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El Paso, Texas,
Capital, Surplus and Profits
H. L. NEWMAN, Banker,
W. H. AUSTIN, Cashier.
El Paso,
A General Banking
g3T Mexican
Bullion Bought.
Money and Exchange Bought and Sold.
C. It. MOREHEAD, President.
State National Bank,
Established April, ISSI.
A legitimate banking business transacted in all its branches. Exchange
n all the cities of the United States bought at par. Highest prices paid or
Mexican Dollars.
tir' x v,- a
-5 "3
3 S
Thoe Ahi-ka Refrigerators. Tierc miy be refrigerators that are
jut as good as the Alusk i, i:it none batte-. They consume le-s ice.
They have the berit cireii'atitin. They have no bad odor. In faet.
they are so "oi wa woald rather se!l an Aluski Refrijrerator than
ii nv other on the market.
T. I T. 8P Q1IS. Gr K O ,
F'u.T'init.-uLre, Crockery and carpets.
I'lii Sua Antonio Street. EL SA.SO, TEXAS.
220 El Paso St.
HP " 1
fine l alluring The Lott Prices.
Ihavejast received a line line of tsilorinsr goods from Chicago iind have
more oa the way, and am now ready to suit the public with
Prices Never Before Equaled
in this city or Juarez. Nane can compta with me on prices and furni-m as fine
a line of trood-s. Suit m ide to order, 17 to $20. Pnts made to o-der, 83.
JESUS TERAN, 110 S. Oregon Street.
X M j 'utchom, Payne V Co. always keep, tha finest bicycles at prices cheeP f
I Cilebrated m k s it is quits eu;r, to capture trade is their main ideA t
jtUpital WHEELS they will suoply, and you ciu either RENT or BUY?
t Ijoeqajed speed and grace to gain, on Sterling, llimbler or R;d lUrd traiN f
5 lha Uaverlvs, Uabys Heals neat mte-ial worlimaoship and all complei E I
-(refully linished so bjauUfuU, riding as light as a YACHT on the scA
t HPPy thi cycl jr who buys any one, for no one can beat him makin"- a ruN
4. Evening and morning always on hand, tandems and singles best in thelanl) 1
j-O'ir bicycle sundries and cyclery, the most complete stock you ever did C
Never so busy that we can't sho.v, that nooa can opproach us in El l'asa
Longwell's Transfer.
I tm now prepared to do all kinds cf
Transferring of Freight, Light
and Heavy Hauling.
Safe Moving
Headquarters at 1 Paso Stables.
All orders promptly attend ed to
Phone No. 1.
Tas. J. T-ionsrwell.
SI 50,000
H. L. NEWMAN, Jr. Ass't Cashier.
Transacted. Gold and Silver
J. C. LACKLAND, Cashier
J. H. RUSSELL, Ass't Cashier.
,vt tig
We put all our competitors in
the shade in prices on - -'-
Suits for $7 upward
worth twice the money.
Come and see them.
R, sp o otfully ,
PAB3T BKEWIN'G CO., Milwaukee, Wis.
EI Paso, Texas.
I'latino Process.
in ut!d.-r.tard the b-iuuvof this irp-
cej. ore lias hut to st lid y 1 1, r vvork of
ay now on !i bi 1 i 11 in the
snow vir;i.v. of ('in.s. Kiefor. M
(iray is la'e of Dallas and hol'fs th
troia iDf.iai 1. ir work exhibit d at the
Texas State Fair. It wilt ,iy anvone
10 viit tiie 1,-irjre tralb-ry and fxamint
ine larsje i.ii -au p--t ' -e f-r,t!tlod -Our
Confederate Oead '' ,Ve's In It-' t'i
puther with the li r0 like representation
of Cen. A. U. Nor.on. ChII at the
liurgo jrallery, corne Santa Fe and
Overiaud streets and view work that is
really art.
"ji! T-- "r T
This tea buying. There
are so many kinds of
cheap, bad teas, it makes
it difficult to get the rea'
ly good. Instead of see
ing how poor a tea our
customers will stand, my
constant purpose has
ben to supply, at the
lowest possible prices,
the best and most delic
ious 5-
J. Make known your pref- 4"
X erence or the flavor and .
X we will give you tea that J
f J. B, Watson, !
