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VOL. XVII, NO. 228
El Paso, Texas,
Capital, Surplus and Profits
H. L.NEWMAN, Banker,
W. H. AUSTIN. Cashier.
A General Banking
Bullion Bought.
Money and Exchange Bought and Sold.
C. R. MOREHEAD, President.
State National Bank,
A legitimate banking business transacted in all
jn all the cities of the United States bought at par.
Mexican Dollars.
About our shoes, they are
ufacturers whose reDutations
enough faith in these shoes
pair, and we are selling them
:R,ememfcer Tlaat "We Are
SIR San Antonio St.
At Springer's. All of our old stock was burnl
and must have new goods to take their places.
Furniture, Orookery and Carpets.
16 San Antonio Street.
We have secured the. services
petent plumber of fifteen years
and are prepared to do any kind
this line.
Jobbing attended to promptly.
A we ask is a a trial.
219 El Paso Street.
awnm mmmmmmmmmm mm mm
tE: Commencing August 11th, until all are sold, we -3
P will close out our stock of bicycles at greatly reduc-
E2: ed prices. Special prices on all sundries. rS
1 McCutcheon Payne & Co
gp SliEHilDOlSr BLOCK 3
iuiiuuiaiui mum iiiiiiui umuuk
1 Ml I
I IKK It . -
I NEWMAN, Jr. Ass't Cashier.
Transacted, Business
Gold and Silver
J. C. LACKLAND, Cashier
J. H.
RUSSELL, Asa't Cashier.
April, 1881.
its branches. Exchange
Highest prices paid fo"
made upon honor,
by man-
are not tor sale. We ve
to stamp our name on every
at half usual profits.
Shoe Dealers.
El Paso, Texas
of a corn
experience of work in
$40.00 1
Never Before Equaled.
S its made to order $20 to $2
Pants made to order
110 S. Oregon St.
tzr-j ,- ..2- -,r jf y a.
To know where to make your
chases, get the bee t at the lowest
slble rate, and feel satisfied that
your treatment has been just.
In the grocery line, we have made
to the interest of our friends, to give
us their patronage. Everything has
been exactly s s represented, and the
public appreciate business run on this
p'ar.e. This is not boasting,but a fact.
For further proof call on
J. B. Watson,
The Grocer, Phone 161,
Cor. San Antonio and Stanton Street.
(All modern styles up-tq-date 1807 goods.)
the only octavo pedal.
the artistic piano of
a piino and orchestra
Sterling in quality as
well as in name.
costs less money
worth 100 cents on
every dollar cf cost.
Music Store, Bicycle and Sew
ing Machine Depot.
El Paso, - - Texas.
More Thau Three for One.
The late John Davenport, Auditor of
,he New York Ciy Hoard ol Education,
he.id -policy N . 3172 in the Mutual
Liie Insurance Company of New "lork
for the sum of $3,000. At his death
tbat "grand old compAny" paid his
heirs the asrxbisbiDg sum of 89,011, or
4(511 mote than three limes the face of
his policy. No oter compaoy on eirth
can show such a record in a single in
stance at any period of its history. The
Mutual Life shows such records every
a. . jnew man, Mutual i,ne.
The undersigned desires to announce
to those who are not already aware of
the facts that he is the district agt.-nt.of
the Mutual Life Ins. Co., of New York,
having- resided in thiB city for tte past
32 years, his repu.auon for lair dealing
has bten fully established. Persons
wishing life insurance will be
benefitted by his eiperienca and in
tegrity and by insuring with bim can,
depend upon his representations in
selecting from the many different
plans the one tbat will beet suit their
117 S. Oregon St. opposite El Paso
Daily Times.
Death to the Hogs.
D. Y. Hadley received the following
interesting comcLunicatiou this morn
ing from a number of ward 2 property
holders. Mr. Hud ey: A number ot pro
perty holders living in tae vicini'y of
First, Second and Park s reets wisn to
inform you tbat you have teiaots on
P8rk sir-et who are kteping hogs: and
the stink from them has made sickness
in this neighborhood. We tave no
tified the boird of teilth for tbe second
time, and no not.ce ha bjen taken of
our request; so we appeal to jou. If
something is no done immediately to
get rid ol this stink and pests, we will
take it into our own bancs, and make a
clean sweep of the bogs aod their own
ers. Master Keypo.-t Brady, ated four
yearf, ion ol Mrs. VngiDia Brady of
this city was sent to his grandfather,
Charles A. Wright, 1018 SoJtn 3rd
street, Leavenworth, Kan., today over
ihe Santa Fe, to remain all winter.
