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ItrlHrrkltj (Eljtrftatn
On Vear, by mail
2MX Month, ty wall
Ttir.n Month, i y mitll
Vinita. Okla.
Friday, December
A mob may he right in prin--ii
vro"s in method.
I-, ha
No. 'Past us. tl;.' f gl tinir
;in at dayl t.ht at Jay.
.1 t:o he
Once in war. twice in the pivsidon
tial chair but never in peace guess
There are still some conservative
people who think the bank toik is tho
best "do luxe" book.
At last reports from the governor's
conference, Governor Cole Please still
had his shirt on.
Friday, the I nth may be of bad
omen but it won't last lorg ami will
not occur again soon.
; it your toes are trodden on by Christ
, mas shoppers, be sure to tell the sales-
girl just what you think of her.
Dudish men are wearing very tight
trousers, but you can still get Into
them without using lifting: jacks.
A riot was created la a New York
theatre the other night, because some
thorus girls came on wearing clothes.
There is a good deal of talk about
rewarding Col. Ooethals, but what
caucuses has he carried for th poli-
i ticlans?
Millions of families will eat cold
, storage turkey for Christmas and hope
lor better times when they can have
1 ham hash.
The bogus book business would have
been fine if some literary -critter down
at l'os ton hail not opened them up to
read them.
Chairman Pujo proposes to break
up the stock exchanges, and with all
thos poor lambs bleating to be
sheaved, too!
Harvard students carve the Yale
score on various buildings, thus per
: petuating the literary glory of the
cuneiform inscriptions.
The president-elect has 100,000 of
fices to distribute, but when will the
needs of a growing country be met by
providing a job for every applicant?
The question for congress is: How
I to stir up the money trust octopus
. just far cuough to make hun hush his
t - tail without making him really bite.
yH A number of statesmen on being in-
i vited to the republican harmony din-
i ner have politely replied, "Thank you
for the invitation, but darned if I'll
l0)' According to a special dispatch from
ro Washington, one or two congressmen
4y woro listening part of the time when
t ' tho president's message was being
Christmas trees without candies are
being recommended by careful people,
but what show is there of getting the
worth of your insurance policy in that
The national law-maktrs propose
gloriously to refute the charge that
they are a "do-nothing congress," by
appropru'tir;; inen
money th.vi ever
Senator Tillman's pitchfork
been outdone by Governor
(lease's oxphi!s with the useful old
implement kit v,n mi the farm as the
ting fork.
- - O -:b-'i
of m
ave gv-l i
tjiiite a ni;i
millionaires 1
States senate
bitkms peoph
w ,m a .' i.ot
o the Cnited
It is strange bow am
wi'l b it' i" w here they
don't belong
A Harvard pr.i:es.or ,i;s a-a a:;i;Ie
worm can t1'.'. k. bat any small boy
will tell you that they have a most
U'.ocieal vl,: 'e'lor, to ber'tr p.acei
the hook.
The toi'.ntry orres poruiem who sov.t
in the two line item: "The Italian
ililed his wile last night, vvus not
robabl yhave a very extended career
iti journalism.
v)tue ii vitv- 1... , v i-.x . 0 ....
tt. , . .... :
liflut rr, soinc to Join, the inaugura-
Salvation may be free, hut the small
hoy expects a pair of skates to be
thrown In with it before he will go tr
Sunday School.
Shupp is the last wtk belY'ie C
mas should remember t ! ; t t h
latl.lo i.; ro ii-tipiT per:.ii.-snbh
this v . ar's rub s,
t ii:g to the i iinr
Mr. Tatt T. U.
i-;iv ed the pvstcal '.
t:oit of tin' nnti.
.IVe !Ot Vet IV-
tiov r.'iini'.o' !v
i vi !;:"i, at t.:s ,-v.
Yhov an- talki-tt of ta'tiag the desks
out ii toiuiess to i:a!;e room, inre
wV.l !.() t rouble aliotit chances un
til they remove th - i uspidors.
