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Printingand Publfshin'gfiQp
Published Every Friday at 501 North Ghfcn wood Strict. '4
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Uutoruii as nuouiul ulu nutlur April II. IU13, .it tl.u l'uil Odiuu ,it luUa
UlUtiokiH, uuiiui lliu Act ul .Muit'li J, lSill.
mni 'tonkin' nnS'Mnmd &6wn.
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iiimniiMiiMimi iwrT - '.T . . nr Tl.n
Opening Vublic ueeiinj; -.- -
JZQ ' r , " ' A
W K. OA.K'X'Ji.'-'
IIUsftNlt.i-.H MUK
Oau ymr
hit Muutli
TLroo Moutb
Put It iu'ih'e rJtur waiii ooluniii for ijuiek results.
1 1 '
Will you kindly mail oui1' 'check to us for one 3 eu i--' ' y) lt
tiuuY ' . J.
'.lusa u few uiure lint ones now. Better brush up your old over
The light ugii'innl iudcteiicy is glowing moiv popular and less
Idiom. "Blessed is lie thai houldeth uiil to tin- end."
Heitorts are 111 1 1 1111 1 1 coining- Into this office of the good work
being done liy fcltute Kvniigcliht Kev. H. M. McMillan. It is good to
know your calling and evidcnl Uev. McMillan kijuws Ids.
-- - - 1 :rr
Willi strife and insuiicction in the governor's office there is. a
promise of some iuom sensational charges. Wherciwill they end it all,
. 0
The shift less street loafers and other worthless, but dangerous,
churaciers aie doomed in Tulsa. The eople are demanding a clean
town nud by the Eternal Gods, tliey will have it. ' "
Why not a good, strong organization (Of women in this city?
No city litis a finer lot of women to draw from than Tulsu and un
organization of thin kind would do more good foi-the community than
till the other elfot-K Wheic women lead, men aie Suve'to-follow'.
The editor is still alie and actively engaged in the fight Dor pub
lic decency, and we arc in the fight to stay the limit. We are meeting
all comers with a clear conscience, with determination and confidence.
Our only hope of reward is lhat we will help to create a better, a purer
atmosphere for all tin decent people of Tulsa.
Klow that I'litiolmau Dillard has been removed. tbe question nut
orally arises. "Who will lie the next patrolman appointed to fill' his
place?" - , ,
It is necessary to have two good men tojisure proper protection
for tlic iieople ol Kast Kml and we feci iioiifiileinttluit the, police com
missioner will do his best lo gel a man favorable to the better class
of ople of this community.
Whoever, he is, he should have all the oournge and other good
qualities of a gentleman, a full mmiso of duty, with a high regard fpr
his oath of ,f ' i c nd deference for his sii)erior officqrs. ,
He should Iks Tearless in the performance of his duty and blind
to favkiritci-ui Any police officer should be u'mnterlal help to tlic
couimunit.v ud to the df'partiueiit. Tin is all thti'deceut peoile ask
of Mr. l)illi:n I (. successor.
The ci--u o the lionehead .Southern democrata who opposed
the appointment of .Mr. Patterson to the office of registrar of tin; l
S. Treasury has lost the party more colored voters than any, act qf the
administration to date It takes a fur wing, bwdiniudc,d, self-sacrificing
colored man to be a democrat under existing oircuiiisn.n,ces,
we admit, but it is necessary that we be diversified in our politics. We
cannot all be republicans, we cannot all he democrats,, ,Yey cannot all
be socialists. We should not, all of us, belong to any one political
party, and, wisely, we do not.
Uut, we are, all of us, of the same race, and in politics we should
be just us liberal with a black man who opposes our party affiliation
in politics as we are with our biolher who differs with us in religious
belief and sentiment. Tho colored man is usually wade thescupe
goat of any parl predominated over bj wldte men find as long as
present conditions obtain it will always be so. Let us, thenore,
strive to change conditions.
The Star Is still in the light for decency and as Ion a a there is
anything publicv wrong and indeient to light we will be found on
the tiring line. We sore notice now that this light is on to the
finish. No little pussilamiiuuis cuss who indulges 111 any kind ol
it reel corner tlmots against u can intimidate u. We have been
threatened with violent b one would be "bad man," who dared .its
to mention hi name again. ThK is.mic. however, catries im iivjich'
of which iu is tlN subject and a. long as he or stuy ope else, iiike.s
punuc iccoiii, goon or nan, 11 is name to appear 111 tlie'iuHa star.
We do not make the news, but when it is made the tur will cei
tainly print ii, if ihe editor fceN disponed to do so. It is our pur
poe to gie facts to the public without fear or favor, and to use
all the power we can lo iuiprow public morals of this cil,. Au.v
until or woman who comes within range of our guns will be warned
of danger. If the warning is not heeded he or she will bo filed
upon without mercy.
The linfn or woman who is afraid to stand up and fight for the
right is not worthy of citizenship.
