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Were the Agonies Which Miu Lance
Underwent. She Lires to Tell
the Story, Hewerer.
Palmer, Okla. In a letter from
this place, Miss Forrest K. l.anco
aye: "As I hato been benefited by
the uso of Cardul, tbo uomau'i tonic,
I want to wrlto this letter (or publi
cation, as It may bo tbo means of
helping other Buffering women.
For tbrco jears, 1 Buffered bo, at
times, with my back and bearing
down pains, 1 would think I could
not possibly endure tho pain. I
gradually got worso, and would look
with dread for these trlng times to
roll around.
Finally I decided to tiy Cardul,
tho woman's tonic, as I hnd heard bo
much of Its 'ielp to other women,
and how glad I am that I did, for I
can truthfully say that I have been
greatly benefited by taking only rour
bottles; In fact, It has entirely re
lieved me.
1 can truly sympathize with any
sufferer from tboao awful pains duo to
womanly trouble, for I hao certainly
had tho cxpcrlcnco of them."
As a medlclno for women who Buf
fer from tho numerous ailments pe
culiar to their sex, or as a tonic for
tired, nerous, worn out women,
Cardul has a record of moro than CO
years' success.
It has benefited thousands ot
women In this time, and should do
the same for you.
Giro Cardul a trial
Ladlei' Advisory Dcpt , Chattanooja. Ttnn , for ,
Stttfstfitr.tiini on xmrcawandM pagebook. '
Home Treatment (or Women," aent In plain I
wiapfc AUf.
Giro tho old fashioned woman th
lye and she will make a batch of
Liquid bins li a wtaV. lolatlon. AtoU
It. Buy Red Crcti Bill Blue, Ih. blue tUt i
all blue. Adr.
Many a brave man Is apt to feax a
silent woman.
Tea Can Stop Carbanrt or TTott I
After tt beclm to form by mine; DR. POR '
I9C. 11.99.
Celtics a husband Is an art, keeplnj
him Is a domestic problem
Mrm.WlnjIaw'a Sootiln Sjrup for CMldres
teethln;, aoftena th rnai, re!aca taflamma
Uun.alUyi pa.ls.cure wtnd colic Jio a battled
A WIjs la the dark may be a dlvlna
spark, or It may be a mistake.
Since Lydia . Pinkham'a
Vegetable Comcound Re
stored Her Health.
Lcoiryiile, K7 " I take jrrpntplena
ora in wntinfr to Inform you of what
LyrtinE. Pinkham'i
Vegetable Com
pound haa done for
me. I wa.i vsak,
ner7GU3, anil caret!
far nothing- but
sleep. Nov I can
ijo ahead with my
wor'c daily and feel
ten TiMri Tmnnirer?
"-"" than before I starvil
tak.njr your medl-
cine. I will ailvisn
any "veman to ennault with you beforn
pilnir to a doctor. "-Mn. Iwzk Wll I
U3, 2220 Eanlc St., Loulavlll.!, K7.
Another Snfferer Rllveif.
Romayor, Texan " I siitTcred tcrrf- I
bly with a displacement and bladder
trouble. I was in misery all the tlinn '
and could not walk any distance, t
thought I never could rw cured, but my I
mother advised mo to try I.ydlu RPInls-
hum's VcRi'tablo Compound and I did.
" T am cured of the displacement ami
the bladder trouble is relieved. I llilnlc j
the Compound Is the finest medicine on
earth for suffering- women." .Mm.
Viola Ja&pkr, RomHyor, Texas.
If yon want special advice wrllo ta
lydla K. Plnkliiiiu uVdlrliie To. (roiill
dentlal) I.jrnn, iUni. Your letter will
be opened, read ami answered by ft
woman and held In strict cotilldeiire.
THtritwrHtncH rtMrv. w.i n.im
TUCriAD Dal .,,nr..i
1 ntfiHriwn
HmMlklt wVtW
frrat w el, c " ' ttnt
HKM4 1 rtl yi'mt
9 viw rioirr ' '
diet. W1TH9
i rf.H r t 4 1 10
l -Mlr1'1
SlDCi t-.r rllll !" ' -'"
tut r k.av rt' )
v ft.
rz TMT ft f
ft '11
nrrvi iwrrrirw ifi ' iri
A if ivtt-tfin t,f (rlfc
Itt 10 I 'lifKlffclf
Tmnmitrr "
SSffiaCitaV. '" " '
It! !H Ti ffk c.
f 1 fcryrr
''r?!' 1 "'''"' '
At tho Twelfth Regiment nrtnory,
Now York lonmiunclng October 22
and tunllnulng for Ion iln)n, nn n
position Is to bo bold to show tho nil
vnncomuit niacin by tho .negro men
In tho United States during tbn lust
fifty j ears 'I bn exposition In also
Intended to celebrate the llftlnth mi
nlvcrsnry of the emancipation prorbi
nation It Is claimed that the exposl
tlon will represent morn tlinn 10,0011..
