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"Papc's Diapepsin" cures sick,
sour stomachs in five minutes
Time Itl
"ncallj docs' put bad stomachs In
cider "really dot's' overcome Indirec
tion, dyspepsia, gas, heartburn and
sourness in lue minutes that Just
that inal.cb 1'ape'p Diapepsin the lar
pcpt selling stomach rigulator In the
world It what you cat ferments Into
stubborn lumps, you belch gaB and
eructate sour undigested food and
acid; head Is dizzy and aches; bruath
foul; tongue coated your Insldcs filled
with bile and Indigestible waste, re
member the moment "Papc's Diapep
sin' comes In contact with the stomach,
nil such distress nniehcs It's truly
astonishing almost marvelous, and
the joy Is Its harmlcssneB8.
A large fifty-cent case of Pape's Dia
pepsin will give ou a hundred dollars'
worth of satisfaction.
It's worth Its v eight In gold to men
and women who can't get their stom
achs regulated. It belongs In jour
home should always be kept handy
In caso of a sick, sour, upset stomach
during the day or at night It's the
quickest," surest and most harmless
utomach doctor In tho world Adv.
Public Health.
Uise.istB nnd epidemics jised to be
counted as "acts of God," In the old
legal phrase It has tnken modern
sanitary science to discover that the
most of them result from acts of man,
and that a good portion of the rest
may be controlled by the exercise of
man's power over nature The United
States go eminent has been a pioneer
muting the untioiiH In dunontttrattng
the power of modern Banltntlon to
sao life It tent Waring to Havana;
he made it a city of health, and laid
down his life In so doing. It took a
feer smitten tropic wilderness. Its
noxious jungles steaming under n tor
rid sun, and tho death rate of tin
Panama Canal Zone U today an e
ample to the most salubrious regions
of tho world The whole history of
modern sanitation tends to drive home
public responsibility for public health
St. Louis Republic.
Hot Springs
Liver Buttons
are in Town
People Co ml ii ii for Mile Arnunil for
Wonderful Constipation Itrmedv
Mint Is IWIliT, .Safer and
Jurer thou Calomel.
Tone up jour licr clcin jour boncli
of foul uiibte drive out poionou
F.T-ix, (ml rnnetipitiou ami fiel line and
full of uieipj in hunt) four liuiirt
Throw awaj calomel, it's duigrroua;
jou Know it CMTjbodj knows it
nre dilTcrcnt. Tliej nre Innnlcm, ait
gcntlj jet turtly n the bow i Is and
do not i.iue a pirticle of nftir mn-trj. ,
It's u jo) ful liikutie and more, it's
fine fur ihzrincn', bdioiikiio-fl, ntk,
lir.uhclic, nlkm r-Lm nnd milain.
Ulicj make everjbody fill good bo
caufe tin net an a gcniml tonic, driv
ing impurities from tho blood nnd making
the entire lntestln.il trait ill m nnd nntl-t-ptlc
Sfc at nil dmitKiHtii, nnd nwncv
bnck if diFKitieficd. I'lte tauiplrs anil UK)
of our 17,000 tettiinonnlH fiom Hot bpnngA
Chemical Co , Hot Spring?, Ark.
f The Sensation.
'.Upon returning from the city
mr Green said to his friend:
"Say, Aaron, I had a rldo lnmy
cousin's automobile while. I was up to
tho city."
