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Daily Through Trains to
PHLL WASHINGTON and Eastern Points
Pullman Bullet and
Tickets, Time Tables
Call on or Address:
T.E. HUNT, Com '1 Agpnt,
El Paso. Texan.
Texas and Pacific.
The Great Popular Route Betwesn
Short Line to
New Orleans, Xrinsfis Oitv,
St Icmis, Now York
and Wasiimactoru
Favorite Line to the North, East and
Pullman Buffet Sleeping Cars and
Solid Trains from El Paso to Dal
las, Fort Worth, New Orleans,
Memphis and St. Louis.
Fast Time
Sure Connections
See that your tickets read vis
he Texas and I'acmc Railway.
For maps, time-tables, tickets, rate:
and all required information, call on or
address any of the ticket agents or
General Agent, El Paso
GASTON ME3LIER, General Fassen
eer and Ticket Asrent.
Li. S.TECKNS. Third Vice-President
anri GpTinra' Superintendent.
Fine MUk, Cream, But
termilk, CUbber and
Cottage Cheese.
TELEPHONE 156 - - P. 0. BOX 205
Order of the Driver of the Teliv
ery Wagon, Smith's Creamery,
Telephone 153 or by mail, P. 0. Box
J. A. SMITH, Prop.
. 2:45 p m
8:30 a.m
.10:05 a.m
. 1:30 p.m
.11:20 a.m
. T:hO a.m
l. It AVE
. 6:H0 p.m
.11:20 a.m
. 3'iio p m
. 1:60 p.m
. 2 HI C."1
Jnnt.ern O.. H. ft 8. A
Southern Mx1e an r"ral..
Rwtm TxftR ft PMflc
Wostprn Southern Pad :1c...
pnt Fe 'throuir Talm .....
Kincon Accommodation
Rlncon Accoramodiitloi!...-.
B n' Fe(t.hnffh train) .....
Wantnrii Southern Pacific...
Eastern O.. H. H. A
B(HtToTpas ft Pacific.. . .
9rmhAFf Mailftftn flATitral
Highest Awards
At the World's Exposition
for excellent manufacture,
quality, uniformity and
volume of tone, elasticity
of touch, artistic cases,
materials and workman
fhip of highest grade.
it I
Through Line Between
Tourist Sleepers. For
and Full Information
A. G. P. A T. A.
Houon, Texus
C. W. EEIN, T. M.
Houston. 1
BBS 25,.
Longwell's Transfer.
T am new prepared to do all kinds of
Transferring of Freight, Light
and Heavy Hauling.
Safe Moving a
Headquarters at El Paso Stables.
All orders promptly attended to.
Phono No. 1.
Tn. .T. Hionerwell.
The Kingsbery Dining Room
H. L. HAYES, Prop.
Reasonable Rates.
Y. M- O. V.
Gymnasium Class Hours
5 p. m. every day, Dumb Bell Drill, for
Business and Professional Men.
4 p. m. Wednesdays j Juniors 11 to 16
10 a. m. Saturdays ( years old.
4 p, m. Tuesdays and Fridays. Ladies
Class. Work suited to all.
7:30 p. m. Mondays, Thursdays and Sa
turdays, Young Men's Class.
Yearly Membership, Regular $7; Jun
ior $5; Ladies tuition made known on
For Sale at HERALD
Mining Location Notices,
Vendor's Lein Vots.
rit r Paper,
Blank Leases,
UjUsb &Lt Bocks,
Conditional Sale Contracts,
or Chitiel Mortgage; Application For Importa
tion of Catile With Affidavit
Foster and Mitchell,
Attorneys and Counselors.
Will practice In all courts of Texas and
New Mexico.
Room P Rhlc1r' Pclirtirfi Kl Pn.n.T.
Southern Pacific Time Card
El Paso Local Time.
Arrives. Daily Tbaiss. Departs.
1:30 P.M. No. jtf ia.st bound 1:50 P.M
3:45 P.M. No. 30 Westbound 3:35 P. M
Every effort Is made for the "omfortof pu
senders. or further information regardln
uckets. rates, connections, etc., cat on or to
H. It Turner, T. E. Hunt,
Ticket J erk. Com. gt.
Malls arrive and close as follows:
Q..H.&S. A 2:46 p.m. 1:30 p.m
Mexican Central 8:.JU a.m. 8:10 D.m
Texas&Pacliic 10:05 a.m. 1:40 p.m
Southern Pacific 1:30 p.m. 3:06 p.m
A., T. S. 1 11:30 a.m. lo:50 a. m
The general delivery window Is open from
f:!5 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., except while eastern
mail Is being distributed.
