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Much so-called rheumatism Is caused
by weakened kidnevs When thu kid
neys fail to clear tho blood of uric ncid,
tho ncid formi Into cryitnh like bits
of broken r1.im In thr muscles, Joints
nnd on tho nervo cuing' Torturing
ji.11113 dart through tho affected part
whenever it is moved Hy curing tho
kidneys, Doan's Kidney I'ills hao
rased thousands of rheumatic cases,
lumbago, sciatira, gravel, neuralgia
nnd urinary disoiders
1(0 JrhHinn " i "'
Mid. lV'. '
wil hjLi I" ' " '
r.r thrr nii'titl '
rhtumMWm W 1
dlj rl up 1 li
itp crulrbf li i
tntknit) una
Itmilii itiii
tr.'iiblo with
nm Aft.r
111 li 'Ml ii
(mi imlnic I
tir) I'lim 11
Hi l.rllM' l
I Uvi ll.M
Wirt full ll
I frrl Ilk u
try llcrnn
tr(. Itllaa 1fwV
M.0A i1
Ctt Doin'i at Anr Str, 50e a Hos
Itndlum U now v allied at $2,400,000
mi ounce,.
Mrs Wlnlow' Hnothln; Strop for Children
Irrtblnir, flen .. giitu. relHrps Inn.-immii-tlun,ll
J ln,eure a luit coilc- t)Ulf.Ut
Homo women worry about worries
they might havo but don't
Not Fit For Ladles
Public sentiment thnuld W ng.iin"t It.
ml no lu-hevo it m. there can l- no rea
on why ladies jhoulii have to tufler with
headaches and nniriitgii, Cfpecially when
Hunt's Lichtmnr hl gives such prompt
relief. It is simply a qurstirn ot getting
the ladies to try it. All druk'gmts el
qurstirn of gcttimz
iLVHtl fCll
Hunt's I.istttniiikT Oil In 0.V; and Me bot-
The Proof.
"You can fro that boy of tnlno hni
vaulting ambitions."
"I haTcn't seen him show It any
where elso than In leapfrog."
Worldly Wisdom.
"The question Is," said tho young
M D.. "how long can wo keep him
"And tick," added tho elder M. D.
correctively. I.lfo.
Tho failure of the negio public
schools Id lU'coinpllHh their mission Ih,
evident In the exumlntnlnu of nppll
cantB for uiIuiIkkIoii to Prairie? V"tMv
tlnsurcossful iiipllcnntK I'or oninplo,
tho writer asked an applicant what a
imuii wan. lie could not uiinw it and
yet ho hail "finished" the sixth Krado
In a certain neKro public school There
are many hiicIi cases, i uoiikIi to ro
eul the lnade(iiacy of the negio pub
lie schools in Texas. Texas spends
more for negro education than any
mate In the t'lilnu and i:ivh Uh negro
tiaehora the best salaries.
Hut there Ik a crying need of better
teaching;. The f rouble Is not so mucli
the Ignorance of the negro teacher
and their indifference to tho acquiring
of good method in the schoolroom, and
aliow all tho lack of Industry and ap
plication on tho part of both teachers
and pupils. The county superintend
ents naturally visit tho white schools
most. Yet the negro school needs su
perv islon tho fnost. Perhaps the coun
ty superintendent could appoint a
faithful, honest and competent negro
teacher, who would not traduce, or un
derestimate her fellow teachers, who
would aid In reforming tho negro
The writer believes that If there
were a moro general Interest tnken In
tho negro schools by the school au
thorities utul the white leaders, minis
ters, merchants and law vers and doc
tors, thero would bi better negro
schools. Hut too often no ono over en
ters a negro school except tho pupils
and their teachers. No ono seems In-
terested nnd tho teacher Is left unto
I her own devices and her chief occu
pation gets to be. In somo Instances,
the mere "marketing tlinu" nnd draw
lug her monthly modicum. Public
servants need to be held to a strict
personal accountability.
Quite a Job.
Mrs. Piatt Can It bo true, William,
that you wcro holding onto a lamp
post down tho street for two whole
hours Inst night?
