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Economy Drug Store
Dealers in Fresh Drugs, Toilet Articles,
Perfumes, and Other Sundries.
Cold Drinks and Ice Cream a Specialty,
ft ET
No sick headache, biliousness,
bad lastc or constipation
by morning.
Get n 10-ccnt bo.
Aro jou keeping our bowels, liver.
ill )r lLr-l iiSSPrB
DR. A. F. BRYANT, Prop.
The Bell Cafe
For Nice Things to Eat We Lead and Oihen
Follow. Meals and Short Orders. Courtcotii
Treatment and Prompt Service to All.
Short Orders at All Hours. The Best Place to Eat on Boston Street
The Taborn
Dry Goods Company
Dealers in First Class Line of
Dry Goods and Notions
Visit Our Store You are Always Welcome
R.D. Taborn, President. Mrs. R. D. Taborn, Treasurer
112 North Greenwood Tulsa, Oklahoma
Not and Cold Baths
Clean Linen. Fine Line of Toilet Soap
The Guriey Hotel
112 1-2 N. Glenwood Avenue
Hawkins1 Furniture Store
Special Reduced Rates on Iron Beds, Springs, Mattresses, Cooking
Utensils and All Dining Room Furniture.
See Us Before You Buy Anything in Our Line
Corner Second and Cincinnati Tulsa, Oklahoma
The Kendall Drug Co.
Dealers in the Best of Drugs
If you have not tried us, give us the next order.
Free Delivery to Any Part of the City .-.
Wc carry a complete line of high class notions, sundries, etc.
ao EAST 2nd ST.
amWr" -" tiUrmssmm
Mr. William A. Hadford will nnmer
qursllons anil give mlvlcr KllbK OK
COST on all subjects pcrtnlnlng to the
subject nf building, for tho renders 'f this
paper. On nccount of his wldo oxpcrlcncw
bs Kdltnr, Author nnd Manufacturer, lio
U, without doubt, the hlghpnt niilhortt)'
on nil tlipno subjects. Addrens ull Inquiries
lo William A. Itn.lfonl. No. ITS Weet
Jackson boulevard, Chicago, III., and only
eucloso two-cent stamp for reply.
If jou havo $3,000 to put Into a
house, and havo family enough to
need four or llvo bedrooms, you prob
ably could not find a better plan than
tho ono hero presented. It Is largo,
roomy nnd sensible. 'Mils bouse
looks well when It Is new; nnd It
nover will go out of fashion, becausu
thero arc no fnddy notions worked
Into It, and It Is so thoroughly well
built that It will dory timo nnd the
elements for n good many years.
A bouse ns largo as this, practically
27 by 45 feet, should havo n lot nt
lenst CO feet wldo. Tho appenranco
of a good-sized houso Is often In
jured by placing It on a narrow lot.
Thero Is no senso In economizing at
tho wrong placo. A DOfoot lot may
cost ono or two hundred dollars moro
than n -10-foot lot; but In flvo years'
tlmo, If tho neighborhood Improves,
as good residence neighborhoods
usually do, tho owner would consider
a couple of hundred dollnra a very
small compensation for a sllco of ten
feet taken from ono sldo of his hand
some lot. This Is ono of tho sldo Is
sues In building that somo men nro
prono to overlook. Successful mon
nro tho ones who look ahead a few
, years beforo making their final ar
j rangements to build.
Ono of tho llrst considerations be
fore starting to build Is tho drnlnago
On this account an elointlnu Is worth
I a great ueai. i nu sewers may com
greeable, steamy sewer odors that Is
anything but pleasant I havo noticed
this on lower ground, but I think It
Is n great deal moro common on tho
hills. 1 do not know that this escap
ing sower steam Is detrimental to
health. As n usual thing, plumbcra
aio supposed to got rather moro Ihnu
their share of sower perfume, but
so far ns I know they aro a scry
healthy lot of fellow b. At tho Fnmo
time. If I know that a sower opening
would act as n ventilator,' I should
very much prefer .moving my houso
a block or two away from It; but, as
Jobh Hillings used to say: "Them It
I I I 1
y ii -' i
I ftO Wiji I
And stomach clean, puro and fresh
i with Cnscarcts, or merely forcing a
passageway every few days with
Salts, Cathartic Tills, Castor OH or
Purgative Waters?
i Slop having n bowel wntdiday. Ict
Cascurcts thoroughly clennso and reg
ulate tho stomach, remou tho sour
nnd fermenting food and foul gases,
take tho excess bllo from tho llor
and carry out of tho system nil tint
constipated waste matter and poisons
In tho bowels.
A Cascaref" to night will mako you
feel groat by morning. They worlt
while jou sleep nover gr,lpo, ilcken
or cnusn nny luconvculenco, nnd cost
only 10 cents n box from your store.
Millions of men nnd women tnko a
Cnscarot now nnd then and never
havo Headache, ltlllousness, Coated
Tonguo, Indigestion, Sour Stomach or
Constipation. Adv.
What Do Socks Hold?
Hcforo thu llro Christmas eve two
old maids were planning for tho holi
day. "Sister Mollle." said the younger.
"would a long stocking bold all jou'd
want for n Chilstmas gift?"
"No, Kit Ira. ' said the elder; "but a
pair of socks would "
Second Floor Plan.
some uv the things that no feller kin
find out." No matter what wo do.
wo havo to tnko somo chances. Tho
man who builds a houso Is t.o excep
tion. This plnn Is especlnlly designed for
H? St I ..ryjftMJ-rtffiiWBBsW'ro yjmMBMM - A I 1
"California Syrup of Figs" can't
harm tender stomach,
liver nnd bowels.
