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Vol. 1, No 56
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Another Lynching In Oklahoma
Colored man swung up
and dedicated to Gov.
Cruce. No investiga
tion. Will Gov. act.
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-T-1 f - 1 -. i- .
Theatrical 1 lie otar S New Hrtrrc
i I-v Siiuokv-Ookuins.)
i 'A st i. mi-: tiikathi:.
Mr. Siniili, manager, liiis Inn'
muiiowIiuI of a IimiI liiiic iis (lie ob'
saving goes, "it never mills mile-.'
3illy" McClain, Noted Sportsman
and Thatrical Man takes up
N esw pa pe r Work.
1 I
Negro Who Had Killed Dcputj'
Sheriff Strung Up in Front
of the Court House.
Placard Mentioning the Governor Left
on the Body Capture Made Late
Tuesday, After Two Pursuers
Were Wounded.
WttWOKA, lk!.i., .s'"V. 3 -John
Oudjo, tho iiokhi h,i killed IVpim
Sheriff John Dennis In this county
S'ltunlny nluht wui i.ipured 'I.i-sdi
uftirnoun nnil hroui'lit to this ultv at
about 8 o'clock, when a limli selznd lllm
anil hntiRoil lllm ta a telephone pnl In
front of the county court hnnso After
tho hatiKliiK t lcist olin hundred shniH
wiiru fired into the iipki-o'n body.- The
nioli tlifii dispersed ery iiuletly and
the tunn In cjiiit-t.
A l.irep pt.icnrd on which was writ
ten "To the Memory of I.ce ("ruiv."
Win tleil It the Ileum's f'Ct iim Ills
body swunu from tlio polo,
After tr'lnu run out o,' tlio l.lttlo
river bottom nulKhlioihond when he
ciintht refuse after the munlcr, CiilJo
wis cajilurfil fenr and miB-linT miles
xouthciist cf Wewoku lite Tneeda nf
triuoon liy a OH0 of Ilo'll'MlVllliI dtl
ens. lie was taken to MoliicnWIls and
l-tr to Weuokn.
I'udjo had stolon n liorao and at the
tlina of lis enptur- .if Ii.II w-' i
liavo boon headed f-r Kuf.uil.i. When
tho posso closed In on lllm Cutljo firod
on them, shootlni; a hor.w from undci
ono of tho posso and woundliiK two
men, not seriously however. C'udjo him
self was wounded In tho fight.
Cudjo shot and almost Instantly kill
ed Deputy Sheriff Dannls Sunday af
ternoon when tho officer attempted to
arrest lilm.
Tlio above speaks in blood Id
tors of the great need of protoe
tibn fur negroes in this eoniiti'.v
Something slioubl be don
to assure every man an equal
show before the law in this state
or the ealamit.v period will cor
tainly ooiiio upon ns.
Willi bra.cu impttiiily a man h
riilam up and i Milled wiih bnlel'
by n mob from the hands of mini
than one hundred men. Aflei
which an instill to the governor
wiis written end lied to the vie
lini's feel. If a grand jury Is not
'iillei! to pry into and ferret out
the guilty parlies in this murder
oits outrage, let us advocate the
ri (all of all the state laws and
judges and ihrow the cop! if
this stale on their own protection.
Sin ply (lov. f'riice will take a
hand in this matter.
The ond of Tnmmany and Its cor
rt:pt methods Is In slcht. Thero could
bi no greater bleslns to tho demo
cr.Vic party nor to tho country at
lnrso than tho final and completo
overthrow of Tammany.
D yan's defiance of this organization
nnd Its dcleat In tho last national con
vention was a severe blow and now
that It has been beaten In New York
everythlnR Indicates that Sow York
city and state will Join with tho rest
of tho country in a (rcncrnl cleanup
politically. Tho time lias como when
clean and decent methods must prevail
In public affairs. This means tho death
of Tammany,
With Tammany dead It will bo much
mslcr to clean up politically In otheji
Dully Democrat,
Tulsa Daily Democrat
Big Rally For
Mt. Zion Church
The big !?.-,.)i) Kally will be
pulled oil' al .Ml. 'ion Ilaptis
Hunch, .'ltd Sunday. Nov. Mm, to
pay for the ihnreli lot on 1:I:mp
ind Mister streets, livery friend
if (lie church is asl;ed to give 1.