Tbe young man was su tibly tagged
and fixed out with descriptive mater
ial, and the express com par y will gee
bim safe aod sound in Leavenworth.
El Paso's population is likely to bare
an increase before long, as peop'e in
San Antonio, Galveston and Hous'On 1
h are frightened at tbe -yellow fever.
are signifying their intention to come
to th!s city to remain until the scare is
The Sarta Fe was one hour late to
day, owig to waiting for ionction
wita the circle railroad at Denver.
Day's Doings in
From the World.
Many Events That Occur During a Day
are ToM Promptly by the Herald.
Mueu News of Interest to the Read
ersof This Paper.
Luetgert's Defense.
Chicago, September 24. The pros
ecut'oa in the Luetgart case promises
to combat tha evidence in which wit
ness Si-holey identified the woman seen
in Kenosh", Wis., May 3rd, as Mrs
Luetgert. It is intimated they mav
produce this woman whom defense'
witnesses took for Mrs. Lnetgert.
Chicago, fceptcmber 24. Mrs Em
ma Kaiser pare some aetonismug
testimony. She visited the Lutgert
home on tbe evening of May 1. She
established the fact that the couple
could net have bad quarrels in the
short time between 9:30 and ten when
Gotliebe Scaimpke swore he saw
them go into the factory. Frank
Schieme, who knew the Luetgert9 for
twenty years, swore be saw Mrs Luet
gert on the road near bis farm May 5.
Troops Withdrawing.
Hazletos, Pa., September 24.
This district is restored to almost its
normal: condition. The civil authori
ties are eocsideraa able to preserve
authority. The withdrawal of troops
begins today. The IS n. regiment will
break camp today. The 13? h, 8th, 4th
and dtn regiments will roilow as soon
as it can be conveniently arranged. It
has been decided to keep, a cavalry
force here for several days longer. The
Philadelphia city troops will not be
eent borne this wek, but probably ear
ly next week, if the Situation remains
All for Tammany.
Chicago. September 24. Ex-Gov
ernor John P. -Aligf-ld is expecttdto
figure in theNiw York campaign.
Senator Jores, chairman cf 'thu demo
crat nation a.- committee, was in Chi
cago ye&te. day and had a long confer
ence with tie ex-governor. Ex-G.v-
ernor Stone of Miss u;-i is expected to
arrive today to plead the causa of Tam
many. It is r-elieved that Tammany
wants Aitge'cl to talk over its radical
tilcer membeig.
Notables at Denver.
Denver, Sept. 24. The city is full
( f notables 'h s week. Secretary of the
Treasury Gage is vls'ting Boulder to
cay. Comptroller Eckels was ban
queted by the ci'y bankers, last night.
This moron g he is b:;irg s-iown the
city sights. Senator St-;wart of Nevada
is also here. He is i otat ail averse to
baldly denouncing the financial policy
rf Gageani Eckels. The three cele
brities are stoppi.-g at the same hotel.
Anti-1 1 nst Law.
Omaha, S pr. 24 --Suit has ben
bou-hr. by 'hs United States ajainst
the South "Omiiha Live Stock Ex
change all its members uo 'er the -ami-t.
uit law. The t tfe.:t of the suit, if de
cided against, is to perpetually re
strain tbe South Omaha Live Stock Ex
change from carrying on its business.
1 he suit is but one of many to be hied
at OLce in all the stales.
Morioco Gives in.
Washington, Sept 24. The state
department has authorized the em
phatic denial of the st-itt mc-nts pub-
1 shed this morning ihat the United
States would send a fleet to Morroco.
It is declared explicitly that tha dif
ferences heretofore r garding status of
Americans has leen adjusted for some
lime, acd there is no likelihood of its
Taxing1 the Poor.
NEW York, Sept. 24. The grand
jury has been asked to indict the three
tax commiss. one's of this cliy for per
jury. Ihe Central .Labor Union,
thnugh a committee, "declares the
commissioners falsified he records bv
under valuing the property of wealthy
corporations and individuals so that
the burden of taxation fails upon the
small holder.
Fatal Landslide.
Palermo, Italy, Sept. 24. A land
slide occurred atGirgenti, east of this
city, this morning, causing a heavy
loss of life. 1 he moving earth wreck
ed a suiihur mine, where a large force
of men were working. The bodies of
three dead have been recovered. Forty
men are missing and rescue is hone-
less, a-3 th3 earth is still sliding into
the mine.
