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The Vinita weekly chieftain. [volume] (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1902-1905, December 25, 1902, Image 1

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VOL. 18
VOL. XXi. -:
ffl A Ann
T t
( In i
Vlll I
M ) his
r , .
be President
unci the Indian
woi about the iMiene iu hie
U.f,BB- to Uung'088 lieu X3ed-
Inrjl ir.toUiKci.t dud. Id (be
rieoeeastily limited epae1 st ccio
tnaaiHore tlisotifslou o( vWr ef
hire be Llc'f nt an I'.mmvtl
fi milUrity with Indiuu r.' )j
a wise sympathy (or l.Vm thori'
comings, lie bat e.) futiio nrst
hand knot'lcdge of ihero a
JiHiL-ig man bu rM made a enrcl&l
co'iuulseioner to ri in aeJ u;ort
apm nnruber of l&diati aubuol
iu lb Midrlla West; us a tauter
h JicvJ in neighbor! proximity
to horn of '.b f; rvtituis; mi a
si.Ukr no recru td a ooueli!erU
pv.l )i hi KfgfmtH frm among
invar, eii3 tt jorernf or Iiew
Yo.'k he tools, up lb" frob!ui ;d
flufar t it rtl.,til lo Uih IriSes
tlj', ' I ,' t.
i t ,. V, I ..I it ,. 1 Ti.
I -jf til tie chj i lira l'b I'riigrrHK in
ihrs ire i Uiity ol wen Wjib vnry.
ln i -hf ft, o! j uiiiy il' Iiuiino
th e J ho rc Voicti'l iBiiii lift-
u!.i!ibl iii point of iocul, politi
cal and iff .moniio bilily fro di tLftt
J wliMe n!ficuu," Tbr th pro-
th-fj is working ,'lirlf out in AO
Inlet silog way; ai'.d tbere the jtov
ermteiil bat lalfftl long to piske
the tvaSUInc ir:: .;f UiKrll.
tlo and prj'iJiCj) ' La'ioi.tl ci 1 1
lenehip eismoulU t4 possible.
"At Kit', as lo,3, whei. h
"Dewes OotnmlM'w'" was ertrmeU
; to tret wUb the K-ve Tribes, ihf
proporlioo of ubiie oidens o
; dtiteus, evha ir,clQtMo th.s ly
adoption tod cf ibe thioett Jilu
!loo Indian b'ooJ, was greatnr
than two to one. These elieu-,
having no siendiiig under trlb j '
jurisdictioo, had begun to complain f
of the crudity and iueiSmenoy el
Indian courts. The besought the
protection of the United Bteter
cotxrt, and one was eeublttbed at
Moicogoe. Under t&t new ar
rtngemeiu all mauers in dispute
between o'tlsnk and non citiien
had to be taken to this newh ,
cteated Diftrlet Court. '
lien the qusKttna began t b '
gitated by the lawyen wb
locked in to get their ebare i t,
business attfce new courtand lb
moveroeni had eubaiauUai bac't
fVl DI 10 the tritjiu nt aharjduini
I entirely the Indua courts, and ex ,
tending the jurl 'diotUu of ti.-
United Slates trlbuorJ over el .
(aliens and clliteua. Naturally, j
there was much oppoeitiou fro u '
- r tbe fullbloods and the Indian la ',
Wat won in 13 )8 by the lasvlii j
winners, trm wm fsvor 1 1 1- I
abolition of iod au oiurts. , Iu
surprisingly snort urns me nw
i avautm was wurkiii mriithl..
rV'fhe memorr el the triol cour
aded, tbe lodlaa lawyer ml u,i
the prsollce in tbt new cou't suj
cesslull. Meanwhile tbsoouiuu'eeka from
Washlnfton wit working la tl.
territory, v 'ing (rum tribe to trlb-.
bsarinq obje.Moas sod urging th 1
giving op of tribal organisation
"Why not, the ske4, In sub
ttancs, "give np lbs preteooe of
government and allot yoc? lands,
join Ci.laboiua anti bocoits a ter
ritory ootii mob lime as you ate
rsidy for siatshood?"