Mr. Klatt Yes, dear; but I nulled
that letter )ou gave me, all right
. s-
llookcr T Washington, president ol
the National Negio Huslness lcaguo,
delivered the principal address al
Philadelphia. He spoke In part at
follows: "This, the fourteenth meet
lug of the National Negro Huslness
league, marks also tho fiftieth mini
versary of our freedom ns a race
It Is, then, both timely and lit
ting that this great gathering of the
repiesentatlves of the backbone and
progiess of our race should be held
In Philadelphia. It Is most appro
priate that this meeting should tako
placo after CO oars of freedom In
this cit, wheru 137 years ago that Im
mortal document, the Declaration of
Independence, was Issued. Whether
the American negro was meant nt
that time to bo Included within the
scope and meaning of the words of
the Declaration of 'Indcpendeiico has
been a debatable question. However
that may ho decided, we mean ns a
raco through this and similar organ
izations to mako ourselves such a
useful and potent part of American
citizenship that In all tho futuro no
ono will dare question our right to bo
Included .In any declaration that re
lates to any portion of the body poli
tic. "During tho 50 years of our freedom
wo have been subjected to some pret
ty severe tests. First, thero wcro not
n few who raised tho question as
to whether or not tho American negro
could suivlvo In a. Btato of freedom.
Wo answer that question by showing
that when freedom camo to us wo
were 4.000,000 In number; now wo
have grown to over 10,000,000 free
American citizens."
The Anderson Grocery
We are dealers In first-class line of Groceries ami Market
Meats. We cater to our customers. Wc Rive Special Attention to
all Orders and Deliver Promptly. Try Us when you Order again.
C. L. ANDERSON, Proprietor
Uncle Ben's Loan Office
Swiss natlonnl exposition will be
held In Hurno In 1911.
Invalid's Sweet Patience.
Who does tho most complaining In
this world? Not tho Invalids. Kor Frldav he breathed
hours on hours they Ho there, secretly funeral will bo held
resolving, "Let mo make mvself less
a sorrow to others than 1 was 5 ester
day " And theso nro tho victories,
grander far than those of war When
these moral conquests nro extended
over months, perhaps years, the heroic
sufferer's room often becomes a cham
ber ot comfort to all who are unhappy.
What a triumph when to the chair of
somo grand mnrtvr como tho friends
of a wido circle that her gcntla hand
may wipe aw ay their tears. Theso are
the uncrowned queens of our raco. In
almost every home there Is n name
above every name that of tho sweet
and patient Invalid
An electrical meter has been In con
stant servlco In Now York for 17
years and Is still accurate.
and Cream
There's a delicious smack
In these crisp, appetizing bits
of toasted corn that brings
brightness and good cheer to
many nnd mary a breakfast
Toasties are untouched by
hand in making; and come in
tightly sealed packages clean
and sweet ready to eat with
cream and sugar.
Easy to Serve
Sold by grocera everywhere.
"I'nclo Irving" Is dead at the ngo of
101, relates tho Clnclnnntl Knqulrer.
The Industrious ex-slavo, whoso pic
turesque figure was familiar to pa
trons of the Sixth street market, where
he was employed, celebrated his one
hundred and fourth birthday last
Monday by taking 11 holiday, and on
his last. Ills
tomorrow after
noon in the Calvary Haptlst church
The aged darky was of that vanishing
school, tho nnte-bellum negro, whoso
nnlvo wlnsomeness nnd wholesome
simplicity endears him to all, espe
cially southerners. "I lives right with
liawd- that's all. " This was "Uncle
Irving V Invariable reply when n6ked
for his creed and formula for his long
life and contentment. He had clear
memories of the days when tho eight
eenth century was .voung Horn In
Warsaw. Ky , in 1S0 he lived In
slavery until his fiftieth jear, when
freed by President Lincoln's emanci
pation proclamation. The half cen
tury of slavery was a span of pleas
ant years for him. ho often said. He
alvvavs spoke gratefully of his first
master. Thomas Hrovvn ot Warsaw,
who bought him when he was five
yenrs old for S00. Ho would also
speak proudly of the fact that he one
time brought J1.C00 on the block. For
vpnrs "Uncle" Irving Hrown had been
a zealous member of the Haptlst
Tho march of tho Tenth cavalry, a
negro regiment, from IX Ethan Allen,
Vt., to tho camp of Instruction near
Winchester, Ya., has not attracted
much attention, but It was a line per
formance. The distance traversed
was 705.30 miles and the routo was
through five states and over several
mountain ranges. The start was made
on June 1C, nnd Winchester was reach
ed on July 19. Kour days tho regiment
rested, nnd tho average day's ride was
23.53 miles. TJ10 weather was general
ly hot, the maximum temperature be
ing about 100 degrees on several dajs.