000 perform In tho United Htnles
Tho state's approval of tint exposition
was given in May last when the legls
latum passed an art appointing ibo
emancipation proclamation commix
slon, consisting of nlno innmbi rs nil
nogrocs, and appropriating J25.000 for
the purposes of tho exposition While
tho sum of J25.000 In not sufllclent to
meet the expenses of tho exposition,
contributions made b wealthy ne
groes In varlaus parts of tbo country
guarantee that there can bo no fall'
uro of tho enterprise through lack of
funds One negro In tho south who
owns thirteen plantations and In said
to bo worth not far from J7GO.000 has
contributed heavily, while large ron
trlbutlons have been made by wealthy
negroes In Now York and other cities
Imitations to attend the exposition
navo been sent to every negro of prom
Incnco In the United States, to a nutn
ber of while persons of importance
and to General Philippe Augustn the
negro president of Haytl, who. If he
cannot attend In person, will send a
delegation to represent the black re
public whose first president was a
negro slave Toulssant 1'Ouvertnre A
delegation from Santo Domingo Is
also expected and a representative
from the government of I.Iberia
The colored cook who were a
marked type of southern farm life be
fore the war are rapidly passing
away On thousands of plantations
these cooks were born on the place
and remained In service even after
freedom came to them until they
were taker, to the little family bury
Ing ground for final rest Occasion
ally one of these old colored cooks
can b found still doing good service
The average pay for colored cooks
on southern farms Is from J" to H
per month An exceptionally fine
rook and on who has been In nerv
lee many years sometimes gets as
much as J10 but such wages are
rare The younger generation of col
ord cooks demand much higher
wiges ind southern housewives find
themselves compelled to pay from $15
o t2l per month In order to keep
first class snrvints Exchange
Mrs C J Walker of Indianapolis,
md delivered an address on 'The
Vegro Woman In Business" at Wash'
ngtnn recently She delivered 1 simi
lar address before the I.ott Cary Bap
tist association of the cnplt.1l city
Her addresses are given with a view
of encouraging women of her race to
rise above the laundry and kitchen
ind to aBpIre to a place In the world
of commerce ind trade Sho tellH
her own life story an an object lesson,
hnvtng started business with 1 BO,
ind now being worth thousands of
f.nst year Algeria sent to the TTnlt.
ed Slateii hrinrwood valued at about
iflRnilO goatsklna at Jfil.OOO. rags
J21.000 and wine worth JO 000
W Rtlenne, Icratien exelmles women
villi visible hntpltui from nil public
cnnvey-tni'iis and places of entertain
ment Wigs of groat literary men are cher
iHbed by sotne hero worshipers, nnd
II In on record thnt tbo wig which
HlernM were while writing "Trlktutn
Hlintidy" wiih sold soon after his death
for ;i 000
Aecririllui; 111 nlllrliil slutUtle cov-
ertug tlm whole of the 'lerrnan em-1
plre tint ntiiilii)orn' organh.'illons
now number 138,-jr.K miimbere, cover
Ing I.37N 27r workers of both sexes
Kor rrluhleulug ImrgUrs there has
been ini'iili'd n llashllght that roaurn
Men ;i tnxgni'liii! pistol, bat whloh
nhootu n my of light when the trip
ger Is nulled.
1'iiusllly or atrotigth In both am! were eastt-d to tb- VtMni Sutn
i.cciiib sliooat twice as fnnioIy I from b Datrt Wear. ImsVs rjairlut;
wild women as with ron, iaar men' tlw 'bird qi.rt-r of lWt
ilmn women being strongor In th-i
ligbl arm 'liiin in ib left yua Viola VUVr, pateoaaa t
, OttaVWaV I1L boa ti otitlaatUoai Ot f
A 1 cording 10 a prominent flnartafal foraakaa; that tonva m cm aMRMk
'nnrnal of I'irla b 'onauMntfaM of
riffro ll tU iHtfMent rountrlsfJ i A tmper.alcn. irKe- witr a-mils
. rorlrl varls 10 IHTcrre ratio W apon. X,W titt loatr U kom4 tor'
', iwport duly, jttfr lltrter rlier at Urpol.
