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For Kent.
Furnished house of eight rooms, well
Frame house 5 rooms, No. Ill S.
Florence St.
4 Adobe houses, 3 rooms each, near
Picrson hotel.
Several brick houses, 3 rooms each
near Franklin school building.
Ileal Estate and Insurance.
Ohitxd States Weather Bureau I
PASO.Texas. January 4, 18W..
Local Time 6:64 a. m. '
Barometer -8 .1,
Direction of wind ,
Velocity of wind per hour
rxr -1-
, NW
... "
Bala 24 hours (tnchesand hundredths) 0.00
HiKhest temperature last 24 hours.....-..- -
Lowest temperature last 24 hours "
What Metal Is Worth.
Copper...... ... . .
Uexlcnn pesos. Fl Paso..
" ' Juarei.....
. 10.',
. 61
Blank books cheap at Irvin's.
Fresh oysters at Smith's creamery.
Hot cakes at Smith's creamery.
Go to Irvin for window glass.
Juicy steaks at Smith's creamery.
Strawberries at Smith's cieamery.
Typewriter paper at the Herald of
fice. Wrights' butter at Smith's Cream
ery. Mining Location Blanks for Sale at
This Office.
Stoves and Steel Ranges; low prices.
Momsen & I home's
Try the bread made by the Dickin
son Home Bakery.
Telephone No. 47.
Mining location notices for sale at
the Herald job office.
the best 5 cent CIGAR on the market.
Linen typewriter paper, 500 sheets
legal size at $1.20 at Herald job office.
"For Rent" and "Rooms to Let"
placards for sale at tbis office.
Home made cakes, pies and dough
nuts at Smith's creamery.
The best Mexican aDd Havana clears
are made by the El Paso Cigar Mig
Pleasant furnished room, private
nrivileire of oarlor. 403 N. El
Paso St.
O'Possum and sweet potatoe dinner
everyday at the Pig's Ear restaurant,
100 East Overland street.
Furnished house for rent, five rooms,
bath, etc. Best location in city. In
quire B, Herald office.
hnrn ished rooms with board if de-
eirc:d: fine location. Enquire Mrs. Dr.
Jones, b07 El Paso street.
The best, and the only thoroughly
first class barber shop in this city,
G. W. Morrow's, 109 Oregon St.
El Paso Fuel Co., are "The" agents
for the celebrated Cerrillos White
Ash and anthersite coals. Successors
to Cerrillos Coal U. R. Co. Phone
O'Brien Coal Co., are agents for
OerrilloaCoal." We sell the celebrat
ed white ash and anthracite and make
Rn!ia.ltv of screened lumps for do
mestic uses. Phone 8.
Snow Statue of Santa Clans-
Th children in the south-eastern
nart nf the citv. near the residence of
a. H Newman, have gotten more real
ksmeDt out of the snow storm than
Vwkiv those of anv other part of
.ne citv. After about twenty of them
.had fought eacn otner with, snow balls
until thev were tired, the combatants
declared a truce and all set to work
rollinc around the streets immense
bails of snow as larg as barrets and
tinmlv built a huce statue eight feet
hiirh. which thev christened "Santa
Glaus." It stands in front of Mr. New
man's hou6, corner of Fourth and
St. Vrin streets, and is beinif visited
by the little Joiks from all around
The battle was not confined to the
lihiidrtiu either; grown men and women
tu, nart in it una enjoyed it eveu
mum than the vouutf people. I'ne
RtnLiiu in a ureal affair anil will prob
ablv last severai days even in El Faso'o
mil'u climate. Go ud fee it.
Farmers' Institute.
A well vttoudcd farmers' institute is
i n kmshuiu tue fi. st throe days of tnio
weeK at tuts agricultural college a
Manila Parte. Xbu progi am for today
Mt.ii uimjfru is ao tilovvs:
i)i.!L.in! auurces, oy Pres. O. T. Jor
dau, A. ..vi ; LJiuyai-a luauurcs, by F
tl. lij.iK.ei: Wiuo uiattiU,., by PiOi
Can era; Aila. fa, oy Capl Caoey; KilB
ir corn, bv Fabiau Lxareia, IS. a.; sut!&r
bteto, oy It F. Hare, Al 3-5 VVeed, oy
Ptot. J. B. iinKy.
