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ipeclally In the Preparation of
Ooupt Can the Housewife Who
Knowi, Economize on Her
Butcher' Bill.
Tho housewlfo by Judicious selec
tion of her food materials and Intelli
gent cooking may perforin her part In
It Is not so much what comes In
the kitchen door as what goes out In
wnste, that determines the slio of tho
bill the housewife muBt meet.
These recipes aro simple nnd select
ed with the Idea of promoting econ
omy. Tomato Soup One-half can toma
toes, 1 pint cold water, Mi onion,
tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon but
ter, 2 tablespoons of flour, I teaspoon
of salt, U tenspoon pepper.
Strain tomatoes, add water, salt,
pepper and sugar, cook Vi hour, after
which stir In mixed flour and butter,
boll 10 mluutos nnd servo hot.
Cream Carrot Soup Wash, scrape
nnd cut Into slices enough carrots to
fill a fruit bowl. Holt these In a quart
of water, slightly salted, till soft
enough to rub through a slcvo with
tho potato masher. Mix together In
n thick saucepan 2 tablespoons of
flour and I tablespoon of butter, stir
ring with n wooden spoon till they be
gin tp bubble. Gradually stir Into
this a pint of milk and carrot pulp.
Add- hot water 'to mnko 1 quart of
soup. Put tho yolk of 1 egg and a ta
blespoon of chopped parsley togcthc.
In tho tureen, turn In tho .hot soup,
stir gently, and serve at onco.
Hlco Soup Tako 1 quart of water
and 4 tablespoons of well-pickled and
washed rice, put in a granite kettle,
und placo In a modernto oven Add
a quart of rlco milk and salt to taste,
and boll 10 minutes or until rlco Is
done; n bIIcu of onion or n stalk of
celery cooked- with It and removed
beforo servlng will Improve tho fla
vor. Add 4 cup of sweet cream to
tho soup and servo.
Consomme Fifteen cents for 3
pounds of veal or beef bono. Crack
tho bones well nnd cut tho meat from
them Into small pieces Into a hot
soup kcttlo put 1 teaspoon of sugar
and a few slices of onion. Heat un
til both have become dnrk brown.
Put in tho meat, scar slightly nnd cov
er with 2 qunrts of cold water. Add
tho bones, bring quickly to boiling
and skim. Ict simmer gently for 3
hours, then add 2 or 3 whole cloves
and a bay leaf and allow to simmer
n half hour longer. Strain through
cheesecloth and set nsldo to cool.
When cold remove fat from surface.
When heated, with tho addition of
salt only, this makes a most delight
ful dark brown clear soup.
Lima fleuu Soup Sonk one pint of
lima benns over night In cold water
nnd In tho morning boll In wnter un
til soft. If the water bolls away very
much add a llttlo milk or water. Add
salt, pepper and cayenne, to tnsto. If
you II Wo add a llttlo onion julco. Melt
ouo tablespoon of butter and rub Into
It until it is perfectly smooth one
tablespoon of flour. Pour on this ono
cup of boiling water and stir hard.
Stir the two mixtures together. Slice
2 or 3 very thin and put In the soup.
It will bo ready to servo as soon as It
Pickled Beets.
Pickled beets nro niado bj selecting
Jtnlf-gronn beets and boiling In lightly
halted water until tender, lloniovo tho
skins without putting In wnter, r.s Is
usually done, so that tho bright red
color can bo retntned Hnvo relidy
enough bol!ng-bot vinegar to cover
tho beets allowing ono pint of sugar
to each quart of vinegar, and a table
spoonful of mixed spices. Fill, steril
ized, wldo-moutl.'vd Jars as full as pos
slblo of tho beets, pour In tho boiling
rlncgar and seal
Mock Olives.
Meek olives made of green plums
z.xu worth making. Get a quuitcr of
u peck of them Mix an ounce ol
mustnrd seed, two quarts of vinegar,
two tablespoonfuls of Bait and boll
It. When It Is boiling, pour It over the
green plums, which should have been
washed, sorted and laid out on a board
or tablo to dry. Let tho plums stand
in, tho spiced vinegar until tho ,next
morning and then drain It off. Heal
It and pour It over tho plums again
Let them get cold and bottle and cork
Use an Eraser,
Alwrfys keep an ordinary black
Loard eraser near tho kitchen range
using it to wlpo off tho top This
keeps tho rango clean, nnd you only
need Jo wash and polish It once a
week The eraser can bo purchased
at a very small cost and saves time
and trouble.
Molasses Pie.
Lino a pio plate with pastry and
All It with your favorite soft singer
bread batter, baking It the earao at
ny plo.
