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. 8:46 p.m
. 8:S0 a.m
.10:06 a.m
. 1:80 p.m
.11:15 a.m
. 7:30 a.m
. 6:30 p.m
.10:16 a.m
. 8:36 p.m
Jaatern Q., H. & 8. A
Southern Mexican Central
Em tern Texas A Pacific
Western Southern Pacific
ianta Fe (through train)
Blncon Accommodation
Rlncon Accommodation........
Santa Fe (throagh train)
Western Southern Pacific...
utam a.. R A B. A - .
1:60 p.m
astern Texas A Pacific 2:10 p.ro
lonthar Mexican Oaatral.. liMDm
"alls arrive and close as follows!
... 1:46 p.m.
... 8:30 a.m.
...10:06 a.m.
... 1:30 p.m.
6 l.AB. A ,
I' - !can Central.
S" - is A Pacific,
B- ' hern Pacific.
1:30 p. m
3:10 D.m
1:40 p.m
b:u6 p. m
...11:80 a.m.
9:46 a. m
'k seneral delivery window is ooen from
i.m. to o:au p.m., except while eastern
m-'I la belns distributed.
V jney order and registry windows are open
from a a.m. to o p.m.
Sundays the general delivery and carriers'
windows will be open from 11:00 a. m to 18:00
m.. exoeot when malls are heavy or late.
In either case the window will open on com
pletion or aiatrioation.
El. Pabo, Texas. October 4. 1897.
Local Time 6:64 a. m.
Barometer 30. 12
Thermometer . .81
Direction of wind E
Velocity of wind per hour...... 10
Weather . .Clear
Bala 84 hours (lnchesand hundred ths)...0 no
Highest temperature last 84 houra.... t
Lowest temperature last 84 hours .58
All kinds feed. Phone 110.
Fresh butter at Smith's Creamery.
Good eating at Smith's Creamery.
Fine butter El Paso Dairy company
Rome cook In cr At Smith's Creamery
Building; material. Tel. 110, Fuel Co
Typewriter paper at the Herald of
fice. Finest line of
tablets In the city at
For I.
W. Harper whiskey Acme
bay oysters at Smith's
Cerillos Coal office
Santa Fe St.
Phone 110, 411
Telephone No. 47.
Mining; location notices for sale 1
the HlRALU job offloa
Go to Irvin's for a complete line of
school books and supplies.
All tbe latest books can be gotten
M. H. Webb's 220 San Antonio St.
FOR RENT A four room brick house
815 per month. Inquire Licdell hotel
the best 5 cent JIGAR on the market.
The best Mex.can and Havana cigars
re made by the El Paso Cigar Mfg.
For a firstclass laundry soap, call
for "Bonita." Rio Grande Soap Fac
Lots for Bale oa monthly payments wy
B. F. Hammett, agent Campbell Real
Ed t ate Co.
The El Paso Dairy company are now
making a nne grade ol butter daily
ASIC lor it.
Parties can obtain board and room of
Mrs. Harmsen, 811 Myrtle street for
$20.00 per month.
Payne. Badger Coal company, Mo
fleeter, Cerillos and anthracite coal
Mrd and stove wood, yard Second and
(Ibihuahua streets. Telephone No. 11
r OR sale beven room house oa
Montana and uampueu, and six room
house on Florence street on easy term
will be completed Nov. 1st. Call on B
F. Hammett, agent Campbell Real E
tate Co.
If you wish to have real rest or
troubled with rheumatism, indigestion
or stomacn disorders, go to Casa de
Coosuello Hudt-ou Hot Springs. Ratt
$2.50 to 03.00 per day, including baths,
Hacks meet all the trains. For furtb
er information write to A. K. Graham
Hudson, N. M.
'The prevailing impression that the
famous soap of Marseilles was made
from tbe pure olive oil of the sou to of
France has been swept away by the
faot that the soap factories have beeu
obliged to close because of the quaran
tine against India," says the Medical
News. "It appears that for twtn.y
years the manufacturers 1 ave been
supplying the market with an inferior
product, maJe from common linseed
oil imported from India."
A substance bel eved to be a new
element has been obtained from cast
iron and boiler du t by Mr. G. G
Boucher, an English cbemist, and has
been submitted to Prof. William
Crookei for spectroscopic investiga
tion. Another assayer, Mr. F. G. Rud
dock, has noticea like material in
steel drillings from the continent.
