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Official Organ of The
Vol. 2, No 41.
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Another Man Lynched
And The Murderers, As Usual,
Again Oklahoma hsu been disernc
etj with h lynching, committed hy 50
or mure unmnsltpd men nnd yet, an
ihuhI. tie officers of the law have
pu forth no el fort to brine the mud
eerrs to justice. Even Gov. Cruce
from his lofty peak of State author
ity looks down with tittle r no con
cern on4he crimes of three degraded
-beniioundi-who-Tontinuro to ply
their trade without any fear of the
aw. Bootlegers and race track
gambler are the only cIhss of crim
inids who have anything to fear from
Gov Cruce.
The State Militia stands at the
command of Gov. Cruce who will
certianly invoke its service to sup.
prea the snle of whitkey or race
track gambling, but never once had
he rained his voice or hand to pat
down Hit lynch crime.
Tie lynching of Crockett Williams
at Eufaulit lost Friday night by a
mob of 50 cowardly muderers is just
another joad reason why Negroes of
this State should form an armed or
ganization to protect themsolvcs and
uphold the law . Any man has a
right to resort to arms to defend the
law, or to protect a citizen from vi
olence. If tha Negroes of Eufaulu had
done as they should, knowing tho
feeling against Williams at tho time,
they would have protected him at
any cost We believe in upholding
tho law at all times even if to do so
means death. Therefore we are in
al'erably opposed to mob violence.
These niob3 are invaribly compos
ed of the lower element of whits
men-the brutal, cbwardly. mudernus
element. But one or two determin
ed men amply armed can easily dis
perse them.
These lynchings are geting to be
far too common in Oklahoma, and
something must be done to stop it
There is n hope of protection
from the Statu authorities, and the
federal govenment Is silent on the
question. Women and children have
been lynched in Oklahoma, to say
nothing of the scores of negro men
who have -been mudered, and not a
single man of there infernal mobs
has been punlshed-nor have the of
ficers of the law made any effort to
suppress the crime or punish the
c imioals Negro m n, it's up to us
to act. We must have justicel Our
wive bud children are not safe in a
Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, And The Knights And Ladies of Harmony of The World,
Mass Meeting Is Called To
Elect Queen For Tulsa
Pretty irls Will Ride In Big Parade At
Muskogee on The 19
country so rent with outlawry
Let us respect the law and enforce
It at th point of cutis. " When ne
gro is charged with rritno let us aid
the oflirers in apprehending him and
then take out pun? and protect h'in
against mob violence. If bloodshed
must come, let us welcome it, and ie
if need lie in defense of ths law and
justice. Mobs have no right to take
tho law in their hand t'i kill a person,
but we have a perfect light to kill
the mob in defense of the law and
the prisoners lif Snch action on
the part of negrns might bring pro
tection from the federal givqnmpnt.
The better element of both white
and colored people of Oklahoma
should band themselves tog"thcr to
suppress this crime. It can be done:
It must be donell
Negro Votes Defeated
Judge Willams
According to the latest election re
turns RoborUon has rocelvcd tho dem
ocratic) nomination for Governor of
Oklahoma, which moans ofcourse that
ho will be th next Oovornor,
Williams hang on as long to hopo an
thera seemed to be a chance (or him,
but finally admitted bis dofoat. Kally
16000 Negroes voted in the democratic
primaries which doughtlcss accounts
for Williams defeat. Negroes had not
forgotten his Wagoner "peach.
Hon W H. Twine and A. G.
W. Sango passed .through the
city Wednesday evening en
route to Boley to attend the
Masonic Grand Lodge.
Our Big
Go Unpunished
Mnss meeting of tho colored citi
zens of tho K.ist End has been called
to meet at tho A. M. E. church Mon.
"day "night for" the purposo f electing
a Queen for tho Tulsa float which will
doubtless bo ono of tho most cor
geous in tho parade of tho National
Negro Business Men's Leaguo at Mus
ko?eo ten days from now. Tho pa
rude will bo headed by Dr. Booker T,
Wash'ngton and lias cabinet proceeded
i y a company of Negro Boy Soouts as
tils escorts.
Noxt In lino will ho tho officers of
tho stato and local leaguo nt Mus
kogee, and officers of all tho other
stato leagues
Then will como tho floats represent'
lng every county in tho stato which
has tlio vim to send one, In which will
rldo the Queen and her attendants, all
llttlo girls dressd In white, carrying n
hugo banner with tha namo of thoir
county on It.
Tho floats will bo bedecked and
decorated to suit tho representation of
tho various counties.
Tulsa will bo expected to load In
this ns In overythlng else At least
we Tulsans -will oxpect this of our
selves. It is not n question of shall wis
have a Queen, but who shall It bo?
Tulsa is full of pretty girls from
swot sxtcen to sixty any of whom
would mako a good raco for this great
honor. Tho Queen for Tulsa must bo
elected Monday night and each boy is
anxious for his sister or hU sweet
heart to bo Queen, elected by tho voto
of tho people. Then too, married wo
men aro not barred, which will croato
a fooling of envy among tho marrrled
men, each of courso wanting his wlfo
to bo Queen.
In fact, it wll bo a very interesting
campaign and everybody will go out
to sco it
Al expenses incurred by tho Queen
nnd -her attendants going to and from
Muskogco will bo paid by tho local
000 Attend Big
Sand Spring Picnic
Tho colored people of Tulsa colo-i
bratcd August 4th at Sand Springs!