I Could Never Get Well Again.
Thanks to Peruna I am Well.
Miss Clara Lohr, 21 North Gold St..
Grand Itaplds, Mich : "Doctors said
i nau consumption. welched only
90 pounds. Commenced taking Peru-!
nn. Now weigh 135 pounds. I nm
so thankful for what Peruna has dono
Jor mo."
Those who object to liquid medi
cines can now procure Peruna Tab
Alleged Fact of Natural History Alto
gether Too Much for Him
to Believe.
Tho best pcoplo In Dark Hollow had
Just begun to sit up and tako notlco of
tho fact that along tho Great White
Way nnd in other largo centers there
was such a thing ns tho turkey trot
Tho Martin family, however, llxlng on
tho far outskirts of tho Hollow, had not
heard of this peculiar and seductive
"I see," said Mrs. Martin, "by the
Dark Hollow Weekly Struggle that a
lot of chickens In Chicago aro turkey
"Shucks!" said Mr. Martin, with In
effable disdain, "'flint's Just another
mitni,n in f n.nun imiioiinQ dim
tho .Uncoil, rrav ilenartment of nrrl.
culture Bends out They to always try-
" ------- -- ----
Ing to tell us farmers something that's
absolutely contrary to nature" Popu
lar Magazine.
For red, rough, chapped and bleed
ing hands, dry, fissured, Itching, burn
ing palms, and painful finger-ends,
with shapeless nails, a one night Cut!
cura treatment works wonders. Di
rections: Soak the hands, on retir
ing, In hot water and Cutlcura Soap.
Dry, anoint with Cutlcura Ointment,
and wear soft bandages or old, loose
gloves during tho night. These pure,
sweet and gentlo emollients preserve
the hands, present redness, roughness
and chapping, nnd Impart In a single
night that velvety softness and white
ness so much desired by women. For
thoso whoso occupations tend to In
Juro tho hands, Cutlcura Soap and Cu
tlcura Ointment aro wonderful.
Cutlcura Soap and Ointment Bold
throughout tho world. Samplo of each
free.wltli 32-p. Skin Hook. Address post
card "Cutlcura, Dept. L, Doston." Adv.
"Optimists nro all right, provided
they are not uniensonlng and exces
sive," said Norman Hapgood, tho fu
sion lender, at a fuelon luncheon in
Now York.
"Tho optimism of our opponents," ho
went on, "reminds mo of Smith. A
druggist said to Smith ono night nt
tho lodgo: "
" 'There's a movement on foot to
make drugs cheaper."
"'Good.' Bald Smith. 'Good! That
will bring sickness within tho reach
of nil.' "
".My dear," said Mr. CloBeflst's bet
ter half, "I think 1 hail better seo tho
doctor about my hearing."
"Nonsense," retorted tho tight one,
"your hearing Is aB acuto ns over.
What put that idea Into your head?"-
"Well," was tho response, "they
say that money talks, but I haven't
heard It say a thing for months."
Further arrests nro being made dnlly
not of persons, but of pain. Its I Juut'3 Light
ning Oil that so many pcoplo aro talking
about becauio it arrests nnd stops pain, and
nltords almost instant relief in catcsof Neu
ralgia, Khcumatifm, Headaches, Hums, etc.
Just try it if jou want pain to quifquick Adv
Operations often necessary for sur
geons In straitened circumstances.
IteJ Cross Ball Illuo will wash double as
many cluthes as any otbir. Don't put jour
money lutu any other. Adv.
Much that passes for enthusiasm Is
nothing but gushf
If Yours Is fluttering or
Move to Secure Co-Operation
Churches In Effort at Social
In a report on social Sunda)s sug
gested to bo obsoned by all of tho
churches in tfiu I'nited States, the spe
cial commltteo which lmestigntrd tho
subject sa)B;
"Ono of tho results of this Investiga
tion was tho ree!atlon that tho num
ber of special social Sundajs now be
ing observed on a natlon.il sralo Is
much smaller than hns been generally
supposed Only six special Sundays
not specifically deslgnnted by tho cal
endar are at present obsoned on any
considerable scab) throughout the
country These aro Child Labor Sun
day, .Mothers' day, Peaco Sunday, Li- i
bor Sunday, Prison Sundny and Tu
berculosis day. The other special
Sundajs In the calendar given above
are all fixed by certain national or ro-
llgious holldnjH, such as Washington's
birthday, Memorial day or Christmas."
