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Your neighbor's paper They
may notllkeloot-iid you.but
you miy be sure thev do not
1 I .. . I , V., n awvA
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tell the people
about it in a
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IlERAinClaeslBed "Ad let."
ppiog irfvy iwrs EL PASO, TEXAS, SATURDAY, JANUARY 29. 1898. VOL. XVIIL NO. 24
JOSHUA 8. RAYNOLDS. President;
El Paso, Texas,
Oapital. Surplus and Profits 8160,000
H. L. NEWMAN, Banker!
W. H. AUSTIN, Cashier;
El Paso,
A General Banking
s-M..Wn Monev aid Exchange
Bullion Bought. SAFETY DEPOSIT
3. R. MOREHEAD, President;
J O. LICKLAND, Cashier;
Established April, 1881.
A legitimate backlog busies transacted ia all its branches Exchang e on
all the ciUes of the United States bought at par. Highest prices paid for Mex
lean Dollars. .
CAPITAL, $600,000
But and sell Mexican Money and Exchange on all the Principal cities of the
J Republic of Mexico, the Un ted Statea and Europe.
A General Banking: Business Transacted.
Directors: ;FOMIB:
Cludad Jnsrai,
Sfifi our assortment and eet
before you think of making purchases of SHOES.
PEW & SON, The Shoe Dealers.
If vou are in need of
That is reliable, a good baker,
and economical, get
c- c TA1WF & BR0-
- n-- Ul ' Texan Street.
Wholesale Grocers
Jobbers of Dry Goods.
g CtiOnSi
5 To induce you to come and spend your money with 5
J5S us because we aro closing outour business, is a sub- 3
K ject that remains with yourself to consider,whether
it will or will not pay you to do so, for saying is one
have made vour Durchases vou can
ou how much
g of our CLOSING OUT SALE, as we
isfied with the
never accomplish our long desired aim that is. to
DIAMOND'sTfosOut Store, !
M. W. FLOURNOY, Vice-President
JOS. F. WILLIAMS. Ast. Cashier.
H. L. NEWMAN, Jr., Asst. Cashier.
Business Transacted.
Bought and Sold. Gold and Silver
JOSEPH MAGOFFIN, Vice-President;
J. H. R SSELL, Asst Cashier.
As-ency D.nan Mina.n at rhiTinahnn
For all kinds and klasses of
DeoDle who wear our shoes.
the Latest UD-to-Date Prices
the .
you have saved by taking advantage
cost, or below; otherwise we would
This gid
Applies to our "MERIT" brand of
As much as to anything else we bave
in the etore.
It's a mi d, sweet butter, and is uni
formly good. I couldn't buy a better
butter-, no matter what price I paid for
it. If I could I v ould, for nothing but
the best ia good enough for my patrons.
After you're tired of experimenting with
tolerablv fair butters, try the brand with
the word "MKRI1"' on every pound
piint, and you'll stop exper
imenting. 25c A POUND ONLY AT
J. B. Watsons
Cor. San Antonio Phrtno 11
and Stanton Streets . IIIUIIC I Jli
Corner El Paso
and San Francisco S 'reels.
The Big Three
In One....
A well Assorted
Music Store.
Bicycle, Sewing
Machine, Athletic
and Sporting Goods
Mexican Curio and
Art Stoi e.
A visit to this department is
equal to a trip through the
Republic of Mexico.
W. G. Walz Co.,
pie Sons' Baildiog! I
One of the latest structures of E. ?V
Krauae Architect. The best build- V
lngs in the city, both public and prl-
vate, are or my designs. Set com- V
petition and save money. Come and k
see me if you to Ink of building, TJ
Room 65 Sheldon Block.
A. H. WHITMfcR, O D. 3.
Dentistry in all Its branches.
Office Over Santa Fe Ticket Office.
readilv fisrure
have to be sat- 3S
Will Shortly Pay a Visit
the United States.
All the Large Cities Will be Yisited
From Coast to Coast.
Not Yet , Completely
City of Mexico, January 29.