Hvery mother realize-), niter giving
fier children "California Syrup of
I'lgH" that this is their ideal laxative,
because they lino Its plcnsanl tasto
jiiiI It thorouglily cleanses tho tender
little stomach, liter und bowels with
out griping.
When cross, lrritnblo, feverish or
bieatli is bad, Ktomneli sour, look at
(lie tongue, mother! If coated, glvo a
tenHpoonful of this harmless "fruit
laxative," und in n few liourti nil tho
foul, roustlpated waste, sour bile and
undigested food passes out of tho Row
els, nnd you havo u well, playful child
again. When Its llttlu system Is full
of cold, throat sore, has htomneh arhe.
I diarrhoea, Indigestion, colic remein-
ber, a good "Insldo cleaning" should
always bo the llrst treatment given
j MUllciiM of mothers keep "California
I Syiup of I'lgs" handt; they know a
teaspoouful today saves a sick child
tomorrow. Ask at tho storo for u no
cent bottle of "California Syrup of
Klgs," which lias directions for babies,
children of ull uges and grown-ups
printed on tho bottle. Adv
j nearly as much per lot on high ground I a goo I Blzed family, where thero aro
' nn ,ln., .In lli.nnnt, .tin Int. . H .n.Hnnfl I unt nml nlillil.ni, n't,,,... el.m.1,1 tiA
ot tho town, becauso usually tho lots , children In every family, and thero
aro wider, although tho diameter of l should bo plenty of houso accommoda-
tho sewer may bo considerable, less. Hon to mako things pleasant and com-
501 N. Greenwood.
Hi0h Class Motion Pictures
New Pictures Daily
Good Vaudeville, Good Singing.
and Good Dancing
Everything New and Refined
New Pictures,'' New Machine,
New Operator, Good Seats
and Electric Fans
Admission. 5 and 10 Cents
Four Complete Reels
Every Night
Two Vaudeville Acts Daily
Admission 5 and 10 Cents
Louise Rogers, Cashier.
Bob Rogers, Manager.
Miss Etta Kidr, Sec
Sowers start from tho higher levels,
nnd Increaso in slzo as they go down
hill. Thoso living on the loner lots
may havo plenty of outlet; but I havo
noticed that now sowers aro needed
oftener, and extensive rcpalis aro a
IRlHIrr'I j
M . At ' n
I ( xw KlTrt
It J &m& & y
First Floor Plan.
great deal moro aggravating. In tbo
hollows than thoy aro on tho bills.
Thero Is only ono sewer objection
that. 1 know ot on the higher ground,
nnd 'that Ib that tho air In tho sowers
lias a habit of moving to the highest
points of escapo. This is not always
the case, but 1 have often noticed In
passing sewer .openings that there
Is quite an outward draught of dlsa-
fortable for them. They should havo
their bedrooms to themselves as much
as possible, and tho rooms should bo
furnished to their liking. Tho tastes
of children aro simple and easily ca
tered to, nnd It pays to do It.
Ileforo thu carpenter go away,
have them mako a flagpole, and put It
high up, where It will show well.
Then buy n good flag, and help tbo
"kids" to hoist It every holiday, but
especially tho morning of tho Fourth
of July, It will glvo them a lesson In
patriotism that they will never forgot
Arrango a playground for tbo chil
dren In tho backyard. Glvo them u
corner with a load or two of sharp
sand Put a cover over tho sand pilo
If you can afford It, but glvo them the
sand pile anyway. It will bo worth
a great deal to tho "kids" In health,
and It will save you a great deal ot
nnxlety, and probably somo expense
In doctor's bills. Ilulld them another
playhouso In tho attic for stormy
days. Don't you remember, when you
wero a "kid," how you used to enjoy
playing In tho woodshed on rainy
days? Tho neighbors' youngsters
camo In and helped to ralso a great
row, nnd your mother usually put up
with It patiently. Well, wo haven't
got any woodsheds now; firewood
trees aro all burned up, and wo don't
need much of n building to hold coal;
hut wo still havo tho children, and we
can mako comfortable playrooms for
them If wo lmvo the Inclination to do
so. Rainy days aro long days for
Children, unless thoy have some place
to go other than tho kitchen or the
living room. They lovo to mako all
the noise they feel like making.
A Secret.
"Can your wifo keep a secret'"
"You bet. Nobody has ever been
ftblo to learn wheru her complexion
Couchi vnnleli in a niRlit. Dimii'h Mentho
lated CoiikIi I)ki4 Mutho the tlinu' if
fciting a tpecdy lure 5c at all 1)iukkiU.
You rnn't ring the gong of success
hy pushing a button.
There's nothing mora discouraging
than a c instant luckachu You aro laniu
whuiMouavvake I'uinspicrcuyou when
you bend or lift. It s hard to rest and
next day it s tho same old story
I'nin in the back in nature's warning
of kidney ills. Neglect may pavo tho
y to dropsy, gratvl, or other serious
kidney sickness.
Don't delay begin using Dam's Kidney
Pills tho remedy that has been curing
li.ick.iclu) and kidney troublu for oter
fifty )ears.
'i.i Tiff..- -
I r ( -I until . Mr
IT "" J
J H Lee, 411 W
Walnut Ht , CU
li urn f Ta, !).
"Kor four year I
liad InUnsft pnlm
through the uniall of
my back I could
liiirillY it as thft kid-
IH )' riretton onj
morphine wai th
only thing thnt re
tlif-l m I hud
Kravfl, loo. 1'lnally
1 Kan ualnfr Uoan'a
Kidney rills and
t h y permanf niiy
cured irif X haven t
ufered ilnce."
Get Dosn'a M Any Store, 50 e Dox
I UitCouh Byrup, Ttta UckmL U I
Utlori. Bold by Dragft'U.

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