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Bryan And President-Elect Hold an
All Day Conference Considered
No Application.
Princeton. N. J- Dec 22. After a
lay of lengthy conferences in Trenton,
the most important of which was with
William J. Uryan, President-elect
Woodrow Wilson returned tonight to
Ma homo here, tired and ready for a
So far as shedding light on the gos
sip as to Mr. Uryan's future relations
with the administration, the confer
mcr; between the two men today was
productive of nothing more than specu
lation. Mr. Wilson said very frankly j
that while he had talked about men
for his cabinet with Mr. Bryan, the
name of the N'ebraskan was not men
tioned. As to future conferences with
Mr. Uryan, none was arranged or talked
of, Mr. Wilson said. While discussing
last night the subject of patronage,
the president-elect made it evident
that those who expect to get political
appointments from him had bettor not
try to manifest their ambition in per
son or apply directly to him in any
"I have a sort of general principle,"
ho said, "that those who apply for
offices will be tho least likely to get
Many Disqualified.
"Theu a great number have been
disqualified already," he was asked.
"Yes," was tho smiling reply.
The question reminded the president-elect
of a letter he had received
from an office seeker.
"One man wrote me," related Mr.
WllBon, "saying he was thinking of
applying and would like to know from
me personally what was the best way
to go about it.
"Thero was no reply," he said. He
added that he, of course, expected to
take advice about patronage and
would be guided in a great many ap
pointments by the recommendations
of members of congress.
The summoning of Mr. I'.ryan to dis
cuss active politics and tho personnel
of tho cabinet was, tho president-elect
. indicated, one of a serlo3 of steps
which ho Is taking to determino upon
the fitness of individuals for tho cab
inet. Sir. Wilson intends, moreover, to
carry out literally his plan ot being
the "best listener in the United States"
and expects to continue to "take com
mon council" for some tinK perhaps
as late as March 1, before making final
decisions or announcements.
In view of Mr. Dryan's connection
with the drafting of the democratic
platform, the conference concerned
largely plans for carrying out platform
Went Over the Platform.
The governor was asked if Mr.
Uryan seemed to be in favor of any
precedent in the order of legislation.
"We went over the platform in a
general way," replied itvj governor,
"with no special emphasis on one
plank more than another."
Mr. Wilson was told last night, that.
Mr. LJryau had said Just before his
departure that he planned to attend
the Inauguration "if tlu? weather is
"I hope he'll attend the inaugura
tion, a.id I hope the weather will be
line, too," said Mr. Wilson approvingly.
Judge Kobert S. Hudspeth, national
conmiittct : man from N'ew Jersey, and
ICdward K. Crosseup. democratic state
chairman, ((inferred with the governor
;ib3iit state business in the afternoon.
The long day of conferences ended
a week of the hardest work Mr. Wil
son has done since the campaign end
ed. When he reached home he showed
a little fatiguo and looked forward to
resting on Sunday. ,
Showered With Gifts.
For once in his life, President-elect
Woodrow Wilson doesn't mind having
his birthday in the holiday season.
Since his nomination and election, gifts
of every kind and description have
been pouring in to him daily, but with
the approach of the holidays they have
multiplied. Three live turkeys already
have arrived for Christmas, which he
will spend at home with his family.
"A boy of eight," said the. governor
last night, "lias just written me that
he was born on the same day I was
December 2S and has invited me to
his birthday party.".
The governor said the letter was in
a childish handwriting and pleased
his greatly. ,
"I think it's pretty hard on a boy to
have a birthday around Christmas
time," mused the governor. There are
so many other people getting presents
then that he doesn't get the considera
tion, which a birthday might give other
times." i
The offer of a cow from a man in
Iowa has been declined by the president-elect.
' ' j
When Heavy Mtat Dlshts Are Out of
Place These May Be Used to Ad
vantage Both Cooling
and Nourishing.
The appetite Jaded by heat may be
tempted by salads only when those
salads are seasonable. Heavy meat
concoctions and most of the fish mix
tures are not suitable for hot weather.
The ideal summer salad has three
requisites it must be light, appetizing
in appearance and icy cold. French
dressing is more seasonable than may
onnaise, also more digestible, and
fruits and vegetables are preferable
to nuts, fish or meats. It Is hard to
get headed lettuce in summer, but if
the young, tender leaves of the gar
den lettuce are crisped by being put in
a cloth on the ice they are improved.
Salad being both cooling and nour
ishing, may be eaten at both lunch and
dinner. To prepare it easily have let
tuce always crisping in the refrigera
tor and also have a pint bottle filled
with a thick French dressing. This
should be well shaken before using,
and any left in the salad bowl may be
strained and poured back.
