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The Tulsa star. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1913-1921, August 08, 1913, Image 3

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K. and L. of H.
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Qraud Officers Direetoiy
Grand Ptotector Dr. W. B
TTiimphu'v, it,, lVi7, Hupnlpii,
Okln, ,1 , ,
fimnil Pn.sf Piotectore W-i-M.
lleuiy, l!fv 1111, Ft, Gibsnti,.Oklat
Onmd M(f Pn.ieetor W W
AfitM'.v. OUunlgec, Okla. ' I
fQ.tni isV retiir.v ReV.' AW H.
itucliuiiiin, Wagoner,- Oklu
j,,Omtid Treusiuer Mis. M m.
iHinnplirey. Jttu (ili7, Hnpulpa
-1 j,'"Grniitl ('hnplam (.' W Henry,
'plff-N, Urcf-nvvood, Tulsa, Okltf "!
".Orrind Wuhle .Wis. - .. Chimin
Smith, Wiilitiiier, Oklu,
Urnnd Guardian Mm. Allbfi
tfagmith. , ,
Grand Sentinel J. V, flrf fifth,
M "brand .-. Treiis Af i:itil(
II. ..Ml II 'I' II. ....... II...JU7U J'-'
t.i.i ii 1111111111, iiiia i?, r
Inn. Hox 4.78. H'lii
r .ft Plpit, Oklu.,, 1 44
llu.Mics.ii llii .'..l.-W.fgn'ner,
II. I J -
: tis Okl
Grand Mat 1 mi
k . Wil
llanm, .Hin X. I
i-ff..i. ..
Okln .
1 mu
GUIIIll !.'( Ill I'l
Kiilil. Tulsa. Okln.
-Rev. T W.
I-.. A WlS.'.O
1 . .il)', Omliil TrnVU'ek
IM" ner,"l!o iVM, Okmulgee' ReV. '13.'
1. William, Siiiiilliir'niidl.Nfk FT
J' Alexander, Mugniier. 'i
Ginnd Vlli'iH'Mt-Fii!enian Ui
-Martin, ThImi, Oklu. ' J' 11
Grand iVnilitiliL' Onnimitlfiwk!
T, Wiggins, Chaiimun, i igoier;
vv. I, fllU-.Siapulpu, urn) A. l,l
SJlilit Inn lit. 111 Tnlun 1M,.
-'.iai.....llMIII, Il-.l ..mil,
Everv lodge in the state ,vTfTb
.jrfl K.,'..C,.....i .. ...... .."C3 h.l..'. ' .. JVi
'. rm publication in the Star at
lvaat fuuu u jnuutli. uoh leiu'tn
irliouhl reach this oilice ntit.laieflfcipttfikBgifcii,
K&nf'lh! Ahtmr Woilni'siliif m .), ,wii,"
A? ffl t ThaWmf ilhsctory is Uikeep
'DU." .,...!, l.l.. ...rt.l. ,.i..u...l ,H jr.
JvP-U-i'i" ' j ,uusc ii"-"iuuv jiiu u i
V-ti.y.itf? tllft (iKntlll ilflli-ora hlil oliniitrl ,inc
..Mici. iilif.ilim ..F ..... ln.l.... .l...l.u
T "'T- ' " -v-.. H U..WM. IfUJ
4, P-t "-1 Vdminiinicntu with iui Oriind'lif-
ffi4 . e,',c,lli.VlilPcJ9iy w h''5 tUe
hm fiiH:nnmo mid !addres.a 'ot -(101
Grand lillh'er.
Send nil toniniuuicatiuus to I'he
Tulfc.1 Star. TuJsii.,Okln. " "
The editor and manager 'oTthe
Tulu Slur ia mukiug au vaintwt
etfoa to j,'ii tu the colored'cjt
izeuh ol our eitj a good, clean
and umH weekly uewsuuper, iu
the luteivht of Tuloa and the col
.. . . ...... iuc t,.
ored people 0 Tulsa. Reiueiuber
that it is .vour paper, jour mouth-
piece and ,our protection, there-
piece and .vour protection, there-
r:'' T,"!!"-' SSJJL
""ci " CII1UV9UJ upjitui iu ,vuu
as good eitieus and lovers of
nice mill., iiti.i i,it.,ti..iuu p,,.. ,
suppoit. Xot iu talk or compli
ment of our work and oWortn. but
by your CASH, of which we are
much iu need to run the business
and gie jou the kiud of a paper
that we know oii want and like.
