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Mrs. Walls Makes Public Some In
(cresting Facts Which Should
Interest All Women.
mioRS as
Lolnnrts, Tonn Mn M irtl .1 V, Ha,
of this low i), ni.iu's tint luiiomng
titateincnls for public .iikm 1 f. 1 it
my duty to till uu what jour in' Jl
Ohio, Cardul, tha woman s tonic, has
Jonu for inc.
Tor four (I) years I tutli red tot
rlbly with ruiniiii froubUs and 1
fouiiil ini ii 1 i f in ! Ii tent ii, i dnliii'S
which I I" '.. P ii i!ii 1 began to tukq
Cardul, tli w.hi.'ib tunic, nnd after
raking six botti. s I urn completely
tiured 1 li 1 lik" a illlTcront person
altogether All tlm p.iitis aro gone,
and I am In belt, r lu.iltli than I hao
been In for fcur Jfars llavu gullied
a great deal In welchf.
I still take c.irdui as n tonic. My
husband, as will us nijsclf, cannot
Drulsu It ton hirlilv
I hope tbU ! it. r will Induce other
poor. Minting women to try Cardul,
for It Is tho best uicdlcloo in tho
world for women "
If you ouffer fiom any of tho numer
ous uilmeiirs so common to all women,
why not take this lady's advice, nnd'
try Cardui? It has helped her, as
veil as a million other women In tho
past half century Why shouldn't It
d- the sat no for jou? We feel suro It
Heading- of Mrs Walls' helpful ex
perience should eneoumgo you to try
what this medicine will do for you.
net a bottle of Cardul from' your
druggist to-day. You won't regret It.
N R irwo Cturttanooca Medicine Co .
f.adira' Advisory Opt , Chattanooga. Trnn . for
v iaimifurttmtm your rase and 64.psse book.
Home Treat! wit lot Wonwg," sent in plain
vrapper. Adv.
Not Impressed.
"I know no north, no south, no east,
no west," declared the impassioned
"You are also badly mixed lu sev
eral other respects," rmumented nn
o'il farmer In tin .itiil.itm -Louisville
nirli r Jonri a I
Time it! Papc's Diapcpsin ends
all Stomach misery in five
Do some foods you eat hit back
taste good, hut work badlj; fermont
into stubborn lumps tu.d cause a nick,
sour, gassy stomach? Now, Mr or
Mrs Djspeptic, Jot this down. Tapes
Dlapepsla digests everj thing. Raving
nothing to sour and upset ou. Thero
never was an) thing so safely quick, so
certainly effective. No difference how
badly our stomach Is disordered ou
will gut happy relief In llvo minutes,
but what pleases )ou must Is that it
strengthens nnd regulates jour Btom
ach so jou can eat jour favorite, foods
without '. ...-.
You feel different as soon as "I'apo's
Diapcpsin" comes In contact with tho
stomach distress Just vanishes your
stomach gets ueet, no gases, no belch
ing, no eructations of undigested food.
Go now, m,iko tho best Investment
you over made, by getting a largo llfty
cent enso of Tape's Diapcpsin from any
toie. You realize In llvo minutes how
needless It is to stirrer from indigos
tlpn, dyspepsia or bad btomach. Adv.
Protests, but Pays.
(Irlggs 1 am MirpiiM-tl that jou put
op with vnur wife s i-lr.ivnganco
Uriggs 1 di'iit I m, relj put up for
tt Huston 1 1 iu-m npt
Strenuous Crusade
Against Calomel
If )cni would be rhivrful, healthful, full
of life mid viipir dun t tool vwtlt calomel
or any violent" i itliaruo
HOT M'KIXCii MVI'I! Ill irOXS are
nude fiom the pre Million of one of tho
many gloat pliwiutij of Hot Spring,
If jou lwr l-en to I'm famotii health
resort jou know all about them for they
re piencrihcd there by phytician for all
-hver, ktonuch nnd bowel trouble.
If you arc not feeluii; n full of energy
Si ml nmbition an )on thouKI, if jou are
run down, need a good tonic, want to
evt hearty and inako jour tom.ieli and
bowels antiseptic and free from poisonous
waite and gv. get a ii cent box of HOT
druggist's todij-, take one each night for
week they do not give a particle of dis
comfort, on t lie other hand they are
.lentli', wfe and sure.