TUtaDAY, JAN , .r).
Irrigation and uousei vatiuu of niois
t.nie.. Dtf ,ir. H. tir.ltiu. H. 6. ; irrisia-
tiou. bv Prof. Geo. Vtstai: Alkali aud
irrigating waters, by Prof. A. Goss, M.
S AC: Cookery. by Miss Kate
D.iuhLV. Oairviutf aud butter mukiu;
by Mr. &teel: Report on tuts Las Cruces
Park; .Bee", oy xvir. oneriey.
Baldness is often preceded or aecom-
nanied bv trravnes9 of the hair. To
prevent both baldness and grayness,
use Hall's Hair Kenewer, an hones
A Bargain.
For sale at $2800 cash, until the 5th
a. cood business property on San
Antonio St. Inquire of A. M. Loom is
For Over Fifty Years.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for children teething
It soothes the child, softens the
cruras, allavs all paio, cures wind
cholic. and is the best remedy for diar
rhoea. Twenty-hve cents a bottle.
In Trouble.
The man who was placed in jail yes
terday for stealing a horse blanket,
was arrested because of an affidavit
charging him with "cruelty to ani
mals" in depriving the horse of the
covering he needed to protect himself
from catching cold. The doctors are
unanimous in saying that horses have
better temper, require less food and
their hair ba9 a more glossy appear-
clothed witn tne w esi
Suddlerv Co's horso blankets.
Go see them at corner of Overland and
Preyoa sire1
Oil Heating Stoves.
The "Orient" is still in the
lead of all competitors. Al
though still early in the sea
son, they are selling rapidly.
The "Orient" has become so
well known that it is not nec
essary to describe it here in
detail. It is a heater, an or
nament to any room, and can
be converted into a cook-
stove. No other light is need
ed when an Orient" is in
the room. It is the handsom
est and most popular oil heat
ing device ever invented.
Uver one hundred now in use
in tl raso: and thev are
' IS
cheap. Write for circular.
Clias. F. Slack & Co.,
Grocers, Sole Agents.
4MMI 00 000000 00000f
9r a s.iltnhli. ?oods we
Vt IVoiii
Sterlirg Silver and
& .. ..
." liens.
Hut Pins.
aper Cutters,
I!a Tass,
Whisk Brooms,
.lwei t'ases.
N:l. I'iley.
ii Siio- Morns.
ar H.-it Itrusiifs,
t Bonnet Urushes,
Olive 1 orks.
An elegant stock of genuine Libbey
brellas just
9 w a i
utu. w.
Tine Jewelers,
III San Antonio Street,
Bronson Block,
This cold snap is the fag end of a big
Kansas blizzard.
Dr. and Mrs. Whitmer have gone to
housekeeping at 504 Oregon St.
.Tohn Connors has entered on his
duties as chief of the fire department.
Jude Buckler has increased bail in
the case of J. K. Miller who Hilled 3ua
Frazer, from $3000 to itbOUO.
The south bound Santa Fe train is
elven hours late; due, it is reported to
the burning of a bridge at La Junta.
Forney & Co., of Arizona, have
shipped to the El Paso smelter, a car
load of copper ore from the Canyon
Conductor Jack Lue now has a
position on the Mexican Central out of
Jimulco, COO miles out of El Paso, Tex
as. The young people aloDg the line of
the Santa Fe road from Las Vegas to
Raton are enjoying a season of skat
ing. Manager Benedict of the Fabio Ro
mani show paid So and costs Saturday
for this little knock down at the en
dome. A frfiio-ht conductor and two brake-
men on the G. A. have been let out
charge of carrring passengers
The young lady clerks in the Western
Union office have Oeen presented with
$10 each by Ketelsen o; Degetau for
New Years.