Tho report of tho commltteo will bo
submitted to tho Fcdetul Council of
Churches, representing most of the
Protestant denominations, to tho Ho
man Catholic church authorities, to
tho Jewish church-authorities and to
all other church organizations which
can ho Interested In this movement
Tho aim of tho report is to secure the
eo operation of all of tho churches of
tho country In movements for tocl.il
Don't Look Oldl Try Grandmother's
Recipe to Darken and Beautify Gray,
Faded, Lifeless Hair.
Grandmother kept her hair beauti
fully darkened, glossy nnd abundant
with a brew of Sago Tea and Sulphur.
Whenever her hair fell out or took on
Unit dull, faded or streaked appear-
"". in simple inquire was uppiii-u
with wonderful effect, lly asking at
nny drug store for "Wjeth's Sago and i
Sulphur Hair Remedy," ou will get a
largo bottlo of this old-tlmo recipe.
ready to use, for nbout CO cents. Tills
Blmplo mlxturo can bo depended upon :
to restoro natural color nnd beauty .
to tho hair and Is splendid for dan
druff, dry, Itchy calp and falling hair. I
A well-known druggist sa)s ccry-i
1 body uses Wycth's Sago nnd Sulphur, 1
becauso It darkens fo naturally ami
! evenly that nobody can tell It hns been
I applied it's so easy to use, too. You
simply dampen n comb or toft brush
and draw It through jour hair, taking
ono strand at n time. Ily morning
, tho gray hair disappears; after an
other application or two, it is re
stored to Its natural color and looks
glossy, soft and abundant. Adv.
A Difference.
"I know an 'exceedingly fastidious
man who caught his wife smoking and
put her out ut onco."
"The bruto!"
"Not at all. Sho was on lire."
Easy Matter.
"What do I say nt tho wedding?"
"Not a word, dad. All you utter U
tho check."
Mra.WlnstnwH Pool hint? hyrup for Children
teething, Mtflena tin pmn. rMiK lurlamiua
tlou(atlayn palu,uurca wlud college a buttlcJUf
Hut occaHionnlly It Is easier to bear
It than It is to grin.
I -
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is-Equally
Valuable as a General Tonic because it Actr, on the Liver,
Drives Out Malaria, Enriches the Blood and Builds up
the Whole System. For Grown People and Children.
You know what you are taking when you tako Cirovo's Tasteless chill Tonic
as tho formula is printed on cery label showing that it contains' thu well known
tonic properties of QU1NINK and IRON. It is as strong aj tliff strongest bitter
tonic and is In Tasteless Form. It his no equal for Malaria, Chills and l'ever
Weakness, general debility and lo$3 of appetito. Gives llfo and vigor to Nursing
Mothers nd I'ale, Sickly Children. Removes Biliousness without purging
Relieves nervous depression and low spirits. Arouses tho liver tO' action and
purifies tho bWI. A Truo Tonic and sure appetizer. A Complelo Ktrennthener
no jamily slioulU bo without it. Guaranteed by your Druggist. Wo mean it. joe. w. N. U., Oklahoma City, No. 45-191 J.
Color more goods brighter and faster colors than any ntlicrdve. One 10c p.ickakc colors all fibers. They dye in cold water belter than any other dys.
Von can cbc any carnitnt without rlmnnK apart nKIlK I OK l-WLI. booklet, calendar, blotters, etc. MOMHOI! IHJlKi cot PAN y Uulncy. UU
"f called n doctor last nleht."
"Was anybody sick?"
"Yes; ho was when ho saw
hand I held."
Even a woman seldom has 'cause to
repent becauso sho said too little
weak, uso RENOVINE." Ma do by
TjrU C Z2.wVv .
r r J'C'S'sV k-JS -A. m s,0m'r mswJ
As a Healthy Baby?
Every Youngster din Hove Fine
Digestion (f Given a Good
Maby Laxative.
In splto of tho greatest personal
caro and tho most intelligent attention
to diet, babies nnd children will bo
come constipated, and It Is n fact that
constipation nnd Indigestion hnvo
wrecked many n joung llfo. To stnrt
with a good digestive apparatus Is to
start llfo without handicap.
Hut, ns wo cannot all have perfect
working bowels, wo must do tho next
best thing nnd ncqulro them, or train
them to become heallhy. This can be
dono by the uso of a laxatho-tonlc
ery highly recommended by n great
many mothers. The remedy Is called
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin nnd has
been on tho market for two genera
ttons. It can bo bought conveniently
nt any drug store for fifty cents or ono
dollar a bottle, ami those who aro al
ready convinced of Its merits buy tho
dollar size.