Larrikin, a famous Australian stee
plechaser, fell in the grand national
hurdie race, near Melbourne, breaking
his neck. As s.on as the race was
over the crowd bro.e in and began vo
cut up the ded horse for relics. One
man look his tail, another the ears,
and other the teeth and hoofs.
The fruit-eating bats do not live on
insects, nor attack animals and suck
blood, as do the vampires. The vam
pire is a sma'l bat, with exceedingly
sbarp front teeth, making a siltiaxtne
sleeper's leg and sucking the booii.
Tney are seldom dangerous -to human
beings, but are to cattle.
The latest Maine sea serpent proved
to be a pig wading near tbe shore af
ter dark. A man oj shore hit him o
the head with a brick, aid be rolled
out into deeptr water and fed the
Cheap Katea.
For tbe next 30 days tbe Santa Fe
Route will have on Bale low rate tickets
to all points in tbe east and north. If
you contemplate taking a trip, either
pleasure or business, it will pay you to
call on us. Information at city ticket of
fice or depot.
W. B. Trcll, J. S. Morrison,
Depot Agent. City Pass. Agent.
For Over Fifty Years.
Mrs. Winalow's Soothing Syrup ha?
been used for children teething
It soothes the child, softens the
gums, allays all pain, cures wine
oollo, and is the best remedy for diar
rhoea. Twenty-five cents a bottle.
Sunset Limited
will be resumed November 1st.
Brigliteu Up
Your old carriage top. It costs but
a trifle, makes it last longer and looks
a crroat deal better. Ark for carriage
t. p dressing at the We6t Texas Sad
d lery Co. , corner of Oregon and Over
Jau street.
Delicatessen !!EL PAS0 DMttY 00
Bernese Swiss, Roquefort,
Limburg, Brick, Edam,
Pine Apple, and
Herkimer Full Cream.
Cervelat Salami, imported.
Vienna, in lib. and ilb. tics.
Mortadella, in ilb. and ilb. tins.
Spic -d Holland, ready for use.
Spiced Holland, qt. Bristol jars.
Beardsley's Boneless, ilb and ilb
Cal. IBlstck: Olives
Bottles or in bulk. Served in
cracked ice are most delicious.
For Sale IBy
Clias. F. Slack A Co.
0 000004 0O00OO0000O0000O0
nrT a irrATici
In variety, quality, brilliancy and Deauty ot
g tings as
well as prices
X west.
Fupru D-nnH mialitv nf Amfiriran maHft watnhfis al-
celebrated Patek, Phillipe &
R. R. watch.
V TUn fl. r.t r.tob fl r, o
Bronson Block. Ill San Antonio Street, El Paso, Texas
00000000 000000000000 000000
Boarders wanted at 302 We6t Over
land. $4.25 per week.
For Rent Two furnished rooms
for houso keeping. 118 San Antonio
A complete line of blank books, tab
lets, etc. W. HWebb, 220 ban An
tonio St.
Rev. Hoffman lectures in Mesilla
park tonight on his recent European
With the exception of the Texas
product, the pecau crop of ihe country
is said to be a failure.
O'Brien Coal Co., the Cerrillos coal
yard, headquarters lor the ceitbrated
white ash and anthracite coal. Tel. 8.
A little child two years old was lost
from 620 South El Puao street last
evening aud could not be found until 8
o'clock last night.
Misa Windsor sang a soprano solo,
and Mr. McClintock, of the McGiuty
band, played a Uute solo at the services
in Trinity last night.
Juan Montoya snatched $i from a
Mexican woman in a chile joint Satur
day night, and in consequence is think
ing it over in tne county jau.
The county court has adjourned un
til November. The motiou lor a new
trial in tne case of Laura Bayard
charged with keeping a dioo.de; ly
bouse was over-ruieo, ana iaura win
have to put up ber (20U.
Tnere were twenty-four cases up be
fore tne recorder tms morning, the
charges against the parties being
everything in the lineot misdemeanors
and petty thefts. There were several
vao up, bat tuey were against men
that have been in town for some time.
Wise VI en Know it is folly to build
on a poor foundation. Relief obtained
by deadening cymptoms is short. Hood's
Sar.-ayaiilla cures and gives lasting
Hood's Pil's cure nausea, sick head
ache, indigestiou, biliousness. All
druggists, 2ic.
