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Dimensions Greater TJian the
Original Suez Canal.
TOTAL COST IS $12,000,000
I 13 Mllei Long and Has Minimum
Depth nt Low Water of 25 Feet
and In no Place li Leas Than
100 Feet Wide at Bottom.
Now York. Iteccntly tlioro was
oiKinoil ncroHS tho long arm ot Capo
Coil, Mnss., n waterway which will
probably accommodatu moro tounago
than tho Pannmn cnnnl for a good
many years. This will mirprlBo many,
for tho Capo Cod canal work haa boon
August Belmont.
done without much blaro of trumpots
or congressional oratory. Hut It Is a
most notablo nchlovomont ami puts
much nearer tho realization tho dream
of an nil Inland waterway from Malno
to Florida.
Tho freight now rounding dangerous
Capo Cod and Its shoals ovory yoar
nmounts to 25,000,000 tons and prac
tically nil this Is expected to talco tho
now uhorttir and safer route. Tho
canal coat nbout $12,000,000. Tho Pan
ama cnnnl costing $400,000,000 will
linvo but 10,000,000 tons annually, It Is
estimated. Tho grent now bargo cnnnl
In Now York stnto which serves to
bring tho grain of tho West from Lnko
Erlo to Now York city Is costing $100,
OOO.OOOand Kb prospectlvo tounago Is
but 4,000,000 tons.
Ho It Is dllllcult to seo why tho Capo
Cod cnnnl was not constructed before.
It has been discussed slncu shortly
after tho I'llgrlniB landed In tho vi
cinity. It hung tiro for almost throo
hundred years, but now It will probably
bo bcU supporting from tho start.
VumioU from ports nil along the
const ns far south as ChnrloBton, S. C,
will uso tho canal going to and from
IJo.ston. Twenty-tlvo thousand craft a
yoar now go nround Capo Cod, but nt
u fearful- loss In foundered and
wrecked ships and with extra charges
for Insurance. Tho average delay per
round trip for bargoH and schooners
going outside In calculated to bo near
ly four days.
This means ten cents a ton loss la
money on tho 7,000.000 toiiB of coal
Republic Proves a Mystery
Chinese Peasants Cannot Grasp Idea
of a Great Nation Governing
Peking. The poace loving naturo of
tho Chlneso and tho Indifference of tho
general Chlneso population living
awny from tho larger commercial
cities Is well Illustrated by a story
which Mr. K. H. Cheng, secretary of
tho board of communications here, ro-
Last year tho then minister ot wnr,
Wang Sze Cheng, travclod Into tho in
terior to meet n certnln gonornl; bo
ullghted at Shfa Chla Chang, on the
Hnnkow-Peklug railway, and took a
cart to reach tho nppolnted place.
As thoy Journoyed quietly nlong the
country rond tho drlvor broke the
silence and Inquired where his pns
aougcr camo from. On learning he
was from Peking, ho followed ihls up
by nsklng' "Whora Is tho eraperorV"
Tho minister of war replied: "Ob,
wo now have a republic."
and, lumber carried by sailing craft
and tows. Steamers carry nil addition
al 4,500,000 tons on which nearly tho
snmo proportlonnl nmount will bo
caved by tho now route.
Tho longth of tho waterway Is eight
miles In land cut whllo Hb length from
30-foot water In Bnrnstnblo bay on the
northeast to 30-foot water In Duzznrd'e
bny on tho southeast la 13 miles. It
haB n minimum depth nt low water of
25 feet nnd Is In no placo Iobb than 100
feet wldo at tho bottom. It Is 200 feot
wldo nt the passing plnco for ships nnd
there 1b a 3,000-foot brenkwnter.
Tho cnnnl is greator In Ub dimen
sions thnn tho original Suez canal or
tho present Manchester canal.
Tho toll rates will rnngo from $5 for
motor boats and other little craft to
1100 for trading ships of 050 to 999
gross tons nnd ton cents per gross
ton for merchant vessels of moro thnn
1,000 grows tons.
