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For Rent.
Furnished house of eight rooms, well
Ill S.
rooms, No.
Frame house
Florence St.
4 Adobe houses, 3 room9 each, near
Picrson hotel.
Several brick houses, 3 rooms each
near Franklin school building-.
Real Estate and Insurance.
Obitid Statks Wkathbh Bureau I
El PASO.Texas, January 16, 1887.
Local Time 6:64 a. m. I
Barometer 29 !S
Thermometer 44
Direction of wind E
Velooltv of wind ner hour 7
Weather PartlyJCloudy
K4ln34 hours (lnchesand hundredths) O.fti
Highest temperature last 24 hours - K
Lowest temperature last 24 hours 43
What Metal Is Worth.
811TOL 64
Lead 20
Copper...... ...
Vexlcan pesoa. Fl Paso.
" " Juarez....
Tennyson could take a worthless sheet
of paper, write a poem on it and make
it worth $(.", 000 that's genius.
Vanderbilt can write a few words on a
sheet of paper and make it worth
$.", 0U0, 000 that s capital.
Uncle Sam can take $18 worth of gold
and stamp upon it an "Kagle Bird" and
make it worth $20 that's money.
Mechanics can take material worth So
and make it into watch springs worth
$1000 that's skill.
A merchant can take an article costing
75 cents and sell it for $1 that's busi
ness. A lady can buy a hat for 85, but she
prefers one thatcosts $'50-that's foolish.
A ditch digger works 10 hours a day
and handles several tons of dirt, for $2
that's labor.
The writer of this could write a check
for $7;"), 000,000. but it wouldn't be worth
two bits that's tough.
Any one can got more "REAL VALUE"
and "BETTER GOODS" at our store
than at any other place in El Paso
that's economy and common sense.
f Chas. F. Slack & Co.,
Blank books cheap at Irvin's.
Fresh oysters at Smith's creamery.
Hot cakes at Smith's creamery.
Go to Irvin for window glass.
Juicy steaks at Smith's creamery.
Strawberries at Smith's creamery.
Wrifirhts' butter at Smith's Cream
Typewriter paper at the Herald of
Minine Location Blanks for Sale at
This Office.
Stoves and Steel Ranges; low prices.
Momsen & Thorne s.
Try the bread made by the Dickin
son Home Bakery.
Telephone No. 47.
tne best 5 cent CIGAR on the market.
Linen tvoewriter paper, 500 sheets
legal size at $1.20 at Herald job office.
"For Rent" and "Rooms to Let'
placards for sale at this office.
Home made cakes, pies and dough
nuts at Smith s creamery.
The best Mexican and Havana cierars
are made by the El Paso Cigar Mfg.
Pleasant furnished room, . private
family. nrivilesre of parlor, 403 N. El
Vaso St.
For rent A nice seven room house
with furnace. No. 905 Mesa avenue.
Apply A. P. Coles.
For rent A nicely furnished double
room for light bouse keeping. Apply
10- san Antonio street.
Furnished house for rent, five rooms,
hath, etc. Best location in city. In
quire 60s) N. Oregon street.
Mothers' Friend waists for boys cheap
at the closing out store near tne post-
office. GEO. Parker, Manager.
El Paso Fuel Co. , are "The" ag-ents
for the celebrated Cerrillos White
Ash and anthersite coals. Successors
to Cerrillos Coal R. R. Co. Phone
J. R. McGibbon has bought I. S.
Dickerson's stock of new and second
hand furniture and is offering special
bargains at his store in the opera house
O'Brien Coal Co., are agents for
"CerrillosCoal." We sell the celebrat
ed white ash and anthracite and make
a specialty of screened lumps for do
mestic uses. Phone 8.
Money-back tea, coffee, baking
powder, spices, extract and soda is our
guarantee on "Schillings' Best" if you
don't like them. Fine creamery butter.
20 cent. Cash only. Pearce's, 201
Stanton street.
Purveyors to the People.
Union Company,
304 Sah Antonio St.-
CHOW, Manager
New Goods on hand. When out walk
ing call in and examine out stock of
Japanese and Chinese Goods.
Dr. A. J. MHi
Room 2, Bronson Block. Office hours,
8:30 to 12 a. re.. 1 :30 to 5 p. m.
Dr. Oscar Wilkinson,
Late resident surgeon Eye, Ear, No&e and
Throat Hospital, New Orleans, La.