The i.:ition s b- ing asked how
shall these red Hag processions be
dispursed. Piubably if they were all
offered jobs they would soon scatter.
VYhtu they get 'Christinas thor
oughly systimatized, no doubt it will
become customary to ask boot whvn
you get tho worst end of a swap of
The tollege students are coming
home for Christmas. It is hoped they
will be sternly repremanded for waist
ing their time since the foot ball seas
on closed
Turkeys continue very high. It is
iot supposed that the farmers will
take to raising them any more, be
cause if they did they might make
some money.
The woman's colleges are so over
crowded that some of the girls sleep
on the campus. Meanwhile, the Amer-
ican Kiunen is as empty as me nans
of the Ceasars.
The harvester trust is to
$1,000,000 an scientific agriculture.
Hope it does not all go to train farm
ers' boys to spend millionaires' money
on fancy farms.
Some of the church choirs need to
be reminded that you can't change
coon song into a t nristmas aninem
merely by writing words about shep
herds and angels.
The statement that $','00,ooo.(to0 will
be needed for pensions this year af
fords distinct relief in congress, where
fears had been entertained that there
might bo a surplus.
Governor Wilson has to pay ess
os t age an most o fthe letters he gets.
anu it 1.1 strange that the oince sock-
ers are not bright enough to semi mm
- O -
If the man who made tho winning
touchdowns can get his hat on with
out using a shoe horn, he has acquired
one of the most important things that
:tny college can teach.
President-elect Wilson says he is
going directly home to help Mrs. Wil
son with the unpacking. Soon, too,
he will have to assist her put the bur
lap on tho parlor furniture.
There is a feeling at Washington
that the Smithsonian collection wil!
lot be complete until Governor Cole
I'.icase's stuffed hide is set up there
Uoiig with T. 11. 's wild animals.
The army men think a foreign in-
. .... ..... , , ,..
vasion is likely, but it is more likely
that they will have to be satisfied with 4
the glory to be obtained by keeping
the lawns well mowed about the forts.
The H.tilv Chieftain has more inches
,... - --
' advertising each day than all other
Vinita papers combined, arid it may
be remarked incidentally that it
rent n s
ni-ne p"p!e mat trail
he i ouiuy
wit ihing in leasing a sale and s.ui-
itary building for court quarters and
will meet with the approval of the
people of the county. Py the time the
I present lease expires a new
j house will doubtless be erected
j O
Vinita has exnendet
J'-i'.i'iMi in school
last two years.
1 , 1 1 ;,, 1 ,.,
and now buds all her school buildings ;
crowded to the doors and is met with
the problem of so m havir.g to turn
t ay p-.;pi!s for lack of room, tuber .
b:i.'di::g w ill have t. b
: ! 1 ted StKUl
!eg:n to cor
. h th- v :::t
! Vinita m;i
.!'.' how , w 1,1 1
.,; t
; well
a :'d w
V ra'.al philosopher ne n-markeii.
it: it the on.lv s;,tisfai to: y way to eat an
or:ii;e is to co out on th
i:'' h...r;
wl.ere th.ere are no carpets, remove
all our tlothi'.g. ar.d prtu-eed to en
joy tiie juicy goiilen sphere.
The annua! ripetv.r.g of this t rop of
te.:.-e:;.r.ited sar.slur.e sugcests that
attthorities on etlkuotte are not fully
agreed as to what is the strictly orth
odox way to capture its aromatic rec-
' 1. .-. i.;,io.. ..K.v.t. iK.o
11 IS UiliLO ivuaviv, ti
cudisheilu write to the editor of the
Ladies" Home Journal, he would tell
you to t.se tie tainted spoon tor.v.w ?
ly found oi the hotel table. Still, the
juices of the yellow ball are so tightly
held together, that the least misplayjaro that ho gets turned down simply
of spoon or the slightest overuse of
l:r e n tlf yi'liow tluit s putting
on, on liu- hi st tabl- i over. This
tabl-' (over. This
iliit'H lie it
tl. movement t -
u:siieral peace.