Pre.idit D'z i- preparing to matre a
visit to the United St-tes. His i'er
i.ary is nt yet completrd but he , will
visit the principal cities including: St.
Louis, Cbieaeo, New York, Washing
ton and thePaciQn coat. A train of
ihrr-e roaetiificent cars ordered from
the Pullman company are in this city,
and will ba used for tbe trip. The
vice president will assume the duties
of chief executive during Diaz's ab
sence. -
To make this trip it will be neces
sary for President Dixz to pet the con
sent of congres nnd the abrogat'on of
a clause in tb constitution which for
bic's the prcsid- it leaving Mexico dur
ing his te m of office. This, however,
can easil- bs.oc- mp'.i-hed as tbe Mex
ican people d" not now see the neces
sity of such a law, as the clause was
adopted when Mexico ws in a turbu-
ent s" ate ana tne absence of the cnier
executive would have cause 1 a revolu
tion at anv time The day has parsed
and gone and there is no danger now
of a disturbance because tbe president
s not within the border? ot this repub
Steamer Abanloned at S :i.
New YORK. January 29. Thv North
ern German Lloyd steamer Aller, ar
rived today from Bremen and brought
the captain and twenty-four of the
crew of the British steamer Daco were
akeo off the vessel at sea wbile she
was in a sinking condition Tbe Dago's
steam pips bursted and tb.3 machinery
became duabied. I he steamer fell oil
in the tro eh of the sea and rolled,
heavy seas prevailing at the time.
tor twelve davs the un fortune craft
was in this condition and the water
was lJVfcl with tie engine room floor
and when on the vere of sinking the
Aller hove in eight and after a difficult
taek, lastinsr five hours, the crew were
taken from the sinkingr craft and the
Dago was abmdo ed to the elements.
She saok in, few hours.
'Old Jubilee Closes.
San Framcisco, Cal., January 29.
With tbe fleeing d8y of the ceremonies
incident to tte c lebration of tbe
jubilee of the discovery of gold in Cal
ifornia tnere was lnauguratea - in Me
chanics' pavilion the most complete
mining fair yet attempted on the Pa
cific coast. It is divided into six
divisions inclnding minerals, ma
chinery, practical mining, Klondyke
outfitting-, food products, horticultural
state resources and an art division.
There are elaborate shows of cookine
utensil", appliances for mining-. Much
of the mining- machinery is in ooera-
i'in. while the display of minerals is
instructive and valuable.
The Sharkey-Jeff ries Bont.
San Francisco, January 2i). The
probabilities are that the- twenty-
round bout that i---scneauiea for tonight
between Jim Jeffries and Tom Sharkey
will be the last show or trie kind to
take plai on the co't for soma time.
The better sentiment Is ngaint box-
ng and tbe permit for ton'ght's "go"
was obtained from the board of super
visors only after considerable -trnrble.
Sharkey will fight, at about 185 and
Jeffries at about 220. There has boen
no bet.ting on tbe result and life in
terest is taken in it If Jeffries wins
he will go east and get after Maher and
other big fellows.
Will Bury It.
Washington, January 29. The
prevailing sentiment among congress
men now is tht the house w'll refuse
to pass the Teller resolution which
passod the senate last night by a vote
of 47 to 32. Republican lenders can
'ount on from twenty to thirty ma
jority sgaint. It but it may be neces
sary to hold a par'y caucus and pledge
all men together. There Is also a strong
disposit'on pmong prominent repub
licans from the eat-tern section of the
country to bury tbe whole mairer in
the committee and not give the re
presentatives a chance to vote upon the
On Trial fr Treason.
Cleveland, January 29. The board
of directors of the Tippecanoe club to
day took up' for the second time the
charges of tritorship to te republi
can party preferred against Major Mc-
Kisson, Senator Burke and Kapresnt
Btive8 Bramley and Mason. The
mrrning wss snent in preliminaries
and the trial will take plaie this after
noon. The demand of the defendants
for an open trial and the admission of
newspaper men has been acceded to.
What Dole Does.
