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El Paso, Texas,
Capital, Surplus and Profits
H. L. NEWMAN, Banker,
W. H. AUSTIN. Cashier. H.
El 3?aso,
A General Banking
T Mexican Money and Exchange
,,TT r. a optv nuunar r m
DUlllOn UVUUk aar J. x v-i j.
n R. MOREHEAD. President.
JOSEPH MAGOFFIN, Vice Pres. ' J. H. RUSSELL, Ass't Cashier.
State National Bank,
Established April, 1881.
A legitimate banking business transacted In all Its branches. Exchangt
i-n all the cities of the United States
Mexican Dollars.
gmm mmmmmmmmmm mm
g McCutcheon Payne & Col
EE Largest and Best Stock of Bicycles and
Bicycle Supplies in El Paso.
r Bicycles to Rent or Sellv
H Bicycle Shoes, j
Suits and 3
g' Ladies Boots. 3
SftlUU iiiiiiiii UiiUUiiii iiiUUii iliUUUK
At our store, 216 San Antonio street, we have just received two large ship
ments of RATTAN ROCKERS AND CHAIRS. Why keep that old chair or
parlor suite when you can have such a nice chair or suite from us at such mod
ern prices. Just imagine a nice RATTAN ROCKER for U.00, and some at
ess Call and examine our mammoth stock of everything.
T 11. S3? aiNGrJER,
y-u.mi-b-u.ro, Crockery and Carpets
316 San Antonio Street.
PBICE, $8.00.
We have just received a large supply of
well as the amatuer I hotographer. Bay your cameras ana supplies irom experienc
ed photographers and you will get what you want.
A good durable paint for
for color card. $1.25
319 San Antonio St.
I We Are Still In It!
Shedd's Bieyele Shop,
3054 San Antonio Street.
purt Drug.. L.te.t News
Hoiflache. Trj It
I NEWMAN, Jr. As't Cashier.
Business Transacted.
Bought and Sold. Gold' and Silver
yfi,. FrR. RENT.
J. C. LACKLAND, Cashier
bought at par. Highest prices paio. ior
If you are in need
Of a camera that will produce a perfect pic
ture, obtain
The Hawk-Eye, Jr.,
which will be found
a faithful friend at all times.
The simplicity of its working parts enables
the novice to obtain results that will astonish
Old photographers.
.Loads iu daylight and uses either roll film or
glass plates.
Size, 4fkixOH in- Photo, 3'ix3Ji. Weigh,
Send for catalogue, giving description
of all kinds of cameras.
cameras and supplies for he professional as
PHONE 207.
this climate,
per gal.
El Paso, Texas
Decorator and Df signer.
Instructions given in Painting and Firing.
Paste a specialty. Firing free to pupils. Hu-
dio open June 1, 187. Mail orders solicited!
For termi address:
JUT WHt Overland St., SI Pmo, Thh,
Can't be Beat,
Native valley straw berries.
Every berry ripens on the vine.
Come in fresh every morning.
A good cup of coffee try our
fresh roasted Mexican three
pounds for one dollar.
A cooling summer drink why
not try our Wild Cherry Phos
phate? There Is enough in a
25 cent bottle to make 16 quirts.
Also got Hires "rady to drink"
Root Beer, carbonated, at 10c.
per bottle.
J. B. Watson,
The Grocer, Phone 161,
Cor. San Antonio and Stanton Street.
Best liked where best known !
Crescent Bicycle.
It is a Bicycle ,
Built for business. It's
Made Right; It's Price
50.00 !
For a complete Up-to-Date
wheel for ladies
or Gentlemen; choice
of tires, handle bars,
etc. Fully warranted.
Music Store, Bicycle and Sew
ing Machine Depot.
James Shield has gone to Salt Lake
H. E. Yesel left for Pueblo this
Miss Lottie Foss left this morning for
T. P. Shelton left over the G. H. this
afternoon for Galveston.
Sunt. Martin of the G. H., went to
Houston this afternoon.