The columns of the Tulsa Star
shall always be ojten for all local
news mich as personals, deaths,
births, socials, entertainments or
auything ot inteiest to our people
and it shall be our aim to always
present to the public tho bright
side of all the people. So we ask
ou if j on are nheady a reader or
subscriber to this paper, and owe
us for it, please call and pay the
same because we need tho money
and need it badly, und if you are
not a regular subscriber it is your
duty as a citizen to subscribe
XOW and help us make the Star
1 he best Negro paper in Oklaho
ma to the credit of Tuhm and the
coloied people here, lou can well
.itford to pay nuch sinull amount sort has been cloned and other
i.tt tall silt it tinlioil.ln nni..Kn:n. ...! j . ...
for such a valuable enterprise as
me STAR Think of it! 15c for
-le month or 8 months for 35
tits. Every colored person iu
Tiilsa should read this paper at
t':is price.
Our collector, Miss Boyd, will
tall and mm you and we oxpect
uu to oider and pay for this
aper and have it left at your
i. inio every Fridny.
Out of town patronage will re
U'ie the best attention and the
paper for (! months at 65 cents or
1 t yeai lor 91.1111
All subscriptions Must Be Paid
' iiii
In Advance.
Aijcnts wanted evervwheie.
Vouia for bufcess,
" V,'. fa! CAUTEK, ili;r.
,T,lm niv conies from Washing
.... .1 tr . 1 .L t. ..
tl U LUill I Wil. iV. 1- I'atlCMIIIl. 11
p)mlU('ii lawyer of Mitskogep
Inih Ixj'ii apiHilntcil to mlcieed J
i,iiHapifii usfexlatrqr of the L S
'Niqi.wneH 11 jjlnd tifliniid to
tin- tticndsiiit Air Pattel-jon and
iinii'iiaiiUN''Mii'iU'e Bio the
naii, "prophets" who htiyc main
uian, "propli
'raiucil tli.it riosiilciii I Wilson
iVJipltf not njipoinr au Olnhmiiaii
fo thi pltrf$Mr PWttur-Oj.il, aside
frbfi,Jieinf: u'consitient iiml per
sititenOJVniocrnt, k mll iiuaH
l'ioiiloiu I Wi
nVt.6 rljl'the pfiHition uflh nedit
ioliofh llijllolf mid the race. He
m flJjWi'fesjif ill lnfiEnc-fts ninu, n
PI io'if fnwtrivir mill 11V1 nui 11 1 .. imll
cj r -",-.- "' 1 I-"..
tiwan. rfRut above all tlm. he U a
Tre.iv nihil, ft is.reL'u lied that
aii.tgiijertiwi stionid co ne ffom
WhittVliciiioonts of thin stito
.Mr. I'httywon'ijipoint! n'jjli? It
0111 sinrosxtiipHnini lies
mi nesi ior-riiHt
class ofvSouMiiTnl7ed D WtiraU
who alwms njijiose AcenKfl'lii ev
ymlirritf'i ff fuinlBs n itt he
J&il'ftttfWiiflshf th liHhlted
sf.w's,wriVft?yi tolaou atfUfhi
HtJfii.U3lv(ll lfj(iliik llt'nllliiUAj!.
llicic is no Qiie-rtion IIMHhe
n "jbvi v "nnm ra ij 1 m V74 7i
Neg 11 votaiieLided Uie viW-for
the JeitKitftvfart-j last fiU)Hil
that iftKvl'-tMkWinSrlnl with the
Xetf ii ntfttnvofhl iiifcnjeai,,,,
TniejLllenqiTon ilupthi upm
her of huljHW Wlilo JDumourats
Lwho iieed.diteduiC bit -tthatlds.uo
good khsiiii foi de-tliltliNTe
uf4tfKiOMnwheii 1ii?"Iihm
.- Jfc1 fj I't
HURT.. ilCflie
elMja 10I
-Brrbnn m
nit! Del f j.