Money order and registry windows are onen
from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sundays the general delivery and carriers'
windows will be open from 11:00 a. m to 12:00
m., except when malls are heavy or late,
n either case the window will open on com
pletion of distribution.
Strong Again !
New Life, NewStreng
th, New Vigor.
From PROF. 1)11. Hid RU of Paris Is theonl V
remedy for restoring strength under guaran
tee, and will bring back your lost powers and
stop for ever the dangerous uraius on your
system. Tliev act quickiy, create a healthy
digestion, pure, rich blood, firm muscles, rug
ged strength, steady nerves and clear brain.
Imported direct irom r-aris i-rice per box
dlr- ctions im lo-ed. t2.50. For sale by all re
spectable druggists. Mail orders from any
person snail receive prompt attention Dr.
V. Condory, Agt. and Manager for U. 8 A.,
460 Quincy Slog., Chicago, III. For sale only
by Fred Sohaefer, El Paso i'exa9.
.aw to Attain It.
A "Wonderful Kew
Medical iJook.wrltten
for Men Only. One
copy may be had free
on application.
---mjg '
Rev. L. It. Millican preached in the
Baptist church yesterday morning from
tha text, 'A Dd. Samuel said, what
meaneth then this bleating of the
sheep in mine ears, and the lowing of
the oxen which I hear," 1 Samuel A. V :
14 The preacher took also several
other texts on this subject, oneof which
was Acts V :2'J, "We ought to obey (jod
rather than men." The speaker said:
We oueht to love, obey and worship
God for what he is. The great trouble
with manv of us is that we stop to
think, will it pay in a financial way?
This is a very selfish view to take of it.
In matters pertaining to relierioo, the
thing- is. What does the Lord command?
Obedience is better than sacrifice aod
barkening than the fat of rams. Saul
was a very selhsn man. tjroa oraerea
that Amalek and all he had should be
killed by the Israelitish king. But
Saul kept the best of the captured
herds, and for this he was taken to task
by the prophet. We cannot be too
careful in examing motives which
prompt us. Saul should have carried
out the divine command, remembering
that obedience is better than sacrifice,
and barkening than the fat of rams
The thing is to obey, leaving the con-
equences with uod. ine rewaras or
God reach us, not only in this world,
but in the life to coiue.
The first duty of a soldier is to obey,
and if duty in this world calls for im
plicit obedience, how much more does
the life beyond call for it. We are
better citizens for being good christ
ians. It is the duty of children to
obey parents, but in this day and geLe-
ration, things seem to be reversed, and
t is more like parents obeying their
hildren. It has been noticed that the
veneration, of the Chinese for their
ancestors is what has held them to
gether for so many thousand years as a
nation. Now if this is so with natural
parents and children, how much more
houlu it be between the divine father
nd his children! God has always taken
are of those who love and obey him.
rhe law God gave to mankind through
Moses is the foundation today, of the
laws of the world. God has never ask-
d a single one of his children to give
p something without be has something
better for u-. Behold I come quicklv,
nd behold my reward is with me. We
ought to obev God rather than a man.
Rev. J. T. French preached a strong
sermon lust evening in Trinity church
n the empire of Christ, lbe text
was, "Of the increase of this govern
ment and peace there shall be no ead."
Isaiah IX:7. The prophet writes con
cerning ("nrist. The world has seen
many empires rise and fall, and if any
mpire of modern times lives it must
be obedient to Christ. The empires
that have fallen did so because they
lacked faith in Christ. Nothing in the
future will be lasting unless the same
are based on the doctrines of Christ.
This world is changing every day, and
at the end of any era is entirely chang
ed and the largeness of it can not be
depended upon unless it dpnds upon
Christ, for the empire of the Savior
shall last forever.
Have we any hope of success in the
name of Christ? Our hope is basid on
the distinct doctrines of the scripture.
These promises are sufficient for us.