Tho successful completion ot Cnpo
Cod cnnnl Is duo principally to tho
energy of throo men AugUBt Bel
mont, flnnnclnl backer; William Bar
clny Parsons, tho eelobrated engineer
who supervised tho work for tho Cnpo
Cod Construction company of which
Mr. llelmont Is president, and Frank
A. Furst, n Unltlinoro engineering man
wIiobo concern did tho actual exca
vntlng. Thoso who think of tho construction
of n canal ns digging nway n lot of
sand nro much mistaken. Tho build-oi-h
encountered hard pan nnd boul
ders, left by glaciers, according to
geologists, which proved almost ns
tough ns solid rock.
Tlioro wero five previous nbortlvo
attempts to cut across Capo Cod.
At Cnpo Cod tho Arctic current tneetB
tho Atlnntlo current nnd a donso fog
Is tho result. Off Pollock's Illp thoro
nro 1,082 hours of fog annually nnd
2,141 vessels havo been wrecked hero.
The dangers of this fog wero fully
realized by tho discoverers nnd sot
tiers ot tho capo.
Bartholomew Gonold, ot whom llttlo
Is known, first sighted tho capo In 1602,
In 1G20 tho Pilgrims Bottled hero and
threo years later wo learn thnt n trad
ing business had been established be
tween this English colony and tho
Dutch of Now Amsterdam.
Capt. Miles Stnndlsh, among others,
avoided tho dangerous fogs of tho
capo, navigating ills llttlo boat up tho
Scimset rlvor to Its head and then
transporting tho tiny craft across tho
Intervening land to tho Monument
river. Tho pcoplo ot tho Massachusetts
colony In 1G7G hnd experts to go over
tho ground nnd consider tho cutting ot
n cnnnl across tho cnpo, but decided
tho work wns too grent. In 1C97 an
other cotnmltteo reported on tho proj
ect nnd In 173C n disgusted historian
spenko of tho "plnco through which a
cnnnl has been talked of this 40 years."
Tho first actunl digging took plnco
In 1S80, but was nlmost Immediately
Section of Canal at Baurndale, Mass.
abandoned. In 1S83 excavators took
out n million cubto yards of earth.
Then tho work stopped. Nothing moro
of Importance was dono until 1909
whon work started on Juno 22. This
was n little over flvo years ago.
Klght powerful dredges, ono of thorn
tho largest lu tho world, nnd eight
tugs wero employed In tho work. The
plnnt used wns worth a million dol
lars. Tho builders nro proud of tholr
"Ilut what 1b tho meaning of a re
public 7"
"A republic means that tho country
Is now governed by tho people."
"Ilut," Inquired tho drlvor, "how can
tho. pooplo govern 7 Thoy all have
their own work to do."
Tho mlnlBtor tried to explain, but
tho drlvor contlnuod: "A country
without nn emperor Is llko n shop
without a boss nnd without business.
If every ono goveniB, than every one
Is llko tho emperor nnd wo havo no
ono to look up to."
After considerable talk ot this na
ture tho minister gnvo up In despair
tho tnsk of explanation and said:
"Tio emperor Is too young to rule;
ho Is only n baby, and wo have sent
him away to bo oducated."
The cart driver persisted, and said:
"Ilut why send him away! Before wo
had no trouble; now we havo nothing
but trouble."
This Illustrates the attitude ot the
J bulk ot th Chlneso people toward poli
record of no life lost In tho course at
the work.
Thero are two highway bridges over
tho cnnnl, ono at Hoone nnd tho other
nt Sngnmoro. They, nro longor than
necessary for provision Is left to widen
tho canal to 200 foot. It may bo en
larged bo as to accommodate tho big
gest vessels afloat. '
Tho distance from Hoston to Now
York by way of Long Inland, Vlnoynrd
Canal Looking Toward Buzzard'u Bay.
nnd Nnntucket soundB Is 334 miles.
The dlstnnco by Long Island sound
nnd Capo Cod cnnnl Is only 2G4 inlleB.
This dlfferenco In dlstnnco, howevor,
doea not do full Justlco to tho saving
In. tlmo accomplished by the now wa
Took a "Drunk" to a Police Station
and Is Severely Rebuked for
His Pains.
London. A stinging rcbuko wns ad
ministered to n busybody at Barn
staple police court.
A chargo of drunkenness was mado
against a man who had been taken to
tho police station by a prlvnto Indi
vidual. When tho man was brought be
foro tho bench tho mayor asked It It
wns customary for a private citizen to
tako n man In chargo In bucu circum
stances. It seemed to him to be most
unmanly. If ha had met a man In that
stnto of Incapability ho would have
taken htm to his home.