One of the Herald's printers was
married Saturday, wneu Senorlta Anna
Ciallegos was united to J. E. Curry by
J ustice McKie.
The Fabio It unani company failed
to eventuate Saturday night, for the
good aud sunicieiit reason that there
was no audience.
The annual convection of the New
Moxicau Christian Endeavor societies
will meet at Katou tomorrow for a
tu ('outlays session.
i he band room at Mt Ginty head
quarters has been enlarged, at-d is now
more couvenie.ntly arraDged than ever.
There is practice there tonight.
The faithful o:d horse of ll-sv. L. R.
M lhcan, that has pulled him
Kood part of the western part
.tiv. died Saturday, after
over a
of this
years service.
The police found a Rugby wheel in
front of the Parlor saloou last night,
where some inebriated rider had left it
twenty four hours previous. The wheel
is at police headquarters.
This is the week of prayer, and spec
ial meetings are being held all over the
United States for the conversion of the
wrvrld tn thfi acceptance of Christ as the
Savior of mankind. Sp-cial
iDga are being proposed in
this city.
A newspaper carrier in this city in
vested 32 in New Year's greetings
which he distributed around, and re
ceived in return just four bits. this
youn" man thinks now that such things
are altogether too gorgeous for this
The late J. C Hurgo was buried
with Odd Fellow honors yesterday
afternoon. The obsequies were large
ly attended, both lodges of OJd rellows
turniuo- cut in force, and many mourn
ers went to the cemetery. Rev. A.
Hoffman conducted the services. Mr.
Burge will be much missed.
Cards are out announcing the mar
riage on Thursday, January 14 next, in
the church of the'lmmaculate Concep
tion in this citv, of Miss Lillian Hague
to Lieutenant Thomas P. Corcoran of
the Seventh U. S cavalry. The bride
is the daughter of the late judge Ha
trae and sister of the wife of Lieutenant
Laubach, of the 23rd infantry stationed
' at Fort Clark. The groom
is witn u
troop which was so
"ort Hancock.
stationed at
Dr. Oscar Wilkinson,
Late resident surgeon Eye, Ear, Nose and
Throat Hospital, New Orleans, La.
S PffiCI A-XjI si1.
Practice confined to Ear, Eye, Nose & Throat
Olliee hours. i):3 a. m to 12 m : 1 to 4 p. : m.
Consultation tree to poor from to ;;'-;" a. m.
DR. (3. C. BROWN,
Rnnms 2 and 4 Mundy Rloci
425c to
Silver Mounted.
Card Cases,
M-itch Safes,
Stick l''DS,
Glove Hooks,
Mutton Hooks,
Tea He' Is,
Stamp lioxes,
Cut Glass and genuine Lyons Urn-
El Paso, Texas
Preached at the Different F.vangelieul
Rev. A. Hoffman preached yesterday
morning in the First Methodist churi h
trcm the text, "H;m hath God exalted
with his right hand to be a prince and
a Savior, for to trive repentance to Is
rael and forgiveness of siDs:" Acts,
V:31. The speaker said in part, we
really kcow little of princes in our day
and country, although we have imita
tions of them in the New York 400. The
spirit of our land is not favorable to an
aristocracy. The true prince
is the man who has risen
because of his own worth. They
are first among men because they are
possessed of some incentive that spurs
them on to be of marked good to their
fellow men. These men are very often
of humble origin. Christ was of such
but he bad within him what made him
a prince and a Savior. He was first
and last. In the course of his remarks
the speaker rather deprecated making
so much of the saying "lay up some
thing for a rainy day." We can not
tell when we may be called away, and
it may be just when we have got stores
laid up for our supposed old age. Set
your affections on things that last
In referring to temptations, Mr.HotT-
man said he went over to Juarez New
Year's eve to gather information about
local gambling for a letter, and he was
somewhat surprised to notice a mem
ber of his church over there a lady.
