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Entered at the postofflce at El Paso, Texas,
4 mall matter of the second class.
Oallv. one Tear..
..7 00
- 3 50
DatlT. six months....
Dally, threi months
Daily one month ......
.. 175
. 80
.. 2 00
- 1 00
.. 60
Weekly one year . .
Weekly six months.....
Weekly three months...,
The Daii.t Hihald Is delivered by carrier
n Kl taso Texas and Juarex, Mexico, at 15
onts per week, or 80 cents pr month.
ibscrlbers failing; to get The ilcHAUreft
a. .rly or promptly should notify Ta Heh
business otHce (not the carrier) In order
It rucelve Immediate attention. Telephone
. '15.
.jMki., in t.h in.llv or Weekly
in mui known on aDUllcatlon at the
pil cation office. Orrlng wiepuuno oum
oer 115, and a representative of the business
department will call and quote prlcbs and
Sontract for space. , .
Locals 10 cents per line In every Instance
lor flrst Insertion, and Scents per line for each
Additional Insertion. ,
Legal notices of every description II per
ocn eacn insertion.
"Ts Heraij Is fully prepared to do all
kinds of plain ana iancy jod primmx iu
ih intent styles, work perfectly and
promptly done.
A large eight page paper giving the
local events or tne weeic, puonaneu
van Saturday. Just the paper to
send friends for information regard
Ing El Paso. Price 82. OO per year
Six months SI.OO.
A MILK TRUST has been formed in
New York, and it is expected that it
will eoon begin to water its stock.
Powderly says be will send back to
Europe all known anarchists who may
land or attempt to land on our shores.
During the prevalence of yellow
fever in New Orleans some of the life
insurance companies are doing a rat
tling good business, while others have
instructed their agents there to cease
writing policies.
The inquest on the bodies of the
miners needlessly slaughtered by Sher
iff Martin and his deputies at Latimer,
Pa, resulted in a verdict strongly con
demning the officers for the merciless
destruction of life.
The Pottawaitam.e Indians are tak
ing legal steps to acquire a tract ol
13U acres of land in the heart of the
city of Chicago which Chief Pokaon
ana his attorneys say they are entitled
to by virtue of a treat. v entered into
in 1833.
J. L. Power, secretary of the Ma
sonic lodge at Ocean Springs, Miss,
by direction of the master of tne lodge,
has issued an appeal to the Masons oi
Mississippi for financial aid and sym
oatbv for the suffering of that fever
k trick. en town.
. A vagrant of Chinese birth, who
his been giving the New Orlcaus au
thorities sick siomachs by his filthy
appearance, was a lew dais since sen
tenced by a police judge to be thorough
ly washed and scraped. Tne Chinaman
shuddered and turaed pale when the
sentence was pronounced.
The silver men, it seems from a Chi
cauo dispatch, are still iisLiog for
suckers, Senator James K. Jones, ol
Arkansas, ex-Governor Stone of Mis
souri, ana three other prominent Bil-
ver ltaaers have gone on a hsuing ex
pedition to the lakes of upper Wiscoc'
Bin, and they expect to oe joined there
by William J. Bryan.
THE recent bloouy riot among Po
landera at Girardville, Pa. , in whioL
about twenty men were iaially ana
some kQpres more seriously woundeo,
affords another strong argument ii.
favor of the total suspension of foreign
immigration. Ignorant foreigners have
been at the bottom of about every rioi
that La disgraced the L'uited States
It is asserted by a member of the
British parliament that both Mr.
Chamberlain and Mr. Balfour have
given the strongest assurances that aD
international monetary conference wili
be called to assemble at Brussels next
May. Tbia has been brought about bj
the bimetallic commission appointed
by President McKlnley, in accordance
with his promise to the people.
The eight members of the board o'
superiors of the city and county of Sar
Francisco recently removed by decrei
of a court held on to their seats bj
force for 48 hours after ward and unt i
the poiice entered the council chambei
and forcibly ejected them much ar
Col. E. V. Sumner dispersed the fret
state legislature at Topeka, Kansai
territory, at the point of the bayonet,
In 1856.
