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Entered at the postotBce at El Paso, Texas,
as mall matter of the second class.
0ally, one year ....
Dally, six months. ..
Dally, tore months.
Dally one month.-.
47 00
. a 60
Weekly one year
t 00
tiPMlrlv six montha......
. 1 00
. 60
Weekly tbree months....-.-At
The Oailt H skald Is delivered by carrier
n El iaso. Texas and Juares. Mexico, at in
its per week, or SO cents per month.
-nbscrlbers falling to get Tbi Uebald reg
it'. rlyor promptly should notify Tb Hbr
.: business office (not the carrier) in order
. eiTe immediate attention. Telephene
nvrnriRiNQ RATES.
Kte of advertising In the Dally or Weekly
-l'.n made known on application at the
publication office. Or ring up telephone num
Mr i is, and a representative of the business
. depart ment will call and quote prices and
Son.rVct for space. .
Locals 10 cents per line In every Instance
for nrst insertion, ana ocents per imo
Legal notices of every description II per
bch eaca insertion.
ITtAM Hsrald Is fully prepared to do all
kind of plain and fancy
the latest styles. W
job printing in all
promptly done.
large eight page paper giving the
local eventa or tne ween, puousnea
svsrv Saturday. Just the caper to
end friend for information regard
ing El Paso. Price S2.00 per year
ix month 81. OO.
Switzerland, the oldest existing
republic, celebrated the 606th anniver
sary of its Independence on the 17th
instant. It has witnessed the rise and
fall of many kingdom and empire.
The Central American states ought
to form a more perfect union, to mu
tually aid in keeping down the re vol u
tionary spirit of their people, if for
nothintr else. Both Guatemala and
Nicaragua are now worrying with re
One of the Alaska transportation
companies is already advertising to
sell berths by steamship to St. Michaels
and steamboat up the Yukon to Klon
dike, the'steamship to leave San Fran
cisco, May 1, 1898. They will probably
catch more suckers than now swim be
neath the frozen surface of the Yukon
If the people had seized and sum
marily executed that anarchist, or
whatever other kind of crank he may
be, who was found pistol in hand,hang
ing about the white L house grounds
looting for President McKinley, it
w ould have been a long time before an
other case of insanity of the kind would
be heard of.
"Served him right" will be the
verdict of every sensible person on
reading the account of an Oregon
blacksmith who loaded up with whisky
and went to tne borne of two young
ladies to invite them to accompany
.him to a circus, and, when the girls
left the room on account of his condi
tion, he drew a pistol and blew out hie
brains. The girls not only served the
fellow right, but he served himself
The Raines liquor law of New York
appears to be unpopular with all class
es. The saloon men denounce it, the
state prohibition convention resolved
that it was "a measure that had grati
fied its enemies and disappointed its
friends," and the Nsw York City pro
hibitionists declare that it "surrenders
the Christian Sabbath to the liquor
dealers." In the matter of strong drink
the prohibitionists appear to be very
hard to please.
It was a graceful act on the part of
President McKinley to continue Gene
ral Fitzbugh Lee, a political opponent,
in office and send him back to Cub, on
the ground that General Lee had be
come acquainted with the complicat
ed condition of Cuban affairs and
could be of greater service to tne gov
ernment in the (apparently) approach
ing crisis than could a new man unac
quainted with the details and intrica
cies of the situation.
A FALL of 16 cents an ounce in
value of silver in one year is not
couraging to the silver men
was worth 67 cents an ounce
York on Septembar 1. 18!M,
in New
and 51
cents on September 1,1897. At this rate
of decline during the next 3 years,
there will be nothing left to talk about
in 1900 so far as silver goes. That
there is not much left now is shown by
the fact that the Ohio silver men a'e
trying to run away from their platform
even now.
