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Pawhuska Hat Several Thousand Visi
tors During "Mazuma" Week.
Pawhuska, Okla., Dec. 13 This city
has been one of the livest in the state
during the current week, due to the
annual payment of moneys to the
Osae Indians, which brings here
great numbers of annuitants, roller,
tors and spectators.
When the payment closes Saturday
Superintendent Carroll will have given
a tidy cash puru of approximately 2,000
persons, M per cent of whom come to
the agency to receipt for their pro
rata part. A total of about J27.",000
will have paused acroHa the table, as
ach person received about $125.
Much of this of course goes to square
up old accounts and re-establish credit
for the future, but the stimulating ef
fect on business is felt in all lines and '
all over tho county. Aside from the
business features the payment resem
bles a big family reunion, where mem
bers gather to renew acquaintances
and cement friendships. Tribe mem
bers gather from all parts of the coun
ty and surrounding country as much
to see others as they do to get their
money. This mingling keeps the
tribe in touch one with the other. They
talk over their affairs, discuss pending
propositions and exchange ideas on
their tribal business in general.
Many business men and bankers
from other towns comet to enjoy the
week with them and arrango for busi
ness dealings in tho future. Others
come as a matter of curiosity. Alto
gether It forms a big gathering and
tho city is taxed to provide shelter for
Payment week will long be remem
bered after the real disbursement of
money ceases.
The biisket-tiull team of the kI'Ih
representing the Vinita high school
easily won from the Adair girls last
night at the high school gymnasium
by n scare of SI! to 10. Tho Vinita
girls outplayed their opponents in
every part of the game and Adair only
succeeded hi throwing one basket from
the Held, making their other eight
points on free throws. The game was
tilled with Interesting climaxes and
senatlonal plays and guarding and
whlio the supporters of the Vinita
team felt that their players hud Mm
best of the deal and that defeat was
scarcely possible, yet their interest
was kept high by the splendid light
the visitors put up all through the
Tho entire team for Vinita did such
good work that it Is almost Impossible
to pick any "stars." but If any deserve
special mention it would be Catherine
Chambcrlin for her work at throwing
baskets from center. The guarding of
McCIuri Kcngto and Williams was up
to their- standard, and it was largely
due to their work that tin- visiting
team only threw the one basket, liar
rett and MrKatland crowned them
sehe.s with glory and diew much
pleasing comment by their playing at
forwards as they usualy do and (late
wood at center was in the game every
minute of tho time and always doing
her part. The visitors also had same
splendid players hut we were unable
to get their line-up and as a result
cannot give them the special mention
that they deserve, but both teams play
good basket-ball and more than pleased
tho spectators there to witness it.
The hoys game between the seniors
and the .sophomores was also a good
one. The seniors were the victors in
this by a score of 27 to l!oth classes
had some good men and the ictory
fell to the "dignified"' class only after
a hard struggle and then because of
their better team work. They had
men that had played together longer,
while the under classmen had the
"stars" of the contest. The sopho
mores were handicapped, too. by hav
ing some of their best players kept
out of the game because of grades and,
considering everything, their playing
was a surprise to every one. These
two teams will play again within the
next few days and they say that the
result will read Very different.
Final score: V. 1 1. S. girls
Adair girls 10.
Seniors 27
sophomores l'..
Great Crowd Sees "Mutt and Jeff."
One of the largest crowds that has
ever witnessed a theatrical produc tion
was at the Grand last night to sec the
splendid musical extravaganza, "Mutt
and Jeff." The production was with
out a flaw. The entire audience roar
ed at the comedy of the two character
reproduction of Bud Fisher's fan.ous
cartoons. Those who saw the pljy
last r.Ight and the same till a year
ago agreed that last tigM's show was
much the better. It was one of th
cleanest musical comedies ever s.-en
here and the costuming ar.d o-nry
had a clean r.ew look that added much
to the splendor of the production. Th-e
chorus was excellent and the sloits
rendered the popular songs in a way
that brought long encores from the
audience. Tle unusually well filled
house was entirely deserved and the
theatre-goers only wish Manager
Myers could secure mor- .uh splen
did shows.
Refused to Support Oklahoma Cover.
nor in School Board Controversy
Investigation Ordered.
Oklahoma City, Dec. 13. The state
administration received scanty consid
eration at the hands of the special ses
sion of the state senate which has Just
adjourned. None of the governor's
appointees over whom there was any
controversy were confirmed and all
the appointments he had made upon
the state board of education since its
creation two years ago were nullified.