The Baptist church had a good quar
tet and organist yesterday. Tbe latter
was MUs Helen Stout recently organ
ist ol St. Luke's Episcopal church in
Chicago, and tbe s.tigei s were Mrs.
Howe, Miss Doune, 1. A. Barnes and
Stanley Bcvan. There will be a - regu
larly organized choir from now on.
There has teen an increase of one
ihi'd within thirty days, and the
attendance of the prayer meetings has
averaged f rem tif y to seventy-live peo
ple. Under the circumstances Mr.Milli
can feels encouraged.
The sudden departure of George
Hill, late engineer of the Are engine,
nas left a vacancy of that position in
the department, but a man has already
oeen tecurea for the job in the person
of S. Tuuikoner, at present manager
of the Noveity bicycle and machine
rhop on San Antonio street. Mr.
Tauikontr is an engineer and macbin
ist, and thoroughly uncerstands the
makeup of a fire engine, having work-
ed in a snop where tney were rebuilt
aadiepaired. The only word that ha?
been received from George Hill was
that he would return to El Pato after
he had visited Klondike and lined his
pockets with gold.
The Southern Pacific takes this op- lulr,c1a xa ier nunweniM
.., t irf,.. m ,to . .v . heard mai.y p audits and won maDy
oortun.ty to lnluim its patio s that!js. ... .v. i. . . J
. . i m T i a r. . I
airemeot will coutioue to despatch its
sttamerB direct froui New York to Gal- (
vesion, UU11114 tuccijubiauaa''u t'l roe
quarRnt ne restric ions at New Orleans
and vicinity; and the rumor that the.-e
stea-r-ers have been withdrawn is en
tirely without foundation. The ar
rangement for disembarking at Gal
veston, and direct transfer from ship o
oar, and immediate despatch to destirt
tion is still in effect, and will be con
tinued. The quarantine restrictions at
New O-leans lot affecting the Gal
veston touto. T. E. Hunt,
Commercial agent,
Fine Milk, Cream, But
termilk, Clabber and
Cottage Cheese.
TPI.F.PKOXTC 15fi - - P. 0. BOX 205
Order of the Drivers of the BeliT-
erv Wasrons, Smith's Creamery,
Telephone 156 or by mail, P. 0. Boj
J. A SMITH. Mgr.
unsurpassed In the soi
Co., and the Webb C. Ball
rrrtorlo aiiap n
gUUUO lVV1 UlUUglll IU
Tbey all Sins' in Italian
Wednesday evening, Oct. 6ih, the
Italian Grand Opera company will
present Verdi's Masked Ball at Myar's
opera house, ibis company came
direct from Milan, Italy, to the City of
Mexico to play a seasoa of grand opera
at the JNatioual theatre of tnatcity.in
speaking of Masked Ball performance
given in the City of Mexico, the Two
Republics of August 5th, of that place.
The opjra last night was an al
together delightful affair; the house
was filled with a brilliant and de
monstrative gathering and the recep
tion accorded .Miles. Montanari aud
Vicini and Sres. Colienz and Cioui was
generous and enthusiastic.
Verdi's ' Un Bailo in Marcher
was the attraction at the National
theatre and was interpreted in an
ideal manner by the foJowiotr cast
liioirdo Sr. Colien
Renato Sr. Cioni
Amelia Mi le. Montanari
Ulrica Snta. Franco
Oscar Mile Vicin
Sauaueie Sr. Scolari
Tom Sr. Giraro
Silvsno Sr. Veneziani
From the opening phrase of Sr. Col
lenz's entree, the audience apprecia
ed that he wai in superb voice. Be
delighted his auditors, sinking hi
loein suchan exquisite manner and
with t-uoii finished stvle as to call out
extravagant applause.
The romaczt of the second act, h
phrased with tender feeling and pa
thos; his middle register was advan
tageously displayed in this number,
and bis highly cultivate.! voice and
magnificent stage control won him
new laurel for his crown of fame.
The cuo with Mile. Moutanari in
the third act, was sung with art ana
tender feeling, elicitiog espontaneous
His "aria" was a jewel and as be
finished, be heard, perhaps, the heart
iest app'aise that ever was heard by
any artist on the boards of tbe Nacio
cal. The public was carried away
with enthusiasm and cheered the
artist mo?t unan.mously.