One hundred staple articles of
production and manufacture furnish a
very good index, in their advance or
decline, by which to measure prices
generally. Bradstreet's, which is
quoted elsewhere, shows that there
has been an average advanced of 6i prr
cent in this number of articles durirg
the past 60 days. Meantime silver has
fallen over 15 per cent. No wonder
the Ohio democrats are trying to run
away from their platform. But they
will not be permittod to do it.
The strike of the soft coal miners in
the middle states proved a success at
which every human person may well
rejoice. Prior to the strike the men
were working at less than actual living
wages, and by the strike they have
gained eleven cents per ton in the
Pittsburg district and five cents in
Ohio and other states, or a general in
crease of twenty per cent. Some of the
cermorant coal mine owners and oper
ators of the Pittsburg district have not
yet given in to the emancipation f
their white slaves, but against such th
100,000 laborers who were in the strike
will continue the fight, dividing their
earnings with the idle until a uniform
Cftle ii established.
The Republican Leader of Kings County, N. Y.
Attack and Repulses from Tribesmen
Message From the Queen.
A dispatch from Bombay, says: Ad
vices from the front show that the
various columns are advancing against
the Mahmoukis from Paojkora ard
Shabkadr. As yet they have met with
no serious opposition, but the difficul
ties of transportation in a mountain
ous and almost pathless country .are
immense. Another formidable ob
stacle in the way of rapid movement is
the lack of water.
The brigade of Gen. Jeffreys hss not
joined in the advance. Yesterday Jt
left Camp Anaytt, with sixteen com
panies of infantry and four guns, in or
der to reattack the enemy at the vil
lage of Damatagoa. The enemy made
a desperate resistance, but were
driven out into the hills. The British
demolished their towers and captured
400 mule loads of supplies. As soon as
(he troops began to retire from the
village the enemy reappeared in
force. The retirement, however, was
effected with great precission, the
native troops behaving splendidly.
Two Sikhs were killed and six wound
ed. It is now known that the enemy's
loss during the fight on Thursday last
between the Mounds and the 21
Brigade of Gen. Sir Blindo Blood, in
the valley north of Anayet,
was very heavy. The tribes
engaged did not press the brigade
during the retirement, but fresh
tribesmen appeared. Capt. Ryder's
company of Sikhs virtually owed their
lives to an Afridis sergeant of the
guide corps, who, when the Sikhs bad
exhausted their ammunition and were
desperately cutting their way back
through the enemy, dashed up the hill
under a heavy fire with a supply of
cartridges. He arrived just in the nick
of time, as the swordsmen of the enemy
were already among the Sikhs, who
were absolutely unable, afterthe heavy
climb and the hard fighting, to continue
a successful struggle.
Lieut. Watson was thrice wounded
while gallantly leading a handful of
Buffs, who routed a la-ge body of the
enemy, that was trying to storm the
village on which Gen. Jeffreys, with
his guns, had taken up a position.
It appears that the enemy lost 180
men before they captured the Saragai
police post. They burned alive two
Sikh cooks whom they captured while
out hunting for firewood.
The queen has sent the following dis
patch with reference to the reverse
near Camp Anayet:
"I am deeply grieved at the loss of so
many brave officers and men. I earn
estly desire to be informed as to the
condition of all the wounded. The con
duct of the troops was most admirable."
The lower Mobmands, south of here,
have submitted and have agreed to
pay a heavy fine and to surrended their
Populism in Kansas.
If the saying that hard times are re
quired to make populists is true, then
populism must be at a low ebb in Kan
sas at the present time. According to
State Bant Commissioner Briedentba),
monev is so plenty in the bannower
tate that the country banks are refus
ing deposits.
Under a law enacted last winter, no
bank can loan more than four times its
capital, and many small banks in the
slate, with a capital of but $5,000, have
deposits amounting to $75,000. Since
only 820,000 can be loaned by an.institu-
tion of the kind mentioned, the band
ling of such large sums of money is not
only unprofitable, but unsafe, and
bankers refuse to receive any more
money on deposit for ihose reasons.
