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El Paso,
Capital and Surplus
H. L. NEWMAN, Banker,
W. H. AUSTIN, Cashier.
El Paso,
A General Banking
C3T Mexican
Bullion Bought.
Money and Exchange Bought and Sold.
C. R. MOREHEAD, President.
State National Bank,
Established April, 1881.
A legitimate banking business transacted In all it3 branches. Exchange
n all the cities of the United States
Mexican Dollars.
About our shoes, they are made "upon honor," by manu
facturers whose reputations are not for sale. We've got
faith enough in these shoes to stamp our name on every
pair, and we are selling them at half usual profits.
PE & SON, Shoe Dealers.
Great Reductions
In. Everytliing
Having left on our hands a large stock of win
ter goods, such as Heavy Weight Suits, Over
Coats and Underwear, we have determined
At prices that will move it.
Anyone in need of these articles will
save money by inspecting these values
Golden Bade (Mil House
Mall orders receive prompt attention.
.XjESrO. SIRTjrjDsTlSriEIEi.
Fine Merchant Tailoring,
And Gents' Furnishing Goods.
Link Restaurant,
SIB El Paso Street.
A First-Glass Short Order House
Open Day and. ZESTilit.
You Cannot See It
5 per cent Nickel Steel
In the Frames and Forks
Making them one-third stronger
Without increasing the weight.
You can see it if not
The Marvelous Beauty of
Commending them to every rider
With an eye for the beautiful.
Music Store, Bicycle and Sewing Ma
chine Depot.
Ladies should not fa'l to invpst
in a
pair of fine shoes at the
store near the postoffieo,
closing out
low prices.
Twenty poinds fiuo potatoes, 2o
cents; fine buf.er, 20 cents Pearce's.
L. NEWMAN, Jr. Ass't Cashier.
Business Transacted.
Gold and Silver
J. C. LACKLAND, Cashier
J. H.
RUSSELL, Ass't Cashier.
bought at par. Higho3t prices paid for
Going and Coming: of El Paso People
and Others
Charlie Layer has gone to Monte
rey. Miss Annie Mahill, has returned
from a visit to Hillsboro.
Traimaster II. A. Tice. of the Santa
Fe at Topeka, is in town.
George M. (Iraham, of Colorado
SpriDgs, is at the Pierson.
W. T. Hixson, who has been up to
Las Vegas, returned today.
Reports are that Phoenix is nearly
under water from recent Hoods.
A. Hart, coal oil inspector for New
Mexico, went north on the Santa Pe
Mrs. Jack Crawford and daughter
May returned to San Marcial this noon,
after a pleasant visit with Mrs. Craw
ford's daughter, Mrs. D. W. Keckhart.
Alderman J. J. Stewart has returned
from a successful wild hoar hunt in the
Arizona mountains. He slew a dozen
of these amiable creatures, and has
their tushes all strung on a string.
Rev. Father Pinto, a prominent
Jt-suit and priest of Denver, is in thri
city, the guest of Rev. Mandalri. Rev.
Pinto will remain here a few days, and
then go El Paso. Albuqucique Citi
zen. The officers' car of the Corralitos
road was received from the east the
other day over the Texas & Pacific and
has been sent, to the other side. 1 1 is
patterned after the Pullman car Ma--flower.
Don't expect "Shillings' Best" to
turn the world up side down. They
won't, but they do take some of the
wrinkles out of living. Money back if
not liked. Cash only. Pearce's. 201
Stanton street.
Is our big Bargain of
25Ibs of sugar for
Our Java and Mocha Coffee
has a fragrance that makes peo
ple thirsty for a cup of it. Finer
flavored or more wholesome
Teas and Coffees than we keep
can't be bought. When you
spend money hare we try to give
such values as will make you feel
like speaking a good word for
us to your friends.
J. B, Watson,
The Grocer, Phone 161,
Cor. San Antonio and Stanton Streets
School Trustees.
The undersigned citizens, hereby
aerree to support the candidacv of K. IS.