But she was doing nothing, however,
beyond watching the gaming. Then
the preacher said he looked the place
carefully over and was unable to see
that the better class of Mexicans w-re
either there or in the saloons which
infest the place. But he did see a
number of Americans. The Mexicans
were at home and not spending their
time-in the gambling hells. Piles of
money were exposed on those gaming
tables, 2o00 in one pile alone. And
what for? For the same reason that
you take a bit of toasted cheese and
bait a mouse trap with it. It was to
attract the unwary, the avaricious, the
covetous, the greedy into engaging in
the game. The speaker raid he had
no desire at all for money coming
through such channels, although he
often had need of the wherewithal. If
a roan is a Christian he will not want
money gained through gambling. He
regards first the kingdom of Cod and
his righteousness. It is better to have
the Lord Jescis Christ come into our
hearts and give us heavenly gifts, gifts
of consecration to the service of our
Rev. J. T. French preached a strong
sermon last night in Trinity to a large
congregation from the text, "The moun
tains shall bnug peace to the people."
Psalms LXXI1:3. The speaker said in
part: the bible is compact with words
and phrases bearing the idea of peace.
The peace of the soul is to be honestly
found, not in descending to the lovrer
conditions of one's make-up, but in the
freedom of our cabilities. It is the
highest quality of our nature brought
out in full development. When we
want peaco we are prone to go to some
thing effeminate and delicate in nature.
But we secure the real p-ace through
power and strength, Christian peace is
attained through spiritual energy. The
caged bird never finds peace as he
i,;... n n,-.t oniit hp.-i,m m.iiV.Mfiii
in being free. The idea of the mountain
suggests elevation, permanency, mag -
nitude. These are thr. e christian
characteristics. As the inouotaios are
oi.nni ion!om tr. i j (l ill nhnii t. thiisn
IncA him Thnso three attributes
frnvov t.hn idea of neace and securitv.
Men of conviction, of reason are those
who have left a name worth having in
this world. A man developes a
chritiian pharantsr as he reaches un
into the higher life, and loves his i
neighbor as himself.
In applying the principles oi tne text
to uubiic life, the speaker said triat
officers who control municipal affairs
are weak and have no stammina where
the la.v is not enforced. But where
officials are stalwart in intelligence
and morality you will lind an excellent
and effective police force, and where
citizens feel that they are secure in the
peaceful possession of their homes and
orooertv. And so as a nation we will
have peace wjien sti-ong icen are at the
Satisfaction Guaranteed
See them before you buy.
C. C. Tanner & Bro.,
liolm. Tt. is neace that comes through
power. Peace also comes through
pathos appealing to th heart and to
the nobler instincts. Only those who
have experienced the pangs of suffer
ing can appreciate the sufferings of
others and extend a sympathy that can
be understood and which wiil be ade
quate. Conquer pain through sufiVr
ing. If you have a sore soul, then go
to him who was a man of sorrows and
acquainted with griefs for true and
genuine consolation. Christ is refuse
and sympathy for the sorrowing in all
walks of life. He has the troubles of
the world resting on his shoulders.
Find him, and then we will have good
heart when we come to face the in
evitable. No man was ever a comfort
er, the comforter is the holy spirit who
was sent back by Christ when he
descended on high. Christ can sym
pathize with us because he was tempt
ed like we are.
Rev. W. H. Moore preached to
crowded houses as uruul yesterday at
both services. His evening text was.
'Acd he commanded them to make all
sit down by companies upon the green
grass. And they that did eat of the
loaves were about M00 mn:''Mark VI:
39 -14. The subj-ic. wa Chriot feeding
the five thousand. Jesus, the great
miracle worker had stirrtid the ci y of
Capernaum by his presence. The
master tired, and despondent over the
death of John the Baptist, retired to
the mountains cn the other side of the
pea for rest aad prayer. Rut the people
crowded arouud h-m until 10,000 were
all charmed by bis ho'.y presence, aud
lingered &o late that evening came od
and tney were hungry and worn.