T, v.ki k- .v,aAm0v,oi !
wilted and spotted Jersey Lily will ge
married in California next month t
that hazy Austrian prince, as announc
ed, as she was divorced in that statt
only a few months since, and there is a
law there against the marriage of di
vorced persons within one year of tbe
date of the divorce. The Lily may
defy public opinion and public decency,
but she will hardly undertake to defy
the law.
A Paris paper publishes a dispatch
from St. Petersburg to the effect that
all Europe has combined to c hek the
rapacity of England. And the roet c
justice of tbe movement lies in the fact
that this agreement between Russia,
France, Germany, Austria, Italy and
Turkey has bean bro-ight about by tLe
sultan, against whom England's cu
pidity and avarice, under the cloak f
Christianity, has been hurling the
shafts of hate for half a century. Tbe
purpose of the agreement is to force
Great Britain's evacuation of Egypt
and to establish the autonomy of that
country under the suzerainty of the
Au Interesting Contrast Made With the
Wilson Law.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 20, 1897.
. he last months' work of tbe impo t
ers under the Wilson tariff is shown
in detail by the official publication of
the Bureau of Statistics, entitled
"Monthly Summary of Finance and
Commerce of the United Stages."
It shows that tbe importers neglect
ed no opportunity in that closing month
to either put money in their own pock
et or take awav from the l ngiey law
its earning capacity during its first few
months. The lmpottatioa into tn
United States in tha month of July
1S97, amounted to $"3 79'J,407, of whii h
a very large proport.on was made uo of
articles which c uld cjme in at lower
rates under the Wi son law than under
the Dingley 1 w, which they knew would
u a into operation bv the close Ol that
One ispeoial feature of the Wilson
law was its ell irt to bring in free of
dutv what is usually termed "ra ma
terial" that is. materials in a crud
condition f r use in manufacturing,
The Julv. 1897. importation of this par
ticular class of articles was double- that
of July, 189(5, while in the seven months
encini? with July. 189, the increase
free raw material amounted to $of,000
000, or an iocreat-e of over fifty percent
for the entire sevea months of th
calender vear 1S97.
It will bd in ererting to see in what
particular artic.es the people who were
irviuir to avoid pnvinj tue ne v duties
under the Dingle lawespecia ly dealt.
Take the matter ol live uoinrals lor in
stance. Tha .value ot ii.e live animal
imported in the month of July, lH'J
amounted to $354,000,000, while in July
189t5. thev amounted to only $73,000.
000. The cattie imported in July, 1897
numbered 27,740, while in July, 1896,
they numbered only 3 Oil. This wa
the last chance of the importers to
gouge the farmers by rushing in Mexi
can cattle at tbe low rat"s of the Wil
son law, and by undervaluing them
bringing them in almost free of duty
The number of sheep importei in July
1897, was 39,984, against 4:078 in July
of tbe precedmg year. Tne impota
tions of raw cotton during July, 1897,
amounted to 6,595,908 pounds, agains
1,704.100 in July of tbe preceding year.
th s being due doubtless to tee expect .
lion that the duty on cotton wmcn wa
placed in the bill by the seoa'-e would
oe retained by the conference commit
tee. The increase in cotton cloths was
also strongly marked, though rot
greatasinraw cotton, the quantities
imported in July. 1897. being 2,281.000
vards. against 1,844,830 in July, 189b
The increase in the duty on vegetabl
fibres, such as flax, hemp, etc , stimu
lated the dealers in that cla-s of good
to unusual activity, the July imports of
ihis class amountiDg to $1,400, 0U0,
against 8900,000 of the corresponding
month of last vtar.
The duy placed upon hides of course
sumuiatea tne importation oi tuia arti
cle during the closing days oi July
oefore the new law went into ellect.
