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Weekly Mail Edition
fcwjip m LSmggHax
Thousands Hear Governor
Eminent MinCster Was no Match for
Advocate of Pastor Russell's
(Ily Special Correspondent)
It may not have been unanimous,
but a good majority of the people of
both races who heard the debate at
Ibc convention hall Tuesday night,
between Kichard J. Hill and the Rev
II. T. S. Johnson left the hall irre
vocable iu their opinion that while
Rev. Johnson is unquestionably u
Jeep thinker and a good speaker bo
was nevertheless no match for his
Two hours and thirtv minute;
were consumed by Ibc speakers, cacl
having one hour and fifteen minute:
in which to present their respective
arguments. About 500 people fulh
one-half of whom were white hcarr'
Ibc debate and all of, them seeme.
verv much interested.
Mr. Hill opened tho debate oh tbt
affirmative side of the nucstion.
which was "Resolved that the teach
ings of the International Bible Stu
dents should be substituted for the
doctrines of the Church denomina
tions." In oucnimt the negative side of the
(tuestion. Rev. Johnson read excerpts
from the International Bibln Stu
dents' Monthly and quoted Mark 10:
10, which reads: "He that believcth
and is baptised, the same shall be
saved and he that believcth not shall
be damned," using this as Bible
proof that there must be clernal pun
isbment after death. ,
In his rebuttal. Mr. Hill said, "I am
not surprised the "poor people of the
world are wrapped in such igno
ranee and darkness concerning the
Bible, when our most learned and
educated, College bred Ministers
show such absolute ignorance of the
Bible and God's great plan of alva
tion. I am very much surprised thai
my worthy opponent does not know
that the Scriptures he has just read
to you (Mark 10:10) is generally rec
ognized by all Bible Students and
Professors of his own theological in
stitutions and any one else who
knows anything about the scriptures
as no part onhe origial Bible but in-
terpolations." Then for 20 minuter,
Mr. Hill dwelt on the teachings ol
the International Bible Students giv
ing Bible references lo show the
correctness of the same.
The full text of the debate will ap
pear in the Star as soon as the
transcribed copy can be obtained
from an official court reporter who
took in shorthand every word of
the debate,
In closing the debate Mr. Hill
warmed up to his subject and in a
very eloquent and 'convincing way
drove home the, final points which,
in the opinion or Ihe writer, proved
him easily master of the situation.
Republicans Hold
Convention Monday
State-Wide Delegation Expected To
Attend Tulsa Meet of G. O. P.
That Tulsa is considered the cen
ter or political actvlty among the
' Colored people of this State is
nrnven hv lh fact that the State
organization of republicans and
democrats have called conventions
fa meet in this city within two dayi
of each other. The democratic or
ganization is in session today and
Ibc repubulican organization will
convene here Monday.
The Colored voters of Tulsa are
about evenly divided in their politi
cal faiths and it is expected that
iboth conventions will be well at
tended by Tutsans as well as visit
Jug dfclegatbs. Doth coventions
arc expected to makj sonic definite
demands of their respective parties
for promises of specific legislation
to guarantee fair play and equality
btforc the law of all citizens of this
J State regardless of race or color.
Following (lie filing of a murder
cliarge this forenoon against S. R.
Grosse, patrolman, who late Satur
day night shot and killed Clem Will
iams, Creek Indian at the Farmers'
wagon yard on Hodge st., between
Lansing avc. and Admiral boulevard
it was announced late today that the
:asc would be taken before the
jrand jury now in session here. The
complaint was sworn to by Will
am's wife.
Grosse's plea will be self defense.
.The officer's statement is to the cf
'ect that when he walked up to the
tide of an auomobile occupied by an
tindentified white man Williams
uanding him a quart bottle of corn
.vhiskey. Seizing the whisky Grosse
placed Williams under arrest.
Williams grew boisterous in his dc
notinciation of the officer, and grab
bing the bottle hurled it against a
fence breaking it, and then running
to get a revolver. At that time,
Grosse says he shot Williams once in
the abdomen.
No weapon of any kind was found
on Williams after his death. Ac
cording to police officers Williams
has been known as a bootlegger for
several years.
Justice at LastOpens
Her Eyes in Virginia
Black Who Shot Bystander to Pro
tect His Home Acquitted
NEWPORT NEWS. Va. Sept, 30
a charge of murder in connection
with thc killing of Simon Wise
Lewis a white seaman from Texas.