Mine limn eight pet tent of tint
total wealth (if the iiegtn nice In In
vested In I'liuuli piiipcity fifty
jentn ngo, eiiiniii'lpntloii lime, (lie lie
grinm hnd maiLi'ly 1111) mi nun of re
llgloils dnvi lopiiient 'I hn entire south
(oiitaltieil but I0U tieglii Hiltnliiy
schools, mill tliete Were but tlitee In
xllliitlotiH of higher learning wbeie n
iiegtn coulil bn triilned for the minis
try 'I In re are now 20 thenloglutl
Hi litiols for liegioes rmir latge pub
Hulling hiitiniis ilnvole tliulr entire mil
put tn the needs of iiegtn tblltthes
Kdticntlou of mgroun In the noulh linn
shown similar galnn 'Unite were lens
Hum 100 slIiooIs for negto (.hllilteti
at the 1 lose of tho wnr Now nearly
2.000,000 colored children nre enroll
id In public schools In the south, In
care of 21,000 colon d lenrhors High
er education hits I m mined torro
spondlngly In view of these fnds
fconomlc advances Is to be expert! d I
The nvcrnro negro Just before Hie
war was snltihlo nl about M)0 Now
there are f.,000 negroes In tbo profen
slons and 30,000 engngei) In business,
Including fit negro banks They own
wealth estimated at 1700,000,000 It In
tstlrnatxl that a free negro Is no"
worth 12.100 to bis (ommiinlty, five
times his value to his former owner
The seventy third annual Indiana I
conference of the A M B church
was held at Marlon, Ind , recently
Illshop Henjarnln Franklin I of '
Xnnla, O , had charge of the confer- ,
ence Tho first annual conference In
Indiana was held In a little log school-
house on HI110 river. In Itush county. 1
In 1810, Itlshop Morrli flrown of
Washington presiding The Interven
ing years have seen the conference
grow from a few churches, scattered
over the state, to nearly f.00 churches,
of which fiethel A M K church of
Indianapolis stands at the head The
state Is divided Into three conference
districts, namely, the Kvnsvllle, Rich
mond and Indlanapolta, with presiding
elders living In the latter city In
charge of each The reports made
were encouraging.
A ten year old negro girl will pay
the largest Income tax In Oklahoma
Sarah Rector, who lives Just .test of
Muskogee, Is the girl Her Income
now is more than JiI2nOO a year
It Is the old story of a lucky allottee
and the oil well Snrih In the de
scendant of a Crsek freedmnn She
had nothing to do with too selection
of her allotment and probably has
never seen It and does not Know
whore It Is But It In Ii50 -teres of
land and upon It has been drilled the
biggest producing oil well in the mid
continent field near the town of Cu-ih-Ing.
The well Is producing over
$2 500 a day und Sarah gets one.
eighth of this as her share
pistol combined with the tiny
searchlight makes shooting In the
dark sura and simple The light
projects a peneiMike ray and the bul
let will strike the object on which
the light shines
In the opinion of an English scien
tist the wear of macadam roads Is not
duo to the suction of automobile tires,
but almost entirely to tho crushing ef
feci of horseshoes and Iron tired
In Russia the matorltjr of striken
In 1912 (1.216, wtlti Stl.aOO partlc).
