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.High clam harness omt running races will fenturo tho amusement card
of tho eovcntlt nnminl Oklahoma Stato Pair and Exposition, Oklahoma City,
Soptcmbor 23 to October 4, 1913. Ono of tho biggest racing programs In
history has been arranged, calling for purses aggregating something llko
With tho exception of tho two trotting divisions of tho Southwrstern
Futurity for two and three jcar oWh, already closed, all tho trotting nnd
pacing purees will ho $500 each. Entries will closo September 1 nnd nil
money will ho divided according to tho point systom.
Tho following events will ho featured In tho dally racing program:
Nn. 1 Routhwi-ntorn Kulurlty, 2-
ycnrold trot (rlosrd 1.000
No. 2 SoiilliwcBlorh mtllrlty, 3-
cflr-old trol (closed 1,300
No. 3? 'rt irot 60''
No. 3 iM trot COO
Nb. B 2 20 trol COO
No. 8 2 18 trot 600
fid. T 2 Ifi tr.il GOO
Nb. 8 2-12 trot COO
Economy Drug Store
Dealers in Fresh Drugs, Toilet Articles,
Perfumes, and Other Sundries.
Cold Drinks and Ice Cream a Specialty.
No. 122:25
No. 13 2 '20
No. 142:17
NO. 152:11
No. 102:11
pace ...
pact) ...
pact ...
paco ...
pneo . . .
No. 17 2:09 pace
Concert by Natlollo's hand and soloy
by Miss Ollvo Klfom Scharf, during
tho rnclng each afternoon of the fair,
Largo purees will also ho paid for running rncos, tho program railing for
two or morn each day. Tho Oklahoma Derby, to bo run on Thursday of tint
M'cbiul week of tho fair, will bo worth $500 and thero will bo numerous
hahdlcnpx and purso events. The bost officers In tho country will liavo
charge of tho racing dopartmont.
Stato l'nlr nnd Exposition racci nro famous for being uniformly of high
clballty ntiil well conducted. Tho classes nnd pursos this jcar will hilng tho
best ntlil fastest horses, nnd tho track la ono of tho host In the Southwest.
The grand stand will easily ncrommodntu ten thousand persona and tho
races will bo accompanied by tho boBt of music, furnished by NaMello'o
Hand, colohrnted soloists, noted grand opera singers and tho world's beat
I . k VCv f'-...iw . .if. . llll I. I ff"l II I I'L. J- r
.1- .,. . --. ... -.. ...f ,ti a m- ii imr-w p.t.
PWMMM i -r-"-yws ,( j.,ww &j- v .im a . m -r r h
.-tXiatXe--i7Ji ,.t,JJl&,
.." . .
ji 2 j t r-n
tfyi-SitSJxr "" ""'"
P .., ., ." " ' Smnuiv.
v H?r4i.-
Fighting it out in the homestretch on the famous State Fair track.
Crop Failures Cited As Reasons For
Desiring the Lowering of Levies.
Other News of the
neprestnintlrs of tho taxpayers of
Hi o Hi tliau twenty rhuutlcs of tho stain
npiienrMI beftiro the stato hoard of
equalization In enter their protests
against tontnttvo lucrcnscB proposed
hy tllo board nvet- tlio valuations re
turned by tho county canalization
In several Instances tho representa
tions made by tho couutletv worn eif-
flclent to show tho hoard that tlto
proposed Incernso would work n hard
ship on thn luxp,icrn nnd liuuiedlato
action was taken In rescinding tho In
( reaso while In Other counties thn
honrd decided to glvo them further
toiiBllIetnllori llororb actlhg.
fcrup fnllliies alb cited In nearly
every lustanco In support of tho ro
lllest for lower taxes. In boiuo rt tho
counties whero tho stato board has
llioposed Increases It wns stntcd that
tho farmeni have no clop ns n renult
of ah unfavorable senson and In somu
Instances have practically been forced
to abandon their farms. In nthorB It
Is staled that farmets liavo been com
pelled In sell their stuck nnd fnrmlnit
Implements to tuot maturing obliga
tions nnd If compelled to pay tho In
crease proposed by thn board their
financial ruin would bo completed.