Practice conGned to Ear, Eye, Nose & Throat
Oflice hours, 'J:30 a. m. to 12 m ; t to 4 p. m.
Consultation free to poor from 8 to '.):M a. m.
Napoleon J. Roy,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Rooms 2 and 4 - Mundy "ioo
For Genuine Bargains !
SFkHAT'T 17 ATI TY f! AttlTPnT.T.Y i
f GEO. W.
Bronson Block,
Tlie Jewelers,
III San Antonio Street,
El Paso, Texas
A County Ghost that is still Kicking
up a Kunipuss.
At last evening's meeting' of the
county commissioners, Judge Harper
and County Clerk Pitnam who were
authorized to inspect the new "indexes
for-the clerk's office, reported that the
new index was full of error and om
mission; and it was stated that the
former commissioners' court had ac
cepted the work and paid $3500 without
further investigation than to count the
words. This caused Mr. Ilobinson to
advise that steps be taken to recover
the moneys paid for the indexing.
Then some one raked up the bill of
Mr. Parker for back salary, a claim by
trie-way, that is now in the district court
for settlement; and Mr. Courchesne
wanted Judge Hunter employed to
fU'ht the claim. But the board con
cluded the county attorney was compe
tent to attend to the matter, and he
was instructed to resist the claim and
employ an assistant counsel at his dis
Then another discovery was made,
that the former county commissioners
had been paying themselves $30 per
year as county road supervisors, when
as it was claimed, county road over
seera were paid for the work. So the
county attorney was instructed to
recover the money thus paid out.
These bills were ordered paid:
day. The board ought to know this,
and that it is entirely useless to bring
the matter up before the commission
Just before adjournment, Judge
Harper called the attention of the
county commissioners to the fact that
be was poinsr to make out a schedule
of salaries.
The undersigned have this day trans
ferred their business to "The Stetiian-
Krakauer Hardware company."
John Steffian & Co.
irleierrmg to tne above notice, we
will continue the business of John
Steffian & Co., under the firm name of
"The SteSian-Kraukauer Hardware
company," assuming all assetts and
liabilities of the old firm.
The Steffian-Krakauer Hard
We thank the public for the patron
age extended to the old firm in the past
and bespeak lor the new one a contin
uance of the same.
John Steffian & Co.
The Steffian-Krakauer Hard
W. W. Bridgers..
El Paso Fuel Co
Jesus Montes
Consumers Ice Co
Andres Paz
Itio Grande Pharmacy.
F. B. Simmons
St. Louis Printers
G. W. Davis
The county treasurer was
i o uu
138 68
15 00
5 35
1 50
10 40
S3 00
2 00
3 45
Et, Paso, Texas, Jan. 15, 1897
1 wisd to ooiuy me puDi.c that i am
in no way respunsible, uor do 1 sanction
the letter written by Mr. J. ij. Em
bree to the Augusta, Ga. , Herald, and
which appeared in the El Paso Morning
Times on the 14th, which casts a slur
od the medical fraternity of this city.
Mr. li.mbree has severed his connection
with the Caldwell Undertaking Co.,
and will be tueceeded bv Mr. E. J
Smith who has had 35 years experience
as an undertake r and euibalmer. Ask
ing for a share of your patronage,
I am very truly,
J. Caldwell,
California blankets; a few pair left in
white and gray at the closing out store
Dear the postoffice.
Geo. Parker, Manager.
In cases where dandruff, scalp diseas
es, falling and grayness of the hair
appear, do not neglect them, but apply
a proper remedy and tonic like Hall's
Hair Renewer.
For Over Fifty Years.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for children teething.
It soothes the child, softens the
uums, allays all paio, cures wind
cholic, and is the best remedy for diar
rhoea. J.wenty-hve cents a bottle.
Ill Trouble.
The man who was placed in jail yes
terday for stealing a horse blanket,
was arrested because of an affidavit
charging him with "cruelty to ani
mals" in depriving the horse of the
covering he needed to protect himself
xrom catcning coio. ine doctors are
unanimous in saying that horses have
better temper, require Jess food and
their hair has a more giossy appear
ance, when clothed with the West
Texas Saddlery Co's horse blankets.
Go see them at corner of Overland and
Qregon 8tre.
to make a list of outstanding poor farm
scrip with its numbers f faction all zed
to correspond with the treasurer's num
bers of the general fund scrip and then
to pay off the two scrips according to
Superintendent Carr of the poor farm
was instructed to purchase supplies for
tne poor farm where he could obtain
them cheapest.
