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The Tulsa star. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1913-1921, November 08, 1913, Image 8

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OYKR-COATS Cincinnati drug store
kr yel
Inn f iht- 'i -' from $ I S5 to Slo
sun Iif ss l' . 1 t ' ji ,s
1(1(1 Mill
n In 54 I (I ! 2-in 0
II I I'M m III si )l fill .1 MlpV
, ! i IV , llillv Md'lniii'
' I Illlllll I 111 HI Spill tsl. Ill lUll'
I) !! II, , Ollll'l iiiiimiici- iiimI
i , 1 1 1' or, tin ltd lit of I hi woeld'
'.-jjio i u in g iMiti iiinl imiiliii -e nl
i- l.n;s si liliu i mid wlufc -lnvv
ii tin viitlil, lux lri- iiiciiiinl ilu
.mid. How In- wnt miiiiIi I'enin
f lmterinitieis in lii'l'lmii, how
l pill II 111 I OS TmI lillllls Illll'
. l! CI (1 'III k loltlixill lo j.' lip fill
W.n, ii iliiiiiNiinil mill mil1 iix i
U lil in 'il- tile .iMiM'iiili'il. Uilli
Uo'iin, oh , Wiil'.ee. Ixiiilmr. Ii
hi, !m' mii. (i.iii mill nil iln film
'is I c(fii Iiium'k, begins in lie VJ
vi'"k' in-n' of tin- 'I iilsn Slur .
ii "Hik. H.V; 'I liiiilillis M; I veil
1 "0.
is i 'i lv w i ill-. I i-ll us vit
II !). I- Illlike II sM-rl.lll i
I'l iiiuil .mil spoi-tinr n ws. Ni
i Int.e ii woi-IiI'k t-ii-i llliltinli To
i in- i iiililiHliint; nuclides in nl!
u nl' i In-win Id So write ipili-k
i in:- noinu lo ilu soineiliiii fin
i iiliodv iiinl cvcr.v iiclu in tin
i it Hint wiiiiIk to ilo siiiiii-tliiii;
linmi If.
Select Your
Overcoat NOW
i.i-t r l.mn it a ,.i
I; ir Vou
Bar do tis Loan Offiee
Main War First Mrwt
r i f-! 'T -
fl f7T 'Jl CZirrS
l SrflCXlKv
hi .fcs. r a Hoiil
EioflNi IT'S
y .4I" W(
'Ms. Dr. Iliiniplm y iiinl .Mis. s
' 'times of Snptilpo wen- i.illei
i lie Htur iittiic Iim wii-i,
'I i ami In the country Kmiernllv
1 mmnny'a defeat Is n limit vlctnr
ln Ethel Wnlle, who In
i lici pmviitK on I lie fnm nem
cilv, liars dcvclop-d into .i
fledged nick nurse. Slic is in
eil, again this week, nlteiiil
Iter lllllll.
' V'hn is siilTrlin' with oplinil
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I l fU 111(1 IKDIMI I
. ' : :r C::amcsa I i
Niut I i alton I I
wnrr Mm I I
(Co., tinned from piijie oiu )
If il ever happens njjuin I mti
oin-4 to en 1 1 the sistus oi- lnotli
el's liiinii' ii-h out in chlirell
Plie people of TiiUn coin.' t-k'iin,
.mil ilon't ii. to Iiulldoe. It will
not i'i Mm mi.vf Itiiijz.
'Iliei. w.-s n IimiwI outside tilt
i (ell l Mi lien Siittn lii liL-ln mid
no I mill liefoic iiiiinx liioniis mum
one will li.iw :o m-eoiuit for this
imwrnire. It ii rnliliin it in loo
-lion;.'. Inns-.
Tin' enlei pi isim,' firm of Wiilk
(-! mid Wilhile me lining so nineh
business thiit the lonld not Hike
lime to si dow n or e,it. Hud to
c:il on the inn. Well I'm) is doiii"
"i'ii Iiiis-iiii-ss.
Mr I' l'i i- a xei lms iiiiiii
i in- w.' m'i-ii in .uiiiii invtM Willi
lolliiii" t'l'd wiei.il feel in l i
in- siiis of pioipei-ity.
Mis Snnl'i of 'ill i:.' AnliL'1- Si.
