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Printin&and Publshing CO.
Published Every Saturday at 501 North Greenwood Street.
Kitoro.l .u -n.inlolm mittor April It. 101.1, .it tho Post Off ico at Tulsa
Oklahoma, under tint Act of March 3, 1871).
Mrs, 0. B. Smitherman
On vr '
His Month
Throo Month
In splto of kiiocki-in, anil tjjoantlcH of hoiiio of tlio state League officers who in
common justice to themselves should have encouraged our efforts, wo have sue
coeded tho Huostor Edition ah advertised, except It is not as largo as we hail hop
etl It would bo. llowovor, wo aro huro for oompiriion. S1.0 us up.
Tlio ICuropenn war. wiiicli Is drawing upon tlio foreign olumont in the
United States for Holdlers, should make openings for Negro labor, lor many
rears past a certain class of work in this country lias been ilono by foreign
rs many of whom are answering tho call of their mother countries for
Crop conditions In Oklahoma are not so favorable as they wore early In
the summer. Hot winds have damaged tho prospects for n good cotton
crop The present estimate Is about CI per cent. Ilccenl reports Btnte
that in certain sections of Lincoln county largo cotton groweis aro about
ready to bring in their llrst bale
A largo number of Negroes registered nml voted at tho Democratic
primaries held in this slate recently. Many of them had local Interests and
registered so as to bo able to vote at the primaries. Oklahoma City, Tulsa,
Muskogee and Hartlesvlllo cast the lurgest Negro vote for tlio Democrats
and none of them seem to regret tlielr change.
The Death of Mrs. Wilson
We regret to announce tho dcatli of Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, wife of the
President of the I'nlled States, the llrst lady of thu land, mistress of the
White House. After a happy Installation Into tho social duties of thu White
Hnuan nnd tho marriage of two daughters from the parlors of the Presiden
tial home, the mother and the wife was
expression for our peoples the American Negro we, the humblest or the
American people, feel the deepest sorrow that "our" president In the midst
of a trying ordeal. In the time of great effort for the good of our country
should have taken from him thu companion of his Hfo tho mother of his
household. The whole nation mourns with him.
Tho meeting of tho National Negro Business Men's League nt Muskogee,
promises to bo a monster meeting. From nil sections of the country re
port come in that preparations aro being made for largo representation of
professional and business men. It Is the duty of every man and woman In
the state to attend this grent meeting of the representative, men and woman
of tho race who will t in Muskogee to discuss measures and devise plans
for the general advancer.li-ut of tlie race, along all lines. To meet them
now Is an opportunity which may not come agnlu sorn.
We must Impress our visitors with the great opportunity we have in
the growing new state, to make homes, where and .while land Is cheap nnd
within their reach We must meet thepo visitors and make their stay
pleasant and have them go hack to their homes with good impressions and
reports of the good people they met in Oklahoma. We must make an effort
to have them sou as much of Oklahoma as possible, during their short
stay. Wo must make the Muskogee meeting a success -n grand succuss a
howling bucccss. It will require so little upon tho part of each of us to do
this If wu do our part.
During to week a murder wns committed at Sapulpa In which-a Negro
woman and two Negro men aro accused of committing tho crime. Tho cir
cumstances surrounding the affair aro such that wo can only regret that
thu criminals are Negroes and will havu to suffer thu punishment fur a
crime which might have been avoided, if thu officers of tho law of Sapulpa
had been careful of their duty. It is to be hoped that this will lie a lesson
nnd that a repetition of this affair will not occur again.
Thu unfortunate man, who lost his life In this affair seisms to havo ma do
a habit of associating with luwd Negro women nnd Negro men of the "round
erf" typo. He bought whiskey for them nnd loved to bo with them. Tho
real trth of his murder may never bo known, but thu fact siudlrato that his
Negro comrades robbed him and In order to accomplish tholr purposo took
his life.
I. itching of the Negroes was averted only becauso tho better people or
Sapulpa positively refused to encourage anything less than a trial for tho
reason Hint he kept company with them and thoreby lost the protection of
his own people.
Tulsa As the
Leading City
( Continued from pngu one
business which brings a gross Income
of 11.200 or more per month. Ilusldes
this, slie, has In her own name a busi
ness block three stories high worth
$10,000 nnd has a commercial rating
for $10,000. To her credit can bo said
that no man In tills section moro care
fully guards her credit than this
Another woman lias established a
garment factory, assisted by her hus
band, which does n largo business in
making nnd bulling thu finest lines of
women's wearing apparel. Tills woman
has some valuublu property and a
neat bank account.