Tho chief constable said It was tho
first tlmo within his experlenco that a
civilian had brought any ono to bo
locked up.
Tho mayor said It wns a "mean and
contemptiblo trick," and tho magis
trates dismissed tho caso on tho pay
ment ot COStB.
Parsonage of One-Member "Flock"
Brought $340 Cvgan Brings Big
Sum of $1.50.
Wlnsted, Conn. Tho Methodist
church building In West Goshen wns
sold under tho hnmmor to W. II. Wad
hams for $20. Tho pows and other fix
tures wero Included In tho purchase.
Mr. WadhamB nlso purchnsed tho land
on which tho building stands, paying
$40 tor it.
Tho parsonage was sold to E. O.
Wright for $340. Tho organ was
bought by F. Hay Wadhams for $1.50,
a melodton by the Goshen school com
mittee for $C60; church-bells by Mrs.
HnrrUon Ives, $13, nnd tho barn by
W. H. Wadhams, $9. Tho money will
bo turned over to tho Now York East
conference. Tho church has only ono
member, besides threo trustees. Hence
tho salo.
Transmits Images' by Wire.
Paris. A long distance mirror,
styled tho tolophote, which transmits
images by wlro just as the telophono
carries Bound, haa been Invented by
Goorgo Rignour.
tics, nnd also their ono deslro to bo let
alono In pence.
Tho Chlneso linvo no Ideograph for
tho word "republic," nnd In their
written word it takes Bovernl Ideo
graphs to explain It.
Hundreds Flee Philadelphia Station
When the Repftle Appears Cap
tured and Taken to Zoo.
Philadelphia. Sovcrnl hundred per
sons nftho Uroad street station of tho
Ponnsylvnnla railroad wero thrown In
to a panic by tho sudden appearance
of an eight foot diamond back rattle
snake. Accompanied by tho ehrloks
of frightened woman, commuters de
Bortod tho train shod and left the rat
tlor In possession. Special olilcers
captured tho monster with a bag and
took it to Uio city hall, where it was
turned ovor to tho zoological garden
authorities. It Is not known whero the
snake came from, but It Is bolleved It
arrived here in a car load ot tropical
Plan Home Classes In Practical Agriculture
117 ASHINGTON. A plan whereby ten or moro farmers or farm women can
W form homo classes In ngrlculturo or domestic sclenco and receive tho
toxtbookB, lectures, lantern slides, laboratory and cooking equipment neces
sary to conduct them has been devised
flvo or more weeks, can be arrangod to suit the spare tlmo nnd convenience
of each group of people.
Tho courses tq bo offored nt first aro poultry raising, fruit growing, soils,
cheese manufacturing, dairying, butter making, and farm bookkeeping; and
for tho women especially, courses in the preparation, cooking and uso ot
vegetablo and cereal foods. Tho department will supply lectures nnd lantern
slides covorlng these subjects, and the states which havo agreed to co-operato
In tho plan will lend to each group laboratory and cooking apparatus valued
at $100 and a reforenco library. Tho textbooks and lectures will bo mado
so complete that each group can safely appoint ono of Its members as study
leader to direct tho work of the course.
When a group has decided to tako up tho work, tho stato which co
operates sends an agent with the department's representative to orgnnlzo a
samplo class and assist tho lender whom they elect In laying out the work
and In showing him tho best methods of procedure. Tho classes commonly
are held from eight to twelve In tho morning and from one to four In the
afternoon, two or threo days each week. Tho sessions aro not hold every
day, so that tho members will havo tlmo to attend to their farm duties in
between the sessions, as well ns beforo and after tho instruction period. Tho
classes meet commonly nt the most convenient farmhouse. During tho morn
ing hours, textbook work Is dono. In tho afternoon laboratory work Is con
ducted, nnd the women who havo elected to tako tho domestic science courses
havo practical lessons In cooking.
As soon aB a class Is established, tho stato organizer withdraws to start
a class in somo othor district. Tho work thereafter is left In charge of tho
leader, who receives assistance by mall from the college or tho department In
carrying on tho work.