Tb answers it first wen short
bd decided: "The eouutr b.
ongs tu us, snd we dm'i wart to
jke so ci)og in eur method
Of holding it." PetleoUy tbe com.
tulhloo pointed nil that the tribei
were wrong Iu thinking tiier CnuM
key lo iceoji4e!v, boldlfii'
iuntr riiircdiK.tiife that
" :
filch Opportunity
for the Rett Mn
ht 1
M. 0SK180N
wbue bameseekers would be elad
te Ufe. It tm tnantfeotl unfai,
ihe aid, to lie ut front ICO eoree
ot lend for erei iaan, woai d
child of Indian blood o;oiUsen.
Mp, when whole white family
wgbl live on a elngl there. At
1 i
l lrvl lh in4 wre anvti,
Mot. H j ft4 and m l ly
Ai Sr IJi m ivk ti fuat ;
Wli h trfi v4 r" edi aaaa,
Hi: , Im always 1X114
MwMi4l alrMn.
tradition, ai tuan soppose, ths
ootnmUsiao f'ond territory not
grettly smaller tisa the state of
Huine, trh In rvlneral and sgri.
octtoral resooroei and iovaloable
tlr.iber; country which has been
oonuptad and rulllvalsd fur over
half a century, whose feriils
U'yi yleldsd buotifttl harvests of
eouthmro proditctd, and on whose
e grsted a quartrr of a roil.
4lle yearlj whewcltlee had
the dame time it wi.i pointed out
that tha whitee wei pouring Into
the oour.oy, wlllj , bill r, nd, ai
leflp8 or cUlzeus.U'iini the greater
part of th land. I
Year after yaar the :oism!fiBli?n
tent aViOtit from town to town
amor g the tribes, a'gaif.g and ex.
hortiog. But nuthi jg ePuj(J
liko' to come of t ielr fcfforte,
through tli e persiRot purpose of
the ' gove-nmeut ne revealed.
Then, lu reepooae to Urging from
: -Si'
Per SHa a Jolly Gco J FHIbv.,t-
ta, Sall'ia WtffnM
At lasat w Km llttl Iu tk.
Al 1 Jf k rM I aktaf
Th mrnr rtf aaiw M ar M
WMl Im MS fcarHy S IH.
MM MO ItMiOa' MdlN k St.
spreni, up,
roads bad
hlch rail-
been eoaacied; and
whera five dlilinot
itodero gov
ercseste esUioJ, ioili
pendent of
he United
the soverefgaiy of
"For diversity, Hit social sad
pr-iiiioa' eanditioas I found here
cm ttdejremplad. "iiousaods of
white KhUJrrn wUboiJ, (be
erl of CQU'oral ad rtg, yet
uo one of tbs nsiloafj witbout aa
WaBhiogton, the commiseion
etaied plainly tbat the tribes mast
come to eome agreement, ai the
govxrnoieot bad dvtermined to end
their extntenoa, at separate and
utterly anomalous political or.
Following tills informal ukaBe,
the more hot headed among the
oative leadtrt talked eomewhat
valngloriouily of armed oppoai.
tion, hinting at poesible martry.
dom to ancient rights. A certain
H N mM w h on ftM
LrIS Baal a&exit Ummtk tKa in.
Ami firm Maa a ctuw-a to twtwM tia
A-aalimf miM t Ma Uaira ;
lB Mr Star sali fta ka aa vaaty
Aa4 feaap ai M tv r,
Ha a Kawlr SM Haia all at imi
Aawag aopa a ttuaMra w aay.
lo'tliuttoa of learning tbat wonld
have been a credit to a more ad
vanced civilisation; men of Indian
blo;id wbfwe gnftss would have
adorn l
end j '!
in no
Wht'l 1 ,
ret f
w'" ' i :
halts of eongreae or
-iTilrntloo lo tbf buai-
high toloded, alls
rod wubln the tribes,
Botuhir, thoee who,
mal oondltions, had
o.eoi iatliIgnoe to
the ordinary
V 4
Cherokeo secret eooiety was cre
dited with the actual beginning of
the arming and organizing of a re
eietlng force.
