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s Bazar
Tin' ll.K, :i tlioromjli'y u j)-t u-l it
jx-ri nii4':l lor o:nfii, filler u;on i:-.
I hirtii'Mi 'oluriin in 1'T.
As a I'ii s!iU:i j lurnal it is unsiirpMss'.xl and
is Rii i.uli-pi'iis;l!i:'' iini'sMf) f-r very wcil-
writi-salvut-kly letter nil rilTCIlt fitslii.it-'
fp.in l:irlJ. rn Nt'w York l'.tilfiiH, ami ii
tin; fort lVMl ' p::!ttr-s!ij't sit yplcin n
l-mi.-s li nl full d;:-. il-. r.in-i-tiiiiis aril ii:i-
ur t ins Inr ir- -v-'i's. V I'M lis ami c'lii 'tl I en's t'lor ii-
l.nr ,li;i. MAJTDi-: j.ntl (tllAI'I'H dr.uv
ami encnivf i f e r.i: -t--.L ar.il tints'. Pal lsian
ili"-in-i every si'fk.
Tin- st iiais f -r Is'-.r wi l In-: The Itftl
llriilirv N''triii'-:rint I. hr MM'.'E I ' ' l j ' K
l' H I.: arui Ft fier -iiiniali:,n. ty O' 'T A VI-;
TIIAXtr. Short -furli's will l.-i i-onst :tn : !y
presented liv t i-iiliatit writer aminii; wlinin
ltlTII M KNI-.KV STI'.VKT. V ioT A Kn-K-I:ol(
ami MAWIAKF.T rU'TToN IJK l-4;oK.
V Imr Women re loinc i-i various parts
-.f tlm Cnlon will loi'tn a series cl" sptcial in
terest. Ot h-r Interest lo? feat tires are rhe Out
Hoor Woman, devoted to heitl'lif u 1 siiorts and
pastimes; Vusi , a weekly eritie tl summary
of musie in Nnv York: A unite n r Tlieut i iiMis
Kniliroidervand Nee ilewo-k. Cer.'inony and
Kti'ineite. tior-d Ilollsekei pinjl. "Wlmr t.irls
am I1iik." t'nrreti- So ial Events. and
I'ersonitls irleatiei from orijj so'irees.
Women nl Mm. Colonel T. V'. HKiOlN
StiN will regular y continue his valuable
Aiinnrr!t tn (Ntrrpftpinifleiiln. This eolumn
Iseond-ieted for the lienetil anil run venienee
of readers, and all iine-tions received ''re
itrsweri d in rotation, us promptly itiiu fully
!is priict ii'alile,
Art Tlie ISA. U i a notal plet ure-cal-lerv.
reprrtdtii'ii:; the in ss beautiful works
of American and foreiirn artts s, as presented
in 1'arisand New York exhibition. Wititiid
Humor. Kveryiiiiiy t urns for a hearty laush
to the ItA.At'S last pijre. ,
W'liat more impropriate irlft fan b made to
wir. daughter or sister t lia-i a suberi nl ion
to II A ICItRli'.s IIAZAUV Secure it. asa wel
come visitor in yo sr household for ls'.H.
Newspaper! are not to Copy tills Advertise
ment without t he express order of
Harper & llrothers.
Dr. R V. Tierce of Buffalo, X. Y..
has made a life-study of the problem of
re-atorinar health and strcogth to uo
moa. His 'fj.vorltJ I Yeseripsioa" is
the tncst. sn -jcrssful remedy that has
ever been knovvi for wmr."n's peculiar
ailment-. Its s tie exceed t.ho com-
liiiied sales of al otlier mo-lieiues for
women. It cures the most obstinate
uteririf disease. It trees directly to the
in tern ul oriratiisiu which is tlie real
seat of all tlie trjjblis. If. iiapirts
viiror and .health where they are most
tie .did: heais ulceration: stops the
Wv akenir.g drains; promotes regularity;
restores museuUr power to the liea-tr.f-nts.
thus correcting dispiacements
of special organs ia the only natural
Ay. Complete information regarding
the 'l-'avo'-ite Prescription" atd tes
timonials from hundreds who have
used ;t. are embO'iieri in ur. fierce s
Common Sense Medical Adviser, a
standard medical work of 100i paares,
profusely illustraWl. which will ba
sent free on receipt of 1 one-cent
stumps t-j cover cost of mailing- only
This work is a complete family doctor
book and should he read by both youcg
and old. The prolits on th-t sale of
(iSD.OOO copies at Sfl.oO has rendered
possible this free editioD.