l'ne total imports of hioes, other than
tur skins, during the month of July
amounted to 21,434 102 pounds, against
9,209,901 in the corresponding month
of 1S90. The imports of Milts during
the eniire seven months of the calendar
year amounted to lc0,658,450 pounds,
against 78,392,411 pounds in the cor-
nspoiidiug months of the preceding
The last shot that the wool importers
aud wool producers of foreign countries
could get at tie American iarine
under the free wool cia-ise of the Wii-
-ou law was shown in the imports of
wool during July, 1897, being tver 23,
000,000 pounds, as against 5,4-j8,l00
pounds in the corresponding month ol
lat year. For the seven montns ol
1897 ending with July, the imports of
wuul amuuuitd Id 310,000,000 pounds,
-is against 197,000 pounds in tne cor
responding months of tbe preceding
ihe above statement 6nowicg tne
importation of a few of tbe thousands
ol articles brought in during the clos
ing days and hours of the operation u
the Wilson law are given lor the pur
pose of indicating tne large quantity
uf foreign gtods wbica the Dingley
law found in ihe country and which, ol
themselves, must reduce the prices re
eived by producers, and aiso by way
of explanation, if any explanation is
necessary, of the fact mat the customs
earnings of the Dingley law are, ano
naturally must be, liiiht during tbe
nrst few months of its operation. In
deed tbe wonder is that they have been
as great as they ate during the two
months in which this law has now Deen
upon the statute books.
The proposition to abolish the corps
entirely has excited some of the chap
lains to public comment, and one army
cbapla in has described the benefits to
.he service of having an organized
corps of cbap.ains. Me says:
"A minister from civil life is like I
'cat in a strange garret' in a garrison
de has no standing there. He does
uot beiong there and ha will find the
atmosphere forbidding if tot a trifle
frosty. It is pure fiction to assert that
tbe civil minister win ever anywhere
perform for a garrison tne worn of an
earnest, up-io-date chaplain. When
the chaplaincies are aDol.shed, if they
ever art , religious work in garrisons
where ministrations have b en the
rule will practically cease. It is not
uncommon to find those who, though
profouadly ignorant of a chapla n's
auties, are nevertheless, quite sure
heir wudom exceeds that ot tbe scrib-
s and Pharisees."
White Oaks IVrniiiial.
A new tuwnsite his been surveyed
and platted at the baiadocoal mines on
tne ranch of a. J.. -rray, near the Gray
ooftottice. The town site embraces
!a,n,,l Will
about 100 acres on a beautiful eminence
orerlooking the surroundmg country
and in close proximity to the coal
mines: there is plenty of good water
trere and already new buildings are
gi ing up. Gray, or Salado is to D3 the
terminus of the h.1 irasoand .Northeast
ern railroad, wneie is located tne larg
est and bt st coal deposits in JNew Alex
ico. Chief.
A Pleasant Surprise
is in store for you when you buy Dr,
fierce s i'ieasaut i-enets. ii you ever
took the ordinary liver pin, big and
uumy, DBsiy iw, juu u eppreeiate a
good thing, especially when it is sugar
coated, tiny as a mustard seid, but
verv effective. Other things beino
equal, the smallest is the btst in liver
p.llt, hence "i-ieasant feiiets."
The Hawthorne Bullet;n advertises
for a silver mounted lady's hairpin
We take pleasure in pointing out to the
B aw the rne Bulletin that Editor Sim
Uavie, of the Carson, Nev, Appeal, is
that kind of a hairpin. Bring out vour
silver mounted lady.
There are more breweries in Califor
nia than there are in Illinois, more dis
tilleries in Massachusets than there are
in Kentucky, and more cigarettes man
ufactured in New York state than in
all tbe other states of the country com:
bided, ,
Vou llabuke Knocked Him Down Be
cuise He Slandered a Woman.
It is a piece of personal gossip, rath
er than serii us blftirs of sttte, which
is mo4 discussed just now in circles
usually intertsted i:i international pili
tics. Ever since the German emperor
received a myster.ou- black eye during
his summer yachting c uise, a variety
of stories have been afloat about the
circumstances of tbe so-called accident.
It has been known in well-informed
cITcles, ever since the we -k fo'lowiDg,
that the death of Lieut Von Hahnke,
shortly after the incident, was a difect
sequel to the affair. He unquestionably
committed suicide, despite the semi
oftic al assertion that he had been kill
ed by accident.
The fiist version circulated was that
he was technically respo- Bible for the
mishap which made It possible for the
disloyal block to swing from aloft to
floor the imperis.1 master of the yacht.
The emperor had denounced him be
fore thd crew, naturally in unmeasured
language.. The young officer had tak
en the disgrace so much to heart tha.
he rode off on Irs bicycle the next day
and kil ed himself.