5 The Grocer, Phone 151,
Cor. San Antonio and Stanton Street. ,
Gurios and Antiquities
Opals, Onyx,
Feather Cards,
Souvenir Spoons,
Drawn Work
rll Paso, Texas, and CiaJal Juarez, M exieo.
Going and Coming- of El Paso People
and Others
Senor Ybarrola has returned to the
the City of Mexico.
Miss Elizabeth FUher returned this
mortiiD- from Galveston.
Snpt. lleDderson of the mines at Uo-
u:llas is in town on bus ness.
Contractor Serie of the Seidell dam,
amo dovvn this coon from the north.
W. P. ITudjins. spt-?ial aent of the
rsasury department in San Antonio is
in town.
T. . I. Murphy, a Kansas stockman,
returned north today over the Texas &
Mrs A. P. Coles leave?
this week for
her mother,
N'pff York 01 a viiit to
Mrs. L. M. Bill.
Mrs. Ley Iialdwin. wife of the New
Mexico e tl c kin . i-s a yucst of Mr.
and Mrs. II. I). McCilliard.
AV. F. Co'innrs, ro-ith western pas
epyror ujrent of the Wab.isli. left for
the easttodav over the T. & P.
C. Alexander, father of Mrs. T M.
Shedd, is visilinr Mr. Shtd i's family
in this city from Paris. Missouri.
Messrs. (Irei.-n and Ojdeii of this
state are reported at, Wa-hin't 11 in the.
intere-t of Col. II. Mo jie for the col
lectorsliip. Sir Edwin Deerinsr, the British min
ister to Mexi o, is due here tomorrow
from the south, and the I' S. charge
d'all'airs at th-i City wires Collector
Davis to extend coui-tes ;s.
Tlic War is On.
Lonhon. April 12 There is no
doubt of actual waron th ( !i- ek-Turk-ish
frontier, the boom of cmnon is
-icard at Larisa. and the Cre -k flag
lln son Mount Olympus, in Turkish
t-rritory Creek tiooos a-e. pouring
0 thtothe lioirii and t ho Turkish
camp is the rente - of gr.-atexct ineit.,
and act ive preparat ions lor a c nllii-r..
So far as learn d today the Ibhtinif is
between the insurgents and the guer
rillatroopsonly, but reports of engage
ments between the regulars is momen
tarily expected.
' Cleaning- np Dity.
Chicago. April 12 May Mis set
apart by the people as ('i.tca.'o clean-iiiiTiipd-iy.
1 u-iners is t o be fiirjiend
ed on that day. and men, women and
children v.-iH give th-3 st -t-, alleys,
va'-ant lots, yards, etc., a general
Prisons to Disgorg;!'.
KEY Wkst April 12 Within th. next
U-n days lb-re will be a wholsal-i dis
chag'j of Americans-Cuban prisons. It
is th Spdiiiai d's new policy, C- pho
Aeuiarre and Milton, the "newpaper
man will be released this week.
1 M VV
of Taking Carnegie's
Armor Plate Plant.
Sizinsr I d the Situation on a ote on
the Dinsrley Tariff Bill It i Now
Thought the Itepuplicans Will Have
Enougii Votes to I'ass the Bill.
Washington, April 12. Senator
Chandler introduced two bills in the
senate today : one authorizes the gov
ernment to take possession of the Beth
lehem and Carnegie armor plate plants
for the manufacture of their own ar
mor, and leaving the owners to seek
redress through the court of claims:
the second provides for plants a! auy
ftituro time.
R-lu-esenrative Hopkins will intro
duce a measure in the house authoriz
ing the government to build its own
armor plate plant.
Measures were also introduced in
creasing the cost of armor to $401). It
is generally believed that nothing can
be done with th-i a-mor p'ats question
by coneress until the regular se sioD.
The finance committee of the senate
in revising the Dinaley bill is endeav
oring not so mticli to cm-re t its errors
as to arrange a -ehedulu satisfactory to
all repuhie-in senators, aivl two or
thrca populists are catered to in orrier
to get ti c r votes for the bill. B-side
Kyle, (.opulit-t, N. D.) itpubiicans be
lieve tt.at denes of Nevada,
will vote for the bill. The
silxcritos and demosrats concede
that Jones will take s d-s with pro c--t
00. With Ky'e and Jones tne rtpub
lie'ins will liave forty-four votes ai d if
there is no mucky senatorial elec
;io; thy i-an p iss the measure with
th vo'e of tile vice president. The re-
publica i"s are co inting 011 several sil
11" renal 1 cm senato-s vo'ing for th-j
bill and making i s iHi.-a'e c--rtain.