Thev nie umply plcndii, cver)body
wys, and after vou tiy one jou'll say th
vnic. Money Kick if vou aren't satisfied.
For free sample and 100 of our 17.OT0 tcv
timonialu, write Hot Springi Chemical
Co , Hot Spring. Ark.
Sounds That Way.
"Tho '.iciobus' Is a new ulr vehicle"
"What It suggests to mo U n kUs In
an aeroplane "
WBk Wh'
masaavi it
n'IWnWUi'im'' r-.i i.f ft r
wmz.i 5 tHkmk u
WMk 1 M vm m Ala
Mm )
i "iji
Mrs Merrivvld's maternal maiden
Aunt Jano woro hor real rose coral
necklace, n pink wnlst and n myste
rious smile, tho lattur adornment be
ing assumed when Mrs. Merrlwld ox
pressed hor admiration of the general
"The rale at which jou're Improv
ing makes my hoad swim," declared
Mrs Merrlwld. "You'll be tottering
nround In n hobble the next thing 1
Know "
"Mr Chubb will be here this after
noon Melissa." observed Aunt Jane
In a rastial manner, as she shifted her
embroider hoops.
Mrs. Mcrrlwld opened her eyes wldo
and became alarmingly rigid "Here
this afternoon!" she exclaimed
"Why. I told him distinctly that I was
going to the matinee 1 told you that
I had reasons for staying at home,
Irirle Surely yon remember When
did ho tell you he was coming?"
Aunt Jnne's face approximated the
color of the coral necklace "He tele
phoned about an hour ago," she re
plied. "1 didn't want to disturb jou
nbout It so I said you would bo very
glad to spe him. I thought ou llkod
him, Melissa."
"I'm eras) about him,"' said Mrs.
Merriwid. dijly. "I think he's tho
sweetest thing that ever brushed
three strands of hnlr across a bald
spot, still, I'm nfiald he'll bo disap
pointed If he expects to sco mo this
aftornoon. Mo for tho Impenetrable
recesses of tho tnngled woods. I'll
let jou cunsolo him for my absence,
dearie, and you can btamo yourself"
Aunt Jane's eyes lost their usuall)
mild expression nnd sho J.ibbed her
neodlo Into her work with somo
vlcliiusness. "Thank you, my dear,"
she said. "At tho same time I don't
regard tho society of n woll-luformcd
and gentlemanly man as an lullictlon.
however jou may feel about It, nnd 1
may add, my love, that It seems to me
unlad) IIKit to innUo )crsonal remarks.
l'.ven If Mr Chubb wero bald which
he Is not It would bo no reflection
on him "
"I didn't say It was shiny enough to
reflect," said Mrs Merrlwld
"And Intellectual men nearly alwny
kavo a tendency to baldness," pursued
Aunt Jano.
"They're generally smooth people
on top," ndmltted Mrs. Merrlwld.
"Vou talk nonsense," snapped Aunt
Jane "If being bald Is a crime It's
strango that they lavo to Keep bar
bers In prisons to cut the convicts'
hair. You ought to get a SKyo terrier
If you'ro so fond of things that look
llko door-mats. I supposo that's what
jou find so attractive in Mr, Victor"
"I wonder If that Is it," said Mrs
Merrlwld, dreamily, "or whether It's
because Mr. Victor hasn't dimpled
knees? Honest, Auntie, dear, don't
you think dimpled knees on a male
person over Bcven havo a tendency to
destroy tho spirit of romanco?"
"Melissa," said Aunt Jane with
spirit, "If you talk like that I shall
leave tho room."
"I'leaso excuse ma. dearie," begged
Kr I it h! T
i 'JFfviTl tr&S,
" y - J v I WaWKrtffl V '
Aunt Jane Wore Hr Coral Necklace,
1113.1 imtiUWlsU
Mrs Merriwld "I wouldn't say any
thing to embarrass you for worlds, In
tontlonnlly. Hut jou know, Auntlo,
that nobody loves a fat man."
"Stout pooplo havo their feelings,"
said Aunt Jane.