No good citieii, and no honest bad one, wdll deny that 0111
stand is right. We are glad 10 note one fact, which gives us en
conrageiaeiit in our battle for public decency. That is, the nun
islers us a whole are with us and have openly' joined the ranks with
us. We know the Colored population of Tulsa has a bad reputation
with the outside world, but we dcsiie to infoinr tlic world at largi
that the rcsH'ctable people of Tulsa aie in the majority and with
the help of the ministers and oilier worthv citirens the Star will
ultimately establish this fact.
c , HURRY-
h?x. Us Print Tliu
rVuf "Jobk-
I'oi ou
mi7) it .Vow
SUBSCRIBERS Please 1 erne m bur
thut our collector will call andante
YOU on the Firat of the month for
your subscription forjrprfieedin'g
month. No one is u subicnbeino
pupur uiilebb he or she bus paid in
If you ha v 'nt got J our pupi,
perhaps you tmv'nt paid for it
.Mis. risiiiiiah iohusoii, a daugh
ter of ilu' "Lone Star" stale, K in
the cil visiting her sou, Re. Jus
A. ,1 olni'i hi, asloj- of Hi,'1 A. M.
I', chinch. .Mrs .lohilsoti is in
splendid health and is 11 cuiitin
noils ra of siiushiiie 'lor tlloo
alioul her.
I)epul Sherilf llarne.H Cleaitv
er made a trip to Kansas this
week-. ' ' 1
in tin
T. 1 1 ut Ion, of Sapulpa, was
cil 011 business Thui7)day.
W. L. .McICee made a trip lo
Jefferson City, .Mo, this week on
a laud deal. , ,
.Mr. and .Mrs. J. W , Walker
were in from their I'm 111 Thursday
visiting her sister, .Mrs. tjmither
The "insurgent fight' 111 the po
lice department of ths t;i t ,was
settled in the chambers of the ci
ty council Wednesda when the
commissioners met and wit,h,vuly
one dissenting vole .suhtiijncil
Chief Vodei, abolishing 1J10 of. feu
of assistant chief of police ' ttud
dismissed three under officers
from the force. (
Among those dismissed was
Jake W Dillard, colored police-
nan, whose alleged alignment
with the wrong lacliou is stud to
have cost him his job. , ,, ,
iHJt's see Do you know that follow, Mnlhull?
The two cent rate is now in effect in Oklahoma, but what dif
ftreuce does it mnke whether the rnte is two cents or two'dollnrs
if a poor devil hasn't got the fare?
Mrs winner proprietor .of.ntlie
Baltimore Cafe hui returned from
her visit in Clnrrrnorc-
DrJiimes of Sapulpa spent Thurs
day in the city on business
.Mis.s P. Hodge, who has been in
th for the past week us the guc9t
of MUs Levnda1 William loft for her
Iioine in Muskogee Friday after ft
plea ent s'uy
Mr Hutton of Snpiiljis Mient
Thursday is the city on biisii.ess
Mr M, T Tucker spent Monday
visiting in S'jp'ulpa
It is reported that the P. rter
Tail litlg shop had closed but we
can cc that ourfreind is ; ct .-n-und
trying to do busuicrsiit the same
Dr Wetdiot k bus been doing
some exelent pleaching this week
at tho First Baptist chiirh in the re
vival, ana such good is being done.
Mr. Philip of Kansas City i in the
city visiting friends
The firs., public service and meet
mgof the colored ,i M f A of
this cltv wilt bo held at the FuMir
Librai v which the entiic public uul
frluiiaaWLHivitod to nttend AiiaMa
p1o5nifl.!!ll W icrerfj mcif?.