1 he following county roao commis
sioners were appointed:
Precinct io. I James id ib bard.
Precinct No. 2 Sat. B. Carbajal
Precinct Iso. 3 Z Apodaca.
Precinct No. 4 William Hamilton.
It was ordered that each of the above
coinmit-sionei s must give bond in the
sum of $1000 as required by law.
Judge Harper reported several com
pinnis relative to persons sleeping in
the court house, which was not in ac
eord with a former order from the
county board, that no one but the
jauiior should sleep in the buildiDg,
The board thought the order should be
enforced, as turning the court house in
a lodging building would jeopardize
the insurance. However, Mr. Smith
bad no objection to Asseesor's Winn's
sleeping in the house. The county
clerk held that Col. Winn's sleeping-
there would save the county the ex
pense of buying a safe for the asses
sor s records. Moreover, the janitor
was chief of the tire department and
was often away from the court house at
night. Action in this matter was oe
fered until the next meeting of the
Mr. Parker was seen today relative
to the charge about the indexes, and
he gave the venerable county papas the
merry horse laugh. He says the alle
gation is of the purest fiction. There
is not a word of truth in the charges
There are no mistakes in the new in
dexes, ana tne allegations are Dased c.n
technicalities that can not be consider
ed for one moment in a serious lieht.
j. ne greatest ana most pains taaingr
care was taken with those indexes,
everything was compared, and every
.1..' V I I . . T . "
i;iing was cnecKeu up. iir. parser
says the move aeainst him is purely
suite work.
rs an illustration of the whims and
fancies of the county fathers, he stated
that a commissioner had told him that
if he did not secure the services of a
certain party in the work, that he,
Parker, should not have the job. As
for the salary racket, Mr. Parker
tr eats that as of the veriest buncomb.
The board has no right to make
changes in an ottieial's salary during
his term of oflice, and the question is
now tefore the district court where
the court is expected to act at an early
Foot Ball Game.
After a vigorous practice or nearly a
month, the Fort Bliss foot ball team is
taking a well earned rest, preparatory
to their game tomorrow at Sportsrran
park, with the representatives of Las
Cruces. Lieut. King, 7th cavalry, from
Fort Grant, Arizona, has been coaching
the Fort Bliss players and has express
ed himself highly satisfied with their
The line up will be as follows:
Fort Bliss Las Cruces
W. Cunningham. center. .H. Llewellyn
Z P. Costello. .right guard . . . .L. Gans
W. Lutz ? .leftguard. .W. Skidmore
L. Besson right tackle. .E E. Day
J. Sutphen left tackle.. H. Thomas
F. Keister. right end E. Baird
J.Daisy leftend..H. Rynerson
L. Cook, .right half back. .D. Peacock
J. Walsh.. left half back,...C. Cowan
B. Guinee full back J. Bryan
H. H. Pierce, .quarter back.. P. Ames
The game will be called promptly at
2 p. m.
The Haiumet Block.
Work is being vigorously pushed at
the corner of Overland and South
Oregon streets for the new building
about to be erected there by President
B. F. Hammett of the Campbell Real
Estate company. The building will be
120 feet on Overland street, and 100
feet on Oregon street. For the present
it will only be basement and one story,
with basement walls of stone twenty
inches thick, so that the walls may be
raised higher when occasion calls for
it. The cost will be about $10,000. Mr.
Hammet has great faith in El Paso,
and believes the town is bound to grow
and prosper.
Cavalry Transfers.
The following transfers in the 7th
cavalry at Fort Grant are made: Capt.
John C. Gresham, from troop A to
trcop M; Capt. Montgomery D. Parker,
from troop M to troop A.
Leaves of absence are granted as fol
lows: Second Lieut. Charles W. Fen
ton, 7th cavalry, extended one month;
Maj. Philip F. Harvey, surgeon, two
months, to take effect about January
Ex-Sup? rintendeiit li E Comfort to be
S'a ioned in this City.
For a day or two past reports have
been traveling around that the position
that was to be given ex-Superintendent
It. E. Comfort was the commercial
agency of the Mexican Central in this
city: and the general cfli-utls who came
up this morning from the south verified
the report.
