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Potato Sandwich.
In puzzling over a new way of cook
ing Irish potatoes, 1 discovered potato
sandwich, which makes an attractive
and delicious luncheon dish, writes a
contributor to Good Housekeeping. Se
lect smooth oval potatoes and boil
with their skins on until nearly tpn
dor. Then peel and sllco the long
way In one-quartcr-lnch bIIccb. Dust
generously with salt and paprika and
put a thin Flico ot cheese between
each two slices of potato I-ay tho
Fandwlchos on a Hat buttered pan.
brush with melted butter and put In
a hot oven to brown and melt tho
cheeso Garnish with parsley and,
nerve hot. A slice of crisply fried
breakfast bacon added to tho cheese
makes a nice variation. New potatoes
can bo used thus, as they arc always
more xnxy than mealy.
Keeping Airtight.
Many housekeepers have troublo
with keeping nlrllght anything that Is
put up In Jars If, however, after a
bottle or Jar Is corked It Is sealed with
n mlxturo of beeswax and rosin there
Is no danger of air getting at It. To
make this sealing mlxturo put two
ounces of yellow beeswax and four
ounces of rosin In a small tin can,
which is then sot In n larger pan of
hot water. Stir constantly until the
wax and rosin arc well blended. Ap
ply whilo still liquid to tho outside ol
tho corked Jar or bottlo. tauisvllle
Valuable Food for Invalids May Be
Made Palatable in a Number of '
Ways Agreeable to Opponents i
of Strong Liquor. I
Chilled eggnogs arc not served as
often as they should bo. They nro
specially valuablo for invalids during
(ho heated weather, because they aro
not only refreshing but nourishing as
well. An eggnog Is hardly more than
custard In Its raw stato, especially If
spirits aro left out
This drink may bo served In an end
less number of ways, and teetotalers
ran enjoy to their hearts' content egg
nogs without spirits that nro simply
but delicious)- flavored with orange,
coffee, vanilla, nutmeg or chocolato
A plain eggnog of any kind may bo
:urned Into a festive bevcrago If topped
with whipped cream or Ice cream and
i bit of candled fruit Tho whlto of
pgg so often recommendod should not
bo ndded unless tho "nog" Is heavily
flavored, as It Is apt to Impart a raw,
eggy taste.
Chocolate 1'ggnog. Kor a chocolato
eggnog uso a tablespoonful of grated
rhocolatc, a tablespoonful of sugar and
a large new egg to every half-pint of
rich chilled milk Melt tho chocolato
and sugar together to a paste, then
add tho egg yolk and Btlr tho mlxturo
Into tho milk, beating well so that the
egg will not scparato from It When
ready to servo add a big spoonful ot
whipped cream or Ice cream to each
glass. If preferred, tho whipped
cream may, for variety's Bako. bo
partly frozen. This forms a very rich
beverage, almost a meal In itself.
When a coffco eggnog Is properly
made it Is delicious. It may bo pro
pared llko tho riiocolatc drink, using
n place of the chocolato enough strong
coffeo to glvo It n flno flavor Tho
camo proportions may bo used with
other flavors.
Corn Muffins.
Sift together ono and two thirds cup
fuls of flour, ono cupful of cornmcal,
two scant teaBpoonfuls of baking pow.
der. Heat to a cream two tablespoon
fuls of butter, with threo of sugar,
and add to them threo wollbcaten
eggs Mix to a batter with a pint ol
mtiir linn! hard for a few minutes
and put Into well greased mullln tins
Raspberry Rice Pudding.
Soften ono tablespoon of gelatin In
three tablespoons of cold water, then
place oyer boiling water, until ills
solved PresB through a coarso Bleve
enough cooked rlco to mako ono cup
ful, and ndd ono cup of raspberry
Juice, tho dissolved gelatin, half a
cup ot sugar, two teaspoons of lemon
Julco and tho beaten whites of throe
eggs. Kold In ono cup of heavy cream
beaten until stiff, turn Into a wet mold
and let harden on Ico. Unmnld nnd
hcrvo with fresh berries strown over
tho top.