Thc killing 'took place at Carr's
home ten days ago and it was con
tended that when Garr fired thc fa
tal shot he was attempting to de
fond his home from a mob engaged
in rioting. Evidence bought out
that Lewis had nothing to do with
the riot and was merely walking
along the avenue when he was
Colored Democrats
' Meet Here
Delegates From all Partu of the
State are Expected to Attend
The Colored State Democratic
Club, recently organized in Boley,
headed by Frank W. Reed of Okla
homa City as president and Fred
L Douglas or lulsa, as secretary
will convene in lhe Masonic Hall at
ten o'clock this morning according
to Secretary Douglass.
Delegates from all parts of the
State are expected to attend ,the
J9U. e Aat .o.t?., aea. elnQE
meetings. Preparations have been
made by the local committee for the
entertainment of thc visitors at a
banqpet to be given at the Masonic
Hall toight.
Among the speakers at Ihe morn
ing session are: Hon. W. B. Will
iams, county judge. Congressman
E. B. Howard. Judge M A. Breck
enridge and Rev, R. A. Whitaker.
THE TULSA STAK, .Saturday, October 2, 1920
Why The Missouri Colored People Vote
Democrat Ticket
The following letter which ap
peared in last week's issue of the
St. Louis Argus is indicative of the
standing of the two great political
parties among Colored people in the
State of Missouri where the Demo
crats have always drawn heavily
on the Colored vole, and will no
for the democratic
..... IIU
doubt do much
party in that state in the approach
ing election: ,
To the Editor of the Si. Louis Argus
As to our Negro population I
cliallcngc the leaders of the Repub-
lican Party to show u their dema-
nation of any State of our Republic
since thc freedom of ithe Colored!
man more than 50 years ago, have
been more liberal and generous to
the race than has the Democratic'
party of Missouri, which lias been
in control of Hie State of Missouri
since 1870. The Twenty sixtli Gen
eral Assembly, of which 1 was a
member, convened in Jefferson City
on the 4lh day of January 1871
the first Democratic Legislature af
tcr the Civil War and the freedom
of thc Colored race. That Asscmb -
ly passed and put upon the statute
books or thc State (in which I aided
tq the best of my ability) a law di-
viding the public school moneys of
the State per capita with thc Col-
orcd children, a division eminent! v
just. They also appropriated 15,000
to the Colored College which was
a private school called the Lincoln
Institute located at Jcfrerson City
In 8712 wc increased our appropria-
tion to that inslitution to $25,000.
The folliwing car the Democratic
Legislature, or witch I was also a
member, took over this Institution
and made a State School if it, and
appropriated ?G5.000, and it has ltcen
maintained ever since by Stale ad.
There has never been a single law
passed in thc 50 cars' domination
or the Democratic party in Missouri.
in any way iiiimcal to thc Colored
race they nave ueen given evcr platform anil which canuiuaics er j Texas, and the Buualo Jour
right, under" the lew, given to a Democratic or Republican, show a nai in New York State. It is current
white man, and thc power' of the niore friendly consideration for the , reported that less than $25,000
State has ever been ready to protect betterment or Ihe Colored race? it ' jj.,, j)ecn appropriated to handle the
them in the full enjonicnl of that scents to me in comparison thc Re-' publicity among all the Negro
right. t I publican candiates so far as the Ne- newspapers hrougliout the country.
And what or today. And what's gro race is concerned, should go .'0rcign language newspapers have
the position or the Democratic and away back and sit down as one )een getting consideration from the
Republcan parties in Missiurl? In seems to be earnestly in favor of mmittce for several months and
the State Convention which asscm- Hie uplift and betterment or the Nc- t)e appropriation for them is scv
bed in Jcfrerson City on the 14th gro race and the other indifferent as -aJ nl0nths nndcmfwyp jqkgbv cmh
or this month to adopt a platform to vvhat may come to thc Negro race er.,i mCs In excess of Race publl
for each party, thc intelligent Col as tiiev say the Negro race will vole catjon, , ,
orcd men or the State or both part
ies met in coniercnce and agreed
upon certain things that should be
enacted into law for the uplift and
betterment of thc Colored race, and
;the men of that conference wltoii,al eminent Colored statesman ot
were Republicans and wno were
Democrats went before the Commit-
tec or their political faith and pre-
sented requests of their people.
