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In writing the opinions of tho rotirl
on constitutional question and oth ra
dnniandlng a thorough grasp of tlio
fundamental principle of government,
tho IKiu'h shuru of the work haa fallen
to Justice Williams, nnd properly no,
for ho bora a conspicuous part In
framing that constitution and lie la
most xenlous In vltalltlng Hit- prin
ciples thereof.
A tow wordy about Judge Williams,
thu man, will not bit amiss Me Ih j
very generally referred to as "Hob "
That lu Itself Ih Iiroof Unit ho Is u '
leal, rod Mooiluil, companionable Ini-'
niHii being Off tho bench In' Ih .1
iiimi of affairs, n Imslne.sH iiniti of
recognized ability, ninl h takes a
leading uit In the development of
the jmitry In n business sense
Tho Judgo has an nbaoiblng Interest I
tu fm in llfo Ho whh horn and Mined I
on .1 farm, and ban ill way n maintained '
IiIh Interest In tho furmliiK Indimtiy.
Ho Iiiih h farm now, ami one of his
hobbles U tho building of dams n ml
lakts and stotfclug tlio waters ultlii
IIhIi He Insists that tlilH not only i
tx'.'iutlflf h thu landscape, but, that if!
Ihi' plan were gnnurnlly followed. It
would vory materially Increase tho
rainfall I
Judge Williams great grnmlfnth-r '
was Jonathan Williams, born In Con
necticut, In 1764, whlthei bin rather, I
Home year betore einli;r.ileil from
Wales Jonathan WllllaniH unllHted In
iieariiHieH regiment 111 the Itevolu
tlomir) Army After the devolution
ho drifted to North Curolinii, living
theie until 1821, when be ueut to
Jones county, tleoigln, wHh a view
of settling In thu Cicek country. This
ho did In 1821, settling In I'lko count v,
Alabama In after yearn tlio mt tin
men! vvnH known as VI1IIuiiih Set
tlement." and the two .sons of Jona
than WllllaniH founded what Is known
i "WIIIIhihh' Church." Jonathan left
two hoiih, liar Kllshaand Itev. Simeon
Wllllnma. Rov. Simeon Williams had
a hoii by the name of Jonathan Wll
HairB, who In tho father of H L,. Wll
llaniB. Hob WllllaniH was born cm u farm
In tho old Williams' Settlement At
slxtcna yearn of ago bo went to woilc
on his own account, wot king his way
through collego to tho degree of Mas
ter of Arts In Southern Unlvrnlty at
(IieoUBboro, Alabama He thinks now
ho was prohatTly handtr.iiied by his
poverty and his Hhabby clot lies, but
at uny rato ho plunged iu ami fought
Mb way to loudorlili in Intellectual
ncttvltliB In tlio tollego Later ho
read iaw with JuiIku William S Tlinr
lugton, for some tlino iKaii of the law
department of tho University of Ala
bama, and a moiuber of tho Alabama
Supremo Court Judge WllllaniH was
admitted to practice In September,
1HIU, and hung out bin shingle at
Troy. A fow yoar later ho went to
Texna because of tho call of Hie wild.
Texas was too tame, and lu 1 s ;t tj ho
The Old Williams Homestead
caino to the Indian Terrlloi) and tin
nll buttled at Durant, laie hi htlll
resides He was (he Irrel clt attor
ne for tlio town of Durant
A a citizen the Judge Iiiih .ilwirt
taken an at the part in eerj mow
mout for elle deudopmentH Soino
have urltlclseil him for dabbling lu
politics, but thlB Is ih.uacterlsllc of
the uiau No aetlvlly of hit, liniiiu ill),
county or utate. which look for I lei
bet tin uu-ut of mankind is too Hiiiall
tc claim hit. uiot,t viyoious attention.