In the second scene of the last act,
Sr. Collei z irave his hearers another
treat of his masterly work in singirg
the passionate "romanza."
Toe duo with Mile. Montanari in
the last scene was one of 'the best pas
sages of the opera and his acting in
the death scene was very dramatic and
He g eatly cooperated in the grand
q .'iulet of tbe liist act and in the
quartet of the last act His masterly
work in all the operas he has takt n
part promptly place i him as tbe pub
lic's favorite, and in every new rolo he
interprets, he is emphasizing this
favoiitisin, for he gives a fatcirjatirg
int rest to his character.
MUp. Montanari's personal charms
adced lo her talent made the rendition
of Amelia symphatetic and natural.
Her "romaoza" in tbe third a-jt was
warmly applauded and her duo with
Sr. Cioni was grand in effect. Her
notes were generousiy fully and clear.
In the last scene she proved to be a
great artist for her ringing and acting
were beyond reproach.
Mile. Vicini was a very pretty Oscar
and her "ccupleW merited her a
friendly and appreciative applause.
Sr. Cioni, the great artist he is, was
ag.iln tbe object of enthusiastic ap-
piaue. Me is another favorite and is
alavs lutenid to with deliaht. His
j rendering of the aria iu the fourth act
w o x c isis j uvu nit l ottj j avivu
The ba-ssos, Srs. Girardi and Scolari
did excellent work and received a share
of the audience's approval
I.ait but not least 1 shall mention
Sirita Beatriz KYanco in the ru e of
. TTl I . .. 1 l
BU'ui' c o oi i u ) ueruvy nuu in cut
The orcbe-.tra as i ad by Sr. Valiini
was superb and tney shouldbe praised
The People's C)mmon Sens We'lical
Adviser, by R. V. Pierc- , M. D., chief
consulting physician to tha Invl;ds'
Hotel and Surgical Inrttituie, a book of
1008 large 1 aes, over 300 illustrations,
some Of them in colors, bound iu strong
paper covers will be stnt to any one
sending 21 cents in one-c?nt stamps to
cover cost of mailing only. Over 080,
000 i-opitts of tbis coin pit t fa-niiy doc
tor book a!iea.-y ol-"i iu cl.h b uding
at regular price ox U,oQ.
11 mi b I m a 1 j sm-w!.
Considerate Mystery Surrounds the
Case as to Identity.
Last Friday a man walked into the St.
Charles hotel and registered the name
of "L. Thompson, K. C." He was
placed in room No. 15 and paid ltr one
night's lodging. He was a lare man
but apparently sick, as he showed h
was suffering from pain when ascend
ing or descending the stairs. Saturday
he paid for his room for another night
and was arouLd town all day going into
h.s room early Saturday night. From
that time uutii last evening at 6:30 be
was not seen again and tuen he was
found lying ou the bed dead with a bul
let hole jus-, back of the right ear and
the bullet just showing unuer the skin
over the lei t eje. He hud a 38-caliore
pistol gripped in his right hand and
the barrel of the pistol shoved in his
shirt bosom. The bed and bed clothes
was one maes of blood and his clothes
were saturated with the vital fluid. The
door to his room was locked on the in
sie'e and the co:orcd portt r had to
break open the uoucle door opening
into another room to gain entrance.
Undertaker Neikiey, of the Cald
well Undertaking Parlors was notified
and he summoned Justice McKie to view
the booy and ihen it was temoved to
thj morgue.
There was nothing on the body to
identify it, further man the name . on
the register at the hotel. A note was
found that had been written on the
leaf of a memmoraadum book. It
'I have no friends; I am thousands of
miles away from tome. I want no in
quiries made as to me.
'Oh, my headl"
The man was dressed in a good suit
of dark colored clothes and his under
clothing were new and clean and he
looked as though he had dressed him
self for such an occasion. He had
shaved Saturday. He was a man ap
parently forty-five years old; about six
Both the District and Federal Court 8
Couveu ed This Morning.