World's Dispensary Medical
tion, Buffalo, N. Y.
For One Year ... S4.00
lottuge Free to a!1 HubsrriberH iu the I'ntted
States, ChikkIh autl Alfxtc-o
Address, HA"-PR & BROTHERS,
P. O. Box 9'9, N. Y. City
Mexican Central Railway
Is the only standard fraug-e line be
tween the United States border and
Mexico City.
Mexico is known as an all the year
round tourist resort for pleasure travel.
Health resorts and mineral springs ad
apted to all the various ills to which
human fiesh is heir are found in the
exeat country. Climate unsurpassed.
For full particular address.
Ootn'l. Asremt. El Paso. Texas.
Harper's Magazine
In 1S97
FICTION: The Martian, the new novel by
IU MAUKIEK, tlie eagerly expected suc
cessor to ' Trilhv," begun m October Nuin- i
ber, IK'ti, with Illustrations from the authors
drawings A new novel by I-'U-XNlv R. j
STOCKTON developing a Twentieth Ten- !
t ui-y Kenaissattce lull of humorous situa--tiODs
and etiaracteristical! v i ! I ust rated A
1 ir of fat leet Lovern, by WILLIAM DEAN
IloYVF.LLS. Other strinir- novelette!' by j
Americtn authors. Short Stories liv MAUKj
twain, Thomas nk ss-.-n pauf.. kiuii-;
WILKIN'S aud other t opul.tr wr.tits. j
."SCIENCE: Story of the rosressof Science !
durioK t lin Nineteent Ii Cen tu r-y, series of ;
papers by DR. ilENttY SMITH WILLIAMS I
stipplenu nted liy cootributions on syei ial I
HUb.jects by ox pert (dentists. A rticl es on j
the relations of c-trious psychological in"."!- I
Testations to phjsiolojry by UK. ANOItEW
W1L.-ON. i
AMERICAN EE F L'RES: The .tlexlro of ,
Today. Hseritsliy CHAItLF.S E. H'MJIK, I
epleLdidly i lust rateil tlie result of a re f li
visit to Mexico un-lertakea for UAlil'lli'.
MAGAZINE. &tei") is preeminently a sii-ver-produi
injt country, and its monetary op
erations rest cm rely on a si tver basis Ow
Jn lo the keen discussion if r. rtain eiror.om
c proiiietus in connection wit i issues of
jtrfreut importance in American politics,
I liese papers will command . enei a I at tent Ion
A merle. ni ili-torx al l'-rs. bvWOOIlJJOW"
JA.MEsHAK.NE-. Tlie t rue st or v of islieri-
ilaii n Klde, liv (;EN. A iOKSVTIf Con
tinuation of Ht E ' L' Fersinutl Keiintii-
wetieew of erT.iueiii, liter.tr- Americans,
Afrie, a fullv illiitrali'il s ries of papers by
POL'LTNEY lilliELO.V, the result of per-'o-
nal observatioi s durmst a r. 'cent trio to Af
rica, oven a 1hf whole tn id or Kuropean
exploitation of that count ry. 1 1 i ust rated ar
itcles by sTEl'li EN IU i.N.-'A L on the tlans
iormatiotis linf on iu Kasterii S.iierla, re
reirly visited by the author. Hungarian.
Mte-teheit, written, and Orin l)v 1. liol'
KINSON SMI I II. The full st.iry I.f the ro
rpnt Ceronation of t be Czar by RicilARIt
llRTINii HAVIS, illustratel by 1!. CATON
VbUl) V I l-LE. wiio was coin ail.-sioned by
Queen Victoria, to paint a picture of the
ewHp'pers are ttot to copy tliH Advertise
ment without t he en presa order of
Harper & Brothers.
For One Year ... S4-.00
l'ostase Free to all subscribers in the United
states, Canada aud Mexico.