M!ipni r.(ximii left this afternoon
on a six months trip through California.
Miss Rachel Goodman ha returned
from Chicago where she baa been
attending school.
TV T Thnmntnn formerlr of Las
Vegas, is now in business in this city
wnere no is crccung mice
1r V S RnnVh. ifift Sundav vil T.
& P. for Jacksonville, 111., to visit her
daughter and ehe wilt stop over at Hot
Springs to try the baths.
fiAnQrol Munmrar .Tiwcnh Ramsev. of
vrcuwi . x i
ttnwuhuah marl, and a. brother of Gen
eral Manager Ramsey of the Corralitos
. . . , - . u c. .
route, lelt tnis morning over me oura
Fe for St. IjOUIs. jvir. iiamsey lias
been down to Sabinal looking over the
property of the Sabinal Mining and
Smelting company, of which company
he is a large stock holder.
Jnrlopft Warner and Clerk Escaieda
returneu inia moruiug uvci- kuo x. o;,
D fpi.m F.llanii. Judfa Hirner savm
the Miller case will undoubtedly fco to
the jury mis aioernoun, w utu a vcruiut
Of acquittal is expenteu as local puuiic
swntina.thv seems to be all Miller's way.
L ue JUUgc uuca UUI BSD wujr LOCI c
should be any killings in consequence
of the trial.
A. Foster Higgins. president; George
Rowland, secretary: aod E. D. Morgan
Rowland, director; all of the Rio Gran
de. Sierra Madre & Pacihc railway,
leave this afternoon for the City of
Mexico where they will make fanal ar
raDcreoients with the Mexican govern'
ment f r the openiog to traffic of the
Corralitos route. Everything will prob
ably be in readiness for opening the
road to business by July 1.
John Donaho3, cjmmercial agent at
New Orleans for the Mi xicau Central,
is in El Pato for a few days and isbeing
warmly welcomed by his many lriends
He was w th the Sauta Fe a num
ber of years and later commercial agent
in this ci'y for the Mexican Central
beinir transfered early last spriog to
Chicago from whence he was sent to
the CretcentCity. Mr. Donahod has the
reputation of being an excellent rail
road man, ana in Deing promoted re
celvesooly hie just desert
Victoria Has Reigned for Six
ty Years.
The Long Ta'krd of Street Pagea nt in
Honor of Queen Victora Has Oc-
curred and Many Other Ceremonies
Will Follow Through the Week.
London, June 22. The imperial
idea is the keynote of today's celebra
tion. Every feature of the proceedings
accentuates it. The places of honor
were given to the heads of great co
lonies, troops of distant frontiers have
the right of way. Provincials and lit
tle Englanders were forgotten and
scientific attainments acd growth of
liberty in England herself was scarcely
mentioned. The display was entirely
military and naval, the two arms of
mother England thai -have embraced
globe. When Disreali gave Victoria
the new title of empress he liitle
imagined ehe would be more of an em
press than she was a queen. The
colonies were made to feel their im
portance. Since an early hour this morning,
congratulatory telegrams have been
pouring into Buckingham palace from
every court in Europe and the remotest
part of the British empire. Queen
rose early and breakfasted with her
family. Her majesty before leaving
Buckingham palace for St. Paul's
caused the following telegram to pass
over the wire from the palace into the
central telegraph office and thence
sent to every part of the vast British
empire. "From my heart I thank my
beloved people. May God bless them
R. and I."
The queen returned to Buikingham
palace at 1:40 o'clock. Toe entire pro
gram was a grand success and passed
off without a single hitch.
