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sraypjF figs
cruel to force nauseating,
harsh physic into a
sick child.
It i:
Looli back nt your childhood days,
rtemember Iho "doso" mothor Insisted
on cuslor oil, calomel, cathartics.
How ou bated them, how you fought
against taking them.
With our children It's different.
Mothers who cling to tho old form of
physic simply don't reallzo what they
do. Tho children's rovolt Is well-founded.
Their tendor Uttlo "insldes" nre
Injured by them.
If jour child's stomach, liver and
t bowels need cleansing, give only dell
. cIoub "California Syrup of Figs." Its
action Is positive, but gentle. Millions
, of mothers Itecp this harmless "fruit
laxative" handy; they know children
lovo to talio It; that It novcr falls to
clean tho liver and bowels nnd sweet
en tho Etomach, and that a tcaspoonful
given tcday saves n, slclc child tomor
row. Ask at tho Btoro for a GO-ccnt bottlo
of "California Syrup of rigs," which
has full directions for babies, children
of all ages and for grown-ups plainly
on each bottlo. Adv.
Less Drinking by College Doys.
Drinking is on tho decrcaso nt Cornell-
winch Is a slgnlilcnnt argument
against it. According to a well known
professor, a graduato himself and a
man who keeps informed on under
graduate matters, thoro Is only one
quarter of tho drinking among Cornell
iaus now that there was ten years ago.
That is encouraging, but thoro Is still
too much Cornell Sun.
Ulenvllle, La. "I was troubled with
eczema In my hands for Boveral years.
Tho skin would break and look lllto
It had been cut with n kntfo and my
hands wcro so soro I could hardly
bear to put them In water and could
hardly Ubo them. When I used them
tho blood would run out. They would
heal a Uttlo and then they would get
worso than over again. They were
very painful. Tho eczema got to
breaking out on my arms In pimples
which Itched nnd burned very badly.
"I used different remedies, also used
all kinds of facial creams and
on my hands and arms and I did not
get any relief until I used Cuticura
Soap nnd Ointment. I cured my
hands and eczema, with Cuticura Soap
nnd Ointment." (Signed) HissFannlo
Mostlllcr, Oct. C, 1912.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Samploof each
free, with 32-p. Skin Hook. Address post
card "Cutlcurn. Dcpt. I,. Hoston." Adv.
Decided Position,
"Are you a ncophto In polltlcs7"
"No; I nln't in nny light. I'm a
peaceable citizen "
fiut Lydia E. Pinkham's Vcg'
etable Compound Restored
Mrs. LeClear's Health
Her Own Statement.
Detroit, Mich. "I nm glad to di
cover u remedy thnt relieves mo from
my Euiicrinp; nnd
pains. For two years
I eufTercd bcarlnn
down pains and got
all run down. I was
under a norvous
strain and could not
sleep at night. I
went to doctors hero
in tho city but they
did not do mo any
"Seelnc Lydia E.
Finkhnm'a Vegotabio Compound adver
tised, I tried it. My health Improved
wonderfully nnd I nm now quito well
again. No woman suffering from fe
male ills will regret it if sho takes this
medicino." Mrs. James G. LeCleab.
' 330 Hunt St, Detroit, Mich.
Another Case
Philadelphia, To. "Lydia E. Fink
ham'n Vcgetablo Compound la all yoa
claim it to be. About two or three
days beforo my periods I would get bad
backaches, then pains In right and left
sides, nnd my head would acho. I called
the doctor and ha said I had organic in
flammation. Iwcnttohlmforawhilobut
did not get woll so I took Lydia KFink
ham'sVcgctablo Compound. After tak
ing two bottles I was relieved and finally
my troubles left me. I married and
have two little girl. I have had no re
turn of the old troubles." Mrs. Cbas.
Uoell, 2G50 a Chadwick St, Phila,Pa,
if - Wi'i,
r v v o ; o i o j ; -;- ; ; 1
Scut!" oidered Mrs. Jared Smith,
mid bung! a lolling pin wont hurtling
tnrough tho open doorway attar a
11) lug cnnltiu It struck tho animal,
who uttered a cry of pain and din
.ipprnied, limping
' Kuny, mother, easy doe-i It, ou
know,' bpoke an men, soothing volco,
and Jnred Smith cinio into view.
Just a minute more und 1 might
hue got It. Here's jour rolling pin,
ma I'll look after the dog."
' You'll do no such tiling, Jurcd
Smith!" stormed IiIb angry helpmeet.
"The nnlmal gut his lesson nnd de
serves It I told ou when ou
brought the half-starved creature
hero H'Htcrd.iy hu'd mako ua tioublo."
"And what has ho been doing?"
inquired .lured placidly.