But another more serious version of
the affair is now accepted as truth by
persons in Berlin andelsewhere, whose
sources of information are of the best
Oeoftbe Kaiser's peculiarities is a
certain contempt for women which he
often makes no attempt to conceal, and
even seems rather proud of his dis
paragement of women as an inferior
race. This has been the cause of more
than one unpleasant iccident. Tbe
emperor was in an unusually supercil
ious mood the day of this incident. He
was talking to a group of officers on
tbe deck of tbe yacht, among them
Hahnke, who was a son of Gen. Von
Hahnke, one of the most prominent of
ficers in the German army. The
emperor, without the slightest regard
for the young man's feelings, possibly
forgettiog his presence, made a brutal
remark about bis mother, the wife of
the general. The young man was ter
ribly incensed and without a moment's
hesitation confronted bis sovereign
and knocked him down with a terrific
blow with his list in the eye. There
was consternation for a time, but de
tails of what happened have not tran
spired, except that no attempt was
made to punish the young officer. It
was speedily realized that it would be
m possible to deal with him by ordi
nary legal or military methods witbou
the result that Europe would ring with
the scandal, in which every one a
-vmpathies would ba entirely with the
chivalrous lieutenant. .Nevertheless,
his prospects, of course were rimed
and he soon learn id that his father
and family would also be involved in
tbe imperial vengeance. It is not
surprising under the circumstances
that be decided to take his life, as he
undoubtedly did do.
This sensational story would, of
course, be denied if attempts werj
made to substantiate it in the highes
quarters. It is accepted, hjwever,
with full credence by those who have
means of knowing tbe facts, and con
sidering the many minor points of con
hrmation which are current, there is
strong probability it is substantially
true. tilobi-iJemocrat.
October Weather.
The following dat,a, covering
period of 18 years, have been compiled
from the eat her Bureau recoids at
El Paso for tae mooth of October.
Mean or normal temperature, G5 de
The warmest month was that of 1879
and 1894, with an average of 07 de
The coldest month was that of 1892,
with an average of 00 degrees.
Tne highest temperature was 94 de
grees on 1, 1879, and 3, 1887.
The lowest temperature was 28 de
grees on 17 and 20, 1882.
Average date on which first "killing"
frost occurred in autumn November
Average date on which last "killing"
fiost occurred in spring iUarch ii.
Precipitation (rain and melted
Average for the month 0.97 inches,
Average number of days with 0.1 of
an inch or more, 5.
Ihe greatest monthly precipitation
was o. Id inches in 1884
The iea-t monthly precipitation was
none in 1882.
Tne greatest amount of precipitation
recorded in any 24 consecutive hours
was 1.64 inches on 2 3, 1883.
Average number of clear days. 20:
partly cloudy days, 9; cloudy days, 2.
The prevailing winds have been from
Date of isjue: Sept. 27, 1897.
N. D. Lane,
Observer Weather Bureau
Free Pills.
Send your address to H. E. Bucklen
& Co., Chicago, and get a free samDle
box ol or. Ji.irg 8 JNe Life hlls. A
trial will convince you of their merits
T.1 : 1 1 . : , -
xiiesu puis are easy in action and are
particularly effective in the cure of
constipation and sick headache. For
malaria and liver troubles thev have
been proved invaluable. Tbev are
guaranteed to be perfectly free from
every deleterious substance and to bj
purely vegetable. 1 hey do not weaken
oy tne:r action, out by giving tone to
stomscn ana Doweis greatly invigorate
tne system, tteguiar sizazoc. Per box.
Sold by W. A. Irvin & Co., wholesale
and retail druggists.
Biank leases for houses or storeroom
aest form. For sale at Hirild ior
Poor and Weak
Catarrh and Bronchial Trouble-
Had no Appetite Now Better in
Every Way A Delicate Child.
"Some time since 1 took a sudden cold
and could not get rid of it. Being subject
to catarrh and bronchial trou We I coughed
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poor and weak and I did not feel like
work. I began taking Hood's Sarsapa-
rilla. In a short time the cough disap
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spring I was not feeling well, I had no ap
petite and no strength. I resorted to
Hsou's Sarsaparilla and soon felt more
like work. Aly little nephew was a deli
cate child and had a humor which trou
bled liiin so he could not rest at night.