The grounds of the cbristians'belief are
the direct promises of God 1 he earth
ly Kingdoms fall away aod decay be
cause their founders are mortal. But
the kingdom of Christ is founded on
principle-i which have the powers of an
endless life. The conflicting interests
of earthly kingdoms are disintegrating
forces in them, but the increase of the
kirgdoruof God has no end. The prin
ciples of righteousness and peace are
the bisis of Christ's kingdom. You can
honor yourself in spreading the prom
ises of the scripture throughout the
iand, and the laws of God's universe
will be on your side. When the Jews
said we will not have this man to rule
over us, their power as a nation began
to wane, until the Romans destroyed
the Jews as a nation. This kingdom
of peace stands pre-eminent over every
thing. We need not be alarmed because of
the spread of skepticism and infidelity
over this country, for Christ's right
eousness shall rule from sea to sea, and
" ' " m,
the sun of righteousness shall rise with
healing in his beams, men will bow to
him, and he will give to the righteous
the ends of the earth for an inheri
tance. Have we hope of success? No doubt
of it. Success is coming. The essen
tial condition of success is the Holv
Spirit, and we learn this from the his
tory of the apostolic success. We can
not do anything' in this world without
the presence of the Holy Spirit. Con
sider what the great mi-sionaries have
accomplished: it is only because of the
power of the Holy Spirit. Don't de-
npnd on vourself. for vour own strnirt.h
is but a weak reed. Nothing- but the
divine power can change a man's
heart. Moral suasion and human per
suasion of themselves will never turn
men. There must be a new life which
human ingenuity cannot give. A new
heart is a new power, a new principle
which only the Holy Spirit can give.
The morniug sermon was preached
on Samson's riddle, "Out of the eater
came forth the meat, and out of the
strong came forth the sweetness."
Judges XIV:14. The speaker said in
part, what we suppose to be evil brings
us good, and out of what we call the
devourer comes honey. In our tarthly
life we are meeting with riddles, and
in our judgments we are so short
sighted. Fin levours the mansion, the
warehouse, the sailing ship, yet it
warms us in winter, it operates 1,000
factories. The wind in hurricanes and
tornadoes are destructive, but the hon
ey of Samson's riddle is there, for it
sails our vessels, brings in rain, and a
hundred blessings. The coal we burn,
the oil that comes from belching wells,
the gas in one thousand furnaces come
from the convulsions of nature. The
diamond on the lady's finger, the iron
ore that has made our age so majestic,
the marble, granite, gold and silver
are due to internal fires, chemical
action. Out of seemingly chaotic laws
has come the honey of Samson's riddle.
So is this true of electricity that
"fairy angel of the clouds."
Then there couaes another riddle of
hum in life. Why is it everything of
worth we get is through struggle?
We try, we fail. We lay plans and
they are spoiled. But obstacles are of
ten the world's best friends. The
mind, the body, -needs the m for develop
ment. The human raoe would be un
developed without this struggle. The
jelly lish is the lowest order of animal
life. All great think, rs have had
their doubts and brain aches before
they have given to the world a great
system of thought. Great orators and
statesmen have stammere i and biund
erei, been hissed and jarred at be
fore they succeeded. So have all com
mercial giants struggled to success.
A kite ri-es against the wind, so does
genius. No one makes his way far in a
dead calm. Men learn more from
their failures than from their success
es. Then there is the riddle of human
suffenug Why all this sickness and
death? Why did God tike my wife?
My child? My friena? If we had our
way we would have no fire because of i
conflagrations, no wind because of
hurricanes, no water because of ship
wrecks. We would have no obstacle in
the way of our desires. No death, and
so the world would fill up with crimi
nals, cut-throat invalids, paralytics.
Our homes would bj hospitals." We
had better leave all this with God.
Though much of human suffering we
can't understand, we can trust. A
fat her on ean h does not explain all
things he does to his child. Jesus said
to his disciples, "I have maoy things
to say unto you, but ye can not hear
them now." Human suffering basdrawn
nations together, inspired the greatest
poetry, music, deeds, the most heroic
deeds in history honey out of the de
vourer. As in individual life, so in
home life. Human suffering strength
ens it. makes it tender. God often
sends it to bring men to his everlasting
arms Iiife is a school. God is the
teacher. We are the pupils. Bye and
bye we shall graduate into heaven
Human suffering makes us know God
better, makes us know one another
"If none were sick and none were sad,
What service could we render?
1: CUIiA-
I think if we were always glad,
We scarcely could be tender."
At St. Clement's church yesterday
morning. Assistant Rector Andrews
preached a thoughtful discourse, and at
the close of the regular services, Rev.
Dr. Hiergins delivered a touching ad
dress on the late Mrs. Claude Dunning,
who recently died at Vera Cruz. She
was formerly a prominent member of
St. Clement's parish and well known in
this city.
The Mexico City papers advise
strangers to leave their valuables in
some place of safety while roving
around town. The rateros are omni
present. The Albuquerque Citizen says E.