One horso died of colic; three, over
come by heat, wcro Bhot, nnd eight
were left on pasture for tneir own
good. Tho nges of the horseB ranged
from five years to twenty-three It ap
pears the veteran survived. One hun
dred nnd thirty-eight pack mules
shared tho mnrcli, and all trotted Into
tho Instruction camp In good condi
tion. No hospital returns have been pub
lished, but tho troopers doubtless did
better than tho horses. Negro sol
diers nro hardy and merry on tho
march, making light of tho hardship
and discomfort. Tho Tenth Ib a crack
regiment, as every one of Its white
ollicers will testlty, nnd It had been
stationed for a long time In a salubri
ous country. Perhaps, remarks tho
New York Sun. there nre white regi
ments In the army thnt could have rid
den from Vermont to Virginia In
quicker time than tho Tenth, but none
could havo finished tho march In Dot'
church. He often represented his tor temper and under better discipline.
church nt conferences and meetings
In other cities Three times he waa
chosen n delegate to Yellow Springs
He was n trustee of the church until
the day of his death.
St Martin's college, a Protestant
Episcopal school for colored hoys,
which has been occupying a building
at 173 Catharine street, Philadelphia,
Is endeavoring to find a location In tho
country where It may reopen nB a farm
school Several deslrablo farms with
in easy access of the city have been
I Investigated by prominent churchmen
and laymen of tho city Hecause of In
I sufficient funds to finance this proposl
I lion, however, no specific negotiations
J toward tho proposed change have as
J yet been completed
I An attempt has been made to Inter
I est tho wealthy laity In the city In or
der to receive their moral and financial
I support In the new movement. Active
, solicitation ami advertisement of the
, schemo have not been resorted to, for
it is believed that when a sultablo sit
uation has been chosen tho necessary
funds will bo forthcoming.
Recently a wealthy layman of (Hen
lxch has Intimated that he might ho
able to provide the requisite means
and farm to establish the enterprise In
lower Chester county. Other possible
Ites are being withheld, pending the
egc'lallons for the property near
.' Lech
The Chinese havo a saying that an
unlucky word dropped from the tongue
cannot be brought back again by a
coach and blx horses.
Money to Loan on Anything of Value. Uncle Ben Is tho
poor man's friend. Wc carry a Sample Line of Good Shoes,
a Sample Line of Tailor-Made Misfit Clothing. Wc have
Big Bargains in everything in our store. When you need
a friend, come and see "Uncle Ben."
For Sale
Houses, Lots, Farms and Timber Land, Oil and Gas Leaset.
Money to Loan on City and Farm Real Estate. See
In the Office of Attorney H. A. Guess, Room 10 Roscnfield Buildfnj.
PHONE 8309.
PHONE 2585
When You Come to My Town Look For Mo
Prompt, First-Class Service and Courteous Treatment to Everybody.
Council at Law
Practicing in all courts of Oklahoma; member of the bar of the
United States Circuit Court of appeata. Specialty in probate mat
ters and land titles, and railroad damage euits
Office Room 6, Roienfield BWf.
First and Main Street
Notary Public. Phone 3337,
For testing tho germinating quali
ties of Beeds quickly an Iowa man has
patented n cabinet something Hko an
Incubator, wnrm moisture rising
through tho walls nnd dropping on
the seed trays.
Sevcuteen-year-old Dora Gray of
Salem, Oro., Is a page or pagess In
tho state senate, nnd It Is tho first
time In tho history of the Oregon
legislature a girl has held such a po-sltlon.
A Now Yorker has Invented a mo
tor truck with four rear wheels In
stead of two, so mounted on short
axles that tho load Is equally distrib
uted among all of them regardless of
the roughness of a road.
Hlography Is useless which U not
true. Tho weaknesses of character
must be preserved however Insignifi
cant or humbling; they are tho errata
of genius and clear up the text.
In these modern days, you cannot
hide the light of the city that Is set
by a waterfall, nor stop tho growth of
Ten Years' Continuous Practice. Civil and Probata
Matters a Specialty.
Wells Hair Manufacturing School
.Where More than Twenty Different Arts and
Trades are Taught. Diplomas Furnished
on Graduation- The world needs you,
Let us teach you.
Mr. Dora Wells, Manager.
J. H. Wells, Proprietor.
PHONE 2365.
PHONE 3386.
Directory of the Ministerial Alliance
Rev. C. L. Netherland, Pres., Res. 806 E. Archer. Phone 1864. .'
Rev. J. F. Kersh, Vice-Pres., Res. East Archer and Jackson.
Rev. H. G. Griffin, Treasurer, Res. 307 North Frankford. ' .
Rev. T. J. Jones, Chaplain, Res. 509 N. Greenwood Ave.
Rev. F. K. White, Critic of Outlines, Res. 313 Exter.
Jm. A. Johnson, Secretary, Re. J05 N. Greenwood. Phone 48i .
I the one with a waterfront.

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