The crowning feature of the official
celebration of the sixtieth anniversary
of the coronation of Victoria as queen
of the United Kingdom of Great Bri
tain and Ireland has come and gone,
and all London is congratulating itself
tbis afternoon upon the complete suc-
ess of oce of the greatest popular
demonstrations of modern times. A
religious sei vice of brevity and sim
plicity, a royal pageant of unpreced
ented brilliancy, a mighty outburst of
patriotism and evidence of personal
love, these were the principal char
acteristics of the greatest day that
London has ever teen. For the few
hours between daybreak this morning
and sundown tonight, political, relig
ious and all other differences are by
common consent o -gotten. Legisla
tors and constituents have sunk their
tor y ism and their radicalism, arch
bishops and bishops of the state church
have for the first time on recard sat
side by side with the accredited rep
resentatives of the much-denounced,
and of ten times despised, dissenting
denominations. The chosen d legates
of organized labor, some of them rad
icals of the deepest dye, rubbed shoul
ders with princelings and nobles as
they circled their way to the location
assigned them in the tiers of seats sur
rounding St. Paul's. Pride of country
acd of race was the one animating
thuught of the miliums of British men
and women that crowded London to
day, and the cheering that went tj the
skies from Buckingham Palace to
Ludgate Hill and back again echoed
the loyalty and devotion ef an empire
upon which the sun never sets, for the
venerable woman who for six decades
has ruled so wisely and so well.
The state passage through the city
was carried out according to program
and without a hitch. All night long
tbete were big crowds in the principal
btreets west of St. Paul's, and as early
as six o'clock tens of thousands of peo
ple were on hand to claim their reserv
ed seats on the stands erected along
Ludgate Hill, Fleet street, the Strand
and thence on to Constitution Hill. An
hour later the detachments of military
began to make their appearance, and
in less time than it takes to write it
the entire route was lined with red
coats. At the same hour all carriage
traffic along the route was stopped and
all the bridges cammunica:ing north
and south within the area of the route
were closed to prevent rushes and dan
The queen's procession was headed by
regiments of the royal India guard,
the hist and second life guards, the
Scots Grays, contingeuts of the coloaial
l epiest ntative troops to a total of seven
hundred, and a tpecial escort of native
officers from every crack regiment in
India. Next in line was the headquar
ters staff of the army, including the
commander-in-cnief, Lird Wolsaly,
ai.d the Duke of Coonaugbt, the latter
being in supreme command of the
troops for the day. Behind these came
the princesses of the royal family and
a magnificent cavalcade ol princes on
horseback. The Prince of Wales,
astride a magnificent black charger,
immed.ately preceded the quean's car
ridge. Glorious iu color a ad decora-
lions as were tome of the vehicles that
preceded, U( the royal 8ta carriage
outshone them all. It was a triumph
of the coachmakers' and decorators'
art in enamel and gold, with harness
to match, tbe cost of tbe harness alone,
the first manufactured for a royal car
riage since the days of George the
Fourth, being ten thousand dollars
A footman in red and white livery
walked at the head of each of the six
cream colored horses with a hand upon
the bridle. Her majesty, who appear
ed to be in the best of spirits, and in
decidedly fair physical condition, re-
pea'edly bowed her acknowledgements
to the tempest of greeting that started
from the moment she entesed the state
carriage and grew into a tornado as the
second division -passed along Pall Mall,
the Strand and others of the most
closely packed points of the route. The
procession moved at a slow pace and
abundant opportunity was therefore
afforded the spectators of seeing what,
to the overwhelming majority, was
their first and last view of the reigning
sovereign, xne nrst stoppage was at
Law Courts on the side of old Temple
Bar. Here th3 lord mayor presented
the homage of the city and with it the
sword of state, the latter, in accordance
with precedent, being returned by the
queen; while the lord mayor, as the
representative of the municipality,
took up a position on horseback imme
diately in front of the queen's carriage.
The Americans in the parade attract
ed much attention. General Miles,
Minister Hay aiid Special Envoy Reed,
were very prominently placed, and near
them were the most august body of dig
nitaries ever assembled. There was
not a monarch on the earth but what
was represented. After the pictures
que Indian escort came the moment for
which the millions were waiting. "The
Queen" was shouted as was seen the
chariot in which sat Victoria. At this
time the sun was shining brightly as
her majesty approached, tbe cheers
were overwhelming. The queen sat
apparently unmoved at the popular
ovation, though several times she was
compelled to show the emotion she felt.