' IleUer ask that when you get our
Flipper, observed Mrs Smith tartly,
"seeing as tho dog stole tho small
loaf I'd baked special for ou, and
put It out to cool "
"Well, inn) bo tho poor creuturo
needed It worse than I did," bald
"Ono thing -ilon't ou dnro to bring
that animal back heio! Now, jou
inlnil me'" proclaimed Mrs Smith.
Jaied went nut in search of tho
animal in disfavor, llu hud picked up
tin poor creature comiiiK home the
da previous.
Jared waB teiidor-hcarteil even with
the brute creation Ills klnilly faco
wrinkled with sympathy as ho came
acre's tho dog slinking behind the I
bain and holding up a broken paw
"Why, )ou poor thing!" lie pitied,
caressing the ft Ighlciicd and tremb
ling animal "And don't you hold it
csnliiflt Saniantlia." ho proceeded
"She's good as gold, but she's had her
crosses, and fchu hasn't been uted to
pets since h'm " there was a
7s fcrZ
The Animal Acted Strangely.
strange catcli In Jared's throat
"since a long time ago," bo concluded
In a sad, dreamy way,
Jarcd went Into the barn and got
Homo horse lluament and somo r.igs.
He soon had tho injured limb mended
up Tlieiwho filled u pan with water
and led tho nniuul to an empty cat
tle pen way back of tho house.
' "Now )ou stay hero till the storms
blow over," he advised his dumb
charge "Samantha will como around
right when tho knows sho's hurt )ou.
und I'll soo )ou get some supper,"
nnd tho dog wagged his tall und
looked up wistfully Into ills e)eB as
though fully understanding all that
was spoken.
"Where nro ou going with that
tin pluto of stuff?" demanded Mrs.
Smith, Husplciousl), oh jUBt after sup
per she detected her lmsband sneak
ing out of tho kitchen with some
heuped up scraps.
"It's for that dog, Samantha," ex
plained Jared. "You hurt him a good
deal, and i'vo put him In a comforta
ble straw- bed outside of the lot, whero
he won't troublo )ou any before ho
gntB In shape to travel on his way."
"You'll Just encourugo him to hang
around," declared Mrs, Smith, pee
vishly. "Sa.nantha," said hor husband soft
ly, "don't forget that David liked
"David!" Tho old wrinkled faco of
tho woman flamed, paled. Her lips
quivered, Sho went about hor work
In silence, her head drooping, one by
ono the tears falling across her home
ly, toil-worn hands us she put tilings
in ordor.
David her boy! a door opened In
her soul long closed Beomlngly, and
a host of longing, pitiful memories
had rushed in,
Two yenrs lonely, hitter and hope
lesstwo )ears without tho boy who
had run away from home to becomo a
sailor. Only onco they had heard
from him. Thero had como u letter
to tho mourning mother from tho er
rant but loving son.
"I wouldn't do It over again," read
i im
& .H
rt i?l V
. - . fix
th pathetic niis'ite, bin I in started,
and 1 vo got pride enough to go
through with it Mother, I'm going to
the I'ast Indies next Then I'm com
ing tome And I'm going to bring
Inifc pome of the rare Bilks nnd Jew
els thpv say )ou can pick up there
for u song'"
Vain dreamer' A year went b)
nnd no further word from tho wan
dering boy nnd the ship ho had sailed
in n ported lost In a terrible simoon
off iho Mulaenca coast.
Mrs Smith was strangely silent nil
that evening After they had retired
foi the night her husband noted how
rrslli-ss sho was Once he fancied
he heard her bobbing softly
Ho wan himself nu aliened shortl)
after midnight b) the harking of the
dog The animal seemed tn havo
come up to the house mid wns paw
ing at the door. Mrs. Smith mndo no
complaint and Jnred knew she was
thinking of tho lost son.
"You ran fetch that dog Into the
kitchen If )ou want to, Jnred," she
said eoftl) as her husband started out
to feed the stock.
As Tared came out into the yard
the dog limped up to him '1 he far
mer petted ttio animal and motioned
it to follow him into the house. 1 low
on or, the animal acted strangely It
did not seem to want to go with him,
elided about him and then tinning Its
face toward some thick undpi brush
whined in a plnintlvo and It siemcd a
beseeching wn)
"The critter acts funny I declare!"
.lured was saying as lilx wife came out
Into tho yard "Wh, what dues tho
unlmal want, nn)how?"
'I he dog hud caught a loose fold of
his coat In Its teeth and wns per
(.latently pulling at him.
"1 Ms means something, Samantha."
said her husband quite seriously. "See,
he wants us to follow- liliu "
"It does look that way," agreed Mrs
Out of curiosity both of them fol
lowed the limping animal, the dog
pein trated the thick copse given over
to dense undergrowth. "Ten feet nd
vuiiced among this Jared Smith halted
with a shock.
"Why, Samnnth!" he exclaimed.
"It's u man!"