Three of his favorite appointees were
placed la a "pocket" until tin? regular
scbbIoii and an investigation was or
dered of practically every state de
partment. It is agreed among most political
observers that a republican senate
scarcely could have shown a ruoro in
surgent attitude, toward the adminis
tration than the senate which. Governor
Cnicc had called in special session for
the express purpose of carrying out his
confirmation programme.
Some, of the administration wheel
horses, however, declare they scent a
plan among the senators having state
institutions that the governor has at
tacked, to hold a club over the guber
natorial head in hopes that the execu
tive w ill not insist on his recommenda
tions that a largo number of the state
schools be abolished. It is safe to say
I hat a majority of the senators have a
state educational institution in their
district which very naturally they de-
ire to protect.
Governor Cruce (barged during the
recent campaign and intimated in his
message, that senators and representa
tives from districts having state insti
tutions formed a combination in the
last legislature which made it impos-
ible to defeat any appropriation pro
posed for one of the institutions and
that he was compelled as a result to
use the executive veto in order to pro
tect the taxpayers of the state. The;
governor lopped off about $2,00i,noi of
these appropriations.
Criminal Court of Appeals Acts
Kingfisher County Cases.
Oklahoma City. Dec. It. A:i order
was issued by the criminal court of
appeals Friday commanding Sheriff
Clyde Smith of Kingfisher to liberate
Frank Cuinn and O. A. Sloan from the
county jail at Kingfisher, where they
have been held without bond for dos
ing up the election polls of 1'nioii town
ship. Kingfisher county, at the election
November and removing ballots,
tally sheets and boxes fro mth'j vett
ing places early in the day. At th
time Cuinn and Sloan declared this
action was taken because negroes in-
siMed on voting without qualifying to
thr 'grandfather clause in the state
election laws.
(Iniiin and Sloan are commanded to
appear before the criminal court of
appeals January L'l . 101".. They were
released Immediately upon informa
tion by telephone that the appellate
court had granted' their freedom. In
their petition for release, Guinn and
Sloan declared their imprisonment was
brought about by republicans for the
purpose of harassing tho election in
spectors who are democrats.
Purdy's Shoe Shop.
only up-to-date shop in Vinita.
6-1 1
.1. li. Iirooks, manager of the Idyl
hour theatre, this well will install one
of the latest moving picture machines
ever seen In this city.
LOST Ladies' pocketbook at Idyl
hour theatre. Finder please leave with
chief of police.
Learn Lesson From Failure, but
Think ef It Constantly Means
Only Discouragement.
Every woman Is apt to mourn orer
the mistakes acd failures she has
made, and to think of them as handi
caps on future efforts.
Of course, we are bound to regret
things which hate turned out wrongly,
even, as is often the case, we acted at
the time with the best of Intentions.
None of us like to think of ourselves
as fools, and when we hare made mis
takes it Is apt to take the life out of
our efforts, at least for a while, and
give us a very discouraged and dis
heartened outlook upon life. It Is but
natural to feel sorry for our blunders,
and it certainly would not do for us
to pass over them lightly and not think
of them at all. It Is exactly as fool
ish, however, to biood over them and
feel that tbey caa mar our future
Mistakes, failures, blunders, all can
be made useful to us; made to serve
us, if we but go about it In the right
way, not regarding them either too
morbidly or too ligntly.
If a woman 1s to be successful in
the business world, she certainly can
not afford to rraks too many mistakes,
yet no one Is perfect, and so when a
blunder is made it Is best to turn it
Into a sort of stepping stone for bet
ter things, for wiser efforts to follow
In the das to come.
Don't be discouraged; diaconrage
ment never helped any one. Simply
face the failure and admit It frankly
and fearlessly. Don't, above all else,
attempt to make excuses or try to
blame It upon some one else. At the
same time determine that you will
learn from experience and that the
blunder will not be made again.
Study your mistake, whether it came
during the day's work or In the other
affairs of life. See how you came to
make It, where your lack of Judgment
failed you or where impulses lead you
The woman who is to succeed in life
Is not the kind that tries to throw the
blame upon another; hut is the one
who is honest and has the moral
strength to take what she deserves,
without crying out that it is unfair or
trying to make excuses. She simply
turns all such happenings Into the mill
Df experience, so that they issue out of
that mill as knowledge to be used
afterwards in preventing a repetition
of the same or of other blunders.