While the recption was the grandest
outpouring of popular admiration and
affection ever vouchsafed a sovereign,
she could unfortunately, see little or
nothing of the granduer of pagantry
of which she was the central figure.
Tbe queen's carriage reached Temple
Bar at noon where Lord Mayor ren
dered offic'al homage to the sovereign
London. June 22 The government
cf India, as a memorial to the jubilee.
released 2,000 prisoners who were con
victed of various offecses.
Samuel Wrigh, Dead.
Samuel Wright, an ex-uoion soldier
and a pensioner of the United
States government, died tbis morning
at 11 o'clock at his home on tbe corner
of Sonora aod Atthony stree.s. Mr.
Wnsht has for the past six years been
a sufferer from dropsy and has grad
ually grown worse until tbe end came
today. His wife was absent at the
time of his death but returned at noon
aod found the house filled with neigh
A peculiar circumstance about the
death was that when Mrs. Wright left
home this morning to go to her work
she placed all the money she bad under
Mr. Wright's pillow, out wnen sue
came in after his death tbe money was
goce. Suspicion rests on a Mexican
who was present when Mr. Wright
died and the matter was immediately
reported to the police. The stealing
of this money ieft Mrs. Wright penni
Badly Burned.
Last night there was a large crowd
of people gathered in a house near the
quartet in Juarez to celebrate a wed
ding with a dance During the pro
gress of the dance a you- g girl knocked
a lamp oB ot a taoie and the lamp Durst
and the oil Hew all over the girl sitting
her clothing on hre and burning others
near by. The flames fired the lace cur
tains in the door and caused a panic
and as the people ran by the burning
curtains many were more or less
scorched. One woman's clothes caught
fire and were torn off of her and in
this coudition she ran to the hills back
of town. The girl who turned the
lamp over was so badly burned that
she is not expectsd to live. Nearly
everybody in the house was slightly
burned. J.he lire was extinguisned
without injury to the house.
Valuable Recommendation.
It is understood that the boundary
commission have unanimously recom
mended to the Mexican government
that it cut a direct channel across the
neck of the long bend immediately be
low this city, tnus cutting off six or
seven miles of round about flow, and so
accelerating the flood waters down
stream as to very largely reduce all
danger to tbis city and Juarez from
freshets and lloods-herealter.
Some thiuk that the peop'e over the
river will object, as this move neces
sitates ceding to the United Sta'es
about one thousand acres of land, but
the advantages to Juarez are so man
ifest, in the assurance of escape fro n
flood damage that there will really De
no opposition.
Texas Train Robbers Located.
The three men who recently held up
the Southern Pacific passenger train
near Lozier. Texas, and robb'd the
through and local safes of the Wells-
Fargo Kxpress company, securing
about $42,000, have been trailed to San
Angelo, Texas, and are known to be in
biding on a ranch aiioming that ton
They will probably be captured within
a few days All three are desperate
characters and are under iDdietinrnt
for murder. They have been fugitives
from justica for several years and are
known to the officers as bushmen, as
they rarely go luto a town, and spend
ail of their time in the busn on ran
ches, where tbey are not likely to be
Four Shocks Necessary,
AUBVEN, N. Y. June 22. Owing to
the imperfec corjtact of the electrodes
attached to tbe murders leg, lour
shocks of electrioity were required to
kill Guizeppl Constantino at noon today
la Auburn prison,
The Day's Doings in Brief
From the World.
Many Events That Occur During: a Day
are Told Promptly by the Herald.
Much News of Interest to the Read
ers of this Paper.
The Woolen Schedule.
Washington. June 22. The tariff
was taken up at 11 o'clock and the con
sideration of wool and the woolen
schedules were begun. Mantle, of
Montana, offered to substitute the prop
osition of the National Wool Growers
association, providing a rate on raw
wool higher than the bouse bill or fi
nance committee amendment..