Bias, Judge T. A. Falvey and Ernest
Kohl berg for the position of school
trustees at the election to be held Jan
uary Jittb, 18i7:
VV. G. Walz, W. E. Sharp, I. Haas,
W. T. Baird, T. E. SheltOD,
H. P. Noake, D. M. Payne, G.
W. Davis-, J. F. Kachler, A. D. Steph,
H. R. Hillebrand. W H. Austin, Henry
L Capell, J A Smith, M W Stanton, H
J Darwood, J Schwingle, D Y Hadley,
S H Newman, M Ainsa, A Hoffman, A
G Foster, A B McKie, Luis G Galdana,
R J Garcia, J E Rowland. J B Badger,
John Mahill, S C Schutz, W K Van
Patten, C R Ronnekamp, Dr Schught.
Wm Bremen, F J McMurray, VV H
Tuttle. J C Newland, G W New
ell, W C Holmes, R Keays,
J M Haney, Thomas Gray,
D W Reckhart, Aug Meisel, W S M
Cutcheon, J B Payne, Peyton F Ed
wards, H F Price, W A Irvin, S C
White, L B Budd, J J Mundy, C C
Brown, Otis Andrew, Geo N McCon
aughey, J C Voss. Geo R Harvey, J Gil
luly, J A Brock. R A Allen. T T Cain,
C Reeves, W E Talbot, E F DeRiemer.
S Goodman, B D Hayne,Adolph fechutz,
John Stetlian, August Kempf,
O W McPhetridge, E K Talbot, Chas.
F Slack, Jas Higgins, M Calisher, P
Michero, A J Taylor, E H Vogeley, C
C TaDner, W Samori, D R Williams.A
Goodman, F Weidman,A L Whiteside,
VV J Wolf. ST Turner, J F Mitchell,
F E Morris, W W Anderson, J W
Brown, P M Millspaugh, JobnOgden.C
C Kiefer, Alward White, W T Hixson.
Geo De Fontaine, B F Jenkins, J H
Lohner, R H. Rigs', H L Newman, Jr.,
Jos U Sweeney, Alex W. Susen, R H
Thorne, C M Murry.
Hotel Pierson Sunday Dinner, 6 p.
Cream of Asparagus
Shrimp Mayonaise Celery
Pickled beets Chow Chow
Young Turkey Dressing Plum Jelly
Roast Venison Cranberry Sauce
Rare Roast Beef Natural Gravy
Scalloped Oysters
Boston Baked Beans
Charlotte of Saeo
Snow White Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Sugar Peas
Stewed Cauliflower on Toast
Baked Tomatoes au Graten
Lapoleon White Cabbage
Corn Bread
Ice Cream Assted Cake
Plum Pudding Brandy Sauce
Sliced Apple Pie
Apples Oranges
Ice or Hot Tea Java Coffee
Bound this Way.
The Dallas News says that Paul
Morton, third vice president; W. B.
Biddle, freight tr aflic manager; W. F.
White, passenger traffic manager, of
the Santa Fe railway at Chicago, and
F. C. Gay, general freight agent of the
same system at Topeka, arrived in
Dallas yesterday,accompanied by these
officials, of the Gulf, Colorado and
Santa Fe: L. J. Polk, acting general
manager and P. H. Goodwyn, general
freight agent.
The party is traveling in private cars
and were making a through inspection
of the Santa Fe system by daylight.
They spent the day in Dallas and
leave for Galveston this morning. They
will spend four or five days in Texas,
leaving the state by the Southern Pa
cific and El Paso.
St. Clement's Music.
Organist's programme for Sunday,
Jan. 17:
Morning Opening Voluntary: An
dante in F, Wely: Ollertoire: Andante
(Berceuse), Gounod; Closing Voluntary:
Allegro, Hummel.
Evening Opening Voluntary: An
dante in E flat, Lott; OtTertoire: Lar
ghetto in B flat, Spohr; Closing Volun
tary: Allegro m F, J. Smith.
Money back! Money back
Tea, I
coffee, spiees, baking powder, soda and
extracts "Schillings' Best" Fine
creitnery butter, per pound, 20 cents.
