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THE TULSA STAB, Snturday. October. 16, 1920.
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, .
Knights oi Pythias
The Largest Grooving
Negro Fraternal Or
der in America
400,000 Members in America
3000 Members in Oklahoma
The Oklahoma Grand Lodge now pays on death 8500.00 En
dowment and also, gives n 'burial of $75.00.
A Gold Hserve Fund is placed behind each member's policy.
Persons deserving to join in Tulsa will see either D. L. Cox,
570' N. Extcr Street, Dave Cairns, 506 N. Extcr Street. F. T.
Smith, Care Hotel Gurley.- Special Clubs or for information
Dr. C. B. Wickhatn,
(?rand Chancellor
Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Roosevelt Addition
Most Beautiful, High-Class Colored
Addition, Joins Booker Washington
in the west.
' '
-r v 7yt izlllnf
. Size 50 x 130 feet $50.00 to $600.OOmonthly' paymests.
Size 70 x 130 feet $850.00 on $15.00on S10.OO montiily Payments.
Berry-Hart Company, Owners
a character for love and justice far
below Uiat or the worst ot lnuuani-
A son is supposed to show, in si
large degree, ttio character, spirit
and disposition of his fattier. A
Hue Christum is a spiritual son of
God and he is supposed to develop
more and more ot the character like
ii ess of God, his Father.
. If Uie teachings of the Church
Denominations arc true,! then the
mob who delight with hellish grin,
to hear the groans of llieir helpless
victiine while struggling in the
flames, would represent the elect of
God. And, why do t say this"? He
cause, if it is true that Jehovah,
God. delighty to torment sinners
throughout eternity, then the mob
which only had Hie posscr lo tor
ture its victim for a short tune
would bc .showing their father's
spirit to the extent of their ability.
It is harl to lo anything much
worse to a person than lo misrepre
sent his character. All the Denomi
nations misrepiesent the character
of God in that they claim thai Gud
planned that a saintly few should go
to Heaven while Uie billions oi Hu
manity spend eternity in hell of
fire and brimstone tormented by
fire-proof devils. lhcre is no
bcriiiturc foundation for the doc
trine of eternal torment. This doc
triu,) is based upon the false idea
Unit when one lies lie is not ueau,
There is but one plain statement
in the Bible which seemingy sup-
ikii-Ln ill., idea that the dead is not
ili-a1. It is found in Genesis 3:1
and reads thus, "Vc shall not surely
dio." This statement was made bj
rhe devil for the sole purpose of
misrepresenting Uie character of God
The devil intended to impress and
did impress our fore-parents that
God could not bo depended upon
and lid not tell the truth when he
said to them if they disobced His
law, they wtuild surely die. n uth
nr words, the devil told our fore-
parents that God was tying. All
the Denominations with few excep
tions, teach thai there is something
about a person Unit remains alive
and can be punished alter death.
Ilv this teaching, the Denominat
ions are saving the selfsame thing
that the devil said, "That man sure
ly docs not die," mil therefore they
are guilty or openly caning uuu u
liar, whether intentionally or not.
What is dath? What is the
meaning of the term? Whafc did
God mean when He told our fore
parents they would die if they dis
obeyed His law lliese are very
orient ciuestions at tins pomi. uou
answers all 'those mic.slions Him
self throuch the Scriptures. He
tells us that when a man dies, he is
unconscious, has no memory, can
not speak cannot breathe, cannot
think, cannot Kivc thanks, can do
no work, neither loves, hates or en
vies; has no feelings and knows not
anything. Eccicsiastcs i):."i, 0, 10;
Psalms 0:5; 115: 17; 101: 29; M0:1.
Arcnrdina to God's own word, as
First Come! Firat Served
.Again, some of the, wise Denomi
national teachers claim that it ii
the spirit of life that lives on after
mii Is dead and that it is the tldng
tiiat is hlcssced with n life of end
less blits or cursed with endless
torment, but I wish to say that such
ciaun is wnony wiiiioiu lounuanan v.,i,i vm. 1,1.-.. i ,..,,f l.,,,.. .. ,... ,:
for truth, for the reason that the' " ',,... , ,J k""j ncuijr.ruum,m.
phmso, "spirit of life" or "breath' leou thousand dollar bungalow at ldubcl, the most rupidly growing
of life" simply means Invisible County seat in South-Lust Oklahoma J The building is locuted with-
power. i wouui line to nave a in- lu two blocks lrom the Frisco Station, im iili.nl Incitm., fnr .. fit
cjcsiasies 12: that the" spirit re- room in tnu uuiming ami connection lor indoor 101
Muni to the God that gae it, wq ry was nitide with the bewornge system in July. In
u,e w teo tSS.'-B f "orn in every phase and represents the best
ed to lile agjun alter duth, returns most commodious frame building in MeCurtuin Coui
rdV u 'meani uk wiwer God hal tU llotclumi there .s no greater demand for such an enterprise at
given lite. When we read In he- uu' lutlco lllau Ulurc ls "t -Mabel. Electric lights are installed in cuch
cjesiastes 12: that tlie spirit re- room in thu building and connection for indoor toilets and lavato-
short, the build-
best constructed and
Couutv. Asi n hntal.