P. O. Eox 959, N. Y. City.
Many merchants are well aware that
their customers are their be-t friends
and take pleasure in supplying them
with the best woods obtainable. As an
instance, we mention Perry & Came
ron, prominent dru2trists of Flushing,
Michie-an. They say: "We have no
hesitation in recommending- Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy to our customers,
as it is the best cough medicine we have
t ver sold and always gives satisfaction. "
For sale at 25 and 50 cents per bottle by
all druggists.
"ew Tourist Sleeping Car Service.
The Southern Pacific have inaugu
rated through Pullman Tourist sleep
ing car service as follows:
lietween Washington, D. C. and San
Francisco, via Piedmont Air line,
passing El Paso east Mondays and west
Between San Francisco and Cincin
nati, Oh'o, via Queen & Crescent pass
ing 101 Paso east Sundays and west
Mondav s
Between San Francisco and Chicago
via Illinois Centra1, passing El Paso
east Fridays, west Saturdays.
In addition to this special tourist
cars for San Francisco leave El Paso
on Fridays and Sundays. -
The cars are operated by the Pull
man company on same plan as lirst
class sleeners, and like first class
sleeuers are furnished complete with
mattresses, curtains, blankets, pillows
sheets and pillow s'ips, new upholster
ed seats (cane being put in and
other improvements made. Clean
sheets aud pillow cases are put on
every night. Berths in these cars are
available to through or local passen-
uers hold ing first or second class or
excursion tickets. Each car is in
charge of uniformed porters to make
up berths and kee p the car clean. For
rates and further information call on
II. li. Turner. T. E Hunt,
Ticket Clerk, Commercial Agent,
Corner San Antonio and Oregon
streets, El Paso, Texas.
Hadn't Forgot-
Cora Without Rain
"Wheat and corn may not be grown
f r.er t.h is i n Kansas." said Rev. John
D. Woods of Evanston. "The Kansas He llatl Bcen " y "
farmer will turn his attention to the I te" Ifc
raisino-of African kaflir. and on that We call him the funiiy man because.
he will feed his family and his cattle ' he was sad and serious, anid said little
and through it he will accumulate but pazed -right into oursouls-and made
wealth and again enjoy prosperity." . us tell him just what was in our minds
J.ne tvansas wnua win uu iuiiBcr atj tl. , m(, an(l then came not wit
For a oain in the chest a piece of
flannel dampened with Chamberlain's
Pain Balm and bound on over the seat
of the pain, and another on the back
between the shoulders, will afford
prompt relief. This is especially val
uable in cases where the pain is caused
by a cold aud there is a tendency
toward pneumonia, tor sale by all
New Life, NewStreng
th. New Vigor.
Via Santa Fe Route.
Round trip rates to Las Vegas Hot
springs at all times, as well as to the
seaside resorts on the Pacific coast.
Full information cheerfully furnished
upon application to.
E. Copland,
General Agent
fuce Hygeia Ice.
Made frcm distilled water. Ask
your family physician or druggist as to
purity and'healthfulness of our ice; tel
ephone 14.
El, Paso Ice & Refrigerator Co
Notice to all i ravelers.
Travelers Insurance Tickets have
again placed on sale at tbe Southern
Pacific city and depot ticket ofS ce.
T. E. HUNT. Com'l Agent.
Strong Again !
From I'ROF. DR. ItlOORn of Paris Is the only
remedy for restorlnir strength under guaran
tee, and will bring back your lost powers and
stop for ever the dangerous drains on your
system. They act quickly, create a bealtuy
digest ion, pure, rich blood, firm muscles, rufc
Ked strength, steady nerves and clear brain.
1 mporled direct from Paris. Price per box,
dlrpctlons inclosed, 52.50. For sale by all re
spectable druggists. Mall orders from any
uerson shall receive prompt attention Dr.
V. Condory, Agt. and Manager for U. 8 A.,
460 Quincy Blbg., Chicago, III. For sale only
by Fred Schaerer, fc.1 Faso. xexas
to Attain It."
A 'Wonderful New
Medical Book.written
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copy may be had free
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.WC If. . .. Vjf. Vljr. ir, Vffjj.
