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flu Mrs. Bowling's Conception
Life at One Time Thinks
Differently Now.
Lovoland, Ky.--"Whon I first wroto
you. I wns feeling so miserable, that
llfo wasn't worth living." So writes,
In n recent lottor, Mrs Anna Howling,
of this placo
"I wns In hail shapo, my left nllo
hurt so, nt times, I could hardly bear
It, and I could not llo on that Hldo at
night, nt nil I nisi) hml another
serious symptom of wdmnnty trouble.
I finally decided (o rlvo Cardul, thfl
woman's tdnlc, n trial, so 1 purchased
a bottle, nml by tho Umn I had taken
It, I felt bettor In every way, so I
got another buttlu nnd It straightened
me out entirely .
I feel as yell now as I over did In
mylfe, npd I rtm bo safo In sajlng
thai .Cnrdul Is tho .beat mcdlclno on
earth for women I had llttlo faith
In It beforo I commenced tnklnK It.
but now I would not exchnngo It for
all tho other medicines"
Aro j on ono of thoso poor women
ufTeVors, who feel that llfo Is hard!)
worth tho living? Ilavo jou Hint over
lastingly tired, nervous, worn out
headachy feollng? If so. got a hot
tlo of Cnrdul nnd begin tnklnK It to
day. No doubt It Is tho very modi
clno ypu need
N Tl U'rtti if Clnttanooga Medicine Co ,
Ladies' Advisory Pept . Chattanooga. 1 enn . for
SnciUhttructtsnt on votircasenndM natfebook.
t jlmne Treatment for Women," sent in plain
wrapper. Adv.
Re.il Miser.
William Corcoran l.ustlB. tho ctll
' dent clinlrtnnn of tho Washington In
nugural cotnnilttco, said tho other da)
of a proposed Inaugural economy.
"No, that would look odd It would
look ton much llkn Scroogo
"Scrooge, nt a board meeting, cut
his linger nnd asked for n pic co ol
sticking plaster Nobody had any
plaster, hut a merchnnt handed
Scrooge n two cent stamp
"'Put that on.' ho uald 'It will stop
thn flow of blood '
"'Oil. thank ou,' until Scrooge; nnd
drawing forth his wallet, ho deposited
tho two cent stamp therein, taking out
a one-cent stamp of his own, which
tin proceeded to ntllx upon his hurt"
Manchester Union
Look for LocA.
Mrs Kvn Whllo I wns going down
town on thn oar this morning thn
conductor inmo along nnd looked nt
me ns If I hadn't pild my f.irn
l.vn Well, what did ou do'
Mrs l.o- I looked at him as If I
Little Pitchers.
"Mrs nadd), plcnso let mo
jour old cat "
"What do jou mean, child"
got no old cat."
"Tim ono m-imma said 'ho had to
como nnd sen when sho started here"
The Teat.
"How can ou telt If n purso Is real
alligator skin'"
"I don't know, hut I supposn jou
ought to bo libit) to tell by tho snap"
llerlln In 1911 consumed u77,M7
pounds of milk
Apparently, with Advancing Age.
"At tho ago of CO jears 1 collapsed
from oxiesslvo coffeo drinking," writes
n mnn In Mo Tor four jears 1 sham
bled about with the aid of crutches or
cane, moBt of the tlmo unnblo to
dress in) self without help
"My feet were greatl) owollon, my
right nrm was shrunken nud twisted
Inwnrd, the fingers of in) right hiind
were clenched nud could not bo ox
tended except with great effort nnd
pain Nothing sei met! to glvo mo moro
than tempornrj relief
"Now, during all this tlmo nnd tor
nhout SO joint previously, I drank
dull) nu nverngo of 0 cups of strong
coffeo rarely missing n menl
"My wtfo nt last took mj enso Into
her own hands and bought some
Postum Sho inndo It nccording to di
rections nnd I liked It fully ns well
h thn best high grndo coffeo
"Improvement set in nt onco In
shout C months I begun to work n lit
tle, nnd In less thnn n jenr 1 was very
much better. Improving rapidly from
dnj to da) I am ifow In far better
health than most men of tn) jenrs
nnd npparcntl) growi-ig stronger with
advancing nge
"1 am bus) ever) day at somo kind
of work anil am able to keep up with
, thn procession without u enno Tho
nrm nml hand tint were oncu almost
useless now keep fnr nhead In rapidity
of movement nnd bonut) of penman
ship "
Namo given by Postum Co, Ilattlo
Creek, Mich W rlto for cop) of tho lit-.