l-'Waal," replied Farmer Green, "It
seemed a good deal lll;t fnllln' Into a
mighty deop well, only je dropped
straight ahead instead of down'urds "
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully oery bottle of
CASTOHIA, a safe ond sure remedy foi
InfantB and children, and see that II
Hears tho
Iu Use For Over 30.Yars
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Kiftj j ears .-go Abrnlinm Lincoln
signed the emancipation Proclamation
freeing 4,000.000 slaves Ho did It as
a war measure, intended to ripple the
states of the Confederacy Todnj 10,
000,000 Afro-Amcrlinns In this country
aro celebrating the seml-centeniilal an
niversary of Lincoln s proclamation
What have these 50 jears of freedom
done for the colored' man 7
A glance over the exhibits shown at
tho buildings of tho Emancipation eel
ebratlon, at Uroad street mid Oregon
iixcnue, helps to answer this question
More than 20 inventions, many of
which have made their Inventors ricli
men, a library containing too books
of uvery description written bj col
ored authors, exhibits iducntlonal,
medical, Industrial nnd social, all
make a striking Impression Illustrat
ing the native cnpacltj of the African
The buildings house virtually uvery I
tjpe of exhibit shown in the most ad I
uncoil Industrial exhibitions Perhaps
the most Interesting nre those shuw
ing the Inventive genius of the color
ed people of tills state. Most of thiso
Inventions come from the wistcru
part of the state, where tho foun
dries, coal Holds and gigantic factor
ies offer tho best opportunity to men
who desire their own betterment
3 it Simmons began life as ono
of a family of ten, living In a little
cottago In Monongahela, lie obtain
ed some primary education, but tho
necessity fur taking up the broad
struggle was thrum upon him at an
early ago. Ho became a laborer
In one of the great foundries of the
town. That wbb moro than 20 years
ago. Today there Is scarcely a piece
of steel cust in Pennsylvania which
Is not rendered more perfect by the
use of casting of S. It Simmons' cast
ing nozzle Today, In addition to hav
ing Invented a number of appliances
which materially lessen the labor In
the foundries, Simmons Is the owner
of a foundry In his native town and
enjoys the distinction, of being the
only cole-red fouudry proprietor in tho
Simmons cast tho exact model of
the Liberty Dell, "which In one of the
llrst exhibits seen by visitors as they
enter the grounds This model was
made by him expressly for use durlun
thu exhibition, and when It Is over
will be presented to the llcthel Afio
Amerlcau church nt Sixth and Lom
bard streets. This is said to bo tho
only exact reproduction of the Liberty
Hell In existence Simmons made tho
model himself, doing all the prelimi
nary draughting work mid making
the mold with his own hands
In the lincaster county exhibit
htanil is a small but perfectly inado
cannon, capable of firing threo-lnch
hliellb This gun was made by a
colored muu of Lancaster, Pa., who
line" never had any tducatlou of a
technical nature Another Invention
attributed to the samo person Is a
three-barreled repeating rifle. There
are numbers of other exhibits in tho
Lancaster county stand. Including
specimens of household work, agricul
tural productions and Industrial activ
ity. One corner of imo of tho two build
ings Is vartltknid oft. Within stands
thu complete equipment of u small
newspaper office Every piece of mn
ihlnery In this tnclosure was made
by colored workmen. It Is proposed
to publish n dully paper with this
plant The llrst Issue of the Kmancl
pation News will appear tomorrow
morning The paper Is to bo' edited
The world'B supply of emery comes
from Greek IslandB and from Asia
Minor Importation has been lessen
ed within tho last year because of the
Balkan trouble.
Matter Didn't Prove Experiment
After All, and She Now
Make It Public
Good Guess.
llacon 1 sco a man up In a Vermont
town sajs his horse known the dajs ol
tho week
Egbert necauso he never stops In
front of n saloon on Sunday, I sup
pose. ZT5v " " "
Severe Rheumatism (3 " "
Grove Hill, AJa.: llunt'BLightnlng
Oil cured my wlfo of a Bevere case of
niieumatlsm and my friend of tooth-,
aclio I surely believe It Is good for!
nil jou claim for it A. It Stringer
25 nnd 50c bottles All dealers. Adv.