- v-'.i-i i-i r.i.-i I-- .vi ' - ii.'
in i.i'or i no
j-ohu iaM..oi.Mi ua o, rt moving
th. hkin and divi.iit-g the fruit into th-
a ay of rt iiiov itig
. ,. !i;.-uts i reattil i-y t.ati.'i'e a::J f'r
ja.-t this ptrpo--.e. Tlie purist i'i man
l.i is la:,v s:!V frit s!e h 1 -1 n r.i I iV
hai.diing oi f ed by the tingeis is
n-ire suited to the kit. h- a than the
-i,::;i,-r room. Mi
i :
!!.! i ;ca! con
-i-li ratios; remain- tl
t thereby you
K'talli eveiy dnp of thi
i roia.
pen :ous am-
' Tho changes now being made in
the designs of paper money and of the
live cent pie'-e are received with some met nous by which a merchant serves
derision by humorous paragraphers. the public efficiently. ;
Nevertheless, every man who ever They question too, whether his goods
had much to do with the printing bus- a"e of such standard character that '
iness will be pretty sure to welcome he can afford to guarantee their qual
the proposed changes as sooa as they.y a,ui Rood value through the pub
appear, licity of advertising. It looks too, as
Any printer with an eye for craft -
manship would say that the designs
of American coins and paper money
have looked about like the printing!
that used to be put out 2o or f.O years
Any man with an eye 101 form should
see how great an improvement the
Lincoln cent was over the ancient
and commonplace drawing of the old
copper. The slender and graceful let-
tering, the suppression of needless de-
tail so as to throw attention on the
central features, and the eranhic illus-
tration of the Lincoln head, create a
Uegign of whjch Aluericans may well
3e prouj
If you look over the types of a print
i shop you can detect the old faces by
' their coarse shading, and the stiff
tv f th.ir kt .i.ht
The fat letters on the old coins and under the cathedral aisles of the for
on the present paper money are like est- The crisp air of December stiui
these old type faces. A good printer Julated merriment, and no one thought
would scarcely care to turn out an t was work.
auction bill with such ungraceful
It may be said that these symbols
of value facetiously known as the
long green pass so rapidly from hand
' " , ' '
at it makes no difference
Mr designs are good are
to hand, that
whether tin
net, provided they pass at the grocery
Nevertheless, don't overlook the
value of an example of good craft-
manship. In all the mechanical arts
today, line work, having beauty of de-
sign and delicacy of execution, com-
.,,.,,,, ., ,. . T f
liKUUin tl lllhll I'l 11 I . I( I VllVir K' VI til
show that his priBt shop can'J at
h-ast as well as a country paper:
-pi... v. v,.i. . ,
i lie i.en i 01 n. l nuea iart e 111
teresting step in offering prizes for
the best American deigns of women's
,,cW Tnr nr1'ht .,
tashions, for ;i spnng hat, a spring
.... ,.nw i,
Ult.Oi3 ttill tt 11 t 1 V. IHll 1 1. . i"lt,l
well be aped that this will encourage
the growing feeling that Ameman
people are bright enough to design
their own clothes.
Anna (I. Noyes, in an article in the
Independent a few years ago, said th-at
while the most wonderful advances
were being made in every other de
partment of human life, in women's
dress, the century had seen but three
improvements. These three were the :
, , . t
auction in the number and weight f
Tt tnfn ta anil tho nnitvn unit uinr.
.11 iiieiu .
It is not strange, that when a dnss-
matter or a nnmner ptus a rans tag on
aker or a milliner ptits a Paris tag on
her goods, at once its beauty is en
, . , .
And at
t, . u 1 - ti vl 1- 1
l Unquestionably Tari has hf.d, and
still has, many wonderful designers
I of women's clothes. Put the gown
that fits th sporty girt at I.ongcfcamps j
races or the Moulin Rouge comes a
long way from adapting itself to the!
'American business girl or the sedate
house mother of our homes.