tie book, "1 he Hot.i1 to Wollvtllo "
Postum comes In two forms
Regular Postum must bo well boiled
Instant Postum Is n snluhlo ponder.
A tenspoonfal dissolves nulchly In n
rup of hot vvatnr uml, with tho addi
tion of cream and sugar, makes n de
licious bevcrago Instantly,
"There's n reason" for Postum.
'Hurt ni'iir was .1 time In which
mankind was ahsolutity pit fed In all
things, nor do we believe such will
bo thn stall) of socltt) In fori) the
mllli ilium il.iwn, but tin re li.no In in
pirlnth In which exlstul n more
wholiHomi) regard for sacred ohllg.i
tliuis 'I ho ti inline) to degi nerate
fioni xnlleil londltlonH li a growing
Mllure, and the nllllttlnn Is niiarent
In ever) phase of clvlllrtd life The
(ioldin Utile Is traiuplid upon dnll),
nml thin) Is a Hin, ill Inclination to
n niter as wo would receive Sintl
mints, i uthuslnstle.illj expressed In
faor of rillglon fall short In Its
practice, and promises falthfult) giv
en arn Hinted with disdain Through
this mi ilium n link of contldenco Is
inatid, and opi rations are hampered,
bi cause faith In Integrlt) Is ilestro)ul
'I hi re are few who, sicmlngl) real
Izlng that the pi rformanei) of obllga
tloiiH of Individuals to i nth other Is
the hisls 11 on whli h prospcrltj
stands, because n holeniu trust be
twiiii man and man removes obstruc
tions nnd throws wide the gati s of
opportunities Hut whin these are
closed on m count of man h dellniiuen
ty nml Indirfennce to the duties
which should (Unit his sti lis, stngun
tiou follows and gi m nil depression
rilgns where peine .mil plentj should
abide Nothing is so destructive to
hnppluesH as the unsettled condition
which disturbs thu repose of communi'
ties, nnd ier) act which Casts a
shade oer tho conduct of society re
tards to a ci rtaln degree. Its on
ward strides Utile fori thought rel
lithe to the part inch Is expected to
phi) in the drama of life Is exhibited,
and wo drift along heedless of Inev
liable const ipu nces Vi r) often dll
Immiio in small matters leads to con
tiol In great onia, nud b) our failure
to properl) cultivate the chnncis bj
which our v.irlcd i.ireers aro affected,
wo rnrfilt cherished blessings and
lose the reward which faithful ken Ice
begets Our understandings are c
perimcntal, and wo ate not wlso as
to thu outcome, but where dut) mectB
Its requlri'iinnls, things ma) be rick
oned with a less ihgree of uncertain!)