J. F. Donohoe who was formerly
with the Santa Fe, and was appointed
commercial agent of the Mexican Cen
tral for this city a little over a year
ago, has been transferred to Chicago
where he will act as commercial agent
there, and his desk at this point will
be taken by Mr. Comfort February 1
Mr. Donohoe leaves with the best
wishes of many friends. He will be
especially missed in the railroad fra
ternity and in the lodge of Elks, where
he has been a prominent factor. Mr.
Comfort takes the position with a ripe
experience in railway life that will
make him a valuable representative of
the Mexican Central on this sid?, and
he will have a much needed respite from
the constant travel and worrv that has
keot him on the incessant go for years.
Manager Nickerson has certainly made
a judicious choice. It is understood the
commercial atrenev at this point is to
be enlarged and the salary raised.
Manager Nickerson, General Passen
ger and Freight As-ent A. HolTman,
SuDt. Snerrv and Division Supt. Dolan,
came over from the other side this
morning, having come up on a trip of
inspection. They returned to the oth
er side this noon with their special car
and the special car of Assistant Gener
al Manager McKercher and his family
on board. A special train was made up
in Juarez and the officials continued
south a little later.
Sunday Church Notices-
Catholic Church of the Immacu
late Conception; catechism at 0:30 a.
m., high mass and sermon at 10 a. m.
St. Clement's. Second Sunday af
ter Epiphany. Sunday school at 9:30 a.
in. Services at 11 a. m. , and 7:30 p. m..
Wednesday Litany service and short
reading at 10 a. m.
First Preshyterian. Morning
orship at 11 o'clock when infant bap-
ism will be administered and a sermon
appropriate to theooccasion preached.
Evening worship at :i0. oaoDath
school at 9:45: Junior Christian En
deavor at 3:30 p. m. and Senior Chris
tian Endeavor at 6:15 p. m. Prayer
and conference meeting at :30 uednes
day evening.
Christian Sunday school opens at
9:4o a. m. Preaching at 1 1 a. m. bub
ject: Stand fast in the Faith, 1 Cor.
16-13. Christian Endeavor at (5:15 p.
m , and preaching at 7:;50. Subject for
prayer meeting next Wednesday night:
The duty of church going (Psa. l
Heb. 10:1!) 25).
First M. E. Regular services as
follows: Sunday school at 9:45 a. m
preaching services at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m.: class meeting 12:15 p. m. Ep-
worth league at G:J0 p. m. All invited
Baptist Preaching Sunday at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Morning subject
The fatherhood of God and the broth
erhood of man. Kreuinir The Chris
tian hope an anchor to the soul.
German Evangelical. Services at
2:15 N. Stanton. Sunday school 9:45 a.
m. Preaching by the pastor at 7:45 p.
Trinity M. E Sabbath school at
9:30 a. m. Public preaching at 11:30 a.
m. Subject ''The peculiarities of
God's people." Jr. Epworth League
at 3 p. m. .Please send your children.
Sr. Epworth League at 4 p. m. All
the young people are especially invit
ed to this service. Public preaching
at 7:30 p. m. Subject "The second
coming of Christ."! will talk at this
service from a large chart. Would like
for the people to see and hear this.
Swindle Practiced on Mexicans.
The San Antonio police have been
requested by the superintendent of
police of the City of Mexico to look out
for two of the boldest and m t success
ful swiDdlers that ever operated in
Mexico. The names of the men who are
so badly wanted are James Kastle and F.
C. Hurley. Hurley is an American at;d
Kastle went to Mexico from Bavaria
They formed a partnership, :ind oj.i.uLd
what they called a watch c lub in the
City of Mexico They eppointed agents
.1 . T -T.-!.. ....1 Irt'ilif.fl
auxiliary clubs in every city in ih'?
country. The members paid montrly
dues of , and participated m an alleg
ed monthly drawing for a gold watch.
The memberships of all the clubs was
7000, and all collections of dued were
forwarded to Kastle and Hurley. It is
alleged that when the enterprising
promoters had accumulated $300,000
they suddenly closed their elaborate
establishment in the City of Mexico,
and left for parts unknown. They are
believed to have come to the United
Hard Working1 Man.
W. W. Turney,seuator from this dis
trict, has been made chairman of the
Mining and Irrigation committee, and
of the Stock and Stock Raising commit
tee in the s'ato senate. He has been
placed second on the committees of
privileges and elections, and federal
relations. He is also a member of the
following cooimittees: insurance, statis
tics and history, miiiiary affairs, front
ier protection, public lands, finance,
and on the judiciary committees num
bers one and two.
The Wool Market.