Tulsa boasts of thu finest Negro
amusement house in thu state, and
west of thu Mississippi rlvur. Few
Negro play houses in tlio country uro
so largo or bo well equipped ns this
one. Two theatres cater to tho lovers
of amusement In Tulsa. One largo
brick public hall, two stories high, Is
owned by a colored company of two.
Is conveniently located for largo gath
erings and also furnishes accommoda
tions f6r lodgo meetings, etc.
An elegant club room, recently
built, a two-Btory brick, owned also by
Associate Editor
Traveling Representative
so suddenly called away. In giving -
a Negro, furnishes entertainment for
tins young peoplo of TuIbu, nnd is a
convenient headquarters for'Wsltors
to tlio city.
A.itplo hotel accommodations aro
furnished visitors, also, living flats for
small families. In fact, there aru many
things about Tulsa which appeal to
tho visitor. Tulsa is a (lno place In
which to llvu.
Among thu professions, Tulsa has
three Negro law firms, six doctors and
ono dentist, nil of whom aro doing
a good business, have good property
and money in thu bank and aru
pleased to report business .wowing.
Tulsa has good schools and thirteen
teachers, nil of whom aro fomnles ex
cept two men principals. Good sal
aries aro paid and the term of the
school is nine "months. Under a com
mission form of government, tho col
ored peoplu haVo no representation in
tho council of Tulsa, nor upon tlio
school board, but thosu in authority
havo always been willing to nccedu to
any reasonable demand for tho com
fort or convenience of tho children of
the colored schools.
Suven miles from Tulsa. Is Sand
Springs, a small manufacturing town,
with ninny factories, In which Negroes
nro employed In various capacities,
and thu Sand Springs trolley lino fur
nishes convenient nnd rellablo trans
portation for those who llvu In that
beautiful suburban town.
News Around the City
J. S. KIRBY, City Circulator
Unsn)iJNCB,215 E. Cameron
Tho Peoples Drug have it. -adv.
Mr. J. 13. Kcbetta of Bristow was
a visitor at the Strfr office this week
Lnwyer II .T. Hatching, is build
inn n new brick home at a cost of
about S000 00.
.Mis M. E. Poytle, xw called to
Minden, La., This week to the death
of her mother. -
Mr J. H. Stratford returned last
Saturday from In depcmlencelvas.
where he spent several days visiting
his brother
Dr. J F. Kersh will preach Sun'
day for the First Baptist church at
Sand Spring, of which Dr J. II
Holt is pnstoj-. Service opens at
3 oclock P. M.
Prof, and Mrs. J. W Hughes, of
this city, left last Thursday fur Clare'
mine, where they w II remain until
August IStli, when they depart for
Muskogee to attend the National
Negro Business Men's League.
Mrs. A. M. Gist will serve
special chicken dinn. ;s Sundaj s
from 1 A. M. to 6 P. M.
Persons who do not cate to
cook their dinner at home can
get the best service iti the city
at Mrs. Gist's.
A square meal for 25 cent-.
Up stairs in Gist Building.
131 N irth Greenwood Ave.
Mrs K It. Swinger of N. Green
wood street, returned today fruin
Kansas City, v heic she spent a week
visitim; friends.
Prof J.'W -Hughes and wife, of
this city, are visiting friends :.t the
uront health rc'sort of Oklahoma -
Try Thu Peoples DrugStoro for it.
If you are not represented in the
Uoi.stdr Edition, icmembrr, it's cer
tainly your own fait.
ThePopular Drug
Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles,
And Special Sundries
Ice Cream And Cold
Particular Things Kor Particular
J.I. Stausberry Prop.
127 East Grand
McAlester Ok'ahoma.
410 N. Greenwood
Is InNeedOf Help.
$1.00 a Day Salary
Gall At Once
S.M.Kelly, Prop. .
To All The Residents
North Of Frisco R. R.
East Of N. Boston,
West Of Okalhoma
Iron Works and South
Of Easton
It is the orders of the Superin
tendent of health that all toilets
be cleaned and put in sanitary
condition by August 22 19M.
All weeds to be cut,
trash, tin-cans and other refuse
removed from lots by above
date,j)thervtse legal steps will
be taken by "Superintendent of
Health to enforce the order at
Healt Dept.