I That Americans are capable of de
lignirg appropriate styles is asserted
bv the Ladies' Home Journal, which
. -
'lonsMi-rs the walkr. g length skirt and
the taiior-fd suit as distinctively Amer
ican productions. The Japanese ki
mono i rained as a stle that has !.- '
1 on: universal ar.f wl.ieh d;-j not t rn
from fttns
l'i,e csmui.,,! tro. .!;.- wit'i dn-sj. r--fo:i.ic:
t ila'e h.s St-en that they
b.ave I.itUed te"hi'ica". skill. Kven if
tho'r (l ati.ms Inn! artistic symmetry
of line, it w.is not safe' tie t that th-y
should ::t len-e twKi-len Indian of a,
ley hLure. '
When thev came t ! worn bv
.some woman, met r.i en 10 iorres:x':
' ; '
, , ,, . ... ,
eonsequentlv foil intv al! th shv. enlv I
disarray of a mistit. I
V'1-.e '.'4 110. iilIJ1-!)? li. rtuil'!i;.-li:i;
..-v.. .j,
has enlarged so much during re en t states have ued -thn'r n'mott skill in follow a line of authorities so repug-'the other hand, any one of those re
tears, is that ah rt selh-rs of nnrt ban- 'Oklahoma and hate met with no p.u- r.aat I reason, so demoralizing to re- solves involves a pretty big contract
dise realize that a business to su-t !; urn- success. Keen th-.- sov t i-nm.-nt respect for law. and so destructive to 'for most of us to live up to. You can
must carry an atmosphere of snccss departtm-; t at W.xihinzum no wad- justice We believe that an-'see how fathire t tu- L
about it.
The man mho walks tip to a busi
ness office In soind clothes, with his
have good qualifications for the Job
, for which he asks. Put the chances
on his appearance. He looks as if 1:
, had been failure in tv hat he l.a.I pri
i v um, y i.nii rtaki n. This
I ioi'y t-nieltakeu. This mav Seem
r - n .s'lvnicial ,ay for .n c.,ip:.v,,r of
i lul,or u' ia-- ' appli-art. I. it
-ve nii.-i.oiii 4iuu ui.-i niMis u..iy. i.i.yi
lace unsi.uiii and his !Ov)ts d.rty. i.riy
he si
ne si;vj.j i.as to j-.uige ol a man s true
nature by such exterior s-gr.s as he
tan u.Avi.t, and osua'lv these ttll On-
- j.-tory i.rre(tly.
I Th ),!',. !.,,.,,.. ,.f .. i t
M C jlldgS (if a IIS, r. iUUltV
t-harat t
r. oi his t ntr rprise and re- J As Missouri is, and will continue to I which he knows by experience is re
by sin :lar xteniMi- signs, be, one of the beat corn states in the 'sponsible in large part for th" distrust
d ! -IVHiOct they consider his nation it will l.o Iionefittoil liv tho 'in whieh th.i ;irllninit;trntiiin ftT ilictint.
- : i 'irst
tlisposithm to t- II about his gio-N by
;i erth-ir.g.
mi mi wui me uiaa no (ios
jnot advertise is not in th? game, if in-
deed the ythink of him at all. They
-n,.,.. ... i .i.... ,i ,
think that he does not have the enter-
prise to keep up with the ordinary
Jil" they were being sold at prices that
ou!d not be made attractive to the
buyer if publicly described
A good sized advertisement, bi.s
''"ough to look as if a firm were on
the map and in the game, has just the
effect on a business that is given to a
by wearing good clothes and pre-
senting a brisk, alert and wide awake
ler. It indicates prosperity, and
sts that a merchant has a ret-
ori1 f having given satisfaction to the
"Trimming the church" used to be
a joyous and jolly proposition. Where-
ever evergreens of any kind were
handy, the young people would scour
the woods for miles around. The jolly
lauehter o fthe. nickers would resound
atwr te evergreen nau been
.gathered into the "vestry," what jolly
times the young people would have
tying the wreaths and knotting rope.