It is economical to use left-over
vegetables and fruit from dinner of
the previous day. Particularly nice Is
one made of tomatoes cut in eighths,
asparagus, shredded green peppers,
thinly sliced cucumber, a cake of
Neufchatel cheese and a liberal supply
of Chill sauce. This is well marinated
with French dressing flavored with
onion, or chopped onion may be mixed
through tbe salad. Serve on a bed of
This salad my be mixed with strtng
beans, peas or small lima bean a.
Cream cheese is good through the mix
ture, and if nothing else is convenient
grate American cheese thickly over
A rather heavier salad la made from
hard-boiled eggs cut lengthwise. Re
move yolks and rnb to a paste with
anchovies. Refill and put a slice of
anchovy on each section. Serve "on
hearts of lettuce.
Another nice miitiue for a plain let
tuce salad are squares ot cream
cheese sprinkled thickly with caviare.
Place these In the center of the let
tuce and surround with a border of
crisp bacon broken very fine. Cover
with French dressing seasoned with
Green peppers are invaluable for a
summer salad. Served whole, they are
delicious when mixed with a highly
seasoned mayonnaise. A spoonful of
the dressing should be put on top of
each cup. Another good filling Is
cold slaw aud shredded peppers well
mingled. A pretty salad Is made bv
arranging a bed of tender green let
tuce leaves, or young nasturtium
leaves, and on It putting a center of
cream cheese balls, then a row of
shredded green pepptrs, another row
of cheese balls aud an outer border of
shredded pimento. The canned oiies
may be used. Cover with a thick
French dressing. If onions are liked
small pearl onions can be ifTinkled
over the cheese balls.
A delicious fruit salad is a round of
tender pineapple placed on a lettuce
leaf. On top of the pineapple dot ber
ries In season, strawberries, raspber
ries, blackberries or currants, and in
the center of the berries have a round
tf cream cheese, liorder the fruit mix
ture wWi mayonnaise and put a little
In the renter of the cheese.
Mustard Pickle.
Three cauliflowers, broken In small
pieces; one quart small cucumbers,
one quart small sliver skin onions,
four green peppers, cut fine. Make a
brine of four quarts of water and one
pint of salt, soak all in this brine
over night. In the morning beat
through in this same brine Just
enough to scald and pour into a
colander to drain.
Mix two-thirds of a cup of flour
with six tablespoons of mustard, one
ivip brown sujjar, one heaping tea
spoon of turmeric powder, add enough
cold vinegar to make two quarts tn
all. lioll until thick, stirring often to
prevent scorching. Add the pickles
.nd just heat through.
Burnt Sugar Cake.
Two aud one-half cups flour, one
cup of sugar, one cup of milk, two
pggs, one-half cup butter, two tea
spoonfuls baking powder, two tea
spoonfuls flavoring. Take one cup
sugar and burn In skillet, as soon as
It Is all melted pour in one-half cup
of warm water; then stir until It
looks like It was ready, and put In
Filling One and one-half cups of
sugar, one cup of milk, a little butter;
cook in skillet, where sugar was
burned. Then bake.
Lemon Tarts.
Puff Paste. To one pint of flour
add one teaspoonful of baking pow
der; mix In one cupful of butter or
lard; wet with cold water. Roll thin
and line tart cups. Fill with filling.
Filling. One cupful of sugar, Juice
of one lemou, one egg, piece of but
ter size of walnut (melted). Beat to
gether thoroughly.- Use one table
rpoonful for each tart.
Tomato Salad With Cheese.
Pick and slice the tomatoes and
arrange in a salad dish. Make a
dressing of oil, white wine, pepper
and salt and stir In some grated Par
mesan. Pour this over the tomatoes,
let stand ou ice for 13 minutes or so
tif.;rc Mrvlrig.
A Snowbonnd Nightingale
Sings by Wira.
The anow had fallen steadily all tuc
day, weaving garments of white for
tbe undulating arth. As twilight
cam on the little train, in spite of
the tremendous puffing of its engine,
settled down to a walk. Men of the
crew rushed backward and forward 1
through the aisles, looking anxious.
The country seemed a wilderness;
deep ravines, dense forests, frowning
cliffs and rugged mountains.
The lamps were lighted and "The
Fauat Opera" troupers in the rear
coach began to sing. All day tbelt
spirita had fallen with the snow. A
failure to reach the- Junction meant
Christmas Day . in the wilds, a most
distressing thing after the eagerly
looked-for reunion with the folks at
home. So they tried to sing the blues
away. But It was no use. The songs
died mournfully. Suddenly the en
gine stopped. A brakeman, lantern in
hand, entered from the rear.