?????-? ttrr
dSgP M b2b3 EI
r- c
1 JAt
1 -KSf
Harpers Weekly if
In 1897
With the eml of ls'.'ri IIAUl'ELt'.S WF.EKLY
will have lived forty years. In that time It
ha pat licipated wlili all the z.al aud power
at I:s cotuui'iuil lu the xreat political events
of the most Interest n and iuiportaL.t period
in tlie hoturv of t lie co:m try itud it lias suread
befora its readers li.e Hccciiipiisbnienls of
ficieiu-e. arts anil letters for tlie Instruction
at the human mind and tlie aiuelioiatiou of
liuman conditions :ind of manners.
What tlie w KKKLY hai been iu lis Fpirlt
and iUrpose, as tiiese have been manifested
principally iu itsedilorial pages, it will con
tinue to be.
It is Impossible to announce with precision
all that ihn WhKKLV will contain during
ihe year lv.17 It were as easy I.) announce
what is uu'i'-it to li tppeu in tno world, what
triumphs for Kil n-vermaieiit are t3 bu
won, wintt ativrtnet-n of the people are to lie
made, what Is to l)d the outcome of tlie C3I1
tiuuous stru''Se liutween t lie spit its o( war
and p-ate, tvuat !s to happen !u the far Kant,
what is to lie the siaiu of t.urop9 twelve
KUOntlis hnce, wliat new nmrvrls of eieiiee
are to be revealed, or what ate to be the
jM-titttveiueut tf arts and letters, for the
WKEKtV is to be a pictorial record of all
Cartoonii will continue to be a feature.
Serial SlnrieH. A New r n'l iliu siory by
Miss MAKY E. ILKINS, will beftin la Jan
uary. A tale of a Oreek uprisini; anttnst the
Turks by Mr. K t. ll&S"S, the author of
lo 10," will follow. A sequel to -'The House
Boat on the Siyx," by Mr.JOllN KF.NDHICK
UANO.s, Illustrated oy Mr. PK t'EU MiW
EtL. .More sit'.irt 8-orifs will uppon r ia the
W KKK I. Y than it has been possible to pub
lish during l-'.'ii.
Departnieuis: Vr. V. I). IJOYv'ELL'3
"Life and Letteis" have been anions t lie most
Charming features of periodical literature;
Mr K. S .MAHTI.N and o'.heis will contribute
observ.itions on what is golnij oa iu -'Tliis
Busy World:'' Am U -ur Sport" will remain
the most impjrtaui, department of lis kind in
The WKKKI.Y will continue to present to
it-4 readers tlie world's m-us imisi InrvreHtliif;
to Aiiierieans, to make important advances
In both t lie literary and ai t isi ic features, a nd
to retain for itsoif 1 he leauinit place iu the
Illustrated journalism of the world.
'ewHpapers are not to copy this Advertise
ment without the f xpress order of
Harper & lirothers
For One Year ... S4.00
I'ostago Free to all subseribrrs in the I lilt
ed States, Canada and Mexico.
P. O. Box 959, N. Y. City.
Ballot Eox Stol 11
The ballot box at lint cbos do Ati i-cc,
N'. M., was s'.t'ltjn ncently after the
ballot for justice of the p-aeo had b or
oast. Tbe constable was held up by
twenty m islrocl iu sn who took the bal
lot box away faun him on bis way home
and thon di-appeared in t!ie darkness.
The county commissioners are expected
to declare "no election."
A e give a valuable I)ok free to every business man who will pay the mere
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We give you a copy of - selections"
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.-elections" contains twelve chapters p.nd 10 1 pages, "tiooi Advertising"
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;?ome of thi largest advertisers iu the world are his clients, A single
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Mr Bites lias been all his life iu acquiring tue knowledge of absolute busi
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"Good Advertising"
is theonly hook of its kln.l. There is nothing elselikeit. We have sold over 3000
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retu-ned i unsatisfactory, and not a single book has come back. On the contrary,
we have received neatly.
1000 Testimonials
from business men who have found the fooMc of value anl benefit to them.
It has been eudorsed by such eminent, brainy aad successful men as:
pray for rain the less of it the better.