The harvesting and marketing of the
wheat crop has resulted in actually
embarrassing the state banks, but not
in the way embarrassment generally
comes. After the pitiful stones that
have been told of the proverty strick
en Kansas Tarmer by the sock less
Jerrys of the sta'e, such a condition is
not only gratfjiog but extremely
Another feature of the situation
must not be overlotked, and that is the
much talked about mortgage debts. Mr.
Briedenthal states that in 1890 the
mortgage debt of the state was $300,
000,000, while at the present time it
does not exceed $40,000,000, and the
farmers are paying that off as fast as
the crops can be harvested -and
marketed. A reduction of
debt amounting to over $37,000,000 a
year during the past seven -years, in an
agricultural state, ebows anything but
a poverty stricken condition of the i
people Of course there are certain '
farmers who have been hard up acd
lost their homes through the foreclos
ure of mortgages, but those men be
long, as a rule, to a clas of men who
are always in financial btralts, no
matter what the yield per acr is, or
what the market price for grain may i
b. .
With a condition of the money mark
et lo Kansas, as hs been reported, it
will be an astonishing thing if a real
estate boom does not 6weep over the
state, and the values of farm laods
reach those of the east In that event
there will be a material change in the
character of tho population The
present settlers will sell out and hunt
cheaper lands, and the purchasers who
taVe their places will be of a les er
ratic clas. Kant-a has been thf start
ing place pf more 'isms" and wild no
tions concerning finance and politics
than any other locality, so it has been
said, but present indications point to a
new state of affairs, and populism may
be said to be dead, so far as that state
goes. New Mexican.
Citation By Publication.
The State of Texas, to the Sheriff
or anv constable of El Paso County,
Greetine-: Oath therefor having been
made as reauired by law, you are here
by commanded that, by making publi-
cationof this citation in some news
paper published in said county once
a week previous to the return day here
of, you summon George Howland to be
ani appear before the district court,
to be holden in and for the aforesaid
county of El Paso,at the Court House
thereof In the city of El Paso on the
4th Monday after the 1st Monday In
Sept. A. D 1897, then and there to
answer the petition of R- E. Beckham,
recerver of the El Paso National
Bank of Texas, Paint' ff, -filed in said
Court on the 2lst day of March A. D.
1894, and numbered on the Docket of
said Court 1939 against the said George
Howland, defendant in sub tince as
Plaintiff sues as R3ceiver duly ap
pointed by Comptroller of the Curren
cy of the United states ot America oi
the El Paso National Bank of Texas,
a bankin? corporation duly organized
under the National Banking-laws of the
United States by attachment on pro'
missory note dated 20th of July, 1892,
executed by said George Howland due
on demand for the sum of twelve thou
sand dollars with interest from said
date at the rate of ten percent per an
num until paid, and also an additional
ten percent in case said note be placed
in the hands of an attorney for col
lection, and to foreclose a lion held by
said bank to secure said note on two
hundred and sixty-seven shares of the
capital stock of the compania Metalur
gica Mexicana, a corporation duly or
ganized under the laws of the state of
New York, title to said stock bei.ig
evidenced by stock certiheata No. B.
6 issued by said company.
Plaintiff prays for judgment against
said George Howland for the amount
of f aid note, interest, and attorneys
fee, and for foreclosure of said lien up
on said shares of stock, and for general
Herein fall not but have you then
and there, before said court this writ,
with your return thereon, showing how
you have executed the same.
Issued this 31st day of August A. D
Witness, J. A. Escajeda, clerk of the
district court r-f El Paso county, Texas
Given under my hand and seal of baid
court, at office this the 31st day of
August A. U. 1897.
J. A. Escajeda,
Clerk of the District Court of El Paso
County, Texas.
Thousands of Women
are dragging out a weary, miserable
existence because they do not fully
realize wnat is tne matter witn them.