'I ho win el of fortune ever turns, nt
each ieolutlon Kumibnil) wins and
homtbod) ltibis but winner mid loser
alike pursue their occupation In hopes
of limit siicciss With faith In the
honiHt) of our ti How man, wo rial
our hopes of triumph, but should ho
desert our i.iuso In tho midst of nc
Hon, our prospects are doomed tu dls
uppolntments Human Interests arc
so Interwoven that whatever Injures
ono member lias a tnnefiil effect up
on the other, likewise, therefore. It
Is titling that million In dealing
should bo exercised 'est In our ef
forts to handicap the progress of
others, we do Irretrievable damage
to our own
Hebolullons declaring that "the, pot
lc) of the ailmliilstrnlloti at Wushlng
ton In Segregating the rnces is a pitt)
one were adopted b) the Illinois Stato
IN delation of Colored Women's clubs
The federation promised 10 operation
In preparing for the si ml centennial
i loln.it Ion of Negro fieidom to bo
held In It in 'llui stnte wnB com
mended for providing nu appropria
tion for this event It wns decided
to hold the 1911 convention In Mollne
Among tho speakers wiro Senator
lohli Dalle) of Peoria Itlshop Tallows
of Chicago, Itev A I Cnre) of Chi
(ago, ltuv Chillies Vlrden. vleltntlou
agent for the state bo ml of adminis
tration, nud Mis Not a Taj lor of Chi
i ago
I he .National Negro Huslness leaguo
In an ndtlress to thn public getting
forth the achii vi-taents of the race
dining lift) )cars of freedom si) 6
thnt the possessions of Negroes In the
I lilted States amount to $700,000,000,
evceidlug the possessions of the white
prnsantr) of Hussla The address fur
ther stntes thnt while theie were 4,.
r.OO.OOrt Nrgroes at the beginning of
tho ilvli war of whom 3 000,000 wero
slaves the nuinhir lias Increased to
ten million, that onl SO per cent of
the nice owns twent) million neros of
hind equnl to the nren of South Cnro
flhe nniiunl convention of the lenguo
ended with the re (lection of Hooker
1' . Washington as president for the
fourteenth consecutive time Charles
Hunks of Mound llajou, Miss, wns
elected vice president, llmmctt J
Scott of Tuskegce, Aln , secrcturj, nnd
Charles l't Anderson of Jacksonville,
Pin trrnsurer
Jie Vt.ltrinetit has been nnde that
life would tin prolonged If persons
would ncaulrr the habit of stooping
In the hips lustend of bending the
While the millions of Nigiois In
tho south are lirgil) an Ignorant pio
lite so far as letters nrtr eonceim tl
the) aro not as a nilo a degraded
people, tlielirid Hooker Washington
nt I'hllaiklphla Some of the finest
specimens of ph) nlc.il nnd inornl man
hood to he found nn)whire in the
world can he found nmoug the coun
ti) piople of our race 'I here Is n
vast tllfferince between Ignorance and
di grndutlon
Now us to our progrnm for tho fit
tin o We should make up our minds
thorough!) that there Is a permanent
place In tho countrj for us, and thnt
wo have mote friends both In the
north nud the south than we have
Wo should make up our minds that
we nro to use material gnln nnd pros
pel It) not ns an end, but nB n means
towards securing nnd enJo)lng the
best things In our American life
What are our chances nnd what Is
tin outlook? 'I he largo number of In
depend! nt, prosperous nnd lawnbldlng
black people right here In Philadelphia
parti) answers this question What
hundreds In Philadelphia havo done
otlurs can do throughout the I'nlted
Tin re Is a place for at least 900 000
IndepemU nt. i elf supporting Negro fnr
mcrs When 1 was recentl) In the fnr
wist, nothing Improssid me more than
to note tho large number of educated
white nun who were beginning life ns
farmers Often the) sinned In a little
hut or "dug out," and suffered priva
tions but the) were sticking to It.
Those me the people who In the fu
ture make the great kings of Indus-
'Iheie an openings In the south for
1,000 more saw mills and 1,000 brick
jnrds It Is easll) possible to tlntl In
viting places north nnd south where
1,000 more grocer) ptijns can he
We need 'J.O00 additional ill) goods
stores nnd I, "00 shoe stores Our raco
needs 1.000 more good nstnurants
nnd holds
The clllcers of the Philadelphia
Negro Huslness l.enguo's committee In
charge of tho recent celebration nre
Chairman, Charles II lliooks; secre
tin) Charles It Ta)lor; ticnsurrr, 12
C Dawktux Other n itlonnl olllcirs of
the league besides Dr Washington
nre ns follows Vice presidents,
Charles Hanks, Mount llajou, Miss;
I K Hush. Mttlo Hock. Ark.; S O.
l.lbert, Wilmington. Del ; Hnrry T.