4 j
I UiX With These Stylos. i?
i lidr'bnbfiiebS fn 'good shape''
She's a fashionable
bj various tolored editors who lire
attending the convention
Another Invention of Interest ex
hibited is a moiUl coke-drnwlng ma
chlno, Invented and patented by John
Ilajes, of Union town This machine
Is at present In use In most of thu
large blaBt furnaces of u intern Peun
sjlvaula. It Is said that by the use
of this invention one man Is enabled
to do the work of 100,
One of thu must interesting of tho
exhibits Is thu library In tills ex
hibit stnnd the shelves nru lined with
more than 800 books on every con
ceivable topic wrllUn nnd published
by colored persons Miiuj of these
have In en lint to the inhibition com
mission b tlie Congressional library
Others, Minn) -100 In number, were ob
tallied from the National llbrarj of
Haiti through the efforts of Dr Wil
llum Fumes, American minister to
Haiti .Many of the works are writ
ten In French, German and Span
ish The school exhibit occupies nearly
one end of thu main building In this
the manual work done bj colored
students of the following schools Is
shown Tho Durham, Itejuulds, Gill,
Pollock, Meuhan and Wllmot schools
in this citj, and the public schools of
Iancastcr, Pittsburgh, Sunburj, liar
rlsburg and a dozen other Penti
sjlvaula cities Tho work shown In
cludes tables, chairs, stools, dusks
book racks and shelves nnd a number
of other articles, Thu Hereun School
of Manual and Industrial Tralnlug has
a separate exhibit showing uvery
tjpe of manufactured article This ii
a local Institution, whose building Is
at 1934 South College uvenue
Next to the school exhibit Is the
are gallery. Although the pictures
shown are far from being thu equal
of the mechanical und school ex
hibits lu displajlng Intellectual de
velopment, several nru remarkable for
an original grasp of tholr subjects,
compensating for tho hick of accurato
technique. The majority of these deal
with racial subjects, denoting allego
rlcally the advance of tho African
race in the last fifty jears Unques
tionably the beBt work shown was
bj George W Clinton and Lorenzo
Harris, of this city Hoth have studied
abroad for several J cars.
One of the most Interesting of the
exhibits was that of the doctors,
morses and social service workers. In
one angle of the building was n com
plelulj equipped "babj saving" show,
lu another part of tho same exhibit
a ktand was duvoted to u ferries of
colored charts showing the progress
of tho race for the last fifty years
Thu Ilerenn school Is also exhibiting
nn Industrial department, lu this 20
girls sit at sewing machines and turn
out shirtwaists and other articles of
wearing apparel. Another part of this
industrial stand Is tho wood working
department where men and boys make
furniture before tho oyes of thu spec
tators. Philadelphia Record
Hard to Please
A typical "mover" of tho ultra
shiftless type vvns passing a few days
at a tow tamp in Arizona prepara
tory to going into the desert no a
proHpidlug trip Hh) wlfo a tired
out, fnded out creature complained
to some of the cowhands of the hard
ness of her lot; nnd the foreman
took It upon himself to remonstrate
Mill the husband for his slilttli ssiicbh
and his Indifference to Ills wife's wel
fare "The old womnii nln't pot no kirk
romln''" snld flu- husband when hn
had heard the foromnn's remarks.
She nln't got no kick nt nil Why,
stranger, when we win llxln' to camp
of a night innnv n time I've drlv'
the team half n mile out of the way
o's wood and water would bo hnndy
fur the old woman to fetch!" Sat
urdnj Hvenlng i'ost
Mineral Springs Ark In u letter
f i om this place, Ma J M. Rivers snjs:
"If it had not been for t'ardul, tho
woman's tonic, mi doubt I would hao
been In mj grave
1 was sick all of the lime for 10
jears, and tool: medicines constantly
I Buffered terribly At last, 1 decided
I would Just try I'nidul on my own
hook, and kept it u secret It was cer
tiiiulj a God send to me Sinco taking
It, I hnvo no pain whntever, feeling
good and can wroMlo with mj ICj ear
old son In fact I don't feel over 1C
myself Am as hnppj ns n lark When
I began taking Cnrdul I only weighed
101 lbs Now I weigh 1174 lbs, nnd
nm going to continue taking t'ardul
until 1 welch 115
1 Just enn't saj enough for Cnrdul, '
nnd 1 bollovo If all women who suffer
from womanly troubles would tnko it,
there would be moro happy homes"
1'slng Cnrdul Is no experiment It
has stood tho most severe of all tests "
the test of time Cnrdul has been hi At an elevation of 100 feet nt sea thu
use for over half a century nnd In this i hnrlrou is n little morn than thirteen
tlmo has benefited more than n million miles nway
women It 'Is composed of purely vege-
Inble Ingredients, which have b.en , , , eccentric
found to build up (lie ulnllty, tone up , . .. ., , ,
thu nerves, and strengthen the worn 'when It pays Up hills
nnly constitution
That It hns helped olln rs Is tho best
of proof that It will help jou. Try
N II U'ntt u OnttiuvxiRa Mfdiclne Co ,
Ladira' Advisory Ipt . CliiltMionm, 1nn , for
Sfsri it mitri.ftit onourcateandG4 page book.