:i m-i- iiitnun'e li-iind if Mn !
line Cm d" li.i ( ( '! tin. Mi Me
'i ii 's s i h nt ii i ..j
I' nee
l'i .nl tin- il ii- -I-
i-i il.ii -.'. Ii.im the news of th
Mii'd nl mm- liie.ikfiist l.ilili- ev
i .-,iiiuil,i inoinin.
'Ill .n,i the iiilM-itiseinenis an
oiiuu -n the Sim- is shdotiiiK up
wiird. This is ,i -.'ood sijni m i u
tiiiii's TiiNii is liiioniin. Wlien .i
ln jk f run jump two p.iues in nw
i lioni j linn is some jump
I'toi'. Win. I-:. Glenn mid IMof
-I. IS. .MiCuIlon-ili of .Muskogee
'were visitors nt the Stm- offiie
I tli. i week.
A oonipnnv luis Ikcii oiiiiiIihI
in (he e:is end fo oH.'i:ite n sodn
pop mid the ice eit'iitn fm-toi-y.
Denlei.s in hih dies inn, Votions-
mid Siindiy elicits.
We enter to tin- 'jvclal wmits of our
nor .' vas i '' (; i'
.i xrr.ciM.TY
t iin r Cincinmiii md Artlai
'Iii't ( II: I ma
G. W. Wilson
itr i. ryr 'i r i r.iw . !
VdTAI.'N I'll'.I.IC
'llllu-. I.'i T - KiK'Ufichl UUlj.
rn,s. - Oklahoma
ffiosten Shrug tftcre
t Am.1 s l'i ,fiiM . l i.. t' . i ('. 'I I
s N U s'i ii
jlcv. V. K. While is in I'm sons
Kni' . liis wic';. in u u.it ii-viv.i'
uiiH'iiii! tm t w-ill llll his appoint
nienr l.cec, nt MT. ZION I'.AI'
It 1st riirurii. srNDAY. xov
' M:s. iiniii ,. Toole of Kmis.is
,(':i. l".m . is in the rit, vNitiir.
hei f.ilhei-. .1. I!. Stindfoid, or this
i 'i
re tfeheol Journal
Every teacher and farmer in this state should sub
scribe immediately for the Negro School Journal. It
vill keep you informed as to changes in our school sys
tem. Each issue will contain articles discussing agricul
ture, domestic science and all other subjects taught in
f-ur common schcoh by the ablest men and women of
these professions in our state, showing the latest meth
ods employed.
Subioibe now, price $1.00 Send P. O. Money
Box 25. Langston, Okla.
.Mis. M. :. Kie( in, i'J .Vorth'conihei- llllh.
Lljiii'i is "II "ii mi extensive torn
nl" the South. While "one, she wil' .Mis. Sinitheinimi is still. .m
visit Moliile mid Moiiljjiunei , Vn lined to her lied, lull is mui-h l-t
liniiiii: New Oilcan s.mil Monioe tee at this wiilinj:. Lilth- Tnii
La., and other points of inti st iant Htnit li.-i tii.m is eieoveiiiif
Sin vill iclnin to TnIs i a'"' n nicclv.
The Commecial Sensation
$50,000 Stock of The Hub t7-19 E. 1st St.
i .BL jg jg Co mzxj' immmmm&y mir i
ys 15
P,V; I J t-r.. vVft
In,-1 - r-V$$$
P 4AV1 1 X7f 1 III s . -4- ;
i J i-&P"&.
r fcSisSSii
ft Prices Below Tle Power of the pub
blic Press Or Palpit to Describe
75,000 people notified Large Four-sheet Posters going into every home in the Count)
tell the most thrilling bargain story ever print-cd. It is a bottle for the masses and not the cl
asses, regardless of creed or color. We treat all people exactly alike $1.00 SHIRTS FOR
10 CENTS First ten men in the store Saturday will get a genuine $1.00 Shirt for 10 cents.
Store opens at 9 a. m. sharp $1.50 HOUSEDRESS FOR 10 CENTS First ten women in
the store Saturday will gel a genuine $1.50 House Dress of 10 cents.
Sale Begins SATURDAY,
tnsr November 3th at 9 a. m.
m; sure you ari:
17 10 i: FIRST ST
17-19 E. First St.
I tl
17-19 E. First. St.

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