Washington, January 29. Ex-
President Harrison aDd wife called at
the Arlington this mornirg to pay
their respects to President and Mrs.
Dole, of Hawaii. They remained over
sn hour. After tne departure of the
Harrisons Mrs. Dole and Mrs. Hatch
wife of the Hawaiian minister went
driving, resident Dole attended to
his official correspondence.
A Chnrch Burned.
Montreal, Q is . January . 29 A
fire wa discovered in the chape' ad
joining the magnificent urch of John
the .Baptist m tn northern portion of
theciy this morning. When the Bre
men arrived the nre nad pa'nfd access
to the church and th chapel and
church were prai ticaily ruined. Tbe
Ins amounts to a quarter of million
Mnst Hang;.
CHICAGO. January 29 Judge Ro-ton
this morning over--nled the motion for
anew trial fo- Ch-is Merrv, ard the
sentence of dea'h for the murder of
wife wa9 fixed for February 16,
Ft. Bliss Field Day.
The following is a full report of the
field dar held at tbis post yesterday:
100-yard dash First. Pi-rce, D
18th Inf.: second. Guena, H, 18th
Inf.:tbi d Leahev A. 5th cavalry
220-yard dash First, Leahey, A
5th Cav. ; second Ward, D, 18th Inf,
third Guena. H. 18th Inf.
Blank cartridge race First
Pierce, D, 18tu infantry; second, Ward
O. 18th infantry: third, tatarce, a
o'h cavulrv.
H, J8th infantry; second, Burk, D,18th
infantry; third, ureenweii, jj, xotn in
High kick First, Smith, H, 18ch
Inf. : second. Guena, H, 18th, Inf.; third
Leahey, A, 5tb Cav.
Running broad jump First, Pierce
D. 18th Inf.: ' sicoiid. Hynes, H
18th Inf.: third. Hunsaker, H, 18th
Standing broad jump First, Gue
na, ii,l8!.h int.; second, fierce, u, aslo
Inf.; third, fclynas, A, issh int
running high jump u irst, tiun
aker. H. lrh Inf.; second, Guena, a.
I8ih Inf.: ihird. Hays. 1J. latn lot,
Standing high jump First,Guena,
H. 18 Inf.; second, Smith, H, 18 Inf
third. Hvnes. H. 18th Inf.
POLE VAULT Diret, uuena, H5ia
Inf.: eecond, Collett, 18th Inf.; third,
War 1, D, 18th Inf.
Tug op war won by u.ista int.
Total score by company Company
H, 18th lof.. 39; company D. I8tb Jnf,
38: troop A. 5th cavalry, 8.
Ouite a vlaree number oi visitors
came up from town to witness the ex
A. L. Tuttle, of Marshal, is at the
Miss Eva Kneeland is ill, and not
able to be out.
W. T. Barrett, of
Sabinal, Mexico,
s at the Pierson.
Jo Molinary and RilphLoomis
down from Mesilla Park.
President George Wilson of the Lex
ington National bank has returned
Clifford Young, brother-in-law of
Principal Roach of tbe High school, is
in town from Bisbee, Ariz.
James Hansen, traveling agent for
tbe San Francisco Examiner, is in
town for a week or so in the interest of
his paper.
Mrs. Allison, of Midland, who has
been visiting in this city with the fam-
ly of Engineer Johnson, of the T. & P.
returned home today.
mm. A. x. J&eitb., wno nas been vis
iting her sister, Mrs. A. W. Moreland,
and family left this morning over the
Santa Fe for her home in Raton.
Bishop McCabe, familiary known
as Chaplain McCabe, will be in El Paso
next Thursday, Feb 3, en routi to Cal
iforn'a He is to remain over one
day to visit in this city, and arrange
ments are in preparation to entertain
New Gridiron Club Dives.
Washington. D C, January 29.