Stuffed Onlono.
l'laco eight largo llcrmiida onions,
peeled and mashod, In a baking dish
Cover with boiling water slightly salt
ed. Ilako them half an hour or till a
wlro will plcrco thorn, then turn orf
tho water, then with a sharp thin
bladcd knife tnko oul tho heart with
out breaking tho uuter walls, 1111 the
cavity with minced cold chicken and
lino bread crumbs seasoned with melt
cid butter. Sprinkle rrumbs, buttered,
over tho dish until It nlmoBt IoucIipb
tho top of tho oiiIoiib. Cover luiu
nnd bako halt an hour.
Peculiar State of Mind That Comes
ft Employes of the Most Noted
Gambling Resort.
Probably no one hatCB tho sight of
taoney as do tho croupiers at Monto
Carlo, through whoso hands thousands
and thousands ot pounds pass every
It Is not eerjono who can bo a
croupier. Fingering and couutlng
money at tho casino requires special
tralnlne, and, accordingly, there Is a
school of croupiers In Monaco. Hero
there aro tables similar to those used
In the gambling rooms, and each
"scholar" Is taught by a "master"
how to becomo a croupier.
Tho "master" and the "scholars"
personato players, while one "scholar"
takes tho part of croupier. Tho money
used Is sham, metal discs being sub
stituted for colnB and slips of paper
for bank notes Within a glrn time
tho croupier scholar must ralculato
and pay out tho winning stakes, and
ho must make no mistakes Ho has
to learn how to pitch money from one
end of the tablo to a precise spot at
tho other end. nnd a good many other
When a "scholar" Is passed as per
fect ho enters tho servlco of tho
casino under an agreement which
stipulates that ho can bo dismissed
at a moment's notice without any
reason being given him. London Tit
Fanaticism and Progress.
Without fanaticism of n certain
fort, progress would bo Impossible.
Tho minds of men nnd women must
bo surcharged with lovo of a cause,
or hatred of a wrong, else thoy will
not put their nil Into the fighting.
The very origin of tho word "fan
atic" connotes absorption In a single
Idea, for the word Is derived from
the Latin "fanum" (a temple) and
tho "fanatlcus" was supposed to bo
maddened by tho divinity whoso
fane ho frequented. And It Is qulto
certain that now, ns of old, tho mo
tive power of every great propaganda
Is essentially religious, even though
tho leaders call themselves agnostics
or atheists. No absolutely selfish or
absolutely skeptical person can lead
either tho masses or tho classes. At
tho core of tho true leader's being
there must bo nn Idea to which ho
clings nnd to which ho will sacrifice
all else with a light heart. Parnell
wns cold, but ho loved Ireland with
nn all-consuming passion: William
III was cold, but ho loved Holland
with a devotion that know no bounds.
New Orleans Times-Democrat.
Father Would Understand.
This Is tho letter a boy away at
boarding school for tho first tlmo Is
said to have written homo:
"Iar Parents: I hardly think I
will bo ahlo to send you many letters
while here. You see, when things
aro happening, I haven't tlmo to
write, and when they aren't happen
ing. I haven't anything to wrlto
about. You'll understand how it Is,
won't you, father? And, mother,
dear, ou Just ask father to explain
to you how It Is. So now I'll say
good-by, with lots of love, and sign
myself. In haste. Your
Dad, but All Well.
Tho saying "tho good funeral of tho
bad woman," may bo apocryphal, but
It Is attributed to the duko of Buck
ingham, not otherwise noted for tho
exerclso of functions proper to tho
clergy, in tho wicked London of the
restoration an evil woman named
Creswcll ordered tho payment of 10
for a funeral Bcrmon In which no 111
should bo spoken of her. Hacking
ham's sermon was: "All I shall say
of her Is this1 Sho was born well, she
married well, lived well and died
well; for 8ho wns born at Shadwcll,
married to Croswell, lived at Clerk
enwcll and died at Ilrldowcll."
Prince Charming.
"And you rcnlly onco saw a
"Oh," sho exclaimed, clasping her
hands and gazing with awo Into tho
eyes that had looked upon royalty,
"what was ho doing'"
"Trying to balanco a chair on his
chin to amuso a chorus girl."