The magnitude of the work ahead
of them ma well have caused im
patience among the commission'!
memben. In a review of the work
recently published, this adjusting
commission spc4e of the talk in
this way:
'Instead of an arid Western
plain, occupied by the savage of
Kit. . HHal smM tH all ha altutir
Of kaatc a akxkmta M ai,irt
Aa tedint m Ml Lhtitmut orutlf
(Man M la lalrlf tyN(M
I eiink. ea Oh wlioia. N la kanar
Thai Santa Clattt kaaf hmaatf iart.
aWravaa. aa :u t Uw ckii4rt
U6I a SUefe tia a (a Mm atark.
rXaHC B. .C
80 It was throughout saint,'
women and Gvi fearing, honest
men knocking elbows with the
worst criminal in tbe whole
world Intense industrial activity
was fouod bordering upon ultsr in
doleace and prlrritlve makeshltls.
For tbe laal half dosan years Aid
more, a town In th
Katlon, bat beta k
greai'et primary eotto
thi Unhd States. ,
that more cotton is hauled there
in wagons than to any other town.
During this same period some of
the worst gangs of outlaws tbat
ever ravaged a country have found
refuge in tbat nation.
Yioita, in the Cherokee Nation,
has long been one of the country's
leading cattle shipping towns, a Mil
ita neighbor, Claremore, fojlv
miles west, called a statehood con
vention for Deo. 3 this year, ic
tbat same Cherokee country, hid
den in tbe rough, flinty bills th'
border Arkansas, live full-bloo N
who cannot talk English and w.Vi
still gain a precarious livelihoo
by bunting.
From 1893 to 1902 tbe commij -'
sioo has labored. lie members
have seen the Indian population
in tbe Territory rise to a total of
more than 80,000, while more than
350,000 whites hsve settled within
its boundaries. In 1893 the Choc
taws and Chickasaws concluded a
treaty with thecommissiou, a rear
after the small Seminole K
had treated. In August, IOC
Cherokee and Creeks f.
sgreed ( j give up tribal exis
ts soon as the details of allot
and rearrangement coul.l be
The commission's work, he
er le by no means completed,
sling questions remain to be
tied. A work of great magi.i
that it not yet finished is the'U
ing up of the tribal rolls. Here
have been met fraud, Ignorance
and hindrances. Citizenship bes
come to have a tangible commer
cial value, where a citizen is likely
to come into posession of from 100
to 500 acree of land, and those
whites who bave lougbfeo settled
in the Territory ere rf ', -
depart. of t ii ru I ' -
en! claimed cilisenfhip
attempted to prove it. I;.- . i
slaves of Indians were givt.
lenshlp in the tribes alter the
civil war, and now some hundreds
of negroes are trying hard to prove
that their parents were freedmen
under the citisenshtp provision.
Besides this, there are grave
mattera connected with the ealsb
lishment of a territorial govern
ment to b established. What
hall ba dona with the valuable
u. '. and asphalt deposits bow fceld
and leased by the tribes actieg ai
commercial organisations ? What
embargo shall ba laid ou 11? ttle
of the lands when they are tran
ferred to ths individual owner- f
How are the echool ani tM.st;-.'.i
systems to be mrrasgd Vi Mj
both Indiana and wlitet ti htH
advaotagat Supposing the ,n a
Territory and Oklahoma to i . In.
eluded in ona Territory, hu r
the peculiar needs of thre v .
sUll live in the old full h. . i style
to be met? And where I i'Ut, fat
of territorial g3?ernmnt to b
tablished? Will the lj wltl aa tt
a territorial govern : t the
present time result li, fjioint
thesa tribes toward Uuita-i Cuts
eitlsenshlp too fast, so : : .'' , t-
IDS 'resident tin a w;
in preventing their g
m-aroeJ, ;
at all?
The leaven of r '
spreading among the tt -ua'.es
of the greal f iv
schools, and &,is 1 t; ,
have penetrated to the : i
are taking their pkcm
in the movement to-. 1
mation. Born to the I
odiee against white i .
ways, then tralntd to t
of view of the whir 5 t
leges and univers-il' IV.
are standing by e - -1 t
ward any move:
advance tbeir j '
nomio lndepe-ii
"is preeideat 1 '
aid and prafl! ".I
time is cnt v.
graduate is psr-j'.tf
to his people s- ; A
salt, derby hat cm i
for tbe blank r, (
. To t
fir i -
i Ol'l

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