"Still, I'm afraid that I can never
learn to love him." Mrs Mcrrlwld
persisted, "it Isn't only that 1 ncho
to push him over with my finger to
see If ho won't roll tight bide up
again; It's not merely tho fact that
ho wears those dnubje thick convex
spcctaclos thnt give him a somewhat
pop-eyed effect of looking Into my
strictly private soul, and I could over
look Ills regular habits and his side
whiskers: poor dear Henry Merrlwld
had both side whiskers nnd regular
hnblts What keens mo from hiding
my blushing fnco In his shirt bosom
and murmuring a bashful consent Is
his delusion that ho has a rather nifty
tenor voice.''
Aunt Jane looked at her nleeo queer
ly. "There's something else, Isn't
thero, my dear?" she asked.
"I haven't given tho matter a great
deal of thougnt," replied Mrs Merrl
wld serenely. "Thero might be, of
course." v
"It occurs to me, my love, that his
not askiug ou might bo a considera
tion." suggested Aunt Jane, In a shaky
voice. "You might find tho further
fact that he lias no Idea of asking you
something In tho nature of an Instiper
ablo bar. You see, Melissa, dear. It Is
highly probable, that jou havo mis
construed tho purpose of Mr. Chubb's
a Pink Waist and a Mysterious Smile,
rather frequent visits here, and that,
however attractive you may be to
somo gentlemen, thero are other gen
tlcinen w ho w ho w ho-oo-oo "
Aunt Jano snntched tho llttlo laco
handkerchief from her bolt, pressed It
to her eyes nnd started for tho door,
her shoulders shaking with emotion,
but beforo hor hand could touch the
Knob her nleco had her In an embrace
from which thero was no escape.
"Auntie!" cried Mrs. Mcrrlwld.
"Look at mo! You don't mean to tell
mo that Oh, you dear thing! Auntie,
if I had had tho faintest Idea In tho
world that You know I didn't mean
anything by what I said, nnd I think
he's a darling nnd as sweet and lov
ablo as he can bo. Dearie, please!
Here, I'm going to shako you. Tell
me. has ho actually proposed?"
Aunt Jano giggled n little hysteric
ally. "110110 has Intimated that ho'
will this afternoon," sho stammered.
"Heaven forglvo you, you've broken
my heart!" Mrs. Mcrrlwld laughed
delightedly. "You perfidious things!
Hero I've been thinking all along that
1 had n chance, nnd now Oh, Auntlo,
Auntie! Now you can run along nnd
bathe your eyes and pretty up and
I'll bo out of tho houso Insldo of ten
"You jou'ro suro j-ou don't mind,
Melissa?" said Aunt Jafa'o, anxiously.
Mrs. Merrlwld kissed her fervently
and reassuringly and then, taking hor
by tho shoulders, turned hor out ol
tho room and apostrophized the elco
"Well, wouldn't that agitato you?
she said.
tCopyrlght, mi, by W. a. Chapman.)
J-Vt si
11 IH
, ii yvirWW
Ya Jn.'l u. m.a.v wlta bsvclitlD er ttc -
' It, nor icBociicUnQ! wL'Juonr site, btit
Anti-Tuberculcsls Society Has
Apart Sunday, Dec. 7, for a
Special Purpose.
I.nst year over CO.000 churches
preached sermons on tho prevention of
consumption on Tuberculosis day,
which will be held on December 7 this
J car. It is hoped this jcar to swell
tho number of churches to 100,000 and
(o urgo similar action besides In a
largo number of tho fcchools and other
societies. Tho Tuberculosis day cam
paign will como this year during the
lied Cross Christmas seal sale, it Is
planned to urgo the churches of the
country to tako a definite part In this
movement. The observanco of Tuber
culosis day was Indorsed last year by
President Taft, Cardinal Karloj-, Col
onel Hoosovclt and many other promi
nent churchmen and public officials
Proclamations calling upon tho pcoplo
to observo this day wero Issued by
governors of moro than a dozen states
and by tho majors of a considerable
number of cities.
She Made Up a Mixture of Sage Tea
and Sulphur to Drlng Back Color,
Gloss, Thickness.
lmott everyono knows that Sago
Tea and Sulphur, properly compound
ed, brings back tho natural color nnd
lustre to the hnlr when faded, stteaked
or gray; also ends dandruff, Itching
scalp and stops falling hair. Years
ngo tho only way to get this mlxturo '
was to mako It at home, which Is
mussy and troublesome. Nowadays,
by asking at any storo for "Wyoth's
Sago and Sulphur Hnlr Hemcdj'," jou
Will get n largo bottlo of this famous
old recipe Jor about f0 cents.