He has taken a few bottles of Hood's Sar-
kapariila and now he has a good appetite
and is able to sleep." Miss Aubib J,
Freeman, South Duxbury, Mass.
9 parilla
Is the One True Illood Turifler. All druggists. SI.
HnnH'c DMIc are the best after-dinner
a filli uills. aid dicustlou. iio.
m t ' -'
The Reflections of a Married Woman
are not pleasant if she is delicate,
run-dowD, or over-worked. She feels
"played out." Her smile and her good
spirts have taken tlight. It worries hus
band as well as herself. This is the time
to build up her strength and cure those
weeknesses or ailments which are the
seat of her trouble.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
regulates and promotes all the .proper
func'ions of womanhood, improves
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aches and pains, melancholy and ner
vousness, brings refreshing sleep, and
restores health and strength. It's a
safe remedial agent, a tonic and ner
vine or nerve food, designed by a re
gularly graduated, experienced and
skilled specialist, to cure those dis
orders and derangements incident to
womanhood. Its sales exceed; by far
those of all other medicioes for woman.
Southern Pacific Excursions.
The Southern Pacific are still selling
excursion tickets to the Tennessee
Centennial and International exposi
tion, now open at Nashville, Tenn , at
a rate of $50.15 for the round trip,
these tickets being on sale up -to and
including October 15.1897; final limit
for return, up to and including No
vember 7,1897.
Also on sale Septemer 14-21-28 every
Tu-siay October 5-12-19 with final
limit of ten days from date of sale, pas
sage to be continuous in both direc
tions, El Paso to St. Louis aod return,
one and third fare $52.75. Chicago
same conditions and limits $60.55.
Also on sale October 1st, 2tb, and 3rd,
inclusive, limit for return to October
12th, El Paso to St-. L mis, one stand
ard first class fare $39 55 for the round
Also to San Antonio for account of
the Grand Chapter O. E. S., $18.70 for
the round trip; date of sale Oct. 11th,
limit for return, Oct. 15th. In connec
tion with this meeting, we will place
on sale round trip tickets to Monterey,
Mex., from San Antonio at a rate of
$5.50; tickets to be limited to 10 days
from date of sale. Tickets sold to San
Antonio, will be extended 10 days by
depositing with our agent at that
point, at the time the Monterey ticket
is purchased.
Also on account of the Confederate
Re-Union at San Antonio, Texa9, Oc
tober 6th and 7th, one fare for the
round trip, $18.70, selling dates Oct.
5 h and 6th; final limit for return Oct.
8 th.
For account of the Mormon Confer
ence in Salt Lake, the Southern Pa-
cine win sill round trip tickets via
Los Angeles and Sacramento for 59.70;
selling dates Sept. 29tb and 30th; final
limit sixty days from date of sale.
A new through sleeping car line
from Houston to St. Louis, has been
estabished via Houston & Texas Cen
tral; Houston to Ennis, Texas; Texas
Midland, Ennis to Paris, Texas; and
St. Louis and San Francisco; Par's to
St. Louis, leaving Houston at 9:00
m , reaching St. Louis at 7:40 p. m. the
following evening.
T. . Hunt, Oom'l. Agent, El Paso.
HARRY Turner, City Ticket Agent,
Kl f aso.
C. W. Bein, Traf. Mgr., Houston, Tex.
L. J. Farks, Ass't. Gen. Jfsgr. 5t Tkt,
Agt., Houston, Tex.
Excursion to Magdaleua, Mexico.
To accomodate those who may wish
to attend the great celebration in
honor of Saint Franc sco to be held at
Magdlena, Sonora, Mexico, on October
4tb, 1897, the Southern Pacific will
nave on sale Sept. 20 1 a to October 2od,
inclusive, excursion tickets to Benson
and return, at the ra.e of one and one
third first-clans fare, ($17.40.) final lim
it, October 10th.
At Benson, round trip tickets to
Magdalena will be on sale at a rate of
$8.45, Sept. 27th to October 3rd in
clusive, good returning on or before
October 9th.
No one should miss the opportunity
now offered for witnessing one of tte
greatest fiestas of the Mexican people
Commercial Agent.
Mexican Central Railway
Is the only standard gauge line be
tween the United States border and
Mexico City.