The Gridiron club, the swell banqueti
ng organization of tbe Washington
newspaper men, has a wrought iron
rule under wbich none of its members
are permitted to print or make way of
any use in type the speeches or re
marks made by guests of the club at
their periodical functions, and this
rule bas never been violated. Were it
not in existence tonight's banquet
might- afford some decidedly interest
ing reading for the 'guests sre to ic-
r-lude the new ambassadors from
Franre and Germany, the ministers
from China and Japan and Mgr Marti-
II i, the papal legate. With tbe
knowledge tbat Hi confidences will be
fullv resDected more than one of these
guests is likely to say some pretty
newsy things. In no other country on
the face of tbe globe could a dining
club of newspaper men get such a dis
tinguished galaxy around the table.
The Luetgert Case.
Chicago, January 29. States Attor
ney Dneen continued his assault on
Luet2r''8 testimony this morning.
Tbe defense will begin its rebuttal
testimony on Monday morning and At
torney Harmoc expects to consume
four- days with h's witness. It is prob
able the case will go to the jury Feb
ruary 10.
DieWch Bicknese was cross-examined
by the defense this morning,
hut his damaging evidence again&t
Luetgert remained unshaken.
Fr ze in a Row Boat.
New YORK, January 29. Two men,
Robert Dixon and George Glsnk, were
found adrift ia ao boat off Staten
Island this morning. Glank was found
hanging over the gunwale frozen to
death. Dixon was unconscious when
rescued and is in a critical condition.
Silver Market.
New YORK, Jaruary 29.- Silver 57.
Mrs. Adeline Bns, colored, who
formerly lived in this city, and who
died of pneumonia this morning at the
hospital, will be buried In Concordia
tomorrow from the colored Methodist
church. The deceased. had been in tbe
C'ty of Mexico for the last three
Three thousand oysters have been
ordered from Baltimore for the coming
McGintr Oyster blest a in Chopin ha'l.
The members of the club will, for the
time being become transformed into
oyster plants.
It is another day of late trains all
around. .In tbis country of magnificent
distances the winter winds and heavy
loads can easily throw a train behind
W. E Davis ge'.s 15 days In jail for
lifting a pair of sh'tea. Tom Haonigan
gets one day for stealing a watch.
O. T. Ba-sU needs t
thy for $501, lots 27 and
Morebeid's addition.'
T. C. McCar
28, blo-k 18,
Today's weather ?s a most agreeable
change if it wiU only stay so.
The county court has adjourned un
til tbe March term.
The grand jury has
February 15.
adjourned until
That's What the French Bal
in Gotham Was.
The Annual French Ball in New York
Proved to be More of a Wake Than
a Fes ivity, but a Fiuanciai Suc
New York, Jan. 29. The French
halt of wicked reputation, took place at
Mitdison Square Garden lat night, or
rather this morning, and hundreds wbo
bopep to see it in its prestioe glories
went away disappointed, xne Dig gard
en was packed, but there were nine
men to one woman and tbe proportion
was chilling. Most men were in street
clothes. A remarkable thing about
tbe crowd was its frankness. The men
and women did not put on masks. They
paid their money and walked in and
took eeats with calm deliberation, and
waitt-d for things to happen. With
stony stares they gazed upon ' the floor.
Some stayed an hour, some -two bours
and some longer. Most of them looked
sad when tbey went away. Tbe women
wbo were active participants did
not come out of their clothes any more
than the chorus girls in an hundred
comic operas and they shocked nobody.
There was not nearly as much display
in the direction of legs as ia seen any
night in the theatres. About 2 o'clock
this morning, however,' there were
signs that the crowd was coverirg its
sorrow in drink. The wine rooms
were the centers of attraction. On'y
champagne was sold but the incessant
popping of corks : was accompnnjd
only by an occasional dull thud as
some helpless individual fell to tbe
floor. The ball was a financial success
but it was a wake, not a - festivity
and a very sodden wake at that.
Gulf T ransportatiou.