Mrs Smith peered timorously over
her hUEhaud'H shoulder
"Oil. Jnred! Is It some ono dead?"
"1 think not, I hope not, Samantha,"
replied Jared, lifting a one-half eaten
Uttlo loaf from beside the prostrate
figure ")our bread!"
Just there the dog crept up to the
stranger and nosed at his face burled
In the graS3. Tho recumbent man
moved and then with n groan turned
his weary fever-stricken eyes upon
tho Intruders.
"Mother!" ho uttered, and col
lapsed "Oh, Jnred!" fairly shiiekcd Mis.
Smith, "It's my boy!"
Yes, thus the runaway had come
home In lieu of silks of tho far nway
Indies, rags Instead of tho dazzling
glenm of Jewels, tho hectic glitter of
death In his c)c!
Just In tlmo they had found hlin
When they had carried him oh, so
tenderly' to tho house, and the doc
tor arrived. It was to tell them that
another hour In lnnttentlon might
have ended in his death.
"1 stolo up to the house weak, al
most fainting," David Smith told them
when ho wns convalescent. "Then
ragged and ashamed, I could not go
In. Hut there wns mother's bread
I took It, not tho dog, not this grand
splendid hero to whom I owe my life
In discovering mo inter that night."
And tho night of n grand family
Jubilee, attended, too, by the faithful
sweetheart of old times, tho faithful
animal was awarded a post of honor.
(Copyright. 1513, ly W CJ Clinpniiin )
In Denouncing That Form of Music,
Frank Damroseh Brings Forth
Amusing Story.
Prank Damroseh, standing on th
dec of tho steamer en route for
Kurcpc, deplored tho grip that rag
tlmo has taken on the American pub
lic. "Kagtlme tunes nro like pimples,"
Bald tho director of tho Institute of
Musical Arts. "They are impurities
la the musical system which muBt bo
cleared out. Hut u vaudeville artist,
Just homo from Prance, told mo with
enthusiasm that we wero becoming
famous in Europe for our ragtime."
Mr Damroseh smiled bitterly,
"Famous for our ragtime!" ho
scofjed. "A poor claim for distinc
tion. It reminds me of a story, ,
"During tits travels In tho went a
well known Kngllsli clergyman was
accosted by u native of Deep (lutein
who said:
"'Wall, sTrf'and what strikes you
moht about this place?'
"The clergyman Instantly replied:
" 'Your blasphemy, sir. I don't thiuk
I have over been In a place whero
blasphemy wns moro general or more
"A look of gratified vanity Bpread
over tho native's face.
" 'You're about right, stranger,' ho
drawled Tor variety of blasphemy I
dou't think wo can be bentou This Is
a wonderful region.' "
The Anderson Grocery
We arc dealers in firt-class line of Groceries ami Market
Meats. We rater to our customers. Wc give Special Attention to
all Orders and Deliver Promptly. Try Us when you Order aqun.
C. Li ANDERSON, Proprietor
Uncle Ben's Loan Office
Money to Loan on Anything of Value. Uncle lien Is tlto
poor man's friend. Wc carry a Sample Line of Good Shoes,
a Sample Line of Tailor-Made Misfit Clothing. W h.ive
Big Bargains in everything in our store. When you need
a friend, conic and see "Uncle Ben."
Houses, Lots, Farms and Timber Land, Oil and Gas Lease
Money to Loan on City and Farm Real Estate. See
In the Office of Attorney II. A. Guess, Room io Rosenfield Buildtns,
PHONE 2309.
When You Come to My Town Look For Ma
Prompt, First-Class ScrTice and Courteous Treatment to Everybody,
Council at Law
Practicing: In nil courts of Oklahoma; member of the bar of tho
United States Circuit Court of appeals. Specialty in probate mat-
ters and land titles, nnd railroad damage suits
Office Room 6, Rosenfield Bldg.
Notary Public.
Ten Years' Continuous
Wells Hair Manufacturing School
Where More than Twenty Different Arts and
Trades are Tauglit. Diplomas Furnished
on Graduation. The world needs you.
Let us tcacli you.
Mrs. Dora Wells, Manager.
Directory of the Ministerial Alliance
Rev. C. L. Nctherland, Pres., Res 806 E. Archer. Phone 1864.
Rev J. F. Kersh, Vice-Pres., Res. East Archer and Jackson.
Rev. II. G. Griffin, Treasurer, Res. 307 North Frankford.
Rev. T. J. Jones, Chaplain, Res. 509 N. Greenwood Ave.
Rev. F. K. White, Critic of Outlines, Res. 313 Exter.
Ju. A. Johnson, Secretary, Res. 305 N. Greenwood Phone 2481.
PHONE 2585
First and Main Streeti
Phone 3337,
Practice. Civil and Probato
a Specialty.
J. II. Wells, Proprietor.
PHONE 2365.

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