They know that they have "female
weakness" but they do not really ap
precia'e what that means. They do
not know that to this one trouble is
traceable almost all of their bodily ills.
They consider it a disease by itself,
acd if they also have neuralgia, nervous
headaches biliousness, kidney trou
bles and other things, they see no con
nection between them and the derange
ments of a strictly feminine nature.
Busy and overworked physicians often
treat these things as separate ailments,
when the whole trouble has the one
source. The reproductive organs are
so important a part of the body that
when they are out ot order, the whole
system is deranged. Whatever illness
a woman has, she will do well to look
there for the cause. A great many
women knowingly neglect themselves,
because they dread the telling of their
troubles to a physician and the subse
quent "examination" and ''local treat
ment." All this is needless for Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Perscription has been
found to perfectly and permanently re
store lost strength and promote regu
larity of functional action.
The True Kemedy.
W. M. Repine, editor Tiskilwa, 111.,
"Chief" says: "We won't keep house
without Dr. King's New Discovery for
consumption. Coughs and Colds. Ex
perimented with many others, but
never got the true remedy until we
ued Dr. King's New Discovery. No
other remedy can take its place in our
home, as in it we have a certain and
sure cure for Coughs, Colds, Whooping
Cough, etc." It is idle to experiment
with other remedies, even if they are
urged on you as just as gocd as Dr.
KiDg's New Discovery. They are not
as good, because th;s remedy has a re
cord of cures and besides is guaranteed.
It never fails to satisfy. Trial bottles
free at W A I-vin&'Co's wholtsa'e
and retail drug store.
I Biank leases for houses or storeroom
! est form. For sale at HlSALD jn
Cure sick headache, lad Max
taste in the mouth, coated m I I
tongue, gas In the stomach, III
diatreu and indigestion. Do M
not weaken, but have tonle effect. 55 cent.
Ti only Hiit to take with ilrod'i fitnf wills.
El Paso lodga. No. 130, A. F. & A. M.
Meets everv first and third Wednesday at
Moannln half U.. A - . . .-not- Vlalt.lmiT
brothers cordially invited.
A. KAPLAN, Secretary
CI Paso Chapter, No. 167, R. A. M.
Meets the second Wednesday of each month
at Masonic hall. Visiting companions cor
dially Invited. W C. HOLMES, H. P.
A. HAl-LAH, Secretary.
1 Paso Oommandery, No. 18, K. T.
Meets fourth Wednesday of each month at
nuumc nail, visiting Bir ivnigms coruuuiy
Invited. H. O. MYLEs. E. G.
W, S. BACK, Recorder.
Alpha Ohapter No. 178,
Regular meeting second Saturday of each
month. Sojourning members of the order
coraiaiiy invited.
Mas. Julia Mast,
J. O. Baugh, Worthy Matron.
Worthy Patron.
I. O. O. F.
El Paso Lodge, No. 284, I. O. O. P.
Meeting Every Monday Night.
ti. U. Newman, N. O.
P. M, Millspcqh, Secretary-
Border Lodga 874, I. O. O. P
Meets every Tuesday night.
Olaude Minor, Will I. Watson. N. Q
Oanton dsl Paso, No. 4
Patriarchs' Militant.
Night of meeting socond Wednesdays In Odd
D eliows' nail.
W. M. PRICE, Captain,
W. E. SHARP, Clerk.
Mt. Franklin Encampment, 1. O. O. F.
Night of meeting first and third Thursdays
J. A Snannon, O. P.
Hanrt Ik CAPEI.L, Scribe.
National Union.
Meets fourth Thursday In each month at
Odd Fellows' Hall. J. W. BOWK. Prest.
J. W. Wuiaaoi, Becretary.
Knights of Honor.
Meeta second and fourth Thursdays ef each
month at Odd Jf ello s" ball. Visiting brothers
uordlally Invited.
P. M. M1LLSPAUQH, Dictator
E. A. SHELTO. Reporter.
united Brotherhood of Oarpantara and Join
era of El Paso.