Winfield Kas., January 29. Tbe
Gulf and Interstate transportation
committee of the state legislature, of
which Senator George Campbell is
chairman, is in session today for tbe
purpose of fixing the time ard place
for a national convention to discuss the
transportation question. In an ad
dress to the committer Senator Camp
bell said that the conference con
templated by tbe legislature wis
arousing public sentiment and public
interest and a demand for fair rail
road rates to be obtained both through
congress and the legislatures of the
states. At the present time the dis
crimination in rates in favor of foreign
goods nuiiined any good effect there I
were in protective tariff. Senator
Campbell also said that tbe governors
of seventeen state, including all those
between the Mis-i-sippi river and tbe
Rocky mountains had agreed to send
delegates t the gathering. Kansas
City, St. Louis, Topeka, Wichita and
Denver bad placed in nomination for
tbe place of holding the convention.
A receis of one hour was liken before
anyplace had been decided upon.
Congressional Notes.
Washington, D. C? January 29.
The house concurred in the senate
amendment on the general pension ap
propriation bill prohibiting the pay
meot of pensions toresidects of foreign
Tbe passage of the Teller resolution
by the senate yesterday was reported
to the house by. tbe secretary. The
announcement was greeted by hand
clappiog oo the democratic side of
the bouse and by hisses on tbe republi-
an side.
The fortification bill wa reported.
It carries a tot-tl of over four million
In tbe bouse txlay the debate on
finances was started by Brundage. of
Arkansas, who quoted from tbe P"e-
sident's speech in New York and de
clared his utterances were outrageous.
The Burning Tunnel.
Los Angeles, Cal., Jaouary 29.
Fairvlew tunnel, near Williams, Ariz..
s again on hre. Railroad officials fear
they will bave to abandon the tunnel,
being u cable to ex'inguish the flames.
Investigation (-hows now that tbe fire
was caused by spontaneous combustion.
In short, the tunnel is nothing but a
flue for an immense lime kiln.
Bids for Armor PlateJPl int.
Washington, January 29. Sec
retary of Navy Long opened bids for
the proposed armor plate factory at
nion. Most of tbem were gratuitous
offers of lands but there were enough
b-ds on machinery andi other necessa-
les to show that such a plant cou d ba
built well for tbe amount estimated on
cost by congress.
Deputy Sheriff Killed
Gonzales, Texas, January 29.
Sheriff Dalton Iwas shot through tbe
beart at midnight while attempting to
rrestagaogof horse thieves whom
his posse bad surrounded in a pasture.
The band onend tire on the posse
d when Diltou was killed tbe posse
beet me demoralized and tbe thieves
Drowned in a Pool.
Chattanooga. January 29. Wa'ter
Stewart, a hotel clerk, and Miss John
son, a society girl from Dunlap, met
death tbis morning while driving in
Chlckamauga Park. Tbe horse ran
a -way throwing tl em into a deep pond
and both were drowned.
Shot and Bobbed.
Cincinnati, January 29. Christ' an
Klein, a prominent Cincinnatian, who
was f-hot Thursday night died today.
He e'ea-ed tbe myste-y of his death
y making an affidavit, that two men
.f ot him t wice on a lonely street and
t' en robbed him
Lawyer Insane.
Chicago, January 29. Henry W.
Nolan for years brilliant and success
ful lawyer was taken to Detroit -by
force today and is now under restraint
at bis father's borne for insanity. Nolan
as well known in Denver and Los Ad-
I innni? t t if iottu
A Deserved Compliment to the New
Judge of the Thirty eight District.
The appointment of Gov. Culberson
of Hon I. L. Martin to fill the vacancy
in tbe Thirty-eight District judgshlp
appears to have given almost univer
sal satisfaction to the people of tbat
district, as Judge Martin was rep
resentative of El Paso wiih other
counties in 1895 at tbe state' legisla
ture. The folio ing from Judge Mar
tin's home paper, tbe Uvalde News,
will be read with interest by that gen
tleman's many friends here:
During the week the absorbing topic
of conversation bas been the successor
to tbe late Judge Archer. There were
a large number of applicants, t among
whom were I. L. Martin and J. N.
Garner of Uvalde, V. H. Blocker and
d. B. Easley of Hondo, W. W. Martin
and R. H. Burney of Kerrville, Leslie
Thompson of Castroville. Tbe claims ,
of the various cand dates were laid be
fore the governor by their friends and
in some cases tbe applicants also visit
ed Austin. Tbe governor held tbe
matter in abeyance until Tuesday,
when he announced the appointment
of i. L. Martin of this place. Mr.