irltSSS 3d,
bliilK tyttt
1 rtllifc!J"i
Thftl hntil
it her public
places 'in Nwife "si
.7fl7nS( tffw
ciuij".aie iigaiuBii
...ii..si.. . i-'S'l-xi
belr Xilletrtbg
law iilsni'B iiti-
it JfgiftOaliiiit'
iroe iiuo'ciii
. 1 .V.
ilerauiti new
mw it arantne
310IP wHIf'm-
tirisiiimipnl- fnp
i-iiiiiiiianiin in auuweu qa uscAMlUt
or rJiv or CilloK Tlilb lffiulv
a piogresie sfep on. Ilfif
the Em'ijiie 'stnt'e anil iidUlihoJlfcl
cilinuuuion t.s tallowed ojj stJV'iyt
the Eniijiietnt? au'd iiJidliboutKl
i1,'," te5tfffi,2l'-
uiai sucn nvjnztuion ,wwi"6cill
nll come aLoutJn ot'lieP'trfWC
' '' 1 6d: uoau
hi! uoiju
tluoo Jl 1.
'i 1
1 I .1
Who CoIlcct
IllM IlldjO
Rent for Hols
vcwj bj ;
of ill Fame?
10 i
tSalKUO 01
;Jdh ibis
161101) Oil!
Proininunt Chuich Membte S$
Said to Be in the Cr
As an aftermath of the good
WOlk Of the committee mi Inu- unit
older appointed by the Chamber
ot Commerce, two week ago to iui
prove the moral conditions of this
city, a number of the underworld
have "drawn in their tents like the
Aiabs and us silently passed
rPll ftllnm.c IIUii....!.. L3 fl
places are taking the hint
Who collects (he reut for these
hellholes? is a nuestion that miuhr
bear investigation by the author'
ities. 11 is now rumored that a
'big man, a "high muckU In the
church circles, a conspicuous fig
me in the "amen" corner, is. ac
tively engaged in collectiugi rent
from these disreputable dens of
vice anu corruption. Wuoever
heard of a man engaged iu ihe
work of saving souls collecting
toll for the destructions nf ilicm
This kind af hypocracy is alto
gether too much in evidence in
Church Directory
Wesley Ohapel M. E. Church
vur union unu rrnuKion si
Sundav Scnlros
6und.iv School 11 1 U.30 A. M.
1'ifrtclitnK at 11.00 A. M.
Junior Lcnguo -30 1'. M.
1'rt-nclilni; h 00 1' M.
MiiiuU) nlulit OUlciul Uourd
11 nostn v i
swIdk cwclo
I .t.i. 1
Tut'sdir it .1:30 P. M Utiles
111K v r.tiri
VJltii(lk nlrtif llnrmt 1lucliLti
Ttitirsdiv olulit. ' 1'ruM.T & CI ias
t. T. J. Jo.Nl', 1. L.
buiulny Hohool 3l
Pi.-at-liiHK 1 1-00 A. M
rrnauliiiiK SOI) H. .M.
Kev. II. O. Orlffln, K 0.
Vernon A. M. c. Church
Sunday School at H 8U. A.M.
I'reacliintt at 11:00 A. M. & H I' M.
Chrlstlnu Kmloavor, 7.00 I'. M
Ixim- KeH4t. HncroQioiit mid Kullou
Hhlplng of mombum tho llrtl Huudn la
etch luoiith.
Ofllcia) Hoard overy Monday iilfilit.
TeaoliurH niontlup Tiicsdiy nllii.
Choir prncticu, Vc'dned.iy nl(;lit.
Claaw Mi-otln, Tliumdiy nluhl.
Jus A. Johnson, D. D Pastor.
Ciiukcii Uno.ioia
Mt. 7.imi U.iitUt Clunoli
Services uvury Sunday 8:'IU A.M.
Mrs. Johnulu Adawa Supt. H.H.