No one ever called that work either.
j , th ..if tod,v th rpirillflfioil
! In the tit todaj, the regulation
Christmas greens have mostly been
bought at llorists. with good money
from widows' mite boxes.
-Many churches may still be able to
get volunteer workers to dim the lad-
tiers. Put in many others, it has all
Pone over to the care of professionals,
AH this costs money, and is simply
,. ,,f the i iinmm'-rable chances in
- - ---- -
habits and manners that largely ac-
count for the modern cost of living.
Furthermore, what has become of
that 1,1,1 !iJ,irit wf devotion with which
the fathers and mothers used to rise
early and toil late to promote the wel-
r. , k, i i ,,.i, . -
, "u v "' ""' " """"
The grandfather would attend church
three times a Sunday, teach Sunday
school classes of turbulent boys, spend
several hours a week in preparation
for the same, and cive one night a
week to the solemn devotion of prayer speak ef the progressive opinions of (a hundred dollars, seems like so much
meeting. The grandsons and grand, the court of criminal appeals of Okla-rubbish- The litt,e bit of roal green
daughters, on the other hand, have to honia. Some lawyers- question the ery from some desolate mountain
be implored with patience, pleading. wisdoii of following the decision of side Hghted' wth candles the obso
a d persistence to go d.iwn to the these newer states. We would replete method of illumination used in the
church a single night and hang the mind such that the architecture of our j inconvenient home of our grandmoth
Christmas roie and wreaths. best western cities follows, not what .e18' seems lovelier and more pleasing
However, one cuts a poor figure was characteristic of New York fifty,10 normal unspoiled human nature,
with lnbnbrious lamentations on the tears ago. but what is characteristic' Tne best things in life are not
decadence of modem times. The rea- of the metropolis today. Western ten-1 bought with cash. If you keep the
sou whY the bovs all used to turn out
,to trim the church was perhaps not
so much saintly devotion as the swish
of feminine petticoats. It was the
, , , " ... . ,. ,
cniuice 01 me wees to get 10-
gethefl- irith the girls. When the young
kvtuv- nnu (11 1,1119. viiv J '
people turu out for a toilsome job
nowadays, it is much more likely to
oe STHUiue putme spirit.
From November 2a to December 10
1: ' iloi 1; island railroad ran a Kahir
Corn Special" in Oklahoma, a train
made up and tarrying agriculturists
for tho sole purpose of teaching how
to raise kath'r corn. A conservative es- t.
timate of the total expt nse of the train
is piac.ti at $S..Vn. There were, of
course, no charges at any of th-1 lee
turvs and : 0 r-vei'u to offset the ex
pense. As a i roil:
tri;n a'i i::e
!gaiii.-t the cost of tills
ck Island has to sho
is tiK ta t that 1"1 towns wen
.iii-1 that :.. ,ir;y :i.i'"" pec-pb
the iectiirts
ptT tent of
vi:i. d by ti
w ,i: pit,: ' I :
Its. hope is that ,k fair
these people werr con-
arguments offers and
" i i :s ; --a-l of I' d a ; 1 -ini
r.ext sprip:
It ha taken Oklahoma a toed many
years to tome to the tone V-wion that
ir ran r.nt m!-; !r. d-nn mrn
That is.
raise it successfully
year fter year.
nf-re the state was entirely opened
to setth-n-e: t ti.e poor showing :i
., , .....
corn vvas attr:bjt-l to la-1: of :n?-n-
gent farrain
Put in the past
years farmers from M ttouri. Ka:..-.is,
UOhU Slit
! other rd r-o.t or!i
mits what it refused t- do tor a Uk.z
time tint Oklal.oui i ts v r z to.-..-
growing stat'.
The real significance, then, of thislence to the ubgtantial merits of the
Rock Island special train is that Okla
homa is being asked to give up corn.