Prntt. Haltlmore. Md . and John M
Wright Topekn, Kan; coi responding
seeretnr) l.mmctt J Scott, Tuskogcc,
Ala , tteasurcr, Charles H Anderson
Jacksonville, Pin ; registrar. V II. Oil
bert, Hrookl)n, N Y; nsslstnnt regis
trar H C Houston. Port Worth, Tex.;
transportation agent, A II. Jackson,
Philadelphia; olllcinl stenographcV,
William II Davis, Washington. D C;
compllei, S l.nlng Williams, Chicago,
A true keiB' association, composed
of colgrcd fanners, was organized nt
Natchez. Miss About 100 acres waB
pledged There were fifty colored far
mers at the meeting who evinced
much Interest nud enthusiasm 'I he
assembl) w is addressed by Prof O
W llrumlleid. Prof S 11 C Owens,
Dr A W Dumas, .1 , It Hobs nnd
Jnmes llo)d Prof O W Hruiiiflfli!
wns elected president J It Itoss,
seiritni), and John S Tolls, vice
president We must not lose faith In our whin
friends, and nbove nil this we must
have (onstunt nnd uuvar)lng faith In
our own race We must have prldo
of i ace We must be proud of being
n Negro ns the Jnpanese Is of being a
Japanese I.ct us go fro;n this great
meeting tilled with n spirit of race
initio, rejoicing In the fact that we,
belong to u race that has mado greater
progiess within HO jears than anj
race In hlstorj, nnd let each dedicate
himself to the tnsk of doing his part
In mnking the 10,000,000 of blnck citi
zens In America mi example for nil
the world In usefulness, 1 iu abiding
habits and high iharncter
If an English engineer's plan to run
nu electric railroad up tho side of
Mount Popocatapetl In Mexico bo ear
lied out, passengers will otperlonco a
change In ti mpernturo from 70 degrees
above zoro to 10 below within two
The French postal authorities arc ex
perlmenttng with American autoimtlc
nnd teml-automntlc telephones In tvio
cities with n view to their general In
troductlon Into Paris If satlsfactoij
Design and Dimensions Illustrated
Are Result of Considerable Experi
mentingEasily Made.
In response to n query for n dla
mm nml d scrlntlon of an Inside
Jrj mash hopper a writer In tho Kurnl
New Yorker makes tho following re-
The accompanying diagram shows
in end view, or cross section, of n
Jry feed hopper designed to prevent
tho waste of food The deBign and
dimensions nro thn result of consld
cranio experimenting, nnd the hoppers
ire ver) satisfactory both for )oung
chickens nnd older row Is The ono
shown will hold a bushel of feed and
Is used in a colon), house for growing
chicks, for older fowls It should be
several times as largo, keeping tho dl
menslons of the feed opening tho
same, how over One used In in) hen
housn holds 200 pounds of feed nnd
Is filled nt Irregular Intervals ns It
becomes ompty They ma) ho built
of nny stuff nt hand, though mtnu aro
mado of one Inch pine boards for ends,
nnd half Inch matched sturt for the
There Are Few Farm Flocks That Will
Not Improve In Egg Laying If
Given Some Grain.
Tho verj common opinion that
farm flocks need no grain feed In
summer Is seldom wnrrantcd The
farm range Is valunblo, and thero Is
no placo whero eggs can bo produced
ns economlcnllj', but thero nrn fow
flocks thnt will not tmprovo In egg
ylold If given nt least ono feed dall)
It ought not to bo difficult to do
termlno whether moro feed Is needed
Something depends on the slzo of tho
flock and tho range, but tho egg jleld
will telt Thero Is only ono probablo
explanation for n farm hen's falluro
to lay eggs In summer, nnd that Is
Inck of feed Occasionally It Is duo to
n lack of tho right kind of feed, but
generally If the hens havo ono feed
daily of any grain they will give good
Wheat, barley nnd oats are tho
practical summer grains, but If n little
caro Is used nnd somo meat, com Is
very good Whntovor grain Is used It
Is genuine economy to glvo tho hens
access to dr) bran. An npon shallow
box will do If jou haven't time to mnko
a regular feed hopper No poultlj
mnn or farmer Is feeding to tho best
advantage who does not feed bran
Kggs not gathered oncn a daj now
nro of doubtful quality.