r-and lrienus 01 uiuwhsbj-iuiiiiii
Di'oflWndVflii 'ft' nftl"'n
wit:, us and help us in this noble
Rev .las. A. Jolion Presitlent
, .Mi ,l.i Tniuliu SectefttiV
. ,., ., 1 , i -
Mr S Johnson I he Tmloi
spent Monday in Sapulpa visiting
hH many frWnd' ,1' ':
, . 1. - ., , t 1 Ii- 1
Mr. Mrs 'els the hair cliesers
nl oiii K6'dnvii fjn how to giow
mid dle-s the hail h
Mis Louise Rogeisand Miss Una
kidd left. .Saturday night, for a sl-oil
'vacation in cities of Arkatwa-
"MrsL Phillip if this city left f.u
(Jbft'evill6 Kiis a few 'days a Co to
.'ee'horsser who was VerioilW ill
The tjH Star,
A Strictly it'a'rs Place to get
a First class Shave, Hair Cu
any stylo,--Heafoatna aud
told Sodas and Fine Cigars
Special aticutiwi to Ladies
llarbefe. TTwlHwson, Howard,
W l 'H'
Rev M! M"litnlin hhs'lettirued
fmm 11 hastv Visit to Kah'ns City
ni..f; nnw'nn the lob in interest, ofI
'"r .--, ii, 1 - , 1 '
the colored Y. M. C A. 111 our city,
Prof Bsul -spent last Snndav in'
Joplin Mo V H Carter was nnnwig
the sick last Sunday and could not
fre out in his choir tervjtes, ' u
JU1KER, Prop
me 600 Fast An.net
Jcllersoii City, on lugnl busmp,
1 jti. ruing home Wednesday well
ple&ied froin.bhl trip
Mr, Wilhite wlip has been eip,dl
for sxreriil days i-i uiuch bettor
Miss Mvifle Gotten is speuiling ft
feiv days Visiting her slstcr'in TVler
Texas she v;iu return in ture to be-1
gnu jer. school ,work , ,
U ' 1 I'v
Lawyer I reeman Martin returned
last Mr nday morning from a er,y,
suoccsif ul,. trip .to.Momphis .Teiln
Where ho attended the rfupremu coil
ventien of the Knights and Ladid
of Harmony The Judge was elected
sunrem Alton ey to the order of
which is fully competent to fill with
redit. Tulsa, bhould feel proud of
cim nnd tho honor confcrreil np'-n
1 him by this exelcnt body
Look Look For The Buttle
Between Okla A- Mexico this w II
conns on".-lt tlfe'b. fM" K cliuichthe
Kctitl iiiin'd'ayin Sim t. The church
is deviled mlwojclubs. Mr L K
Kllis capuiu of ,M'viP.W people better
Itnowit as the Mfxiin club and Mrs
l:- ly.1(th(krry'c,A)tJihl of the young
pt'OpleknowiV'ifs'tlKj Okliihniini dab
so get julolje'ligrif'tind ntu with
ciir eajtau.ilIn"a',)lyiJv-J soldier 1
,'IK',?:aliU fiui.volauteeis
. ,. 1 .Urowiiit'hapUjdJ. M I church
..(i ,.A-Ti7V
.1 Ndi.WLY.vWED
I hi,, I Ml '. I iuljit
1 M'lW'JiWnte'a? Miss William
1 ir.YFffUXi0' U"wJe was quwiy
uiuiwl.,iuiWArrug,i;,ithe parlor t
the-it-JidenllofiiN'rliMrs Hollingworh
lft's1t'Vedti"sUay'etennng ut 7o'clocL
b ti'.".1 'T" KeWh'Bf this city.
1 ui iiiu uuuri ,
in.arr.iage certnony was perform-
There will Jbe a gri
Mr. Wilhite and wife of Okhdiom
City is v'aiting his brother Mr. W.
M Wilhite of this city, the, two
spent a few days this week in Clare-
. 2: 1 ,
more - ' 1
urnnil nipnln tivnn
, T I -.
at Snad Springs on the 1-t & 1 'i of
August 1913 for the bencrit of the
C M E church every body is in led
Thcre.wilLho .plenty of rr-f -h-ments
of nil kinds''
Committee on arrangemen
A E Ellis M D Booser A I ng
II S Marry Mr Bain W S 11, ..r
G C. .Mdton Rev II G Griffin 1 0
MrMcKec one of our lcadinu
izens made a business tiip to K
sas Citvand from there he went
fid,, sitMbft ring MHluwa3 very im
e.sBiv'ej: Tlifisu upnnont to witnei:
the- affair1 werenMr Pyrtle, Mm
PtrtNi-,lMryHdlllrliW.worth W. H
CiiWer'a ijr'MKtfwas tied let
11 i.i - vJJi., moTwl , . ,,
PfSPWWififtte.KKfervod t0, ,th
tlit,UJSJmoesttjm4IlPt!ne83 0I Mr
and AlrsnPtroy'JatiKb
jl l.l. . ," it' i,4Kt-,4l-tJ
. .1 , n ill I lull -ilur . .
1 ci -Jo-ci (rrrrrrmi
Allen Chapel A. M. E. churcl
was organized at the home 01
Mr. and Mrs. Bryson, by Rev
Jas. A, Johnson and Rev. A. G
Hicks assisted by the following
named officers of Vernon Chap
el A. M. E. church of Tulsa.
Bro. Dero Mills, Win Baul.Wm
Wilhite, and sister Harris.
Rev A. G. Hicks of 123 N
Detroit Tulsa, was assignee
Pastor with the followin oft'icer
Stewards W. M. Brysen L, h
Bowmen A. C. V. Carr
Stewardess Mary Sattnder
Estella Brysen Lizzie Robertsoi
Trustees W. M. Brysen L I
Bowman A. C. F. Carr
The receipt were as follow.
Rev. A. G. Hicks $100
Rev. Jas A. Johnson $100
Uro. W. M Baul $100
Bro Dere, Mills 100
Sistsr Estolla Brysen 100
public- collection 1 15
- Total 6 15
" Rev. Hicks Pastoi Inchargc
0 Sister Estella Brysen Sec
Wait for the First Bi
Tulsa Colored School of Music w "c"lS,i;iWmB'u'
TheProgram. Time and Place will be announced next week
1 Archer and Greenwood
3Hi2 -

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