I'rvauhlDg 11:80 a. 111. U 1. M. mm leu
II. Y. P. U. 0 1. M. I'rcaohlng 8 P.M.
Woukly Sorvlceu
.Moo. 8 P.M. W. II. Mission.
Tubs, a PM. Choir recital, MeloU
and Oaleda classes
Wed. 8 P. M. l'rajdr uieotlng
Krl. 8 P. M. Teachers uiectlu); and
Choir rehcnisel.
Kov. V. K. Whlto U. U. Pastor.
Mrs. Jolinnlo Adauin U. Clerk.
Croquet - Harden
512 E. Archie St.
A first class place to enjoy u social
pune of Croquet, a gcod dish of Ire
v ream, a gius 01 soua rop or a
Slice of Ite Cold Water Melon, also
Lunch these hot days and night?
Walker and Wilhite, Props
1013 Modle, Motor Cycles and
Moter Boats at bargan prices, all
nakes, brand new machines, on
-- -
eV onthljr paymont plan Get
" proposition befoie buying or
vou will rirrHt it. 1.U1, Unxniiw ..
you will regret it, also bargaiua in
-d Mour Cyclo, Write u9 today
Enclose btatnp for reply
Address Lock Box 11 Trenton Mich
1'ulsa. Let the churches get bns,
and clean out the temple of the
l.onl. The olllceis ol the law can
do very little good to make piihlfo
morals better as long as such de
ils as these collect levenue Mom
the shame and degradation of hu
luauitA and shields it in the
chuuh. Clean up the ciiuichts.
teu,,Z''n .,,
'muQO i-e ooen out o work for ovw
diyuar. mister, snd ain't got tho pries
of 11 might's lodgln' Can jrr do any
tulnso help me out?
iltttdupb (surdonlccllr) I'd ilk. .
out 1 aprainca my loot an a
1 ester day.
An dltor of a New York aaailn
recently received a story of which
tie scene vss laid In th- mac 0f
Washlntou. He wished to have Hit
tory Illustrated, and In order to ob
tain the best local detail he sent the
jaanuscrlpt. to a youn,- artist out Id
Washington. BenVe doing so, how
ever, be scrawled haatiiv ..r... .1...
ktop of the first page the address of
wnier. vnico did not otherwise
appear oa the manaicrlpt. it was
Jheiton, Waah." With th story the
dltor sent a letter asking the artist
to make a wash drawing of a certain
Secure scan and forward It as soon
as possible. Rv mtiira m.n .v. -.
I.L Ic?Ta " anxroua reply from
. T-m P-.-.M IUI mm ea
,ui.m artist, saying: "I not
2vT0? T1" Bo to " Shelton
?h I do not know of any such
wash, nor do any of the dealers out
ajrw if you ean send me a tube 1
aall be glad to make the drawing."
.Wii'i. Unn.h
and Hat
Wo call toi and DlI, h 1 .irptly Ofice-.S i: "
Is a good placu to keep cool
All the latist L'atKM),mksseiv,.(i Dulv
103 N. Greenwood MRS L, 'V WILLI M -i, I
The Star Cleaning Porlor
The Hest Plate 111 Town lei Kit si t'l iss Woiktnauslnji
All kinds of I'ancy t'leiuir g ami pietsing Our 01L m 1 ,iP,
We cany a ide line of Cents Notions, not sin passed 111 lown
Visit us Phono sir.
Tn A. C.Jackson
Pliysieian & Surgeon
Cotnei Atehet and (heenwooi
Kutaii Dealer in
Faucy and Staple Oroceiies
and Provisions
Fin line of i.'. 1 .' Tobattt.s
Soda Pop
C Me 521 N. niei-nwood
SU il . UMalioma to handle the Sr.i . .
ave halt your monevi.he.ai trIIIH ," "1"
BuyWomen.s Sample Garments'
Zlld ' lu01 1(I kol,,!'"" Wltltf
Tlimn A- At 1V
Guuia.itced by
Mrs J, , TUN CI A L
li'J S Jackson Phone XVA7
The Western Land Co
W. L Mt'.Keo and .M C Uuldtilu, M
tents, Uuyu or Uullu I'lty Propmi
Farm Lands nought uud Sold
Aii cultural cid Oil J.tasoii.