Tho tnnio stringency It was told tho
board, exists nmntig tho business nnd
townspeople of many of tho smaller
communities which nro practically de
pendent on agricultural products.
In Woodward county whero tho J
board mado a proposed Increase of 20
por cent In land nines tho Incrcsso
wns reduced to 10 per cent. Various
Inequalities In assessing tho land of
that county as well as errors In mak
ing up tho report wero pointed out to
tho board nfler which tho reduction
was ordered.
A proposed Increase of 10 per cent
on land nines In l.oo county was
cut to 5 per cent Only nbout 30
per cent of tho entire land of Lovo
county, It Is said, Is taxable. nn. only
about 10 por cent of that Is Improved
Requests to withdraw n 15 por cent
increase on land In Choctaw county;
20 per cent lncreneo on land In Craig
county; 10 per cent Increase on land
In Logan county, and a 5 por cent In-1
crease In Muskogeo county wcro mado j
to tho board, but no decision was
In Major county a proposed flat In
crease of approximately $1(10.000 on
all taxablo property was withdrawn
after It had been shown to tho board
that tho farmers of that county wore
uffcrlng great fluauclal loss as a re
mit of four consecutive crop failures.
A proposed lucrcnso of ID per con!
on farm land In l'nwneo county wai
withdrawn nnd tho assessment nc
copied as pxed by tho county board
It was shown to tho stato board that
more than a third of tho land In Taw.
neo county Is nlloted and therefore
exempt from taxation.
McClaln Figures Stand.
Thn returns submitted hy tho coUh
ty hoard of equalization tor McClaln
county wcro acceptbd by tho board
This was ono of tho last counties tc
A strenuous kick was lodged against
n proposed Increase of 10 per cent on
personal property In Nowata county,
but thn board declined to take an)
action on the complaint until It could
l)o glen further consideration. In
this county, It In said that crop fall
urcs and other ndvoriso clreunistnncee
huvo practically compelled the farm
ern to desert their farniB.
Raise Withdrawn.
In 1'ottawntomlo county n tentative
Increase of 10 per cent on porsonal
property was withdrawn nnd land nl
ucs lucrenbcd 10 per cent.
A 10 per cent lncrcnso proposed on
both personal nnd real property In
Wagoner county was withdrawn. Tho
Arkansas and Oraud rivers both run
through Wngonor county, nnd It wns
shown to the board that n larger por
Hon of valuable land In that count)
was subject to being overflowed by
n rlso In cither rler, rendering the
land almost useless for agricultural
In Wnshlta county n proposed lu
crenso of 5 per cent on farm land was
remo ed.
Complaints of Oklahoma Jobberi
Cause Commission to Act.
In pursuance of tho complaint filed
hy W. V. Hardlo, sccretnry of tho
Oklahoma Tralllc association, tho cor
poration commission Issued Its final
order promulgating rates, rates nnd
classifications of Bteel silos when
shipped In carloads or less than enr
loral lots between points In Oklahoma
Tho now classification, It Ib said, car
ries Into effect a material reduction
In freight rates on this commodity,
Tho now order Is expected to fill a
long-felt want on tho part of manu
facturers nnd shippers of stocl silos
nnd material for their construction
Thero Is no tariff at present which
roers bIIos nnd ns a result. It ti
said, Oklahoma jobbers and manufac
hirers have been discriminated nga.nst
In tho matter of rates. At the hear
lug on tho proposed order, held befuic
tho commission, representatives ol
tho carriers who appeared nt tho hear
lug Irtually admitted a dlscrlmluf
Hon acalnst Oklahoma
Often Attributed to Parent Stock
When Fault l Really Not Inner-
ent Test for Cause.
Tho largo mortality In baby chicks
Is very often attributed to tho par
ent stock when the fault Is really not
Inherent In an effort to nsccrtnln
the real causo for this condition mako
a test
Remove carefully all traces of food
from the brooders, leaving nono what
ever near thclwn Tako somo of tho
chicks that havo tho care of tho moth
er hen and plata them In tho brooder
over night Conllnuo this for 6TCrl
nights In succession, belnc sure to
return them to tho enro of their
mother each morning Each morning
note tho condition of theso little fol
lows, nnd If thoy nro not Injured or
nth nono tho worso for their expe
rience In tho brooder you will know
that the temperature In tho brooder
Is nfioul rlplit and tho fault docs not
lie In that direction
With tho brooder cllinlnntcd ns A
posslblo causo fbr tlio iriortriilty. ybil
most begin to look cl3owhcro. This
narrows Itself clown to ono of two
causes Improper feeding or lack of
rxcrclso Now test for tho food caus
Change jour conditions of feeding
radically and note tho result if tho
rnuse Is not from tho feeding, It must
bo from lack of exercise Correct
this by suppljlng them with a proper
amount of this requisite.