rf. ,
lo the one who lust gave it and nu'and restaurant, tins building, at its present location, will serve auv
one can live again until God in His om knowing how to conduct such a business as a veritnble "mint"
TiTm m'elrehan1!''1 ""V11 Ullhmitctl opportunity to make money, and there is absolutely no
Shat is It about man that L to 1 competition,
be rMurrectcdV It cretaiuly is not ldabel has recently installed a modern sowerogc system. Afino
the body Uiat is rc rrected for- the' $150,000 Courthouse was completed in August and a Government
LhuTthatGod wU?wve it iVbouy , build.u, ld I'1""1 bu ejected soon. Among the Colored
I Phone Osas 1385
Lifi I IIMBi T""iMgy'MTiMfrrtgSgTTIBP
Ease and Comfort
Always Found
Home of the Peoples' Cafe
in our new location. JBvery
street oar in town, passes
within 1-2 hlo,olc of our plaoe
Nice Clean Coz,y Rooms
and meals that you
can not forge t.
N. Fuller, Prop.
SIO North 2nd, Muskogee, Olcla.
Surburban Homes, Chicken Ranges.
We sell iir large or small bodies of land and. city property, Alsq
merchandise, Rooming Houses, Cafe, Barber, Shops, Pool .Halls,
Cleaning and Pressing Shops.
615 N. Main Street,
Wichita, Kansas
shown in ithc Scriptures just cited,
thre is nothing left of a man to
bo burned or Urmcnted after he is
The -would-be wise preachers oi
the Church Denominations tell the
people (that it is the soul of a man
Uiat is blessed or punishel after
death. This, then, of necessity
brings up Uie question as to what
Is the soulV A soul is a moving,
breathing sentient being, that nns
sense anil exercises inose .senses.
Man is a soul. Man has not got a
soul, but man himself is a soul.
There is unite a difference between
n tnnn linvinu u cow and being a
cow. Every creature that breathes
is a soul. God nppicd the words
"Living sous" to the lower onler
) animals ong before the creation
of man. Genesis 1:20-30, marginal
reading. The word "soul" is ap
plied "to both man and beast in
Vumbers 31:28. God declares that
bofh man and beast die alike and go
to the same place. The Scripture
r..n,K finis. "For that which ueiau-
eth the beast; even one thing be
ralleth them, as the one dieth so
dieth the other; yea they have all
mm breath: so that man hath no
nrn.piiiinpum nhove a beast for all
is vanity. All go to one place; all
are of the dus, and all turn to dnst
niKi'in." Krrp... ;i.tPS JM'.I-J ). J1V
J! opponent, lo be consistent, in view
of the scripture just ciicu, is im i.
to do one of the two tilings and that
is, lie must- cither denounce his
claim that the wicked dead are tor-
mentel throughout eternity, or taKe
the position Uiat the bad ox, mule,
or horse will roast Jhroughout cter
nitv and the good ones will go to
a Heaven of cjern.il bliss with, man
because the Scripture plainly says
that both man and beast have one
hnntli liavo the same breath
and go to the same place. To what
pice lo both mn and beast go'? That
place do both man and beast go.That
condition of non-existence, the same
place Capernum went.
The principal difference between
man and bea.s is, first, man is cre
sted with finer organism and there
fore capable of doing higher nnu
more noble thinking. Second, God
has made arrangements, for lhe
resurrection of man while no such
an arrangement has been made for
the brute beast,
. From where will man conip when
resurrected? From Uie- "Dust of
the earth," Daniel 12:2.
as it pleases J 1 mi, 1st Coriutluans
l.)-.;tS. it is plain lo seo that if it is
the body that is rcturrcctcd and
Uod gtes it a boilj the person would
uao two bodies. What is Uie "it"
UVit is toberciurrected' 1-or wuul
of better woids to express Uie
thought, we term it the "character
pattern ' that will be resurrected,
lo illustrate thi.v thought we will
use the pattern or a uiess or the
patent ot a piano. Uie diess may
wear out or tho piano may be
Knocked to pieces and thrown into
the scrap pue, but as long as sou
have the drwss pattern or patent to
Uie piano, ou can reproduce that
dress or that piano out of such ma
terial as pleases you. The charac
ter of no two individuals is just
alike. We are all shaping diame
ters different in some respect. God
carries the "character pattern" of
eery person in the chamber of His
memory and in the resureetiou days
will reproduce the "character pat
tern" of each person and give them
bodies as it pleases Him. .Now, con
cerning God's plan, the Scripture dis
closes the I act that uod loreKnew
thai man would sin and go into
death and that lie planned to redeem
him through the deatli of His Son
and in due time grant life everlast
ing to all the willing and obedient.