The hot winds will no longer burn the
crops, but tney win tnrive on 11,
Neither sand nor alkali nor errasshot)'
vsr nor chinch buyrs will again be all
powerful factors in the annual com
putation, and everybody will grow
kaflir and eat kaflir aud buy and sell
kaffir and Kansas will boom as she
never did before. The dryest spot of
land in the whole state will grow tbe
biggest crop of kallir, and the rich
bottom land will grow kallir too.
Kallir is a cereal of Africa which
grows in the hottest and dryest places.
It will grow almost anywhere where
it is hot. A few years ago Jerry Simp
son shipped a quantity of the seed to
his constituents, and they planted it
and fed it to their cattle. Two years
ago we experimented on making flour
out of it, with the hope that the pro
duct might be used to advantage In
making bread, but we diu not have the
best of success. The mills could mt
grind it tine enough, so it was not al
together good to eat. Some how the
ola burr process of grinding failed, and
many thought our scnetne lor feeding
hungry Kansas was a failure. Tte
product was good for the cattle ana
when the farmer could, raise nothing
else he raised Kathr.
Last year we experimented more
Nearly every mill in southern and
western Kansas was tried, out witn
poor success, for the flour was invari
ably too coarse to be pleasant to eat,
although the llavor was unsurpassed
We did not despair, and two months
ago I came to Chicago, bringing with
ma .'iGOO poutids of karlir. For days
consulted with the leading millers of
the city in regard to the grinding of
the grain, and many of them tried new
ways of solving ihe problem. At last
we discovered a way, and the karlir
Hour can now be made as well as any
other Hour. The old burr process was
abandoned and immense roller? used
The first successful kaffir mill is
equipped at Marquette, Ivs., ana it is
doingja wonderful business.lt is superior
in llavor to any otner Hour, ana rooa
specialists pronounce it more nutritious
than the Hour made from wheat
Within a few months I hope to arrange
my plans so as to be able to erect a
large mill in Chicago. The bread is
not only wholesome and palatable, but
in appearance very closely resembles
ordinary wheat bread. Pancakes of
kaflir Hour taste about as would that
of wheat mixed with some graham
"I have made mush which could
hardly be told from the mush made
from corn mea'," said Mrs. Wood.
"And I have also prepared from the
kaffir Hour a dish resembling' oatmeal,
which, I think, is very pleasant to eat.
I believe the new food is going to re
volutionize cooking. Oar only draw
back so far has been an inability to get
tbe flour ground fine enough for pas
try." J. W. Heigh, from Wichita, Kan.,
says it is his opinion that within a few
years karlir will be grown extensively
all through the West, but especially in
western Kansas, Indian Territory, Tex
as, Arizona, and New Mexico. "I have
seen," he said, "some fine fields of
kallir in western Kansas, where prac
tically nothing- else would grow. The
;jrain can be scattered broadcast, and
will spring up like weeds, and nothing
seems to be able to choke it. If prop
erly planted one hundred bushels may
be raised to the acre. The plant re
sembles sorghum in appearance. The
stalks grow from four to eight feet in
height, and the leaves are more plenti
ful, and are also wider and longer,
than those of corn. The grain itself is
slightly larger than a mustard seed,
and is round, hard and smooth. The
hull is very thin, and in grinding there
is littl 3 chaff. The weight of the grain
per bushel rues about sixty pounds,
the same as wheat, but a bushel of
kaflir will make ten per cent more
flour than a bushel of wheat. In this
respect, and in the number of bushels
per acre, the kallir has a great ad
vantage." Chicago Times-Herald.
some inag-nificently luminous sugg-es
tion that cleared every cloud away, says
Scribner's. What was more, he would
then go off with us at once and play the
rig-bt thing- out to its finish, earnestly
and devoutededly, putting- all other
thing-s aside. So we called him the f uc
ny man, meaning only that he was dif
ferent from those others who thoug-lit
it incumbent on them to play the pair.
ful mummer. The idea as opposed to
the real man was what we meant, only
we were not acquainted with the
phrase. Those others, with their la
bored jests and1 clumsy contortions,
doubtless flattered themselves that
they were funny men-; we, who had to
sit throug-h and applaud the painful
performance, knew better.