Seak r-r Km d at p -ars to havd his
tartv ii-opli well disciplined in ttie
house, tiut on a -count of the inactivity
of that b- dv, m- tubers cannot le kept
here. 'I h tt is wnat Simpson hop's for
aid s-ays he is going to mke all the
trciiblaiio-s.b e. Leader B;r ley has a
mut nv in his camp und men who are
llowitig Mi.-M Han. Dearmoa. McRae
and other democrats a,.pcir anxious to
bother the o irg Texa-i at every turn.
South in Favor of Prote-tiou.
Washington, April 12 The south
ern seijt m-nt in fa-.-or of prnectirn 11
quite as apparent in the senate as it
was in the no;ise during the d:s -ussion
of the tariff oill. Aipoilsare com ng
in from fie south to ttie finance com
mitter of the senate ar-kintr for higher
iii'os than those alreajy named ny the
bill 01 cotton, rice, sut'ir. oraiges.
piceipples an 1 other frui s: tobacco,
liimter, iron, buxite hie among the
items name! for which appeals are be
ing made by the southern men. '"There
can 13 no doubt of the n arked growth
of the pr.tte' tive seatimetit in ihe
s'juth,' said Cha'rman Dingley of 'he
ways and m-as co.umiciee of the
house this nio'iiing, '"so far as I know
this is tha fir?t time thi southern dem
ocrats have voted and cilltd for a pro
tective tariff bill."
,bieii Lil"s Mission.
Wahington, April 12. It was
announced th;s morning that the form
er Oueei Lilioukana's mission to the
United States was simply to secure an
interference, from the McKinley admin
istration in the matter of tiie Dole
r-gimeu in Hawaii, pronouncing it
illegal in ordering a new election. The
qutea does desire a restoration of the
moiiarchial government, but if given a
fair eltctioa tne Hawai ans, she says,
would choose her president.
Senator Voorhees' Funeral.
Washington. April 12. Tte fun
eral of ex-Senat'-T Dan el W. Yoorhets
was held at S:. John's Episcopal church
today in the pre-eiic of a very large
and distinguished gathering. The sen
a'e afeuUtd .lie services in a boJy un
otlicially. Tr.e entire Indiana deb-gj.-tioa
a-jd many other representatives
als attended. Tne fam ly acjom
panii d the bedy to Torre Hiute this
A Retaliatoi y Measure.
Washington. April 12. A semi
official report this morning says a reta-
liatorv tarilr bill w ill be 111 r 1-00.11 -ed 111
the Mexican c intti-ess this week be
cause ol toe proaiuve uuiy on .Mexican
cattle in the D rgley bill. Mexico will
P'-ohib;t American hogs and packing
house products now most important
import to Mexico.
Do -ginff th Issue.
ATHENS. April 12 The government
hoi e is 11 i v set king to es -arc the re
spcns.b.lity for an (u-br, akou the fri.n-
tier a' (l is s'lll cJtnli g to ths hope
of 1 ea -e. M -s-on vers wcim sent to o .-
,;ai tinoid il savo ing ' 11 ' rt s oni il
ity for the outb et k, Th;s is exps-ctfd
to prevent a declaration of war tiy Tur-
ce .
Mclvinley in Wns'iington.
WASlllNiiTON, April 12. The Dol-
pb 11 r 1 iv.-d at 11 011 and a white house
ca- ru-ge tii'-r, lires umn arm irs. imc
Kinl-y. T' c ir.jsideiU and liis wife are
iiiuehimp"OVcd by the trip. McK'tlley
.vas m t ;it the white house y a
la-go coni-oiirs ) of oliie.i se-ekers who
were m waiting all morning lor his re
Destitution in Cuba.
Havana, April 12. Des itution on
the island is increas ng to a shocking
doai-ee. lVop'e in many towns are fly
ing from hunt'i'l', and a gne-al f trcine
is threat nod. Leprosy 1 b eik'ng out
and if the f'cvsst tion continues, ap
peals must be. ma !c to Am :rica for pro-
vis. ons for s-,ai vir.g peojile.
l'urii'yiiig tlii Street.