Another Gold Excitement.
Seattle, September 24. Excite
ment over the discovery of gold de
posits at Pcot creek at the foot of
Mount Baker, is grow.ng. At the
piesent rate at leist 1,000 mea will
have entered ihe trail by Satu-diy
Keports still come down of $10,000 ore
being lound.
Xicaraffna Revolution About Euded.
Yanamina, September 24. Reports
from Nicaragua are to the effect tbat
the revolution there is almost at an
end. General Pta, military leader of
the rebellion was captured by trie gov
ernment troop on vVednes3ay and
committed suicide an hour later.
The Tui co Grecian Treaty.
LONLON, S -pt. 24. D spjtches "from
Co.ibtautii oplo say that the envoys
deputed by the Gretk government to
sign a defiiiite treaty of peace will ar
rive the; eon SunJy. The subject will
ptobibly be stttled for the time at
least io favor of the Turks.
Gasoline Explosion.
Chicago, Soptemb.r 24. Chss. Em-
.-on w,ts fataLy b lrned and six oi
en ii.jux.'.d by lh-j exploa'on of a g
line stovejn the basement of a building
on Adams street last nigbt.
Killed in a Row
NORVVAY, Maine, September 24.-
Three I.a.ians belonging to a party at
work on the uxiord electric railway
wri e kilbd iu a row at li ce's Junction
I this morning.
zmm i$r M j . h i, 7
Sr l 1
In Honor of a Hero.
Minneapolis, Spt. 24. In the lit-
t'e town of New U m. this stit. and
which is crdited with a population of
le-s than 4,000, there will bs dedicated
tomorrow a monument wbich would do
credit to the largest ci'y of the coun
try. It bas ben erecte-i to the me
mory of Hermann, known to history as
the "hero of Germany," born sixteen
years before Christ and who was ca'led
Arminios by the Greek writers and
Armicius by the Romans. Indignant
t the opprtss.on of bis countrvmen he
obtained knighthood and citizenship at
-i,ome, a-a oy ruse Jiretenses in luce 1
the Roman army to advance beyond
the Ryan and there led them, into a
battle which resulted in a decisive de
feat. ' He was assassinated by his own
relatives in his thirtj -seventh year as
result or a popular impression th it
e was aimirjg at becoming a dictator.
Back of the dedication of this monu
ment in the town that bas grown up
roong tbe wilds of Minnesota is an
interesting story. The proi-jct was
uggested nearly twenty vears ago bv
Julius Brendt, a modeit unassuming
German architect of New Ulm. In the
matter be interested the stat lodge of
me sons oi nermann ana later the na-
lonal grand lodge, and for years the
nter body made a substantial contri-
ution to tr.e monument fund. When
the litter, towever, began to run into
the thousands thre arose a d'spute as
to where the monument should be sit
uated, and so hot a three-cornered fight
was brought about between Milwaukee.
St. Paul and Minneapolis tbat it was
decided to allow the pUe to so to tbe
town where the scheme originated.
The result some years later was the se
ssion of the entire grand lodge of
Wisconsin from the rational body and
h-is never returned. The dedication
ill be under the auspices of the na-
ional supieme lodge whicb has been in
ess on here sinr;e Tuesday In addi
tion to the citizens and members of the
supreme body ten thousand German
citizens from this and surrounding
states will witness the exercises.
He Will Economize.
Haurisburg, Pa., September 24.
The recently elected commander-in-chief
of the Grand Army of the Repub
lic, Lren. J. f. Gobin, oi Lebanon, has
made a decidedly popular move at the
outset of his administration in the gen
i ral order issued a few days ago to the
effect tbat in the interest of economy
him-e f and employes would serve
with ut salary. For tears tbe com
mander-in-chief has drawn $2,000 an
nually from the exchequer of tbe or
der, the adjutant gene al a similar sum
and tbe quartermas'er general 41.200
per annum General Gobin's order
will thus effect a considerable saving
in tbe expenses of the national council
of administration, and it is not regard
ed as probable that future administra
tions will go back to the salary sys
Au Interchangeable Ticket.