Cash only. Pearce's, 201 Stanton
A 10c saved is a 10c gained. Buy
your dry goods and clothing at the clos
ing out store near the postoffice.
Geo Parker, Manager.
The best anodyne and expectorant
for the cure of colds, coughs, and oil
throat, lung, and bronchial troubles, is
undoubtedly, Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
the only specific for colds and coughs
admitted on exhibition at the Chicago
World's Fair.
The Leading' Events of the Day in This
and Other Countries are to he
Found iu This Column.
More Cabinet Talk.
Canton, Ohio, Jan. 16. Judg
Joseph Mcivenna, or uaniornia, pro
minently mentioned as the leading
slope cabinet possibility arrived here
this morriiDg and was an early caller
at Mai. McKinley's house. The fact
that Judge McKenna is on the United
States bench and made the trip from
California at this time, seems to indi
cate that he will be offered and accept
a cabinet portfolio.
Senator Quay, Sdnator-elect Boise
and Penrose, of Pennsylvania, arrived
here this morning and the proposed
appointment of Charles Emoy Smith
or if nilaoeipnia, to me cabinet was
discussed. Senator Quay is Dot per
sonally opposed to Mr. Smith.
The Fishermen Saved.
Menominee, Mich., Jan. 16. Yes
terday afternoon a strip of ice ten miles
loner extending along the Lake Michi
gan shore from the mouth of the Me-
Dominee river southward was broken
loose from the shore by a heavy wind,
carrying on thirteen fishermen into
the middle of the lake. Four men
were saved by boats, but the wiDd
changing into a gale broke up the ice
floe, and it was feared the others would
perish during the night. The ice was
blown against Green Island, where all
were safely landed.
What the President says.
New York, Jan. 16. President
Blair, of the Wheeling and Lake Erie
railway company made a statement
today in refereac to the appointment of
receivers, for that road, saying that the
difficulties of the company result chief
ly from the extremely low rates in
bituminous coal traffic, which com
prises more than one half the compa
ny's tonnage. Strikes and bank
failures .did the rest. The property,
however, is in excellent condition, and
the interest on the bonded debt will
be punctually paid.
Raising- the Scale.
Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 16. The na
tional miners convention today, elected
Michael Patchford of Ohio, president;
John Kale, editor on the Mine Work
er's Journal, was elected vice president,
and W. C. Pearce. the secretarv-treas-
urer, was reelected. The scale of
wages was completed, and February,
18!7, fixed as the date to take effect.
Advanced wages for all mine employes
are to be paid by dav in the same
proportion as wages paid by the ton.
Bishop Keane Promoted.
Rome, Jan. 16. Bishop Keane
formerly rector of the Catholic univer
sity at Washington, but recently ap
pointed by the pope as bishop assistant
to the pontificial throne, has also been
made counsellor to the congregations
of the Propaganda. It has been ob
served in Vatican circles that Bishop
Keane enjoys the special favor of the
Bank Statement.
New York, Jan. 16 The weekly
statement of the associated banks of
New York shows the following changes:
Reserve increase $8,181,075; loans in
crease $283,000:specie increase $928,000:
legal tenders increase, $9,859,800: de
posits increase $9,384,100: circulation,
decrease $H3,900. The banks now hold
$52,099,525, in excess of legal require
ments. Stock Market.
Wall Street, Jan. 10. Stocks
opened strong and in good demand.
Active issues advanced i to per cent
in first transactions, general electric
leading. The appointment of receivers
for the Wheeling and Lake Erie road
naturally had an unfavorable influence
on the stock and common fell -i per cent
Big Man Gona.
Newbuugh, Jan. 16 Hon. Joel T.
Hoadley. the historian and ex-secretary
of the state of New York died
here this morning.
Usual Democratic Record.
The treasury deficit for the Grst half
of January is $5,S(i9,9ii,-, and for the
fiscal year to date $44,753,369.
I have bought out the business of
J. M. Leitch and J. M. & E. M. Leitch
including the notes and accounts due
them, and will continue at the same
store, 304 San Antonio street. All
persons indebtei to them are requested
to settle with me. W. G. Di'NX.