What is conceded the mo6t trouble
some sections of the tariff bill, several
republican leaders believe, will be dis
posed of by Saturday evening, and the
finishing touches to tbe measure may
be applied July 1.
Mantle addressed the senate advocat
ing his substitute.
McLaurin, of South Carolina, asked
for a horizontal reduction. Allison pro
posed making a duty of 10 to 11 cents
a pound instead of 12 as the house bill
had it. This carried by a vote of 53 to
13. Carter, of Montana, referred to
the vote indignantly, declaring that
those who had combined for the redac
tion would regret their action. For-
aker eaid an agreement in writing was
made with the finance committee on
wool and he wanted it carried out.
Allison resented the assertion savage
ly. Foraker said it was true. Then
followed a sharp and excited contro
versy, which finally quieted down.
Social Dein rcracy's Program.
Chicago, June 22. Eugene V. Debs
went to Terre Haute today for a week's
rest, the majority of the delegates
have also departed. Those left in
charge of the new Social Democracy
movement have begun the work as
signed them. Before the convention
ajdourned a commission was aprointed
to select a state for the trial of the
cooperative experiment and organizers
were sent out immediately to the states
and territories. National headquart
ers were opened today, General Or
ganizer Burns in charge. Debs was
elected chairman of the executive
Wants a Commission.
Washington, June 22. Senator
Perkins introduced a bill for the ap
pointmnnt of a commission of nineteen
members, representing the different
industries and employments to collect
information and recommend a plan
to meet tbe problems of labor, agri
culture and capital.
Ties on the Track.
New London, Conn., June 22.
There appears to have been an at
tempted wreck of the west bound
Adams express this morning. Ties
were placed so as to throw the engine,
but tbe engineer miraculously stopped
the train.
H-t After Woodford.
Madrid. June 22. El Heraldo pub
lishes an extraordinary violent editor
ial against General Wo d ford, saying
if the newly appointed minister . to
Spain, he is another filibusterer ha can
not come to Spain or be received at
The Miners strike.
Flat Lick, Ky., June 22 The min
ers strike in the Jellico district has
reached every mine and there is- no
prospect of a settlement. Twenty-five
hjndred men are outaod their families
are destitute. The situation is alarm
The Bandmaster Released.
Washington, June 22. Assistant
Secretary of Navy Roosevelt, has set
aside the verdict of guilty, in disobey
ing the orders preferred against Prof.
Fanciuelli, leader of the Marine band,'
ordered the release of the professor.
Blue and Grey Reunion.
Nashville, June 22. The streets
of Nashville were thronged by thous
ands of strangers who come to attend
the reudon of the union and confeder
ate veterans today. Twenty thousand
people reached here by noon.
CoI Company Assign.
New York, June 22 Henry S.
White and Elmer Stockton have been
appointed receivers of the Randolph
Goal and Coke company operating
mines near Spark, Ills. Assetta $100,-
000; liabilities, $17,000.
Negotiating: a New Treaty.
New York, June 22. It is stated
that tbe presided t is negotiating with
the British amba-sador, for a new ar
bitration treaty that will ba acceptable
to the senate, which will shortly be an
Grover at Bazzard's Bay.
Princeton, N. J., June 22. Grover
Cleveland has left Princeton for Buz
zards bay. He was accompanied by
Mrs. Cleveland, Ruth, Esther and Mar
Ion, Ha returns to Frlnoeton October
Some Unknown History About
Building: of This Road.
The R. G., S. M. & Pacific railroad
is now finished to Casas Grandea 169
miles distant. About the building of
this road there is some history that is
imparalelled in road building. In a
little less than one year's time all this
work has been done and steel rails now
run over desert country and mountain
passes where two years ago a railroad
was little dreamed of.