Nl'.W YOKIv. April 1 J. Wall street
will be relieve 1 tb's we k fif the pool
brokers who b-( ught. di-teonte on ti e
stret. Warrants will be is-ued lor all
- ii-idv opera i'S like the Dean compinv
who relieved trus'tng investors of near
ly three mil ion dollars.
Judge Buckler in the district court is
listening to th. casa of Peter Fish
charged with robbery.
To tl e Democratic Voters of EI Paso
In the election which is to take place
tomorrow, there are but two tickets in
the field a so called Democratic ticket
and a so-called Republian ticket,
There is abso'uiely cot a s ngl"? issue
at stake which affects the integrity of
either party. There is not a single
issue advocattd by the Republican
candidates or the Republican
oartv in this election that a Demo
crat mav not consistently advocate.
The nominal divis on of the people into
two political oarties at this time is
deenlv to be deplored, because it is cal
dilated to blind many people and cause
them to support candidates whom they
would otherwise oppose and to oppnse
candidates whom they would otherwise
El Paso seems to 1)3 just entering
upon a new era of prosperity and it is
the duty of every citizen to render such
assistance as he can. In tne nrst tew
years of the railroad boom, the spirit
of non-progressiveness which charac
terized a larg-e number ot tne weinny
citizens and lare property holders was
a serious set back to -he city. Hun
dreds of people who came to the city at
that time with money to invest in var
ious enterprises were driven away by
high prices of real estate and a disposi
tion on the part of a few property own
ers to monopolize ever.vttiing. But for
such a stite of atfairs, El Paso might
have bad a population of twenty-five
thousand souls in 18Sl: instead of which
we find her now, eleven years after
ward, with half that number. Shall
we repeat the blunders of 1881 to 188(5
at this time, when we have an oppor-
mnity to take on a tecond growth.-'
Tne result of the election tomorrow
will answer this question.
The many questions to re legislated
upon in the imniedia e future ca 1 for
the cool, deb berate, impartial judgment
of our b- st people, without political or
personal bias, feome. of tne men wr.o
neli back the car of progre-s in the
early eighties are cinuidates for oflice
now, and t eir 1-auing supporters are
the men who then monopiized every
thing and tun ed back th-i tidrjof pros-
p ritv wnicn sou . ht our cltv. Is it
-afe to again trust the city's welfare to
ih;m-n who are today responsible for
t ur no; Lav.ng a p pulation of fifty
thousand pe pi ? In the language of a
re ,-ent wri-er in one of the news-ptpers,
do you want 1 r. sperity to again get
her f et entangled in the moss on these
gentl men's backs ai-d fall down and
break rer ne lv?
One issue i.f this campaign, upon a
propers t lenient of wheh mustlrgi
ly depend our prosperity i 1 tha imme
diate future, is the one of voting awuy
the ci'y's frau -hii-es without receiving
any return theref r and the cutting up
of the city streets wi h railroad tracks
in utter disregard of the rights of the
people. During the past three weeks
the people have spok-n very plain'y
upon tuis qu-rstioD. It. isj certain that
three-four-. hs of the intelligent voters
of the city are opposed to the furtcer
granting of raiiroid franchises nortn
of Sixth street. The p ople of the Sec
ond ward, which has hi'.nerto been
made the Botany Bay of El Paso poli
ties, have been so persist-n'ly igno-ed
by the pnwers thit be tht they
have lost a 1 hope of better things un
less they can stcare a complete change
n the a lmiuistra'ion of manicipil af
fairs. Nothing is done to advanca their
interests or improve their property; al
though they have p-itient y borne their
full snare of the public bui deos in the
way of taxation. Water, light, sewer
connections and street improvements
are largelv denied them, while these
conveniences have onlv to ba asked for
to be ob aiced by other sections of the
city. Our b tnes are not so pretentious
as those on Magoffin avenue or Myrtle
street or those up in the highlands
above the Souths n Pacific trak: but
they are dearer to us than these are to
their owners, because they represent
all we possess.
t every succeedingelectioa the Sec
ond wa'd bas been depended upon to
furnish the m ijority for the Democrat
ic party: and it has invariably thus far
justified the hopes of the po itical boss
es and ward heelers. hat have its
citizens thus far received in return.
outside of the corruption funds that
have been scattered among the venal
elas of voters? As a Democrat of th
Democrats, known of all men as ever
honest in the support of my principles.