A "smart aleck" iu his canvass for
another paper takes the trouble to in
form a bright busine.-s man that the
service roiv given hy the Herald is
not a day service, but is culled from
the Associated Press Dight report.
If that is the i-ns wlir N it that. t.h
Herald publishes the news first? Mav
be the Herald is unduly favored to
the detriment of its morning contem
porary. The matter by all means
should be investigated.
Fine creamery butter, per pound 20
cents; 29 pounds good spuds, 25 cents;
fine mountain cabbage, per pound 4
cents. Cash only. Pearce's, 201 Stanton
Men's suits $2.50 at the closing out
store near the postofliee.
Geo. Parker, Manager.
There were sixty passengers on las-t
: night's west bound fiver. Business is
( increasing ou this favorite service.
His Point of Destination is mrt Given
to the Public.
D. A. Stuart was a west bound pas
senger on the Texas and Pacific train
yesterday morning, says the Dallas
News. He carried away with him two
large sized grips, a big trunk, a map of
the possessions of Porfirio Diaz and
also a map of the United States. His
intimate friend9 were close mouthed
One said: "Dan has gone to Mineral
Wells. He has great faith in the
mediciaal virtues of mineral springs
water." Another said: "Dan has gone
to Mexico. Billy Wheelock is in the
City of Mexico buying parrots, and
think Dan has gone down to the capital
city of the Wontezumas for his health
Hugh P. Kane remarked: "Mr. Stuart
did not take me into his confidence, but
it is likely that he has gone east, per
haps to Chicago, to unfold all his plans
and .divulge all his secrets to the
newspaper correspondents, in order to
quiet their nerves and make it possible
for the boys to get a little sleep at
night. Really, I have no knowledge of
Mr. Stuart's plans, nor can I throw
any lignt on just wnere ne nas
In the House.
Washington, Jan. 16. This affer-
noon was set apart for the delivery of
eulogies upoD the late ex-Speaker
Crisp, of Georgia. The opening hour
was devoted to the consideration oi
business under unanimous consent.
The senate bill authorizing the con
struction of a bridge across the Colum
bia river, state of Washington, was
passed, as were various bills granting
pensions and removing charges of de-
ertion. At 1 o'clock the house
listened to eulogies on the late speaker
Trying to Cinch 'Eni.
New York, Jan. 16 Carlos Roloff,
icretary of war of Cuban junta provis
ional government and Dr. Joseph Luis,
accused of aiding and abetting in the
ubau filibustering expedition, were
before United States Com
missioner Shields for examination
today. General Roloff is already under
ndictment, on a similar charge, but
this is Dr. Luis appearance before
"United States authorities. After con
sultation the case was adjourned until
ext Saturday.
The Bombay Plague.
Over half the population of this city,
estimated at about 900,000, has fled
from the plague. It Is estimated that
800,000 persons are encamped at And
heria, whence they will Eoon be forced
to migrate, owing to the lack of .water
and sanitation threatening to breed
cholera. The greatest difficulty Is
experienced in burying the dead,
riends and relatives refusing to carry
the corpses. A large number of
plague corpses have been eaten by
The official returns show that up to
last evening there were 3,294 cases of
butonic plague and 2,356 deaths from
that disease.
The Atchison Will Get It.
Arrangements, it is said, have been
made whereby the Atchison, Topeka
and Santa Fe railroad company will
acquire the western division of the
Atlantic and Pacific, which runs from
Albuquerque, N. M.t to Mojave, Cal.,
a distance of S34 miles. This will give
the Atchison absolute control of a
through line to the Pacific coast, as the
Atchison's main line connects with the
Atlantic and Pacific at Albuquerque,
and the Southern California, which
the Atchison controls, makes connec
tion with the Atlantic and Pacific at
Barstow, Cal.
Consul Dead.
Cologne, Germany, Jan. 16. Wil
liam D. Warner, U. S. consul at this
place is dead.
Interesting; Runaway.