Simply finding our chicks dead In
tho brooder In the morning when they
nro all crowded In a corner Is not
BilfTlclcnt proof that they died from
tod low n tempernturc Sick, weakly
nnd Indisposed chicks will always hud
dle together whether they nro cold or
They will not huddlo together, how
ever, should tho temperaturo bo ex
cessively high. Id which event they
will spread apart, and when found
dead will usually bo llng on their
breasts ThU condition, how over. Is
seldom noted, ns It takes a very high
temperaturo to causo them to spread
opart and to causo their death
Difficulty In Mating Unrelated Dlrds
Is to Find Strains With Llko
"Few peoplo realize the advan
tages of breeding together unrelated
birds Every tlmo they nro mated n
decided Improvement Is hnd lu their
oung. In exhibition nnd utility qual
Itles, slro and extremo hardiness."
Tlio nhnvo statement was mado hy
E. It. I'lillo Of Now York, n man
who has done much experimenting
nlong tho line of breeding.
Lino breeding Is dangerous unless
thoroughly understood, nnd tho
work of cnrs can ho demolished In
a very Bhort tlmo. As nbovo Btatcd,
. - " II Hi
r.- ni ti ii -
2-rtfi -J LAY '"JS
Prize Winning Plymouth Rock.
tho progeny of unrelated fowls Is
thrifty and high in utility, points
which every breeder strives for.
Tho greatest handicap In mating
unrelated birds Is to Unci strjlns with
llko characteristics. When rearing
a strain of Hocks for egg production
It Is sometimes hard to find a suit
able male, bred for tho same results
ns the hens ho Is to ho mated with
Many breeders liavo distinct lines of
birds, bred for tho tamo results, but
wholly disconnected along blood
lines..-. In this way they can furnish
their pntrons uew blood whenever
Many a good strain Is fun down or
ruined because, of lack of experience
of tho breeder. Ono must know how
and why tba breed to obtain best
DR. A. F. BRYANT, Prop.
The Bell Cafe
For Nice Things to Eat We Lead and Others
Follow. Meals' and Short Orders. Courteoui
Treatment and Prompt Service to Allj,
Short Orders at All Hours. The Best Place to Eat on Boston Street
The Taborn
Goods Company
Dealers in First Class Line of
Dry Goods and Notions
Visit Our Store You are Always Welcome
R.D. Taborn, President. Mrs. R. D. Taborn, Treasurer
112 North Greenwood Tulsa, Oklahoma
Hot and Cold Baths
Clean Linen. Fine Line of Toilet Soap
The Gurley Hotel
112 1-2 N. Glenwood Avenue
Hawkins1 Furniture Store
Special Reduced Rates on Iron Beds, Springs, Mattresses, Cooking
Utensils, and All Dining Room Furniture.
See Us Before You Buy Anything in Our Line
Corner Second nnd Cincinnati . Tulsa, Oklahoma
The Kendall Drug Co.
Dealers in the Best of Drugs v
If you have not tried us, give us the next order.
Free Delivery to Any Part of the City -.
Wc carry a complete line of high class notions, sundries, etc.
ao EAST and ZT.
501 N. Greenwood.
Hiffh Class Motion Pictures
New Pictures Daily
Good Vaudeville, Good Singing,
and Good Dancing
Everything New and Refined
New Pictures, New Machine,
New Operator, Good Seats
and Electric Fans
Admission..,.. ..5 and 10 Cents
Four Complete Reels
Every Night
Two Vaudeville Acts Daily
Admission 5 and 10 Cents
Louise Rogers, Cashier.
Bob Rogers, Manager.
Miss EtU Kidt Sec
" " " Ujtil ttjjti
1 inMtih 1 tiitiif '

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