He pulled up to a walk as soon as he
caught sight of us, and the dogt-ait
crawled slowly along- till it stopped just
opposite. Then he leaned his ohin on
his Jiand and regarded us long-and soul
fully, yet said never a word; while we
jig-geil up and down in the dust, grin
ning- bashfully, but with expectatiot-..
For you never knew exactly what the
man might say or do.
"You look bored," he remarked, pres
ently; "thoroughly bored. Or else let
me see; you're not- married, are you?"
He asked this in such sad earnestness
that we hastened to assure him that we
were not married. Though we felt he
ought to have known that much; we
had been intimate for some time.
They Will Be Trained for Domestic Serv
ants. Thetre has just been founded at Cal
cutta an institution for the education
of monkeys, says a.n exchange.
A young monkey is taken and be
fore htm is placed a set of blocks on
which are painted in capitals the lot
ters of the alphabet. These blocks are
in. fact, exactly similar to those which
childiren play with in every civilized
country in the world, and they are
used in precisely the same way as if
the monkey wexe a young specimen of
t he human race. There is one professor
for each monkey, anil the monkey is
taught bj- means of the blocks to spell
certain words. If the. word is "fruit
for example, the monkey, after having
been taui.ht to arrange the blocks so
as to spell the word quickly and with
out error, receives a bit of fruit as his
reward. The same exercise is repented
wirth other words; and it ishoied that
in time the simians will learn how
to read and spell and understand Kng-
ish, if t hey cannot speak it. An efTorl
will also be made, it is said, to educate
these beasts so that t-hej- may become
fairly ellicient domestic servants. The
school is so young as yet, however, that
what it will accomplish is entirely a
matter of speculation. Its "professors"
are enthusiastic alout their novel work
nnd seem to think that a new field of
usefulness will be opened up for thesj
chattering litrtle beasts.
Managing Partner, firm of John Waoamaker,
Publisher American Newspaper Directory and Printers Ink, and the best known
aiivertisinir afrent m America.
for many years John Wanatnakcr's i10.n.-m ad vei-tlsins man-uter, whoso wisdom and
shrewdnnts in advertising mattt-is is known in every state in the union.
President World's Dispensary Medical Association, RulTalo, N, Y whose annual
ex perdltnre for ad vert islntc Is not. hsst lian ha' f a mil ll jn dollars, and who has
made a fortune of several millions by successfully advertising good medicines,
found "flood Advert isi -;j
iy a whole page of Uarpe
' of sufficient Interest to give It a notli
s Weekly,
, i6
t;, occupy ing near- j;:
Uuyiner New Mexican Mines.
The New Mexican yesterday printed
a dispatch from J-'niladeipnia to the
effect tnat the famous Itothschilds were
backing a London investment company
in a plan to secure control of gold prop
erties in the United States instead of
making continued investments of Eng
lish and German capital in the less
prolitable gold fields of South Africa.
Trustwortny lniormation comes to
this paper today that down in the Car
lisle gold district 01 (jrant county, IS.
M., where for years the S'eple Ilock
Mining company has been successfully
operating, the I,othsehuds, of London,
backers of the company just named,
have quietly secured control of 125
promising gold prospects in the Carlisle
district and have about completed ar
rangements for the extensive develop
ment of this great district.
I he plans of the Steeple liock com
pany contemplate, in connection with
the developmentof its many miaes with
a view to a steadily increasing output,
the reduction of 1,000 tons of ore per
day in the course of a few months.
Huntington mi ls will be operated in
connection with the chlorination pro
cess of treating on a scale large enough
to handle the output, wtu-jb will be
made as largo as possible.
This is, indeed, good news. It means
a great deal 01 immediate good for
Grant county, and its influence is cer
tain to prove highly beneheial to the
entire territory.
.. I ,
t In- wor'd f;
intelligent :
5.1.IH1 a iaif...:
to I he lirm ,-ho:-
iio-iH editor of tie; Vetv York Sun, says: "There should be profit to all
Iv-rlNers alio buy this book.
i.tn says : In; bo ,k tins been won li Sl.lWI to him : another that, it is vror' b
niHii her that tij wouldn't, take j.vi for il: another that its worth &iiMi'J
advertising lm manages,
T i: c ifi i"-' i'i ii & ii ii ii ii ii i(i ifi ii
i ,' ltememher that I'll p:ige- o' selections from this great hook nay he hai,
..- neat ly ' oiiin! in paper mv.i-v Absolutely Free, by business men who will send a
l" viT '''t", - "J" cents in 'am ps to repa y for mailing it. Anyone not la business
. for biuis - If will have to pi v full prti;"- en cents.