Mexico is known as an all the year
round tourist resort for pleasure travel.
Health resorts and mineral springs ad
apted to all the various ills to whloh
human flesh is heir are found In the
great country. Climate unsurpassed
For full particulars address
R. E. Comfort,
Com'l. Agert. El Paso, Texas
A Cure for Bilious Colic.
Resource, Screven Co., .Ga. I have
been subject to attacks of bilious colic
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Chicago and Return.
The Texas & Pacific railway "El
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28th, October 5th, 12th and 19th, limit
ed to ten days from date of sale for re
turn at rate of $60.oo. (or further in
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gooa ior return Oct. iz n. For one
fare $39.oo. Th kets on sale at the Citv
Ticket office, or depot
J. S. Morrison, City Pass, agent
W. B. Trull,, depot agent.
Pure Mygeia Ice.
Made from distilled water. Ask
our family physici r. or druggist as to
ouHty snd healthfulneae of our Ice; tel-
obone 14.
Ci. Paso I ok & Rkpriokrator Co
It is not necessary to repeat his re-
ma rks. When his wife beard
tbcm imperfectly; being in the nf xt
room, she said: "Oh, do sy thit over
again, near. "Look rere, woman,"
he replied, in a concentrated voice.
when a man gets bis finger cauerht
betweeu a sprocket and a chain, it is
no time for his wife to pet funnv. "
Ob," said she, "was that it? I thought
you were repeating one of those Chris
tian Endeavor veils.' "
A Toofka man who sweats a ere it
deal, recently irot married. While
holding a stepladder yesterday for his
wife to adjust a Dicture be said: "Be
careful, darling, or you will fall and
ortak jour a n neck," Exchange.
El Paao 1 odge. No. ISO. A. F. & A. M.
Meets every flrst and third Wednesday ai
Masonic hall, San Antonio street. Visiting
brothers cordially invited.
O. F. Si,ack. W. M.
A. KAPLAN, Secretary
El Pao Chapter, No. 167, R. A. M.
Meets the second Wednesday of each month
at Masonic hall. Visiting companions cor
dially Invited. W C. HOLMES, U. F.
A. KAPLAN, Secretary.
1 Paso Commandery, No. 18, K. T.
Meets fourth Wednesday of each month at
Masonic hall. Visiting Sir Knights cordially
Invited. Ii. C. MYLES. E. O.
W. E. RACE, Recorder.
Alpha Ohaptar No. 178,
Regular meeting second Saturday of each
month. Sojourning members of the order
cordially invited.
lias. Julia Mast,
J. O. Baugh, Worthy Matron.
Worthy Patron.
I. O. O. F.
El Paso Lodge, No. 284, I. O. O. F.
Meeting Every Monday Night.
S. H. Newman, N. Q
. M. Millspcoh, Secretary.
Border Lodge 874. 1. O.O.W
Meets every Tuesday night.
Claude Minor. Will I. Watson, N. O.
Oanton del Paso, No. 4
Patriarchs' Militant.
Night of meeting socond Wednesdays in Odd
Fellows' hall.
W. M. PRICE, Captain.
W. K. SHARP, Olerk.
Mt. Franklin Encampment, I. O. O. F.
Night of meeting first and third Thursdays
J. A tinannon, O. P.
Binbt L. Capcli., Scribe.
National Union.
Meets fourth Thursday In each month at
Odd Fellows Hall. J. W. Bows, Preat.
J. W. Wilkihsou, Secretary.
Knights of Honor.
Meets second and fourth Thursdays ef each
month at Odd Fellows' ball. Visiting brothers
normally invitea
P. M. M1LL9PAUGH, Dictator
B. A. 8HBLTOM. Be porter.
United Brotherhood of Oarpenters and Join
ere of El Paso.
Meets every Sunday at 10 a. m. at Labor
hall. Visiting members welcome.
Woodmen of tha World,
Tornillo Oamp, No. IS.
Meets every second and fourth Tuesday
each month at their forest. Ot. A. B. hall. 7 D
m. sharp. Sovereigns and strangers cordially
Invited. (i. U. Wlm Deny, commander
J T Sullivan, Olerk.
B. P. O. E.
El Paso Lodge. No. IB?.
