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Official Organ of I'he
Vol. 2, No '12
Welcome National Negro Business Men !
Republican candidate
For Governor Mahes
Anil-Negro Campaign
ARD.MORE, Okla, Aug. 10
(Special ) John Fields, candidate
for governoi on the Republican tick
et, spoke to a largo audience hcr
Monday night and told the voters
of Carter counly what his policies
. would bo as governor. This part of
Oklahoma, has lon been regarded
as a Dem iciatic stronghold, and it
has not becn-tho' custom of Repub
lican gubernatorial candidates to
campaign here Mr. Fields said it
was his purpose to bo governor for
all the people of Oklahoma and for
that reason lie would meet and talk
to voters: in all the counties Every
where Democrats are promising him
their support. During his spoacli
Mr Fields said: "I havo been asked
today what my attitude will be on
matters i svolving the various prases
of the Negro question
"The separate school question is
settled The present law was enacted
by a Republican legislature and
' signed by a Republican governor.
Four Democratic legislature havo
not changed it It seems satisfactoiy
to all of us. It suits mn and it will
remain unchanged while-1 am gover
nor. '"The scperato coach question
is settle). The present lawsuits the
great majority of the people of Ok
lahoma. It suits me and it will not
bo changed whilo I am governor.
"Unlike Senator Gore, I shall not
appoint negroes to positions of au
thority over white men and women.
'The conditions under which Ne
groes may voto are detoi iniucd by a
specific provision of our state consti
tution. This cannot bo changed ex
cept by a voto of the pcopl. 1 1 will
bo my sworn duty to enforce the con
stitution and the laws of the state I
shall make no exceptions.
" Any attempt to inject the negro
question into this campaign will bo
for the purpose of binding you to tho
realjssues by stirring up the ashos of
the dead past, so that you cannot
clearly seo your prcant duty.
Tho abovo shows tho calibre of the
man Fields who seeks to bo Gover
nor of Oklahoma on tho Ropublican
' ticket. Wc roproduco it hero for the
bonifit of tho Negroes who have
heretofore blindly voted tho republi
can ticket for somo immaginaiy
debt they boleivcd thoy owed tho
grand old party.
Nintyftvo percent of tho Negroes
of this contry have for yeard clung
to the republican party as avowed
emomios to tho democratic party
Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, And The Knights And Ladies of Harmony of The World,
very much to their own political do-
tuimnt, while the white republicans
busied themselves stiring up anti
pathy in the Negroes heart against
democrats for legislation for which
the republican have been largely re
sponsible However, this is a thing
of the past now among tho intclegnt
It is almost imposible now fofthe
schrudest politician to "caso" the
Negro vote, because wo vote in oil
tho parties with Odd3 in favor of
the men, regardless of party lines
who we beleivo to bo for a square
deal to every citizen.
Fields can never convince tho
35000 Negro voters of Oklahoma
that lie is such man. Hisspeach at
Aidmoie would disprovo any claims
ho might lay to a strictly honest,
square deal policy. Hi? reference
to Senator Goro was a maati base
political trick, fir benoith any tiuo
gentleman, and enough u ciuso
pvery Negro in tho stale to voto the
democratic ticket this fall, and most
of them will.
Tho day of tho little petty politi
cian who has nothing to bring tho
people except the remnant, of an old
time campaign issue "Tho Negro
Problem" will pass into oblivion
vih John Fields at the polls this fall
when tho noxt democrat governor
will bo elected.
The Meeting of
The League
Tho Stato ot Oklahoma has thrown
open hor doors to welcome tho Na
tional Negro Business Men's Lcaguo,
which meets at Muskogeo, Wednes
day, Thursday and Friday of noxt
week, and tho eyes ot tho United
States aro focused on Oklahoma.
til eat things aro expected of us, bo
cause In the past wo have mot this
national organization ot business
men and painted In gay colors tho
wonderful possibilities of our stato.
Such persistent boosters wo havo
been that two years ago, when this
great body mot at Chicago, Muskogeo
was named as the placo ot mooting
for tho league In 1914. Thus our
hand has been called, and wo must
"show 'ora," as wo promised to do
when wo mot them at Chicago and
asked them to hold their annual moot
ing with us.
While there is no doubt that tho
Leaguo will bo woll entertained by
tho local and stato Leagues, thoro Is
a general feeling of regret that wo
did not havo tho opportunity to bring
this great organization to Oklahoma
Oklahoma Honored With
Presence of The World's
Greatest Living Negro
' ? tftbf 33""H&h!W,& HsisisibisisisisisisisS
JMHwHHH' 7SS .fHLaLaisisisisisisB
llifnhHL H
MiWi MmSBHS& .will
The abovo Is a cut from tho very
lutest photograph of Dr. Dookor T.
Washington, the peerless leader of the
Negro race, who Is sometimes re
ferred to as tho greatest living Ameri
can. Ccrtajnly there Is no man In
America who Is better known than
this great educator.
Born a slave In tho hills of Vir
ginia, ho has passed through tho
darkest ages of American history, un
dergone many hardships and strug
gles In his deslro for eduction, mast
ered all pending obstacles,' I cached
tho highest posslblo point ot useful
citizenship and today stands In tho
front ranks of tho world's greatest
This, In brief, Is tho .history of our
own Dooker T.