I he frithful iii'iiiibers ai" slrug
tlit"; haul for a new church and
Ihey and tlieir faithful .is;or. !
F. K. White, deseive the lu'lp or
the town for what they hsuv dom
mil aie doing to erect a f.litlt'
bricl; cliiirch in TuNa. whieli will
iie a cr. (lit to i ho race and to Till
Mnrtin makes
Says he did not otj
pce Capt. Jcck
ioii, because the st-r
was for him.
Thai the article appearing in
..1st week's issue of the Star le
polling that Lawyer Fieemair L
dnrtiu had opposed Capt. .Jack
Miii for patrolman in this city be
cause the editor of Ihi paper was
Tor him, wax false and untrue is
the claim of .Mr. Martin, who
came to (lie editor's office .Mon
lay in a vry frank and open
manner confeed that ho opposed
lr. .lacks'ii'biil not because tin
Star w.is for him.
He did not know, lie says, that the
-Mar was for ('apt. .laukson anil
lull he imply advocated auothei
uaii, .Mr. Dillard, without at am
tiiuv raying a word against Capi
In the same artivie the name or
.Mis. .Martin was mentioned fuel
lcutull,, not disrespectfully, tun
witli any intention to reflect on
'ur lepiitaliou or character, but
it appeals that a Jew people mis
construed the sense, .Mrs. .Martin
being one of them.
Smarting under the sting (.
this jniagiiipil insult .Mr. .Mnr
tin, accompanied by her brother
came to the odi tor's office
and 1110101' a grave threat forbid
tho editor ever putting her name
hi the paper again. Itev. II. O
firiffin. who was present durino
tlio ('veiling melro, was almol
ovi-irnme either by fright or con
sternation. finally recoveiod suf
ficiently after the visitors had do
arlt'd. to oxiirnss U great sur
njsp at the lady's action, but f lie
ditor was not' surprised nor was
'ie frightened.
Wo have always respected Mrs.
Varl in and do ypt, in spite of tlib
'ni'ident. We understand w.ha
icinatcd her to take tho course
ho did and under the circuit!
tauees it w.-is not unnatural foi
'ier to do so.
iew Hiisiness .Mminpcr of The Tulsa Sta', Win. J
.MtClam, the grentost Cniooicd gpoilsmiiii in the world
today, wlio will devotu bis futsio life to tl o newrpiiper
busiccss. .Mr. .MiCiiin s ubo ono of the Let Known
ihcutiicnl men in the United Sums, mid will git. ,,ur
renders n liigb cLiss lino of tin laipst tiieatiiciil und
sporting news each week.
it pours," but lie assuics mo that hi
is like ISurkus won't be denied
ami is not down for the count, bill
will rise when the bell rings. I ad
mire a game man and no dona,
that Smith caries the (). IC. brand
Unit no man can win out over
such overwhelming odds that he is
up against. Well, good luck to
you Smith. Lay on Mel Miff and
and hang the man that cries
enough. Von deserve biter than
what you aie getting. You ait
an other man Hint's a tryer.
I have just completed a circuit
of houses iu the state of Oklaiio
imi and can give no less than It!
to lib weeks and looks good foi
n .'!" in four tiTwiis. Mod; ico L,
ile, f ur to miv, with roperloiio of
no less than six change-;- will do
'ye'p'fc'ttrerylhing lis righ'n that
!,- Re,j;tit.2tfn wiitoThe Tulsr
ITJiid itTUl nut you right
i' X. CirPofrvood avenup.
Wepk of Nov. Jird. Very at
tractive bill accounts for big' an
diencos (lint turn out every ove
ning. Foremost among the play
ers is .lessp Hanks, who appear
to be in a class by himself. If
Jesse would cut out tho iindnr
wpar gag and stick to Hip b'giti
uiiitp, li" would win tho admira
Hon of hi followers. They will
appreciate his talent tho moro if
ho is a droll comedian and tho
plumes are l.oo good to Ithrow
nwa.v on rough stuff. Tho ncci
dent with tho revolver is only a
sample of the rot that can easily
No doubt she has realized hoi bo avoided and the sooner they
mistake hy this time nnd regret can learn to be natural, cut onj
the Incident as much as the odi the ape faro and cork, the quicker
for. they will become artists and get
h.isp .miii do not play around
ilns viunily forever anil when you
go east iiii pan use it just as voll
! used to it while von have a
chance. 'I huision Uriggs will, if
no slicks to Hie neat stylo of work
-make a clever eccentric coined
Tho male member of tho two
Nuns want to ho more forceful in
his comedy. The lady is a goon
talker, bin should pay attention
to her high notes iu singing and
a long dross without the shor'
sloivps would be more iu keeping.
