then tho baby camo. "I wanted pret
ty things for bur," said Lottie. "And
so I went back to tho old gamo If
1 couldn't quit for tho best man In
tho world I guess 1 never can quit.
Bleating is like a disease except that
It cau't bo cured."
That's about what tho detectives
think. Ouco a man or woman gets
well started at stealing and ho or
sho Is a thlof for life
"The big stores loso more by am
ateur shoplifters than by profession
als," said D, J Hotter, manager for
tho criminal department of a detec-
tlvo agency "A woman steals some
trilling thing, that catches hor eye
and guts away with It. Then she
comns back and keeps on coming
hack They never let up."
Cotter takos tho professional thlof
catcher's vlow of tho defense of klop
tomanla Now and then there may bo
a kleptomaniac Most kleptomaniacs
aro Just thieves Thoy get startod to
stealing and It's llko rolling a snow
ball down hill tho stealing grows.
"Thero was the woman wo may call
Anna Eva,' ho said "Sho Is ono of
thu most dangerous professional store
thlovos and shoplifters there Is a
diffemcu In tho terms In the country.
Her husband Is n captain of a lako
vessel, So la ono of hor sons Thoy
luiyo a good homo nt Cleveland, where
tho daughter Is married to a good
mnn But Anna Eva began to steal
She has boon a professional thief for
years, and now has a prison record.
"Mind you, sho hah no criminal as
sociates I do not supposu sho knows
another tliluf to speak to, though she
may know them by sight Sho haB
nothing to do with other crooks She
Just Meals She travels most of tho
Wife of Seventeen Years Takes Play-
things of Childhood to Her
New Home.
. Denver. Colo. "Three dolls and a
teddy boar"
As Constable Sam C. Horsey of Jus
tice Hlco's court called off those ar
ticles from n long list of children's
playthings. Edith V. Chaso, a soven-toon-)
car-old bride, sorted them from
a pllo hoaped high In tho outer office.
Sho uns to tako thom to her homo
her now homo following a decision of
tho court In a replevin action that sho
was entitled to the playthings of ber
childhood, .o.von' though her parents,
Mr nnd Mrs. lb A Willis, attempted
to retain thom whon their 'daughter
becaino tho wife of S I-. Chaso, son
of Adjutant ttenoral Chase, lost De
comber. Tho marrlago was object
ed to because of tho girl's tender
Other things Is the lot were a little
red wagon, a post card with soldier
buttons on It, maglo lantern, ooe
school cook-book, two skirts for a
Archer nun oreenwoou
g Ue s'a 6 .ennuis' nave Just bin en a tr p 'o Philadelphia to
'he Par.a" ala "r exposition In San r'ranns o in '915 With them Is
r'hwest, cf P r ind Ore
'lm living at good hotels She Is a
kindl), placid, pleasant woman of mid
dlo age and a professional thief
Like all the others, sho began as an
'I don't ktjow that thero are any
particularly new schemes ngalnst
which storo managers should be on
the alert," said Cotter "Every one
knows tho old trick with a bunk of
chewing gum The first thief sticks a
ring under the ledge of the counter
with tho gum Then the other comes
along and runs his hand undor tho
counter edge and gets the ring and
vamooseB. Open umbrellas aro often
used as receptacles. ,
Tho neatest trick turned lately was
In the west, when a good looking, well
dressed man sauntorcd Into a Jewelry'
store with an apple In his band. He
looked at a tray filled with valuable
"Wah!" he suddenly sputtered.
"This apple Is wormy"
One of the Thrilling Scenes from
Hardest Fought Sporting Contest
Ever Witnessed.
New York Those who havo (
lowed the International polo match
played between the English and tho
Thrilling Moment.
American teams at Meadow llrook,
Long Island, havo llttlo conception of
tho strenuous game polo, when played
as thoso champion pololsttt play it,
doll, one picture of Cupid, and other
things, with a value only to tho
ono who has posseasid them In child
Dancing Matter Who Died at Eighty
Eight Wat Alto Inttructor to
Many Other Notables.
Now York John 11 Trcnor, who
died at his homo In Now Hochelln nt
tlin ago of eighty night years, boast
ed that he had taught Theodore Itooho
velt, William K Vandurbllt, Chauucey
M IXipew nnd James Gordon Ilounett
how to dance Trenor for many years
taught members of New York society
thu art of dancing and accumulated u
large fortune I in claimed to havo
built the first apartment houso In New
York, at the rorner of Sixth avenue
and Forty elrhlh street
Improved Street Bwetper.
The up to date itrMt swteplng ma
thine It entirely ncload In a canvas
nvslopt to prevent the scattering ot
the dirt from the broom.
Whereupon he threw the apple Into
the street The conf derate, on the
lookout, picked up tho apple and tho
j gem which had been hidden In It and
made off An almost equally nifty de
vice Is to equip the collar of a pet
dog with a secret pocket When the
stolen ring has been placed In tho
pocket, while the operator Is petting
I tho animal, it leaps to the floor
I 'Catch m dear little doggie." yelps
I the bereaved shoplifter,
i Every one hurries to oblige The
, dear little doggie fits Its little tall
into the groove and scampers for
home, as It has been trained to do
The shoplifter profits by the fact
i that tho managers of stores hesitate
to prosecute. They believe that hon
est customers aro inclined to shun
stores In which such arrests aro fre
quently made, fearing that an entire
ly Innocent action might lead to an
unpleasant seizure and search. Out
the total loss by shoplifting and by
store thieves Is so great that the Na
tional Iletall Dry Good3 association
was recently formed for co-operation
In protection
really Is. The photograph vividly por
trays an Intense moment of the sec
ond gamo of tho International match
played Juno 14, when the following
players (left to right) Watcrbury,
Frcake and Mllburn (Americans In
white shirts, English In dark shirts)
wero engaged In a hair raUIng scrim
mage as Captain Kreako sent a smash
ing drive but failed to make n goal.