Considerably Removed.
"Itather nifty looking dairy maids
In this musical comedy."
"Yes, but I dare say the nearest
they ever got to n dairy was a dairy
The Logical Sequence.
"What happens when a boss divorces
himself from politics''"
"Tho natural Inference Is that ho
takes enro to Bocuro alimony "
Physicians Recommend Castoria
r ASTORIA has mot with pronouncod favor on tho part of physicians, pharma-
coutical sociotics and medical authorities. It is used by physicians with
results most gratifying. Tho oxtonded uso of Castoria is unquestionably tho
result of threo facts: First Tho indisputablo ovidonco that it is harmless:
Second That it not only allays stomach pains and quiots tho norves, but assimi
lates tho food : nird It is an agrccablo and porfect substituto for Castor Oil.
It is absolutely safo. It does not contain any Opium, Morphine, or othor narcotio
and does not Btupofy. It is unliko Soothing Syrupy Batcman's Drops, Godfrey's
Cordial, etc. This is a good deal for a Medical Journal to Bay. Our duty, how
ever, is to oxposo danger and record tho means of advancing health. Tho day
for poisoning innocont children through greed or ignoranco ought to ond. To
Gur knowledge, Castoria is a romedy which produces composuro and health, by
regulating tho system not by stuppfying it and our roadors aro entitled to
tho information. Hall's Journal of Health.
Letters from Prominent Physicians
addressed to Chas. II. Fletcher.
Dr. B. Halstcad Scott, ot Chicago, Ills., cays: "I havo prescribed youfl
Castoria often for infants during my practice, nnd find It very ratlsfactory."
Dr. William Uolmont, of Cleveland, Ohio, nays: "Your Castoria Btanda
first In Its class. In my thirty years of practlco I can Bay I novcr hav
found anything that bo filled tho place."
Dr. J. H. Taft, ot Brooklyn, N. Y., cays: "I liavo used your Castoria and
found It nn excellent remedy In my household nnd prlvato rractlco for
many years. Tho formula is excellent."
Dr. It. J. Hainlcn, ot Detroit, Mich., Bays: "I prcscrlbo your Castoria
extensively, ns I havo never found anything to equal It for children's
troubles. I am awaro that thcro nro 'Imitations lu tho field, but I always
ceo that my patients Get Fletcher's."
Dr.Vm. J I.IcCrann, of Omaha, Neb., cays: "As tho father of thirteen
children I certainly know something about your great medicine, nnd asldo
from my own family cxperlcnco I havo In my years of practlco found Cas
toria a popular and efficient remedy In almost every homo."
Dr. J. II. Clausen, of rhllndclrbla. Pa., says: "Tho namo that your Cas
toria lias made for Itself In tho tens of thousands of homes blessed by tha
presenco of children, scarcely needs to bo supplemented by tho endorse
ment of tho medical profession, but I, for one, most heartily endorso It and
bcllevo It nn excellent remedy."
Dr. II. M. Ward, of Kansas City, Mo., nays: 'Thyslclann generally do not
prcscrlbo proprietary preparations, but In tho caso of Castoria my cxperl
cnco, llko thnt of many other physicians, has taught mo to mako an ex
ception. I prcscrlbo your Castoria In ray praUlco becauso I havo found It
to bo n thoroughly rcllablo remedy for children's complaints. Any physi
cian who has raised n family, as I have, will Join mo In heartiest recom
mendation of Castoria."
TPi . 1
"Off ArU mJ n J afln IP1&B.H
AN cgelnllc PrcparalionforAs
lint llic Surahs and Buwlsof
P Ky.lvUKTjFnnyi;fj
ncss and Rest.Contalns netocr
Opiuni.Morpliinc nurLacrcL
Kot Narcotic.
fyia Srta'
AmeSttJ llim SrrJ
lltmfltj Suyr
Anwfeci Remedv forConsflM
lion , Sour Stomcli.DUrrtai
ncss nndLoss QF SlCER
TacSiniilc Sifriamrtcf
y Bears tho Signnturo n?