Its mildness makes It the Ideal medi
cine for children, nnd It Is also very
pleasant lo tho tnsto. It Is sum in its
effect, and genuinely harmless. Very
llttlo of It Is required and Hh frequent
uso does not causo It to loso Its ef
fect, ns is the caso with so many other
Thousands can testify lo lis merits
In constipation, indigestion, bilious
ness, sick headaches, etc., among
them reliable pcoplo llko MrB. .Iani"8
II. House, of Marinette, Wis. Her llt
tlo son Howard was fifteen months old
Rheumatism, Sprains
Backache, Neuralgia
Vrr vsLiA Bvv
rwrXiwv ccmafc i
Sprained Ankle Relieved.
"I wMRIfnrnlonv tlm wltha nevercly pnratnrd nnkle, 1 (rot a bottle nfSloan'a
Unlinctit nnd now nm nhlr tuhn nloiitnndrin walk n rrentdfnl. I write ttil be
came 1 think ioudcrve ii lot of credit for putting inch a fins l.lniment on the
market ami I hnll iinn)g tako tiui9 tu recommend Dr. Sloan's Linimeut." '
cAu. iluuM Valttmvtt, lid
J At all Dealer 25c, 60c. and $1.00. Sloan't
3 and tou)Uy
J Addreta Dr. Earl S.Sloan. Inc. -
U1 n H 1 1 rA I ma
J (S(s h"B jjili
Van VIooMVIansflold Drua Co., tVlomphls, Tonn. Price $1.00
Inst April, but ho was sick with bowel
trouble from birth and suffered In
tensely, Slnco Mrs. House has bees
glilng him Dr Caldwell's Syrup Pep
sin all trouble bus disappeared and the
boy Is becoming robust.
Thousands keep Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin constantly In tho house,
for every member of tho family can
uso It from infancy to old ago. The
users of Syrup Pepsin liavo learned
to nold cathartics, salts, mineral war
ters, pills and other harsh remcdlos
for they do but temporary good and
ttru a shock to any dcllcatu ft) stem.
rninlllcB wishing to try a freo Faro
pin bottlo can obtain It postpaid br
nddresslng Dr. W. It. Caldwell, 20 J
Washington St , Montlccllo, III A pos
tal card with your name and addrosi
on It will do.
"Ye, daughter, lint's gootl lutT, Tho pain In
my I nick U nil jjonc I never saw an thing work
nn quickly as Sloan's Liniment ' Ihoimnris of
grateful pcoplo olco tlia samo opinion. Here's
tho i roof.
Relieved Psun a Back
wrii troubled w n very !?! piln In mr
lurromo um. i veni inn uniior itui nn
iiiti not do mo nny (mm!, so 1
Inirchascd n hotllo of Monti's
Jiilmcnt, nnil now lam ft ell
woman. I nlwnkrcp n hot
tlu of hlonn's l-fntiiietit In th
Imir.' " MaltlUa f-orron.
Sciatic Rheumatism
"We liaTe ueil Sloan's IJnl
tnent for over six fftr nnd
foumlitthfi bct wencr used.
When my wife had sciatic
rhcutmlUm the only thin ft that
did her nny row I wan bioan'a
IJnlment, Wocinnotprnlse It
liljchly cnoinli.M " 1'mrlgo,
Vet Mointi, Jvua.
InttructW book on bori.t, c.ttL, Let.
Doiton, Mast.
1 Uruutecl'OtJTOI'tOKI RUNlKJWh sVr'OOTlHt flU."
' aurria from kidnky, bladder, nkmvoui ntsiAtiej
wrila (or mr TRCC bouk. iiik most ITtCTlvi
.the new rncNCH ncMrnv. n.i ni nl
IJIt'tttitrrt ir forVouRO,Hallinnt Don tfcnd !.
AbtoluttilrrllCE. T rwiorup-clfi ulr. U LfCLlU
C A rTl re on earlk.
OrtUlLLJ at rrnott
nble iirle.a, write for til
Illustrated catalogue.
303 Trills bl. Uiullto, IMV
A tollrt rrinr.tlori of rnrrlL
lllt torr. I let rt.ndruiT.
For Retloring Color unci
B..uty toGr.y or I'.ded ItJr.
too. .oil ILbO.t liruirirMU.
' H.
PSM5C eye mm
K v Wa s- .IHOII.II rH'FH
Cures the tick and acta og u preventive for othert. Uquld piven on th
toncue. Safe for brood rrtsuet and all others. Dett kidney remeJy; 50c d4
$1 a bottle; (5 and $10 a doien. Bold by all drucciits and horse cood
liouses, oi sent, eipress rld, by the manufacturers.
spniiN MrnicAi. co.. rh-. gosiicn, Indian

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