A Boston dispatch says: All big
buyers are taking in large blocks of
wool, believing this summer the new
tariff will be in force and purchases
for future consumption are not merely
safe but proiitable. Sales of the week
are 5.220,500 pounds domestic and 2,000,
000 foreign against 1,737 500 domestic
and 1.448.000 foreign last week and
1,239,000 for same week last year. Sales
to date show an ir.c.-ease of 3.239,000
domestic and 910,000 pounds foreign
from sales to the same date in 1890.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
See them before you buy.
C. Tanner & Bro.,
Besides being at the head of the pas
senger affairs of the Santa r e, Geo. 1.
Nicholson will profit to the amount of
$1,800 per year by his change from gen
eral passenger agent, to general pas
senger agent of the St. Louis !fc San
Francico railway. When President
Robinson of the Frisco line, tendered
Mr. Nicholson the position, it was ac
companied by the statement that he
would receive in compensation, a sal-
arv of $G,C00 a vear. With all circum
stances considered, Mr. Nicholson'
new position is a subtantial promotion.
The newly elected officers of the
New Mexico Christian Endeavor socie
tv are: President, F. A Matthes, Al-
buriuerciue: first vice president. Miss
Williams, Las Vegas; second vice pres
ident, W. S. Brayton, Albuquerque:
secretary and treasurer, H. b. Lithgow,
Albuquerque: Spanish secretary, Ma
nuel Madrid, Las Vegas: assistan
secretary, H. Edwin Stelnaker, Raton
iunior superintendent. Miss Lul
Hamilton, Socorro.
On account of our building on San Antonio St
not being completed, we will not be able to
move before February 15. From this date un
til Feb. 15 we will make prices that will please
the most artful buyer of Furniture, Crockery,
Carpets and all kinds of House Furnishings.
Furniture, Crockery and Carpets.
Corner of St. Louis and Stanton Streets, DSI-i PASO TE22CA.S.
S-We wi'l move to 216 San Antonio street about Feb. 15, 1897.
George C. Perkins was re-elected
United States senator. In the senate
he received 27 votes against a scatter
ing opposition of 13 The vote in the
assembly was 47 against a total oppo
sition of SI. The majority on joint
ballot is JV. J. he two houses of the
legislature will hold a joint session at
noon tomorrow and cast the ballot for
ine nouse committee on commerce
at Washington will report favorably on
tne Din antnonzmg tne uorralitos road
to build a bridge over the Rio Grande.
Manager Ramsey will call for bids for
the construction of such a bridge.
T.he approximate earning's of the
Central railway for the first quarter of
January, JMt,, were acld.SiS against
jio-i,4S lor tne corresponding period
of IK'JG, making an increase of $2!:300.
Beautiful line of men's and bovs'
pants at the closing out store near the
Geo. Parker, Manager.
Gives the Highest Price fjr
i Try Him 116 Oregon Street.
A f1 FNT fori WILLIAM J- LEMP SKEWING CO.. St. Louis. Mo
-n-U-UH X kj 1UI "j pABST BREWING CO.. Milwaukee, Wis.
220 El Paso St. El Paso, Texas.
For Good Board at
$4.50 IPIEjR, WSliiTr,
Mrs. M. Hardin, Proprietress.
Gomez Getting1 There.
General Gomez, of the Cuban armv
notifies the Junta at New York that he
has received the arms, ammunition and
other supplies sent him with which to
shoot the sawdust out of the Spaniards
He will alio Keep the Junta posted so
that further supplies may be sent him
as occasion offers.
Mrs. P. H McDermott came in Sat
urday from El Paso, where she had
been in the Hotel Dieu, and went up to
Steeple Rock, says the-Liordsburg Lib
eral. She had heard that her husband
was suffering- from an attack of erysip
elas, and thought that he needed her
attention more than she needed the
attention of the nurses in the Hotel
Dieu. Mr. McDermott has so far re-
coverea that Mrs. McDermott returned
to El Paso Tuesday.
The harness stock belonging to M.
Manaell, which was under the person
al s-.ipervision of J. H. Hughes, was
sold on Monday to E. E. Stoffel, the
progressive harness maker on Copper
Avenue. Mr. Huijhes was seen this
morning by the Albuquerque Citizen
representative,and stated that he would
eave in a few days for h.1 Paso, where
he expected to soon engage in business.
His family will reside here until he gets
All members of Hose company No. 2
are hereby notified to be present at a
called meeting tonight (Saturday) at 8
o'cl :ck. Important business.