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Tlie Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Tin cer
He Was Sure.
"Sir, said n smart lawyer, "do you,
on jour oath, swear that this Ib not
your hnndwrltlng?"
"I reckon not," was tho cool reply,
"Do you Bwcar that It does not re
semblo our writing?"
"I do."
"You tako your oath that this writ
ing docs not resemble yours In a
slnglo letter?"
"Yes, sir."
"Now, how do you know?"
" 'Causo I can't wrlto."
In the Stone Age.
"Hero aro sign words, professor, on
tho walls of this cave."
"So I see."
"They tell, no doubt, a talo of great
hlstorlcaj value"
"Not exactly. This Is Just tho leaso
of tho cavo. Says tho tenant must
pay forty clamshells per month In
advanco and Isn't allowed to keep
dinosaurs, pterodactyls or sabre
toothed tigers."
"My rich undo Is dead."
"Did ho leave ou anything?"
"Yes, ho loft inu penniless."
Nearly every woman dislikes flat
tery when Bho hears It applied to
TIMMPfinU'fi qol'tlr rll.
! Jswa WWI, IDD
. w i. iu m t uruiiii ?itri
tlU If HI CnitM.fcLt rrt.
AClKNTM to tinndlflromiiM Unit nf tt1t prtra
ruUunt ill net from n matiufiirturfr, ppifDdtft
pruiltlOD,k'tol ia? Jeffrrja j.Ik CoCb4lck,rft.
W. N. U., Oklahoma City, No. 33-1913.
Its Character.
Sho I waive all claim to you mis
erable, undesirable nffcctlons.
Ho Well, you needn't mako It such
a hot waive.
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is Equally
Valuable as a General Tonic because it Acts on the Liver,
Drives Out Malaria, Enriches the Blood and Builds up
the Whole System. For Grown People and Children.
J You know what you aro taking wh' n you taki Grovo's Tasteless chill Ton la
as the formula is printed on every label slowing t at it contains tha well known
tonic properties of QUININIi and IKON. It is an strong as tha strongest bitter
tonic and is in Tast less Form. It has no equal for Malaria, Chills and Fevar,
i Wralm u, general debility and loss of appetite. Gives lifo and vi-ior to Nursing
I Mothers and Pale, Sickly Children. It-moves Ilillousness without purging.
' Relieves nervous depression and low spirits. Arouses tho liver to acli n and
purifies the blood. A Trim Tonic and sure app tizcr- A Completa Strengthened
No family should be without it. Guaranteed by your Druggist, we ra an it. joe.
Even More Fuss.
"Docs your husband mako a fuss
over his now auto?"
"Yes, nnd under It, too."
Doubts About It.
"Jlmson Is rather a negatlvo sort
of character. Isn't ho?"
"Well, ho Is a camera fiend "
Hed Cross Hall Dluo glvm douUo valua for
your money, kuk tirlco as far as any other,
l)ou't tmt jour uiecey Into any oilier. Adv.
A woman can beat n man at an ar
gument, but thnt proves very little.
, . J U .J.'l -ri -,Bt.i .til
J 1,1 WJ0 -JUH f
homo ron thc famous
HtTi B ion from ta rent tArKw or rnaiiioMii
hurch mi (in contain ttamf (to cYr poatAtfoy
f and trkibs nd ft MUl Kliitth Ann, 22 IdcLmA
u IU. ninu iur ivp iiuhi v") i-t-hu vm "
four cnu Id turni and ut MIm 'b" rrloiin or 1
MIm IJIf WMltttwl? Inch) h lib. f!n4 tt4 from
fire cent parka It joo w!h, l.nl twk a tnaor ar J
L rrqolrtvl. Out IbU ad. out. It will l aooev.w- ! .
i tiimcm or ona en rrn or iwn ut cn mi. tuj ,
UUD 4 Will iw s,v-ifcw in ;- a s a, vv hv
k Wrlto yoar nam and addioaa plain I.
Trie iest mien roa ui mimes
Boonueo of thoo ugly, grluly, gray hairs. u9 "LA CREOLE" HAIR DRESaiNO. PRICE, I.OO, ratall.

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