Itooins I and h, H.iliT liliiK
Coi. Jlnln and First Std Tulnn. .H
The two WW's,
Maiters of Ihyh Givcle
CI itlung
Cleaniug, Pressing, Deiiiu and
Cttneial Repairing
rfecQud Hand G'oikIh foi Sa'e
A trn.i,.. t.wm .1. ...... .. ...I II .. ........ ri.,
.... .v. 7ii.iii nil, i linn-nil, mi tiKUft
loaitlng .IU1 und lluntliuioii liillorlnir in'
Hlioleislc Ui itliiuiit'lulliii or ( IiIiiikii,
1000 -Fall and Wiiimt Fahiies to
piek from G(? Spr'ug and Sum
mer patterns at a discount
of 10 per cent A Cap Free
U.-AI utrtt ivii nMt lint ii..... .!......
H . ... ... -.. .ii.i.ti,, i lui'iiquii.
VhoneJirt fallen UuIIUIuk J1S 1C .Vnlilu
TW fl,.;,,,'
J'oth ilu an Wcl Clean 1
peiinllv nt l.nihes lui'iinij; (1 iwii
PattN Diescs, K'lil (!loe Mid I
I'xpts Up (lean Uleaih i'id H 1
' .ill kuidr ui of lint" Up 1 in .
'ooinplcie out fit oi Saniiii M i
' (ilpiiniiig 111,11 liiuery Dm ti 1
I will coiimikp vou
I hpprml Department Im i),,- n
am) Hair Diissnig, Allumk 1, . 1
1 iiileeil
M II, PYHTLL Piop.iclor
The Star Want Adc
n ami all idvoinsin. und
this head will l.p pnuied u iho in.
nf one cent wmd per mm-
If vou wuit wmk, if ou ti
j work done, il ju im. , ((1I ,
miyt hing, ,f Noll Ul( ,n ,u
""ylliing.if vou have nnv Iiouim i .
rpiil.ollr...w .v. JllUt,
iiidvp.iise in tliHiolumi
Wanted young e-4otcd bnvs in 1
Kills to leain pn.for trad- and 1 .
Icul juusa. TiilsHStarprinMnjf I
Wanted rtood ,Vo geMts .111 1
coirespoiideniii in 0erv ),.. ..
oui tiier-ivvf.od.Tiilda.OlcUhon ,
ill1 irnsc"
let! htnn km ivt i
' M,S U '' !Jiop.
GlLCiiiV I
HM)TMIJS".lii3..,HM n,,.f,
ate plciised to iiiino. ice h
llle pllhlic (hill We aie now
pa i ed In pul mil a mi ,.,. ,
d high grad,. j,,, ,,i-k, i. i n,
passm u .,n.v punting u.
town. Ue have engaged tin
vices ol nil old lime line arl m- .
er, ulin is well know , ,M ijito
and elsevvlii'io lor his lug;, tfi,
woikimiushiji in die pnnfln," fat
iness Ue cm now aoppr j
woik horn out of lu, ,m,,
and deliver it 0 them in a .
maikablv sliori time, alvv.ivs in
ailleeilig pel feci satisr.i, ,u
both vvoikmaiislilp und in I
pi ne.
When uui Inn clothes and y
uin ,voi. ' )l; f, - . p,
when- vou , iv mm. i ir.,.,.i ,
leiial and icnsonahlc pi K,.h
bhould be just as jMiTi nlar )rt
voui- iriu(iiig.
II i mi wit ioit mi wj on
fob pi inline ami at th" same Til,
gum aiitce siilMiietioii
(in r uu u inn! and x ,
make a ngulur eusiom
w i...
-( j'
"i- I'iiin iiii.wuuig, .iiiv ir j
time. Xn job loo large or
hiuall to leuive our caieful atl
Call or write 115. tod.
The Tulsa Star Print in , u
al.'l X01 th f!i wnwood, Tulsa, ..
- Li . .

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