And what was that request present-
vl to both nartics? And in order i
to be perfoctly fair and jtut. 1 sub
mit the platform demands made in1
both parties.
Platform Demands Made of Both
Parties by Negro Voters j
"We favor the establishment of a1
anitarlum for the treatmennt of lu
bcrcular Negro patients.
"We favor an institution for Ne
gro feeble-minded or the State and
n school for the blind.
"We favor thc establishment of a
Negro agricultural experiment sta
"We favor th making of a state
lunlwnlSTfor NeJS of Lincoln
MVC favor the appointment of Ne
gro supehvisor of Colored schools.
"We favor the creation of an in
dustrial training school for Negro
Hero s What the Demand Brought
"Better pay and retirement provi
sion for Icachcis; better support for
the schools and inreascd education-
al facilities in both white and Col
ored schools.
"Careful provision and adequate
appropriation for the health of the
sti'.te, including ample provision for
, . ., . ...
""" B i"ii.
"We favor the erection and estab
lishment of a separate home for the
deaf, dumb, blind, feeble-minded
and tubercular Negroes in the Slate
"We favor thc converting of
schools for Ncjj'ocs into a State
University for Negroes,
"We favor Negio representation
m boards of Negro institutions In
the Slate. ,
"We favor the cstablisbcnt of an
Industrial .school for incorrigible
Negro boys.
"Wc favor the establishment of in
an agricultural experiment station
for Negroes."
The comparison must be humill-
ating to the intelligent Colored race
.The Republicans handed them a cob
i with hardly a grain attached to It,
and thc Democrats not only gave
them what they asked Tor, but add-
cd a section which was eminently
just as follows:
"Wc favor Negro representation
on boards ol Negro institutions or
the State. "
And who wrote the platforms of
both partes? The Republican plat-
form was written by Senator Seldcn
P. Spencer, a candidate on the Re-
' publican ticket fir Unted States
ftcnaior ami nruiur m. ujue, u - ttioir individual newspapers,
d'uite on the Republican ticket for Now it secms that a policy of
thc great office or Governor or Mis- eliminating all southern newspa
souri. Thc Democratic platform pLrs from ti,e advertising patronage
was written by Breckinridge Long, j,.is jjCe adopted, and only certain
a canddate on the Dcmocratc ticket ncWspapers in thc North and East
for the United States Senate and jinvc ncen put jn on thc quadrat
John M. Atkinson, a canddate on the njai business. This condition is
Democratic ticket for the great of-
fice of Governor of Missouri. Which
nie Republican ticket what that par-
( jy may do or say. It secms to mc,
viewing the Republican garty as 1 do
tlint if Abraham Lincoln was living
j Missouri today and Fred Douglass
. past agc werc also in Missouri, were
,,p0n jhc Democratic ticket for of-
fice jn this state, tltat some Colored
neonle would scratch them If they
.p on u,e Democratic ticket
Wewoka Defeats Ri-
Seminole Loses in Effort to
Remove Seat of County
Oct. 1 The fight
I Wewoka. Okla.. Oct. 11 lie iigni
between Wewoka and Seminole fori
tbe prize of the Count Seat of
Seminole Count;, which terminated
at the polls yesterday resulted in a
decisive victory for Wewoka more
ing theirvbgkqj gshdr lupcinfywO
than the required two-thirds of the
voters of the County casting their
voters of the County, casting their
ballots for Wewoka. This is con
sidered a just repudiation of the
race prejudice propoganda put out
by Seminole in its effort to wrench
the County Seat from Wcwokn, this
city having been referred to very
often in thc Campaign as a "Negro
The Colored people of this Coun
ty undeer the leadership of J.
' Goody Johnson rallied to thc sup
port of Wewoka and hclicd to pile
up a good substantial majority a-
gainst Seminole.
The Colored women of the Coun
ty under the leadership of J.
Southern Race Jour
nals Barred From G.