Meets every Sunday at 10 a. m. at Laboi
lall. visiting memDers welcome.
bKEU WE1DENBEUK, Kec. and Sac
Woodmen of the World,
Tornlllo Camp, No. 48.
Meeta every second and fourth Tuesday
iarJi month at their forest, (i. A. R. hall. 7 It
m. sharp. Sovereigns and strangers cordially
invited. o. u. ivimusrij, ucmm&nuer.
J X bulllvan, Olerk.
B. P. O. E.
El Paso Lodge. No. 187.
Meeta first and third Tuesdays In Odd Wei
lows hall. S. J, OATLIN. B. R.
T. E. an ELTON, Secretary.
A. O. U. W.
Meeta In Q. A. R. hall on the first anC
third Tuesdays In each month. Vlaitln
brothers cordially invited.
O. C. Eairs, Recorder.
foresters of America.
Meets first and third Wednesday night Of
eacn montn in oaa D enow s nan.
Jos Frist. C. R.
H. Oolllander, Secretary.
Ancient Order of Hibernians.
Division No. 1. all Paso County, meets sec.
oud and fourths Sundays at Union Labor
hall at 3 p. m. J as. vuwokb,
J. J. u'Nbill, President,
El Paso Lodge, No 82.
Regular meeting every Friday night at
uaatie nan. over neneae s naruware awn
Sojourning Knlghta will : jcelve a ooroia
welcome. V. Kibbt, C. J.
Knights of Labor,
Gate City Assembly (L. A. 3011.)
Meets everv Friday evening: at the haL
corner San Antonio and N. Stanton street, at
8:00 o'clock. JOHN SORKJtNBON. M. W.
r. j. baker. r. e.
Oolored Knights of Pythiaa
Myrtle Lodge. No. 10
Regular meeting every Wednesday evening
in Onion Labor Hall over Badger's grocer)
store, sojourning ivnignts respectfully in
vlted to attend.
A. 0. MURPHY. K. of R. and 8.
Bliss L6dge No. 221. K. Of P.
Regular meeting every Monday evening at
o. R. n. nan. v laiting anignts welcome.
K. ot it. & S. J. O
Gt. A.K.
Emmett Orawford Post, No. IB, A. R.
Meets 1st Sunday of each month at 8:30 d. m
Hall on San Antonio street. All comrades In
aood standing invited to visit the Duat.
GEO. M. McUON AOGHEY, Commander
r. m. xuBxiii. Adjutant.
Flra Department.
Board of Fire Directors meets everv saoon
Wednesday. General department meeting
second Wednesday In Ilarch, June, Septem
ber and December. P. F, E(?w.. Js, President
J a Payne, J J uonnors, Ublef
becretary. P M Mlllspaugh, Ass't Cb lef
Have You Been There Yet?
There are many delightful resorts in
New Mexico, but none " excelling Las
Vegas Hot Springs. The Montezuma
hotel is really just a little the nicest of
its class in the southwest. II you are
well, run up there for a few days out
ing If sick, no better place to get
well. All kioas ot oaths, expert medi
cal attendance, etc. Railroad and ho
tel rates reasonable. Eoquire at Santa
Fe city office, or depot, for particulars.
W. J. Black, G. P. A.
J. S. Morrisson, City Pass. Agent.
W. B. TRULL, depot agent.
Bio Grande, Sierra Mad re & Pacific
Take the "Sierra Madre Route" for
Sabinal, San Pedro, Corralitos, Casas
Grandes, El Valle de San Buenaventu
ra and all poirts to the south and west,
in Sierra Madre gold districts. Trains,
leave Cuidad Juarez daily except Sun
day at 8:30 a. m.
Jno. P. Ramsey, J. T. Logan,
General Manager. G. S. A.