, '1 bis otler is for a limi.e.i time o.-ilv. I D is being widely advertise If your
letter reacliej us ufttr all tlie "Selections" are iron?, we will rst. irn the monev.
I Holmes Publishing Co.J
X. 13 Beekman Street. New York.
Kansas Made a Sewer.
New York for many years has un
loaded her pauper children on Kansas
instead of taking care of them herself,
and Kansas is getting tired of it, espe
cially as jew lot-it now presumes to
heap contempt upon a state that has
served as a reformatory for hrr
adoletcent offsprings. The Chanute
Tribune speaks to tbe point as fol-
S:x chillren from the gutters of New
York city were recently taken in at
Garnet, and a day or two before, three
soldier's orphan children were sent
j from that town to the soldiers' orphan
home because they could not be placed
in any hoir.es. Iu bible language this
is it; deed '"vanity." In nim; chances
out of ten the Kansas child, under
proper training, will nrike a better
man or women than the.cuild picked up
in the big cities. For years New York
s&L. has been shipninur these waifs to Ivan
"K j sas, and tbe history of these cases
fr , prove that very few indeed of these
children of crime ever amount to aov-
II e Couldn't Spell OMvatamle Nor Could
the Stenographer.
A short, man, with red whiskers,
shambling gait, and the remains of a
jag, vanirel into the Midland the
other evening, and asked for a type
writer's studio, says the Kansas City
Joumal. He lives in Kansas, not far
from Topektt, and had ben he-re attending-
the. football games. Luck
had walked on the same side of
the street with him in the matter
of behs, and he wanted to stay an
other week. Btrbhis wife expected him
home, so he was in search of a type
writer to send home n- letter to serve as
an apology for his nonappearance.
"Kansas City, this date, 96," he mut
tered to the typewritist.
"I have that."
"Mv dear wife."
"Very important business will re
quire my presence in Osawatomie for a
few days "
"Let's sec," interrupted the artist.
"How do you spell that Osawatomie ?"
"Spell it yourself. It's your type
writer." "I can't."
"Can't spell Osawatomie ?" le asked
in disgust.
"Then I'll go to Fort Scott."
Tlx jNIost ZDireot Xiixxo
Kansas City, Boston,
St. Louis, New York,
Chicago, Philadelphia
Denver, Omaha, St. Paul,
And all Northern and Eastern Points
Tlxrxmgb. Trains, Fast Time,
Smooth Track.
Elegant Pullman Palace Sleepers on alf
hrough trains. Daily Tourist Sleeping cars
to Denver, Kansas City and Chicago. Tou.ris
sleeping cars semi-weekly to St. Paul, Minn
eapolis and once each week to St. Louis and
All trains not having dining cars stop for meals at the famous Santa
Route, Harvey Houses.
Full information cheerfully furnished upon application to
City Ticket Agent. General Agent.
Office, Fargo Building, Corner El Paso and San Antonio Streets.
W. B. TRULL, Agent at Depot.
l-nl ROUTE
Through Line Between
Daily Through Trains to
The Best Line to NEW YORK, PfllLADEL
PHIA, WASHINGTON and Eastern Points.
Pullman Buffet and Tourist Sleepers. For
Tickets, Time Tables and Full Information,
Call on or Address:
. E. HUNT, Com'l Agent,
El Paso. Texas.
G. P. A T. A.
Houston, Texas.
C. W. BEIN, T. H.
Houston, Tx
mefs T r Mexicoate
Popular Winter Resort
Pullman and Free Reclining Chair Cat's in Service.
Address the undersigned for full and reliable information:
J. F. Donohoe, Com'l Agent. EI Paso.
Insects Caught In the Swamps ot Mexico
Itroaght Here.