"Where are we?" asked the tall thin
manager of the show company.
"Frog Island Crossing," said tbe
brakeman tersely. "The road's
Idly they watched the brakeman
snd another man working outside
with a line to connect the telephone
wire with an Instrument in the car.
This meant they were going to call up
the nearest telegraph office so the
man there might notify the superin
tendent to send the Bnow plow and
men; relief was far away.
It was ascertained that the nearest
help was seventy rclleB down the line,
and that the Bnow-plowe could hardly
hope to reach the train before morn
ing. As It was still snowing heavily
even this calculation might be overly
The conductor found a farm house,
and returned with basket of dell
clous turkey, chicken, light bread end
preserves. There were tankards of
coffee, and cans of real Cream. How
the old world troubles fell under the
gracious influence of that homely
country fare foraged out of the storm.
And how the actors ate! It was a re
past unsurpassed along the length
and breadth of the Great White Way.
Song birds chatted aud laughed with
farmers and country merchants
They swapped yarns, cracked jokes
and became Jolly good fellows - all.
Finally, their hunger appeared, Me
phlsto and Marguerite arose and
started a aone.
"If you people don't mind my but
tin' in, would youjist wait a minute?"
Th2 unexpected remark came from
the farmer who had come in with the
food, and was waiting to take the
empty baskets back over the while
hills. He had been standing at th
end of the car, deferentially waiting
for his guests to get through. The
travelers Instantly divined, or
thought they did, what he 'want )
and began reaching Into their pock
rts. The farmer shook his head.
" 'Taln't that," he said; "you're wel
come to the grub; glad you liked 1:
But I was thinking being as you pee
pie sing, maybe you wouldn't mim
fit vl ii some folks out In the country i
bit of a treat. Thar's people connec
ed with this telephone In the car her
what never saw" a real ehow In h!
'heir live ---t here's sick people or
that line that "
" 'Nough said, my friend," said M
phlsto, lis eyes lighting up with
dea; "you et busy now calling m
everybody on thai line. This is
Christmas Kve maybe there's treei
at some of the school houses cal'
'rm up if they have phones don't
Vave r.nbody out." Then turning to
the actors: "All you sweet singers of
Is or- .Michigan walk up to the end
of the ear. Now, ladles and gentle
men, or. i- good farmer fr'end has made
'oniKctions with our country cousins;
the curtain may rise!"
When H' actors arose to obey, a
h.dy with chestnut curls and blue
yi s. who took the rather inconse
qr, iitir.l part of Ressy, started fo join
In in. Marguerite of the sun-kissed
it observed Uessy and said, sweet-
"He didn't call for the maids-in-w
The gentle Bessy, wounded to the
quick, stepped back, the stately Mar
uerit! sweeping by. It was mostly
before the footlights that Margue
rite's Injured Innocence and meekness
glow ed.
After a brief discussion of the se
lections to be gjven the performers
removed the lid from their melody. As
one finished he would step from the
phone and the following would take
his place. It was a fine performance.
;;s all were old, experienced singers,
and each did his level best.
When the singers had finished as
much of the piece as. It was practical
to give over the wire there came a
A singer stepped to the phone.
"Is this the train where the sweet
music comes from?" asked a girlish
"Yes this Is tbe Faust Concert
company you have been listening to."
'i think it is perfectly lovely-"
"Thank you, Miss. Will you give
me your name so I can tell my com
rades?" "'Cecil of the Woods' they call me.
We lite in a little cabin up the moun
tain side. Ob, It is so cold and deso
late here, and no friends for the long
est distance!"
"Dear me! That's too bad. I wish
you were nearer so you might com
tnd see us."
That India still pays Its annual trib
ute of human life to the Jungle is
shown by a statement made in a re
cent issue of the Ixmdon Times. Dur
ing the past three yoars the number
of deaths from snake bite or the at
tacks of wild animals has steadily in
creased. Rising waters have driven
the serpents out ot the lowlands up
Into the villages, and have diminished
the natural food supply of the larger
In 1910 55 persons were killed by
slephants, 25 by hyenas, 109 by bears,
851 by leopards, 318 by wolves, 853 by
tigers, and 688 by other animals, in
cluding wild pigs. No less than 22.
478 died from the bite of poisonous
snakes. The grand total of mortal
ity Is 24,878.