Zeke Newman and W. D. Howe start
ed to attend the Fort Bliss hop the oth
er night, but were somewhat, as it were
delayed, or words to that effect. Zeke
had got into the buggy, and Howe was
just starting to precipitate himself
therein also, when the ihorse plunged,
reared, kicked, and behaved in a high
ly unseemly way generally.
Howe on seeing what was up, thought
discretion the better part of valor, and
refrained from further attempts to
enter the vehicle, and presently as
Newman was grabbing at the lines,
the horse gave a wild dive, and sped
down San Antonio street like a streak
of greased lightning. Zeke held on
manfully and mightily, and as
the horse reached the Baptist church,
he circled the building thrice, and
then dashed uptown again where the
stawlwart young baseball player from
the Brown university nine, by a her
culean effort, managed to stop the fiery
steed, and a new one was substituted.
This anamile carried the young men
safely to the fort, but lo, and behold,
when they come to leave, they found to
their dismay that the horse had pulled
up the hitching post and gone home.
He was tired of waiting for them to get
through dancing. So the young men
had to borrow wheels to return home
on. Zeke's arms are still sore, but he
manages to get around.
The Corralitos cattle company's suit
against the Texas & Pacific for dam
ages for detentions in shipment of cat
tle, was given to the jury this after
noon. The Royal Benefit society will hold a
meeting of organization at the office of
Dr. Schught Monday night for the
purpose of organization.
There is a big washout on the A.
P. just west of the Kingman, Ariz,
the meanwhile trains are running
Hats for Boys.
50c at the closing out store near
Geo. Parker, Manager.
Creamery butter 30 ceats-pearce's.
$2.501 N
Having- adopted a new system of guaranteeing- and insuring
watch repairs from this date, it will cost you only two dollars and a
half to keep your watch in PorffeOt, CDlC.r For
ODjCLG YGai- No matter how badly broken it is or what acci
dent may happen within the year, I KEEP IT IN ORDER.
You Pay Onoe and. USTo IMIore
"If the watch is worth repairing."
1 S?
I 1 u
jRfitTmtnCfHiy rfture orff; trrm cT O.VS
Fac-Simile of my guarantee
This does not include case repairs; I also except Howard and fine
Swiss watches from tha above price,
ately as low. Don't Fay rom. Two -to
Twenty IDOllStrS SL YEAR to keep your
watch running when for two fifty you get an absolute guarantee by
siiELiDoisr block:,
Severe Loss at the Battle of Santa
Clara. The Insurgents Are Stead
ily Coming: Up.
The New York Press of yesterday
claims to have received news through
private channels that General Maximo
Gomez, who stormed and captured the
important city of Santa Clara January
!, is now moving on Havana with
18,000 men. The famous cavalry leader,
Quintin Bandera, was mortally
wounded, the Press says, and General
Luque, commanding the Spanish, was
also wounded.
News received last night said the
losses were: Spanish estimated killed
and wounded, 900: prisoners, ,00: can
non captured, 18; battle standards, 4:
rifles in Spanish arsenal, 5,000, with
plenty of ammunition.
Cubans killed and wounded. 1,500'
which is 600 more than the Spanish
loss. The Press quotes Carlos Roloff
saying the report is credible. The
junta has no news.
Late reports from Havana indicate
an invasion of Havana province soon.
The insurgents are near Havana, and
large parties are seen daily near the
surburbs, five to ten miles from the cap
ital. Calvarious, less than ten miles
from the city, was sacked Saturday,
the insurgents driving out the Spanish
garrison of 700 men and then burning
nearly half the place. They seized a
large amount of supplies, destroying
all they could not carry off.
Two large field pieces that they
could not take with them handily, not
having horses, were spiked and render
ed useless to the Spanish. These two
guns had just been received by Weyler,
and one had been sent there last week.
By the irony of fate one bore "Weyler's
name, and was inscribed, "To aid Wey
ler's glorious deeds." Tbe retiring
Cubans defaced the inscription, and
placed a placard on it reading "Butch
ers only need cleavers."
General Weyler is greatly worried
over the attacks made by the insurgent
bands so near the capital, and the
Havana papers have the strictest or
ders not to mention anything of the
kind under the severest penalty. It is
common news in Havana, and the peo
ple, while outwardly loyal to Weyler,
are in reality biding their time to over
throw him and get Campos back.