pants1) were dge to politics The oth
er 70S with 172 04Z partlelpantM, had
economic motives anVrJiug thern
Breeding cattle and Hore from
Sooth Africa have b'-n sent to Cuba
by an Rnglleii rnurh owner there,
wbo srtll expertraeot with cio'iini;
tltew with A0iortaii stoeV
Scriool lnsehes are sirred at a
nouilnal coat to elementary tcboo)
children Id 1 ,'it-rto ettles. In l(n
angllah lbCertsui atd 1.2s t'rerjeb
Thv tiniapt ot VtrUi sbwsr iU Hon
and tl mmxitf lioa as a symbol of
paw or wt) tle awl a am euMerja ef '
tU aMtevt Are worship of tb Pr-
limit than TIKatfliVl urcaa Kit
Comfort for Nlqht Workr
In one of the New 01 k lintels n
flnnr Is stinnged for the tine of those
whu wink nl night nnil sleep iIiiiIiir
the da) I he Weepy HUleetilh en
tho fliiiir Is iilckiiniiit'il Is tint on an
Invetted lime table, with ri sepntnle
ntarf nnd Us own lenlnumtil, lilt nnd
telephone, sen Ice Nit mm sleeping
oil thin floor In inlled etcept (Hitler
npeclnl unlets, until lute In the itnr
IlienUtnnt Is netted In the nfletnonti '
nnd lb" tilliet inenln ntn put buck In I
the snlno wny All Hie tontine wink
of denning nnd bedtiinklng Is tliuin
after nlghlfnll
I'MidUll I'rl'el
I'tuilery Ittiiiwn tin riniillets '1 lie
lilstotlo slid nlimlile ftemnen In the
cliUK'b of llenoiirllle, ( nlveilon hnte
Junt been rillneil by thn mlnpliit ed
fenl of 11 pHllsli ptlenl I be fiiniinn
liipiesenlecl by the Imy of liiilgiiienl
still nil lien ftiim nil old Pienili pm
sble, nnd the ptlent'n nillnii Is due In
the fntt Hint the palnlei elnlheil hln
(lguten nflet the fnnlilon of out Hist
pfttcnts l.oiidon (llube
No of ullnt rnn do nnylhlng fur Hie
Mlmlnenn of pi If love
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is Equally
Valuable as a General Tonic because it Acts on the Liver,
Drives Out Malaria, llnrlches the IjIooJ and fJuilds up
the Vhole System, For Grovn People and Children.
Von know -rnt ywi f tin in pri tV 'ttrrt't fsstrlens chill I fi
at th formola in printed rm ntj lat-l rtrtnt( thtl it eeotsina the well kr, .n
tome prr,p.rti.t of Cjt.INf.VK and fKOM It li an Wtnif sn the atr'ini;ent I. t r
tonic and 11 in fili Pr,ttn It hn no erjaal I t Malflrn, ( hills srrl V'i-i
Vfalin, gnfal dlMlit and Uvt of apptit ffin lilt srrrl - t ' fi fn n
MMheri and I'ale Si:ry t rnMrn Kemrrv-i flihoow-i vi finr t
Rliecn fi'twi dprwKm tnA kr pinn A"mti (be livor i ' ,nn i- i
Hinfin the Wid A f rue Tonic aed r pptiri ( inplef fihe-r
i( imit invuiri r- wunrrai iDaranrei jrf ffjmt ISQgit V" metn if yie
Double Red Cfon, Symbol of Var
AjJlnat Tubreulolt, Vj Dj
vla'd b Freneh Doctor
The double red cross, the nm!W) of
the war against tuberculosis, wan
first adopted by the symbol of the In
ternational Antl-Tubereulosl anno-li-tlon
In Berlin In October, 1312. The
proposer of the symbol was Dr O
Serlron of Paris. ho Is now ao
elated neeretary of IAsnoclntlon On
trale FVanealso fontre In Tuberculo
sis Today the emblem used by anti
tuberculosis worke-s in ovtry part of
the world, oven In leelnnd, India,
South Africa, Lnbrtdor. Japan, fhlnn
and the Philippine- The double
red cros Is similar In shnpe to
a cross used froonentl In the
ttreek fathollo churches, and also
to the Ixirraln crosn of France
In the Cnlted Staten over 1,200 antl
tuberculosis associations and com
mittees, nearly 550 sanatoria and bos
pltnls 400 dispensaries and about 200
open air schools, besides a number of
other organizations, are using the
double red crosn as their emblem
Wherever It Is seen it means war
ag.tlnit tuberculosis
The precise difference between the
longitude of Washington and Paris Is