'! will hold the criticism hero).
v.'sti slippeis with lipi '
Uriggs- wlnui she kn'ow
where she is at and can foci 'her
self and work more to the audi
eiico than the wings, will bring
out thp good points that apoar t'r
the critic that is iu her.
Tho lady ( I did "not learn lii
name) who sang "That's How I
Xoed You," would do well to posr
heroic a glass and learn gesture)
and take lessons iu song phrasinc
it is not a coon song and it
should not be sung that way. On
Wednesday night she appeared ir
a hurry to get off.
Tho after-piece, ''Hough IIousi
Hall" was not up to 4 lie rest of
tho nilorlninnionj. and I hope
when they change they will cut
out so much shooting and run
ning through tlie audience, as it
only frightens women nnd child
ren and you know you can nov
or tell a woman's condition and
look what that means. It is not
The Tulsa star" comes out this
week with good strong celufoi-io
I'lont, with iiiiiic hope ami gnalor
ambition tl al any other time
iu its history. A very competent
and valuable addition has lipi-u
made to the staff of this paper in
tin' net-Miii of Mr WilliMin .1 Mi-
I ('lain of Indiaiiaiiolis. I ml., who Ik
now business manager of ilu pa
K'i .mil Ihe prii'ling plant. Tic re
is no i-oloicd man in Hie I niinl
Stiiies hotter known than "Inll; "
Mi ('lain. lie is I'aiuiliarl.v Known
as "Hilly, (ho globi'-troller," be
cause he has made thico trips
around tho win Id, and is evteii
sively Known in Kiiiopo and in
this cotinlry, because of his oviiu
ordinary abilil.v as a right pro
motor and theatrical perforiii-r.
The journalistic field is not a new
one to Mr. McClain. Ho has lieen
Identified witli some of the lead
ing nowspnpcis or the counlrv
and , his connection with The
Tulsa Star -vi doubtless add
much to tho slioiiglh and inriu
piicp of the paper, as ho has al
toady determined that The Star
must bo favorably known iu Ku
rope as well as iu the lnilul
Slates. The new malinger of The
Star has opened a business iu the
itublie library building, al .".01 N.
Oreenwood, which is or easv up
cpss to thp public, while (ho 'plant
will remain al the old stand, r(i
North (iieenwood.
It is Mr, McClain's purpose to
have a public registry in this of
fice and visitors from out of town
will i-poislpf (heir mimes in Thp
Star registry.
Another new addition to Th
Star force is Mr. David ('. Itland
tutorship of Mr. McClain. Thit
young man has the uialirial in
him to some day startle tho lite
rary world, ami Mr. McClain sins
ho will do it.
Mr. island is connected with
Tho Star in I lie capacity of uh
circulation maiiagcr, and iu tlilv
ho alioady is doing some credit
able work. Iu thp coming Musi
pule and Dramatic Hecilal, Nov.
1!, both .Mr. .McClain and Mr.
Wand will appear on the pro
gram. .Mr. McClain will lelatc
the experience ()r his travels
around the world, and Mr. Illund
will recite some of his poetical
With tin's olllcient force, The
Star will now twinkle as it luvir
lias before. commend Mr. Mo
Cliiiu and Mr. Hlaml to tho pub
lie and ask the citizenship (1r Till
sa to give encouragement and nc
cord them every courtesy due rep
resontatives of Ihe public prow.
Mr. Neighbor,
Tho bis arm caln chair that you
found on your porch last I-'riday nlclit
belciih's to mo, kindly toll me wheto
you llvo and I will como aril set It.
for I need tho piece of furni'uro very
,'0O(l enough. If you can't find a bad. Wm. dlaul. Ell n. I'rankfort.

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