0. P. Slush Eund
Manager of Republican Funds Eliml.
nnte Southern Race Papers
(A. N. P. Service)
Wasbingon. I). C. Sent. 10 Some
nf the iinwsnnno sr uni 'Mninn n
wn i h nv.i-i nn,,ni .ni,
ii. nii.,ppi.: -tv i,ntr nr u n
m,i,ijcan National Committee "In
ti. i,cninnu" Col Phil II Rrown
j)cro of sevcral poltical battles was
sllppOSL.(j t0 j)e u,c vcry fjj nll(j
ony ,iis,)cnsor 0f publicity favors,
However, thc Eastern contingent
"j,.,.,! a russ," and it became
ncccssary t0 have' a special "East,
ern revision" 'which in turn rc-
Cl;ive(i tltcir portion of thc budget,
jjre(j jjoorC( 0f jiC New York
A(,c jt js Sntcd, resigned from tbe
COmiiiltlce when George W. Harris
nn,i ,n rni'ild not ncre. on terms Tor
causjnf a bin protest from certain
papers such as the Houston Inform
..rjie National Committee scents
(o underestimate thc value ol our
newspapers. Even the Southern
newspapers should get consideration
' ot 0iy for tlicix- loyalty, but be-
causc thousands of thiilr readers
nov live in northern states." i
saj,j a prominent leader here. I
Grand Master Webber
Calls Cabinet Meeting
All Grand Lodge Officers Called To
Meet At McAlestef Today
Grand Master W S. Webber, re
cently elected head of the Masons
of Oklahoma, has issued a call for
nil the members of the Grand Mas-
tcrs' Council to meet in McAlester
iers- uoumru mc-i """--"
today for thc purpose of fioing over
Popular Ohioan in Lionized by Tul
sans and other Oklahoma
Thc visit in Tulsa of Governor
Cox last night easily takes first
place as 'the most importana public
event ever marked iu thc history
of this city.
The Governor and democratic
presidential candidate arrived In
the city at 7:30 over the Frisco
from Oklahoma City accompanied
by 50 or more Tulsans who went to
Enid to meet the Governor, Gov. J,
B, A. Robertson and nearly 30 oth
er prominent democrats of thc
State. After a street parade thc
party proceeded to the Convention
Hall where thc democratic candi
date was introduced after appr
priate preliminary ceremonies and
at once plunged into an earnest and
eloquent discussion of thc issues of
the campaign.
Thousands of visitors from .neigh
boring cities swelled he crowd that
greeted Gov. Cox and augmented
the deafening applause that fre
quently interrupted the speaker
during his speech.
Everything possible was done by
local organizations to properly
entertain the distlsflulshed visitor
and there is no denying the fact
that while here he was the lionized
hero of tbe hour.
Thc Cox-RooscvelJ Club Col
ored organired in this City shortly
after the Frisco Cinvcntlon had a
place in thc parade and was the
object of much favorable comment.
the present condition of the Order
and working out some definite
ti2 a s.dfb x-xn GBheh :,t.M
nlan or action respecting for the
organization in this State.
Grand Master Webber Is very en
thusiastic in the work of his new
position and Is planning some
great things for the general bene
fit or thc Order. Before the set
ting of the next Grand Lodge, he
expects to set up several new lodg
es and add materially to the mem
bership of the Order.
In calling thc Grand Masters'
Council to discuss wltli them his
plans and to go into important
business or the Order he is showing
the discretion or a thoughtful exe
cutive anu laying the foundation
successfol administration.
Muskogee Men Sen
tenced in Eraud Case
Trio in Famous "Bank's Swindle'
Must Pay Penalty
three leaders. Bums (a white law
ver) Banks and Edwards, the two
Colored men, who. it Is alleged, as
sisted thc white man In the opera
tion or a gigantic swindle which
meted them some $1,000,000 or
more all raced federal pudge Will
iams here yesterday, Bums and
Banks received sentencs of 18
months respectively in the feedral
penitentiary while Edwards got off
with a fine of $250.00.
I Colored Woman Attracts Attention
In Exhibition of Old Fashioned
Method of Spinning Thread
and Weaving Cloth
The LcFIorc County Fair closed
a verv creditable County Fair last
Saturday in which many fine, hogs,
rows, fancy work and farm pro-
ducts vied with one another.
The principal feature of the fair
was the demonstration "by Mrs El
nora Cooper a Race woman, wife
of Mr. W. D. Cooper a prominent
Pvthlan of the o'd fashioned meth
od of spinning thread and weavlag
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