During the same year, 93,000 cattle
were also killed by wild beasts and
The losses ou the part of Inhabit
ants of the jungle were nearly but not
quite as great as those of their hu
man enemies and domesticated ani
mals combined. Ninety-one thousand
one hundred and four snakes and over
19,000 wild beasts of various kinds
were killed.
There has Just been published
Blucher's dispatch which gave Ber
lin the first news of the victory of Wa
terloo. It was addressed to tbe gov
ernor, and said:
" "I inform your excellency that in
conjunction with the English army
under Field Marshal the Duke of
Wellington, I yesterday-gained the
most complete victory over Napoleon
Bonaparte that could possibly be
"The battle was fought la the neigh
borhood of some Isolated buildings on
the road from here to Brussels bear
ing the name "La Belle Alliance," and.
a better name can hardly be given to
this important day. The French army
is in complete dissolution, and an ex
traordinary number of guns have been
' "Time does not at thh moment per
mit me to send further details to your
excellency; I reserve them for a fu
ture occasion, and beg you duly to
oommunicate this joyful news to the
good Berliners.
(Signed.) "BLUCH1CR."
This dispatch reached Berlin on
June 24, 1815.
At Ia Coruna. In northern 'Spain,
may be seen a fire tower which is,
w ith the exception of the ruins of the
Roman lighthouse at Dover the oldest
of all existing structures of this kind.
The exact date of the erection of
this tower is unknown. According to
an ancient tradition, it la accredited
to Hercules, whence its name Torre
de Hercules. Others say that Phoeni
cians, who established several colo
nies in Spain, had erected this light
tower for their northland cruises. How
ever, judging from the inscription, it
is more probable that the Roman
emperor Trojan (!I8 to 117 A. D.)
erected this structure. The inscrip
tion also mentions the name of Servl
us Supus of Lusltanta as the architect.
The tower Is built of ashlars and is
nine meters square and 40 meters in
height. It has six separate stories,
which can only be reached by a cir
cular staircase around the exterior of
the tower. The lighthouse was restor
ed in 1684, but at the end of the eight
eenth century was again in ruins. In
1797 it was rebuilt by the Spanish
government and still sends forth Its
Statistics show for last year 34,867
deaths in France in excess of births,
The depopulation of France, states Dr.
Varlot, the eminent children's physi
cian, is not due to high death rates,
but to low birth rates.
In 1862, when the population oi
Paris was 1,721,917, there were 62,812
I births. In 1907, with a population of
' 2,728.731, there were only 60,811.
Germany, whose people numbered
60,000,000 in 1905, had increased to
64.800,00 by the year 1910. The Ger
man population is increasing at a fast
er Tate than that of Great Britain.
A summary of the returns of the
live stock in South Africa as ascer
tained by the census in May of last
year gives the following results: Cat
tie, 5,706,000; horses, 719,000; mules
93,000; asses, 336,000; ostriches, 746,
000; wooled sheep, 21,482.000; othei
' sheep, 8,814,000; angora goats, 5,257,
000; other goats, 7,487,000. The Cape
Province supplies by far the prlnci
pal proportion of these figures, vlx.:
. 2.715,000 cattle, 339,999 horses, 728,000
etrlches." 11,051,000 wooled sheef),
j 6.082,000 other sheep, 3,340.00 ango-
, ras. and 4,613,000 other goats.
Confer Baildinx
Phones: Offiee'G07e Residence Red 479
Be Happy !
Happy the girl, or woman, who has never suffered from
any of the diseases of womanhood! Or, if she has been a
sufferer, happy is she if she has learned of the wonderful
benefits of Cardui, the woman's tonic!
Cardui is a gentle, tonic remedy, for women's ailments.
It is a natural medicine safe, harmless, purely vegetable.
It has been in successful use for more than 50 years. It
has cured thousands. It should do the same for you.
Mrs. Mary Neely, of Denver, Term., says, "I think
there is no tonic on earth, as good as Cardui. I used it
with the very best results. I had backache and nearly
everything a woman could suffer with, until 1 took Cardui.
Now, I feel better than I have for two years. I shall
always recommend Cardui to other suffering women, i
can't praise it too highly. As a medicine for weak, tired,
worn-out women, Cardui is safe and reliable. Try it, today.
Whit to: Ladies' Advisory Dept.. Cbattaaoou Medicine Co., Chattanooga. Teon.
lor Special InttrncUeru, and 14-page book. "Home Treatment lor Women," seat free.
J. T,
An Invitation
Some of you have
account because you
CT "
ference to us whether
' IS1
not what we want is your business. We want it":"
the advertising you are sure to do for us, on ac
count of our tr( ament of you.
We believe we merit being called
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i rv

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