Home Treatment for Women." sent in plain
wrapper. Ad.
Stable Locked.
"When did jou It am that he was
ono of the bank's most trusted etiv
"The (Hv afler ho absconded with
the funds"
Mm Wlnnlow'n Hoothlny Hjmp for Children
Ut Ihlnt-, Miflrnn Hit- guiiiM, rrdneeii Itirlitmniii-tliii,ittlnyMnAli,!-ureN
wliiilcollc,3nen Ixitllf Iff
Over the Teacups.
An open Hie, bliio ten tilings on the
table and n teakettle singing n little
song of comfort aro thu proper stnge
Bettings for this little anecdote
An Irish hostess, when she asks if
you'll have sugar lu your "tny," holds
out the bowl and absent-mlndedlj go s
on with her conversation, or stirs the
fire, allowing jou to help yourself.
An Hnglluli hostess asks- "One lump
of two?" and carefully drops the sugar
Into jour tea.
If jou should ask n Scott h hostess
for n little more sugar in join tea
sho would demand, with a nolo of sur
prise "And hao je stirred It yet"
Get rid of that feeling of de
pression, commonly known as
"the blues." It is only the
liver that has become lazy as
a result of impaired digestion
and clogged bowels. Try
A now English mine rescue ap
paratus does away with tho helmet
nud weighs only 28 pounds, yet with
It u man can work In deadly gaBes
more than live hourB
A girl doesn't consider herself a
full fledged woman 'until she has
knocked a corner off nt least one
man's heart.
'Ii couldn't be
ii es aker"
A complete steam engine mount
ed on two wheels and light enough
to b handled by two men, has been
Invented In Kngland for suburban and
private use.
The United States hns an enormous
appetite for Swiss cheese About 25
per cent of -all the SwIsb cheeso pro
duced''comes to this country
jln 1912, 'some 01 new? Industrlal-en-tr-rprizes
were" founded In1 Spain, cap
italized nt sums aggregating moro
than $21.000 000
i : i
The'Swldlsh government operates
I'tildic cmpliijment bureaus. Their
" -vices nre free of charge
'?iltr)a'veRst'' built 101 jears ago
oiitlK 'begun' unotlier voyage from
IK ami to South Africa
Shafts sunk into n coal field In
Germany whiih has boon burning sev
eral years revealed IS veins of blaz
ing coal.
There has been n large tin rouse In
the number of Chinese newspapers
since the revolution In that country
Shanghai alono now has 34 newspapers
The Difference.
Mrs. Stuyvesnnt Fish, nt onu of
those sumptuous Newport entertain
ments that hao mniln her famous, entire System
tulked with her shrewd humor of a
mercenary marriage.
"And that man," said Mrs. Fish's
Interlocutor, In a shocked tone "and
that man to m.iiry Unit beautiful
girl' Hut Isn't there a tremendous
different e In their nges?"
"Yes," said Mrs Fish, 'about J32,
000,000 "
today and notice the improve
ment in your general health.
It tones and strengthens the
. K'tM luii-
t4irll(iilwt Iruff.
Far Raatnrlna (?nLii and
Daul1oGrrorl dtllllr.