Life Is not all an easy patch to be
lightly or carelessly trodden, and the
successful business woman is the one
I who has made mistakes, hut who hat
refused to let them overwhelm her;
who has faced them fully but without
discouragement, profiting by them and
through them acquiring her present
high position.
Don't let mistakes or blunders h!n
der your future efforts. They, one and
all, can be used as a ladder upon
which one can clluib beyond the pos
slhllity of ever making them again. S
turn your failures into friends and
helpers, and refuse to let them re
main enemiesSt. I-outs Republic.
Mistake to Imagine They Are Unsblt
to Cope With the Ordinary
Problems ef Finance.
An Investment expert, who wrote
book of 436 pages to explain the sltn
pie terms or his business, on ar
Idea (hat women art almost hop
lessly puizled by financial problems
saye a Chicago business man. Not
only do they fail to grasp the mean
ing of terms but the whole buslnesi
of handling money is confusing.
"Many investment bankers." hi
says, "doubt the wisdom of doluit
business at all with the averagf
woman, from the fact that so much
time Is consumed In explanation ol
details, and often from the lack ol
knowledge which many women have
of the most common buslnens rules
auu which, either from courtesy or
charitableness, the hanker often al
lows ner to nreas. to nts own pe
cunlary lose."
There is an issue to be joined here
I believe that the Investment batik
er today who refuses to do business
with women Is on the short road t
financial suicide. Women have
mental equipment as good as that of
any other people. Her business Is
very largely that of keeping a home
going, and that job Is one for an ex
pert disbursing mind. When need
arises sh can become a money
maker and also a wise Investor.
. - V . 1 .
a snort time ago a man asaed me
about transferring several thousand
dollars from a savings bank to bonds.
I gave him the best advice I could
and sent him to talk it over with his
wife. The two then went to a banker
downtown for a list of good pur
chases. Thla list the man showed
to me. I made a selection and the
bonds were bought A few days art
erward the man said to me:
"Say, the 'missus' is a fine busi
ness woman. While I was for hold
ing back a good part of our money
and keeping it in the savings bank,
she plunged in, and we've got all but
$1,500 in bonds." That money is
earning per cent, Instead of 2.
I do not regard that woman as ex
ceptional in any way.
The mechanism and driver's seat In
a new German war aeroplano are stir
rounded by an armored cylinder,
roof against bullets.
1 once called oa my old friend, Steve
Collard. and while there the conver
sation turned on courtship; and at my
request the obi gentleman told me an
Incident In his own love affairs, which
I give In his own words:
"Wail, seeing it's you. I don't mind
telling you about a scrape that hap
pened to me when I waa courting
Nancy here. That are la something
that I never tell anybody. But ye shall
bar it!"
"No, don't 8tevel- broke la the old
woman. ' I ahould think you would
be aahamed of yourself telling your
love acrapes to everybody."
"If you can't abear to hear it," said
Steve, "you may go out of doors! So'
here goes.
"When I waa nigh about twenty-one
I came sp here alone and built me a
cabin. j
"I hadn't a naber nearer than five
miles, ao ye see I didn't Quarrel much;
but as It grew to be near winter I got
kinder lonesome, and begun to think I
ought to have a woman to keep me'
company; ao on morning I started,
dow n to Lenway to take a look at the
glrla, to see if I could find one to salt
me." !
"When I got down to the village I :
asked a young chap if he knew of a
girl that wanted to get married, and he
told me that he guessed that Nancy
Knox did, and if I wanted a wife I had
better try and hitch on with her; and
he aald that if I waa agreeable he
would go to old Knox'a and make me
acquainted with Nancy, and he was
as good as his word; and 'twatn't an
hour before Nancy and I were on the
best of terms.
"Afore night I had hired out with old
Knox for two pounds a month with
board and lodgin', and I waa to work
all winter.
"Wall, for about two months I felt
aa neat as a mouse In a new cheese.
I courted Nancy every Sunday night,
and I was determined before another
month to ;p the question, and I hadn't
a bit of doubt but what Nancy would
be overjoyed at becoming my bosom
"Wall, about thla time there came a
fellow from London to keep school,
and he hadn't been there more'n a
week afore I found that he had a nat
ural hankering arter Nancy.