All the rolling stock of the road is of
the highest grade and is fitted with the
best and latest applianoee and tbe en
tire equlppment is nst class in 'every
particular and everything: is on the
ground ready for business just as soon
as the government oays tbe road is in
condition to do business and on this
point there is no doubt but that the
government will be fully satisfied, for
there have been but few railroads built
that have s smoother road bed to run
over. Tbe only trouble has been in
sand hills where the road bed would
shift, but this has been remedied by
ballasting tbe road witn clay and grav
el. All this work has been accomplish
ed within one .year and the road is
ready for traffic.
This is not all of tbe achievements
of the road. The money that built- the
road is American capital and each
share holder put up his money before -
tbe work was begun and tbe result has
been that one hundred and fifty-six
miles of railroad has been built, the
work naid for and not a bond or any
other kind of paper stands out against
tbe company. Tbe road was omit
with the money of the stock holders
and has been pushed through with
such promptness and success that the
directors feel proud of their record
and highly pleased with the general
manager, Mr. J. P. Ramsey.
There are only a lew roads tuat nave
been built that have as good a record
as the Corralitos route.
Flood Notes.
Major Rand says the land in his bos-
que has been raised three feet by the
flood, it is now a sea ol soiiduymg
mud. -
Tbe water is about out of the lower
T. & P. yards which are liberally salt
ed with silt.
The T. & P.'s belt line is mostly un
der three feet of sand and debris, with
places here and there washed out. In
one place near the tannery, a channel
10 feet deep has lormed turning: a
freight car over. The cars left on the
line are tipped around in all shapes. It
may be a month before the railroad
can repair its line.
George Gaienne's wing dams have
thrown the current over between
Quinn's and Evans' houses where the
water is over oue's bead, and men go
in swimming there every evening.
The water has about st-pped seeping
into Gaienne's place and he has moved,
bis family back. He is hauling in sand
to fill ud the lowest places, and has
built a new road out to tbe north with
sand. He is anxious to begin to re
store the surroundings to where they
were before tbe flood; so is (Jnariie
Patterson and other property owners,
but tbey can do nothing until Mayor
Magoffin wakes up and stops that- botv '
channel from the east of Stanton street
bridge, something he has been going
to do right off a long time, and has not
yet got at it. His constituents in ward
2, the men who elected him, are regis
tering a large and healthy kick agatast
any more delay. They want to get to
work to rebuild their homes.
It ha9 been noticed that wherever a
wing dam was built with brush, a sand
bar promptly formed at that placet
Here is a bint lor nts nonor tne mayor.
Military Courtesies.
General Mills visited Fort Bliss last'
evening, and was given a reception
suitable to his rank, that of a brigadier
general. General Mills' party consist
ed of Lieutenant Britton Davis and
wife. Secretary Happer and wife, Mrs.
Glasgow, daughter of Mayor Magoffin,
Consulting Engineer Follete of the
boundary commission. Col- Corella and
Secretary Maillefert also of tbe
commission and Max Weber.
As the general's party reached the
boundary of the reservation, a briga
dier . general's salute of eleven guns
was fired, and at tbe quarters
of the commanding officer, the
party were received by the of
ficers of the poet, and music from the
regimental band. After an interchange
of courtesies, the general and party
returned to tbis city well pleased wita
their visit to the poet.
Colonel vanvalzab sends tne Dana to
the plaza in this city tonight to give a
public serenade in honor of General
Mill'. Tbe following program wtu
be given: Grand march, State Militia
Keview; overture to Marina, selections
from Suppe's Journey Through Africa-
selections from the Beggar Student,
fantasia on My Old Kentucky Home,
and Sousa's Queen of the Sea Waltz.
Not Exactly Right is the way thous
ands of people feel. It is because tbeir
blood is poor. Hood's Sarsaparilla, the
One True Blood Purifier, will prompt
ly set tbem right.
Hood's Pills are purely vegetable
and do not purge, pain or grip. All
For the finest ice cream try the little
white wagon.
Abaoluteiy Furo.
Celebrated for Its great lsavsalnf rtyaf
th and hsalthfalnsw. eraras the feed
agalmt alum and ail totmt ot adult?

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