Chicago, 111., Sept.. 24. For the
first time since the United States su
preme c urt decided tba; organizations
for tLe consideration and maintenance ,
or raiir-aa rates were illegal, repre
sentatives of all the lines in tbe West
ern Passenger association are in ses
sion here today. The principal busi
ness is to decide the form of an inter
changeable ticket to be adopted by all
tbe roids. Four different tickets have
been cousioered by the executive com
mittee, but it has been unable to re
commend any of tbem and tbe lines
will to 'ay be asked to choose for them
selves. - Festivities at an End.
Stockholm, Sept. 24. So far ps
Sweden is concerned the week of fe?
fvi'.y in honor of 'h-3 twenty-fifth an
nive sary of King Oicar's a'-o ssion to
the throne ends today. Tonight ihe
k ng anl que n and members of the
court, the diplomatic corps and over a
hundred royal gueits "-ill l-?ave for
Chri-t'ana where tbe Norwegian end
of the celebration commences on Sun
day. It will last for a week ar d the pro
gram will he just as elaborate as that
provided in Stockholm;
Well Fixed Financially.
. t . . , . t .
London, September .a the annual-
report of the Amalgamated society of
Rai wv Sr,r-ans of tbe United King
dom which has just b -en filed with tt e
statistical d-pa tment of the govern
ment sets forth that with a total mem
bsrshlp of $15,000 the socie'y has e
sorve funds invested in bonds and otb.
er sejuriiies to a total of $1,000,000.
The Disease Invades San An
tonio and Houston.
Increases' Fatality at New Orleans
People Alarmed and Try to Barn a
School Building: to Prevent it Being-
Used as a Yellow Fever Hospital
YpIIow Fever iu Texas.
Dallas, Texas, September 24. The
health boards of north Texas cities are
seriou-ly contemplating quarantine
aga nstSin Antonio, Houston and Gal
veston. The yellow fever is in 'all of
them, but is well controlled and kept
from public knowledge. The inspec
tion of all trains coming to Dallas is
very rig d. Travelers are not being
permitted to stay here.
New Orleans, Sept. 24. Early
this morning a mob at the Don gar d
school tried to destroy the building,
which had been tendered to the city as
a yellow fever hospital. Wea'her cool,
but the death rate is increasing, three
already reported this morning.
Another Mine Horror.
Marton, 111., Sept. 24. An explosion
occurred in the Williamson County
Coal company's mine at 7 o'clock this
morning. Three men are dead, and
thirteen wounded have been taken out
Six others are missing, and undoubted
ly killed. Tbe mine is on fire, and
they cannot be rescued. Several of tbe
wounded are so severely crushed tbat
they cannot recover. Th min is lo
cal d four miles north of h.re. Ti.e -e
is an unusually large amount of natural
eas in the mine. The explosion was no
doubt caused by th's gas taking fire
from the miners' lamps as they de
scended this morning. Tbe loss of life
is Dot so heavy owing to the fact tbat
most of the American miners, or more
than half the force take holiday today
to attend the county fair. Most of
the men killed and wourded are
Russians. It is impossible to get their
names at this time. The force of the
explosion was very heavy, and blew
mules over 200 yards along the main
entry, and into the mining dump at the
bottom of the shaft, which is one hun
dred and eighty feet deep. One re
port siys that only four men 'are im
prisoned, while another one puts it at
eieveo. Great b'ame is laid against
tbe managers of the mine for not adopt
ing saier means oi controlling the gaB.
Only a short
time since the state in
spector of mines, examined the mire,
and twe managers were ordered to
plBce tbe gas under better control, or!
tbe mine would be closed because of the
great risk for men.
Death Ends All.
Special to the El Paso Herald.
Mexico City, September 24. Chief
of Police Velasquez, who caused the
killing- of Arroyo, the assailiant of
President Diez, committed suicide be
tween midnight and dawn this morn
ing, shooting himself at Belein prison.
Troops for Alaska.
Washington, September 24 The
I wm- tiLm" itu' in, Li y o rrji civtu a
egrara from be title stating that Col.
RaDcell with four officers and 25 men
and a hospital eorps, to form a garrison
at St Michaels, Ala-ka, left on tbe
steamer Humboldt th a morning.
Fatal Boiler Explosion. ';
Raleigh", N. C, Sept. 24. The boil
er iu D. S. Russell's saw mill at Ase
,ville, . exploded tins morning. Tbe
, ... .-) ' . t TT .. ' ... .. .1 1
-i ' au oi c. ' . w . iiai auu urubuor,
j0hn Alison, Abe Grews and John
Turks Afflicted.
Constantinople, September 24.
An epidemic of typhoid fever is in pro
gress among the Turks in Thessaly.