Christ pitied aad fed them. The peo
ple marvelled that from five loaves and
two fishes he could feed 10,000 people.
So they tried to crown him king, and
the air rang with shouts, "Let us make
him king!"
We all need to sit down, to be chacjr
cd like the multitude from an active ti
a receptive attitude. In these days of
dash and rush and careless activity,
people are letting- their business and
household cares smother their spirit
uality. The far east is speculation, full
of dreamers. The great west is all
push, activity and dash This is the
difference in the two civilizations. The
Ganges aud the Mississippi neec. to
miugle. In reiieion, in philosophy tho
dift'erence is plainly saeo. The true
life is the one that recognizes activity
and receptivity, action and rest. No
man ever painted a great picture, won
an important battle, or wrote a great
book who did not love solitude, have
seasons of retirement. Paul pondered
the problem of life for three years iu
the desert of Arabia, before he began
his career of an apostle of Jesus. David
Brainerd alone with-Oou, received such
power that the stolid Indians repented
hy hundreds under his proachir.tr
Every man will make a better business
man, a woman a better wife or mother
who spends aright th-;ir Sabbaths: who
have their hours of retirement and
face to face, heart to heart,
talk with God. God is a God
of order not of confusion,
lie seated them by fifties and hundreds.
See too, the value of curiosity. Cu
riosity brought many to Christ, hut it
ended in bodies healed, and sins for
given. Curiosity invented the steam
eneine, the sewing machine, the tele
phono Be thankful. Jesus gave thanks
for the loaves and the fishes, and they
so ere.w that 10.000 people were fed.
i The world is full of ingratitude
1 hanic
iod for daily bread, for home and 100 j
! comforts, for books, for papers, the j
j cnuren oi mu living v..-u. ua..m.. i
j the fragments, fragments of time,
! monev. talent. V a s te f u 1 ness is asm.
.' Use the one talent and it will grow to
I two or five. No man is born
with ten
talents. lie. cultivates
. until he gains ten.
his one or tv o
Hard work is
; another word for r
'on the hill side r
emus. l liat ? ermon
presents this world
t.odav. Christ is still
bread of life. Ho only will
satisfy. Satisfy the hunger for for
giveness, tho hunger for immortal life,
the hunger lo he holy, the hunger to
hare mysteries explained. Hread is
what the world wanted, not husks of
philosophy or sikins' of moralty. Th is
is a grand and splendid Sabbath. We
are fronting the new year. We are
passing on. Graves, shrouds and the
fading vision gray hairs all proclaim
onr mortality. PeoDle dine and wine,
4 dress and daace, man-ige their business
f The
J3L i
I til J I I t I' ' i - V -,' Ji f I X LS I
Find him, and then we will have good i " s Nw I l
mmmnnmmn mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm mrrnz
We have determined to close out our RETAIL DE- 2
PARTMENT, and now offer our entire stock of DRY 3
GOODS at a SACRIFICE. Our assortment is large and 2
complete and our friends and the public are invited 5
to inspect the stock and buy goods to suit themselves. 2
Is called to the following articles suitable for Holiday trade: 3
Ladies Capes and Jackets, Silk Shawls, Woolen and Dress r2
Goods, Handkerchiefs, Blankets, Table Covers, Damask Table 2
Sets, Underwear, Fancy Goods, Etc. Come over and inspect 3
onr sroods. It will
just as though they were to Jive here
forever, but our last year, month,
week, day, hour, minute will come.
The angel of repentance and the angel
of darkness both beckon tonight. So
teach us to number our days that we
may apply our hearts unto wisdom.
Character Sketches ix Jvarkz.
(By our own artist.)
The t'orralitos Railroad.
The .Mexican Herald says: ''The
Sierra Macro Construction Co , whose
pincers are A. Foster Higgins, presi
dent, Solon Humphreys, treasurer, and
George Rowland, secretary, all of this
i-ity, has begun grading on the new
Rio Grande, Sierra Madre S: Pacific
road, Mexico. This road is to extend
from Ciudad Juarez in a eeneral south
westerly course via the San Ulas moun
tains, Like Guzman, Sabmal and San
Pedro mining regions, to the vicinity of
Casas G ramies, a distance of loii miles.