I ask my fellow Democrats of El Paso
not of the Second wa' d alone
how long are w-i Second-warders to be
made the butt and jeer of our political
opponents and th-? main-stay of our
political friends, without revizing any
ad vantage fro n our loyalty to party':
The party lash has ceased to have any
terrois for most true Democrats in El
Paso. The managers of the so-called
Democratic party in this campaign find
that they can not now whip us into
ranks by threats of expulsion from the
party councils. They are anx;ous to
have us be ieve that it is disloyalty to
the party not to vote the ticket which
one man a week ajro set
up for our admiration. But
they convince no one who does not
want in advance to be convinced. As
far as m v own Democracy is concerned.
no well-informed man in El E'aso doubts
it. I have voted m re straight-out
Democratic tickets in El Paso than
either C. II. M irehal or Joseph Ma
goffin, during my r-s dence here: and I
am not going 10 vote tha so-called
D m cratie ti.-ki-t tomorrow at the
Oi iding ot these m Jn. I know I am
c.illed a crank, and I am proud of it. I
know those who have faded to induce
me to support the '"regular nominees'1
declare tht my advo-acy of any ticket
is a det'-inient to it. I am always proud
to belong to the rospectab e minority
rather than to ihe corrupt, bull-doz ng
majority. 1 won d ra her be savsued
in my own mind thai I am right and
thus be ever defeated, than to once
knowingly advocate th wrong, even
though successful. Defeat lias no ter
rors for me. 1 am used to it. I am not
and never have been a candidate for an
elective office and have no per-onal
axes to grind. If I felt so disposed, I
might s -cure a noiuina'ion for llice at
a'most anv election, notwithstanding
the f ict that my inl'ueu'-e is said to be
detriment il to any ticket.
Now, of the true, and untrammeled
Democrats of the city I want to beg as
sist ince for their misrepresented and
ahusd brethren of the Second ward.
We have a;re:d in the p-esent elec
t on to lay asid ? minor differences and
unit-1 iiMoii the one great issu ? wb.ioh.
now confronts us, namely, the exten
sion or non-ex'ens'.ori of railroad lines
north of Sixth street. We went to
both the political e inventions and ask
ed that those billies should embody
this one grievance in the.ir respective
platforms. The republican convention
politely entertained our request and
embodied it (in a modified form, it is
true) in its platform. The
ii iA ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii
? ?? tT T?? ?? ??
St ?i . -hV
'-. A .&i.'ir
. r-f ...
7 'M&
f.- If.- If.- IIS
WE are the sole agents for tVe Shilling
Corset Company, manufacturers
of the so called
jLady" . . .
the best fitting, best made and best mater
ial of any corset manufactured in the
world. It gives us great pleasure in show
ing you this corset whether you buy or not.
of our own party would not receive our
reauest at al'.and it never reached far
ther than the Second wardmet;ng. In
company with a few republicns, we
published au open 1-tter addressed to
all the caodida'e for mayor and eoun
cilmen. reaut-s iogthem to give us an
unequivocal answer to the single ques
tion of whether or not they oppos d the
granting of further franchises to rail
roads north of Sixth street. Not a
single one of the Democratic Candidates
has answered that le ter; white every
one of the republican candidates has
done so and. with a single exception,
has pledged himself to vote
aga'iist and oppose with his whole
power the further granting 01 such
franchises. Thus the Republican can
didates have given respeciful attention
to our complaint, while the Democrats
have with the same unanimity ignored
Now it is known that C. R. Morebead
is interested in obt lining frnuh ses
north of Sixth street for the El Paso
Southern Railroad company. He at
tended the council meetings and inter
viewed the aldermen and finally, on the
night on which the last franchise was
voted, engineered the scheme through
the council, saying, when he found he
cou'd not get what he wanted, ''Mr.
Rimsey, let's arcept Sixth street.
It is known that these men are not sat
isfied, and it is morally certain that,
they are going to come to the council
for'further gratuitous favors if the
present election shall result in return
ing to the council meti favorable to
their scheme. It is also known that C.