The district court opened this morn
ing and the following grand jury was
S. J. Freudenthal, (foreman) Wm.
Fenchler, John Soienson, B. Blu
menthal, A. H. R chard, G. L. Hoyt,
J. J. Longwell, Gus Momseo, D. Y.
Hadley, H. R. Simpion, J. J. Stewart,
E. Krause.
Judge Buckler delivered a verbal
charge to the jury aod after appointing
C. M. Powell foot bai.iff and R. E.
Bryant and M-inney Clements mounted
bailiffs court adjourned until 2
District court opened at 2 o'clock
and several orders were made.
The cae of J. N. Edmuodaon vs.
Pullman Palace Car company was
transferred to the federal court.
Same order in the case of Edwin L.
Stui divant et als vs. The Northwest
ern Life Assurance company.
The mandamus case of County At
torney Harvey will come up Wednes
day morning
Jucge Buckler announced that he
wruld try to a-1 aae all ca.-es iu which
he was disqualified so that Judge Gil
lis could near them about the fir. t
week iu December.
The i-r.mioal cases on the docket will
require about five weeks 10 try and
then the civ 1 docket will be tu-ien up.
Federal court as touvened this
momirgr and thef.lloing grand jury
empaut lied :
Sydney Ullman, G. W. Newell, J. J.
Bruck, W. H. Ktliy, El Paso; James
Duncan, Toyah; Noah Smoker, Towne;
T. S. Brokenbrow.J. B Irving, Alpine;
J. J. Mundy, Thos Gray, El Paso; J.
Poole, Sr., F M. Poole, Shafter; John
H. Lomax, El Paso: H. G. Pinkston,
Pecos; James Dek, Frank Dutcbover,
A. Porter, Shafter; A. J. Hart, Pe
cos. The following is a list of tho petit
jury in attendance:
J. R Harkener, Ode-sa; Robert
Mutheru, Fort Dayisj W, . Loye,
w O I
HE GOLDEN EAGLE always looks
1 for snaps; and we found them this
I time at the Marshall Tailoring
Company, of Chicago.
While our buyer was east, he was of
fered fifty suits, which were made to or
and uncalled for, at a price which will
them quickly. These are Sack Suits
plaids of grey, brown and all other col
only one of a kind, (36 and 37 bust
measure ) Tbey are made up in the latest
styles and will suit the most fastidious of
We have put them on our tables in
two lots.
Lot A will be sold at-. $12 50
Lot B will be sold at--$15 OO
Remember tbesa goods are tailor
made and almost given away at the above
Golden Eagle Clothing
feet tall and weighed probab'y 180 or
liK) pounds. His hair was of a yellow
ish red and he had a high forehead
His mustache and chin whiskers were
The suit worn by tbe dead maa was
dark and of good material. Sewed to
the linintr on tbe inside pocket of the
coat was the trade mark, "Browning,
Kiutr & Co-. New York. Lot 0938
A, 1 1-10 seams plain. O. B. cuffs 3
inches," oa the back of tbe tag was
written "Shankmor." A box marked
"Poison. Morphine sulphate i grain
each." This box was empty. Th
pi&tol was a 38-calibre Smith &
Wesson nickel plated. The chief of
police at Kansas City was telegraphed
to last night, but no answer had oeen
received from him thii morning.
There is one circumstance tnat may
lead to the identity of tne man and it is
Last Saturday two parties walked
into the St. Coarles hotel and looking
at the register one of them remarked
"Yes, he's here and is all right in room
15." With this remark they laughed
and walked away. The parties were
strausrers and have not since been seen
If they could be found they might
throw some light on the identity of the
dead man.
.He haJ a small amount of money in
his pocket and an extra suit of under
clothing in a bundle, but no other bag'
gage or letters.
Mr. Neagiey thinks the man must
have killed himself Saturday night as
the body was badly swollen and the
smell in the room was almost uubear
able when found.
The blood from the wound back of the
ear ran down under the man's back
and soaked through the bed clothes
and mattress, but a part of tbe bed
clothes had been thrown back and had
fallen behind the bed.
There is consideraole mystery con
nected with the whole affair snd many
think there is some history that will
later be brought to light over the
stranger's suicide.
Shafter; E. S. Niccolls. Marfa; Wm
Pulliam, Marathon; J. T. McEvoy,
Pecos; R. E. McMinn, Marfa; H. C.
Zimner, Pecos; A. J. lngiam, Fort Da
vis; J. Strand, Alpine; Clauue Miner,
El Paso; sam bianfi rd, f ecos; K.