The permanent location of the line has
now been practice ly d. cided upon.
The otli:ers expect to begin laying
track in Ojtober next. The bridging
wii 1 be bent and pile trestles. J. l'ew
soa Smith, of the railroad, is chief
engineer with headquarters at Ciudad
Juarez, Mexico.
'The miners of the northern part of
Chihuahua are much elated over the
building nf the Rio Grande, Sierra Ma
dre and Pacific railroad, which is now
pushing west from Juarez. The chief
engineer claims that the road will
reach Corralitos by June next. This
road will aid in developing the rich
mineral region of northern Mexico and
w 11 no doubt be a very profitable road
from the time of its completion to Cor
ralitos." Mary laud "s Presidential Vote.
The orii 'ial canvass of ihu vote of
Maryland for president on November 3
hbs jus" been completed, this being the
last state to eauvasi. The total vote
was 12.8S.7('i2 Mr-Kinley received,
7.101.401: Bryan, (. -170. (.".( : Palmer,
l.Ti,!i."i(i: Lovering, prohibitionist, 130,
ij(i0; B- ntl-'v, national. 1 1,.'1!I2; Machtte,
socialist, ."i-'i. ":;!. McKinley's plurality,
li;!0,742: majority, 3Hi.:i'.l!l.
George A. Ilanrock, superintendent
of machinery of the CJulf, Colorado &
Santa Fe, has resigned to accept tho
position of assistant superintendent of
machinery of the whole Santa Fe sys
te m.
The extradition cases before the 1"
S. comn tssioner were continued thi
morninjr until Thursday.
'1 have taken all kinds of p!Ilr
found better results from Hood's
i than ariv others thev do not purge.
pjn or gripe, and I heii- ve them to he
i t he best." Mrs. W. K. Hrov. n, Box oti,
: Frost, Texas.
I Hood's S.ir.-apariUa is the one true
blooJ purifier.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve in tho world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum,
fever sores, tetter, chapped hands,
chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions,
nd positively cures piles or no pay ro
quired. It is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction or money refunded. Price
.o cents per box. For sale by W. A.
Irvin and Co., wholesale and retail
druggists El Paso.
pay yon.
un sow & Co.. ZZT I
Why It Is That I Have
Done so Large a Busi
ness This Season. Guess?
Cor. Stanton and St. Louis Sts EI Paso, Tex
as. The Acknowledged cherpest dealer in
house furnishing in the Soutewest.
We have just received two ears of furniture consisting of Rattan and
Upholstered Rockers, Bed Room Furniture, Side Boards, Dining Tables,
Dining Chairs.
And we are receiving daily a full stock of China and Fancy goods
selected by me personally, which will far surpass anything seen in
tins market.
Furniture, Crockery Carpets.
Corner of St. Louis and Stanton Streets, ELi PASO, TEXAS.
iSr-Speciil Attention to out of town trade.
Weil Tailoring Co.
205 El
&risKX B2sa coin
Gives the Highest Price
Try Him 116 Oregon Street.
220 El Paso St.
For Good Board at
$4.50 ZEIEIR,
IVIrs. M. Hardin, Proprietress.
Comer West Overland
i I?! feSiiilSf III
309 El Paso Street,
IlSTc w and Seconcl-lancl JT,iaiiaitnre
And all Kinds of House-hold Goods.
Agent for Household Sewing Machines.
Paso St.
T BUEWIXG CO., Milwaukee, Wis.
El Paso, Texas.
and Santa Fe Streets.
Phone 92.
Calthvell Undertaking Co.
305 S. El Paso Street,
The Leading Undertakers,
Ph nne. I Q7
A 1 i C? I. ki cuir n r f-v r- a r. n t t-
J. E. EIVIBRFE. Manaefir.
Opera House Block.

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