Kaiiir wil! grow in Oklahoma every
j ear, and corn will not. And the
uhiih uill , nlfimntlv if
inut Immediately, m-ans that Oklahoma
J will drift back toward its original forte
-l.f:i-:i s .i.i i. Kaflir is
ttrcii i .:.: :t. Kal.:r is a
rop. strictly speaking, and the quid; -
ar.d best way to profit from its
Jut tion is by feeding it to cattle.
farm o?i whiih it is
rrnn 1
chance in crons in Oklahoma. We
will be glad to send our corn south-
est a l 'w lmn-ired miles in exchange
for cheaper and fresher meats and be-
ijeVe such an exchange nroerarn will
work out well for both states
Through most of the year the prob
lem of maintaining Sunday School at
tendance seems increasingly difficult.
Rewards of gilt pins, crosses and
crowns, and illuminated and illustrat
ed cards affect the child mind with
more or less persuash ness. But all
these schemes stir the jaded feet of
the unwiIlinS scholar but for a time
The lure of the Christmas tree pull
ed the boy of a generation ago, who
annually turned up to get his quaint
cop-v of the stilted Ro11 books- Tt Pul!s
the bo' of tod' who is wilIinS t0
hear even about Habbakuk and Mel-
chisedek. in order to help strip the
ahintner nnH rtttteriv, nt
Not that the Sunday school scholar
h astisfied with the gifts that chance
and teacher may award him. It costs
money to run a Sunday school. Teach-
pr has crious. Probk'muto make a
respectable showing with the fragment
ui tuidii iiiaui- iii.mi an iiisuncia
It is the element of suspence that
gives this drawing power even to a i
small gift. The unimaginative teach
er will give a $1.00 "Scholar's Com
panion" year after year. This array
of school room tools make3 the eyes
dance the first time, but when repeat-
ed all the element of mistery is gone,
vounsters look onviollslv at the
lr.e voungs ers look enviously at the
other kidlets, to whom there came
the joy of the unexpected in the form
of a 20' cent knife.
It of course looks nowadays as if
you had to bribe the children to study
the Pible. For wages of candy, pop- j Few customs have such a hold as
corn, and jacknives, they are willing that of distributing Christmas gifts
to listen, with s .ray,' interruptions of on a real evergreen tree,
turmoil, while the teacher talks about I Somehow there seems to be no
the world's one great book. J Christmas spirit without it. ' Many
Still let no one become pessimis- j poor families feel it so keenly that
tic. Render unto Ceasar the things even a cheap artificial tree of tin foil
that ans Ceasar's, runs tile word. That foliage does something to creat a holi
meanp tiiat you have got to satisfy day atmosphere.
the boy out of the coin of Bovland.
. ' . ;
wlH(h of course ls the candv, popcorn,
, i.,,!.,,:...- nfm-ccoiri
and jat knives aforesaid.
We nave had frequent occasion to I
dencies are modem. A man ehaixed
with murder was recently convicted
in Oklahoma of manslaughter and
sentenced to a term of twenty-five
.- ..... . . ....
jtup jiuii j.--oiiiue;!:i. tne trial court'
erroneously instructed the jury on the ,
doctrine of self-defense. The evidence
showed that the deceased was shot in
the back. Oklahoma's statutes, like
those of many states, provide that on
appeal the higher tourts must give
judgment without regard to technical
enters or uetects or exceptions winch
do not affect the substantial rights of
th:' parties. The supreme courts of
luany states have deliberately ignored
s'atnte. Oklahoma is trying to
live up to it. New York has the same Jean have a lot of fun riding on the
statute exactly. In this case the Okla-'street cars.
r-enui court said: q
Upon a consajVraiioii of th- entire! A club of Chicago girls wont marry
record, we ar oi the opinion that.! men having less than $."00u income,
while the trial court erred as t ) the but iaiending purchasers would do bet
th, jury nei-e - 3-;m iy right in tiie ter to wait for the customary mark
' ' !! i' -V-i rt whu-h they arrived: and down sale.
that i iin:y r.: stak" was made, it was: q
ii co Uti.-.g the appellant of man-! President Taft may become a pro-
i 1
tr in th" first degree. whe:i
they sh(o!d have tonvicttd him ofOf course he could not t.vt a job as
murder While there is error baseball coach right off.
in the record, yet we find that appel-J q
lant suffered no injury thereby. -1 Wi,l try to b? kind.