Nearly 1,(00 troopers are stricken acd
many dctibs ba,ve occurred.
Marquette Club Banquet.
Chicago, 111., Sept. 24. Two thou
sand invitations to as many prominent
republicans of the United States are
goiDg out today from the Marquette
club for the annual banquet on Chicago
Day and despite fact that this is an off
year politically the affair will-be char
acterized by as much vim as though m
presidential election was on the tapis.
Senator Mark Hanna has absolutely
promised to speak and so has the idol
of Kansas republicans James R Burton,
Congressman Rollin P. Mabony, of
Buffalo, and Congressman Lacey, of
Iowa. President McKinley, however
will not be able to be present although
be regards this as one of his pet or
ganizations outside of Ohio.
1 he Odd Fellows.
Springfield, Ills., September 24.
The grand lodge of Odd Fellows this
morniDg resumed the consideration of
constitutional amendments but no ac
tion was taken. A revision of the cere
mony and decoration of chivalry was
adopted. A resolution to admit males of
is years and upwards to the Rebekah
lodges was defeated. Grand Chaplain
Venable was presented bv the grand
lodge with an elegant jewel to com
morate his 50 years membership.
Children Cremated.
Dallas, Tex., Sept. 24. Three
small children of Jefferson Connor
were cremated yesterday bv the house
burning during the absence of the older
members of the family. When the
latter returned nothing but a lot of
ashes was left. The charred remains
of the children were found in the
Disaster to Filibusters.
Tampa, F a , Sept. 24. Among the
passengers from Cuba last night was a
well known Floridan who brought in
formation that one of tbe recent ex
peditions had been captured off the
coast of Pinar del Rio. The vessel
was sunk and 19 men aboard were kill
Lily and the Prince.
San Francisco, September 24.
Henry McPike, counsel for Mrs.
Lily Langtry in this city is authority
for the statement that the "Jersey
Lily" and Prince Esterhazy will soon
be married in California.
Monetary Commission.
Washington, September 24 The
monetary commission did little this
morning of public importance. It is
thought tbe commission will take a
recess this afternoon until Monday.
General Tracy Accepts.
New York, Sept. 24. General Tra
cy has accepted the nomination of the
republican city convention for mayor
of Greater New York. The fact was
made public late this afternoon.
The Markets.
New York,- Sept. 24. Silver 57:
lead 4.00.
Gen. A. J. Sampson has been ap
point d minister to Ecuador, and he
will be located at Uulnto, 200 miles
from tbe seaport town of Guayaquil.
Tbe elevation i& 9,520 feet, making it
one of the highest in the world. It will
be a difficult place to orate owing to
tbe high atmosphere. Quinto is also a
hazardous place to live owing to tbe
frequent earthquakes. In 1797,40,000
its inhabitants were killed at one
shock, while in 1S59 three million dol-
ars worth of property was destroyed.
The city has 80,000 inhabitants, no
railroad and it requires fourteen days
to make tbe trip to the seaboard. It
cos's 414 to transport 250 pounds, so the
general should not carry too much lug-
Prof. Perez and the other 14 mem
bers of his band enlisted in tne territo-'
rial militia yesterday. Whereupon the
new instruments provided for the
military band here were turned over
to Profes.-or Perrz and his associates.
Tbe instruments cost $1,024 and are said
to be tbe finest west of tbe Mississippi
river. The organization will hereafter
be known as the governor's staff band
ew Mexican.
Onesimo Mares was found dead near
Wagon Mound, N. M., yesterday. He
bad been shot and bis throat was cut
fterward. The crime took place last
Friday and tbe body has laid out on tbe
prairie. A man by tne name of Fer
nando Loba'o has been arrested and
lodged in tbe Springer jail, suspected
of the crime, ar d it is thought others
were connected with the killing.
J. A. Phillips, of Pboenlx, is in jail
on charge of trying to burn his confec
tionary store to secure $1000 insurance.
The local papers say if Phillips bad
been successful there would have been
great loss of property and probably of
S. Clark, a negro cook, is in the
county jil charged with trying to ab
duct a young Mexican woman.
Ed Mullin is in the county jail
harged with working Jim Parson's
restaurant till for 92.
No change reported this noon on the
Mexican Central, beyond tbat progress
is being made.
Millard Patterson has filed nine tax
suits since September 17.
Koyal aufces (be food pare,
wholemomo mnA doliatonm.
Absolutely Pure
ovM. uucitra powoe ec, m wk
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