Murphy, a Phoenix lawyer and short
loan man is not. and that $2o.OOO
belonging to some one else is not
At Bisbee, a couple of davs aero, a
faro bank was held . up and robbed of
$950. It is said that there is a touerh
population in that town, equal to any
Muster TVTeehani w Ta' noun Vi r
National road has resigned, and Engi
neer Dred. Roberts is in temporary
Doctors say that consumption can't
be cured. But when they see it cured
right under their face and eyea by Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery,
they admit that there's something
wrong about their argument and some
thing wonderful about the "Dis
covery." It isn't miraculous. It wont
cure every case; but it cures a surpris
ingly large percentage or cases; even
wnen ine patient is pretty lar gone
witn a bad cough, and bleeding from
the lungs, and reduced almost to i
shadow. Consumption is a blood dis
ease. The lungs want a fresh supply
oi pure, ncn blood ana plenty of it
that is what the "Golden Medical Dis-
gives them. It is a blood
It gives the blood-making-
functions power to produce a large
quantity of the nourishing red corpu
scles which make healthy life-giving
blood. This stops the wasting; drives
out the impurities; heals the ulceration
and begins a rapid building-up process,
of solid, substantial and vital energy.
The Ideal Panacea.
James L. Francis, alderman, Chi
cago, says: '! regard Dr. King's New
Discovery as an ideal panacea for
coughs, colds and lung complaints,
having used it in my family for the last
five years to the exclusion of physicians
prescriptions or other preparations."
Rev. John Burerus, Keokuk, Iowa,
writes: "I have been a minister of the
Methodist Episcopal church for 60
years or more, and nave never iound
anything so beneficial, or that gave me
sucn speeay reiiei as ur. Aing s ew
Discovery." Try this ideal cough rem
edy now. Trial bottles free at w. a
Irwin & Co's wholesale and retail drug
store, M Paso.
New Tourist Sleeping Car Service.
The Southern Pacific have inaugu
rated through Pullman Tourist sleep
ing car service as follows:
Between Washington, D. C. and San
Francisco, via Piedmont Air line,
passing 1 Paso east Mondays and west
Between San Francisco and Cincin
nati, Ohio, via Queen & Crescent pass
ing El Paso east Sundays and west
Between San Francisco and Chicago
via Illinois Central, passing El Paso
east Fridays, west Saturdays.
In addition to this special tourist
cars for San Francisco leave El Paso
on Fridays and Sundays.
The cars are operated by the Pull
man company on same plan as first
class sleepers, and like first class
sleepers are furnished complete with
mattresses, -curtains, blankets, pillows,
sheets aod pillow slips, new upholster
ed seats (cane) being put in and
other improvements made. Clean
sheets and pillow cases are put on
every night. Berths in these cars are
available to through or local passen
gers holding first or second class or
excursion tickets. Each car is in
charge of uniformed porters to make
up berths and keep the car clean. For
rates and further information call on
H R. Turner, T. E. Hunt,
Ticket Clerk, Commercial Agent,
Corner San Antonio and Oregon
streets, El Paso, Texas.
Pure Hygeia Ice.
Made from distilled water. Ask
your family physician or druggist as to
purity and healthfulness of our ice; tel
ephone 14.
El Paso Ice & Refrigerator Co
Not ice Is hereby given that application will
be made to the legislature of Texas now in
session to amend the charter of the 'l y of
F,l Paso, said charter being Chapter four of
the special laws of the state of Texas, and
approved March 2, 1080, in the following par
ticular to wit:
1st. To amend section 7 so as to provide
for the election of two aldermen from each
ward by the qui-itfled electors of said ward
2nd. To amnd section 7 by abolishing the
office of recorder of the City of El Pa-o
3rd To amend sec'ion 7 by provid'ng that
no salary shall be paid to the city engineer,
but that he shall be compensated for any
service- performed by the payment of such
fees as the city council by ordinance may
provide for.
4th To amend section 17 by imposing upon
the mayor the duties of recorder of the City
of El Paso.
6th. To amend section 131 by imposing up
on the health physician the duties of street
and sewer commissioner and uni'ing the du
ties of each of these offices in one person.
A. P.
Kansas City, Boston,
St. Louis, New York,
Chicago, Philadelphia
Denver, Omaha, St. Paul,
And all Northern and Eastern Points
Through. Trains, Fast Time,
Smooth Track:.
Elegant Pullman Palace Sleepers on alf
through trains. Daily Tourist Sleeping cars
to Denver, Kansas City and Chicago. Tourist
sleeping cars semi-weekly to St. Paul, Minn
eapolis and once each week to St. Louis and
All trains not having dining cars stop for meals at the famous Santa
Route, Harvey Houses.