As thero Is no regularly paid Instructor, classes can be carried on all
over the Btato ns rapidly as tho collego organizer can visit tho groupB, nnd
as quickly as tho laboratory sets supplied by tho college become available.
The local lender will preside during tho reading ot tho lectures and refer
ences, for which full texts and lantern slides nrosupplled by tho department.
Ho will also bo responsible for .the laboratory equipment. Every one who
completes tho course will receive a certificate from tho state collego.
Trapped While at Work Under a Banquet Table
THE story Is JUBt getting around about a dinner given In exclusive Washing
ton socloty, at which tho most tactful person was undoubtedly a plumber
In overalls. It was an elaborato dinner. Tho central feature ot tho tablo
decoration was a playing fountain.
But Just beforo tho dinner was to bo
served tho fountain refused to piny.
A plumber was hastily called. Ho
crawled under tho tablo and soon had
tho fountain sending a dellcato spray
Into tho air. He was busy tightening
tho couplings of tho temporary pipes
under the tablo when tho head butlor,
his mind rolfuvcd of a load of care
when ho saw tho fountain playing,
announced In tho drawing room:
"Dinner Is served."
Before tho plumber know what was happening tho guests had entered tho
dining room, chairs were drawn up, and ho suddenly found himself hemmed -
In by a wall In which trousers alternated with skirts.
It was a big round tablo, so he was safo from discovery from any shift
ing foot. Ho scratched his head nnd wondered what he should do. He
looked carefully around. Neither to tho right nor to tho left nor between
nny pair of feet was there sufficient spaco for him to wlgglo through. The
only wny to got out would be to tap on somo knee and "Pardon mo, please.
He didn't know much nbout tho etiquette of formal dinner parties, but
ho had a hunch that thnt wouldn't mnko a hIL Ho decided thnt thoro wns
Just ono thing to do stny where ho wns until tho trouser-andsklrt wall
dopartcd. So there ho sat
Whon the dinner was nt lost ovor and tho guests had returned to tho
drawing room tho plumber crawled forth
Tho hostess had tarrlod for n moment to give a few directions to tho
head butler. She gasped with astonishment
Tho plumbor explained.
"Sir," said aho, "you aro a gentleman." Then to tho head butlor
"James, glvo this man $10 for himself." Then to tho plumber: "And please"
say nothing."
"Prophet Without Honor in His Own Country"
THAT "a prophet is without honor in his own country" was very clearlv
shown tho othor day at Marshall hall. Tho day was an ideal ono nnd a
Washington woman, taking advantage of that fact put somo lunch In a
Viyi. J$ j 7jk HEN OF
iMHX&kK WT4 -Tort
(-i 1 JL ytfiS
v. cn ' - -" wun a race aa Drown aa a seal and a
mouth that looked llko a slit In a
watermolon. His main Interest In llfo was tho ponies, and such Impedimenta
ns clothing and learning woro regarded contemptuously as useless Incum
brances To enjoy tho present moment was his only motto.
The Washington woman stood looking over tho wavos to whtro the high
hill on tho opposlto shoro showed the white porches of Mount Vernon.
"Did you ever hear of George Washington, Virgil 7" asked tho lady as
sho watched a whole banana disappear down that porsonage's throat
Virgil dug his too in the dirt, looked aiound appeallngly at tho rest ot
the children, then blurted out:
"No'm. I nln't ever heard er no George Washington, 'ceptin' unless you
means my undo, George Washington, what llbas down d road a piece."
by tho United States department oi
ngrlculturo in co-operation with agri
cultural colleges of certain states.
Tho object of the plan is to mako
ncceaslblo at homo, to men and woinon
who havo not tho tlmo or means to
attend tho regular courses at tho col
leges, practical short courses in agri
culture nnd homo management spe
cially adapted to their districts.
These courses, which will consist ot
r-15 to 20 lectures, and will consumo
basket, took her daughter, annexed
two othor children and went down tho
rlvor to let tho tots enjoy tho fun of
pink lomonado and peanuts.
Presently the children got tired
wandoring around, peeping at the
tomb of tho ancient MarShalls, and
went to tho pony track, where a
dozen barefoot colored boys wero In
cuargo oi uio pets. Tho oldest of
them, Virgil, was a round-headed boy

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