Cheap Kates. I
For the next 30 cavs the Santa Fe
Route will have on sale low rate tickets
to all points in the east and north. If
you contemplate taking a trip, either
pleasure or business, it will pay you to
call on us. Information at city ticket of
fi'C'3 or depot.
W. B. Trcll, J. S. Morrison,
Depot Agent. City Pass. Agent.
Bolden's Positive Pile Cure.
Sufferers use it. Belief will be
speedy and oure positive and pertna
neLt if directions are strictly fol
lowed. For sale bv Kelly A Pollard
"My boy ctme home from school one
day with bis hand badly lacerated and
bleed'n?, and suffering' great pain."
says Mr. E. J. Schail, with Meyer
Bros." Drug Co., St Louis. Mo. "I
dressed the wound, and applied Cham
berlain's Pain Balm freely. All pain
seased and in a remarkably short time
it healed without leaving a scar. Bor
wounds, spra ns, swellings and
rheumatism, 1 know of no medicine or
prescription equal to it. I consider it
a household necessity." The 25 and
50 cent sizes for sale by all druggists
LongweU'8 Transfer.
I am now prepared to do all kinds of
Transferring of Freght, Light
and Heavy Hau'ing.
Safe Moving a
Headquarters at El Faso Stables.
All orders promptly attended to.
Phone No. 1.
Tas. T. Ionervvell .
Napoleon J., Roy,
The Fashionable Tailor.
With Massage and Medical
NO! 418
I M. C. I
Is under the care of
J. S. Reynolds, J. H. Harper,
Dr. A. E. Brown, Prof. Putnam,
A. G. Foster, F. E. Morris,
Millard Patterson, J. JVC. Armstrong,
Allen Blacker, E. S. "W. Neff,
Chas. Rokahr, J. A. Smith.
Reading Room,
And Social Games.
Open from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m.
Wm. Sloan, Gen. Sec'y.
For Sale at HERALD
Typewriter Paper, Mining Location Notices,
Blank Leases, Vendor's Lein Notes.
House Rent Books, Conditional Sale Contracts
or Chattel Mortgages; Application For Importa
tion of Cattle With Affidavit
Southern Pacific Time Card
El Paso Local Time.
1:30 P.M. No. 18 Kaatbound 1:60 P. M
8:46 P. M. No. SO Weatbonnd 3:86 P. M
Every effort Is made for the "omforluf paa
sengera. For further Information regarding
iicieti, rates, connecuons, etc., emu on or au
H. R. Turner, T. K. Hunt.
Ticket O.erk. Com. Agt.
Southern Pacific Excursions.
The Southern Pacific are still selling
excursion tickets to the Tennessee
Centennial and International exposi
tion, now open at Nashville, Tenn., at
a rate oi coo. Id lor tne round trip.
these tickets being on Bale up - to and
including October 15,1897; final limit
for return, up to and including No
vember 7,187.
Also on sale Septemer 14-21-28 every
Tuesday October 5-12-19 with final
limit of ten days from date of sale, pas
sage to be continuous in both direc
tioos, El Paso to St. Louis and return,
one and third fare $52.75. Chicago
same conditions ana limits sou.oo.
Also on sale October 1st, 2 oh, and 3rd,
inclusive, limit for return to October
12th, 1 Paso to St. Louis, one stand
ard first class fare $39 55 for the round
aiso one way ticKet win oe soia on
September 21 and every Thursday
hereafter up to and including October
zl, ia7, to
St. Louis, Mo 839.10
Chicago, 111 42.10
lietroit, Mien 49.35
Cleveland, 0 50.60
Buffalo, IN.Y 54.10
Toledo, 0 49.10
Pittsburg, fa 52.60
Niagara Falls, N. Y 54.10
Toronto, Ont 54.50
Also on the certificate plan, for ac
count of the annual meeting of the Con
catenated Order of Hoo-Hoos at De
troit Mich., Sept. 9th to the 15th at one
third regular fare, ($68.40); also to San
Antonio for account of the sr ssion of
the Grand Chapter O. E S., $18.70 for
tne round trip; date of sale Oct. 11th,
limit ior return, uct. lotn. in conneo
tion with this meeting, we will place
on saie rouna trip ticaets to Monterey,
Aiex., irom ban Antonio at a rate of
$5.50; tickets to be limited to 10 days
irom aato or saie. xicicets sola to San
Antonio, will be expended 10 days by
depositing with our agent at that
point, at the time the Monterey ticket
is purcnasea.