Telegraph Runner, Aged Fifteen, Con-1
fetset to Attempted Extcrtlon
In London.
Paris A telegraph boy, aged fif
teen, was arrested on n chargo of at
tempted blackmail. He and Ills com
rades nt a branch poBtofllcc had been
In the habit of opening telegrams and
reading them. In this way tho boy
learned of an lntrlguo that was being
carried on by a married woman. He
wrote demanding $30 as tho price ot
his silence, but his letter foil Into
tho hands of the woman's uncle, who
gave him In charge. Tho lad confess
ed, but the woman declined to prose
Poverty Stricken Mother Advertises
Two Girls and Baby Doy for
$750 Each.
Horlln. For several diiya various
nowspapors of Thurlngia nnd elso
whero In central Oermany havo con
tained an advertisement stating that a
mother offers to sell "a beautiful girl
of fourteen, n handsome girl of Bve
and n bonny baby boy aged ono" for
$750 aploco.
An Investigation shows that the
woman l a divorcee, who, despairing
of making n livelihood for herself or
her children, conceived tho Idea of
selling them Only tho eldest girl Is
n child of her divorced husband, tho
two youngor chlldron having boon born
slnco she lived apart from him.
Tho authorities havo decided to
withdraw the children from their moth
er's care and to placo them in Insti
tutions. Danger In Some Spots.
Home forms of professional sport
cause enlargement of the heart nnd
also of thu head
ju-u-ini-u-ij-st- -,--- asosWw-yA
Constipation Vanishes
Dttcovery from World's Great Health
Kesort that Doctors Prescribe a
Beit on Earth for Torpid Uve.-
In Hot Springs. Arkansas, thereat
remedy for Constipation, Sluggish
liver and all stomach and bowel trou
TONS. Every visitor to Hot Springe' has
heard of these llttlo wonder workers
because learned physicians there pre
scribe them and everybody takes
them when a laxative Is required.
They are tho really perfect, gentle,
safe, sure, liver and bowel regulator.
Take ono to-night cut out Calomel
ind harsh cathartics.
All druggists at 25 cerrts.
For free samplo write Hot Springs
Chemical Co., Hot Springs, Ark.
not negotiable
bonds aro taxable, but
Yes, Cordelia, tho
color Is long green.
artist's favorite
Olrls shouldn't marry until they nro
j old enough to say "yes."
A man without ambition Is as use
, less as a last year's dog license.
Hed Cross Hill tllue will wash double
many clothes any other. Dun't put your
money into any other. Adv.
Perhaps It Is tho house on tho oth
er fellow's lot that makes us dissatis
fied with our own
I Strt. Window's Soothing arup for Children
' Uttblnc, oflrns the ffumn, reduces lonammifc-
tlon.allari paln.curea wind college bollUJhsr
In these dajs of easy divorce It's a
wlso child that knows Its own step
father What He Meant.
"That man looks as if ho had lost
"Yes; ho has lost his wlfo"
"I mean something valuable."
Short Ration.
He Something's preying on ray
She It must be pretty hungry.
Yale Itecord.
Good Guess.
"And what do ou do at the hos
pital?' "1 am an Interne."
"Oh, jou have charge of tho Inter
nal disorders, eh?"
Divided Hit Time.
Ministerial duties and increasing
dignity havo not robbed n certain mis
Ister of his cherished boyhood ac
complishment of making fritters. He
frequently exercises this skill at break
fast time, much to tho delight of the
younger members of the family Edith,
the four-year-old daughter, recently
took tea with a mombor of the congre
gation. After the silent grace the
little one, looking at her unmarried
hostess, remarked with pity:
"You don't havo any ono to pray
for you, do you?"
Said one of the ladles present, smil
ing: "I suppose your papa prays for you
three times a day."
"Oh, no, he doesn't," was tho Inno
cent and earnest answer. "Ho fries
In the morning and prays In tho nfter
To Be Clear of Coffee Trouble.
"Husband and myself both had the
coffee habit, and finally his stomach
and kldnejs got In such a bad condi
tion that ho was compelled to give up
a good position that ho had held for
years. Ho was too sick to work. His
skin was yellow, and there didn't
seem to bo an organ In bis body that
was not affected.
"I told him I felt sure his sickness
was due to coffeo and after some dis
cussion he decided to give It up.
"It was a struggle, because of the
powerful habit. One day wo heard
about Postum and concluded to try It
and then It was easy to leave oft
"His fearful headaches grew less
frequent, his complexion began to
clear, kidneys grow better until at last
he was a new man altogether, as a re
sult of leaving off coffeo and taking up
Postum. Then I began to drink It too.
"Although I was never as bad off as
my husband, I was always very ner
vous and never at any time very
strong, only weighing 95 lbs. before 1
begon to uso Postum. Now I weigh
115 lbs. nnd can do as much work as
anyono my alio, I think."
Namo given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Write for booklot. "The
Itoad to Wellvllle."
Postum comes In two forms.
Regular Postum (must bo boiled.)
Instant Postum doesn't require boil
ing, but Is prepared Instantly by stir
ring n lovel tcaspoonful In an ordinary
cup of hot water, which makes It right
for most persons.
A big cup requires more and some
peoplo who llko strong things put In a
heaping spoonful and temper It with a
largo supply of cream.
Ktperlment until you know the
amount that pleases your palate and
have It served that way In the futur
"Thoro'a a Reason" for Postum.

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