Ills aitlvlt) lu all public aualm has
Kept him In close touch with the peo
ple, their conditions and iueds o
flfpB iu and tales tildes whether It
be the bclcctlon of iho aldermen of
IiIh home town or the president of the
United .Stalen
Hi' has alttajs been an entliunlatlc
dcinoerat, and he comes fiom a dent
oeratlc f.imll) id, ,as unbounded
falllt lu the wlsilmn and lrtue of tho
people as expressed lu elections and
to a er marked degree he tjpllles
nil that lb bust lu western iltleii
ship. While Judgo Williams lives mod
etl) though amply able to nllonl lux
ur, he Is not wedded to the dollar.
Ills many acts of klndl) helpfulness
stamp him as a man of bioad chaiity
Last winter he gathered all the news
ho)s iu Oklahoma City together ut a
leading hotel and gave them a teal
banquet. In Durant, where ho Is
kuottn bout, one heart most of big
Mr &HBDflHpijHKffi3w (MJHL, .SHKLfv7
irsCRlE TODAY. Cornel t
R. L. Wllllum", of thr Suprenje
A Man of
R. L. Williams, the first Chief Justice
Whether .Indue Williams becomes n
cuudldnlo Tor governor, retains his
place on tho Supreme Hench, or re
tires to private life, ho will coutliiuo
to be n dominating Influence In tho
ilevidopment of tho slate He h:ii a
groat lap.icll) for work and his grasp
of fuiidameiital principles of ko em
inent 1 1 exceedingly broad ami clei r
He would make an Ideal candidal
from a parlv standpoint, and as a gov
'i nor of I lie while people and n rep
ren'iilatlvi' of the tapaorH he would
certalnU IHI tito bill.
Nine, Including tho two cent fare, the
follow -eivant provision ami the o'ii
lo the elTect that every license Issmd
oi ch.uler kiiiiiIiiI to a mining or pub
lie sen Ice coi poiallon, foreign or do
mestlc, should c ritit.ilu a provision ro
iinliini the Hiibmlsslou of all labor
disputes with uiiplojcos to arbltr
Hon tho llrst time such a pruvlslin
ever Ippe.ned lu a statute or a ci n
Hllliitloii Judge Williams li,in be. n
Birthplace of R. L. Williams.
referred to as tho John Unrshall
Oklahoma It sounds well, and It real
ly suits tho case Chief Justice Mar
shall of the Supreme Court of tho
United Stales, by his li arncd and
courageous construction of tho most
progressive constitution up to that
tlmo In existence, hammered tho loose
nnd discordant elemcntH Into a mighty
and Indissoluble composite, drove tho
rivets Into tho frame-work of thu
world'R oiingest and gieatest na
tional government.
Judgo Williams, tho flrst chief Jua
tlco of the Supreme Court of Okla
homa, has wrought similarly lu a
more restricted Held. Two territories,
within tho borders of each of which
but a few years ago the white man
was a trespasser, Huns together as a
sovereign state under the most pro
gressive or most radical, as somo
critics would Insist constitution yet
ovolved; two territories markedly dls-1
similar from the standpoint of prl-)
Mite law and governmental organiza
tion, tho Indian Territory ha ;
never known the semblance of '
government, a constitution tirt-'
with Innovations, establishing a
loins propositions hitherto gr
mooted all this presented grave
I It ltlcs to Oklahoma's high trlbu
Kor ue.irl) kI venrH It li. Willl.u
ami his associates on tho suprem
bench have vvicbtlcd untiringly wit
these problems, often with scant prect
(lent to light tho way.
"rchcr and Greenwood
Court, A Judge of the Law and '
tho People. (
of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma.
Now that tho legislature has ad
journed tho hotel gossip has turned
to the gubernatorial topic, and states-
men and near-statesmen aro discuss-'
lng who will bo tlio democratic can
didate for governor next year.
In connection with this talk no
name Is heard with more persistency
than that of Hob Williams. Judge
Williams has held a center place In
tho public eyo since lone before state
hood. Ho fought valiantly for state
hood long before that dream was re
alized. Ho was a member of the
Constitutional Convention and left his
Impress on every important sectto
In that document. When tire state
was admitted to the Unhjn he became
Us first chief Justice.