Talbot. El Paso; J . C. Elam, Clint;'!'
B. Priest, Pecos; Anton Knoedler, Fort
Sam Karr was appointed bailiff for
the grand jury; Sam Sheiton is bailiff
on jury auu witness rolls and W. F.
Kempeil court crier.
Gentlemen of the grand jury: The
court does not deem it nececsary to
give you any exteuded instructions.
From what 1 can learn, I think the
border has been very peaceful and quiet
so far as the United States authorities
are concerned during the past six
months since the adjournment of court
in April. And the prospect is you will
have comparatively little business be
fore you. It becomes your duty as
members of the grand jury lo investi
gate all caseo i-i which are brought in
question of violations of the postal laws
of the United States, such as robbery
of the inaiis, theft of money from let
ters, sending obscene literature
through tbe mails, and a great many
things of a kindred nature. Counter
feiting is also n offense which it is
your duty to .oi k into; having in pos
session ccuoteifeit coin with intent to
defraud, and passing counterfeit money
with like iaio t.
There is a distinction to be observed
in reference to these cases affecting
tbe coin of the country. An innocent
man may innocently p ss a counterfeit
dollar and will not be guilty of the of
fense. A man is only guilty of that,
offense where tbe mon-y Is passed with
the intent to defraud somebody. The
distinction is very clear. If a man
pftssed a counterfeit bill of coin with
intent to defraud, he is guilty under
the law. If that sme piece of money
should be passed with innocent intent
on his part, without knowing it is
counterfeit, and without any intention
to defraud be would not be guilty. So,
in lookirg into this class o cases, geu
Memen, it is always well to observe
tbi distinction, it if your duty Uq
I will keep my stock of general merchandise supplied with the lat
est ar.d the best goods obtainable. Will not be undersold. Courteous
treatm-nt to all. PRICES WILL BE RIGHT.
(Between Seeton Feed Store and
TRIOITY, making the old way of instrumen
tal examinations absolutely unnecessary.
IRREGULARITIES and Excess of Menses or
treatment Try our Home Treatment If not 010011 PfUQfiM Primary. Becon
convenlent to come to our office. r.,T,VV . .' UIVU" dary and Tertiary
mih ullmnnts reaail v aisanpear unuer uur
OA MP LTD w rite for rur hook or resti-
UMNLC.n moBials and Treatment of
HANGERS, Lupus and Non-Malipnant Grow- M ill I L. away from city. Oases success
ths NO Cutting or Operations necessary for fully treated through our perfect system of
CUBE We solicit Investigation Mall Treatment.
NOTIOS1: On account of vast Increase In business. Dr. King, the specialist, has
organized this company of expert specialists.
by other emminent specialists.
Just Received at
Culdad Juarez, ----- Mexico.
to examine into infractions of the re
venue laws of the United States; both
the internal revenue laws and the
customs laws. The court does not
deem it necessary to give you any
extended instructions with reference
to those statutes. I have wde remark
on a number of occasious about tbe vio
lations of these laws which it is unnec
cessary to repeat. The district attor
ney Is here with you, and will give you
all necessary advice in reference to
them. And I have no doub'. you will
get along very well without my giving
you any extended instructions. Ia a
word, gentlemen of tbe grand jury, the
court gives you in charge tbe entire
body of the criminal laws of the United
States. You will inquire diligently in
to all infractions of the law, and pre
sent bills against such pert one as have
violated tbe spirit and intent of the
Two more big passenger engines
have arrived for the Mexican Central
Samuel Black, of the Texas & Pacific
car service, arrived this morning from
Hid ward f ells, traveling passenger
agent ot tne Missouri ir acidc, arrived
tnis morning.
Supt. J. T. Logan, of the Corralitos
Express company, returned from the
east mis morning.
W. B. Trull, the newly appointed
joint agent at Albuquerque, leaves for
his new post of duty tomorrow.
Mrs. W. E. Willett left for Tucsen
this afternoon to join her husband, the
conductor, who has been transferred.
Supt. W. R. Martin and daughter
nave returned irom an extended trip
through California. They had a very
pleasant time.
Conductor John Aitken of the G. H.
left for New York today to meet his
wife on her return -from a six months
visit to Europe.