Park. About 5,000 peoplo attended I
tho Park during tho day. Tho big I
picnic was promoted by Frcoman L. I
Martin. A number of standrprlvllegesl
woro sold by tho promoter, but whon
tho purchasers of theso privileges be
gan to do business whlto peoplo in
charge of tho park ordored them to
ceaso oporatlon. . .
A largo number return cd when this .
wait dmio, but tho great majority pro
forod to rom.iiiioii tho ground and spend
theli money, Tlilsaculubrntlnn cost tho
Colored poople of Tulsa and vicinity up
pr 1X1111.110 $7,500.00.
8, 1014
Genera! War
Is Now On
German Armies Aro Steadily Moving in All Surrounding Coun
tries; English Capturing Gcnn.m Vessels; Volunteers for
the British Army Called for hy the King; Black Sea is Now
Closed to the Nations; Austria and Servia so Closelv Guard
ed no News of Battles is Coming Out; Reported Capture of
German Fleet hy the French.
LONDON, Aug. '.Although flvo ot
the Brent Kuropcnn poweri- Austria.
I'nglnnd, France, Germany noil Ituss'n
nrc at ar untl million- of men on lind
nnil sen tro under nnns rind ready to
-trlko, developments ot prlmo Import
ance were few today
The cuttl s of tho Cierman telegraph
and tclephono connections nnd the se
verance vt tho German trans-Atlantic
cnhli) v'rtuully cut Clernvuiy off from com
trunlcat on w'th other con .trie-. Re
ports from Franco. Ilclglum, Holland and
ItusBla, however, showed that Germain '
armies vr steadily iiiovIiir forward
east and west nnd that her advarice
posts vei. In contact with th opposing
Itusslnn and French armies.
In raiKluid preparation- were rnplilly
complete 1 for naval actlvltlo nftcr the
dcclarattn i of war last n'ght, but the
rutlior tlM would not permit nny leak
age of itt'ttc as to military or naval
Captures German Steamer.
Several German steamship? In Ilrltlsh
waters, .icludlng tho llillgln with seventy-throe
German rcseivlsts and a quan
tity of foodstuffs on Board, were deelnml
prizes of war. Tho SUrlu Loonhardt,
'n tho Thames, suffered a similar fate.
Tho Ilrlt'eh Bovernmuut today oom
mantled the horses hclorfglng to tho ox
press companies and big department
stores, thus causing almost a suspension
of business.
On tho coast of tho North son where
It had been erroneously reported that u
naval battlo wns In progress last night,
tho llrltlnh government had tnken over
all schools nnd other public buildings, for
conversion Into hospitals In readiness to
receive tlio wounded In tho expected
nnvnt encounter between tho German
and their fleets.
Volunteers were requested for tho Ilrlt
lsh nrmy and this was taken as an In
dlcatlon that an expeditionary force was
to oo sent out. but no authantla In
formation on this po'nt was obtainable
In franco tlio minister of war declared
tho mobilization to havo proceeded satis
factorily end everything to be In roadl-
ness wltn Oenerl Joffro, commander In
chief, at tho frontier. .
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Muskogee Couple
Comes to Tulsa to
Get Married
A qulot wedding was solemnized In
this city Wodnefcday aftornoon by Itov.
Tho contracting parties wero Mr.
Bland Whorton and Miss Poarl Hill,
both of Muskpgeo. Tho groom is 25
years old whllo Uio brldo's ngo was
glvon as 19.
Tho brldo Is a Creek nntlvo and
owns 100 acroB of land. Her former
homo Is Porter. Tho following friends
from MuBkogCo accompanied thorn;
Mr. and .Airs. N. J. Elliott, Miss Gladys
Uogard and Johnnio Drown.
Oklahoma Jurisdiction
Subscription $1.00 Par Year
Edtion !
Wile Dead
First Death In The
White House
Since '92
row Wilson, wlfo of tlio president of tho
United States, died at tho Whito IIouiis
at r o'clock this afternoon. Duatli oamo
after a bravo Hlrugglo of months against
Ilrlght's disease with complication.
Tlio president, wan completely un
nerved hy tho Hhnek and his griof was
heartrending, lie lioro up well umloi
tho strain, howuvor, and devoted him
self to his daughters.
Tlio end caino while .Mrs. Wilson
was unconscious. I!or illness took a
turn for worse shortly before 1 o'clock
in tho ntturnoouf and from then on hIio
gradually grow weaker.
ICiiculing at the hedHldo at tho end
woro tho president and thoir throo
daughters. Dr. dry T. Grajsou, U. 8.
JS., and a nurso wore in tho room, and
Just outsldo a door woro Secretary
McAdoo and Francis II. Sayrs. Mr.
Wilsons soiiH-lii'law, and Mr. Tumulty,
ids secretary.
iluth houses of en igross adjourned
when Mrs. Wilson's doath was an
nounced, and for a brief tiuio tho
wheels of tho government virtually
' Vico President Marshal and moubers
of tho cabinet and tho loaders In con
gruss went notlllod. lioth hotinos
promptly adjourned. Tho Hag on tho
Whito House dropped, gates woro
closed and tho sileuco of death spread
over tho Whito House fur tliu llrst
time since 1802, whon Mrs.llouJ.uuiu
Harrison passed away.
CllKLSKA, Mass., Aug 5-Tho death a t
tho navai hospital yesterday of Hear Ad
miral Hoyal Ulrd Uradford' retired. waH
announced Wednesday. Adiulr.il Urad
ford was ndmittod to tlio hospital July 27
miHoring from dropsy. Ho was 70 years

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