Weyler's campaigns are made the jest
of the officers in private, and his entire
army is disloyal to him, on account of
his neglect of it. Two hundred wound
ed soldiers came into Havana Friday
and Saturday. All information regard
ing them was refused, and they were
hastily sent to the hospitals.
In less than a week the advance
guard of Gomez's army has destroyed
by fire 21 of the most valuable sstates
in the province of Matanzis and the
work of destruction continues as the
army moves along. The people of Ha
vana are at least becoming thoroughly
alarmed at the situation and all that
possibly can have already left tbe
Those who have been detained are
making preparations to leave with all
possible haste. Many of those who
have been outwardly loyal to Spain
have lost all confidence in General
Weyler's ability to hauulo the
insurgents, and thev now actually fear
for the safety of Havana. Skirmish
es occur every day in Pinar del Rio.
Men's Shirts
20j at the closing out store near the
Geo. Pakkkk, Mi-mger.
"Schillings' Best." is the best to I e
had: your cash refunded if you don
like it. Tea, coffee, baking powder
and spices sold by Pearce. 201 Stanton
E W IS2.50I
YSXftftvm tie tafeAfjiof .its bMtuetis w al
given with each watch repaired.
but I make the charge proportion
Y. M. C. A. Notes.
Prof. Warman is planning to give
us a return date soon if he can arrange
his eastern tour to permit it. Old
friends will welcome this news.
Another men's gosple rally, will be
held Sunday at 4 p. m., subject, The
Model Talk.
Some one will desire to join the la
dies class in tbe gymnasium soon, and
will be refused because the floor space
will be all taken up. There is only
room for ten more.
Nineteen new members joined the
association last week. Certainly 200
men in El Paso are looking for a snap;
gymnasium, baths, library, pleasant
room?, etc., are what you want. We
furnish all for $7 per year.
The Bible training class meets at the
close of the church prayer meeting,
Wednesday evenings.
Nearly $1000 was subscribed for the
association work for the coming year.
$2,500 is needed.
District Court.
The following is the assignment of
cases in the district court for next
L. H. Davis vs J. R. Harper.
Frank B. Cotton vs H. S. Lyter
& Co.
Frank B. Cotton vs. J. J. Bruce.
Felipe Seijas vs M. J. Kohlberg.
Charles Hopf vs Geo. "W. Baylor
et al.
Benito Lucero vs Ocecimo Rios.
THURSDAY, JAX. 21, 1897.
Robert F. Campbell vs Publish
ers Geo. Knaup & Co.
Millard Patterson et al vs W. H.
C. Aranda vs. Gaspar Giron.
Mary Evans et al vs John Woods
Grip Kaging- iu Texas.
North Texas is suffering from an
epidemic of grip, and in Fort Worth
one physician says there are 5000 cases.
r roin the county and from many of the
smaller towns in adjoining counties
come similar reports. Judge Charles
Davis, collector of the port of El Paso,
who has just come from San Antonio
and that part of Texas,says the trouble
is worse there than here, and he was
informed that there were 80C0 or more
cases there at one time under treat
ment. Fort Worth dispatch in Globe
75c below cost at the closing out store
sar the postoffice.
Geo. Parker, Manager.
Money-back dealing is honesty and
safety. Pearce pays your money back
on all of "Shillings' Best" goods if you
don't like them. Creamery butter 20
"Old, yet ever new, and simple and
beautiful ever," sings the poet, in
words which might well apply to Ayer's
Sarsaparilla the most efficient and
scientific blood purifier ever offered to
suffering humanity. Nothing but su
perior merit keeps it so long at the
Shade, ornamental and fruit trees.
Evergreens and shrubbery of all kinds.
Telephone 4-7.
Absolutely Pure.
i:...iiratil fur its sreat leavenincr
st renjrth ami beiiUhfulnes Assures the
food Hgalnst a'un and all forms of adul
teration corombtt-to cheap' hjandB.

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