The report made from Laredo to the
treasury department at Washington
make constant reference to one of the
queerest articles of iniportbroug-htinto
this country. These are dried Mexican
flit's, which are broupht to the United
States in larq-e quantities to be used a-s
food for pot sininp- birds.
These Hies live in the swamps in vari
ous sections in Mexico, where they are
caupht by men who devote their lives
to the work. The fly catchers use a
siil'en net, and make a larjre haul at
every cast. The individual fly is called
moscos. It. is small and delicate, and
its whole iKuly iuis the appearance of
having- Ix-en pilded.
The flics w hen alive are beautiful nd
harmless. There is a duty on these
Mexican flics, doubtless to encourage
tlie home fly industry, but up to the
present, time the mosoos business lias
not flourished in this country to any
marked extent. The imported flies are
packed in barrels, and they sell for a
hiijh price.
Rngland's Largest Orchard.
The largest orchard in Great Britain
is at Totting-ton, in the county of
Cloucester. It is "00 acres in extent,
rnd in some seasons yields its owner,
Lord Sudley, a profit of $.")0,000. The
trees are chiefly apples and plums.
The most stubborn skin aad scalp
diseases, the worst forms of scrofula,
all blood taints and poisons of every
name and nature, are utterly rooted
out by Dr. Pieree'a Golden Medical
iii'ifc'ii !lijLZlJl' iLJifeii iv- -- i'- if- "t'-
thimr hut. .rn tn thn b;id. Snm..t.;,nna a ' uiscovery. j; or every aisease caused
girl grows up and becomes a blessing by a torpid liver or impure blood, it is
to her foster parent-, but as a rule they a specific. Eczema.tetter, salt-rheum,
go the other way The Tribune is ; , aa bo 3) carbuncles, enlarged
opposed to the great state of New ork i , , ' ,,. ,
shipping her waiTs to Kansas. Let her ! s'ands, tumors and swellings, and every
care for them hersjlf and let Kansas kindred ailment, are completely and
care for the children of Kansas. permanently cured by it.
Highest Awards
At the World's Exposition
for excellent manufacture,
quality, uniformity and
volume of tone, elasticity
of touch, artistic cases,
materials and workman
Ship of highest grade.
Purest Drugs. Latest News
A. K. ALBERS &, CO..
headache. Try it.
Texas and Pacific'
The Great Popular Route Between
Short Line to
New Orleans, Kansas Oitv,
St. Louis, New York
n.ncl "Washington.
i-vorite Line to the North, East and
Pullman Buffet Sleeping1 Cars and
Solid Trains from 1 Paso to Dal-a
las, Fort Worth, New Orleans,
Memphis and Si. Louis.
Fast Time
Sure Connections
See that vour tickets read via
he Texas and Pacific Railway.
For maps, time-tables, tickets, rates
and all required information, call on or
address any of the ticket agents or
General Ag-ent, El Paso.
GASTON ME SLIER, General Paseen
per and Ticket Ajjrent.
tu S.THOTvNE. Third Vioe-President
and Gpreral SuperintriCfTit.
Foster and Mitchell,
Attorneys and Counselor
Will practice in all courts of Texas and
New Mexico.
r:ir."" qnlcW.
VrrAI.1T V, ttupoteiicy unci wasting dieses ciiuwil by yuuihfuk
errow ur exoe.e.. Conlalna no Ql:ite.. Isanerre tonlcaB-f
HUKJII 111 ll.lltU. Pl A C "BJS pale and puny Ftrog
.nr: phunn. Kaiir car- Elirb I IIbm rleri In vest iocke(
"T-Criln P" b..x; for!5. Br mail prepaid with a written Bur.iiiteo
itw t e-.sre or money refundeil. ltun't deliiy, write to-tlay for Free
nt(.illi.nl hnnL. int shaImI uln 1 n wmmwr With tof I iTionlal S nnfV
tuiancUil referencea. No charse tjlf A 1 (O r3 0. S?V
lor ronaullutlniii. llewureof 119 CiHA 0J I IT V 1 M
Imltntlona. Mold bv n and our Advertised agents. Address
JJili. 0Xi!XSX (JO.. Muauulo Temclu, ClXlCUt
la El Pas- 'y Flac Drug Store od Klo Grande Pharmacy.

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