Speaking of appellate tourts which j 'i will try to find the good in others.
.-vt :
-a-s bf -cHv.se of the ignor-1
:.i. .- of mistaken judgment of prose-
' ' s r-t dtriai judges, where a flaw-j
less in .' trial could result only i: a
I ke verdic t, the court quotes from
or.-? of its former detisions these
detune to be bound by or to
pellate courts should faithfully and
fearlessly do their duty, and decide J
jtv. - iy t!u-stiOU JirtScStcd with refer-;
- .
case. In this way only can justice
be administered.
Chief Justice Henry Furman of the
court of criminal appeal of Oklahoma,
who wrote this opinion in Fowler vs.
State, 1"0 Pat-iV Reporter, page S31,
was ar one time one of the most cele-
jbrated riminal lawyers hi northern
j Texas ;ird the lrdian Territory. When
'practicing he vised, in 'the Interest of
his clients, every dodge and techni
icality known to the taw. As a judge
i li-ic c.t liij f:irn n-rlinst a evetom
in onr criminal i-ourtu is risrhtlv hf-hl
by the Dublic. In eanv life he was a
. . .
common seaman, which may account
for his common sense Collier's
When the keen-edged autumn
breezes come with hint of
snows and freezes, when the
landscape in the morning
wears a coat of frost and rime,
then we motals, how we shiver.
O How our very inwards quiver,
O how we long, with sighs regret-
O ful for the good old summer
O time. Yet three moons have
10 scarce passed by us since we
O needed precepts pious to make
O smooth the rock pathway for ' O
our worn and weary feet. We O
w Bero " perspiring, v
j we were -anguishing and tiring, O
i we grumbling at the O
O weather man, and swearing at O
O . the heat. Oh, the autumn tints O
O the wildwood with the fairy O
O scenes of childhood, and the O
O glory of the hilltops ought to O
O rest our weary bones; but the O
O crisp and frosty twilight casts O
O a gloom across our skyligat, O
O and wc fill the glowing atmos- O
O phere with agonizing groans. O
O Thua we flounder through the O
O seasons, always giving sundry O
jO reasons why all tilings a?e
0 brighter, better, than the bless
0 ings by our side; we go hoping.
longing, fearing, toward the
land to which we're steering,
r uu tu u were rims,
lo we are blest beyond deserving
but we're never satisfied
o o
It all goes to show that at times
when you drop life's more sordid am
bitions, nature rather than dollars pro
duces real happiness. On Christmas
eve the bronze chandelier, designed
and fashioned by cunning workmen for
iueari OI a cnua. 'ou are happy be-
cause you enjoy simple pleasures with
in your reach. If you don't keep the
heart of a child, the most expensive
luxnri tr mrlv in, hrb0n r-tot
' '"-" vm-oi
as 1058 tne weeK after.
There is a difference of opinton, as
to whether tho break in the stock
market i caused by the Pacific .roads
'decision, or because one of tho Wall
'Street crowd saw the moon over his
The New York burglar who got 10
000 nickels iu a bag may have trouble
in getting rid of the coins. Put he
fessor of constitnfinn!.! t.-., v..i
'T n-ill -.ii-ri cKHL.ta.,. -:i
..... oviusiiiiic- nuu uie.
pecially into the dark places.
"i will try to make someone happy
each day.
j "Perhaps it would be better to leave
'out the word 'try' because the mum
j suggestion of 'attempting' leaves ri
'sort of loophole for not 'doine- On
-- - -v -v, ...v. .., irwnt'
like these and there are bound to be
many failures doesn't destroy their
working value."
; ' tion parade, but the Barr.u:
LJailey menagerie has not yc
) ()) : -tented to march.
. el
; :

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