to be determined by representatives
of both nations
Most Likely to Follow Propr Estlng
As old age advances we require lens
food to replsce wucte and food that
will not otertHT the dlgetle organs
while supplying true nourishment
Such an Ideal food In found in ''Vrup
Nuts, made or whole wheat and barley
br long baking and action of dlss'ae
In the barley which changes .he starch
Into a niot digestible sugar
The phosphates alo placed up jn
tjer the outer-coat of the wheat ar
Included in rcrape-.S'uts but an lsek
Ing In while floor b'.-cuiie the outer
coat of the wheat darkens the floer
and is lert oot by rht miller These
natural phosphates are nee-.ary o
the woll-balsnc- building or muscle
brain and nervo cells
I have used GrBp-N'ul. rlles an
Iowa rnn for 8 years and feel as
good and am sironger thsn I was ten
years ago
'Among my nutrmv-rs I rnt a rnsn
err-ry dy who is ell along In years
and attrtba'es bis good haHU to
Orare.Vuts arM I'osturn wbleh be has
jed for the lsst r, years lie mlt-s
Or&ffcN'utn wltb I'osturn and says
tbey go fine togfctber
'ot losfi) yr-ars before I tegsn to
et Ofaput I coeM no fy tbt J
er)oyrj lle or knew t,t ,t wan to te
ti- to say "I we Hl(fere
Xfallf srftb eontlptbM tm now mi
baMti. arj regular mir ir; mr
WbBreT r rrV' ntra effort ;
djSi5 00 Orat-Vtn fwxS irt t ,it
Silt th Mil I ran tbtrrV aw) write
IP eat dal waW
"T1iTi' a Heo ' Vawa. gjre try
I'otar Co, Battle rVeefc, Miefc Hed
"Trjj- ItoaJ tO'WelltlH," to jtee
lirr rrt lt iMif lefterf
n m9it IfrtA lle la tins, T?
e !. true, sa4 fll itt aimsa
is won
'1 lie "li iiinor t (
hr.ilth m .ilw i wnii
liy ihu pnmni wlm
)o-ri qqoq n Iti-on ip
prtllr, tvii)iivi pi'ilft t
tli,;t linn, ami wlrni'
lh tt nnd Imwtls a
IO'lll.tl CiOt illln
llnq "wiiiiii 1 ' tli
tit onto 1 y tlu ml nf
ill Minus
ll 19 f it I'tif'l AppfHIe,
Si l I leilillti III , llellt
Inn ti, Imltft li'iu ( i
cliltrll Itli'l Mlltllfll
ycirs fho Ick
7 ankwl her if fter hushsn-1
n moved ' sM 'he in ci'ri an
Inquiring mrnrl ine m eo yiu
thtnk' She nld she 4 -in no
' I don't see what difference t
mazes to yew
Oh I don't euro whether he smokes
I win'ed to now if he klnes her'
- Washington tar
Importnnt tr Mothere
Krnmlne enrfully ever toilo of
I CARTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
I Infants and children, and e that It
Dear the
Signature c
In Use For Over 30 Yirs.
Chflrlrcn Cry or Fletcher'j Caaloritf
Somethlna Else Again,
"flow's the doctor today"
Oardener Vfry poorly, sir
Hns he got a locum tenens'
Oardener So sir f think he hai
ot 1 touch of lnfluenn
Uric Acid I3 Slow Poison
Rrcen uric acid left in the bl'd by
weak kidneys, csuvs more divav-f
than any othr poivi
Among its elferts are bfleHche he-t1
ache,dii;iins. Irritability nervrjotr en
drowii'n- blues,' rheumatic atfiriri
and iirmsry divirilem I strr effec
are dropny gravel or h'Mrt disease
If you would avoid uric acid Iroohle!
krp your kidn- healthy To afimii
Isle and ttretigtb'n weak kidnyn ie
losn's Kidney J'iIIi tho bt reown
m'nd"! pe,g io-ln-y remedy.
A Mltt-itlH Cat
V r J ! lMvfAn
t?1 tf Ia1jja re
Mnsal , (, i
Mt tft uAT
arri4 and BSVlvIM
rfffny e'M
Ol D-), at Abt StM. eo m Hit
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief Perrnancnt Cut
('l I'rs'y egela-
re ' ge !
-f9 af'er
3-riner -v
real- '
lnrrtretrerr"jaT'''r 1r ten h rrm.
Genuine r Sir attire
The "Pen n a 11
"K'trt I'trrw aW
rafi"' flsjevW aw rm n a-w
AX. jr " rt1y u, '
laprt, li.r an ,,t n
4V rtdt MJ'r osttl w.a
V- 9t 1 "ir ia
W- - r -. -
tl aaalalH
ame ""w LB r i w v
HV Mnn
f( It U, Osirr-i Cty, Hi J9-"st.

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