Rulers ot tho greatest nations on
earth' havo honored him bocauso they
recognized In him the wonderful
powwors ot leadership, and his great
personal magnetism. Ho has never
spent an Idle day because from early
youth his llfo has been consecrated
to tho uplift of his pcolo and ho has
pursued his ambition overy day of his
llfo since ho graduated from tho
Hampton Institute. Not only has bo
been of Immeasurable service to tho
people of his own raco, but his re-J
markablo influenco has been felt
throughout tho land. Ho has glvon
to tho world Its greatest system of
industrial education, and today In al
most all parts ot tho globe may bo
seen tho fruits of his life's labors for
a few years ago, when wo could havo
better received and entertained thorn.
The country has undergone many un
favorable changes in tho last two
years and as a result wo aro now .un
able to glvo a very favorable lmpros
slon ot our stato to tho thousands ot
15, 19M.
Thus It is that Oklahoma Is delight
ed to do honor to tho great dlstlwrulsh'
cd guest, who comes to us now at tho
head of tho greatest Negro oreanlz
atlon in tho world Tho National
Negro Business Men's Leaguo, tho
product ot his own fortllo brain, upon
which hangs tho greatest hopes for
tho raco In America. This organization
had its birth In tho city ot Boston It
years ago, and each year since that
tlmo this great body has met in dif
ferent cities In tho United States and
each meeting has been without dis
sension or disruption, and It has
Invariably left behind It tho good in
fluenco ot Its head and leader. There
fore, tho citizens of Oklahoma, white
and black, aro especially honored to
havo tho prlvllcgo ot extending an
open hand of welcome to tho match
less leader and his magnificent body
ot organized .Negro Buslnesa Men
who comes to us with their 14th un
nual session, bringing with them now
hopo, now ambition and a new mes
sage, which will sound throughout
tho univorso chlmos of a young race's
wonderful progress. Wo welcome
you, Dr. Washington. anO lour nnble
followers, to tho confines of our great
young rich slate and we trust that
when you depart from us you will
leave with a momory fresh and full ot
tho generous hospitality lavished up
you by tho best whito and black people
In tho world. Amen.
! visitors who will como for tho sole
purposo of being convinced about Ok
lahoma. It would havo bocn hotter
had this convention been postponed
until in the fall, but slnco It was not
Oklahoma will nevertheless carry out
tho program as arranged, and acquit
Oklahoma Jurisdiction
Subscription $1.00 Por Year
Of Intererest
To U. O. of O.
Tho Special Circular, containing
tho propositions for now laws to bo
voted on at Boston by tho Odd Fel
lows U. M. C. aro Just getting out.
Tho drlny seems to be a sharp trick to
sneak up on tho brethren and catch
thorn nupplag. Theso new laws pro
posed by Hutchinson Lodge, (Unnd
Master Morris' Lodge) aro tho most
revolutions y ever subtulttod to an
B. M. C. In tho history ct Odd Ullow
ship. In a word tho final control of
tho Order In tho Unitoi States is to
bo Burnni'ioreu to England. A.ipwiis
In cases against moaioe.s of tho S.
C. M. or District Grand Lodgo oliie
ers In taj States must bo made, ar
gued and adjudicated cot at Phila
delphia but In England.
Tho re.il government of the Older,
tho prldo of the Negro ra;ii la Ameri
ca, Is to be cowardly tur-emlored to
tho Order In England. This order Is
tho Negro's best boast of his hblllty
to govern himself, an 2 this sacred
horltuge of tho raco It sought to bo
sacrlflcol by Hutchlnsoi Lud, lb
Negro Is, by It, to coiteis hU In
ability to control his fraternal affairs,
and Is to turn it over to whlto men in
England to control for him. It must
not be forgotten that this same lodge
of Grand Master Morris gavo to tho
Order tho law creating tho Supremo
Court of tho Ordor.
The Grand Master was on a pleas
ure trip In England not long slnco,
at tho oxpenso ot tho Order, and ho
comes back fresh from tho home of
Kings and Dukes to turn tho ordor
from tho rosponslblo handB of tho
Negro In America Into tho hands of
seas. Strango things coma from men
who wish to rule forovor.
Tho proud boast of ovory raco-Ior-Ing
Negro Odd Follow Is to bo oftored
up on tho nltar of selfish ambition
and greed for power forovor. Got a
circular and road for yourself, and
llien lot the manly Negro Odd Fellow
go to Boston and savo his noblo
Order from this cowardlly surrender.
Illchmond Planet.
Sapulpa Prisoners
Brought to Tulsa
Fearing mob vlolonco Shorltt King
If Creek couunty brought to Tulsa
Wednesday night tho two Negroea
from Sapulpa who were held In jail
thoro charged with tho murder and
robbery of M. Bourne, an employee In
tho Frisco railroad yards at Sapulpa,
who was shot and killed last Sun-day
night. Feeling ran high against tho
prisoners at Sapulpa and the sheriff
Tomoved them to Tulsa for safe keep
ing. Doulo Hlx and Emmet Felkner,
alias "Nation Red" are tho mn
charged with tho crime.
Sheriff King Is entitled to commend
ation for safe-guarding his prisoners,
although It would havo been more to
his credit to havo sstood his ground
with the backing ot tho law and good
guuns In deflnanco of tho mob.
herself with credit.
This Oklahoma will do.
Tulsa will Join hands with Musko
geo in rocolvlng and welcoming tho
National Negro Business Men's
Harry Siege, who was gent to Edmon
ton, Canada, after Douglass Itowe, ne
gro, wanted hero for shooting Detectlvn
nice, has started on his way home with
tho captive and Is expected In Tulsa, be
fore Monday, according to word received
here today by tho police, Before going
to Edmonton, Stege was forced to visit
Washington, D. C, nnd Ottawa, the cap
ital ot the Dominion or Canada.

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