Full information cheerfully furnished upon application to
City Ticket Agent. General Agent.
Office, Fargo Building, Corner El Paso and San Antonio Streets.
W. B. TRULL, Agent at Depot.
Popular Winter Resort
man aod Free Mm Chair Cars in Service.
Address the undersigned for full and reliable information:
R. E. Comfort Com'l Asrnt. El Paso.
iJ3Sfii,&i,&iJtiii-iii i'i. i'i i'i ii ii
ra -
AVe give a valuable book free to every business man who will pay the mere
cost of mailing. The book is 'Selections fr-m Good Advertising," by Charles Aus
tin Bates, It contains 100 large pages and its price is 50 cents. It was published
in order to give business men a sample of what is cont lined In Mr Bates' gret 7"0
page v lume, "Goo I A.u vertising" price S5,00i. Each copy o' "Selections" contains
a coupon good 'or r0 cents O" tne purchase price of "Good Advertising." The cou
pon and ii,r will b ty the ?5 00 book.
We give you a coj y of "Selections"
Absolutely Free
If you will send in cents to pay the cost of mailing. We want every business man
in the world to have a copy. We are willing to lose monevon it. bacause we believe
nine out of ten of those who get It will want and buy the complete 700-page volume
The offer is o busine s men only; all others will have to pay full price,
".Selections" contains twelve chajters and 10; pages. "'Goo' Advertising'
contains 700 p igas, divided into 170 chapters -reatiog of every phase of the adver
tising iue-tion. It telN ho much to pen 1: where to sp nt ic: how to display
your ads: how to wr te them; how to make them pay; how to illustrate them; how
to save m aey on them. It covers every point in e very-day advertising in every
line of business. It tolls all about type aud printing. It gives ood, practical aid
for practical men.
It is written and compiled by
Charles Austin Bates,
the leading authority on adver'ising. Mr Bates is the most successful advertising
man in Ameri.-a today. In three short years, during a periol of business depres
sion, he u-is built up the greatest business in his line lu the world, He is a "spe
cialist in advertising " He makes pi ms. gives advice, writes and illustrates ad
vertising. Some of th largest ad ver. Isers in the world are his clients, A single
one or them his paid him over js.iKHl this year ror writing the rig In so -t of adver
tising matter, Th his mils of advertisers, big and lHtle, have be n benetited by his
knowledge and exper.euce, and have told him ttieirtiia s an 1 tribulations; their
successes and fai.ures, They have told him what paid and what did not.
Mr 11 .les has been all his life in acquiring tne knowledge of absolute busi
ness facts that lie has put iino this big book.
We have bound together in its 700 pages knowledge, the proper use of which
brings ' r Hates his net income of over soO.O ) a ye ir.
All of this is yours for ts.oj, or for S4.30, if yoa send your 10 cents to pay for
mailing a cory of "Selections."
"Good Advertising"
is theonly book of its kind. There Is nothing elie like it. We have soldover3000
copies since February 1st., ISHti, every copy with the understanding that it could be
retu-ued if unsatisfactory, and not a single book has come back, On the contrary,
we have received neaily
1000 Testimonials
from business men who have found the boik of value and benefit to them.
It has been endorsed by such eminent, brainy aud successful men as:
Managing Partner, firm of John Wanamaker,
Publisher American Newspaper Directory
advertising agent in America.
for many years John Wanamaker's $10,000 advertising manager, whose wisdom and
shrewdness in advertising matters is known in every state in the union.
President World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N, Y whose annual
ex pet'diture for advertising is not less than ha'f a millljn dollars, and who has
made a fortune of several inu ion by successfully advertising good medicines,
found "Good Advertising' of sufficient Interest to give it a notlce.occ upying near
ly a whole page of Harper's Weekly,
the world famous editc he New York Sun, says: "There should be protit to all
intelligent advertisers ho uy this book.
One man says the i k nas been worth ?1,000 to him: anot her that it is worth
S5. 00 a page; another t hat hs w iitnln'i take 5k for it; another that its worth ?5000
to the lirm whose advertising he manages,
ij:ijtiiiiiLiiii i iti C- v.
Ueiiieniber that !( pages of selections from this great book itav be had,
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This oiler is for .1 limited tune only. 1 1 is being widely advertised If your
letter reaches us after all the "Selections" are gone, wo will return the money
I Holmes Pnblisliiiig Co., J
13 Beekman Street, New York. !
XDireot ZHiin-e
i ii ii ii ii A ii ii
and Printers Ink, and the best known
'- vfe .-ey. f. vs. sir vtv

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