Sounds Like It.
bidtitrlblil n ifirlo
Will Pny You $120.00
innn OpiNmunlty fur pnitiuitutn HftrnMiiirttiiav
iTlivniliiMlnvnnrrtni nnll.
i ""?""- -- -'r'""f-"V -." -"
II.lt IH OUT crUCK rCRUncilt J IMn 'opu,rliinltrrurpnitutln HiHtratlniMRia
Vpb, bi'oniH to have pUnty of Biinp' I Hl uir.-ii.iii.MiMi iui !., rtiM.iVu.
TIIAIIBrtfllltn OolcklrmlLn.aAvi
.. .. ... ... .... .la mi.iwi 3im j
Kfil ron 11x11 lllun wll waHi UouMo a 1VH "if"'.' ""'
tiiuiij clulln-H an auy oiler. Don't put jour
momy hflu auy otlur Adv.
Iinoln nil Million nirunt tlin "' KINIATINHlltK. richunne jonr frm rot
levels nil llllllhH, cxtxpi- "l" lrrluatr.1 allalla litrui unknot nininulcroM Y r
jrr Wlllx nun IIIIOVVN IKIUr New Mel
Olasgovv rorporatlon trnmways car
rled during the last financial yeat
270,000,000 paBsengcrs, nn lnorcabo ol
38,000.000 over tho previous year.
Tho llalkau war has brought about
n rise In certain lumber prices In l?u
rce becnuso of the big demand for
wood for ammunition boxes
Gold Is being' mined at a depth ol
more tlmn 5,000 feet lu South Africa,
and It Is believed that the shafts can
bo sunk 3,000 feet more
Venice Is wrestling with the pe
culiar problem of n rapidly Increas
Ing population without being able to
cnlargo the city
Many a woman can't remember
-what her husband said when ho pro
posed, because i-he did the proposing-
Pistol and lUilc Cartridges
Winchester cartridges adapted to
Winchester rides are made to get
the best possible results out of
them. As the same equipment,
organization and system aro
employed in making all Win
chester cartridges, it naturally
follows that Winchester cart
ridges produce the best results
in all firearms. Winchester cart
ridges are made for all calibers
and makes of rifles, revolvers
and pistols. Sold everywhere
Ask For The Red W Brand,
xanawVf. TMl
flkS-iTr YOU
KKrff"4V. 1
a. oo 3ifi2 4a2
t&o AND B
t? 00. 13 10 qui II 00.
The Urge it makert of
M.n'a $3.50 and 4 00
hoc in the world.
ronnlealer to lioMnn
lonrlat ai.OO, IHNii
.a9. ,flra!BW
I W . 1 mm
1 AaaHaaaLbJ I fiaEvJ A.
ittmkvi hcIII
00 KjflSi rw
jmn .-. rn.i.
. jm.i irj .
'. ."V CADlll H
cV!iSw tixui
dpP nm It Httimpett
nntli ll
i n ,,.-
; yom
W Bhotii. .Iutaffoo4 In tvlti.
nnd near othar uifth voitlng S5 OO to 67
in oniriiiiiu is mm price nnoa iu
eHinnra, tiyics uu inwie to iuh vrK
ir you ruuui vim w i. i?ouIa irgo raci
rie at iirocktun. mmi . ana lor vouri
liuw carefully W. I Puuvla ihoe are made,
would thru uuderttand wlir they are warranto-.
fit better, look better, hold their thane ami wear
loucer Uian any other maae lor the price,
w. I. Ikiug Ut ilioei are bet (or In your YlrlnJlr. otitr
tn iwry n pt iii una
inr? incmbcrof lbs fftiiillr. tl
rMMlftci, potUrra. Write fur I Mint rNtil
djrart (rem tb factory aM mti tli inlddlcniiui'i rroilt,
naoti tor imj infRiwroi in iimuf, i mi imwi, of
imii r9l, pouiii iro ww r tr iMiiiirNirii
CMtiij. It will thotf job bow to order b? mU.
and wbj you au an wom vn your loot wear.
W. IM IIUUUr.AB . . Xlruektnn, llnta.
- t
-A. '-CS K -JJHSfCl

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