Meets first and third Tuesdays in Odd Fel
lows hall. S. J, UAXLXN, Mi. tt.
T. Hi. BDH.L1UA, tuecretarv
A. O. U. W.
Meets in O. A. B. hall on the flrst anC
third Tuesdays in each month. Visiting
Brothers cordially in vised.
k'HtD WlBMAK. M. W.
O. O. Knn, Recorder.
Foresters of America.
Jleets first and third Wednesday : night of
eacn montn in uua enow s nan.
Jos Frist, C. B.
H. Oolllander, Secretary.
Ancient Order of Hibernians.
Division Mo. 1, i faso County, meets sec
ond and fourths Sundays at Uuiuii Laoor
hall at a u. m. J as. CLirroaxt.
J. J. u'iNaiL,!., President.
K. ol "JP.
El Paso Lodge,
no 82.
Hegular meeting every
Friday algal at I
Castle liall, over itenuae's nam ware store
Sojourning Knights will receive a curaia
weiooine. KluBX, O. (J.
a.. uoLLLasnui, a., ts,. a.
Knights of Labor,
Sate City Assembly (L. A.. 4011.)
Meets every Friday evening at the hall
corner San Antonio ana M. dtantun street, ml
n:uuo ciooa. junn BucuMknausi, m. w.
a., j. ja.ji.ttji. k. a.
Oolorod Knignta or Pytniaa.
Myrtle Lodge. No. 10
Kegular meeting every Wednesday evening
iu uuuu unuur ami uvvr jsauger s grocery
iKjiv, Dujuux-uuijf Awjfues resyecuuiiy ln-
VltOU Ml ftbMlUU.
A. O. MDKPHY. K. of K. and a.
W. H. BUOTT. O. U.
Bliss Lodge No. 221. K. Of P.
Regular meeting every Monday evening at
v. a. v.. u.ii. v wiuuk . welcome.
W.s. Uuirii., J. u. Obax.
a. ot ti. & a. j. o
Emmett Crawford Post, No. 19, Q
Meets 1st Sunday of each month at 8:30 D. m
tiaU on San Antonio street. All nomwlaiia
ood standing Invited to visit tne unit.
KXDtj. m. olcuuau commands!
r. js. xuBiiva, Aajutant.
Flro Department.
Board of Fire Directors meets averw .tuvm
Wednesday, ueneral denartment meetlns
second Wednesday In March. June. Senuun.
oer and December. P. h En wards. President
J J jrayne, j j innors, cnlef
becretary. f M Mlllsuaugh, Ass't Chief
Kio Grande, Sierra Midre & Pacific
Take the "Sierra Madre Route" for
Sabinal, San Pedro, (Jorraliioa, Casas
Urandes, il V alle ae San Buenaveniu
ra and all points to tbe south and wes
in Sierra Madre fold districts. Trains
leave (Juidad Juarez daily except Sun
day at s:ju a. m.
ueuerai Manager. U. S. A.
Cheap Kates.
tor the next SO lays tbe Santa Fe
ttoute will have on sale low rate tickets
to all points in the east and north. If
you contemplate taking a trip, either
pleasure or business, it will tav vou to
call on us. Information at city ticket of-
12 J .
uuj or uepot.
W. B. Trull, J. S. Morrison.
Depot Ajjent. City Pass. Agent.
Holden's E osltlve Pile Core.
Sufferers use it. Belief will he
speedy and cure positive and perma
nent II directions are strictlv fol
lowed. For sale by Kelly & Pollard.
Have You lieeu There Yet?
There are many delightful resorts in
Jew Mexico, but none excelling Las
Vegas Mot Springs. The Montezuma
hotel is really just a little thd nicest of
its class in tne bouthwest. If you are
Will, run up tnere ior a lew days out
ing If eick, no better place to get
wen. All ainuo oi Datns, expert medi
cal attendance, etc. Kailioad and ho
tel rates reasonable. Kciquire at Santa
f e city omct, or depot, for particulars.
W. J. Black, G. P. A.
J. S. Morrisson, City Pass. Agent.
w. jj. J.KULL, depot agent.