Beginning with statehood erery
time wo have u big election, to choose
either a governor or a United States
Senator, or both, somehow the name
ot Bob Williams bobs up. "What
about Dob Williams!" has grown to
be a familiar question when conver
sation veers to some big question o
public honor or trust or when the
state Is about to adopt a policy, eltlier :
eh II or political. Meanwhile Judge
Williams has gone serenoly on, ap
parently engrobsed with his work on
tho supremo bench, modestly but firm
ly dealing out Justice and laying down
a course or proceuuro wmou w... u.
, .".: ... ,?, ' . :,: '. t : " ; r-
4 HUH ami 111a nut uu fco , - , - , . ,
been of moro lasting effect upon the''ill. .Mi't'lillinrtil, -Nmso I filllilll
nooole and tho laws than It could,
have boen had ho held any other posi
tion. Tho Judgo has certainly made good
In splto of his early patches and pot-
nta iin.l linn AAtilnvflfl tl tTinilt lStWfV
"-"',' ,""u " .".- - "4 '
position iu nis cuuaru aiain. w
Yinu nlurntj Imnn a verv hRrd worker!
a man of dynamic energy and poe$,nlil'H,',l.
tlvo opinions. Ho has tho courage SilliitlH'y rniiililiiiiix v ill lie In I
to stand for what he regard! rlgbt;lti' Hum 'Vei lor Hie renson llinl
ho stands out ruggedly for the honest ., valorw'orKt ;nnl si'VViM'iljJi' s.m
strnlghtforwurd stateemanllke thing! ((M) w-j )(. jllS.,,.,
In politics. ,, r,,,.,!,,,,. infiu-iiinliuii. u
Awny back a decade ago, Judge K.
T. IVUtlntnu u.'na nil nntlvp factor tA lift hS
Indian Territory politic. He was the
democratic uutloual committeeman
when n place on the uatlonal commit
teo was practically the only represent
tntlon tho eastern part ot the state
had In the civil government of the
country. When tho Constitutional
Convention was called ho was elected
lis u delegate. He became one of the
foremost leaders of that great body
of men, nnd hlB handiwork may be
aeen by tho student In every vital de
partment of tho orgnnlc law of the
stnto. As a member ot the Consti
tutional Couventlou ho was placed on
tho committees on Judiciary, revenue
and taxation, legislative department,
primary elections, legal advisory and
public service corporation, and of tbe
last two ho was chairman. Ho was tbe
author of practically nil the construo-
tlvo provisions Inaugurated In Article
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110 Noith Greenwood st.
Mrs Ella Mitchell gave nn
enjoyment p-trty Fiiilay nitfht,
at her residence on VN. Green
wood, to a number of youii";
pjople in honor of her niece
,- f iniije M ivTIiomiHon of
J' ' ' '
Cleveland. Okla,
Thoe present were,
Jessie Titus, Aura Rollinson,
Anna Grier, lCmma Green, lr
ma Rollinson, Rochie and Man
dy Robinson, Jes-ie Robinson.
David Evans, Emerson Hryson,
Amanda aud Mattie Rarteu and
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A big revival is now bciiflav
coneiieted at the first bajtist
church by Rev Kcrsh assisted
by Dr West brook of Oklahoma
City Dr We.tbrook is an exce
lont preacher and a power iu
the work (Juile number have
been added to the church dur
ing this meeting
Rev Jones will spend a few
diys on t vacation in Texas
Wis Rev. Jones is visiting
in Okmulgee thi' week
l'iof J K Mason died M in
day night
Mr Gin ly. Mr Curd and Mrs
Wells aie in Holey this week
attending the Grand Lodge of
i Maso'is
Miss Gentry entertained her
sister at the Midway, Friday
Mr C (J. Claik of si Louis Mo
a cousin of J D Ford of this
city is expected to be in the city
jS.ittuday and spend a few days
on business
Mr L Crosgrovu of Omaha is
in the city and is with J D Ford.,
he is a imish Tailor and willcyf
glatl to meet those who are in
need of first class tailoring wor

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