Martin ha? always been a democrat
and his appointment will give satisfac
tion to the democrats of tbe district as
well as the people generally.
"Mr. Martin was born in Seguin a5d
reared in Pleasanton and San Antonio,
where he resided until 1876, following
the p- inter's trade, holding ca-es on
the old San Antonio Herald; and at
one time was connected with and own
ed an interest in tbe San Antonio
Daily Express. He went to Brackett,
where be was appointed deputy cleric
under his brother and in 1878 was elect
ed district and connty clerk of Kinney
county, being re-elected, in 1880. He
declined to run at the succeeding elec
tion, but in 1884 he was a candidate lor
county judge against a popular man,
but was elected by a Handsome majori
ty. It was during his IncumtK ncy as
county judge that he was admitted to
the bar. In 1886 he was elected county
attorney and re-elected in 1888, 1890
and 1892, and during this latter term
be was appointed district attorney by
Governor Hogg, but at first declined to
serve. However, on the urgent request
of the governor be accepted and his
cocduct of tbe office gave great satis
faction to tbe p ople Both as county
abd district attorney he was known as
a vigorous prosecutor, and the fear of
ihosiwbo violat-d the law. His re
cord of conv'ctions was equal to the
best. Although being eog-igrd in pro
secuting he built up a large civil p-ac-tice
and was recognized among tbe
best wbo practiced in this section of
Texas. 'The people again honored him
in 1894 by electing him to the legisla
ture, in which he made a reputation by
his persistent and consistent advo acy
of a measure to change the election
aws so as to better protect the ballot
box. He was also fouDd working and
voting for those measures wbich would
he of banefit to his constituency and
the state in general.
"It may be truly said that Mr. Mar
tin has conscientiously and faithfully
discharged every public trust and in
every instance wh- re be has gone be
fore the people tbey have endorsed
him. As a lawyr he is painstaking
and studious, giving attention to every
detail, and as a consequence we believe
no lawyer in southern Texas has a
better knowledge of the laws on the
statute books, or their interpretation
by tbe higher courts. As a county
judge he was seldom reversed, and hia
training since bas ben sucb as to oet-
r equip him for judicial duties. He
will bring to tbe offi e a wide exper
ience, an excellent knowledge of the
aw, and good common sense, those
qualities so necessary for the proper
discharge of tbe duties which will
devolve upon him. Tbe governor has
dene well in appointing him and the
district is to be congratu'atid. "
Cut in Two.
Word came up tbis afternoon from
the other site tha Brakemtn Jos pa
Reginaur, of the Mexican Central, '
aged about zt, was run over and cut in
According to wbat can be gleaned at
a late hour, the unfortunate man fell
off a freight in rounding a curve near
Moctezuma, some 140 miles from Jua
rez at 3:30 this morning, and was in
stantly killed. When he was misled,
the conductor ran the train back, bnt
being unable to tell just where tbe
poor fellow fell off. found the train
running oer tne body ere tbe discov
ery was made. - :
The body was carefully picked np
and taken to tbe nearest station, and
will ba brought up tonight. .
Reeinaur was a Cleveland, Ohio,
boy, and came down into tbis country
to find work in the hard times. He
was laying up enough monee
to get home on, and it was understood
that be was engaged to an estima
ble Ohio girl whom be would bave
wedded in tbe course of the year. Joe
was a gocd fellow ard temperate, and
attentive to h s duties. Tbe body will
be held at Juarez to await directions as
to interment from relative.
Wi-liam McCarty, of Ottuinwa, Ia.,
is just dead at the age of 104. Strange
to say, imaginative correspondents
bave not sent out Ion? and startling
stories about the deceased having used
whiskey and tobacco all bis life.
22ojrai make tbe food pare, '
wholesome mad deUoi oaa.
Absolutely Pur
aovAt auma aewets CO., mw vow.

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