"My boy came borne from school one
day with his hand badly lacerated and
bleeding, and suffering great p4in.':
says Mr. E. J. Scoall, with Meye'
Bros.' Urug Co., St. Louis, Mo. "I
dressed tbe wound, and applied Cham
berlain's Pain Balm freely. All pain
ceased and in a remarkably short time
it neaied without leaving a ecar. For
wounds, spra ns, swellings and
rheumatism, I know of no medicine or
prescription equal to it. I consider it
a household necessity." The 25 and
50 cent sizes for sale by all druggis t
T3o.e Ihost
Kansas City,
St. Louis,
i i3 a go,
Denver, Omaha, St. Paul,
And all Northern and Eastern Points
Thorough. Trains, Fast Time,
Smooth. Tr ck.
Elegant Pullman Palace Sleepers on all
through trains. Daily Tourist Sleeping cars
to Denver, Kansas City and Chicago. Tourist
sleeping cars semi-weekly to St. Paul, Minr
eapolis and once each week to St. Louis at d
All trains not having dining oars stop for meals at the famous Santa
Route, Harvey Houses.
Full information cheerfully furnished upon application to
City Ticket Ajrent. G. P. A
Office, .Fargo Building, Corner Ell Paso and San Antonio Streets.
W. B. TRULL,, Agent at Depot.
and so see the silver lining. You can
do it from our trains. We go above
them in places.
with its two thousand miles
reaches all the principal places of in
terest. Address the undersigned for full and reliable information:
R. E. Comfort. Com'l Acrant. El Paso.
OOOOOOUO 00000000 000000 0000
o i n fj n Tin, a
Notice to Shippers.
Office of Commercial Afent, )
El Paso, Texas, Sept. 25, 1897. J
It has been decided by the Southern
Pacific Morgan Line Sunset Route
Management to withdraw steamers
from tbe Algiers route and have them
sail direct to and from New York and
Galveston, during the continuance of
the quarantine restrictions at New
Orleans and vicinity.
All steamers leaving JNew York sub
sequent to Sept. 17th, will land at
Galveston. There will, therefore, be
no detention to Sunset route seaboard
For the protection of the interests of
our patrons, we would announce that
restrictions have been promulgated
prohibiting tbe handling of freight or
iginating io New Orleans, or passing
through that point, either having des
tination in the state of Txas. or des
tined to points beyond; therefore, we
would request that for the present no
freight be routed through New Or
On freight originating in Chicago. I
Cleveland, Cincinnati and adjacent ter
ritories, we wouia solicit routing
through St. Louis, care Frisco L'n-,
H. & T. C. and Southern Pacific: M. K.
& T , H. & T. C. and Southern Pacific:
fJ. R. I. & P. , H. & T C. ard Southern
Pacific; or Burlirgton. M. K. & T . H.
& T. C. and Souther Pacific.
This does not in anv way effect
freight to and from seaboard via Mor
gan L ne steamers and Sunset route,
ms same does not pass through JNew
The po9t office department advise
that all mail from New Orleans to Mo
bile Scrantoo, Ocean Springs and
other supposed infect districts is fumi
gated and no danger from that source
is likely to arise.
Commercial agent.
Minlnir Location
Blank for 8al at
This Offfe
IDireot Line
New York,
Young llns Christian Association.,
Beginnning Oeiober 1st, 1897.
In any branch when asked for by
eight meu.bo:s.
Ladies class, limited to 30 mem
bers, 6 months $5; twice a week.
Boys junior, twice a week, S5 per
Regular yearly membership S7.
Any man may join. Call at rooms.
of track,
Money-making is an art
Inform people of your wa
With your low prices
And they will buy.
Is the method needed.
DO YOU advertise,
And advertfse JUDICIOUSLY?
By Chas. Austin Bates,
And get NEW IDEAS.
And cuts are attractive.
Money-makers use them.
We can furnish you
New and beautiful designs.
Is a choice medium of
Carrying your imformation
To the purchasing public.
J Christian,
LonweU's Transfer.
am now prepared to do all kinds of
Transferring of Freght, Light
and Heavy Hau'ing.
Safe Moving a
i Headquarters at El Faso Stables.
All orders promptly attended to.
Pbone No. 1.
With Massage and Medical
NO. 41
Napoleon J. Roy,
The Fashionable Tailor.

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