The Scripture further shows thai
God is working out His plan for hu
man salvation throuh three great
periods of Ume called "worlds" or
"ages." The first world or age
runs from the flood to the second
coining of Christ and the third
world or age runs from the second
coining of Christ onward without
cud. 2nt 1'eter a:U, , u. uou
used the first age from creation to
the flood principally in permitting
the Holy Angels to convince them
selves that It was not within their
power to rescue man from death,
ii.. iip,1 tho first part of the second
world or age to develop a liouse of
sen-ants which includes aU persons
loyal and faithful to God. down to
the first advent of Christ. He is
usiiiH the latter part of this second
wnrifl nr nee known as the Gospel
Age, to develop the Church, the
seed promise, the seed of Abraham,
the Christ, who is to bless all the
families or thel earin uuiiub "
third great period known as the
world to come, wherein dwcllcth
righteousness. Both the first and
the second world or age have been
and are being Wd in part to let
mankind convince themselves or
inability to establish a government
that would be the desire of the na
tions. These great periods of time
have also been used in letting man
learn something of the exceeding
selfishness of sin.
The Gospel Age was openeu up ior
the sole purpose of selecting anu
(tuallfying the qf fleers who are to
serve in Uie spirit phase of the in-
pntriini KinL'dnill. It W3S not God's
plan to convert the worm uuring
i,p finwwl Atic. God has appoint
p.I ii lnv in which to judge the
worldin righteousness, Acts 17:31,
nnil thp Ip.nclh of the day in which
man is to be judged is one thousand
years. (2nd retcr 3:7-n.)
Just at this point it might be well
for mo to explain the meaning of
the word "Church." The word
"Church" means a called out class;
it comes from tlic word "Ecclcsia."
It is composed of Jesus, the head
and the members of his body (Co
lossians 1:8) (Just here I will
have to stop a moment until I get
a drink of water.)
REV. II. T. S. JOHNSON: Friends
while we are wailing for our friend
to get a drink of water let us sing
"Guide Mo 0 My Great Jehovah"
somebody who can sing start it out.
(Thereupon the song entitled,
Gaide Me O My Great Jehovah" is
now sunj5 by the audience.)
peoplo there tiro lour churches, a fmo school, a picture, theatre stors
and a $10,000 gin, th hotel above occupying the central place.
The conditions of this proposition arc as follows: Rent $75.00
(1st three months in advance) ; each following in advance.
5 YEAR LEASE, $3,000 puyahlo in advance.
SALE, $9,500 $1,000 cash. Balunco on terms tosuit purchaser
A Sale is preferable.
It is guaranteed that this building cannot be duplicated any
where ior less than $J.u,uuu.
Any one wishing lo consider this proposition will see Prof. A. M.
Salono at Hooker AVaslungtos High School or 811 North Bullett St.,
Tulsa, Okla.
There are six other rent houses for sale on same and adjoining
blocks. See Prof. Salone.
If your are sick, tired out mid all broken down, you are one of
the most miserable people on earth. Get well and bo happy by using
Radium Water
We nso the pure unadulterated Radium "Water just a3 it comes
from Mother Earth for external and internal bihs.
Don't got despondent because medicine has failed to reach your
case. There is yet hope for you in RADIUM WATER.
Washington Bath
Clarcmorc, Okla.
Learn to bc an Auto Mechanic and gpt tho big
money. We teach you all about an auto. The
only Colored Auto School that is incorporated
that wo know of.
The Klann A.uto School
laola, Kan.
Julius HenUe, Prop
603 East Cameron St,
In Hotel Stradford Building
Hot Wattles and Plenty of Other
Good Things lo Suit the Most
WANTED Three Colored girls
to sell Ladies' Sanitary Belts. A
good seller. Splendid commission
paid. x Apply 1032 South Rockford,
B, L.1 Bailey.
The Plat of the Roosevelt Addition has been changed and the Prices
reduced to Five Hundred ami Six Hundred Dollars per lot Each and the
Terms also reduced to Ten Dollars down und Ten Dollars Per Month.
Get your Choice at once. They are selling Fast. We will show you these
Lots at any tiipc.
lOt No Greenwood
Phone O. 6673.
We Carry n full linc of pure and
wholesome Groceries and fresh
We appreciate your Business
18 N. Cincinnati Tulsa, Okla.
For wholcsomp Cooking and Service
324 E. Archer Tulsm, OkU.
w ..-$- X
. -J- inum. ; ,! .j. r'C . .4.t'."' fc.if.;.
A m3!A. '
S-iab . .Tfeah. '.-j-;.. Ji.t " ..vji" . j.. fc. . ',.
ijfat.. intiitU.-V-,. Ar

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