"Wall, one Sunday night, Bill Smith,
for that waa the critter's name, came
ifl. jest at dusk, and when the clock
atruck nine he didn't seem ready to
go. Old Mrs. Knox and the young
'una ail w ent off to bed, and there were
none left but old Knox, Bill, Nancy,
and I, and there w e eat, round the fire,
without saying a word.
"Always afore old Knox had gone
off to bed and left the coast clear for
Nancy and I, and I kept 'specting ev
ery minnit that he would tell Bill to
clear out, but he did no such a thing;
but Jest as the clock struck ten he
rla up.
"'Steve, says he, 'let's go to bed,
tor we must be up bright and airly.
"Wa'nt that a hint, eh? I looked
at Nancy, but she turned away her
bed, and at this I up and marched
out Into the entry, and up the ladder
to bed. I was boiling over mad with
creation Bill, Nancy, and old Knox in
particular. I got into bed and kivered
myself up, but I felt so bad that 1
couldn't go to sleep. Like aa not, the
schoolmaster waa kissing Nancy down
in the kitchen, and I couldn't shet my
eyes for the life of me.
"Wall, all at once it occurred to me
that there was some big cracks in the
floor over the kitchen, and I could
watch and see all that was going od
below ; so out of bed I got, and crawled
along close to the chimney on all
fours, and finding a big crack I looked
down through. Bill and Nancy were;
sitting about two feet apart, though
every now and then Bill would hitch
uis cnair a little nearer to her. IIw I
could have choked him then!
"Wall, I watched them for about a
quarter or an hour, and by that time 1
was near about froze, as It was an aw
ful cold night. But I wouldn't go tc
bed, for 1 was bound to know il
Nancy was true to me. By-and by
Bill hitched up his chair a little closer
and I could see that he had made uj!
his mind and was just going to kiss
"How it riled me! But I was bound
to see it through, so I moved a little
1 get a better view, and that minnit
the plank I was on tipped up, and
down I went right atweeu Uill and
"Bill thought for once that Old .Nick
had come, and he bolted out o' doors,
and I started out of the kitchen aa
quick as you could say 'scoot,' and as
I was going up the ladder I heard old
Mrs. Knox holler, 'Nance, scoot the cat
down, or she will break every dish on
the dresser.'
ine next morning, when we went
to milking, I popper? the question to
Nancy, and she said she would have
me, for she didn't care for Bill Smith,
und we have been married forty years
cum June."
Electric Light Canes.
Some canea are fitted with electric
lights. In the c8e of canes 'made
with the ordinary bend or crook for a
handle the light apparatus is set in
the body of the stick just below the
handle, with the lens in the side
Most of these canes are made straight
with the light equipment in the upper
end and the lens net in the cane's top,
this form of electric cane being more'
convenient to use.
There is a button at the side which
Is pressed to make the light show.
The only battery by which the light
is produced can be renewed 1b these
canes, Just aa it can be in pocket or
other electric flashlights.
International Bank & Trust Company
CAPITAL $100,000.
The moit comprehensive farm paper All the news
intelligmtly told Farm questions answered by a prac
tical farmer and experimenter Exactly what you
want in market reports.
One Year 25 cents
Address THE WEEKLY STAR Kansas City.Mo
ta mm
mm mm
to Loan on Good Farm Lands in
Northeastern Oklahoma in Any
Amount, from $200 Up
Our Contracts are fair and liberal. We believe in the country
and will loan as much per acre as anyone. Our interest rates are
reasonable, and loans may be paid off in sums of $100 or any
multiple thereof at any interest paying date. I can inspect your
land at any time and c!o5e the loan as soon as the abstract shows
good title.
You do not have to wait a
Week or a Month
to get your money, tut you get it at once, and you get what you
borrow. We make our rate to all and guarantee fair and business
like methods in our dealings.
If you have an old loan coming due soon and are in need of
some more money or wish to make a new loan, call and see me,
or write and I will call and see you and talk the matter over vvitfi
R. P. CLAY t General Agent
Barrett-Baffington Building Vinita, Oklahoma
An Invitation
Some of you have neglected to start a bank
account because you thought you did not have a
large enough sum to start with. It makes no dif
ference to us whether you have a large deposit or
not what we want is your business. We want
the advertising you are sure to do for us, on ac
count of our trf ament of you.
We believe we merit being called
I $1 1

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