Do the birds havo shade. In an open
nlrj place' they need It
Healthy breeding stock Is tho great
est requirement for strong chicks
Tho breed jou liko the best Is tho
ono jou will glvo tho most attention
As n source of Income tho hen 1b
not considered as seriously ns she
should be
There will never bo too man) good
poultDinen, but wo can all strlvo to
ho nmong the heBt
Air slaked lime, freelj, dusted eveiy
where, Is cheap, and will destroy lice,
gapes and the roup.
- jMQJ
ll i ' iS&j
Dry Mash Hopper. f fcVxiM.jar"'a 1
Firsi in
Hrsl in Quality
First in Keiulta
Hrst in Parity
First in Economy
ami for tlicsc rcisona
Calumet Unliinff
IVnt-.WIs first lllllio
licarts of the millions
of housewives who
use It nnd Know It.
WoiU To" " ItfllUM,
Cklcwo, IlWis. .
r-rUupsuu.a, Fnuu, Harce,
I T.. Joa't HT. an7 7" ly eatip W Mf-cM
I noft Kraualcal-lMia Wtat-njet t-t ratlu.
I Calanct U lir tnnr la ar nJk nd tJa.
Agreeable Change.
First Clubman- l'vo been watching
Hlowhard over thero smoking
Second Clubman Whcro's tho In
terest' first Clubman It's such n pleasant
chango to nnd him pulling something
olso besides himself
Mr Wlnnlow's Boothlnfc Bjrup for Children
teething, hoftcnnlhKUtnii, reducrn lnnimma
tiou.altajtt p.Uu,cureH wlud colic ,25i- a bottle Ut
A telephono Bj'stem, Amerlcnr
throughout In every particular, has
been Instnllcd at Jlahla, Hrazll
Bo thrift) on little things like bluln;.
Don't accent water for bluluif. Ask for lied
Crots Hill lllue. AJv.
A suro way to bo Ignorant Is to
think jou know It oil.
Tho matchless beauty starts tho con
flagration Foley Kidney Pills Succeed
because they aro a good honest med
icine thnt canno help hut heal kid
ney andbladdcrailmciitsand urinary
irregularities, if thoy aro once taken
into the system. Try them now
for positie and permanent help.
Tf, Tina, fraAttm lln.nllat nfni.1.1
Clty,Okla .Turnl-hes room, board, nursing
anil mrtlkal and turcica! Bfrvlcea for
U50O per week. Patl-nla takm care of
In clccant private rootnt which were
formerly US 00 per week. Pallentt mut
brine k letter from their local phyalclan
alallnir they ate unable to pay more than
the hospital fee. No other hospital to
our knowledge la conducted along theie
llnea. No belter ipeclalltta In all lines,
connected with any hospital In the
southwest. Address
DR. CAMP. SuDerlnltedeat
OUaboma City. Okie.
Malaria Or Piles. lV ll-u.tarhn. L-n.ttv6
llowrli, Dumb Ague, hour Moniach, and
llrlchlng; II your food doca ixit assimilate and
you have no appetite,
Tuffs Pills
will remedy these troubles. Price, 23 cents.
.trout. OUT rtOKift JlUNt OWN or GOTTHtHLLti
wnt or mr'hnee took the m r instfuctivb
Ult Ithtrtmt Iff rvoi R nw N llinnt Dor, ttndacr.t
Abtolut'lrrilEC. Nolillow pclrculart llftLKClSRO
100 Uon bua 10 aera farm In tho rain and
corn bell of central Arkansas "We Ho
lfoin.. for All VVIlllfc I Oil 1 1ST
I.fcAUTT I AM) CO, Llrrl.l! IIOLU. Ark.
ULann-iT "

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