Also on the certificate plan, for ac
count of the meeting of the National
Association of. Life-Insurance Under
writers at Milwaukee. Sent. 14th to
17th, 1897, $63.93; tickets on sale Sept.
Also on account of the Confederate
Re-Union at Sau Antonio, Texas, Oc
tober 6th and 7th, one fare for the
round trip, $18. 0, selling dates Oct.
5ih and 6th; final limit for return Oct.
A new through sleeping car line
from Houston to St. Louis, has been
eatabished via Houston & Texas Cen
tral; Houston to Unois, Texas; Texas
Midland, Ennis to Paris, Texas; and
St. Louis and San Francisco; Par's to
St. Louis, leavirg Houston at 9:00 a.
m., reaching St. Louis at 7:40 p. m. the
following evening.
T. E. Hunt, Com'l. Acnt, El Paso.
Harry Turner, City Ticket Agent,
El Paso.
C. W. Bein, Traf. Mgr., Houston, Tex.
L. J. Parks, Ass't. Gen. Psge. & Tkt
Agt., Houston, Tex.
Pure Hygeia Ice.
Made from distilled water. Ask
your family physlcir. c or druggist as to
purity and healthfulnesa of ourloe; tel
ephone 14.
& Paso I ok St Refrigerator Oo
Mining Location Blank for Sale at
This OfPaa
"A house for every man. and
Every man's house his temple."
If rented, only "temporary."
Had you thought about it?
Thos. Ehrenberg.
Carriage and.
Wagon Pantei.
320 El
Kansas City,
St. Louis.
a ic a go.
Denver.LOmaha, St. Paul,
And allNorthernandEasternPoints
TtLroiigh. Trains, Fast Time,
Smooth. Tr els.
Elegant Pullman Palace Sleepers on all
through trains. Daily Tourist Sleeping cars
to Denver, Kansas City and Chicago. Tourist
sleeping cars semi-weekly to St.. Paul, Minn
eapolis and once each week to St. Louis and
All trains not having dining oars stop for meals at the famous Santa Vs
Route, Harvey Houses.
Full Information cheerfully furnished upon application to
uity xicKet Agent.
Offioe.-Fargo Bx
ldlng, Corner El
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and so see the silver lining. You can
do it from our trains. We go above
them in places.
with its two thousand miles of track,
reaches all the principal places of in
terest. Address the undersigned for full and reliable Information!
FT E. Comfort. Com'l Aent. EI Paap,
If you are paying rent and want a
home for what your rent costs yon, call
AND TRUST CO., Chas P. Zoerb, ag
ent, room 29 Bronson block, or the fol
lowing officers of the local branch: E.
Krause, Pres.; J. H. Little, V.-Pres. ;
J. A. Smith, Seo. and Treaa.; A. G.
Foster, Atty.; R. H. Thome, Dan Kel
ly, Fred Grandover, E. C. Hull, H.
Clouchman, Directors.
Paso Street,
1 T
New York,
u. f. a
Paao and San Antonio Streets.
W. B. TRULL, Agent at Depov
Money-making Is an art
Inform people of your wi ea
With your low prices
And they will buy.
Is the method needed.
DO YOU advertise,
And advertfse JUDICIOUSLY?
By Chas. Austin Bates,
And get NEW IDEAS.
And outs are attractive.
Money-makers use them.
We can furnish you
New and beautiful designs.
Is a choice medium of
Carrying your information
To the purchasing public.

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