Don't slay gray! Try It! No ono
can possibly tell thnt jou darkened
your hair, ns It does It so naturally
and evenly. You dampen a sponge or
soft brush with It and draw this
through your hair, taking ono small
strand at n tlmo; by morning tho gray
hair disappears, and after another ap
plication or two, your hnlr becomes
beautifully dark, thick and glossy. Adv.
WJllo l'aw, what is tact?
l'aw Tact is tho art of making
other peoplo think they know moro
thun you do, my sou. Cincinnati in
quirer. Foolish girls mako a specialty of
breaking hearts; wlso girls run ro
pair shops.
ltr.WIns!ow'n SooUiIng H;rup for Children
ttctblnff, mncu the (turn, reduces laflatnma
tlou,allaj uln,cure wtu J college a txuleJU
A mirror which reflects true colors
U said to have been Invented.
The cook is happy, the
oilier members of the fumily
arc liapp) aiipclitcs sliarpcn, tilings
briohtcn up Rt-ucrally. Anil Calutucb
DaLins Powder is responsible for It all. .
For Calumet never fails. Its
wonderful leavening qualities insure
jicrfcctly sliorlened, faultlessly raised
Cannot be compared with
other baking powders, which promise)
without performing.
Even a beginner in cooking
gets dcllRhtful results with this nevcr
fallins Calumet Dakinjj Powder. Your
grocer knows. Ask him.
World' Pura Tood nxpoiition. Chicago. IH.
f txU Hxpoutioo, France, MarcL, 1912.
raa Lal-Jaf oowdrr. Don't 1 nulnl. Difdtlmt.
rualu. Cilamtt U lr eptnr U ,vr milk an4 Ma. '
Boredom of Perfection.
"Well, Sv hat was Frau Uoth's after
noon llko jesterday?"
"Tho tea was good; tho cakes dell
clous, tho tablecloths exquisite In a
word. It bored mo to tears." Flleg
Tnde Dlaetter.
Water la bluing adulteration,
water inakt-i liquid blue costly.
Cruti hill Iliue. Adv.
Buy UeJ
After hearing both sides of a story
you aro In a position to pass it up.
Housework Is a Burden
It'' hard enough to keep house If In
p fcct health, but a woman who i
weak, tired and suffering from an aching
back has a heavy burden.
Any woman in this condition has good
cause to suspect kidney trouble, especial
ly if the kidney action seems disordered.
Doan's Kidney Pills have cured thou
sands of suffering women. It's tho best
recommended tpecial kidney remedy.
Mm, h. I. Fcrgnoon,
Ifti K. 1-mirth tt Adu
turn 7Wlf il
IUTH13, AIUDt . laju 'I
had a cutntant pain
arntM my lurk that
tink nijr rest ut nljihu
1 ,ltu worn nut In tha
Diuriilrtini.il ludUj train
around all unt over.
If X did any stoop
Ine or liftlnir. it
mutlo me wono. I
took ilirtcrrnt klS
try remtdlu and
trlrd planer, but
nothing helped m
until I ximrA Donn'a
KMnfy IMMa Th-y
rdl-ed m rlglit
unity nnd t hra
boxta cured ma."
Cat Doan'a at Any Slora, 50 e a Box
Why Scratch?
"Hunt'sCure"is guar
anteed to stop ord
permanently cure that
terrible itching. It is
compounded for that
purpose and your money
will be promptly refunded
if Hunt's Cure fails to cure
Itch, Eciemn, Tetter, Rlnf
Worm or inv ntHrr fill.
Disease. SOc at vour drueeln'a or hv mn
direct If he hasn't It. Manufactured only br
A. 0. RICHARDS MEDICINE CO., Sherman, feui
An rrlnfi Inflrmltlci, mch as lurelsb
tviwelt, weak klJneya and torrid liver.
Tuff's Pills
'Ve specific effect on thrte orrani,
tlrnulattna- thebowelt, sit ca natural actton.
nJ Impart! vizor to the w bola ay tacm.
&mx i
p Bl Couth B irup. Tmw Qooa. Cm jjj
Wft la lliaa. SoU by DranliU. Kl

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