R. Morebead dictated the nomination
of every man on the sr.-called Demo
cratic ticket and that oneof those cand
idates is in the empb y of the railroad
company as its right-of-way man.
What thee have we to expect if that
ticket is e'ected? Nothing! What have
we to expect from the election of the
Republican ticket? Thit the wishes
and rights of the people w ill b3 respect
ed, as promised in the pla'form and as
emphasized in the individual promises
of the candifla'es.
In conclusion, I ask Independent
Demo-rats in every ward to help us
defeat the machine and obt lin a redress
of gri vanc ;s. No Damocrat need hes
ita'e to do this be tause he does ii"t
lika to vote against h s pirty. We have
the example of men high in authority
in El l-as Demo -rtie councils who
have time and again bo'ted the party
nominations in state and national elrc
tions. This I have never done, nor
have many Democrats who ate now
call -d bolters, la tt-is election there
is 110 pol tics, as far as Democracy and
Republican sra is coneermd. Yet this
ele t on is more irupor ant to our citv
at this part cnlar time tha i ei'her a
state or n-uional elect 01. We can
stand imbecility or even corruption
at Austin an I in Washington if we can
only secure good government he-e at
home. The R-publ'can prty promis? s
us good municipal governmeni and puts
its promises 'n b aek and white, w m-i-e
we can point t t&em if oc 'asion arises.
The Democratic- partv promis- s ns no
thing but a reversion ti mo sba-'k
rule. Let us try to oveth-ow the
machine and give the R publicans a
chance to carry out their p-omise.
Then, when state ami ia:onil t-loc-t'ons
roll round we can tt 11 vote the
Democratic t cket and try t have our
p -litical views muie 'ho no'icy of th
state and nation. Who aiuon.' the
loaders will then dare call us boPers'-1
There is. or should be, no politics m
mu-ueipal affairs; and until people
realize this fact, cities will bi rule 1 by
corrupt rings and cliques of one or the
other political party.
s. 11. Newman.
Wanted to Rent A 3 or 6 room
house by Mav 1st. Enauire of Pries
, pros.
ii ii ii
? -!. .
Took the Strikers' Places.
Chicago. April 12 The Ill'nois
Steel company put 100 new men to
work in the rail finrsh;og department
todav. The company formally black-li-ted
their 100 s'riking rail finishers
and fu'ly 1.500 aopl ed tor the places of
the st-iirers. W ork was resumed with
a fuil force of men.
For a L"st 'on.
Denver, April 12. Mrs. Kilday, of
.'12 John street. Sm Fraucisco. writes
Myor McMurray this morning about
her lest son. He started for New York
in December, but never got further
than Denver. She tea's insanity or
foul play and wants the asylums of the
country searched.
Will Receive the Ambassador.
Southampton. April 12 The may
or and corjxiration of Sou'himpton
have arranged to formally receive th
new United States ambassador, Col.
John Hay. upon his arrival here, en
rou'e for London to assume the duties
of his post.
o Election.
Frankfort, Ky., April 12. There
were crowded galleries in the Ieris'a
ture todav, but it was unusually quiet,
"unter g t 44 vote?. The "bribery
charges is tha reigning sensation. Hun
er's managers are before the grand
Shot Hiself.
Denver. CoL April 12. Wileon Per
rin a w. 11 known and prosperous citi
zen, went into a vacant 1 t adjoin'ng
his handsome residence! this mornicg,
shot and kiled himself. His recent
financial ios-es was th-? cause.
Glad That War lias Beg-un.
Athens, April 12. News of the in
cursion of the Grteksiuto the Turkish
territjrv is received with grt & jubila
tion. The general belief is that no
thing can res rain the army.
Iieci veil Into the Church.
London, April 12 Aubrey Beards
ley, the art st, has b-vm formally re
ceived into the Catholic church.
One 'oble Less
Cannes. France, Ap il 12. The
Grand Duke of M c-tlen-urg-Scnwerin,
committed suicida today.
Absolutely Pure.
Celebrated for ltspr-at leavenlnr streng
th and nealthfuluess.. A-surea the food
against Mlum and all forms of adultera
te in common to cheap brands. Ko;&
Baking Powder Co., New York.
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lis il &
m mm t

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