W. T. Hixo.v, Secretary.
R. Bernauek, Foreaan.
J. W. Zork, of Fort Worth: L. C.
Hillard, of Providence, R I.; J. S.
Green, and R. Bartlett, Midland, Tex
as, will establish a mining bureau in
hi Paso and have leased quarters in
the Morehouse building, sijs the New
Mexican. The bureau wilt enlist capi
tal in Old and New Mexico and will
have sampling works in El Paso.
The Southern Pacific freight traffic is
booming, mostly in the hauling of mer
chandise, oil, cotton, oranges and po
tatoes. 1 be California orange crop is
now on the move and a bijj business in
this line is promised.
William P. St. John, treasurer of
the democratic national committee, is
threatened with a general break-down
from nervous prostration, due to cam
paign work last fali.
"W - V,J A -v- 1 urn i HI""'
Corner West Overland and Santa Fe Streets.
Phone 92. J. CALDWELL. Proo.
305 S. El Paso Street,
The Leading Undertakers,
Phone 197.
J. E EMBRf E. Manager.
"Waiter, give me some of those home
made doughnuts I hear so much
Another Surprise.
Geo. Harper has a full line of office
supplies this week at astonishing low
prices; and don't forget his specialty -blank
books for any oftice work.
nave not time to discuss those new
indt xes:'' too busy selling goods at the
closing out store. The same
Gko. Parker, Manager.
309 El Paso Street, Opera House Block.
ISTew and Second-hand JFni-nitrire
And all Kinds of House-hold Goods.
Agent for Household Sewing Machines.
You Can Be Well when your blood is
rich, pure and nourishing. Hood's
Sarsaparilla makes the blood rich and
pure and cures a'l blood diseases, re
storing health and vigor.
nooa's Kins are easy to take, easy
in operate. Cure lntnireslion, head
Washington Dining Room
GOEY, Prop
The editor of the Western Fireman,
a unicayro nre paper, writes to V . 1L.
Tuttle, promising to send a represent
ative to Kl Paso durius' the state lire-
man's convection.
The Albuquerque Democrat pavs:
W. G. Keid of the El Paso Telegraph
passed up the road yesterday evening,
eoroute to Las Vegas, and made a pleas- J
ant can at tne JJemocratie ollice be
tween trains.
M. O. Bicknell, traveling freight and
passenger agent of the Southern Pa
cific railway came in from El Paso on
the evening train and continued north.
ion can make the acquaintance of
Sch llincs' Best baking powder, tea,
coffee, extracts and spices for nothing
and welcome. Enquire of Pearce, 201
Stanton street.
Fine line of dress goods cheap at
closing out store near the postollice.
UEO Parkkii, Manager.
The cold wave from the north todnv.
is very bracing, even if it is just a trit'e
For rent One front and one back
room adjoining, furnished at 50o South
anta Fe street.
Buckien's Arnica Salve.
ine best salve in tne world for cuts.
oruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum,
fever sores, tetter, chapped hands.
chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions,
and positively cures piles or no cav re
quired. It is guaranteed to give perfect
9atisiaction or money remnaed. Price
45 cents per box. For sale by W. A.
Irvin and Co., wholesale and retal
druggists 1U Paso.
Open. Day and Night.
French Cooks and White Waiters.
FirstClass Restaurant
Bob Chin Wo, - Proprietor.
MAXUl AcrriiEU Of
Mesa avenue.
fresh, dairy cow 413
Judge Harper married yesterday,
J. Banslck an 1 Miss Sarah Berk.
There was quite a shower at mid
night, leaving the streets quite muddv
this morning.
Laoies' cloaks and capes half nriee at
tno closing out store near the postomce.
Geo Parker, Manager- '
Part of the Buekner's orphan homo
at Dallas, was burned early this morn
ing. Five boys were cremated, and
; quite a number of others were injured.
President Diaz has been decorated
by the Empsror of Germany with the
grand cross of the lied Lagle.
Dress Making Parlors
Perfect Fit Guaranteed.
Rooms 1 and 3 over Moi-nlnt; Teleeraph ofHce
Physician and Surgeon.
Otlice Hours: 10 to 11 a. in. 3 to 4 p. tu.
Room 9 Morehouse Block.
Paper, Paints and
Mall Orders promptly attended to.
422 San Antonio Street,
243 and 328 El Paso St. Phone 71

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