J. E. Webb. Supt,
Kansas Editor
Visits Tulsa
Nick Chiles, Editor nnd Publisher
nf the Topeka Pluindealcr, was a
visitor in th-s city this week. He
will be in Oklahoma Several days
after the meeting of the Husiness
Lwiguo next week. Mr. Chiles, is
one of the for.n.i st Editors of the
race and is well known thioughoiit
the United States.
Democratic State
Ticket of Okla.
For Oovurnop- Hubert I,. Williams.
Kor Lieutenant (lovornor --.M. K.
Kor Secretary of State-J I,. i,yn,
Kor State Auditor-IC. II. Howard.
Kor Attorney (Jenornl-S. I'. Krcllug.
Kur Statu Treasurer -W. I.. Aloxi
Kor Statu Superintendent It. . i.
Kor i:iininor and Inspector. Kred
Kor Chief .Mine Insptotor-Kd Itoylo
Kor Labor Conimlt.NloiieaW.o ai.
Kor Commissioner Cli.irin.... .....i r. ...
rectlon-W. I). Alatthows.
tor Insurance- Commissloner-A I
Kor President Hoard of a,.i....i
I' rank At. Oault.
Kor Corporation Commissioner-A. !
Watson. ' '
Kor Cleric Supromo Court-William
Al. Kraiiklin.
Kor United States Sonator-Tlioina.
I'rynr Core.
Reprosontlvo in Congress
Klrst District Jamos A. Davenport.
Second DUtrlct-W. W. Hastings.
Third District- Charles I). Carter.
Kourth DIstriet-Wllllain If. .Murray:
Kiftli Dljirrlct-Joo II. Thompson.
Sixth District Scott Korrls.
Sovonth District-.!. V. AlcClintlc.
Klghth Dsstrlcf- Henry 8. Johnston.
WANTED To correspond ulth a
young woman, of refinement and
means IJy a young man age 35
who manufactures human hair and
hair dies. Also manufactures
trnighfening Combs, patent United
Slates Patent office, Washington,
D 0. gorinl Number 793,917 and
Hair Dressing school in connection.
Who would interest nnd help me in
my profession. Christian Ladyprc
fercd. I want some otc who will
help and appreciate a good husband
Matrimony, if mutually s'.itcd. In
bu.incss at the present address for
three 'eats. Foi mm iy business in
New York, N. Y. Will exchnnue
photographs. J. E. Laing Mfg.
1715 E ISth.St.
KansasCity, Ma.
A Progressive
A. M. E. Minister
Hev James A. Johnson was born in
Cameron, Texas, August 22,1803. His
father was Hoston Johnson, who died
thlrty-flvo years ago. His mother.
Airs. Hannah Johnson, who is still liv
ing, will bo 71 years old August 22,
1914. Ho lived In Cameron, Texas with
his parents till ho was 21, attended
public school there, graduated from
Paul Qulnn College, Waco, Texas, in
1894, finished scientific and theninir.
leal courses, wns appointed to the niln-
istry nt Cameron, Texas, thlrtv rear
ago, and was assigned to a commun
ity known as Dovll's Hon ono year;
i.e Wllia mission, two Years: fnnr
years. Hippie Point circuit; four
years Georgetown Station; four years,
iiuiauoro station; five years Dethel
Dallas; was transferred tn nnni,n.
City in 1803 nnd remained them flvo
years; was transferred to Chicltasha
two years. He- is now serving his
fourth year In Tulsn. Ho owns a four
room houso at Chlckasha fsnlil im.m.
at Oklahoma City) nnd owns n five
room houso here.
Ho married AIlss v. r. nn.0o. r
NuNhvllIe, Tenii., Ju0 G, 1907, n grpd
unto of Hogor Williams university.
Ho paid off mortgage, bought and
paid Tor parKonago here, built church
at Oklahoma Cltv nt n Bt nt tor..
1100.00, Installing tho only pip0 orgnii
I mo Hiaio.
Till) VIllllO of his real OKtnl.. I c nnn
to ?10,()00. '
W. R. Robinson
Deoler in
Staple And Fancy.
Meat Market In Con
nection Ptompt Delivery to All Pnrts of City
Phone 598 Hj7 IS Grand Ave.
McAlester Oklahoma.
'farm or Business
W),5 q fiVrPSSa!" bolo"tlon.
-t '

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