The Mexican Central goes south to-
mgnt on tne utual nour and transfers
at Liaguna. A train is expected up this
evening with through passengers Jrom
Owing to the non intercourse with
Ixmi&iana, traffic over the G. H. has
tullen oil immensely, and men are be
ing laid oil in all departments until the
scare gets over.
Mail and baggage car 318 of the T. &
P. that was iu toe wre k is back on the
road rebuilt wiih vestibule platforms
having spec al iron and timber bracing
so mat me car can never again tele
scope. All the baggage and mail and
express cars will be refitted that way.
Assistant Grand Chief A. B. Young
son of tne Brotherhood of Locomotive
Engineers arrived this afternoon from
California on number 19 on an official
visit. He was received at the depot by
a committee in Meters. Carter, Rader
and Schwartz, and escorted to tbe
Vendome Hotel where a reception was
held. A meeting of the Broiherhood
was called at tbe lodge rooms for 4 00
p. m., Atlantic time, and a very enjoy
able social gathering is bring held.
A. P. Buck has purchased 5,000
sheep from the Mclntoxh arid Mc
Gilhvray ranch ol Beilili, N. M. Op
tic. Awarded
Highest Honors World's Fair.
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
A Pure Graps Cream of Tartar Powder.
Steffi an-Krakauer Hardware Co.)
Special Doctors for Special Diseases.
(Up Stairs) Cor. El Paso nsd San Francl'o Sts.
Consultation Free. El Paso, Tex.
PATARRH We have placed In our nf
lr Irilinn Rr the LATEST and must
Diseases. By our Inhalation proces the med
icine comes In actual contact with the di
seaped parts and when our reatment Is car
ried out we ou'KA'tee a CURE in each case
accepted for treatment.
YV L. UUI1L Nervous Debility, Despond
ency In YoungMen suff- ring fro n youthful
follies, KIDNEF and LR1NAKY Diseases,
uubhu winout tne usee mercury.
WRITF for Symptom Blanks Jf llvln
Dr. King will have personal charge, assisted
The Eeason!
We are sending out
goods is because we
have what the paople
that is GOOD, RELIA
ED. Take advantage
of the present prices
and furnish up your
rooms before the boom
that is sure to come
this fall.
Stop Paying Rent !
Own Your Own Home!
For a smaller monthly pay
ment than you are now pay
ing rent. For further infor
mation call on D. Y. Hadley,
or any of the following offi
cers and directors of the El
Paso Branch of the National
Guarantee Loan & Trust Co.,
of Dallas, Texas. (Subscrib
ed capital $1f500,000.00J
S. H. Newman, Pres.; 11. P. Noake,
Vice-Pres.; 1). Y. Hadley, Sec'y. and
Treas.; M. W. Stanton, Att'y.; J.
Kneele, D. Y. Hadley and Wm. Rein
heimer, appraising committee. Geo.
K. Harvey, J. A. Kacajeda, Edmund E.
Neff,' Thos. O Keeffe, f. M.Millspauga
and R. H. Roberts Directors.
Clippers, model '97-...$35
Etnas, model' 97 35
Boy's Etnas mod. '97- 25
Bicycle and Gunsmith.
El Paso Lime Works.
Hydraulic White Lime
Correspondence Solicited.
Contractor and Builder.
Shop 405 South Florence, below 2nd.
Telephone 23a.
Dentistry In all its branches.
Oftlnft Orw Santa F Tlokt Offtn
BucUen's Arnica 8lve.
The best salve in the world for cuts
bruises, sores, ulcers, slt rbeum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chil-
b'ains, corns, and all skin eruptions,
and positively cures piles, or no pay re
quired. It is guaranteed to give per
il ct tatisiaction or money refunded.
E'rice 26 cents per box. For sale by
W. A. Irvin & Co.. Wholesale and Re
tail A sts
Attention! Spanish Students!
Classes in Spaniub will be formed
Friday, Sept. 1st. Two classes only
organized for this season advanced
and beginners. For further irrforrra
t on call at 326 N. El Paso St., aftf r 3
p. m. w. H. T. Lopez.
Reliable managtr for the parlor
kinetoscope. New, novel and a marvel.
Just patented. Big income. Sells on
sight at $6. American Parlor Kine-
lestope, Co., Wafchingtou, D, C,

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